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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 6, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

9:00 am we're back next sunday at 11:00 and at 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. the race for the democratic presidential nomination getting fierce. hillary clinton's e-mail controversy staying front and center as she campaigns in new hampshire this labor day weekend. details surfacing that clinton paid a state department staffer to maintain the private e-mail server she used when she was secretary of state. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> good to see you. and i'm gregg jarrett in for eric. mrs. clinton also picking up endorsement of new hampshire senator jeanne shaheen. at the very same time, look at this, a new poll showing she's trailing bernie sanders in the granite state as his campaign continues to gain steam. here it is. the poll finds bernie sanders
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leading mrs. clinton by nine points, that's 41% to 32%. kristen fisher is live in washington with more on this story. hi, kristen. >> hey, good morning. so, you know, most of the republican presidential candidates are laying low this labor day weekend but not hillary clinton. today she starts a two-day swing through iowa where she is expected to focus on her plan to raise wages for middle class families and yesterday she was in new hampshire where she picked up an endorsement from the state's senior senator democrat jeanne shaheen but, you know, no matter where she goes, questions about her private e-mail server continue to follow her. yesterday we learned clinton personally paid a staffer to maintain staffer in her home, the staple staffer who invoked his fifth amendment rights before the house select committee on benghazi. >> with respect to personal services that he provided to me and my family, we obviously paid for those services and did so
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because during a period of time we continued to need his technical assistance, and i think that's in the public record. >> reporter: clinton is also opening the door to more democratic presidential debates and told reporters just yesterday that she owes on board if they are sanctioned by the democratic national committee. the democrats' first debate is still a little ways away set for october thenth but on the republican side it's already almost time for their second debate. it's just ten days away, and now that cnn has changed its debate rules it's looking more and more likely like carly fiorina will make the cut. >> when you looked at the situation and saw that there was only one candidate that moved from the bottom seven into the top ten, indeed the top three, it's hard to walk away from a conclusion that somehow i was being disadvantaged, and that's how a lot of people felt. >> reporter: well, get ready for round two with the republicans because that is set for september 16th. just imagine you've got trump and fiorina facing off on the
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same stage. should be a good one. back to you. >> kristen fisher in washington, kristen, thanks. we turn now to a humanitarian crisis overseas. tens of thousands of refugees escaping from war and terror running for their lives to europe. more migrants streaming into austria and germany overnight hoping to find asylum. >> fighting so hard for days in hunga hungary. we're here so people can help us. >> elizabeth pran joins us from washington with more. >> reporter: countries such as germany, austria and greece are answering the calls of the helpless as they work to accommodate thousands of displaced migrants.
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so many desperate people were walking across the hungarian board their police had to should down major highways. germany alone which initially expected less than 10,000 new arrivals this weekend is working to distribute them across the country seeing as the number and situation is very fluid and growing. german chancellor angela merkel's ruling coalition can are scheduled to meet and the wave of folks is showing no signs of letting up. >> translator: we are 6,800 very much news in the station yesterday and since midnight in are another 1,200 have arrived between then and 8:00 this morning. we are counting on the same amount of people arriving during the day today. we don't think we will achieve the same number today as yesterday, but in any case we are ready for it. >> meanwhile, pope francis appealing to the masses, literally, on sunday. he pleaded for the catholic churches across europe to offer relief and shelter for those who have been displaced begging his
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followers to show the thousands of syrians fleeing from civil war, poverty and hardship mercy. >> faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing death from war and hunger and are on the road for hope of a better life, the gospel calls us to show is date for the smallest abandoned and to give little hope. >> now the six gulf countries, qatar, united arab emirates, saudi arabia, kuwait, oman and baie ran have offered zero resettlement places for syrian refugees. back to you, arthel. >> elizabeth pran, thanks. >> gregg? >> europe's desperate migrant crisis sparking debate over border security issues here at home and in a recent op-ed on my next guest writing that president obama's policy has actually contributed to chaos abroad and will quote this spreading anarchy derives in substantial part from barack
