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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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patti ann: before we go, in mexico 251 so-called hemodoers have set a new world record, largest gathering of aghei say harvests in one place. used to make tequila. leland: outnumbered, take it away. many. ♪ >> this is outnumbered. i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today sandra smith, host of kennedy on fox business' kennedy, cohost of "fox & friends" first, ainsley earhart, and the ceo of concerned veterans of america, mr. pete hegseth, and you're outnumbered, pete. >> thank you for having me. >> my least favorite day of the year because it means summer's over, and i can't wear white. >> you're wearing white. fittingly. i mean -- >> yes. >> parting with summer is such sweet sorrow, but it does mean football season -- >> yes, it does! go bruins. >> i'm a minnesota vikings fan. we've got a sweet quarterback.
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this is our year. >> go, bears. >> easy. >> them's fighting words. >> we'll see on the field. >> speaking of fighting, we do hope you're having a great labor day, but let's get right to it. we're just a little over a week away -- that rhymes. republican presidential primary debate, and it will be held september 16th at the reagan library in california where all eyes will be on the 17 candidates. new debate rules will rank the top ten based on recent polling between august 7th and september 10th. donald trump, ben carson, marco rubio and carly fiorina all got good reviews the first time around. so what can we expect in the next round, and who are the dark horses to watch? let's go to our one lucky guy first. you've run for office before, you're a student of politics. what do you think? >> it's going to be really interesting. it's already breaking down recently into sort of outsiders and insiders, anti-establishment. we don't know how it's going to break out, exactly who will be
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where on the stage, but near the middle will be a lot of outsider candidates. you've got to look at the dynamics of trump and carson and fiorina and ted cruz who's really positioned himself as the anti-politician politician in this race, partnering with some of those folks. and you've got to look at rand paul -- >> carly fiorina, hello. >> i said that. >> okay. doesn't she stand to be one of the big winners? >> the fact that she'll be on the main stage means there really is one debate. i know there will be two groupings -- >> not for jim gilmore. >> he's the only one not participating because he did not get the 1% necessary. >> i know, that's rough. >> lindsey graham's above .08? >> lindsey's going to be at the kids' table, as it were. [laughter] that's what it is officially called. >> carly fiorina did really well there last time. >> can i talk about this, and you touched on this a little bit, this is an outsider's race.
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this is not an establishment election, and it's very obvious even though bernie sanders has been in office for a hong, long time, he feels very anti-establishment on the left. and here of course it's about donald trump, but before the last debate we talked about ben carson, the quiet storm. he is the sade of this entire election who has been gathering percentage points and voters and excitement from early voting states and beyond. but my question is a lot of these anti-establishment people who said, yeah, i'm not from washington, my question is for this debate, now what? anyone? go ahead. [laughter] i don't have an answer to my own question. >> i think that is the big question, right? >> no. but e just wonder what is going to be the hot topic atta moment this time. -- at that moment in time. obviously, news is going to delegate a lot of that. >> obviously, i thought megyn kelly and bret did a great job with the initial debate, so it's jake tapper and hugh hewitt,
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he's a thoughtful guy -- >> has he endorsed think about yet? >> he has not, but i think they'll dig into strengths and weaknesses -- >> well, i hope that the economy is number one. >> it'll be there. >> last time around we saw carly fiorina, that really helped her. it propelled her into, i think, a new stratosphere and got everyone's eyes on her. pete, what are you thinking as far as how much this can help these candidates? ben carson wasn't the best at the last debate, but he's been able to garner support in the last couple of weeks even despite that. >> and when you rise in the polls, your expectations raise, are raised. so he's not going to be able to sit back and be the guy making a comment here to there, from trump to him to fiorina and marco rubio who had a great debate performance, the expectation will be that he sees a bump as well. so there's folks -- but then as i was mentioning before, a jeb bush, a scott walker, they need to have strong performances -- do. >> they've both taken a hit, and
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i think part of that -- i do think for bush, walker and rand paul was their debate performance. and i think that first stage was so critical, because it's the first time. you know, not only are people seeing these candidates on stage, but they're also seeing them jockey with one another. so, you know, and by gum if think of those three have a -- any of those three have a bad debate performance this time, it's good-bye, sally, as far as i'm concerned. >> you have to be strong and confident but graceful. there's a tap dance there because some people criticized rand paul for being too defensive. >> yeah. >> but yet trump can say things and get away with it. so what's the secret there? is it just personalities? >> i think you got to play the type, and if you're going to overreach and hit at the front runners, you can hit too hard and people is can say, well, that's not really you, you're playing politics. it's a delicate game especially as we get closer to those early primaries. campaigns are going to get
