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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 5, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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forward to more of your letters next week. hello. i'm eric shawn. this is a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. topping the news this hour, a major announcement from police on the search for three suspects accused in a shooting death of a police officer in illinois. the significant new evidence that investigators are now combing through. europe's heartbreaking migrant crisis shows no end in sight as hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are risking everything, traveling across the continent anywhere they can in search of safety and freedom. plus, a republican congressman calling out donald trump. why he says the republican frontrunner is acting like a three-year-old.
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and that he doesn't belong in the white house. first we start with a possible break. investigators may have a new lead in the search for those three suspects who horribly gunned down a police officer in illinois. they discovered what they call significant new evidence found yesterday at the scene where the fox lake lieutenant was killed on tuesday. police may also be getting their first look at the suspects thanks to some local residents and businesses because of those ever present surveillance cameras. matt fin joins us live from foxt on that search. hi, matt. >> reporter: that's right. police say they have this very new and significant piece of evidence they found in the field near the initial crime scene. they're not saying what it is yet. here in fox lake, the atmosphere is almost erie because it is labor day weekend. the sun is shining. this is a picturesque town. the streets are buzzing.
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as all that's going on, three cop killers are still on the loose. so police are beefing up their presence on the street. everywhere you go, you see patrol cars. but there is also a lot of water around. the marine unit is beefing up their presence. listen how they explain why that is important. >> there is a heightened police presence on the land side. there is also an additional heightened police presence on the water with the sheriff's office. so we're basically backing up those land units and showing the community of fox lake that we're here to support them in that regard. >> reporter: in addition to that crucial piece of evidence, investigators are also piecing together a lot of video from home surveillance and traffic cameras. they say that video could depict the three suspects that police are looking for and it also could give them a time line. so police are urging people in this area this weekend to keep their eyes and ears open. >> subjects are dangerous and i reiterate this.
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they murdered a police officer, so they're capable of doing anything. we have images of people that we believe are subjects that we'd be interested in talking to. >> reporter: the community really is coming together. everywhere you look are blue ribbons all over town. behind me is a memorial that's growing in size by the hour. and the governor has issued all flags at half-staff. eric? >> certainly hope they get those guys soon. it reminds us of the sacrifice that law enforcement officers put on the line every day for us. thank you. new details now surfacing that hillary clinton and her family paid a state department staffer to maintain the private e-mail server she used whiled secretary of state. the arrangement helping clinton maintain personal control over the server that she used to conduct both public and private business. these latest allegations coming to light as the democratic frontrunner is campaigning in new hampshire today. molly henneberg is live in washington with more.
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molly? >> reporter: hi. hillary clinton was asked today about an i.t. specialist who helped her in her 2008 campaign and then at the state department. congressional investigators want to know if he, who set up her controversial private e-mail server, may have some knowledge about what happened to 30,000 e-mails that clinton deleted from the server. when asked about his lawyer telling lawmakers that his client would plead the fifth to avoid self-incrimination instead of testifying, clinton said today that, quote, we encouraged everyone to cooperate. she was also asked why he was paid personally by the clintons separately from his state department salary to maintain their private e-mail server. here is what she said. >> with respect to personal services that he provided to me and my family, we o obviously paid for those services and did so because during a period we
