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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 8, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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afghanistan. now, in addition to desertion, he's facing a rare charge that carries a much harsher punishment. >> kelly wright is here to break down the latest for us. good morning to you, kelly. >> that harsher charge is based on a charge that was used a lot in world war ii. but prosecutors say army desserters bergdahl is facing charges from when he walked off base while in afghanistan. he joined the army, he trained for seven months and then was stationed in afghanistan in february 2009. then on june 30th of that year, bergdahl disappears from his post in afghanistan, leaving his body armor and weapons. the taliban claims five days later they have captured bergdahl. before he disappeared, bergdahl e-mailed his parents telling them he ran over a girl with his armored truck. in 2010, an investigation concluded that bergdahl walked away from his unit but stopped
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short of accusing of of desertion. >> my initial understanding, based upon the reportings that i got, that he had walked off intentionally. i think that, you know, he was a confused young man was my assumption at the time and i think that's probably going to turn out to be the judgment of time. >> but over time, on may 31st, 2014, u.s. special forces in afghanistan swapped five taliban commanders who had been in prison in guantanamo bay, cuba, for bergdahl's release. that exchanged sparked confusion and anger from republican lawmakers. at the same time, president obama delivers a statement in the white house rose garden with bergdahl's parents present. he announces the recovery of bergdahl who spent nearly five
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yea years. bergdahl is now charged with misbehavior before the enemy and dee desertion and that could get him a life sentence. >> kelly wright live for us in the studio. thank you, kelly. catholics all around the world are awaiting a big announcement from the pope. one hour from now, pope francis is set to announce new procedures for marriage annulment. the changes are expected to stream line the process, allowing divorced catholics to fully participate in the church. there are 1.2 billion catholics around the world. right thou, the church does not recognize divorce. lawyers for the kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses over her religious beliefs file an emergency motion to set her free. kim davis' attorneys are asking kentucky's governor to release her and to let her go back to work. but the governor says it's an issue between davis and the courts. this afternoon, republican
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presidential candidate mike huckabee will visit davis in jail and attend a rally outside the jail. thousands of police officers, friends and family members lining the streets of northern illinois to say their final farewell to lieutenant charles joseph glenowitz. the 32-year-old veteran of the force and father of four was shot and killed in the line of duty last week. his brother delivered an emotional eulogy. >> he cared deeply for his community. he touched the lives of so much. >> the search for his three killers continues today. police are poring over surveillance video trying to find the men. we're expecting to learn more this afternoon. a top lawyer from new york governor andrew cuomo is fighting for his life this morning. kerry guabe was walking in brooklyn with his brother and his friends hours before the west indian day parade when bullets started flying. the 43-year-old was struck in the head.
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police say a gang related dispute is to blame. governor cuomo hailing his work for the public. >> a man who was giving back to his community. it's a reminder that the violence, the violence has to stop. >> guabe is in critical condition this morning. vice president joe biden looking very presidential on labor day. crowds screaming for a white house bid as hillary clinton just tries to keep her head above water. peter ducey is live in washington for the latest from the campaign trail. >> good morning. the vice president seems to be keeping the door open for a 2016 run. the only office in the land higher than the one he's had for the last six plus years. this weekend, joe biden visited pennsylvania, always a swing state, and he was very well received by a crowd of union members.
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>> you'll have to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> and the only reason biden is being talked about as a contender is because hillary clinton continues losing steam amid an e-mail scandal she will not apologize for. till the ap that, quote, what i did was allowed. it's a distraction, certainly, but it hasn't in any way affected the plan for our campaign. the efforts we're making to organize here in iowa and elsewhere in the country and i still feel very confident about the organization and the message that my campaign is putting out. for now, clinton remains a big target of the republican field who spread out across early states throughout these long weekend trying to distinguish themselves for more than a dozen rivaled candidates. >> whether you've made up your mind for me or not, you know in your heart of hearts, you know you can't wait to see me debate
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hillary clinton. >> and expect to hear a lot more talk like that from carly fi oo rina giving her a platform that she hasn't yet had in her entire presidential run. >> peter doocy, thanks. in the meantime, joe biden ramping up the crowd at the labor day rally. but fox news contributor juan williams says the vice president could face big challenges if he does decide to run in 2016. >> the question is whether or not joe biden has the family support, the energy necessary to get into what could be a daunting race. it's hard for him to separate himself out from hillary clinton and barack obama. he's the vice president. he's been there for all the big deals. today is labor day. he was there for the trans-pacific partnership trade deal. so it's hard for him to say, oh, no, i've got nothing to do with that. i'm to the left within i'm big
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labor. notable absence at president obama's labor day event in boston. the new england police ben he lent association boycotted the president's event going further by denouncing him for the state of anti-police vince gripping the country. the group saying, quote, our members are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. it's clear that he has an agenda and unfortunately the police are not part of his agenda. the very first british drone strike wipes out two dangerous isis fighters, both from the country that ordered the attack. rayad khan and raoul amin were targeted and accused of organizing attacks including one to attack queen elizabeth. he also confirmed another britain, expert hacker was killed by a u.s. drone strike last month.
