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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 8, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> so long, everybody. bill: here we go on tuesday, fox news alert. more bad news for hillary clinton in this email scandal. there is a second review by two intelligence agencies. now confirming she had top secret emails on her private server. morning everybody, hope you had a good long weekend. welcome here to "america's newsroom." i trust you did. martha: i know you did as well. bill: absolutely. martha: more on that coming up. good morning to everybody at home. martha mack. that news from hillary clinton directly contradicting from the campaign, a campaign continuing to find itself in some distress. new polls show she is behind bernie sanders in the first in the nation primary in new hampshire. bill: clinton nine points below
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sanders in the marist poll. the numbers causing her to reboot campaign. byron york, "washington examiner." good morning, byron. >> good morning bill. bill: she is doing more interviews but no apology on the email matter. go. >> there is no good news for hillary clinton. she is behind bernie sanders in the last three polls in new hampshire and he is gaining on her in iowa, where her support has been deteriorating over the past several months and her campaign has been reduced to leaking plans she always viewed south carolina and the southern primaries where large numbers of african-american democrats will vote. she views that as her firewall. never really a good idea when a frontrunner has to explain why she might lose the first two contests of the primary campaign. now there is talk about some sort of a reset in her campaign in which her advisors want her
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to present herself as warmer, more human, more likeable. and somehow appeal to voters who believe so far she has been wooden and aloof and most importantly not very transparent about that whole email. bill: here comes joe. joe biden was in pittsburgh on labor day and this is part of what he had to say. >> i'm hot. i acknowledge that. i'm mad! i'm angry! you built the middle class. that is not an exaggeration. [applause] and as you have declined the middle class has declined. so there is a simple correlation. build labor, we build america. bill: he has been in office seven years now. what game is he playing? is he in or is he out? >> he is sending out very mixed signals. he looked like he was in yesterday in pittsburgh. heavy labor crowd, telling organized labor i've been with you for 40 years.
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you guys have been helping me. i've been helping you for 40 years. don't forget that. he certainly looked like a candidate yesterday. in recent days he has also given interviews that shows he is really on the fence, agonizing over this decision. i don't think there is any way right now we can say which way he is going. i don't think he knows right now. bill: there has to be a drop-dead date coming up at some point. >> soon, soon. bill: now to the polling on the republican side. real clear average, donald trump is doubling the field. by ron. >> yeah. it's huge. the trump phenomenon has not abated at all. i think the real news in the last few days is, or weeks, is the rise of ben carson, who is now really a solid second place in this race. clearly a first tier candidate and you know we were talking about the likability issue with hillary clinton. it is just the opposite with republicans and carson. they really like carson of the he makes a very, very good
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impression on audiences wherever he goes. so we've been seeing a steady climb of carson as more people get to see him. bill: good deal. thank you, byron. hope you had a good weekend. byron york setting the table for news washington. thank you. martha: ancther big story. a huge rally is expected outside of a kentucky jail. protesters showing their support for this woman, kim davis. she is the county clerk. she is behind bars for defying a federal judge's order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples there. presidential contenders getting involved in the debate as well. ted cruz and mike huckabee will visit kim davis in jail later today. >> the purpose of it is to show for to show support for kim and let the world know it is unacceptable to put a person in jail without bail because she followed her conscience. martha: doug mckelway, live in washington. doug, is mike huckabee doing this in support of religious or
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christian freedom clearly? >> reporter: religious freedom or christian freedom, that is really a million dollar question. we'll know if he comes to aid of muslim woman who refuses to sign same sex license. huckabee is former devout baptist preacher. whatever his conviction and concern for kentucky clerk there is real political advantage what he is doing right now. the social conservative wing of the republican field sees this as opportunity to pull votes from the evangelical votes of christian wing of the party that is deeply opposed to same-sex marriage. gop frontrunner, donald trump, says the bible is his favorite book next to the art of the deal but he has been unwilling or unable to cite any scripture of it. that is not the case with huckabee. still others in the gop field who are opposed in this rally and what huckabee is doing. >> quite frankly i don't think you should grandstand on this stuff. this is serious issue. i don't know if she is looking
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forward to a visit from senator cruz. i don't think you should grandstand to play politics on it. we should try to solve problems. >> reporter: christie says we should simply, simply be moved to another job where there is not objection because we have to follow the law. martha? martha: so on her stare what is the latest of her legal appeal? >> reporter: davis's lawyers did file another appeal yesterday ask the governor to accommodate her religious conviction and not force her to grant licenses to pay couple. that stands very little chance. but if the request is granted, davis could remove her name from the official marriage license and satisfy her religious conviction. her lawyer also appealed the ruling that put her in jail since refusing to sign the license, deputy clerks at rowan county, kentucky, licenses themselves with one exception of davis's son who is also deputy clerk who also refuses to sign them on religious grounds.
