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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 8, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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the record." tell me what you think about the outsiders and all the candidates on our facebook page and i will see you back here each night for "on the record" at 7:00 tell. thank you for joining us on this special edition of "on there welcome to "red eye." donald trump goes after a reporter for asking an unfair question. when will the reporters learn you don't question the trump. and keith richards says he doesn't like rap music. i guess he can't get satisfaction from anything. that's a song he wrote. and will tonight be the need andy levey admits he was wrong about tom brady? our panel provides in treeing -- intrigue, suspense. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. nervous investors await the reopening of the u.s. markets this morning after a volatile friday on wall street. analysts advise all eyes are
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on china again this week. the asian markets were lack luster despite efforts to bolster its economy. here at home a mixed jobs report for august has investors concerned the fed may be on the verge of hiking interest rates. analysts warned that uncertainty could lead to more losses on wall street this week. president obama spent labor day courting labor unions. mr. obama was cheered at a major union rally in boston after signing an executive order requiring the federal contractors to get paid sick leave to their employees. >> i'm calling on congress. take a cue from the rest of the world and work together in a bipartisan fashion. find a way to make paid leave paid family and medical leave a reality for all-americans. that's something we should be doing. >> labor day celebrations taking a backseat for a solemn occasion in the town of antioch, illinois. that's where an officer has been laid to rest.
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scores of fellow officers from around the nation gathered in his hometown for the nation. he was gunned down while pursuing three suspicious men, all killers remain at large. the dentist who admits to killing one of the most famous lions in africa returns to his practice in minneapolis. dr. walter palmer has been keeping a low profile since slaying cecil the lion. he and his family have been receiving death threats. palmer now says he never would have killed cecil had he known it was important to zimbabwe. i'm kelly wright. no i back to "red eye." log on to fox, the most powerful name in news. >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. it is a phenomenal day.
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>> why is that? >> it is national cheese pizza day. >> i love cheese pizza. >> i figure you for a toppings kind of guy. >> i like good old-fashioned plain cheese. >> you are one of those sick people who puts pineapple. >> and broccoli. i bet you put broccoli on your pizza. >> i do like broccoli, but not on the pizza. i like it on the side. >> this is a great opportunity here. we both absolutely agree on pizza. do you like to fold or not fold? >> why don't you take your pineapple and broccoli pizza and go back to russia. >> welcome our guests. she is so smart the only test she ever failed was the one where you touch your nose with both fingers. joanne nosuchunsky. the new book sounds like a tom wait song. ethan bierman. shooy is a real life atticus
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fifn which means when she gets older she will be a racist. and he is too long around the inter feet like pac man gobbling up other pod castors. the host of the anthony kumea show. let's start the show. >> donald trump was tested on his foreign policy knowledge. the billionaire businessman more than held his own. have a listen. >> are you familiar with general solomani? >> yes. >> nailed it. next question. >> he runs the kuds forces. do you expect his behavior will change as a result with this deal with iran? >> yes. >> two for two. what else do you got? >> i am looking for the next commander-in-chief. to know where the players
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without a scorecard yet? >> yes. >> he aced that one. last question. >> looking to asia, if china were to accidentally or intentionally sink a filipino or japanese ship what would commander-in-chief donald trump do in response? >> yes. >> we obviously had fun with the audio. that's the magic of editing. let's listen to his actual responses. >> are you familiar with general solomani? >> yes. go ahead and give me -- go ahead and tell me. >> he runs the kudzs forces. >> yes, right. and i think the kurds have been horribly mistreated. >> not the kurds, the kudz, the bad guys. do you expect -- >> i thought you said kurds.
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>> no it was the kuds. here is the question about islamic terrorism. >> do you know the players without a scorecard? >> i will tell you honestly. by the time we get to office they will all be changed. they will all be gone. those are are like history questions. do you know this one and that one? >> i don't believe in gotcha questions. >> i will be so good at the military your head will spin. >> that's all you need. he will be so good your head will spin. miss muffet sat on a tuffet and eating her kuds and way. it is hard to tell between them. >> he got a little mixed up. it is not about that. he is just dealing with the wall he has to build and then you branch out to foreign policy. he is looking at the domestic
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affairs. we are 15 years before the election? >> you said he has plenty of time. >> plenty of time. >> and for all of those ?ekerring he said by the time he gets into office the names will change. they probably will because we keep picking them off with droids. >> i got in trouble with my old radio show. i am a yankee fan. somebody would call in and say, all right. who is the guy playing center field -- i was like i don't know the name. i am a fan of the game. >> remi, i think you were impressed with the foreign policy interview. i think we all know that there will be. this is not a jeopardy contest. it is not who knows more names and facts. i think there was a farber way than my leader should have answered a question like that talking about the support and the individuals he will surround himself with.