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in europe, the situation is becoming more volatile. you can see the frustration. hundreds of refugees breaking through police lines near hungary's southern border with serbia, marching northern as they try to reach germany. thousands of migrants fleeing south arriving in munich yesterday. authorities there expect 800,000 applications for asylum this year as europe faces its worst refugee crisis since the end of world war ii. extreme weather now a soggy labor day down in south florida. look at this, torrential downpours turning roads into rivers. nearly 3 inches of rain falling in just one hour. >> and check this guy out, kayaking down a street in miami. and then over in wisconsin, the cleanup begins after heavy rain shut down roads and damaged
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bridges in eau claire county. marie is tracking what's next for us this morning. >> good morning. we're going to be looking at more storms possible throughout the day today. but a big zone we'll be focusing in for potential flooding is across parts of the plains and into the midwest. wisconsin, you're included in the risk for severe storms throughout the day today. we're looking at large hail, damaging winds. from parts of the texas panhandle all the way to michigan. so a pretty widespread area that we're looking at. this is all associated with the cold front that's on the move. behind this system, a much more significant cooldown you'll notice across the northern plains and into the northwest. it stayed cool across parts of the west, but that cooler air will continue eastward over the next few days. i want to share with you your temperatures. it's going to highlight for you how much cooler it's going to get out there. today, summer like into the plains and the northeast. 94 degrees for your high temperature. in new york city, 98 farther west and south. into the city of dallas. take a look at what happened as we head into thursday.
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much cooler across the northeast. the southern plains, you're staying toasty. temperatures there into the 90s and upper 80s. >> thank you, maria. ohio state and virginia tech football players paying tribute to two wdvj journalists who were killed on live tv. both teams wearing helmet stickers during their season opener featuring the number 7, which is the station's number. ohio state went on to win, 42-24. >> virginia tech in that one. it is going to be a sister showdown at the quarterfinals of the u.s. open. serena williams will battle it out against her older sister, venus, tonight. this will be the 27th time that the two will be facing each other in competition. and the fifth at the u.s. open. with each sister winning two. and serena is hoping to become the first woman in 27 years to win the calendar grand slam.
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it's going to be a big one. it's ten minutes after the top of the hour. a harley davidson, why they're hitting the brakes. and going to pot, one business owner giving marijuana away for free and it's completely legal? we'll explain. and this one lucky dog surviving the rugged wilderness for more than a month. how she finally found her way home, straight ahead. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. welcome back to "fox & friends" first. a labor day disaster in illinois when a van plows into a crowd of parade goers. police say the woman actually hit several people on one side of that road, drove through an
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intersection and hit more people on the other side. with a skull re hurt, including fracture. police are still trying to figure out what caused this woman to lose control in the first place. they say that she may have a medical issue. two air boats full of people collide in the everglades. passengers say they could do nothing but brace for impact as the two boats going full throttle side by side slam into each other. 21 people were rushed to area hospitals, but none of the injuries were life threatening. officials think there was some sort of miscommunication between the drivers. horror on the high sea when he is a cruise ship catches on fire. flames igniting in the engine rook room of a carnival cruise ship. that fire broke out while the carnival cruise leadership liberty was docked in st. thomas. passengers can get back on the ship, but there's no word on when they're going to take off to finish up that seven day
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caribbean cruise. an australian shepherd survives 42 days in the wild after running off following a car accident. jade went missing in mid-july at yellowstone national park. jade's owner, david sawers and his girlfriend laura gellick searched for weeks looking for jade. it wasn't until last week when they spotted her and jade, of course, came running back to them. look at that, licking his face. they will be sharing their unbelievable story live on "fox & friends" at 8:50 eastern time. >> i will be watching that story. a salmonella outbreak in cucumbers is spreading to 27 states as one major restaurant chain is being targeted in a brand new lawsuit. >> we love our salads. adam is here to explain what we need to know. >> and if you love red lobster, listen up. a lawsuit filed labor day names