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obama's deliberate policy of leading from behind by reducing u.s. attention to and involvement in the region. when america's presence diminishes anywhere in the world whatever minimal order and stability existed there can rapidly evaporate. ambassador john bolt owen joins us now, fox news contributor and former ambassador and instability in the region is one thing, but does the migrant crisis also pose a threat directly to the united states and the safety of americans? >> well, i think it does. i think there's every reason to believe that among the thousands of legitimate refugees that the islamic state, al qaeda, other terrorist organizations, iran possibly are infiltrating people into europe as they throw across turkey and the black zea, greece and eastern europe who could well become terrorist leaders or activists in europe and then onward to the united states if
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we are pressured to accept the refugees. it's very hard to do background checks on people in these kinds of circumstances. >> yeah. >> in fact, let me quote you further from your column on this very point. we'll put it on the screen. how many boat people and others who seem to be economically motivated are actually terrorists? seeking to conceal themselves among economic migrants to gain access to europe. legitimate point it would appear, but the counter to that would be, wait a minute, aren't most of these fleeing refugees christians who are fleeing persecution? >> well, some may be christias,z united statesies and others who do meet the international qualification for refugee status. not like we haven't seen this before going back to 1951 when the first refugee convention was agreed to. if a refugee can show persecution or well-founded fear of persecution for religious
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reasons, among others, then they are entitled to refugee status, but it's the others, the people coming across the mediterranean from north africa and just these indiscriminate flows coming from eastern germany where it's difficult to tell one from the other, and it's not like the united states hasn't had experience with this ourselves in the early 1980s. fidel castro cynically opened the cuban prisons an insane as lums and put criminals and the mentally ill on boatlift as well which caused us troubles for years thereafter. >> so many of the fleeing migrants are from the syria. great britain will take 10,000 of the syrian refugees. would have not have happened had president obama mott broken his infamous red line promise? >> well, i think the president's policies in the middle east have failed across so many areas that
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it's hard to ascribe it for just one, but i do think this prospects, in addition to the economic reasons that have caused people to try to get into europe from north africa and the mast, the rise of the islamic state, the collapse of the governments of syria and iraq, chaos in libya,men, i mean, the list is a long and growing one. >> right. >> does stem in part from a lack of u.s. involvement and the perception that we've lost interest. >> there were reports russia is moving now towards a major military buildup in syria. essentially to bolster president bashar al assad. of course, obama authorizing sending rebels in syria fighting assad s.russia acting like that, with impunity, because it's convinced president obama will never do anything about it? >> i think vladimir putin has nothing but disdain for barack obama. i think russia believes it has key interests. its only foreign military base in a country that was other than
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the former soviet union is the naval base at tartus and i frankly was skeptical of a soviet russian military buildup but they appear to be increasingly accurate. i think it means that russia condemned to keep assad in power in part of syria. that's a big problem for us. >> ambassador john bolton, sir, as always, thanks very much. >> beach turning dangerous in some places this labor day weekend. let's go to hawaii where a man was died after being swept into the ocean by a very large wave, and the national weather service warning beach-goers in california they will need to be careful when they hit the water. will carr is live from venice beach, california, cali, cali with all the details. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, there, arthel. it's only 9:00 a.m. or just after 9:00 a.m. here, so the waves aren't as strong as they
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are going to get throughout the day. already seen some pretty big ones and if that's any indication of what's to come it could be a dangerous day and with that in mind lifeguards here are on high alert, especially after a man drowned not too far from here on thursday. he was swimming about 200 yards away from the shore and was pulled under by the rip currents and when lifeguards got to him it was too late. also the national weather service issuing a warning this holiday weekend saying there are strong rip currents until tuesday. waves up to 7 feet tall and then there are the sneaker waves which are much larger and come without warning, those are quite dangerous so lifeguards up and down the coast of california are asking for beach-goers to be safe. >> the type of swells with the beaches that we have, the high tide tends to be when we have the most dangerous rip currents. >> some things you can do to protect yourself, go out in the water in pairs and swim out near
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liver guard stabbed. i was surfing out here very recently on a day like this. the waves may not look like much, but once you get out there you realize how strong mother nature really is, leaving some beach-goers this weekend saying it's just not worth the risk. >> i usually go maybe waist high or chest high. it's that strong. >> and to make things even worse this weekend, there was a shark attack yesterday up in malibu. a hammerhead shark actually biting a kayaker in his foot. he's going to be okay, but then last weekend down near san diego some kayakers saw an aggressive hammerhead shark circling their kayak. very rare to see the sharks in this area but they are more present now because of el nino. >> the scenery is so gorgeous, water so inviting, and you're right there's dangers there lurking below the surface.