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at first he seemed to want to answer it and then he seemed not to. the thing i have the biggest problem with is how he called him a third rate radio host. that's the problem. why are we name calling. why don't we stop talking about that phon sense and talk about -- that nonsense and talk about what the right answer should have been. he can answer it better on his own terms. but rather than doing that he has to put somebody down. >> that's what mixes me up. he said i will find a great general and i don't need to know all of these names. i thought it was a fairly good answer. when he said hugh hewitt -- are you familiar with hugh hewitt? he is an excellent interviewer and he respects donald trump. it was a respectful interview. attack him as a third rate dj or whatever he said. it was crazy. i think that's where it gets weird. you? >> i agree.
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and if you relate this to your student crass president, remember that, i promise you cake in every meal? that's what we are hearing here. and when somebody challenges and asks a question don't just get mad because somebody is asking a question. answer the question. say, look, i will solve this. i will figure it out. don't attack every time you are asked a hard question. it is ridiculous. >> we keep saying that like we are giving advice. every night people say what is he doing? i say that as well. it works for him. who is the dummy here? every time he attacks somebody the poll numbers go up. >> it will work brilliantly for cnn. they are doing the next debate. after doing this you are a third rate dj, whatever that is. people will want to tune in even more so than before to see what questions trump is going to be asked and how trump is going to respond to those questions questions and it will be brilliant for ratings not only for cnn, but poll numbers for trump. >> it works for him.
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people keep acting like it is a joke. i feel like what trump is doing is a version of what ron failed reagan did -- ronald reagan did. carter was bogged down in details. regan had broad strokes. he just knew the soviet union was evil and that's all he said. >> that's all he had to say. trump is being called on being a politician. when a politician is asked something they don't know they answer with another answer. he is being honest. that's what is refreshing, is it not? people say, look, he is a straight shooter. he is an executive. do ceo's know every detail of their company? i don't think they do. >> i think that's a good point. a lot of his supporters consider him to be sort of like them. expressing his opinion maybe not in the most eloquent way and the smartest way, but he
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is relatable to the american voter. my problem is when this election season gets a little closer to voting time and we are talking about more sophisticated ideology and plans and policies, then he will really have trouble if he is still in the race and this is not just marketing for him. when someone comes to hire me as a lawyer, if all i said to them was don't worry, i got it. i got it. i don't know all of the facts and i don't need to know them now, but i got it. do you think that is enough for them? >> the less doctors say to me, the more i trust them. it is okay. i am going to stick something in you and we will be teen. >> are you sure that was a doctor? >> sounds like a doctor. >> he insisted i call him doctor. next story, funny women aren't attractive or attractive women
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aren't funny. one of those two. this is according to a study by the university of kansas. researchers found the funnier a man is the more a woman will be interested in him. the inverse does not hold true. on the rare occasion that a woman is able to make a man laugh it has no significant affect on his opinion of her. i don't know if i agree with this study at all. listen, i find bosses -- i mean i find women to be quite attractive when they are funny. and to be clear, women have made enormous contributions to comedy , of course. take a look. >> i am being a wicked tease. >> my bra is rubbing me raw and i have a fat ass and i twisted my ankle three times. >> why are you wearing heels? we are in college. no one is wearing heels. >> heels are out. >> man. >> you don't have to worry about that. we wouldn't be caught dead
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with men. >> hairy beasts, amen. >> i love female-based comedy, don't you? >> absolutely. the most beautiful woman in the world if she is an ugly person inside will not be beautiful anymore. amy schumer herself at the glamour awards at the beginning of june says i am 160 pounds and i get -- when ever i want. >> how is that a saw purr law tiff thing though. the fact that amy schumer can have sex whenever she wants, doesn't it mean all women can have sex when they want? >> there is a percentage of men who are dogs. >> obviously. do we have to keep up with this thing like are women funny? obviously there are many funny women. the idea does being funny make them more attractive to men? this study says not. >> there is a different thing -- it doesn't make a difference in attractiveness i
