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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 5, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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spell the end of the white house run, once thought untouchable or will it rev up her supporters? only time will tell. thank you for joining us on this special edition of "on the record". tonight, on "red eye". >> donald trump goes after a reporter for asking him an unfair question. when will these reporters learn, you don't question the trump? and keith richards says he hates rap music. i guess he can't get any satisfaction from anything, except that song he wrote. and i have a little buzzing of my own to do. our panel provides mystery, suspense, but first, a news break. live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. relief finally in sight for many
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migrants from syria and afghanistan, they will let the refugees in after days of being blocked by traveling by train to western europe. helping to change the minds, the death of a boy with his family. the boy's aunt mourned his death. >> they were going for -- a better life. >> and there were nearly 3,000 men, women and children who died trying to flee from war-torn regions this year alone. and the undocumented immigrant accused of killing kate steinle to death, juan sanchez is charged with first degree murder on a san francisco pier. he pled not guilty saying the
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gun went off accidentally. he was released from custody despite a request to detain him from possible deportation. and two accused of running a flight club for kids in new jersey, both pled not guilty. they're charged with encouraging children as young as four to fight each other. one ex-worker is accused of posting the brawls on line. the prosecutors say they don't believe the kids were seriously hurt. and in trouble with the law after crashing into the seats at the u.s. open tennis tournament. no one was hurt, since the drone landed in a remote section of the seats. the teacher is now facing charges of reckless endangerment. i'm patricia stark, now back to red eye. hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy.
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>> a phenomenal day. >> why is that, andy? >> it's national cheese pizza day. >> oh, that is great. i love cheese pizza. >> i figured you for a multiple toppings pizza. >> no, no, i love plain cheese. >> i bet you put pineapple and broccoli -- >> you sick [ bleep ] with your pineapple and broccoli topping. >> andy, this is a simple topic, we both agree on the toppings. >> why don't you take your pineapple and broccoli pizza and go back to russia. >> welcome, our guests, she is so smart the only test she failed was the one where you try to touch your nose with your finger. >> she is a real life atticus
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finch. criminal defense attorney, remy spencer. and he is tooling around the internet, sitting right here the host of the anthony kumia show. okay, let's start the show. >> donald trump went on the radio show and was tested on his world knowledge. the billionaire businessman held his own. >> are you familiar with general sulamani? >> yes. >> nailed it. next question. >> sulamani runs the forces, do you expect the deal will change with iran. >> okay, two for two. >> i'm looking for the next
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commander in chief to know who zawhari are, and abu al-baghdadi, do you know the players without a score card yet? >> yes. >> looking to asia, if china were to either accidentally or intentionally sink a philippines ship, what would donald trump do in response? >> yes. >> all right, we obviously had a little fun with that audio. that is the magic of ediding. let's listen to the responses. >> are you familiar with general sul sulamani? >> yes. >> go ahead, give me a little detail. >> he runs the -- >> i think they have been -- >> no, not the kurds, the iranian revolutionary guards, the bad guys, do you expect his
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behavior. >> oh, i thought you said kurds. >> no, it was the kuds. okay, here is that question about the islamic terrorist. >> do you know the players without a score card yet, donald trump? >> no, i think by the time we get the office they will be all changed, they will be all gone. those are like history questions. i will be so good at the military your head will spin. >> that is it. that is all you need, he will be so good your head will spin. >> perfect. >> little ms. muffett sat on a tuffet, eating a cuds and whey. >> he got a little mixed up. he is dealing with the military, and branching out into foreign policy. right now he is concentrating on the domestic affairs which have been so neglected over the past
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eight years. so cut him some slack, we're what? 15 years before the election? it is 15 years, yes. >> he said we have plenty of time. >> it's plenty of time for him to learn the players. >> he said the names will be changed, they keep picking them off with androids -- i got in trouble on my radio show, someone would always call in and go, all right, who is the guy that is playing center field. and i'm like, i don't know the name, i'm a fan of the game. trump, he is a fan of the game, he doesn't have to know the name -- >> i agree there should be no gotcha questions, but i think we all know that there will be. this is not a jeopardy contest, not who knows more names and arcane facts. i think there is a far better way my leader should have talked