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martha: doug, thank you very much. bill: seven days, one week in jail. martha: her husband says she is fine. she is willing to stay there as long as it takes to prove her point. front and center in presidential politics as well. bill: growing crisis overseas. white house weighing options to take in refugees from overseas. hundreds of thousands seeking asylum today. [shouting] that scene of confusion and chaos in the country of hungary outside of budapest. police overwhelmed by refugees breaking through barricade at border. the country calling on its e.u. partners to help. amy kellogg live on the story in london. is europe any closer to unified
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policy on the refugees? >> reporter: not really, bill. clearly on top of all of european leaders agendas. there is a lot of squabbling how best to distribute and absorb an frankly to screen these migrants who keep arifing in a steady stream, having taken incredibly difficult trips sometimes on foot from the middle east all the way to europe. sweden has been taking disproportionate number of them. says people who are fleeing terror and war and rape knock on our door we need to open that door. but germany's chancellor saying we need an overarching policy. binding quotas should be applied. munich took 20,000 over weekend. that is what britain is agreeing to over next five years. it is clearly unbalanced. it is tense situations on the borders in eastern europe with constant clashes between police and refugees anxious to get to
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northern europe. >> this is not a way to treat refugees. what is our course, what is our course. we have a problem. i'm not happy to leave my home and to come here to be treated like an animal. >> reporter: bill, hungary is taking awful lot of criticism for its perceived indifference and at times brutality towards these migrants. hungary of course having been for decades on the wrong side of the iron curtain, expected by many to be a little more sympathetic. but the hungarian government says it is simply trying to control its borders. thanks. bill: amy, more on the story to come. amy kellogg to london nine minutes past. martha: back here at home congress gets backs to work. a big focus will be iran nuclear deal. former bush defense secretary colin powell throwing his support behind the president saying this deal after he looked at it, he believes is a pretty good one.
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presidential candidate marco rubio joins us live on what is sure to be a heated fight on the senate side and whether this is already a done deal. plus? >> initially after he left, we knew that he had deserted. we know that he was trying to find the taliban or or trying to find someone who could speak english so he could talk to the taliban. bill: more legal trouble for bowe bergdahl, why prosecutors are slapping him with a heavy charge that has been seldom used since the second world war. martha: saying good-bye to a fallen hero. how the community is honoring a veteran police officer gunned down in the line of duty and what his brother officers are doing to find his killers. >> now the notion knows he is a hero. we are gliniewicz strong. i love you brother. you will always be a part of my life.
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martha: well the poem making some major changes to the annulment process for catholics. pope francis announcing reforms to make process easier. three changes include eliminating second review before the marriage can be nullified. giving bishops to fast track and grant annulments themselves and making process free except for administrative fee.
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under the new rules annulments can be now completed within 45 days. bill: congress going back to work today, that is a fox news alert. top of the agenda for them today? the fight with president obama over the iran nuclear deal. we're hearing from two heavyweights from the bush administration. vice president dick cheney slamming a the deal in a speech in washington screen left. former defense secretary colin powell, screen right going public with his support. brad woodhouse, super-pac supporting hillary clinton. rich lowery editor of "national review" and fox news contributor. good morning to both of you. rich, powell says this is good deal. what do you say? >> doesn't surprise me. colin powell's views are basically indistinguishable from a basic democrat. i think he is wrong. talking about a deal that lets iran preserve most of nuclear infrastructure at the same time get this windfall of tens of billions of dollars sanctions relief it can pour into its
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terrorist activities and aggression around the region, that is not a good deal. it is not even a pretty good deal. bill: you're saying it's a bad deal? >> it's a bad deal, yeah. bill: this is what powell said -- >> clearly a little too subtle for you, bill. bill: it is cable. keep it clean. i don't trust them. i say we have a deal. see how they implement the deal. if they don't implement it bail out. none of our options gone. oh, really, brad? sanctions removeds. billions of dollars in relief. >> we can reimpose our sanctions. look at contrast today. you have colin powell who i think unfortunately to history was at the u.n. advocating for the war in iraq. but, you know he is with this deal. you have dick cheney who said he wouldn't have done anything different in in iraq. now opposing this deal which the alternative really is for them to continue headlong into making a nuclear weapon, or, we have to go to prevent them from getting
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nuclear weapon. look -- bill: rich, you want war. i heard you say that before. listen, guys, seriously, debbie wasserman-schultz now supports this deal. what she said under this agreement iran can't produce a bomb for 10 or 15 years. how about a deal that says never, rich? >> that is the standard colin powell had in the bush administration, when the bush administration cut a nuclear deal with libya, it involved libya ripping up entirety of its nuclear infrastructure. then it got all sorts of relief. we weren't going to trust the libyans. in fact the administration sold this deal in advance. there will be anywhere anytime inspections. actually on suspected non-declared sites it will take up to 24 days to get those inspections. on this key site, where we need to know what happened to establish baseline of past nuclear activity, there is secret side agreement congress
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has not been told contents are apparently allows iran to inspect itself. that is not trust by verify. that is simple trust. bill: what about that, brad? how about a deal that says never, not 10 years, not 15, just never. >> i think everyone would like that deal, bill. you know, the u.s. wasn't the only partner to these negotiations. but let's take rich's plan. rich's plan, no inspections. rich's plan is no access. you know, and so, at least under this plan there is some inspections. there is some access. like colin powell said, no options are off the table. we can go to war to them if we want to. we can seek military options. let me say this, under different scenario this deal would get more bipartisan support. i'm convinced if republican negotiated it would get republican support. i believe principal operation is hurting hillary clinton who helped negotiate the sanctions -- >> we all know chuck schumer can't stand hillary clinton. chuck schumer is against this