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don't think. as far as men are concerned thank god if it wasn't for humor and ether and chloroform i would never have a relationship. >> so a few things you need in your tool belt. >> it is very handy for a guy to be humorous. a girl doesn't have to be and i think maybe that's why. maybe they haven't had the practice or they had to be funny. >> women have to be funny. >> so they develop it from an early age to impress women. >> men have to be funny. >> did i say women? >> we knew what you meant. i think men naturally develop more of a sense of humor just because of the way men interact with each other. the way a father and son interact is different from the way a mother and daughter does. it is natural. >> why is it natural? is it in born or is it
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societal thing? >> probably a little bit of both. i think the study is probably right. i hate to say it, but it is probably right. a woman who can say a funny line on a date may make the date a little more fun. it may make her a little more attainable or approachable to the guy. i don't think most men -- i don't think most men want their woman to be just cracking sarcastic lines every second and being the life of the comedic party. >> i think a guy would much rather have the guy laughing at his jokes than telling the jokes. >> and why is that, joanne? is it a dominance thing? like guys feel like they are in a position of power. >> they say i may not have money and i may not have the best looks, but at least i can make her laugh. when women meet men they think
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long-term. that's in our nature. we need to have children -- we don't need to, but scientifically women say i need a mate. with men they don't need that. they are are thinking not long-term, but short-term. they don't need a woman who can make them laugh, but they want a woman who can help let off some steam. i think in terms of goals women say i need funny because i have to look at this for the rest of my life. a guy says i don't need funny now. maybe later. >> i think being a guy who is not that great looking -- we wouldn't say we are male models, right? we had to learn the gift of gab. why did we do that? to hit on girls. >> everything starts with hitting on girls especially in pew -- pubescent years.
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we look goofy with the pimples and the hormones and we have to learn how to talk and communicate and approach them in a manner that doesn't make them run away. >> if you can't play guitar. >> i can't play guitar. >> you always need something. i was at a nightclub and it was pulsing music. he said i don't like clubs. i don't know why. you don't know why? it is a place no one can hear you. coming up, somebody is arrested for making a snap chat joke. please let it be hillary. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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is behind bars because apparently no one can take a joke. a 16-year-old phoenix high school student used snap chat to send this picture taken if his school's hallway. accompanied by the line "planning the school shooting" and followed by three smiley faces. the internationally recognized symbol for just kidding. but a nervous nelly from colorado who doesn't speak emoji had to get involved. the high school junior named kailey screen shotted the image and went to the authorities she then gained his trust to set him up. kailey said the kid had snap chatted me directly and asked me why i screen shotted his story. i told him i thought it was amusing. she lied to him. she continued to use deception to reel him in. i asked what school he went to and he went along with it and he said he went to a school in
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arizona and later he gave me the name. he was quickly arrested and charged with a class a4 felony. phoenix police are praising the girl for seeing something and saying something, which is one way to look at it. but because of her his classmates will thought get to enjoy his humor. >> remi, i guess nobody can joke around anymore. is that the case? >> that is the case. that is absolutely the case. i'm sure i'm the only one at the table who will say this young student, this female who brought the screen shot to the authorities did the right thing. >> wait a minute. >> i have represented high school students doing their annual traditional prank on the date that it is expected and people are fearful that it is another columbine. they evacuate the entire town and parents are running frantic. there is no joking.
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it is just the same way that there is no joking at the airport. you can't yell bomb on an airplane and you can't yell killing at a high school, period. >> i think i was being hung and cheek with -- tongue and cheek with my monologue, but i feel times have changed so much people can't change anymore. >> it is sad and it is because times have changed. i remember going to school oh my goodness, you can literally say i am going to kill you and everybody laughs. >> you can paint it on the wall of the school. >> snap chat is supposed to be a secret. it is just the person you send it to. >> what is it. >> i will have to look at my snap chat. >> ashley madison, snap chat. >> it is not as secure as we thought it was.