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desperate, they're going to say you've got to do this, you've got to make your moment, and sometimes moments work and sometimes -- >> and you have to know when to speak up and when not to, because we had. chris christie on last week. there were 12 or 20 questions before he got a word in edge wise -- >> not on our show, of course. >> we almost filed a missing persons report for cruz -- [laughter] >> and i do think that's frustrating for them, but i see this time around as donald trump's going to take a lot more incoming from these other candidates because we've seen them start to crescendo the attacks against him and start to emulate his style. jeb bush has to do well. he has underperformed -- >> i think scott walker too. >> that's a great point. rubio did well in the last debate, he's got to continue with that. and trump needs to not perhaps blow himself up. >> well, how about, andrea, last time he said he wasn't going to prepare. is he going to -- >> pretend to get in his brain. >> i think he's studying the specifics of his proposals. i really do. and i think now he will be ready
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and, you know, you pointed out in the past, andrea, these debates are not the time and place for deep specifics. but if you have a think here or there that makes you sound more thoughtful -- >> like carson. the last answer for carson, talked about performing brain surgery, that was a winner for him. >> on this labor day, andrea's wearing white -- should she really be? [laughter] >> the rule is you can't wear white after labor day. >> okay, just checking. i think i've got white shoes on. the candidates are focusing on the early nominating contests. you've already heard a lot already about iowa and new hampshire. expect to hear a lot more as we get closer to february 1st, the likely date the iowa caucuses will take place, and the new hampshire primary's planned for february 9th. on february 20th the nevada -- >> nevada. >> -- democratic caucuses -- [laughter] kennedy! and south carolina gop primary get underway followed by the nevada gop caucuses. and then the south carolina democratic primary also before the end of february.
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jeb bush's superpac has been buying ads in the early primary states already while hillary clinton is boasting dozens of organizers in battleground states. texas senator ted cruz is focusing on eight southern states that vote on march 1st. the so-called sec primary. so just how important are these early states? i'll hand it over to the academic over here. >> oh, the academic? i will take that. >> thank you. >> princeton and yale? >> no, not yale, harvard. get it right. [laughter] i'm just kidding. >> man! >> no, i think that it's, obviously, they're still very important especially for front runners, iowa, south carolina, nevada. if you're a bush or a walker or a trump or a carson, i think you have to show those poll numbers are real and broad, but this really does give an opportunity to conservative candidates to stick around longer and say, hey, i might not have the viability, the name id this
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these early states, but when it comes to alabama, georgia, tennessee, texas, virginia, i mean, that's cruz country, carson country, huckabee country. there's a lot of other people who may not be number one, two or three in those early states that will hang on -- >> but if you are one, two or three and you are a cruz or a carson and you do well, you do land on the podium in one of those states and you sweep up in the sec primary, i think you've got yourself -- >> you know what? we talked a lot about cruz and trump being very close and close friends. here's my theory. i think that trump is covering south carolina, nevada, new hampshire and iowa, and he's saying you want to be my running mate? then you've got to go cover these eight sec states. that way we've got 'em both covered. >> you think a deal has been made. >> i don't know. >> the art of the deal. >> you're theorizing, you also have to realize that ben carson and donald trump have been so effusive toward one another. these two have been falling all over each other to give
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themselves verb almas ams. >> and carly fiorina, who did she thank? >> your mom, penny. >> well, my mom, but ben carson and donald trump. there is almost this outsider caucus where they've got each other's back. >> what's fascinating to me is to see how far bush has dropped. he is now just in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina polling in the single digits. you know what's frustrating? a lot of the people that you mentioned, the huckabees, they do really well in a state like iowa, and then they just peter out. >> uh-huh. >> i have to be honest, i would much rather see somebody do well in iowa, new hampshire and just a clean sweep so there's less blood on the floor in a general election. >> i mean, i wouldn't write him off yet because he's got the biggest piggybank. >> who are we talking about? >> jeb bush. >> yeah. he needs to either, i don't know, get a full frontal lobotomy or something else, because it's the personality, not the money. >> i have an idea for hillary clinton, and i think this is the
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only thing that can help her because she also has a lot of money, and she's going on a major or ad blitz trying to convince people she is a worthy potential president, which she's not. the only thing she can do, the only thing i thought of is she needs to put on a bikini and eat a carl's jr. that's it. [laughter] >> do you think a hillary by kin think shot -- bikini be shot could help her right now? >> i didn't think it could be worse. >> that being said, andrea, how much do you think the polls, what we're seeing in the polls now are going to translate to those early races? obviously, those are not a direct indication of how things are going to turn out. do you expect any major surprises? >> i do. i think it's still way too fluid. you look at scott walker who just a couple of weeks ago has spent almost every free moment he's had in iowa. he's focused everything he has in iowa. most of his money is spent in iowa on ground game and, sandra, ground game is everything.