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deal to undermine hillary clinton. there is bipartisan opposition in this deal. polls show two to one public opposition to this deal. and -- >> that is not true. >> only alternative is war because brad, the reason -- >> what is your alternative, rich? what is your alternative, rich. >> reason iranians came to the table because sanctions were hurting them so badly. you could have maintained sanctions and instead of unraveling them instead of leading the way unraveling. president obama did that. >> rich, your side said for years that the sanctions weren't working. you said for years that the president wasn't tough enough, you said for years they were close to getting nuclear weapon. now you're saying we should put the sanctions back that you said weren't strong enough. you can't have it both ways rich. >> over the president's opposition congress applied stronger sanctions. and those sanctions were binding. iranian economy was on verge of collapse. president obama let them out of
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that. bill: nobody wins when we all talk at same time. you mentioned hillary clinton. fox confirms today, after second review of her emails there was classified information that dealt with the north koreans on her email server. now how will she defend that? >> well i think she will say, campaign said, what they have been saying, is that, and state department said this last night, there is a big disagreement between the intelligence agencies and state departments and other agencies about what is classify and what isn't classified. and, these, and whether or not these emails were marked classified at the time. i mean, she has said, she has maintained no one has been able to contradict that she didn't send or receive anything that was marked classified. bill: depends on what the definition of what marked is. i have got to run. there is plenty more to talk about. brad thank you for your time and rich to you. martha. martha: there is alarming threat against police. the frightening 911 call that
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has many on high alert. >> it is time that you guys know we're no longer playing around with the police departments. we are striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by themselves. i was diagnosed with lung cancer. as a firefighter approaching a fire i had to confine it, contain it and attack it. and i went to cancer treatments centers of america. we were able to do a thoracoscopic surgery where we could use tiny incisions, we put a camera inside the chest and tony was
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bill: police departments in colorado now on high alert after two alarming incidents. aurora police were called to a scene and then shot at sunday night. so far it is not clear if that was an ambush but shooting comes after, well only hours after someone called 911 threatening several police departments in that same area. >> it is time that you guys know we're not longer playing around with the police departments. aurora -- start striking fear
6:25 am
shooting down all cops we see by their shelves. you guys are a evicting innocent people. catch you by yourself and we'll start firing. bill: police are working to determine if the two incidents are related. >> new details in search for suspects in the death of an illinois police officer. a news conference expected in just hours after the massive manhunt hits one week now. lake county residents and fellow officers turning out by the thousands to pay their respects as lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was laid to rest yesterday. the 52-year-old was shot and killed last tuesday shortly after he radioed in he was chasing three suspicious men. those who knew him say he was extremely educated to his work. >> that day, like every other day, joe put on his uniform and said, send me. he was the kind of man that in
6:26 am
the face of danger would run towards it, while others ran away. his dedication was unshakable, and his course was unwaiverring. martha: matt finn is live in fox lake, illinois. matt, there was show of overwhelming support for this fallen officer. >> reporter: martha, so many family, friends, and officers from around the country showed up yesterday. that the service was scheduled to last about four hours, ended up lastings well over eight hours. it is said so often but our entire team stood there watching. we all said we had never seen anything quite like it. estimated three to 5000 police officers from around the country as far as away as new york showed up to pay farewells. 1500 police vehicles were in the procession. that may not sound like a lot. think how impactful a couple dozen cars are in standard funeral. took over an hour for the cars to file out of the viewing
6:27 am
parking lot. gliniewicz was husband, father of four, very respected man in the community. all over attorney are blue risch bonnes and signs and memorials and businesses saying, thank you for your service. martha? martha: so it has been a week. there is no sign of these suspects. they have very little to go on in this case. where does that stand? >> reporter: yeah, police so far have been pretty tight-lipped what they know. all they know know they have two crucial pieces of evidence. something they recovered from the field near the officer's murder although they haven't said what that is. surveillance video. they say they have video from homes and traffic cameras which may depict three suspects and give them a timeline but they haven't revealed what the video shows just yet. there was an autopsy but we don't know the results of that. these three suspects are still at large, these three cop killers are out there. unfortunately there is not a strong description of them. we don't know how hold or height and weight. people are trying to keep eyes and ears are open.
6:28 am
they don't necessarily know what they're looking for. police say there are other people who they are trying to fet ahold of to help this case. >> once we get those, we'll coordinate with the fbi to turn video over to them as well. we have images we believe are subjects we would be interested in talking to. >> reporter: now, martha, businesses and corporations have come forward also offering to help. a local motorola company offered a $50,000 reward. martha. martha: every little bit will help. somebody will know something eventually. matt, thank you very much. bill: intelligence agencies echo the inspector general, saying information found on hillary clinton's email server was indeed classified. but the democratic candidate insisting she does not need to apologize. karl rove next on the latest clinton email revelations. stay tuned for that. martha: and deadly spiders in aisle 4. a woman get as very big surprise in her grocery bag. eww.
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>> my nephews if he would have got bit or loose in the house, like overnight, imagine like something could have happened. it is just, it is scary.
