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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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air holes. the safe is 40 years old, has not been used in a long time. the girl is apparently okay at the moment. except for being inside the safe. but she is safe in the safe. neil is next. goodbye. >> investors are not safe, gregg. i had to think about that as the segway. welcome everybody, you're watching "your world," a world of hurt for investors. we had been worse but not a whole lot worse on a week we saw the dow surrender about 500 points. this is a market that can't get out of its own way. the fears today, a jobless report that showed the rate coming down the 5.1% the jobs generated 130,000, paying less than thought. so we have growing concerns that maybe, just maybe, even with china close, are we much of a bargain or much of a draw?
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we'll get into that whole china conundrum in a second. first to charles payne on what happened today. charles did such a great job when i was out, that we're keeping him outside, far away. not that i'm threatened or anything, but you never know when at anvil can fall on your head, parent? what happened. >> you talked about the unemployment rate being 5.1%. a lot of people on the twitter feeds or news or tomorrow, you'll see a headline, 173,000 jobs and 5.1% up employment. might sound like good news but bad news. in fact very bad and disappointing news because last month, for instance, 220,000 people joined the work -- were added to the population, but 41,000 dropped out of the labor force. of course our unemployment raid continues to go down. millions of people are not even looking for jobs anymore. that 173,000 number is really
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140,000 private sector. so that mean third average person is having a real tough time finding a job, and pint you made earlier, if they find one it's not paying a lot of money. bad news is bad news on wall street, and disappointing news today, and everybody is looking for some sort of catalyst. this is supposed to be a recovery but hasn't felt like it and is now getting worse than last year. >> you know, charles, what a lot of people don't know about you, you're a very good trader, run a stock trading firm and i wonder what investors say. i imagine they get nervous, get a little trepidation. what do you tell them? what do you tell your guys to tell them? >> after i go through the lit notify four-letter words i say -- i'm real quick to bring up hoyt. i can tell you that. and one thing we have seen is that despite all of this, the market has made a huge move off the lows of 2009, and over history we have seen the market come back because you have to separate the market with the notion of owning great american
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companies. having said that, people should be frustrated. the last three weeks have seen flash crashes and high jinxes that normally are not associated with investing, high-frequent trading, hedge funds, has nothing other to do with this you. have to rely on history, and have to be ready to take losses. this is a realization that everything you buy won't go up, i credit the investor is talk to most have been asking me what should they buy? so that'sïy smart, good they've learned. unfortunately the backdrop is they're dealing against powers, i call them the pharaohs of wall street that create the daily hijinx that it unfair now. >> you helped them get through it a couple hours you'll be doing that presumably inside where you can catch his fine show on fox business network at the top of the 6:00 hour, where he goes into this and guides you through this. but i try to keep my distance because he does so will and i don't want this to rain on my
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parade. thank you, charles. >> thank you. >> it i want to bring your attention to china because china and the chinese market were closed today. now, remember what they were saying yesterday and today, with china closed, they're celebrating the 70th 70th anniversary of end of world war ii. with them out of the equation, cooler haven'ts would prevail, and money would find it way to the ute and everything would be hunky doory. something happen. me a the job toless report. maybe growing fears we have problems, too 'maybe it's this growing realization that china isn't the only problem, that maybe we are, too. to craig smith, ahead of this before a lot of folks i know. craig, are we china? are we a problem? >> well, i don't think we're china, neil, but we definitely have problems of our own, and i have to tell you, think just before you took your vacation, we talked about the manipulation of the currency down 3.5% and
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blaming -- everybody was blaming that on the drop in the stock market. that may have been part of it, neil, but look, we have the most anemic recovery we have ever had and now we're stating to focus back on what is going on the homeland. and here's the reality, neil. this federal reserve has done more in combination with the obama administration, with high taxes and regulations and burdensome things like obama cad, to keep us at a 1% to 2% growth rate, and for mr. bernanke in 2010 to write an op-ed piece saying i'm going to punching more money into the market and raise the price of he can quits and keep interest rates low and create this cycle where confidence will come back and consumer spending will come back. it hasn't, neil. we're seven years into the problem. people said, you're always too tough on mr. obama? really? let me tell you something. what about one of the first things he did when he came into office, he had his national