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and we've seen him drop. i think precipitously. and before he was, i mean, leading the pack. >> yeah. no, scott walker's having a tough time, and if he doesn't win in iowa, he loses. and, you know, he's not, he's not a debate kind of guy, and he doesn't seem to be a campaigning kind of guy either. >> historically, if you don't land in the top three in iowa, you never get the nomination. >> the news covers it nationally, so there are local dynamics but, man, this sec primary really extends that national leg a lot. >> it does. all right, well, maybe it's not about her campaign, but her. the deep concerns high-ranking democrats have about hillary, candidate, despite her numerous attempt toss makeover her image. plus, a stunning poll on common core. the dwindling support for the national educational standards. and wait until you hear what teachers think about it, what this all may mean for the future
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to
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"outnumbered." as many of america's kids head back to school after labor days, it appears public support for common core is slipping. again. just look at this. the ninth annual education pool finds less than half of americans, just 49%, support the national education standards. that's a 16% drop since 2013, and that is huge. and the greatest change in opinion among teachers. although 76% said they were in favor of the common core two years ago, that percentage collapsing to just 40% in 2015. that is a 36% drop. now, i know that -- well, pete, i will start with you because you have school-aged children. sandra, you've got young kids -- >> on the way, yep. >> -- thinking about the educational system, but you have already dipped your toe in that. it's not a surprise because for the last two years these teachers have had to struggle with these standards which have them hamstrung in the classroom. they can't implement their own
9:18 am
teaching styles and for the really good teachers who change your life, that's super frustrating. >> that is the most important number. it dropped from 76 to 40 in support for teachers of common core, and that's because they've been exposed to it. they've seen hath that isn't math -- math that isn't math or stripping away civics education isn't a good idea. and it forces parents to make a tough decision. i'm a public school kid, i support the idea of quality public schools, but i'm sending my little gunner to a christian academy in minnesota that, thankfully, we can afford because it's minnesota. i don't want to give him over to whatever he's going to get this that public school at this point, and common core is part of that. >> yeah. one of the few places you actually have school choice. and i know everyone wants there to be strong national standards, but as we see support for common core e erode, what kind of a political impact can that have on candidates who have supported it and, like jeb bush, doubled down on it? >> i think it can make or break them. >> is it as important as
9:19 am
something like immigration? >> well, i think immigration's a it willing bit more important only because it's in the news a lot more. >> yeah. >> however, education hits closer to home. i think for parents. it's in their face. if they're not on a border state, they're seeing these problems, a lot of these questions. they'll tweet a lot of these problems and questions. i couldn't do regular math in school let alone the common core math. i think it's on a parent's mind, and that's why this issue is tough for jeb bush because so many parents and primary voters are ticked off about it. look, i don't think government standards should be set from the doe or the top, that's dangerous, and i do appreciate wanting to the headache kids learn -- to make kids learn better. this just does not seem to be hitting the mark. >> no. standards and learning are two different things, and lost in this debate, it's the learning. it's a love of learning. it's the kids. it's the fertile minds, and that's the last thing that you hear about, unfortunately. and i think common core has been
9:20 am
a huge distraction. where do we know next? >> guess who knows best about learning styles for each kid other than the parents? the teachers. and when you have the majority of the teachers like you were saying, pete, that are not for this, that speaks volumes. it's ease sr. fuss to -- easy for us to sit on the sofa and say it's not working, but when the teachers are saying it, they're the ones we're putting our kids' lives in the hands of for eight hours every day. if they don't like it, something needs to change. >> absolutely. >> the classical literature is being taken out of schools because they're focusing so much on math and reading and requiring the kids to solve these unnecessarily difficult math questions that you're saying and also the federal government having too much control. >> the only way i would answer the question you asked of andrea differently is if this could become a major campaign issue, if not the biggest campaign issue, and that could, obviously, be a bad thing for jeb bush. i think the economy's always going to rate number one. i think that hits closer to