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about the question like that. talking about the support he would surround himself with. at first he seemed to want to answer the question, then he seemed not to. the thing i have, the way the journalist tried to catch him, but the way donald trump called him third rate. why are we name calling? why doesn't he stop talking about that nonsense and talk about what the answer should have been. he has the opportunity to answer it on his own terms, but rather than do that he has to put somebody down. >> he said i'm going to find a great general like general mcarthur, and i don't need to know all the i thought it was a fairly good answer. then when he said -- hugh hewitt is a respectful journalist, talking him as a third-rate deejay or whatever he said, it
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was crazy, i think it is where it gets weird. you? >> i agree, if you relate this to your student class president, remember that. i'm going to promise you cake at every meal. that is a right bit what we're hearing here. and when somebody challenges and asks a question, don't just get mad, and say answer the question, i'll solve this and figure it out. but don't attack every time you're asked a hard question, it's ridiculous. >> we keep saying it, like we're giving advice on the show. people say what is he doing? attacking. it works for him, every time he attacks somebody, joanne. >> it is really only going to work for cnn, he is doing the next debate. hugh hewett is now the moderator, so now after doing the you're a third rate, people are going to want to tune in to see away questions trump will want to ask, how he responds to the questions and it will just be brilliant for ratings, not
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only for cnn, but again, poll numbers for trump. >> yeah, it works for him. people keep acting like it's some kind of joke. what trump is doing is kind of a version of what ronald reagan was doing. carter got bogged down in details, all reagan knew was that the soviet union is evil, and that is all he said. >> when a politician is asked something they don't know the answer to they go onto the weird tangents and don't address the question. he is being more honest than i have seen politicians be. and is that refreshing, remy, saying look, he is a straight shooter, an executive, do ceos know every detail of their company? i don't think they do. >> i think it is a good question, a lot of supporters think of him like them. maybe he expresses the questions
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not in the smartest way, but he is relatable for that way to the american voter. my problem is when this election season gets closer to voting time and we're talking about more sophisticated ideologies and plans and policies, then he is really going to have trouble if he is still in the race and this is not just grand marketing for him. to give you perspective, when someone comes to hire me as a lawyer for their case, if all i said to them, don't worry, i got it. don't worry about it. i don't need to know all the facts. and they have ten years on their lives. >> the less doctors say to me the more i trust them. they're like we're okay, i'm going to stick something in you, it's going to be fine. all right, he seems to know what he is doing. >> are you sure that was a doctor? >> sounds like a lawyer. >> he insisted i call him doctor. next story.
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funny women are not attractive, or attractive women are not funny. this according to a new study by the university of kansas and a bunch of guys who don't plan on getting lucky with margaret cho, researchers find that the more a man is funny, the more women relate to them. on the occasions where a woman can make a man last, it has no significant effect on him. i find bosses -- i find women to be quite attractive when they're funny. and having to be clear, women have made enormous contributions to comedy, of course. take a look. >> i'm being a wicked tease, now aren't i? >> my bra is rubbing me wrong, i have a fat ass, and i twisted my heels. >> well, why are you wearing heels in college? >> men, you don't have to worry
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about that. we wouldn't be caught dead with men. >> i love it. i love female based comedy, don't you, ethan? >> absolutely, well look, you have the most beautiful person in the world, if she is ugly inside she is not going to be beautiful anymore. amy schumer says, i'm 160 pounds and get whatever i want. is that really -- how is that a -- how is that a superlative thing, can't all women have sex whenever they want to? >> there is a percentage of men who are dogs. >> anthony, obviously, do we have to keep up with this thing like are women funny or not? obviously, there are many funny women out there. the idea is does being funny make them more attractive to men? this study says not.