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labor relations board stop boeing opening up their plant in the southeast for thousands of people were ready to go to work, and we hear about, well, all these companies are now moving to mexico and stuff. 15 years ago, neil, all the major manufacturers overseas built plants in tennessee, south carolina, kentucky, all these areas. why? because under mr. clinton, and mr. bush, they didn't have the regulations they have under obama. >> you think -- i got to ask you this, craig itch mentioned china at the outset. we were criticizing china because obviously the government there is trying to stall this market slide or stop it, outlaw short-selling, demand brokerages and banks buy stock or else, and a lot of people in this country criticized that. i thought to myself, knowing you and your views on the fed and government intervention, we have effectively propped up our own markets the same way, and now i'm beginning to think that the chickens are cooking home to roost, these kennards don't work
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and that's a problem. >> forgive the plug for fox business but you guys have been ahead of this. if you don't get, you should demand it. >> you are so good. come back every day, coanchor with me. >> you have been talking about this, and here's the reality. mr. bernanke manipulated this market -- >> you're talking about ben bernanke, the former federal reserve boss. >> that's correct, and janet yellen followed suit. shest just a minimum my -- >> but they have run out of weapons. we're going to get to this in the next segment but if the fed is powerless now, they can't prop this up now, then what? >> well, that's the point. now the market is going to have to live on its own and that's why i think the fed should stop manipulating. they should start neutralizing rates and getting them back to where they should be. yes the market will come down at bit but will send a signal to the world that america is confident about our future and that our next president is going
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to create jobs and we're going to create growth and get back to being number one in america -- in the world, excuse me. >> having you on long before you said nice things about fox business. craig smith, very smart money manager. let's look at where money was going today. i try to look at the half full glass here and look what is going on with the ten are-year note. this seems arcane and i apologize but the yield on that has been coming down. that means a lot of money is flocking to these relatively safe investments, and when that happens, that ten-year is pegged to a lot of 30-year mortgages. so a 30-year mortgage got cheaper today. refinancing got cheaper today. buying a home got cheaper today. if you have the wherewithal to take advantage, do, and last week people did. refinancing applications, mortgage applications, surged better than 11%. so people are very smart. than i see a sale going on, as
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they did with interest rates that is correct seeded on that and were busy refinancing, how long it continues is anyone's guess. the new guess these days is what the federal reserve does in this environment. it is inclined and has all but said it's going rates rate biz the end of the year. what if i doesn't? there's hell to pay or not? well, lee says, they've got to raise interest rates. got stick to their guns. kyle says, now is not the time to even think of it. lee, you could make an argument in light of this employment report, soft report, not a gangbusters report, they don't have to jump on this and the world market certainly seemed to indicate they don't have to jump on this, so why should they do it? >> i tell you, neil, this is very simple to understand. my three-year-old boy, weston sparks, i needed to tell them an hour before bedtime, you're going to go to bed. and if you wait until five minutes before, you're going to
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have a complete meltdown like with the market if we don't do this. the fed needs to say, we're going raise a quarter point. that not going to do anything. banks going to start lending or not lending money, and rates are low also it is. if we keep waiting, then it's going to erode whatever credibility the fed doesn't have right enough, because when we go into recession nefs next year and they can't say, it won't do any good, we still have a mess here, but we're going to cut a quarter point rate to feed our need to feel that something is happening? it's going to be a mess. so remember, a quarter point means nothing except to a cue to us that the fed is not totally on crack and understand we have a huge mess we have to unwinds, and here's a quarter point just so you know we're awake.r >> that sounds like we have already committed ourselves, come hell or high water, even if they're evidence we should do it, would gore to do it.
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is that a bad rational? >> well, let tart with this. the -- start with this. the fed has manipulated rates so much that what the right thing to do, the wrong thing to do at this time, i'm not even certain. but what i can tell you is this, neil. it is obvious to me, and has been -- we discussed this historically -- that the market place in the united states is not healthy by any stretch of the imagination. i don't believe the labor market is strong. i think the labor participation rate is abiz mall. -- abysmal. china is a real problem. we looked under the hood at manufacturing data -- >> bottom line now is not the time. >> i think this is the wrong time to raise rightize, but there's never other right time to do and it it comes back to what you were talking on, lee, this megs of you can argue they're behind the curve and should have raised rates but what the harm with waiting a few more months?