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>> it is a dumb kid, but we have to weigh it. it is out there for everyone to see and i don't know what the answer is, do you? >> i know ethan is shaking his head. >> what happened to basic pranks like a friend falls asleep at a party and you put one happened in warm water and the other in ice water and they wet themselves. it is much simpler than killing everybody at a school. what happened to the simple, practical jokes. >> did you see the smiley faces? >> what about the new emoji? >> what if he did the smiley face and the turd. anthony is right. when i was a youngster we would write -- we had a list of vocabulary words and each sentence described the vicious murder of our english teacher. and in many different ways.
12:25 am
she read them and she had to grade us because we did the assignment. that's the way the world was. kidding was understood. >> how many cereal killers came out of the school. >> we got them all out. >> that's right. we let it vent. >> you need those experiences. i mean i grew up definitely during a time when it is zero tolerance policy. even for jokes and sort of like an -- like anthony was saying you make a mistake and it is public. you put it on these public forums and it is out there forever. i feel bad if i was the girl who saw the snap chat and you think people's lives could be in my hands. i need t if i were her i probably would have done the same thing. i wouldn't be able to sleep at night because i would be so nervous. in the kids' defense if this goes to court he should say shooting at a photo shoot.
12:26 am
he was planning a photo shoot. it was just him in the falls. he is trying to get a good angle. >> weren't the desks manifesto's of hate? >> it was like a 24/hour text. >> and then they would get it and you would be like, oh yeah? it was all hatred and -- >> the margins of every notebook is -- i am not kidding when we say to destroy the school. we dent have the hate messages. >> you went out pushing cows over, right? >> of course. >> tipping cows and smashing mailboxes with baseball bats. >> i'm telling you, there is no way to vent one's frustration. they are all smoking dubies. coming up, no half measures, just half time with andy levey. stick around.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. lawyers for clerk kim davis is filing a motion to set her free from jail. they are asking the governor to let her refuse licenses because her religion conflicts with gay marriage. davis was jailed after ignoring a judge's order to
12:31 am
happened out marriage licenses. meanwhile a small group of people protesting outside of the same judge's home, they are supporting kim davis' freedom. vice president joe biden is stoping in pittsburgh celebrating the annual labor day parade. during the march folks were urging biden to run for president. some people were chanting run joe run. they rallied hundreds of union workers. the gap separating the rich and the middle class is hurting the u.s. adding that the key to improving the nation is restoring middle america. >> when the middle class does well, the wealthy do very well and the poor have a way up. so organize, organize, organize. people from around the country paying respect to their fallen comrade. thousands of residents also mourning the tragic loss. blue ribbons were pinned on trees showing solidarity for
12:32 am
the officer. he was shot and killed chasing three suspicious men. they remain at large. and incredible video of a streaking fireball from thailand to show you. a driver in bangkok catching it on his dash cam. witnesses say the fireball was spotted early in the morning. folks taking to social media with their theories. some guessing a meteor and others think it was falling space junk. right now we can only speculate about what it was. now back to "red eye." welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. are you ready, andy? >> i'm ready, tom. >> are you ready? >> i don't know if i am. >> i guess we'll find out. anthony, you said we should cut trump some slack for not knowing all of these things
12:33 am
and it is 15 years until the election. i think it is 15 years since the campaign started. >> this is getting ridiculous. >> it gets longer and longer. remi you said there shouldn't be any gotcha questions. >> i have to be honest -- >> i would prefer you not be honest. >> i think by asking do you know this person by name. it could be determined as a gotcha question. but to be fair it was a reasonable question and i don't think he did something wrong necessarily. >> well, you really lawyered that one up. >> they said they were gotcha questions. i would just like a straightens a from your panelists. for once. i'm sure others noted this, but if hugh hewitt is a third
12:34 am
rate radio host why did he go on the show? >> good question. >> all right. >> ethan you said trump shouldn't attack every time he is asked a hard question. why not? it is kind of working for him. >> it would be an interesting situation that you want the president to speak for the press and they don't agree with him. shouldn't we as the american people want our commander-in-chief to answer sometimes tough questions? >> no, never. >> what happens when the ayatollah ask a tough question. >> he has nukes. >> just aim a nuke and say don't ask me again. >> fair enough. >> i thought when hewitt was saying kuds and not kurds trump could have said it is all kood. i don't agree that a president
12:35 am
doesn't need to know all of the facts to do a good job. i also don't think knowing every fact makes you a good president. i know you want to compare trump to regan in this aspect. the difference is regan had a philosophy. i do think it was more than just saying the soviet union was bad. >> it is make america great again. >> really? >> that's a bumper sticker and not a philosophy. >> we will have so many victories that your head will spin. >> looking forward to it. not knowing this stuff is fine for a hugh hewitt debate, but for a debate it will not work in his favor. again, my opinion. men don't care if women are funny. tom, you said according to the study funny women aren't attractive. that's not what the study says. it says the study doesn't find
12:36 am
them more attractive if they are funny. not funny women aren't attractive. that's a separate thing. >> you can say funny women aren't attractive. you may be attractive to a funny woman, but it is the other qualities -- >> she can still be a woman who is funny and attractive. >> anthony, when it says with it comes to getting humans it comes to humans and chloroform. >> see, there you go. >> thank you so much for that. >> absolutely. >> not that you would get in trouble for saying things. >> saying things and doing things.