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continued to need his technical assistance and i think that's in the public record. >> reporter: clinton said in an msnbc interview yesterday she wishes she had, quote, made a different choice in setting up the private server when she first came on board with the state department and sorry this has caused such confusion for people. that apology fell flat with republicans. rnc spokesman put out a statement yesterday saying, quote, what's clear is hillary clinton regrets that she got caught and is pay ago political price. not the fact her secret e-mail server put our national security at risk. clinton handed over her private server to the f.b.i. last month. she said she deleted those 30,000 e-mails because they were of a personal nature. investigators are trying to recover those e-mails. arthel? >> molly henneberg, thanks. the last of seven challenges to arizona's tough immigration law will soon end. that law allows police to check
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the immigration status of anyone they stop and if they are here in this country legally. a judge upholding the law's controversial requirement that police can question the immigration status of those who they do suspect to be here illegally. the so-called show your papers demand. the judge rejected claims by immigrant rights activists that that is discriminatory. it's not clear right now if the challengers will appeal that ruling. the kentucky county clerk's office now issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples there in kentucky as the clerk herself, kim davis, remains behind bars for contempt of court. after refusing a federal judge's order to issue the licenses to gay couples and today hundreds gathering outside the jail holding a rally to free kim davis. will carr has the latest. >> reporter: hi. davis says this is a fight worth fighting and that she is willing to stay behind bars as long as it takes. while she's there, five of her
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six deputy clerks have started issuing those licenses. the one who refuses to is actually davis' son. and this comes as the couple who received licenses are celebrate ago victory that may have occurred in small rowan county, kentucky, but had major ripple effect all across the country. >> this means at least for this area. civil rights are civil rights. they're not subject to authority. >> i feel sorry she's there for her. but she done it to herself. >> this all started when davis refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, even after the supreme court legalized gay marriage. so on thursday, u.s. district court judge issued a contempt that actually landed her behind bars, which was beyond what was expected. the couple who sued davis this summer asked for fines, but the judge through her in jail,
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stating he didn't think a fine would change her mindset. he also said it creates problems when clerks pick and choose the laws that they'll enforce. but davis, who is a strong christian, believes gay marriage is a sin, saying it's not of god. her family says she'll continue to refuse licenses to gay couples if she's let out of jail. >> they're not going to let her out and she's not going to bow. i promise you that. >> how long will she stay? >> as long as it takes. >> reporter: once again, today protesters and supporters squared off outside the courthouse there. supporters say davis is defending religious liberty. interestingly enough, some day rights advocates have voiced concerns about jailing davis, warning that it could make her a sympathetic figure to the right. now, this is also become a political issue very quickly. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee announcing he plans to visit her in jail next week. he's also holding a rally on tuesday and he has a free kim davis petition going on on his
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web site right now. it has 100,000 signatures. arthel? >> this story is definitely going to stay in the news for a while. later in the show, we'll talk more about this case. we're going to speak with susan estridge, a professor of law and political science at usc. that's later this hour. it's a drop in the bucket, but a start. a long journey ending for several hundred of those migrants who have been traveling through europe. 450 people arriving if germany. thousands are expected to pour into germany by the end of the day. germany and austere i can't are opening their borders to the syrians who have been desperately seeking asylum. but it's been a difficult path for hundreds of thousands fleeing a human catastrophe in syria for the freedom and safety of the west. kristen fisher has an update from washington. >> reporter: this is one of those international crises where the images just speak so much louder than words. today there was pushing,
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shoving, tensions erupting between port authorities and hundreds of refugees who are fleeing war and extreme poverty in their home land. further north, a hundred fairian woman holds up a sign saying, we apologize to the refugees, after her government refused to transport anymore of them to safety. who can forget this image captured earlier of a little boy who drowned, his body washed up on the beach. finally good news. thousands made it to their ultimate destination of germany and austere i can't after days of conflict and chaos. the hungarian government deployed more than 100 buss to transport about 4,000 of them to the austrian border. they arrived exhausted but happy. >> now very, very happy. man is free. free. now we are free. five days in hungary, we're very, very, very bad position. >> reporter: thousands of others aren't so lucky.