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>> because i think that we can end up in a recession by the end of this year. this china stuff is real but we have corporate profits slowing down and that's called not good. so i think the viewers need to understand that we may already be done with this recovery. it's long in the tooth. and remember, raisings rates is not going to mean that your 30 year treasury mortgage rates governor together skyrocket -- >> but you know the fear that -- >> and the market doesn't care. >> i know but the fear is that -- you're right, a quarter point is a quarter point. sets a cycle, kyle, isn't that the fear? >> i think that's right. lee is making a good point which is a quarter point is a quarter point. not a deal. all i'm trying to say is that it is time for the u.s., even though we're the best dirty shirt in the hamper, in terms of the world, we still are a dirty shirt currently and our economy is not in good shape. >> all right. see what happens, gentlemen. but again growing expectations
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the federal reserve will hike rates. the question is when. i appreciate it, guys. in the meantime we have been talking about donald trump and the fight outside all that big trump event. i want you to focus instead on some of the fights inside a g.o.p. tent that is looking raucous. [shouting] >> it's not fair. it's not fair. úr#b
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you know, donald trump is a great deal of interest and appeal and controversy, so you would think that given all of this and signing the big pledge yesterday, he was doing so because he was scared or because he is reading poll numbers that are scary. apparently not the case and for his republican critics who have come on and tried to know introduce attack ads or their own, jeb bush comes to mind -- donald trump favorable when he announced in august of 16%. that favorability has since
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doubled. that means a lot of his negatives have been cut in half. in fact he is actually on the higher tier of favorably regarded presidential candidates. anthony scaramucci is with us. this has to perplex you. what is going on and how does your guy, these other more conventional candidates, respond? >> well, listen, it perplexes me and probably everybody. the thing about donald trump is so interesting, he has been on tv 15 years, the highest name recognition, you can add everybody else together. i think this summer season is about name recognition and i got to tell you, the guy is very popular, on the air 65% of the time relative to the other candidates. but when you line donald trump up one-on-one versus the other candidates, it gets a little
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different. ben carson, for example, right now, is polling 55% versus donald trump at 36. and he is ahead of my candidate, scott walker in that poll, but i do think 70% of the republican party does not want trump to be the nominee. at this time. >> at this time you're right. but even you and your numbers guy, you would have to be surprised in the seven weeks or so he has been at this, he is not apparently a passing fad. he is gain something traction. negatives are down, positives are up, and you're quite right to point out that carson comparison where he doesn't favor so well but beats all the others. so i'm beginning to wonder whether there's more traction to him than we know and appreciate and how your guys, the other guys, should respond. >> well, again, no question. i'm not going refute any of that. what i will say is as the fall comes together and we start to see at the trang record of guys with political executive
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experience, versus donald reside experience as an entrepreneur and a television star, i think the american public and the republican primary voters is going to say, wait a minute. we have had inexperiencensed people in the job before, probably going to need to go with a political ceo that needs to deal with people 0 not on their payroll like the american congress -- >> you raise a very good point. the reason i think this is bigger than the donald, i look at bernie sanders and the rath on the look and what at what happened to rahm emanuel, had to be ushered out of this town hall meeting he was doing to explain the cuts and services of that have come bus of kowtowing to the teachers unions and protecting their pensions. i'm beginning to think this rage across the board is palpable and i think for conventional politics worrisome because they look like they're part of the
1:20 pm
problem, not just the solution to the problem. >> well, and all of that is true, which is the reason why i'm with governor walker, going up against the teacher unions, talking about putting real reforms in wisconsin. if you look at governor walker's record as a political leader i bet you that most of the trump support would gravitate to them if they figure out who he was, we're what is happening? he seemed to have suffered the most in this. i don't know if that's fair or right but he hayes has gone from being the guy to beat in iowa to being in the middle of the knack iowa. what happened? >> i think it's early but i think you have to say if you are doing a diagnosis, it's certainly a trump phenomenon there, but remember, you have field operations. it's one thing to get a call from gallup, you're in the nursing hall, you say you want to vote for trump. now you have to get that person into the bus and over to the voting booth. and so i think our guy is going to have a tremendous field