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a fresh produce supplier in california after an outbreak made 285 people sick. the supply ser saying cucumbers send nationwide to restaurants, and that includes in minnesota where one customer who ate a salad with the cucumbers became severely ill. >> i was thinking if we get any of those cucumbers at home. i love red lobster, by the way. >> love the biscuits. >> so we hear actual is gearing up for a big laush. how about that? >> everybody is watching pal alto. it's expected apple will launch its new ipad plus wednesday, along with updates to the apple phone, iphone, apple watch and apple tv. it will have an almost 13 inch screen. the updated apple watch also rumored to include a cheaper gold version. a little bling for you this morning. let's talk about some credit
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card payments via selfies? >> beware of the teenagers. it will set facial and fingerprint recognition program that let's a person take a selfie to pay for things that they're buying. this is a test program with mastercard. but if it works, it's expected to cut down on fraud. 200 credit union employees will get to use the selfie pay feature starting today. beware of your teenagers. you'll go broke. and time warner dedicated to broadcast the pope's visit? >> that's right. in just a few weeks. but time warner cable will devote a whole channel to the papal visit. it's going to be available to time warner's 15 million customers and roughly 24 markets nationwide. >> maybe that will cut down on some of the crowds. adam, thank you so much. >> have a good tuesday. >> thanks. it looks like teenagers have come one a brand new way to
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inhale marijuana. a new study says that they're using e-cigarettes vaporizers. the vaporizers let kids hide what they're inhaling. it's not clear yet how damaging the usage is. a legal loophole allowing a pot vendor to give it away for free. the mobile marijuana shop called smoke buddy rose around portland neighborhoods selling containers for pot, which is legal. but larry, the owner, tosses in a free stash of pot which seems to respect the law since she's not making a profit off of it. >> people drive by, they love what we're doing here. if they're over 21, you can't give it away. there's nothing you can do. but you can't sell it. >> portland police say their hands are tied at this point and it would only be illegal if someone has more than an ounce of pot on them. and the time now, 19 after the top of the hour. coming up, she has walked
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the runway for some of the biggest names in fashion, but now this victoria secret model is fighting for her life. an update on her condition this morning. and this photo of a woman hugging a cop has gone viral. what sparked this? can a business have a mind? a subconscious.
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a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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a victoria secret super model is now fighting for her life after a surfing accident off the coast of italy. she fractured her skull after falling off a motorized surf board and being hit by another surfer. doctors put her in an inmedic
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inmedically induced coma. they say she's at risk for permanent paralysis. she has modelled for calvin cline and garnier, as well. the truckdriver, kevin roper, faces one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. but his lawyer argues it will be impossible for him to get a fair trial because of media frenzy. it's shown roper was awake for 28 hours before that crash. a muslim express jet flight attendant says she was wrongfully suspended after refusing to serve alcohol to some passengers. her religious beliefs forbid her from drinking and serving alcohol. the airline worked out an agreement so she wouldn't have to serve passengers. but that all changed when a colleague complained she wasn't
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fulfilling her duties. she was suspended for 12 months unpaid and she has filed a discrimination complaint. it's a government land grab in the heart of area r5 1. nevada's a shayhan family claims they owned the disputed lands way back since the '70s. since then, the government has bought up portions of surrounding acreage. parts of that government land include the super secret area 51. .the family has been given a last best offer of $5.2 million which they must accept by thursday or the feds will seize the land. their answer right now? a solid no. you think stonehenge is impressive? matt has been there, says it is. british researchers say they've sdofd evidence of a larger version just about 22 miles away. the site has been dubbed super heng and it has as many as 90 large stones which used to stand
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near 15 feet high. researchers say they believe it was built about 2500 years ago and it was used as a ritual arena of some sort. >> i'm surprised it's just being discovered. >> very interesting. it's 25 minutes after the top of the hour. years after george zimmerman was acquitted in the death of trayvon martin, one lawyer is still cashing in on the case all of the taxpayers' dime. and it doesn't make a sound, but it's sending a big message about our veterans. how one vet is taking his outrage against the va very public. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade. 11,000 local activities right from our app. it's even harder to believe it took you this long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people
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and places that matter.