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>> i don't think so, there is kind of a different -- it doesn't make a difference in attractiveness, i don't think, i think as far as men are concerned thank god if it was not for humor and ether, and chloroform, i would never have a relationship. >> those things you noticed in your tool belt. >> it's very handy for a guy to be funny, but a girl doesn't have to be? women have to be funny, that is the thing. so they develop it from an early age to try to impress women -- >> you mean men have to be funny. >> what did i say, women? >> i think men -- just naturally develop more of a sense of humor, the way they interact with each other, the way a father and son interact with
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each other, it's just natural. >> why is it natural? is it inborn or a societal thing? >> probably a little bit of both. but i think the study is probably right. i hate to say it, but it's probably right. a woman who can say a funny line you know on a date may make the date a little bit more fun and it may make her a little bit more attainable or approachable to the guy, but i don't think most men -- i probably shouldn't say this. but i don't think most men want their women to be cracking sarcastic lines every second. and being the life of the comedic party. >> i think the guy would rather have a woman laughing at his jokes then telling the jokes and laughing. >> is it a dominance thing? like guys think they're in a position of power? >> they may think i don't have money, i don't have the best looks but at least i can make her laugh. i think too in terms of
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attraction, when women meet men, they immediately think long-term. that is -- we need to have children, like scientifically, women think, i need a mate. with men they're thinking more short-term, and they don't need funny, they just need a woman who can help them let off some steam. i think in terms of goals, women are like i need funny because i have to look at this in the rest of my life. and guys are like, i don't need funny right now, maybe later. >> i think being a guy who is not to why looking, i'm fairly easy on the eyes, but all three of these wouldn't say we're male models, right? >> well -- >> but ethan, look, we have to learn the skill, the gift of gab as they say, you're in radio. we're entertainers. why did we do that? probably initially to hit on girls. >> everything starts with hitting on girls, young years,
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we have to be able to talk to them, we're nervous and scared and look goofy with pimples and other strange things, because of the hormones -- >> if you can't play guitar. >> you always need something. i was at a club and there was pulsing music with a comic. and i was like, you don't like clubs, and you don't know why? why would a comedian like a club? it's the one place nobody can hear you. >> all right, somebody gets arrested for making a snap chat joke. please let it be hillary.
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. well, another class clown is behind bars because apparently no one can take a joke. a 16-year-old high school student used snap chat to take this picture in the hallway, accompanied by the line, plan the school shooting, followed by three smiley faces. the internationally-recognized symbol for, just kidding. the high school junior, named kaley, screen-shotted the image and went to authorities. she then gained his trust in order to set him up. kaley had snap-chatted him directly and asked why i screen-shotted the story. i told him, i thought it was amusing. i asked him what school he went to, and he went along with it. and he told me he went to a
12:22 am
school in arizona, later he gave me the name. he was quickly arrested and charged with a class-a 4 felony. phoenix police are praising the girl for seeing something and saying something, which is one way to look at it. but also because of her, these kids classmates are not going to get to experience any of his great comedy. he will have to confine his wits telling the tsa agents, yes, sir, it's in my luggage next to the bomb. they love that one. okay, remy, i guess nobody can joke around anymore, is that the case? >> that is the case. that is absolutely the case. i'm sure, i am the only one at the table who said this, young female who brought the screen shot to the authorities did the right thing. i have represented high school students doing their annual traditional prank on the date that it is expected and people are fearful that it's another columbine where they evacuate the entire town and parents are
12:23 am
running frantic, there is no joking, just the same way there is no joking at an airport. you can't yell bomb at an airport and can't yell killing at the high school. >> okay, i think i was being a little tongue in cheek, i think it is sad that people can't joke anymore. >> it is absolutely sad and it is because times have changed. i remember going to school, and saying i'm going to kill you, and everybody just laughed. you could paint it in blood, no one cared. just part of growing up, it's a phase or something. look, there is a public record now of everything you do. even though i hear the snap chat was supposed to be a secret. just the person you send it to and they're not supposed to screen cap it or anything. >> what good is it? >> i don't know, i'm going to have to look at the snap chat. >> ashley madison, snap chat. >> and you think the internet is
12:24 am
not as secure as everybody thought it was? >> apparently. >> obviously it was a dumb kid, but in this day and age, when it's out there for everyone to see, i don't know what to say, do you? >> ethan was giving me the shame shake. >> whatever happened to basic pranks, where a friend falls asleep and you put one hand in ice water and one hand in warm water and they wet themselves. what about the new emoji of a pile of turds? >> don't you think -- anthony was right, when i was a youngster, we would write vocabulary -- we had a list of vocabulary words we had to write down in sentences, and each sentence described the vicious
12:25 am
murder of our english teacher my many different ways. and she read it, we had to have it graded. because she did our assignments. >> how many serial killers came out of your school? >> none. >> see we got it out, joanne, we let it vent. >> yeah, i mean, i grew up definitely during a time when it was zero tolerance policy. even for jokes and sort of like anthony was saying we now live in a time where when kids make mistakes it's now just completely public, because we put it on public forums and it's out there forever. i feel bad if i was the girl who saw this snap chat and you think like people's lives could be in my hand. like i need to take action. if i were her i probably would have done the same thing because i wouldn't have been able to sleep at night i would have been so nervous. but i think in the kid's defense, if it goes to court, he
12:26 am
should say shooting, he was planning a photo shoot. because really it was just him in the hall. he is trying to get a good an e angle. >> weren't our desks back in school when we were in school just a manifesto of hate, like whoever sits here third period, i'm going to kill you. it was like a 24-hour text, and you would get it then, i was filled with hatred. >> we had detailed plans to destroy the school in our notebooks. >> and we didn't have all the hate messages in the midwest. >> but you guys went out tipping cows over, right? >> tipping cows, smashing mailboxes with baseball bats, very innocent. i'm telling you, there is no way to vent one's frustration, that is why these kids are all smoking doobies. >> okay, no measures, just half time with tv's andy levy.