1:21 pm
operation, he's from a neighboring state. and again, if it's a protest vote, and you want somebody that is actually fought and won, you have to go with governor walker, have to say, wait a minute -- >> one guy, one view, you're right. always right, and very, very early. always like having you, thank you very much. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. well, this might be a news flash, too to some of you, not charlie gasperino, millenials admit they're self-absorbed. ♪ you probably think is song is about you. ♪ you're so vain
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somewhere, charlie gasperino says i told you 0 so. katherine says not so fast. millenials saying, yes, we're self-absorbed and this boomer is the first to tell you you can't be self-absorbed. it's just so -- >> not cool. >> how is my hair? looks a little -- oh, anyway. katherine, you're self-absorbed. >> are you saying you're not self-absorbed? >> no. no. >> everyone is a little more self-absorb -- >> how much makeup is on me? >> i'm not wearing any makeup. >> millenials say, yeah, we are. >> not really, not really. think that with social media becoming more and more popular everyone it's a little more self-absorbed. twitter, facebook, instagram, and a lot of more. envy of other people because you see their perfect lives and they're always at the beach when they're just taking pictures when they're at the beach. so it's everybody. >> i don't want to see a lot of people's pictures at the beach. >> if you didn't like those
1:26 pm
ones -- >> i don't want to see donald trump's ping -- picture at the beach. >> you don't like the picture of the nude beach. >> we should lay off the millenial. >> come on! >> i'm going to be touchy feely. think about who is the leading republican candidate right now. donald trump. think about who is voting for him? not millenials. it's boomers, people like my age. the most self-absorbed man in america is donald trump. i like donald personally. nope him for a long time. >> so going to be all over you on this. go ahead. >> gasperino, you're fired, you're third race. >> loser. >> get better hair like me. but there is a thing in this country where it's not just millenials. the whole country has been -- is in this stream narcissistic phase where -- >> apparently it's led by millenials.
1:27 pm
>> the tale wagging the dog. >> a xixi dog a that. >> people in my generation listen to people in her generation. >> self-absorption, also be self-hatred. more people thinking that everybody cares about everything they have to say. not donald trump. >> so your generation's obsession is screaming out for help you need hug you need a hug. >> not everybody. not everybody. you can still have negative self-esteem and everybody needs to care about you. >> they were asked about their needs and they're priorities or getting a good job, getting fed. how is that's different than our generation? >> it's not. they do it -- >> someone got to you. you're very afraid. >> she ills sitting very close to me. she might be able to hit me. >> very strong. >> you're afraid. what happened? who got to you? >> i think it's her boss, jack
1:28 pm
fowler. he told me -- in exchange with me being nice i get to go free of charge on the cruise. >> the cruise again. >> another word that came in about your fine generation, last week or so, that a lot of you were considering getting into the stock market. middle of the freefall. >> off course, they want to get in when -- >> what else, put it in bond inside. >> why -- >> you were ahead of this and open to capitalism and all that stuff. but i just think there was sort of like -- oops there they go again, arriving late to the party. >> but we're all still young and have time to make riskier invests, what boomers have less time. >> we have less time but they're so dumb they don't know when to pick the right time to get in the market. look what happened today. if you're getting into the market right before the fed raises rates. >> because we're dumb. >> but they've got time on their side. time is their friend. >> the don't read enough.
1:29 pm
they're too much on twitter, too much on instagram. what isen staff gram? >> you know what it is. >> i don't. >> are you pretending? >> tinder. >> i don't do tinder. i read meanty. i'm not dumb. >> the back marinara jars. >> you're real italian. marinara? >> say one more time, marinara? >> marinara? there's my michigan accent. >> how due -- do you say it? >> marinara. >> oh, stop that. this is why this generation hates you. that is pretentious. >> it's called italian. >> hes to not go to a restaurant that doesn't have a toes toesle -- a tassel on the menu. >> those are americans, they shouldn't be talking about italian food. >> carbs are bad.
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in ten years.