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hungary announced that bus service to the border is over and will not be repeated. many now say that they will walk all the way to a country that won't turn them away. >> hungarian government doesn't let us to get the train or buses or anything. we walk to austria. >> reporter: up to 10,000 could cross the border by night fall and there are millions more trying to do the same thing right behind them. it's already being called the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. >> just heart breaking and astounding. thank you. arthel? we have a fox news alert. lax is reporting a bomb threat that was phoned in to the f.b.i we're looking at live shots here at lax. 3:11 local time in los angeles. a bomb squad is now on the scene. the police activity there is affecting the southern terminals. everybody inside, they've been evacuated from baggage claim, as
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well as several curb side terminals, as well as some of the upper level traffic there. they're being directed in different parts of the airport. again, this is a bomb threat being called in to lax. f.b.i. is investigating. bomb squad on the scene. this is as your labor day weekend, hundreds of thousands of people are traveling through that very i want a this weekend. we will keep you posted for any details as they develop. >> hopefully it will proven to be unfounded. >> i hope so. have you heard about this big break in another huge case? el chapo is on the run after he walked out of the cell, went into the john and went down that hole in that long tunnel, disappeared forever t. forever? you hear about his son? took a tweet eating at a rest a aunt. guess what? it may have given away where he is. >> donald trump on different sides of a pair of political attacks. how it's affecting his campaign. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at time for a quick check of the headlines. unexpected development from social media may have exposed mexican drug lord el chapo hiding in costa rica. that's the twitter that was posted by his son and guess what? that revealed the location by accident because when his son
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and he were eating at a restaurant and the son tweeted that out, bingo, your location on twitter is automatically tagged when that image is taken. shows everybody where he was. you got to turn that thing off if you're in hiding. a pillow fun goes from fun to violent. west point, they were swinging pillows filled with hard objects that injured 30 cadets. 24 of them suffered concussions. and the threat of -- tim tebow turned in his best preseason on thursday. the 2007 heisman trophy winner has been trying to return to the nfl after missing two seasons. a rarely heard from republican congressman is now speaking up against a member of his own party. wisconsin congressman slamming donald trump, telling usa today, quote, we can't just be kicking sand in the sand box and saying, quote, you're dumb and you're a
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loser. we actually need a grownup. not a three-year-old in the white house. now the comments come on the heels of trump slamming yet another reporter whose questions he wasn't a fan of. >> are you familiar with general solamane? >> yes. go ahead. give me a little. go ahead. tell me. >> he runs the kush forces. >> yes, okay. i think the kurds have been horribly mistreated by us. >> not the kurds. the kuds, the iranian revolutionary forces. do you expect his behavior -- >> i thought you said kurds. >> no. >> i'm sorry. i thought you said kurds. >> no. let's bring in david hawking, we're going to get into that radio exchange in a bit. i want to start with, if you have a congressman who normally kind of keeps quiet, doesn't say too much, is speaking out with strong language, is this representative of how frustrated the gop party is with
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mr. trump's unconventional and unstoppable campaign style at this point? >> i think it's absolutely evidence it's starting to bubble more to the surface, that it's not just the candidates themselves who are frustrated that unexpectedly, i think safe to say that when this campaign began a couple months ago, this was unexpected, his sustained place in the polls. it's not just the other candidates anymore. it's now other movers and shakers within the republican party. reed rivle has only been in congress for this is his second term. >> since between. >> he's an interesting choice to focus on because he was swept in with the tea party wave. he beat an incumbent democrat. since getting there, he staked out an independent position. not all a conservative orthodoxy. he's refused to sign no tax pledges. he's also at the same time become an accolade of leadership
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in helping with the house republican campaign committee, recruit candidates and protect endangered incumbents. he's somebody that they should know as a savvy inside player who people will pay attention to and i think his being the first person in the congressional rank and file to come out like this, it may be a signal that others are about to do the same. >> before we talk about that, let's take a look at this latest poll that shows donald trump with 27.2%. he is 14 points ahead of dr. carson, who comes in at 13.2. you go down to jeb bush at 9.2 and so on, with carly fiorina at 5.4. so i want to ask you, donald trump is resonating with the people at this point. do you think at some point, david, that donald trump's brashy name calling style will eventually turn off those who actually like that about him? >> gosh, i don't know. i think one of the standard