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just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. bill: 9:31, live from washington. former vice president dick cheney speaking out against the iran deal. as we get a tweet moments ago from senator ted cruz. get this, tomorrow 1:00 p.m. eastern, join donald trump, sarah palin and me along with others at u.s. capitol to rally to stop iran deal. that goes on tomorrow. first we heard of it. watch that story and this development throughout the day and more. 9:32 in new york. martha: second review by two intelligence agencies now confirms information found on hillary clinton's private server was indeed top secret according to them. now this backs earlier findings by the inspector general of those intelligence agencies that in fact two emails were
6:33 am
classified at the time that they were sent to hillary clinton. you remember she said she never sent or received anything marked classified. meanwhile hillary clinton is taking opportunity to talk and in that opportunity she basically doubled down. she says there is absolutely no need for her to apologize. >> do you want to apologize to the american people for the choice you made? >> well, it wasn't the best choice and i certainly have said that i will continue to say that as lives said many times it, was allowed and it was fully aboveboard. the people in the government knew that i was ewing a personal account. bill: karl rove is former white house deputy chief of staff and a fox news contributor. karl, good morning. good to see you this morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: hillary is rebooting according to numerous stories over the weekend. she took one opportunity on friday afternoon to talk about this andrea mitchell. you see what she said. no apology at this point, not part of the strategy apparently. >> yeah, i've been taken aback
6:34 am
by two thing that secretary clinton said in recent days. she said in the interview with andrea mitchell, that what she did was allowed -- actually what she said she did not give much thought to it. in an interview with the ap, she said what i did was allowed by the state department. well, first of all, it gives a mind-set, which said i didn't think much about this here she is talking about communication with her top level said inside of the state department and she admits she didn't give much thought to it. martha: yeah. >> second thing that gets me is, this constant refrain what she did was allowed. look, i worked in the white house for seven years. if you wanted to do something like this, you would, if you were in the white house you would have to go to the office of the general counsel and get permission that, from them that this was in conformity with statutes and rules and regulations. my question is, if this was allowed, who did she go to in
6:35 am
the state department to get permission to set up private server in her home in chappaqua and non-government email address in order to communicate with her top staff? very simple question. who did she go to and get authorization that was in conformity with the laws and rules and regulations of the united states or the state department? we have never gotten an answer to that yet she continues to assert everything she did was allowed. martha: i didn't think much about it, sort of flies in the face of deliberate action, call the staffer, please come out to the house, please set up this server which is obviously very deliberate action. i want to -- go ahead. >> martha, that is another issue. who did she go to inside of the state department. i want to take a state department employee to put them on personal payroll to do things connected with personal system i set up in my home? if you were sitting in the white house, sitting any executive branch of the white house or secretary you
6:36 am
name it whatever cabinet department, prudent think would go to the get legal opinion can i do this paid someone from the state department out of her personal pocket. to maintain her system, who did she get permission to do that herself? martha: look at polls. there is large question whether or not she is the inevitable candidate at this point. when you look at some of these numbers, you have bernie sanders ahead of her 41-32. joe biden who increasingly looking like he may get in this race is at 16 in new hampshire. go to iowa where she is 38 over 27 for bernie sanders who has been increasing his power there as well or his numbers. south carolina she is clearly ahead 67-10. what do you make of these stories, karl, over weekend, she is going to, i love this quote, bring new efforts to bring spontaneity. i didn't think spontaneity you put a whole lot of effort by
6:37 am
virtue meaning of word. we've been down this road before, karl. she will be more personable, more grandma, more accessible. they have tried this before. >> yeah. they also said over the weekend they would reintroduce her to the people of the united states. she was first, the wife of the democratic nominee for president in 1992. first lady of the united states. two-time u.s. senator from new york. democratic candidate for president in 2008. secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. she has been a candidate for the last year. she has written two "new york times" best-sellers. around we don't know her. we'll get reduced to her. she is in dreadful shape. she is in dreadful, dreadful shape. martha: one of the most recognized human beings in the country. >> exactly. martha: joe biden is watching all of this unfold. you saw him over the weekend. >> right. martha: he absolutely sounded like a candidate. is he in? if he is do you agree with rupert murdoch who is tweeting
6:38 am
out, if he gets in very tough for republicans to beat? >> well he is tougher. if you take a look at polls, for example in iowa, both jeb bush and donald trump beat hillary clinton, but joe biden beats donald trump. in new hampshire jeb beats hillary and hillary beats trump but biden beats trump by a big margin. he would be somewhat tougher. i do think he is in. i will say this, i wrote this in my column last week in the "wall street journal" i think she is likely to lose iowa and new hampshire. then the calendar on march 1st, march 8th and 15th and turns south. it goes to south carolina in late february and southern states and blue-collar states in early march, states she won in 2008 against barack obama. or states where she lost it to barack obama but in order to win, bernie sanders or joe biden would have to do exceptionally well among black democrats in the south. and i frankly think the calendar
6:39 am
probably helps her. martha: we've seen that strategy before. didn't work for rudy giuliani. jeb bush and others seem to banking on that strategy as well. it is interesting question as to whether or not it will work this time. karl, thank you very much. >> absolutely. martha: we'll see you soon. >> thank you, martha. martha: you bet. bill: hire is something that might be kind of cool. we're up and running 298. almost up 300 points after minutes of trading on dow 30. long labor day weekend, stocks in china were decent. they held up, imagine that and we're following suit up about 2%. we'll watch it throughout the day to see if that holds. four officials accused of helping a notorious drug lord escape from maximum security prison. a judge set to decide their fate william la jeunesse. he will chap poe, as he is known need ad lot of help to make this escape. >> every expert said it was inside job. only question how many were in
6:40 am
on it. right now the number is he have s federal judge in mexico saying monday two prison employees in the control room and two members of mexico' intelligence agency helped el chapo escape. two guards and supervisor who were in charge. there is a camera inside of disabuse man's cell. they were charged with purposely looking other way and failing to sound the alarm and cost chapo 50000000 in bribes. -- seven million each. ironically the seven men are being held in the same prison they worked as guards. bill: william la jeunesse, in the newsroom in los angeles. 20 minutes after the hour. martha. martha: brand new charges against bowe bergdahl in the news. why the government's latest move could put bergdahl behind bars for life. >> bergdahl walked away from us, went to try to find the taliban. we know that for a fact.