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all right. we have jeff block standing in traffic. on a road in chicago. the great thing about jeff is not only does he not mind but he always has a story to tell that explains why he is standing in traffic and risking his life. i would assume, jeff, a lot has to do with low gas prices. take it from there. >> smoke belching vehicles passing by, and having us stan as close as we can humanly get to them, that's part of the story. the reason there's so many smoke-belching vehicles and 34.4 million people according to aaa will be driving. the most since the recession, and it's partly because gas prices are so low. take a look at the last five years, for example, you will find that gas prices have never been this low on a
1:35 pm
september 4th in actually the last ten years. more than a dollar less than it was this time last year, and according to the folks at aaa and gas buddy they say that $1.4 billion going into the u.s. economy and not spent on gasoline but spent on other things. fascinating. >> that is incredible. jeff, thank you very much. jeff is an amazing reporter. this guy can -- he does these things where his walking and running. here hi is being lazy and just standing in front of the traffic, waiting for the vehicles to hit him. nevertheless, jeff, always good seeing you, my friend. have a very good safe labor day weekend. >> i'll try. >> makes you question about the safety in the world. we're getting bulletins from the saudi foreign minister. he is now saying that saudi arabia believes after its king met with president obama at the white house today that this nuclear agreement with iran is
1:36 pm
fine. it's going to contribute to security and stability in the middle east. he goes on to say that saudi arabia is satisfied with the u.s. president obama's assureses about iranian nuclear deal. i always have a feeling coming out with these statements-what transpired in the meeting? i don't know but our national security analyst might. kt, this is from the same country that had cease your reservations. >> serious, they're not going to say to your face that something they know is going to upset you. they know the iran deal is a done deal in the united states and it's not so much what are they saying? the first press releases were printed two days ago. it's going to be to watch what they do. what is saudi arabia doing in the middle east. if the saudis believe iran is getting nuclear weapons, they're going to get their own. they probably already have their own. they paid for part hoff
1:37 pm
pakistan -- >> promises did we give them. >> we don't know. did he say, we're going assure your security in not only with this iran deal but give you weapons of your own, wearing going to -- >> that just going to up the whole nuclear -- >> if your saudi arain good and looking at iran and knowing iran is going to become a legitimate nuclear state and is going to get $100 billion equivalent of a signing bonus. it's fair money but what will they do with that money? >> we not. >> they're going to do infrastructure, this, and that, but going to give it to hamas and hezbollah and to their allies fighting in yemen, they're going to make trouble in the region. iran does not want to just sit companies and -- cozy ask tying in it neighbor. it's general, their macarthur, he is throughout the middle east. trying to take over certain areas. they have tropes -- forces in iraq.
1:38 pm
they have forces in syria. they want their ally, assad of syria to remain in power. iran wants to create a shiite crescent. they want to be the dominant power. who does that threat? not only israel but threatens the saudis. >> the saudis have to be thenned by the prospect of 2 million more barrels barrels of iraniann the market. that's going to depress prices. >> the stalled diz are in better shape than anybody else to ride it it but the major source of income will go down because the deman is going to remain the same, if not decrease, and the supply is really going to increase. >> what happened in that meeting? >> i'm sure everybody was polite and nice and the king probably got as much as he thought he could get out of obama, handshake, it's over. but the key and the critical thing will be to watch what the saudis do next. not what they say in a press release -- >> i wasted my time reading --
1:39 pm
>> you didn't waste your time but -- >> i was clearly doing an alert to read it. >> see what happens after this. but it's watch owing the saudis actions after this agreement is in place. >> thank you, always good seeing you. just in case you saw politicians avoided donald trump for fear of the rath of getting a response from donald trump mat makes their response look like an anvil on the head, hillary clinton went ahead and risked it. then i want to tell you the story about a billionaire, richer than kt, who is having problems with too much money. no friends no, time no life. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7,
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i do regret that he is going after so many people, many of them by name. he is great at innuendo and conspiracy theories and really defaming people, loose talk,
1:43 pm