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it is tuesday, september 8th. beau bergdahl could spend the rest of his life behind bars. the brand new charges just filed against the deserter. and pope francis, a half hour away from announcing brand new rules for annulments. what the changed mean for
2:30 am
catholics all around the world. and a home becomes a virtual yard sale right down to the washer and dryer. the problem? the person selling all that stuff doesn't own any of it. "fox & friends" first continues right now. ♪ you will find plenty of those here in new york city. you're looking at a live look in times square this morning. everyone is up and at em. >> that's always beautiful. >> isn't it? i know. good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first." beau bergdahl, he could spend life behind bars. the army sergeant was freed in a
2:31 am
controversial trade with the taliban nearly five years after he walked away from his post in afghanistan. now, in addition to desertion, he's facing a rare charge that carries a harsher punishment. >> kelly wright is here to break down the latest. >> this charge, risk behavior before the enemy hasn't been used much since world war ii. it accuses bergdahl of endangering fellow soldiers. bergdahl disappeared from his post back in 2009 and was captured by the taliban. then in 2010, a pentagon investigation concluded he walked away from his unit, but stopped short of accusing him of desertion. his platoon mates are more outspoken. >> bergdahl walked away from us, went to try to find the taliban. and we know that for a fact. he's not a hero and he did not serve in distinction. that's a spit in the face to anyone who died looking for him. what do you think their families
2:32 am
think? they don't get their loved one back like bergdahl's family. >> on may 31st, 2014, u.s. special forces in afghanistan swapped five taliban commanders from guantanamo bay who had been in prison there for bergdahl's release. the exchange stirs controversy, debate and anger from lawmakers, republicans and democrats alike who were not informed by the prison swap. at the same time, president obama delivers a state in the white house rose guard within bergdahl's parents. >> beau was gone, he was never forgotten. he wasn't forgotten by his country because the united states of america does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind. >> so here is where things stand. the obama administration still.standing by its role in berg ca bergdahl's release. the if i say first hearing will be this month in houston.
2:33 am
>> thank you, kelly. catholics around the world anxiously awaiting a big announcement from pope francis. 30 minutes from now, the pope is set to announce some new procedures for marriage annulment. the changes are expected to stream line and simplify the process,ivorced catholics to fully participate in the church. their 1.2 billion catholics all around the world right now the church does not recognize divorce. a top lawyer for the new york governor, andrew cuomo, is now fighting for his life this morning. his name is kerrly gebae. he was shot in the head while walking through brooklyn. governor cuomo hailing all of his work for the public. >> he was a beautiful man, a sweet man, a man who was giving back to his community. it's a reminder that the violence, the violence has to stop. >> police saying a gang related dispute is to blame for this.
2:34 am
thousands of police officers, friends and family lining the streets of northern illinois to say their final farewell to lieutenant charles joseph glenowitz been the 32-year-old veteran of the force and father of four was shot and killed in the line of duty last week. his brother delivered an emotional eulogy. >> a man that cared deeply for his community and his fellow man. he touched the lives of so much. >> the search for his three killers, that continues today. police say they are poring over surveillance videos. we are hoping to learn more hopefully this afternoon. a notable absence at president obama's labor day event in boston. the new england police benevolent police association boycotted the president's visit, going even further by denouncing him for anti-violence are gripping our country.
2:35 am
well, he hasn't announced just yet, but joe biden sure looked like a candidate on the campaign trail over labor day. while the crowds are loving the veep, hillary clinton is starting to fall behind. peter doocy is live for us with more on the race for the white house. >> good morning, heather. the vice president spent part of his long weekend in pennsylvania. and his focus was on the power of labor. >> it wouldn't be a single -- out there were it not for anyone working but for labor. you built the middle class. that's not an exaggeration. and as you decline, the middle class is declining. so there's a simple correlation.