12:37 am
>> you said you hate to say it, but the study is probably right. why do you hate to say it? >> doesn't it seem like it shouldn't be right? doesn't it seem like the fact that a quality that max men more attractive to women makes women more attractive to men? i think that's why i hate to say it. >> if men and women want different things in a mate what is wrong with that? >> there is nothing wrong with it, but it is not the same. it is not equal. if i find a man more attractive because he can make me laugh, i would want that dash darn -- i would want to make him laugh and then become more attractive. i would want it and i would hate to say the story is true. >> school shooting prank. you say three smiley faces after the snap chat is the internationally recognized symbol for just kidding. the problem is it is also the
12:38 am
symbol for i might be a psycho path. that was the problem here. >> they are taking all of our things away from us. >> you thought snap chat makes the pictures disappear. this kind of thing shouldn't happen with snap chat. here is the other problem. you can't get any context. it is like -- if you tweet something and someone is like i don't know, is he serious or is that a joke? you can check the rest of the tweets saying he makes jokes like that -- he makes jokes like that -- wow, people let that slide? with snap chap there is no record of the snaps. >> are you basing everything you know on that single snap chat that wasn't even sent to unless are you that rap girl. >> considering my dad taught at your high school i would like to thank you for not following through with any plans you may or may not have had for blowing up the
12:39 am
school. >> he did. his father taught at my high school. >> fun fact. >> can we agree that there is a way to ensure the student doesn't do this without a felony on his record? >> i don't know what charge he is facing. >> i also think it is probably going to result in a dismissal. he will have to go to a class about decorum and then the whole case should go away. if i was his lawyer that's how it would happen. >> when you say dismissal you don't think the charges will be thrown out, it will give him a lesser sentence? >> i mean dismissal. >> they get dismissed. >> as part of a deal or he will beat the rap? >> i think a good lawyer should beat the rap. >> fantastic. >> so why go to class?
12:40 am
>> usually it is conditioned on something like that. if you will get an exceptional outcome for a young adult with a bright future and this is a silly thing, the law can be s can be upheld by something and then after say six months seeing the case go away. >> he has to get rid of the bombs in his bedroom too. >> that's one of the conditions? lastly, joe, i agree with you. i don't think the girl who saw the snap chat had any choice but to say something. that does president change the fact she is a dirty, dirty mark. >> she probably doesn't have many friends and is on snap chat looking at other stories. >> go ahead and make some friends, girl. >> she was probably on safety patrol. >> i was definitely not one of those. >> we can make fun of her because neither of these people was mentioned by their full name.
12:41 am
>> time to take a break. sports talk when we come back.
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as regular why the "red eye" viewers know, it is the greatest dynasty and the greatest coach and quarterback
12:45 am
of all time. and he maintains with no proof that they are a bunch of cheaters who don't deserve the many, many awards and trophies they received. i to the let's bring in someone who can use his extensive knowledge that will settle this once and for all. joining me now to do just that is football analyst nick stevens. thank you for being here. >> it is an absolute pleasure being here. much like everything on fox news i want to present a fair and balanced portrait of the exoneration. >> this week was a big week. i will start with deflate gate. a judge overturned tom brady's suspension. i want your impartial view on the judge's decision. >> yes, tom, great name. the name of a champion i may add. the exoneration of tom brady and the overturning of the four-game suspension of tom brady was the right thing to
12:46 am
do by judge berman. and judge berman will never have to buy himself a cup of chowder ever again. i was so happy with the ruling i went to a shelter and adopted two cats to name them judge and berman. this guy is a genius. don't be surprised if nine months from now you see a lot of judges bermans and jeffreys and kesslers being born around new england. this was the right call to make. the way goodell handed out the punishment and by the way goodell was trying to get everybody to bow down to him. the guy had the single worst autumn and season in cometioner ship. jared fogle said whoa, dude, you had a bad run of things lately. it has been absolutely brutal. he has to try to rye establish his power and they are
12:47 am
dragging his face through the mud. he basically said you are suspended because it is more probable than not and you were aware of a conspiracy like mom and dad coming up to you and said you are suspended. you are grounded. because doesn't cut it when you have a union and cba. you have given me all of the information i need. >> first you bring this guy in. he is wearing a cheater t-shirt. based on the evidence the judge made the right decision, but let's be real. tom brady knows he cheated. everyone knows it is what they did. it is not fair to blame them. they are from boston. it is like blaming a dog. let me ask you this as an impartial sports journalist.