threats, insults, they have consequences. so, i'm going to conduct myself as i believe is appropriate for someone seeking the highest office in our country. >> in case there are any out there who think that donald trump is a hillary plan, both his comments at hillary clinton and her comments today about donald trump, should put that to rest or does it? the weekly standard's mikewash -- mike warren joins us. the strongest words yet to say, heat get serious, and saying i don't ticket guy seriously. >> died you notice -- did you notice the smile behind the words? really wringing her hands over the detrimental affect that trump is having on the political discourse shep loves this. she loves having the distraction of donald trump get the eyes off her and her candle and problems with her campaign, and she loves he is shaking things up within
1:44 pm
the republican primary, and really making this kind of republican big wigs worry and scratch their heads and figure out, too do about donald trump. sew loves this and -- so she loves this and will engage. it's better than people talking about her problems. >> i can also remember a similar arrogant view that was expressed by the carter folks about reagan, and they got really worried when george bush, sr. won won the iowa caucuses and reagan might north be the republican nominee because they thought they would have more trouble with bush senior because he was a moderate, reagan was viewed as this right wing kook cowboy, and i wonder if she is rooting for the wrong guy? >> that might be right ump would think if hillary clinton wanted to run against the weakest republican she might want to run against jeb bush youch look at what donald trump represents, a
1:45 pm
reaction to the dynastic politics with jeb bush running for a third bush presidency and also hillary clinton. maybe trump would be a worse opponent for hillary clinton. don't think she is think that far ahead. she has so many other problems and to bulk of the interview was about the e-mail scandal and sort of struggles she has been having -- >> she kind of dismissed that and said it isn't a big deal. she keeps her interviews to a minimum and she also keeps her crowds to a minimum and very staged events to a maximum. so when you go to her event it's invitation only and very few are invited, and i was just think can that marco rubio had a very large crowd in puerto rico, everyone can come. doesn't that hurt her when it's almost too structured? >> i think it adds to all those problems. the e-mail scandal, it's the lack of accessible she has, where she is not talking to real
1:46 pm
voters or hand-picked supporter's people that she sort of listening tout but not really and then you add the problems with the left and that's bernie sanders -- >> real quickly, are any of them beginning to think on the left, there's something with donald trump that should worry them? >> you're seeing that when you hear bernie sanders rail guess trade. there's similarities with what donald trump is saying, and you look at the polls where donald trump is getting from all sides of the republican party, not just conservatives but moderates and liberals, too. so maybe liberals should worry as well. >> very good opinion, thank you, mike. mike warren. >> thank you. >> they say they you can't have too much money, right? sometimes you can. it can't bay you happiness. can't buy you wonderful times. it's like rose bud. a little analogy, of someone del okay, after this. a number.
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1:50 pm
i don't know enough about it to comment on it. >> within of the things i'm most honored about is so far everybody that's attacked me has gone down the tubes. we need victories in this country. we don't have victories anymore. >> that's absolutely false. i win at golf. i win at golf. they can tell you. >> i'm very happy for tom. as far as the commissioner is concerned they're having a rough year. let's face it.
1:51 pm
kanye west? you know what. i'll never say bad about him. you know why? because he loves trump. >> do they like me in indonesia? speaker of the house in indonesia, thank you very much. >> i'm telling you, people stop in their tracks when they see a press conference. tell me if that happens with anybody, even the present president of the united states. they stop whatever they're doing. that guy is generating a great deal of interest. so whatever your views personally on him, what does that say? time for a generation that might be hexed but obviously impressed? my wing man with me. we've got "your world" producer and -- dan you're looking at this. seeing reaction. you are in the news room. we know everyone stops. >> people have no idea how boring political press conferences are. whether it's democrat,
1:52 pm
republican, no matter who it is. i watch news for a living every single day. that's why nobody watches c-span for the most part. you're literally falling asleep halfway through the press conference and you've lost track of -- the guy started an answer two minutes ago and he's still going you've forgotten what the question was. >> ask trump anything. what's the weather going to be like saturday? i don't know. i'll get back to you. >> he gives you an answer. i love him. he's not your stereotypical politician which is great and he says what he's thinking. even if he's going to get backlash for it he's proven he doesn't care about it. that's fine. i love him for that. >> i love the fact he took so many questions it's wonderful. you get these nuggets of great quotable moments. or you get more opportunities for him to bash people, his other running mates. >> do you think there's a countdown?