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stick around. headquarters, i'm
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stark. police in suburban chicago say they have received several more videos as they hunt for the three suspected cop killers. there are hours of viewing footage from homes, businesses
12:31 am
and intersection. the victim, charles gliniewicz was shot to death by three men. the law enforcement veteran described them to dispatch as two white men and one black man. and a somber day, thousands of law enforcement officers paying respects to the sheriff's deputy gunned down last week. the officers stood to form a wall outside one of houston's largest churches. darren goforth was shot to death while pumping gas. a 30-year-old man with mental illness charges is a suspect. and the candidate says she had other things on her mind when she became president obama's secretary of state. >> i was not thinking a lot when i got in. there was so much work to be done. there were so many problems around the world. i didn't really stop and think what kind of e-mail system will there be? >> clinton says she takes responsibility for the decision
12:32 am
to use a private e-mail system. but this shouldn't raise questions about her judgment. and a major whale rescue operation off the coast of southern california, the coast guard and a whale rescue expert trying to free a giant blue whale caught on a fishing net off palos verdes. the whale is estimated to be 75 feet. veteran researchers say there has never been a rescue of a caught blue whale before. you're watching the most powerful name in news. fox news channel. welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. from tv's andy levy and the news desk, are you ready, andy? >> i'm ready. are you ready? >> i don't know if i am. i guess we'll find out. trump and hugh hewett, anthony
12:33 am
you said we would not cut him slack -- >> it's a 30-year total time line? >> getting ridiculous. it gets longer and longer, yeah. remy, you said you agree there should not be gotcha questions, did you think they were that type? >> i didn't hear the whole interview. i think by just asking do you know this person by name when it's not a commonly used name it could be interpreted as a gotcha question. to be fair, though, i think it was a reasonable question, and i don't think he did something wrong necessarily. >> yolawyered that one up. >> david gergen? >> i would just like a straight answer for once -- >> i'm sure others have noted
12:34 am
this, but if hugh hewett is a third-rate radio show host, why did he go on his show? >> good question. >> ethan, you said trump shouldn't attack every time he is asked a hard question? why not, it kind of is working for. >> this is kind of like the situation where you want the current to be able to talk to people, the current president, he doesn't like to talk to people who don't agree with him. shouldn't the commander in chief be asked tough questions? >> no. >> or about the ayatollah khomeini, he could be asked tough questions -- >> i thought when hewett said quds, not kurds, trump should
12:35 am
have just said, they could? >> i don't think knowing every fact makes you a good president, we have two terms of a smart guy making bad decision. but reagan had a philosophy, i do think it was a lot more than just saying the soviet union was bad. he had an actual positive philosophy. what is trump's philosophy? >> i guess make america great again? >> really. >> that is a bumper sticker, not a philosophy. >> we're going to have so many victories, your head will spin. it's going to be great. >> not knowing this stuff may be fine for a hugh hewett interview, it's not going to cut it if he is not the democratic nominee. i don't think it will work in his favor. >> again, just my opinion. >> men don't care if women are funny. tom you said that according to the study, funny women are not
12:36 am
attractive. >> that is not what the study says -- >> come on, the study says women don't find men more attractive -- >> i know the converse is true. you can say funny women are not attractive. they -- you may be attracted to a funny women but it's her other qualities -- >> yes, but she can still be a funny woman who is attractive. >> glad we settled it. >> it makes me feel bad for my exes, because they obviously thought me being funny meant our relationship would be full of gun and good cheer. sucked for them. and anthony, you said thank god for chloroform. let's just make sure that was a joke. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> not that you would ever get in trouble for saying things. >> no. saying things, doing things,
12:37 am
teflon anthony. >> remy, you said you hate to say it but the study is probably right. why do you hate to say it? >> doesn't it seem like it should not be right? the fact that a quality that makes men more attractive to women should also be something that makes women more attractive to men? that is why i hate to say it. >> and if women want something like that in a mate, what is wrong with it? >> there is nothing wrong with it. if i find a man more attractive because he could make me laugh, i would want that to be the same if i make him laugh, that i become more attractive. but probably i don't. >> okay. >> i would want it, but that is why i hate to say the story is true. >> all right. okay. school shooting prank. tom you said three smiley faces like the kid put after his snap chat is the internationally recognized signal for just