9:21 am
home. whether or not people are working, wages, all that kind of stuff. but the closer i get to having school-aged children, the horrible things i hear about that it's unbelievable that jeb bush would double could down on. i mean, this is causing huge problems. i don't rule out that this becomes a major debate issue at this point. i mean, everybody's got an opinion on it. >> they do, and it's such an emotional issue. and it brings to the tore some really challenging questions -- to the fore some really challenging questions for parents. where can i send my kid to school? and that's why i personally think we need to have more school choice in this country. >> yes. >> more affordable options for everyday parents who have a say in how and where their -- >> sit down with your girls at night and help them with their homework. are they frustrated -- >> i guess it's why i have this reaction to common core. my husband and i have both sat down with our fifth grader, she'll be in fifth grade in just a come days, and these math problems are so frustrating, and
9:22 am
i learn from one of my favorite hath professors math is beautiful. i try and teach my girls to not be frustrated by it, to embrace it, but they make it so difficult. >> the democratic party has not sported school choice. -- supported school choice. vouchers, charter schools, they're a huge success here in new york, but the teachers' unions -- >> yes. >> -- they are stopping that. >> the democratic opposition to common core has doubled. >> that's right. >> it doesn't work. >> it's frustrating. parents and teachers are frustrated. you are awesome. [laughter] members of congress are back to work tomorrow. top thing on to-do list, support or fight the iran nuke deal. plus, senator ted cruz is joining forces with a rival for the republican nomination, the donald. the two plan aring to hold a big rally against the iran deal this week. the impact this could have. oh, hillary clinton plagued by that pesky scandal that won't go away, but why some top democrats
9:23 am
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered. " when lawmakers return to capitol hill tomorrow, one item topping their agenda is the iran nuclear deal and a formal debate of a republican resolution disapproving it. the deal is all but certain to stand given the current support from democratic senators. in the meantime, two gop presidential rivals are joining forces to oppose the accord. front runner donald trump and texas senator ted cruz teaming up in an anti-iran deal rally planned for just two days from now. all right, ainsley was talking about a deal -- >> teaming up. >> -- potentially something bigger -- >> what do you think? do you think they might be running mates? >> i don't know about that. e think they both want the top job really badly, but this is
9:28 am
smart, pete. team up on an issue that is already -- the iranians are violating this deal. the americans are ticked off. republicans should hang this vote around those 34 democratic senators that just flipped like a millstone. >> and ted cruz is the one who organized this rally, and he invited donald trump to come. he's had, i think, the smartest approach to donald trump. not criticizing him, realizing donald may succeed, but if he doesn't, a lot of the people who support donald could also go to cruz. this is a no-brainer thing to fight. ultimately, it looks like they'll be able to override a veto. but by holding this rally and having a vote, it delegitimizes even more this terrible, terrible deal that's going to have haunting consequences, and presidential candidates need to keep fighting it all the way. >> i want to ask you, sandra, about the economic impacts because this is letting the iranians basically flood the markets with their oil. and back here at home we've seen people struggling for jobs, and we've also seen this
9:29 am
administration hostile to developing other alternative energy sources which could create jobs. >> well, and the bottom line is if they flood the market with oil, they're raising a lot of money. that money comes back to them, and they do what with it, right? that's a big, outstanding question. but i wonder how much of this is trump trying to show that he can rally support from fellow republicans, right? hasn't all the discussioning with washington been that parties can't get together with each other and work together? here is he trying to show that, hey, look at me, i can work together with my colleagues? is that any of that going on here, andrea? >> i don't know about that. i mean, i don't think ted cruz and donald trump are really in the business of making friends. ted cruz, as pete mentioned earlier, is sort of the anti-establishment establishment candidate. >> yeah. and rand's always trying to do that. >> he stuck his finger in the faces of a lot of his colleagues in the senate which has baffled me, kennedy, because i look at him and i think, but you're part
9:30 am