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will carr, thank you for that report. >> a good assignment if you stay on the beach. >> stay on the beach, will, stay on the beach. >> will is our surfing correspondent out there in southern california. >> drones causing some major drama at sporting events this week. look at this. yesterday a student crashing an unmanned aircraft into the university of kentucky's football stadium. officials confirming that nobody was injured in the incident which happened moments before kickoff. this just days after a drone caused a security scare at the u.s. open here in new york city. the aircraft plummeting down into empty seats during a women's singles match. police say they busted a high schoolteacher in that incident charging him with reckless endangerment. >> i was out there on monday for the opening day of the u.s. open. looking around for drones. i didn't see any drones. >> did you enjoy the matches? >> yeah, they were great. >> i love opening day because all the courts are filled with matches. general admission and you walk around and see any and all and
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it's just wonderful. >> the weather was pretty good, if i remember. >> did you see the williams sisters? >> i didn't get to see either one of their matches this week. >> thank you. the white house getting a couple of enendorsements on the iran nuclear deal, one from a top democrat and the other from a former member of the bush administration. what this means for the deal as congress prepares to vote on it and get back to work. >> and new double with testing as scores on a major entrance exam sink to a ten-year low. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people.
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welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. a look at education in america as children head back to america. the college board reporting this week s.a.t. scores have sunk to their lowest level in a decade. this as many states grapple now with incomplete test data because of technical issues with common core. lauren green has that story from our new york city newsroom. lauren. >> hey, gregg, the s.a.t.s measure college readiness for high school reading, math and the basics and despite increases in education spending the scores have been steadily dropping. according to college board that administers the test the average
9:19 am
score for the class of 2015 was 1490 out of a possible 2400 and that's down seven points from the previous year, lowest in a decade. college board saying this a call to action to do something different to propel more students to readiness and other experts agreeing. >> the simplest explanation is that we simply haven't done much to reform our high schools. most of the big reform efforts in america have focused on younger grades, all of the testing, the higher standards, as well as more school choice, charter schools. most of that has been the elementary and middle school level. a lot of places in this country the high schools really haven't changed since many of us went to high school and i think it's time for us to get serious about high school reform. >> state and local governments pour billions into education. 28% of total expenditures that have yet to show results. a further glitch this year when common core-aligned tests suffered technical issues and many students couldn't finish the tests. the critics of all standardized
9:20 am
tests say the s.a.t.s just don't measure potential. >> it's not designed to track national achievement and it also isn't crafted in such a way that we can make causal inferences so when s.a.t. scores wiggle, and these are tiny wiggles in the score, we really don't know why they occur. >> the department of education looking at the positives pointing to the highest graduation rate ever. 82%. the ledge board is redesigning the s.a.t.s for the class of 2016 focusing more on, quote, what research and evidence show matters most for college success. greg? >> all right. thank you very much, lauren green. >> thanks, lauren. lawmakers are heading back to capitol hill this week and they have a whole lot of work ahead of them. a look at the deadlines they will be facing, plus the baseball hall of fame makes a special induction, and it's a special kind of player. e #1) when returning home from deployment,
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congress is back in session this week with lawmakers returning to a full plate, including a vote on the nuclear deal with iran. democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz announcing her support for the deal, and former secretary of state colin powell also backing it. congress also facing deadlines to pay for transportation projects and to raise the nation's debt ceiling, so with so much going on will lawmakers hit the ground running? joining us now to talk about it, sarah westwood of "the washington examiner." good morning, good to see you. so here's the quote that was told to jake tap they are morning on cnn. quote, i'll be casting my vote to support the deal, and if necessary sustain the president's veto. the question for you is how big a deal is this considering that miss wasserman schultz is the first jewish democrat elected to the house from florida?