2:36 am
build labor, we build america. >> biden, of course, still hasn't said whether or not he will run for president, but the clinton camp is obviously concerned about losing even more support because social media reports revealed yesterday they were asking millennials at an event to sign a loyalty pledge. and many democratic voters remain skeptical on secretary clinton, but they shouldn't expect to hear her say sorry for mishandling classified intel because she tells the a.p. that, quote, what i did was allowed. it's a distraction, certainly, but it hasn't in any way affected the plan for our campaign, the efforts we're making to organize here in iowa or elsewhere in the country and i still feel very confident about the organization and the message that my campaign is putting out. carly fiorina surges, enough for her to make likely the prime time debate at the next gop event. >> whose ever button you're
2:37 am
wearing today, whether you've made up your mind about me or not, you know in your heart of hearts you cannot wait to see me debate hillary clinton. >> but the front-runner remains donald trump. >> peter doozy, live for us in washington. thanks, peter. fox news contributor charles krauthammer says republican res fed up with business as usual. >> so cliche. the republican party rate now is in the -- is not interested in anybody with experience. we're now in the stage where people are registering their protest. i think my colleagues here are right. carson is the kinder, gentler trurchl. if you're mad at hell and you don't want to be throwing the food around and you want somebody who is admirable in just about every way, your resting place, the place where
2:38 am
you park your vote, at least now, is with carson. to extreme wlr now, torrential downpours turning roadways into rivers in south florida. check this guy out. kayaking down a street in miami, nearly 3 inches of rain falling in just one hour. check out wisconsin. the cleanup begins after heavy rain shut down roads and damaging bridges in eau claire county. maria is tracking what is next for all of us. >> good morning. i'm sure those folks in miami are getting used to those heavy thunderstorms and produce flooding out there. unfortunately, it's been a wet summer across some areas, but across southeastern florida, we need that moisture. we've had those drop conditions ongoing for several weeks. i want to take you to parts of the plains and into the midwest. out here, we're looking at storms. in wisconsin, you have some flash flooding and that extends farther west into parts of iowa. you can see the risk is for large hail, damaging winds and
2:39 am
additional flash flooding across this region. the threat for isolated tornados is there and this covers anywhere from parts of wisconsin and mississippi all the way down to the texas panhandle. temperatures ahead of this storm system are very warm out there, even into the northeast, where temperatures should climb into the middle 90s in places like new york city and in boston. but behind this system, it's going to get much cooler out there. you're on the cooler side across the northern plains with high temperatures into the 70s. that cooler air mass moves through the south and as we head into tomorrow and also on thursday. check out the northeast on thursday. temperatures there only in the 70s and 80s. it's cooler, as well, as you head further west. louisville, 80 degrees. >> like seeing those cooler temperatures moving in. thanks, maria. >> thank you. for the first time in nearly 25 years, oklahoma's great wrap raft race is back on the water. hitting the river in homemade rafts to celebrate labor day.
2:40 am
there was a floating mini golf course and a super hero themed raft just to make a few. the float stretched down the river for eight miles. looks like fun. this isn't something you see he ever day. an extremely rare pink dolphin. look at that. caught on camera nine years ago, swimming in a river in louisiana. now we are learning that pinky might be pregnant. a ship captain in that area is now watching for a baby because he says he saw her mating. no word yet on what color that calf would be. >> that's beautiful. hope the baby is pink. the time now is 5:40. 20 minutes till the top of the hour. before you head to work, the seasons are changing a taste of fall making a big return. >> a harley davidson dealership refusing to host a meet up rally. why they are hitting the brakes on gathering near our nation's capital.
2:41 am
and good samaritans stepping up after an officer is attacked in a routine traffic stop. how they got there just in time.
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test test test test test test test test test test it test test test test test test test test te test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas.