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lines for people in my business all summer has been he's defied every expectation. i think there have been about a dozen times just this summer where we thought this is the moment where donald trump is going to say something so outlandish as to turn people off. everything from what he says about mexicans and rapists to attacking john mccain, to attacking megyn kelly of your network. the list goes on and on. so i don't know. what i do know is that with each passing day and reed rible is an example of this, there is more talk of republican establishment players that they need to do something to stop donald trump. >> what do you do to stop donald trump? donald trump has lots of money. he's going to do what he wants to do. and quite frankly, i don't think he's going to listen to anybody. what do you really do? >> he's not going to listen to other people and so what great story in the "new york times" today, for example, about some other groups, outside groups, cloak for growth as one. crossroads, the old karl rove
3:22 pm
group, other groups talking about a way, is there a way to bring him down? it's a dangerous game for them to play because if they're going to spend money to try and promote a take down donald trump effort, what we do know about donald trump is he never let's a punch go unresponded to. he punches back at least as hard as he gets and he is going to attack these organizations as the very types of establishment players that he says he's running against. so it has a big chance to backfire. who knows where it will go. >> i have to go, but i want to touch on briefly if you could be brief for me, that exchange with hewitt, that radio talk show host who was asking donald trump very specific questions about players in the middle east fight there. donald trump is sort of -- he's popular with people of all political stripes. in the end, will people be more concerned and be drawn to donald trump because of his business acue men, his personal success,
3:23 pm
or will they really care about his knowledge of foreign policy? >> i think for now it's the former. that they care about his success, his brash words, he's willing to speak plainly and simply. as the campaign goes on and especially if donald trump were to become the nominee and we get to a general election, world affairs, how somebody handles the international stage becomes much more important the farther towards the general election we get. >> how does the trash talk work with world leaders? >> if he talks trash with world leaders, i think that is a dangerous game. but i think getting plugged in and going beyond the very limited things he said so far, like that he gets his information on national security from listening to the sunday morning talk shows, the discussion with hugh hewitt, he will need to bone up significantly as the campaign goes on. >> donald trump says he will know more about all of it more than anybody else, or at least more than hugh hewitt. >> make our heads spin, he says. >> absolutely. we'll continue talk being it.
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thanks so much. good to see you. >> thank you. donald trump and others have a lot to say about the iranian nukecally deal. it's set next week to go to the house. this as another senate democrat has announced his opposition to that controversial agreement.
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bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. authorities say they do have significant new evidence in that horrible shooting death of an illinois police officer early this week. investigators stepping up the search for those three suspects that they say are responsible for gunning down the fox department lieutenant. plus, hillary clinton confirms paying a state department staff tore maintain the private e-mail server she used while secretary of state. hungary sending thousands of migrants to austria by bus.
3:29 pm
this as europe struggles to try to get a handle on this human influx. >> as that unfolds, iraq's catholic archbishop is seeking help from washington for christians in northern iraq. thousands of christians are now without homes as they escape from the horrific violence at the hands of isis. the archbishop describing he situation as genocide. the church trying to house 2,000 families in prefabricated homes. lauren green live with more. lauren? >> reporter: since 2003, the iraqi christian population has dropped from 1.3 million to 300,000. the archbishop is trying to send a message to washington and the world to stop playing politics and just help. tens of thousands of iraqi christians have been driven from their homelandses. those who survived talk of suffering rape, murder and starvation. the afternoon bishop of iraq say
3:30 pm
it's plain and simple isis and radical islamists are targeting christians for extermination. >> what's happening is genocide. we can not wait another 20 years to say we are sorry. we did not know what is happening. >> reporter: chaldean christians hail from mosul, syria, those who make it to refugee camps like this live in three by six foot prefabricated homes. their lives are in limbo. no work, no place to call home. criticizing the u.s. government for not offering asylum, even turning down visas to the persecuted christians. >> if they care about the persecuted people around the world and defending the rights, here there was a clear case of the christians and yazitis.