of the establishment. >> he and rand awl both have been try -- paul both have been trying to distance themselves from the washington machine that they're a part of. by definition, they are washington insiders. they're united states senators. [laughter] they ran for office, they were elected. they have incredibly low approval ratings. but what -- i'm more intrigued by this, i'd rather see two people from the same party who are in opposition in a presidential contest get together for common cause than see someone like john mccain suspend his campaign because he wants to go tackle the economy. >> what i think's interesting is that donald trump is -- it's like a grassroots effort. he's participating in a rally. we see him go to the iowa state tear in his helicopter, you know? [laughter] so this is going to be interesting. i was pretty shocked the see that he agreed to do this. it just reminds me of lemonade stands and a rally out on the white house lawn. it's going to be interesting. i'm glad to see him do this. think it shows a different side to him. >> obviously, there's a lot of
9:31 am
folks that would not want to see donald trump run as an independent. how those things could all play out, the number of people he would find acceptable, and he might look at ted cruz, hey, that guy, courageous conservative, whatever you want to call him, he's a really impressive politician. my group just hosted a town hall with him last week. the guy's as talented as they come. knows how to articulate. he would reject he's in any way an establishment guy. he stood on the senate floor and basically called mitch mcconnell a liar. that was something you just don't do in the senate. >> that's either really bold or really stupid. history will be -- >> well, we're in an anti-establishment moment, and i think he seized it earlier and understood -- >> you also have to be authentic. authenticity is the other thing voters are going for, and we'll see if they accept or reject that message that, you know, people who live, work and operate in washington. >> we've talked about this. i don't find ted cruz to be that authentic. i like his record, his stances on things, his policies, but
9:32 am
when he talks, it just -- there's something about him. it's his style that i don't love. and i do think, pete, that there may be a little bit of these men having a bromance because one has what the other doesn't. ted cruz is respected in a red meat tea party sort of way, donald trump has the personality that ted cruz sits at home and prays to god every night for. >> he's got more of a personality than people think. a lot of him see -- people see him through the lens of the national media. when you sit down and listen to ted cruz, he is as poignant -- >> megyn kelly tried to sit down with him. he wouldn't answer any of her questions. >> having seen it firsthand, he's pretty good. rubio, a lot o guys, the republicans are blessed with a very talented field. >> okay. >> hillary clinton email scandal not doing any favors in the
9:33 am
polls. "washington post" piece argues that scandal aside, hillary is not very good at being a candidate. chris, am i saying that right, seliza. he says increasingly democrats privately of course have begun to wonder whether the problem is not the campaign but the candidate. she has always been awkward and uninspiring on the stump said one senior democratic consultant. hillary has bill's baggage without bill's personality, or warmth. a aide said combination of messy facts, messy campaign operation and awkward candidate reading terrible lines or worse, jokes from a teleprompter, is very scary. but then there is dan pfeiffer, long time aide to president obama. he says, even if she is not great, she is still good enough to quote. she isn't as natural a politician as barack obama or bill clinton. saying scotty pippen is not as
9:34 am
talented as michael jordan or magic johnson. >> make call jordan is way better basketball player than scotty pip en. >> if he didn't have jordan in the way he would be a star. not true. >> always in jordan's shadow. >> hillary clinton is not scotty pippen either. she is like me on the basketball court. >> is she the problem? does she have anybody else to blame but herself? >> i think she is terrible, terrible candidate teed up to run. look at slogan. hillary for america. all about hillary. hillary is not that good. donald trump running on make america great again. ted cruz is talking about the washington cartel. they have themes they're poinng at, like scott walker or others. her theme, my turn. you don't even like me. i'm entitled. andrea, you have run campaigns or manage ad bad candidate how, as a campaign consultant how do you channel that. >> a lot of vodka with a straw
9:35 am
under my desk late at night. no, it is very difficult. it is very, very difficult. her campaign has problems. it was all foreshadowed during her book tour. >> you remember, a man asked her for a selfie, wait in line! >> she is lady, god forbid, your kick ball goes into her yard. >> hold on. would she really have made it this far and garnered this much support if she was that terrible as a cap date? >> she was running unopposed essentially, you know, months ago. she was running unopposed. then this email scandal bites her in the rear end. >> it keeps biting. it is terrier they can't put in the doghouse. every time a new batch of emails, worse news for her and they keep coming. >> some people say she is not doing well because she is a woman, we're targeting a woman.