1:53 pm
every reporter at least there got a chance to ask a question. >> one question he said i'm not answering that and moved on to the next question. >> a lot of kennedy loyalists has been rolling in we use a comparison with the questions he took in the limited time he had. it was a frequency that matched that of john kennedy. might not have given you the answer you wanted -- >> it was almost like he said who else has questions? the bus boy was like, i don't know what's going on. >> i don't think -- >> it's so weird now with him. whether you love the guy or you hate the guy, he's going to give you an entertaining response. you want to hear what it is. >> you're a future lawyer. you're loving it. >> i am a lawyer. >> your a lawyer. >> i've been practicing for a year. >> so what are you doing here? from one rich guy to another, the guy has mine crafts. anyway, he's not happy being a billionaire. >> i know what would make him happier. he can pay my student loans.
1:54 pm
that is fine. >> he didn't suggest that. apparently he doesn't have friends. something the magic is gone. what do you think? >> i wish i were rich. i like rich people. i'd like for them to be my friends. but the thing that's even worse -- >> what he's saying is i don't have any real friends. >> neil, does this happen to you? >> all the time. >> you were mentioning -- >> hearing a rich person complain, it's just about the worst thing. it's worse than being a lonely rich person. >> maybe he's revealing something. this thing to which you aspire, maybe it isn't worth it. >> if you don't like the life that you're living because of the money that you have and the money is the problem. he's blaming the money. get rid of the money! give someone the money who wants the money. >> do you want to trade lives with me? go ahead. >> he needs to stop hang out with 10 to 12-year-olds at these conventions he hosts and hang out with somebody his own age. >> or use his intelligence to develop a new app, maybe dating
1:55 pm
app. then he won't be so lonely. >> tell that to microsoft? that's why he's rich. >> but if he's unhappy you can still work. just because you have money you're still allowed. >> people have problems in this world. this guy is on twitter going, i'm rich and i'm lonely. [ overlapping speakers ] >> speaking of this, i want to take this up with you, dan. the bars have taken away wi-fi and tvs because they want people to talk to each other. >> awful idea. if it's a bar i would never go in in a million years. if i wanted to talk with somebody and have a quiet conversation, i wouldn't go to a bar in the first place. this guy is trying to recreate "cheers "where you walk into the bar and everybody knows your name. >> everyone's on wi-fi. >> i think this is great. bring back the parlor room in the house. so people talk.
1:56 pm
>> i agree with dan. i don't go to a bar to sit on my phone and just go on facebook and talk by myself. to see my friends. >> you go for the free wi-fi. >> no. this bar said they won't want tvs. i love to watch a sporting event. i love hockey. >> i usually rush in i'm watching the history channel and somebody changes it. >> what's wrong with talking to somebody? >> i love hearing myself talk. >> but your generation that's sucking up the wi-fi and not leaving starbucks and having one latte and you live on it for seven hours. >> conversations are driven by what's on tv and things on the internet. so i go out and see a friend at the bar guy you got to see this video i just saw on the internet, stuff like that. >> i think that's a shallow existence. >> i think it's a great idea for people to look up. >> you said you hated looking at press conferences. now you're on your device at bar doing just that. >> i'm watching like bears falling out of trees on
1:57 pm
trampolines. [ overlapping speakers ] >> it's a great idea. good for him. >> guys, by the way you lost a lot of money today. quick look at the markets. generation hex is now officially broke. >> i was broke a long time ago. >> have a wonderful labor day. what's the most important thing your parents do for you? they buy me food. they make sure i'm never lost. well... they pay my allowance. encourage me. ♪ they sing us a lullaby at night... a lullaby at night. ♪ oh! now i remember...
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping first graders put their best foot forward. ask your doctor about lyrica. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling along with jedediah, geraldo rivera, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five". >> was this question fair or was radio host hugh hewitt trying to intentionally trip up donald trump last night? >> are you familiar with general solemani? he runs the kurds forces >> yes, okay, right. >> i think the kurds, by the way, have been badly mistreated by us. >> not the kurds, the quds forces. the bad guys. >> right. >> do you expect his behavior to change? >> i thought you said kurds. kurds. >> no. i'm looking for


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