12:38 am
kidding? >> uh-huh. >> the problem is it's also the internationally recognized symbol for i might be a psychopath. >> yes. >> see, that is the problem. anthony you said this kind of thing shouldn't happen with snap chat. that is true, here is the other problem, because of that you can't get any context. like if you tweet something and somebody is like, i don't know, is he serious or is that a joke? you can check the rest of the person's tweets and say he makings jomakes jokes like that, or she does, or women aren't funny. snap chat you can't do that because there are no records of the snaps. >> you're basically saying everything you know about that person on that snap chat that was not even sent to you. unless you're that rat girl that ratted them out. >> also anthony, considering my dad taught at high school, i
12:39 am
would like to thank you for not following through with the plans you may or may not have had for blowing up the school. >> he really did, he taught at my school. remy, can we agree there is a way to ensure that this student doesn't do this again without him having a felony on his record? >> you know, i don't know exactly what charge he is facing. >> it is a felony. >> it is a felony, a minor felony, but probably will result in a dismissal. he will probably have to go to some type of class about decorum, about what is right and what is wrong and then it should go away. if i was his lawyer that is what would happen. >> you think they will give him a lesser sentence -- >> no, no, i mean dismissal, they get thrown out -- >> as part of the deal or just he will beat the rap. >> i think a good lawyer should be able to beat the rap. >> all right, fantastic.
12:40 am
why would he have to go to a class -- >> usually it's conditioned on something like that. if you're going to get an exceptional outcome for an adult with a bright future and this is a really silly thing then the law can be upheld by having him do something and then after say six months, then the case just goes away. >> he has to get rid of the bombs in the bedroom, too. that is usually one of the conditions. >> lastly, joe, i agree with you, i don't think the girl who saw the snap chat really had no choice but to say something. that doesn't change the fact that she is a dirty, dirty narc. >> she probably doesn't have a lot of friends -- >> get your head out of your phone and go out and make some friends, girl. >> she was probably on safety patrol. those rats. >> i was definitely not one of those. >> she will make a good r.a. one day. >> we can make one of her,
12:41 am
because neither of these people were mentioned by their full names in the news. >> thanks, andy, now to take a break. sports talk when we come back.
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andy and i don't see eye to eye about the issue of the new
12:45 am
england patriots. despite the fact they may be the best. andy maintains they're a bunch of cheaters who don'tthe many a they have received. so i thought i would bring in someone who could use their extensive knowledge of the game to settle this once and for all. joining me now is football analyst nick stevens, thank you for joining us. >> tom, it's an absolute pleasure to be here. and of course as you can tell by me wearing my homemade tom brady shirt, most like everything, i want to portray a very balanced and fair opinion. >> i want to hear the impartial view on the suspension, on the judge's decision. >> yes, tom, great name, the name of a champion if i may add. the exoneration of tom brady and
12:46 am
the overturning of the four-game suspension of tom brady was the right thing to do by judge berman, and by the way, he will never have to buy himself a cup of chowder or beer in new england again. i went and adopted a pup. this guy is a genius, don't be surprised if you see a lot of people like this being born around new england if you know what i'm talking about. this was the right call to make, because the way goodell handed out this punishment. and by the way, roger goodell was trying to get everybody to bow down before him, to kneel before god, if you will. because he had the single worst season in commissionership. jared fogel was like whoa, dude, you got a bad run of things lately. it was absolutely brutal. the best way to establish his power was to try to drag the handsome boy, the face of your
12:47 am
league through the method. it was just an absolutely absurd ruling. basically saying brady, you're suspended because it's more probable than not, you were generally aware. it is like a kid saying, mom and dad, why am i suspended, because. >> i think you have given me all the information i need. i only wish -- >> wait, hold on, i'm not letting this slide. >> andy? >> yeah. >> first of all you bring this guy in, you say he is an impartial analyst, wearing a damn t-shirt. everybody knows what they did. it's probably not even fair to blame them. they're from boston, it's like blaming a dog for shedding all over your house, it's just what