9:36 am
>> she is raising a lot of money. >> no one to blame but herself. >> she loves playing victim. she has played a professional victim. just bill's wife. that is only reason why she is where she is. her record as senator in new york was horrible. you look at 500,000 jobs she promised to bring back to update new york which she never did. this email scandal, steady release of emails is just a joke. she operates with a deep, dark soul, with no conscience. to have a server that is private, that violates espionage laws, that obama and national security team clearly knew about, this is where republicans need to start hammering not just hillary but this white house, ask the question, is this doj slow-walking investigation like they do every other scandal and investigation because obama and his team knew about it. so why haven't they hauled her in? >> they don't email with the secretary of state? of course they knew.
9:37 am
>> valerie jarrett will not go, huh, clinton 33@clinton, that is not a boost email address. >> that is very true. talk to record as senator and record as secretary of state and russia reset button and disaster that is libya and syria. she jet-setted around the planet doing as much work for clinton foundation as secretary of state with no good results to talk about that. >> her words will hang her. when she said in march that she incident or received no classified information, all of those things will come back to haunt her. they are doing it piecemeal. they're doing it bit by bit, email by email. none of this is surprising but it is certainly damning. >> it is not only classified but it is top secret in case. >> that is different. you have top secret clearance. >> i get emails from military folks when you're trained in the state department the guidelines are so crystal clear.
9:38 am
>> we don't have much time yet but because you're the expert on campaigns, andrea, and if you were running her campaign and you know what you know now and you have what you have now how would you advise her? >> carl's, jr. and bikini. i don't agree with you there, kennedy. that would -- >> can she do anything at this point to show she has warm heart or likability factor or trustworthiness factor that has gone down significantly? >> i think people's minds are made up. i think people have very strong opinions. i don't think she will change that. i don't think this helps her rebuild the obama coalition but that is her only hope at this point. she has done nothing to help herself with this email scandal. if anything, it shows at best, she was sitting unseriously emailing with her friend sid about tea and tv shows and quid pro quo for the clinton foundation. at worst, it display as woman that is so malicious and power
9:39 am
hungry she is willing to have a private server that puts her political aspirations over national security of this country. i think people have figured that out. i'm sorry if i advised her i would quit. >> the answer to that is no. >> nothing, nothing. that's the answer then. women finding themselves constantly sick, might want to check the social makeup of their office. what a new study shows about women working in a male-dominated office. ♪ across america, people... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen.
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9:44 am
not talking about the:at thisness or the freezing temperatures you're putting up with. according to new study number of men you work with could be the culprit. analyzed day-to-day lives of sample of americans, found women who worked in mostly male offices have less healthy cortisol levels also known as the stress hormone. researchers say being token female at work, could lead to bod dry stress response and leading to greater vulnerability to illness. dr. kennedy, i was wondering do you think there is any truth to this. >> i do think there is correlation between stress and health. >> have you worked in male-dominated environment or seen anybody that dealt with this. >> i did apply to work at restaurant in dallas, unfortunately i haven't heard back from them. i don't worry myself so much. i worry about pete. i'm wondering if the results can work in the converse. because you're surrounding by
9:45 am
four women. >> i know. >> if these results hold true, it has been nice knowing you. >> my cortisol levels are off the chart. >> that's right. >> stress you out to work with a lot of women? >> colors, working with women, i sat back on topic. i figure i let you guys talk about it. >> certainly correlation between stress and health and study after study after study has shown that i don't want to blame it on gender differences f you're a woman and you're lucky enough to be surrounded by dudes, then, you know, toast you >> no drama, right if. >> i think, we've always said, studies can come up with just about anything, if you're trying to -- >> people know that. >> boom. >> that is great, ainsley. >> you're welcome. >> bottom line, isn't this just about stress? is it really about gender related? >> i'm sure another study could say working more predominantly female environment will have a
9:46 am
lot of cattiness and other health issues. could argue the converse. my health and happenness has exponentially gone up since i joined the ladies couch. as opposed to liberal i sat next to on the 5:00 show. just kidding. >> have no idea what you're talking about. >> no doubt that women, in male dominated environments -- >> what are male-dominated environments? >> i will give you one. finance. >> those are all high stress jobs though. those have nothing to do with dudes! >> a woman will relate to that environment a little different than a man. i had a friend worked in the wall street firm. would go into the bathroom to cry if she had to. because the do nam mick, you can't let at that weakness be seen in that environment. which does strange the stress levels. you can't relate in the same way. you can't just say there is no gender dynamic. for guys, i learned coming out of a male-dominate environments into environments where you have more females, you have to treat