6:41 am
he is not a hero. he did not serve with distinction. that is spit in the face to anyone who joined the army and died looking for him. they don't get their loved one back like bergdahl's family.
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it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! martha: walmart is investigating after a woman found a black widow spider in her grapes. ariel jackson bought the food at a wal-mart super center in michigan. when she got home and went to wash them, she found deadly spider in the bag. she took the picture. there it is, she called 911. >> when i called them, i was like, this really isn't an emergency but i have a black widow spider. he is like just kill it. me? you want me to kill it? martha: in the end her brother and boyfriend took care of it. walmart is issuing statement saying they take food safety accusations seriously. they will look into taking some appropriate action.
6:45 am
>> get that out of there. new information on bowe bergdahl and the charge right now is something we seldom see. bergdahl charged with desertion for leaving his post. five years later swapped for a group known as the "taliban five" out of gitmo. bergdahl facing much more serious charge, one that seldom has been used since the second world war. kt mcfarland, fox news security analyst and former assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: there is legal side to it and political side to it. take the political first. >> political thing, think about it, a little more than a year ago the president welcomed bergdahl and his family in rose garden ceremony. the president was hugging them. here is great american hero, we brought him back. we don't leave any man behind. fought nobodiably for his country. united states military prosecutors essentially slapping the president in the face saying, look, this guy, we'll charge him as high as we can. we'll hopefully put him in the
6:46 am
jail for the rest of his life. he endangered his fellow soldiers. so, just, you know, that to me is really big slap in the face of a very independent military, judicial system which is saying, thisfy ain't no hero. bill: misbehavior before the enemy. that could be, you could be drinking beer, you could be smoking heroin, you could lead them down a trail to show them where the outpost is, could be any number of things. >> also could be by his actions he endangered his fellow soldiers. one of the accusations has always been from some of bowe bergdahl's own colleagues in the military was we went out to try to find him after he left and six soldiers were killed in -- it wasn't a rescue mission. they were on a patrol. they were looking for him. so you could even make the case that maybe bergdahl's actions put others in harm's way, and potentially -- that is where they're going. bill: because the pentagon said there is no evidence anyone died
6:47 am
in the search. >> correct, a absolutely. bill: perhaps there is different evidence, different information? >> you know what the soldiers will say during the court-martial. you see who has come outspoken in public saying he was no hero. he was a traitor. he put us all in danger. so you don't know what kind of evidence they have. bill: back to the legal side. judge napolitano earlier today on fox and friends. watch here. >> right. >> they have to satisfy a jury that this was not an accident. that this was not cowardice. this was intention to do something wrong in the presence of the enemy in order to harm the united states. >> sounds tough to prove. >> i think it is tough to prove, why i'm a little surprised the government raised its own bar here. bill: would you overcharge in order to force a plea? >> two things might be happening. one is, implication, well they overcharged him. so maybe he'll plead guilty to desertion so he doesn't have to
6:48 am
potentially face life in prison being found of misbehavior. the other alternative, maybe the military prosecutors have a lot more evidence against him. maybe he it was more than wandered off the post and got snatched. maybe he intentionally did it. he maybe somehow had conversion, deciding what the united states was doing is evil, decided to in effect dessert and join the enemy. bill: bergdahl's attorney. unfortunate someone got creative and decided to charge two things. that is overcharge. december 17th, sam houston, texas, do we get to watch that? >> i don't believe you're allowed to watch the hearings but i'm sure we'll hear a lot about it. other interesting thing what else is happening around september 17th. iran nuclear deal. a lot going on those couple days. bill: grand jury, we'll lean on you for much greater education as we go through. >> thank you, bill.
6:49 am
bill: kt mcfarland. thanks. martha. martha: some real estate that could be out of this world. but the air force insisting some homeowners hand over their property near area 51. we'll bring you the truth, which is out there. ♪
6:50 am
♪ lease the 2015 rc 350 for $429 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. from and the people whought you underwhelbrought youet speeds. temperamental satellite television. introducing... underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity.
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6:52 am
♪ . martha: so, the air force is issuing an ultimatum. officials are asking owners to give up their property that is surrounded by a bombing range that includes the facility known as area 51. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles on this. so what exactly is the
6:53 am
government offering, here, jonathan? >> reporter: $5.2 million is the government's final, best offer for this, martha, which sound pretty good i guess when you consider this is 400-acres out in the middle of nevada desert. nobody is about to build a whole foods out there. you would think they accept it. but you think these 20 or so owners, their families have been there for decades. if you break that down, they would be coming out with about 250 grand each. they say, that the area back in 1986 was valued at more than $13 million. so they say, they just want a good price. you see one of the satellite images of the area there. joseph sheehan is one of the families who are leading this fight on behalf of the owners and he said, quote, why don't they ask themselves what it cost my family over the years in blood, sweat, tears, and money.