3:31 pm
>> the spokesperson says the administration takes religious freedom very seriously. >> asylum seekers come in all religions, all races, all political things. what matters is that is that we look at their cases individually and whether they have compelling reasons to seek asylum. >> reporter: iraqi christians are being helped by religious nonprofit groups like the knights of columbus, which has allocated millions of dollars in aid. arthel? >> thank you very much for bringing us that story. thanks. lawmakers on capitol hill are set to take up the controversial iran nuclear agreement this coming week. the house expected to pass a resolution against the deal. that as the senate will begin its debate. this all comes as a third democratic senator has come out against the pact. delaware says it legitimize has rogue state. president obama still has enough democratic votes in the senate to sustain a veto. it turns out that the agreement
3:32 pm
may have a lot more trouble in iran's parliament. joining us is fred. always good to see you. it seems like it's a done deal. what is the message with the house as expected, turns it down, even though the president has the votes in the senate? >> well, it's been an interesting week with the president, secretary kerry, even pbs doing victory laps that the deal is done and nothing can be done to stop it. a minority of both houses of congress are prepared to sustain a veto of a resolution of disapproval. this means that a deal that is widely unpopular, opposed by two to one margin by the american people, is going to be rammed through. i think the long-term implications for the democratic party will be severe. that's not even talking about the serious security implications. >> you're talking about the security implications. all three democrats who oppose
3:33 pm
it, warn about the billions of dollars that iran can get potentially for terrorism. they warn about iran potentially going nuclear in ten years. here is what carton said in the wash post yesterday. after ten to 15 years it would leave iran with the option to produce enough enriched fuel for a nuclear weapon in a short time. it would provide iran with international endorsement of an industrial sale of nuclear program. worse, iran would be economically strengthened by frighteningly quick relief from sanctions that cannot be respect for a country that actively foments regional instability, advocates for israel's destruction and shouts death to america. so fred, as former top level official of the c.i.a., how do you deal with all that? >> i mean, it's unbelievable. senator menendez added that under this deal, iran will continue to develop advanced centrifuges, which will shorten the time line to iranian nuclear weapons. iranian terrorists, named
3:34 pm
terrorists, sanctions against them are lifted under this deal. no one is talking about that. >> as general sulamani. he went off to moscow. that was denied. they're responsible for killing our american troops with those ieds from iran in iraq, as you know. in terms of the iranian parliament, we have congress here. but apparently they say there will be a heated debate over this in tehran and the parliament, they turned down international agreements before. the hard liners going to win on this in tehran? >> democrats will vote for this deal are voting for a deal that the iranians are indicating they're not going to abide by. prime minister rouhani says they're not going to abide by missile sanctions. the iranian defense minister says they won't allow access to military bases. now the iranian parliament, which opposes the deal, will vote on it and almost certainly going to put conditions on the deal. so anyone who votes for this deal is voting for a deal that we know iran is certainly going to violate, maybe very soon.
3:35 pm
>> can they then say, okay. we agree to this, but now our parliament says x, y and z. that 24 day thing won't apply to that. can the parliament have that and have a bunch of footnotes on this deal? >> the problem is that iran has been violating a number of agreements over the last couple of years. the interim agreement set up talks iran repeatedly violated. they were ignored. i can see a scenario where iran could do this and the obama administration will not call iran on such violations. >> so bottom line, fred, what do you think is going to happen and what do you predict the course of events will be here when it comes to iran and a nuclear bomb? >> the battle over this is not over. there will be a huge rally on september 9. ted cruz, donald trump, glenn beck are going to be in fronts of the capitol. september 9, 1 p.m this is going to be fought 'til the very last vote. we're going to try to change votes in the house and senate to convince democrats you really can't vote for this. it's not a partisan issue.