12:48 am
do the dates february 3rd 2008 and february 5th 2012 mean anything to you? >> if you are trying to make me feel bad or feel i am shaking on camera because you just brought up the two macho grandees which is difficult to get over when they lost by two miracle catches yes. so what? at the same time we almost lost a third super bowl after another miraculous catch. but the judge of undrafted corner backs malcolm butler which is what i will name my next child is gave us, mind you, ready for this, i know you can't handle this because you don't want to root for the amazon of football, but the patriots won a fourth super bowl clean, fair and square.
12:49 am
>> they should have handed them to baltimore. they should have won the game. >> there is a couple thicks -- nicks we can agree on. never look a free beer in the eye. nachos go great with everything. >> to get back to the patriots , we all know -- everyone knows that they cheat. they say yeah, we cheat. >> i have come to a point where i wanted the patriots to rename themselves the expats and come out on september 10th in full black uniforms and say you know what? i hope it is the first of 19 he will throw this thursday night. i hope he turns and looks at camera a of the 30 different
12:50 am
cameras during the broadcast and say goodell, i am coming for you. he didn't do anything that merited the treatment and we lost seven months of our lives. we had the worst sex free relationship of our lives with this stupid scandal. talk about making a mountain range out of a mole hill. >> you want to turn them into the raiders, but they were never the raiders. >> i want to thank you for your impartial comments. >> we will close it out with a bedtime story. so,as my personal financial psychic,
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i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances.
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no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. night and robert wright was cooking rib had as one does when a fire broke out in his apartment building. he knew exactly what to do. he grabbed his kids and then his ribs. >> the only thing i think first is make sure the ribs is right. i got my family and brought everybody out safely. i carried everybody out myself. >> did he get the ribs first or his children? >> i got my kids first and then i thought about my ribs. i didn't want to let my ribs
12:55 am
burn because i take pride in what i do. it was 3:00 in the morning and i thought put some ribs on there, man. we got it going and stuff, but i looked over and the fire was bursting out. it is crazy, man. >> it is crazy. that's one way to describe it. remi, is this man a hero or a hero? >> he got the kids out first. nobody was hurt and i can appreciate it. 2* was crazy and reckless. did you see that rack of ribs? what would you do for the rack of ribs? >> i have to go for bevis, my cat. >> it did look like it was worth risking your life over.
12:56 am
>> what do you grab if your house is on fire? >> kids first like him? >> absolutely. and if i had a rack of ribs looking like that i would go back for the ribs. i would find a man in every one of those cities that would do the same. >> if you went back in and would you wait for the camera crew? >> he really does. it has a nice smoke going on. >> this is an ideal situation. pretty soon he will get sponsors by like barbecue companies. they will want him to be the face of their sauce and of their rub. they ran up to them and wanted to tell a story. good for him. >> fantastic.
12:57 am
he didn't cause a fire. it was his neighbor's house that caused the fire. special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky. that does it for me. i'm fume shillue. see you next time. here
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tomorrow. happy labor day, everybody. >> happy labor day. labor day 2015 and a possible turning point in the 2016 presidential campaign. as the democratic race erupts in new turmoil, this is "special report." good evening, and welcome to washington. i'm in for bret baier. the labor day immediately preceding an election is seen as a sort of white flag signifying the furious start before the campaign. hillary clinton continues to hemorrhage in the polls, and joe biden continues to tease on a possible third run for the winners circle.


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