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to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become. harley davidson shifting into reverse after a nationwide protest goes viral. >> a harley davidson dealership in washington, d.c. got some unexpected backlash after it agreed to let a group of bikers meet on-site prior to the october 10th ride for justice rally. now, the ride is part of the 20th anniversary activities marking lewis pharakhan march. the biker rally condemns the nation of islam and calls for the harley dealership to lose its franchise. it's got close to 6,000
2:45 am
signatures already. >> this business is definitely not trying to put harm to anybody. it's trying to bring everybody together. >> the harley davidson owner has canceled permission for the rally at the dealership. back to you. >> thanks, adam. to find adam on the business network, log on to fox finder. an attorney for the family of trayvon martin is getting paid thousands to speak at a public taxpayer university. he will receive $3500 to give a lecture called i am trayvon martin. he represented the martin family after george zimmerman shot and killed the teen for years ago. calling out the va, a veteran down in florida paying $2,000 for this huge billboard, actually two of them, urging the
2:46 am
department of veterans affairs to offer faster care to our heros. the electronic sign, va is lying. veterans are dying. a retired marine says the department of veterans affairs have not improved its wait time after patients died while waiting for care. >> i want the public to finally realize had is totally unacceptable. it's to the point of inhumane care. >> there are ten other matching billboards up across the country right now. kentucky clerk kim davis wakes up behind bars for a fifth day in a row after ignoring a court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses. now she's asking the governor to set her free. doug is live in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> good morning. kim davis does remain in jail this morning. there's going to be a big event for her, to back her later on today. and attending that will be
2:47 am
republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. >> it is unacceptable to put a person in jail without bail because she followed her conscious. and not only that, but she followed the only law that is in front of her. >> davis has said that she believes it is a sin for her to actually sign off on same-sex major licenses. her attorney wants kentucky's governor to grant her an accommodation for her belief. >> doug luzader, live for us this morning. thank you. it is now 47 minutes after the top of the hour. foxy knoxy cleared of murder. the judge's stunning decision in the amanda knox trial. and this photo of a woman hugging an officer going viral. what led to the heart warming moment. good morning to you, ladies. coming up on "fox & friends,"
2:48 am
new jersey governor chriscoun s christie will be with us. also, tea kyle on her role as a miss america judge and the new way to honor her late husband, chris kyle, the american sniper. also, dr. mark siegel breaks down the lunchbox blues, the worst things you can pack this morning for your kid's lunch. you're not going to want to miss that. and paula deen and buddy vel velastra. kicking off in 12 minutes on the channel you trust for your news, fox news. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
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the final countdown for "fox & friends." we're almost done with our show, but not yet. vindicated, once and for all. italian court saying that they threw out amanda knox's murder convictions in march because of glaring errors. and lawyers for knoxen say there was never any evidence that put her or her boyfriend behind the bars. >> he's mainly vague on the point that we have always mentioned, the lack of evidence and the uncertainties of the entire -- the construction of the acquisation. >> and they served nearly four
2:53 am
years after convicted of curture's murder in 2009. four more officials charged in el chapo's escape. two of them are members of the mexican intelligence service working in the prison while the other two were prison employees. ironically, they're all now being held in that jail. three good samaritans hailed as heroes after running to a deputy's aid in florida. >> he's a real man like me. he has a family just like dwro d i want him to be able to go home to his family like i can go home to my family. >> he was pulled over for
2:54 am
running a stop sign. he is now facing a slew of other charges. a touching moment between a police officer and a woman. this woman said she was upset with all the violence against police officers so she went into police station and decided to just hug a cop. and the officer was happy to accept the kind gesture. >> very nice. the time now is six minutes to the top of the hour. and a home become as yard sale. the problem? the person who is selling all of it, doesn't own any of it. and the officer who saved this very little kitten. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now
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it is now two minutes before the top of the hour. facing a rare military charge that could send him to prison for life. he was held prisoner by the taliban after walking off his base in afghanistan. and the pope announcing new procedures for marriage anullme anullment. and this is allowing divorced catholics to fully participate in the church. is it time for his change or is he too progressive.
2:59 am
you can weigh in on the "fox & friends" facebook page using #keep talk. and starbucks having their pumpkin latte using real pumpkins starting today. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good, police rescuing a kitten from a manhole. officers climbed down and saved the kitten. it's expected to be just fine. and the horror when a home owner realizes a man is selling his ietems on craigslist. the man now wanted by police. and finally, the ugly, double digits can mean double trouble for parents. >> she can't have one. >> who says i can't? >> a new survey shows parents
3:00 am
think their kids are most difficult to spend time with between 10 and 12, they're the most fun at 5 when they start to communicate. >> "fox & friends" starts now. hello, friends and good morning. today is tuesday, the 8th of september, 2015. this is a fox news alert. overnight, a terrifying new threat to law enforcement. >> it's time that you guy s kno we're no longer playing around with the police department. we are about to start striking fear shooting down all cops. >> the latest on the war on cops. and the vice president says he hears you and he's running. literally, look right there, run, joe, run. is that a sign? >> and mean while, hillary


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