3:36 pm
this is an international concern that's going to hurt the united states and the world. >> the president says it will prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon and secretary kerry given our speech, defending him. >> well, i can just say from my work looking at this issue, looking at classified intelligence, those statements are just absolutely false. and i don't know why the administration got itself in this situation. this deal is going to decrease the time line. it's going to bolster iranian terrorism. it is a disaster and congress has to stop it. >> that is the debate and that's what's up in congress. it starts this week. fred, former c.i.a. analyst, always good to see you. thank you. >> arthel? >> okay. the japanese government allowing people to return to the town, this happening more than four years after its 7400 residents were forced to evacuate following the horrific meltdown at the fukushima nuclear plant. it is the first town in the area to allow residents to go back to
3:37 pm
their homes after several years of decontamination efforts. japan's central government now saying the radiation levels are safe. same sex marriage advocates have been welcoming the decision that put the kentucky county clerk in jail for refusing to abide by those marriages. supporters of her, she's been in the pokey for three days now. they're going to have a rally calling for her release. mike huckabee will visit her next week. we'll have the latest on this high profile case coming up. >> no, they're not going to let her out and she's not going to bow, i promise you that
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nasa astronaut scott kelly is marking another milestone in his yearlong stay in the international space station. how would you like to be up there for a year? earlier today, he took command of the station in this special spokeny, taking command from a russian astronaut.
3:42 pm
turns out kelly and his identical twin brother, mark, have been taking part in a special study. mark remains on earth, so nasa plans to do a comparative study on both to see how the effects of space can affect the human body over the course of one year. go, mark. kentucky's rowan county clerk kim davis is in jail after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples despite a federal judge's order. that judge says he will release her if she promises not to interfere with the issuing of the licenses. but davis rejecting that offer citing her religious beliefs. susan estridge is here. i want to start here. what would you tell your law students about this case and also does kim davis have strong legal legs in this instance? >> i'd tell my students the rule of law applies to everybody. and it applies whether you agree with the law or not.
3:43 pm
and when it comes to religious beliefs, we will always try, or should try, to make reasonable accommodations. and courts do that, states do that. you see the court doing it right here when they have gone back to the clerk and said, okay. you can get out of jail. you don't have to do this yourself. you just can't interfere with other employees, or associates doing it and she's saying no. so when you decide you want to consciencely disobey the law, you've got to let civil disobedience, you've got to accept the consequences. and as we learned in the civil rights days and have learned in other periods of our history, the consequences can be as they are here, going to jail for your principles because the rule of law is the rule of law. >> so let me put up a statement from davis' attorney. they are saying that the only way that she would relent, would be to change kentucky's state
3:44 pm
law so that marriage licenses are not issued under the authority of the county clerk. they claim the licenses that were issued were not valid. so as you know, kim davis went to jail yesterday, but marriage licenses were issued while she was in jail. her name is on the license because she's the county clerk. is there any way that susan could somehow change the legality of those licenses retrotively? >> no. those licenses are valid. you've got a federal judge who is acting completely consistents right now with the law in this country with the law in his circuit, which is governing him, and he has ordered her to issue these licenses or to allow others to issue licenses. you certainly can't because of your religious belief say since i don't believe in divorce, you're not divorced. it doesn't work that way. if we had a judge in family
3:45 pm
court who didn't believe divorce was legal, we would say let's get a different judge in there. and i think ultimately if this clerk can't obey the law, if for religious beliefs or such that she can noble obey the law, but not allow others around her to obey the law, she certainly doesn't have a right to dictate to the legislature of the state of kentucky how its entire marriage system should be organized and i think what they really need down there is a new county clerk and then she can get out of jail. >> new county clerk, you said? >> yeah. >> that person would have to be elected. >> well, i mean -- if she's -- i assume there is some provision, as there are everywhere, for removing elected officials for cause. and it would seem to me, i defer to the experts in kentucky, every state is a little bit different. but if you refuse to enforce the law and if you refuse to do the
3:46 pm
duties of the clerk, that has to be compounds to replace the clerk and then she can get out of jail because if you don't want prescribe birth control, don't go work in a planned parenthood clinic. >> i get your point there. i don't mean to rush you along, but i want to get to the political aspect of this. as you know, governor mike huckabee will be visiting her in jail next week. >> no doubt. >> so will this bolster her case? what impact would it have on governor huckabee's run for the white house? >> well, he's going to get free publicity. you and i probably wouldn't be talking about mike right now, much as i like him, you may like him. he's a nice guy. he's not doing very well in the polls. and he's using this as an opportunity for publicity and to appeal to people who don't agree with the law as it relates to gay marriage. and i guess that's what
3:47 pm
political campaigns are for. but i would have hoped that mike would have found a way to do this, governor huckabee that, didn't celebrate somebody for breaking the law and there are plenty of people he could celebrate in any area here. doesn't include somebody who has decided the way to advance her strongly-held beliefs is to peak the law and deny the validity of legal documents. >> we'll see what happens over the weekend if the judge changes his mind, just to let her sit in the pokey, as eric says over the weekend. we shall see, and think about the consequences as that goes. susanest ridge, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you. don't forget you can read susan estridge's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. a lot of us, while we want to slow the signs of aging. but what about your heart? coming up, we'll tell but a new study that reveals what the situation is with heart health in our country. it turns out -- did you know this?