6:54 am
this standoff should come to a head on thursday, martha. that is when the government says if that 5.2 million offer isn't accepted, they are going to seize the land and bring it into area 51. if of course area 51 exists. i don't know. martha: dot owners know whether it exists or not, what goes on there? what do they say? >> reporter: they say they have a lot of stories to tell. one of the things they say about this, come on, we and our families have been there for decades. we have never given away anything. we haven't talked about anything we've seen. all the stories that were handed down they have there, lakeside picnics late at night. so we're all left to just know about area 51, what we know from the movies. of course area 51 was a big part of that great movie, "independence day." the site of the big battle that you see there. also had a role in indiana jones
6:55 am
and the "kingdom of the crystal skull". but we really don't know the truth. people have this property, a decent amount of money maybe they come out to tell us the truth and we'll all be better off. martha: maybe if they don't get the money and tell us the truth and somebody else gets the money. >> reporter: very smart. bill: we'll send hunt to area 51 to come back with facts and evidence. thank you, sir. martha: and some little friends. bill: breaking news. joe manchin, the democrat from west begin, says he is now a no vote on the iran deal. watch this story all week now, along with chuck schumer is is perhaps the most prominent democrat to come out and say i won't go for it. he says for me this deal had to be more about preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon the next 10 or 15 years, period. for me this deal had to address iran's terrorist actions. without doing so, would reward iran's 36 years of deplorable behavior and would do nothing to
6:56 am
stop its destructive activities. manchin is a no. we'll see how many others as we go day by day this week. rally outside of the jail where the kentucky clerk is being held for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex marriage. presidential candidates, throwing their support, some of them, behind kim davis. we'll tell how is doing what in a moment. martha: the white house beginning to reevaluate its response to the refugee crisis overseas. could thousands of those refugees head to the united states? [shouting] >> i think it's a tragedy, of extraordinary proportions but we have to do this thing right. to wholesale let in thousands of syrians into the united states, not knowing who they are, i think would be a very irresponsible. ons equal danger. ons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason.
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mcfarland back and they'll be under pressure as lawmakers return from their summer recess facing tight deadlines. a big big issue they have to deal with including the possibility of a partial government shutdown. welcome to a brand new hour of america's newsroom. >> swift action needed to avoid another financial crisis throughout the iran nuclear deal and planned parenthood into the mix and you have the markings of a political free-for-all. efforts to defund planned parenthood turning to hold a budget deal at the end of the month as congress launches an investigation in the wake of the alarming video shot by a pro-life group. >> you can't sell for a profit donating for research is one thing that selling for up profit is another. manipulating abortions is a crime. martha: making annual live on capitol hill. what is the first agenda a piece for congress? >> the iran nuclear deal, you had senator joe mentioned say he
7:01 am
is opposed to it. a lot of lawmakers weigh in on with a wood showed over the august recess but serious debate over the coming week or so, harry reid, senate democratic leader is going to give a speech here, full throated endorsement for the deal. short time ago a vocal critic of the iran deal and expressed deep concerns. >> for every member of congress no matter how many years they serve or how many of those they cast this is a vote that will be remembered. so much is in the balance for our own security and that of our allies, not a moment for appeals of party loyalty or with calls or returning favors or lining up against the president for its own sake. >> the timing is fluid with lawmakers returning from a five week recess but we expect the house of representatives to vote on the dealers soon as friday.
7:02 am
martha: the government funding shut down potential issue as well. >> no question, funding the government can be complicated any year but when you add in a presidential campaign and those shocking planned parenthood videos that can make it extraordinarily difficult. some will try to defund planned parenthood, perhaps reallocate the money to community health clinics and different fashion, expect democrats to hold the line on that and that sets up a difficult time table with the government running out of money by the end of the month and all indications are this might come down to the final moments. martha: that is very interesting to see how that plays out. bill: there was a rally outside the jail where a kentucky clerk is locked up for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. kim davis jail for defying
7:03 am
several court orders. refusal to grant licenses gaining support from some. presidential candidate mike huckabee will be at a rally this afternoon after meeting with davis at the jail. ted cruz will also be visiting with davis today. carl cameron is live in washington watching from there. good morning to you. >> the timetable is important. the first few moments after kim davis's incarceration mike huckabee began reaching out to hold a rally in support of her today and her right to act or not act based on her religious convictions. it has been officially scheduled for the mic huckabee campaign since last thursday a big deal for him. he calls it judicial tyranny over religious liberty and his campaign relies on evangelical christians particularly in iowa where they make up half of the gop caucus. use a former arkansas governor and former pastor and takes a backseat to no one when it comes to conservative social positions
7:04 am
which yesterday with began to as ted cruz was planning to visit and would do so today. ted cruz is on his way to washington after a monthlong stock, he has been on the campaign trail and his aides say he was squeezing it in on the way to washington. mike huckabee and ted cruz are supporters of religious liberty and regularly are being threatened by enters this government and activist court. new jersey governor chris christie said he understands religious freedom but as a former u.s. attorney public officials do have a legal obligation to perform their duties. here is what he had to say about the appearances in support of davis. >> i don't think you should grant -- this is a serious issue. don't know if she is looking forward to the visit or not. the fact is i don't think you should play politics on it. what we should do is try to solve problems. >> yesterday on the campaign trail in new hampshire john kasich said he respected davis disagrees with the supreme court but it is ridiculous she is in jail but as a government