9:47 am
people differently. turns out yelling as i did in the army -- >> i worked in a traders business. very male dominated business. i went on the trading desk, i was only girl. i thrived in that environment. i don't consider myself a girlie girl, not go to the bathroom, not all barrels do that -- >> girls like to go to coffee breaks and chat together. i'm not saying these are bad things but girls behave differently than guys do. i thrived in that environment. not everybody did. i saw what they dealt with. some people feel they're looked at or do feel stress of working with men. they think men have the edge. i get it but i don't think it applies to everyone. >> made a really good point. i think there is more supportive environment on the whole with women where if you're working around men, i had that same feeling on campaigns, especially in new york, mostly men a lot of political office, mostly
9:48 am
male-dominated, you really tend to be a bit more masculine in your behavior, less womanly. that can be stressful because you're not authentic. >> you know what you work with men, tell them how you feel, everyone goes home and no one thinks twice bit. come back next day everyone is friends. not as much drama. i love working with women. my experience you get what you get. make best of every situation. like indy car. every car will go fast. you have to go to the front of the line and lean in. >> if that were true danica patrick -- >> sandra you want to get coffee after the show and brush each other's hair and have girl talk and cry? >> anytime. >> do you want a happy relationship? don't we all? how a mom and dad sharing child care duties may lead to a better marriage. hear that, everyone? ♪ so what about that stock?
9:49 am
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>> well, consider this just one more reason to share child care duties with your spouse. new research shows couples who split things up like reading bedtime stories, changing diapers and arranging carpools, yes, have better sex lives. the studies authors say those couples have quiter quality relationships than normal than traditional cowles where women take responsibility for most of the child care. the author suggests splitting up care duties between 40 and 60%. now if i ever heard of incentive there is an incentive. >> right. >> who knew. >> would be mowing the lawn. >> mowing lawn. fixing things. i have a lot -- >> you're about to have a third child. >> third child. i will end up taking a lot more duties. what do you think, sandra? if women take on more duties than men in relationships with kids, is it natural dynamic or should we shoot for the 60/40? >> time thing.
9:54 am
my husband and i, we have two infants. time to put them to bed. we go upstairs together, kind of delegate. somebody does books over here. this one goes pajamas. done faster. more free time. i'm just saying. >> what do you do with the free time? >> make a third child. >> absolutely right. >> can get you in trouble, right? create more work. >> interesting thing about the study said 20 years ago the results were in the reverse, that, parents who split division of labor equally, didn't have as much chuckle, but something has changed last two decades. when there is better quality in the home a lot less netflix being watched. >> they say men are like microwaves. women are like crock pots. if you're the one, if your husband comes home at 6:00 and you come home at 9:00, you have a few hours to get the kids
9:55 am
down. if he is not helping you, you're mad. and you're resenting him. when it is time to go to bad he wants something, then you're upset. >> looks like will has been doing dishes, ainsley. because giving birth in couple months. >> i think, ding, ding, i think that is winning answer. i don't know that i would do 60 or 40. i'm probably on lower end to be honest. showing willless to say in the moment at that time i see your stressed. can i do this and that. probably don't do as much as i should, showing that you will and do bedtime things. >> can i give you a quick example. i compared to do when our first daughter was born, i was prepared to do so much of the work. i was so pleasantly surprised when my husband woke up and he changed the diaper. i nursed the baby. put her back to bed. such an even deal. made me so happy. i look back on the time so blissfully. it really reduced stress of having a newborn. >> converse, if men are vacuuming and girlie chores, why
9:56 am
is it less attractive. i can't make sense of it. >> kind of the right -- >> masculine chores. >> masculine chores. >> harris says, they split them. >> we know what happens next. there you go. so glad i did not have to weigh in on this topic at all. did you notice that. enjoy rest of holiday weekend. back here tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" is right after the break. have a great labor day. diabetes, steady is exciting.
9:57 am
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and really: what's not to love about... ...buttery garlic shrimp scampi? here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. president obama travelling to boston for an event. instead of a greeting he got the cold shoulder from an important union. >> i am leland viter in for jon scott. >> the president was hoping to show his soliddarity. the police union boycotted the event. and what they see as president obama's lack of the dangers of


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