12:48 am
they do. nick, as an impartial sports analyst, do the dates, february 8, 5, and 12 mean something to you? >> maybe, but if you're trying to get me to feel bad or seem like i'm going to be shaken on camera because you just brought up the two macho grandes, which it's difficult to get over for patriots fans, which is super bowls that they lost to the new york giants. one game that was at least probably aided by david's helmet, so what, it happens. but at the same time we almost lost a third super bowl, andy, after another miraculous catch, but the judge berman of rookie quarterbacks, malcolm butler, came in and saved our life and gave us mind you, i know you can't handle this because i know you don't want to root for the amazon or walmart of football,
12:49 am
but guess what? the patriots won a clean football game, as we say up north, clean, fair and square. >> they should have handed the ball to marshawn, i have been saying that from day one, they should have handed the ball to marshawn and they would have won the game. >> never look a free beer in the eye, nachoss go great with everything. and is seahawks made the most stupid call in the game. >> everybody knows why they cheat. i don't know why you just don't embrace it and say yeah, we cheat. >> what i am prepared to do is embrace being a villain. what i wanted them to do is come out on september 10th, in full black uniform and say you know what? here comes the bad guy. i hope when he throws his first touchdown, the first of 19 he will throw against the steelers,
12:50 am
i hope he looks at the 30 different cameras in the thursday night broadcast, and says goodell, i'm coming for you. i want full john rambo style treatment. we just all lost seven months of our lives. we just had the worst sex-free relationship of all with this stupid scandal, talk about making a mountain range out of a mohill. >> you want to turn them to the raiders, but that will never happen, the raiders are cool, and the patriots are not. >> i want to thank you for a cool, impartial commenting. need to hire fast?
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it was the middle of the night, robert wright was cooking ribs as one does at 2:30 a.m., he grabbed his kids and then his ribs. >> only thing i seen first, man, make sure those ribs were right. and i went in and got my family and carried everybody out myself, man. >> wait a minute, did he get the ribs first or his children? >> i got my kids, first, first i
12:55 am
got my kids and thought about my ribs and i didn't want to let my ribs burn. i take pride in what i do. man, 2:30 a.m. i was hungry, hot links and stuff, i got it going. i looked over the fire was bursting, i thought man this is crazy. >> remy, is this man a hero or a hero, choose one. >> he got the kids out first, nobody was hurt and i can certainly appreciate the desire to want to save food. if you take food away from me, i can get a little upset. it's a little crazy what he did, but hey. >> look at that rack of ribs, anthony would you run back in if the house was on fire, what would you go for first? >> i got to go for beavis, my cat. and people, they call me names because i adore my cat. >> that did look like ribs worth risking your life over. >> anyway, i heard tens of fries
12:56 am
-- >> ethan, what do you grab if your house is on fire? >> well, i have kids, kids are first. >> kids like him. >> and if i had a rack of ribs looking like that i would absolutely go back for the rack of ribs. by the way, if you go to kansas city, st. louis, austin, texas, i would find a man in every city that would do the same. >> joanne, if you went back in and saved the ribs would you wait and not eat them and wait for the camera crew to show up? >> this man understands opportunity. he really does. he has a nice smoke going on, too, that adds flavor to the ribs. this is just really an ideal situation for him. pretty soon he is going to get sponsors by like barbecue companies. they're going to want him to be the face of their sauce, of their rub. so this was brilliant. yeah, apparently, the reporters came and he ran up to them and wanted to tell his story.
12:57 am
so good for had him. >> fantastic, i wanted to say he didn't cause the fire. it was his neighbor that caused the fire. very special thanks, i'm tom shillue, i'll see you next time.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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special monday 5:00 p.m. eastern. "special report" up now. hillary clinton says she did not stop and think about her e-mail setup when she became secretary of state. she's thinking about it now. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. hillary clinton says she is not sorry. but it remains to be seen whether the investigation into her e-mail scandal and the possible emergence of joe biden as a rival will give her something to be sorry about. chief white house correspondent ed henry is covering the 2016 race from san juan, puerto rico tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton tried to move past her escalating e-mail crisis and the cold reception she's getting in


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