7:05 am
employee she has to comply with the law or is breaking it. donald trump says he sees both sides that davis has a public duty to uphold the court's running. >> carl cameron in washington. >> editor-in-chief of the daily collar and co-host of fox and france, good to see you this morning. what do you think? some of these republican candidates coming down on the side of she is a government employee who has to do her job and others digging in their feet on this and hoping it will help the my would imagine. >> public officials have to obey and carry out the rule of law, the bedrock conservative principle. what i find striking is reaction from democrats and the left. where was hillary clinton when gavin twosome in 2004 performed 6,000 gay marriage is in violation of california law? wishy calling for his imprisonment? where was she when president obama and eric holder ignored immigration laws they didn't
7:06 am
care for, was she standing up saying these guys should be imprisoned? of course not. kim davis probably needs to carry out the law or get another job in presenting her is so wildly disproportionate, completely out of the scope of what normal people would approve of it is amazing to watch the left's response. kim davis is a threat to america and needs to be boxed up behind bars? really? martha: mike huckabee talked about that, she didn't even get bail. >> sheet -- >> every dollar got bail, the boston strangler got bail. john wayne gacy got bail, and davis because she followed her convictions is put into jail and is not given bail. this is an unbelievable moment of american history and it may wake people because who is next? >> again, if you take a stand on
7:07 am
the side of the rule of law is hard to argue with that. where where they went gavin isn't put 6,000 marriage licenses illegally and was hailed as a hero, following his, engines in the tradition of martin luther king, it is too much a double standard. there is a lot of hypocrisy in d.c. but you can reach a point it is nauseating. >> religious liberty is a big issue and if you look at the basket case, they have supported a muslim who wanted to keep his beard in prison and defended him effectively and successfully and also defended christians in terms of standing up for religious liberty you have to be consistent. >> she is a working-class evangelical from appellation. the least popular group among elites in america. there's no less popular group than the one she belongs to and that is why people are applauding her punishment. they don't like her. martha: hillary clinton is
7:08 am
rebidding and focusing on an organized effort of spontaneity which is interesting as well so let's take a look at a little bit of her interview when she was asked, part of a listen up campaign with andrea mitchell. >> what are you and binge watching? >> right now we are so late in watching house of cards, nearly done with the season. >> text for e-mail? >> not sure that is appropriate. martha: what do you make of it? >> painful. this is the softest interviews they could find without going all the way, they sought this out. this is -- the more she talks the less appealing she is to voters. she is not a natural politician. doesn't love is like her husband doesn't is uncomfortable to watch. of elizabeth warren got in tomorrow shewould sweep the table.
7:09 am
martha: here is a tweet from david axelrod talking about this new campaign to do the more joel version of hillary clinton, the air time story read more like the onion. retail blandish or moderate and more authenticity and spontaneity, hash tag just do it. is a reflection of what the obama administration is thinking? j.d. that joe biden might get in? >> they hate each other. the president and secretary clinton hate each other, there can see each other for shore and have since the 2008 campaign when the obama people called racist. they have been mad about it ever since. stock division in washington coming out in the open. i don't know. it is as volatile and the democratic side as isn't a republican side. martha: it is more interesting than house of cards. >> the white house exploring all options to help refugees
7:10 am
streaming into europe. >> this is a humanitarian crisis that is straining. a number of things the united states can do to offer support. >> what will the white house duties refugees coming to the united states, that story on going today. martha: another big story as pope francis makes another bold statement softening the church's tone. this time on annulments. is there matching criticism from within? bill: police on alert in colorado after phoning in law enforcement handling this. >> 15 innocent people. namaste. stay. taking care of our teeth is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change.
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>> caller: bill: strong storms and heavy flooding in wisconsin, roads washed out, sandbagging operations under way in one town, several counties in a state of emergency after a dam on the buffalo river had to be opened to allow enough water to run through. >> it is designed to do that. half the height of the dam is designed to lower the water level. it is to protect people from flash flooding. >> at least one home has been damaged and a processing company last six trucks and thousands of
7:15 am
dollars worth of product. martha: world leaders grappling over how to handle the influx of refugees from north africa and the middle east and the white house is re-evaluating at the response. the administration weighing options including possibility of welcoming thousands of women to this country. john bolton is former ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor and fellow at the american institute. good to have you with us. from the tees off ernest referred to this as a humanitarian disaster and michael goodwin wrote about this this morning, here is how this is being handled, this metastasizing catastrophe is not the result of famine or drought disease but it is man-made and should have been prevented. that would have reacquired leaders with moral conviction of roosevelt orchard joel. instead america and great britain are led by frat boys him his words.
7:16 am
>> clearly the refugee problem is due to the efforts by isis to set up the caliphate in the region. to persecute christians and other minority sects and basically to impose its will. that is one reason growing a civil war in syria where we have this problem. the issue of how you stop the flow of refugees going after the cause which we manifestly have not done. second, even once you have a lot flow of refugees like this is not the first time the world has ever seen anything like this. we know what should be done and they haven't been doing it. turkey has and set up to its responsibilities, it was irresponsible in germany to say they would accept 800,000 cerium refugees, 1% of their population which has created a magnet drawing it 30s, letting through turkey's territory in new york and spreading across the continent. there two errors that have been made.