9:26 am
>> well, it's a huge deal because we just saw in the senate president obama now has enough votes to override any resolution disapproving the iran deal. it is opposed by a majority in both chambers of congress and by a majority of the american public, but because of democratic support in both chambers president obama has just enough to get it through congress at this point. >> by the way, there's prominent democrats who disagree and are against the deal, senators chuck schumer and ben cardin to name a few. the to-do list, until september 30th, congress has to approve a spending bill or risk shutting down the government and congress also faces deadlines to fund transportation projects and another deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling, and as you know all of this is in the midst of a presidential race so how will both sides play their cards? >> well, one major way will see
9:27 am
2016 in the congressional agenda intersect is with this spending bill due by september 30th because senator ted cruz, who is a republican contender for president, has promised to tack on measures to de-fund planned parenthood to end the spending bills and that could risk a government shutdown and already the markets have been rattled by china, so the stakes are even higher for a shutdown fight now than it has been in previous years with these budget bills. >> and a lot of the lawmakers are fighting for funding for infrastructure and various projects inside of their own backyards, actual very legitimate projects out there, and, of course, the planned parenthood situation is definitely will be concerning to a lot of lawmakers there, so i ask you though, sarah, could any further gridlock play into the hands of candidates promising a different approach to running washington? >> well, it would certainly not gel with their message of trying
9:28 am
to make congress work and actually get things done if we did see gridlock on these very important issues that are all going to be crammed into the end of the year when you also have the sides needing to pass a stop gap spending measure. by october, november time we'll need to raise the debt ceiling as well and you can see as we have in recent years congressmen try to tack on unrelated issues to these spending measures to just try to get them through. we have a number of sitting congressmen who are running for president, senator rand paul, senator ted cruz, and could certainly be watched more closely than any other members to see what they will try to do to prevent gridlock. >> or to try to project what they are planning to do should they become president so that's all fascinating to watch. you'll be watching, it i'm sure, and we will speak to you again. good to talk to you this morning. thanks. >> thank you. >> actor will farrell now joins the likes of babe ruth in the
9:29 am
baseball hall of fame. comedian received a plaque from the baseball hall of fame at the world premiere of his hbo series "ferrell takes the field." this past march he played ten different positions for ten different teams in five cab cuss league games in one single day. the stunt raising more than $1 million for a charity called cancer for college t.grants college scholarships to cancer survivors. way to go, ron burgundy. >> yeah. it was a great cause. let's put that on the table, but, man, he's so funny. i love him, and it was just so much fun to watch him do that. >> as you mentioned, what a great cause to give that much money and did it all in one day. >> he did. >> with cooperation of major league baseball and some of the other organizations that were supporting him as well. >> using his celebrity for a good cause. but since we mentioned will
9:30 am
ferrell, pardon me, stay classy, i'm sorry. >> time to musk up. >> that does it for us. have a wonderful labor day weekend. >> stick around. eric shawn and molly line are in with the doctors coming up next. >> we're back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. hi. i'm eric shawn. time for "sunday housecall." >> and i'm molly line in for or they will neville. joining us dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology at lennox hill hospital and chief of robotics surgery. >> and dr. marc sgeel, professor of medicine at nyu's langone medicine and author of "the secret code, unlocking the sacred code of sickness and health." >> scientists say they have discovered a blood test that can detect breast cancer dna months, they say, before it will show up on medical scs.


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