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he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic.
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we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. are you taking care of your ticker? more than 43 percent of the
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american adults have a heart age of five years or more than their actual age. higher heart age can mean increased risk of heart attacks and stroke. what does this mean? this really scares me. you think you are an age and your heart is older than you are? explain that please. nheart disease is the number one killer of men and women in all age groups and ethnicities. this study shows that half of the american men between the ages of 30 or 74 have a heart of eight years older and half of the women, have a heart six years older. and 75 percent of cases of heart disease can be postponed by knowing your heart age and take measures to decrease it? >> how dow know?
3:53 pm
>> anybody watching should go on line and enter your gender and age and diabetes and your blood pressure and if you are a smoker. this is a new way to express heart disease risk. if you decrease your blood pressure you have a relevant risk of redeuce duction. and it is more relatable to our patients. nthrough exercise obviously and not having high blood pressure and roll it back? >> yes. >> a lot? >> a lot. >> quitting smoking for one year you can decrease 16 years. and that is important because there is simple common sense things to do and doing a big study, we are impressing on patients that you can make a difference in the way you live
3:54 pm
your life and things like taking aspirin. aspirin. you discuss with your doctor, decreases clot formation and makes. nbaby aspirin once a day. >> abc, and smoking and cholesteral management and choose what we eat wisely. it helps with the heart function. ncan you google something. what do i do. frame heart study calculator. systollic blood pressure. >> the top number. >> 120 over 80. >> exactly. that is fascinating and what about your brain. is it younger or older. >> mine is 16 years old. >> everyone st. is different. >> you can affect other organs and do thing its to live longer? >> a lot of things for our heart
3:55 pm
health is similar for the brain health. exercising and eating healthy and using your brain. >> doctor, thank you for explaining this and we'll go on the google app is see how long. >> dya stollic is the bottom number. >> and a dog lost in yellowstone park for a month but his owner did not give up on finding man's best friend. how she finally got the top home.
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>> a fox extreme weather alert. fire crews trying to gain ground on a massive wildfires. the kining in king's national park is 25 percent contained. holiday campers are urged to head to the mountains far south of the mountain for cleaner air. a dog found 42 days after she went miss nothing yellowstone national park. >> the australian shepherd named jade disappeared after a car accident. other than losing weight she is okay. >> and that is wonderful. nlove to report that good news story. you will be back tomorrow, that's it for us today.
4:00 pm
>> and i will be back tomorrow with gregg jarret. >> we have a college trip our family. >> and fox report is up next. have a good evening. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton today saying she did pay a department staffer out of pocket to maintain a e-mail server and she is refusing to apologize. i am molly line. the democratic front runner defended the position insisting it is above board and this despite a staffer would invoke the fifth amendment rather than talk about it to congress. >> with the respect to personal services that he provided to me and my family. we obviously paid for those services and did so, because duri


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