7:17 am
first is the response to america's failure to deal with isis, second is turkey and europe's failure to do what they should do to handle refugees. martha: no choice but to deal with refugee flows, people are streaming across all of these borders but to not recognize how we got here, we look back to the red line moment in syria, play that sound from president obama when he stated there could be no red line crossed in syria. >> very clear to the side regime and other players on the ground at a red line for us, we start seeing a bunch of chemical weapons moving around. that would change my calculus, change my equation. >> it didn't do anything. the president said it was his objective to degrade and destroy isis.
7:18 am
he is not doing anything to accomplish those objectives. i think the people looking at the circumstances and not seeing any possibility of repatriation in the short term, hearing this open invitation from germany and assisted by turkey to sweet this problem into europe have taken advantage. martha: look at the united states, europe, golf partners who have fled this problem fester and somehow thought it was never going to come home to roost on their own territory, these people and clearly screening this message from the top of their lungs in fact they are abandoning their homes, their countries, they have been forced out by religious persecution and isis and all these other situations, they are saying there's a problem. is not safe where i live. i can't live there with my family. i have no choice but to leave. the rest of the western world's fault for not doing anything to step in and help. >> in part but it doesn't mean
7:19 am
the west, europe or the united states has an obligation to take these people in to resettle them. our obligation i think is to provide for assistance in turkey, standard refuge doctrines, repatriation is the preferred responses when circumstance is permitted and resettlement the secondary option. what germany has done is change the equation. by saying they are willing to take a hundred thousand people in even if it is on a humanitarian visa for five years those people are never leaving. this has caused enormous turmoil in europe, hungary, austria, people saying we never agreed to this, they won't make it to germany and they won't stay in germany and ultimately could be more than 800,000 on the move and i think they will try to come here as well. this is where the threat of license or other terrorist groups taking the opportunity of this human tragedy can infiltrate their own adherents in europe and the united states.
7:20 am
martha: thank you very much, good to speak with you. bill: a muslim flight attendant responded for refusing to serve alcohol and now she is suing saying she should not have to choose between her religion and her job. how is that different from kim davis in kentucky? our panel debate that today. martha: a squatter breaks into a family's home and takes out an ad for all their stuff on craigslist. >> money is not the issue. it is violation, to take over like that and blatantly live in that house and have our yard sale. is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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go long. so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
7:23 am
martha: police looking for squatters moved into a family's home and sold all of their stuff on craigslist.
7:24 am
the family had just moved out of their home of 25 years in washington state and were putting it up for sale. when ed homan returned to me with a real-estate agent he found a stranger in side. >> he said i am here for the microwave. know you are not, this is my home. i am not selling anything. i walked around the corner and saw my appliances were gone and the cabinets, i immediately knew what happened. martha: he heard somebody rushing out the back door. a neighbor's surveillance camera caught this image. the brazen quote crook is stille run. bill: the pope denouncing the spring of changes about annulments got this is causing a rift with some of the church's conservative members. a pastor for the church is with me, nice to see you. it will be a fascinating king.
7:25 am
>> the pope visited philly and washington and new york, let's talk about what the possible change is within the church. what does it mean? >> the pope issued new canonical more regarding the process of and allman. the biggest change is the process can now take place in 45 days under direct control of the bishop if both parties agree they think the marriage was invalid they have evidence to show there was some cause for invalidity so it is a speeding up of the process. at least the year sometimes more. bill: what do you think he is up to? >> he is a pope of merci. he wants people who have a reason to believe their marriage was not a valid marriage to be able to get that resolution quicker. it is debatable how it will work out because the process will be under the bishop of the diocese, formerly it was under a judge, who was a trained canon lawyer. the bishop is supposed to get expertise to help him but naturally there are concerns
7:26 am
that bishops who are not canon lawyers how can they properly judge? it will take awhile for the process to be developed and training given. bill: within the church after the annulment is granted you are allowed to continue taking the sacraments. >> you can remarry in the catholic church after getting a declaration of an element. bill: there's a lot of speculation what pope francis is up to and what he is not. he seems to do these head fakes. you look one way and the goes the other and vice versa. from the washington post, quote, we have a serious issue right now where catholic priests and bishops are saying and doing things against what the church teaches and yet the pope does nothing to silence them. the inference is this is what the pope wants, the suggestion within the vatican did versus schism of a different kind. true or not? >> there is not a schism. that would be something formally declared by the church and
7:27 am
recognize that there is a rebellion going on in germany and switzerland being led primarily by german cardinals and swiss bishops and others in europe and they're basically saying catholic morality has to be radically changed. they want to legitimize homosexual unions, get rid of the indissoluble the of marriage, cardinal marks in germany came out with a statement saying in germany we are not just a branch office of rome. we determine what we are going to do. that is like henry viii stuff. we are definitely roman catholics loyal to the pulp and doctrine of the faith. vatican people anonymously quoted are raising legitimate concerns. they are not against the pope, they wish he would be more vigorous in telling these german and swiss theologians not to contradict catholic teaching in the media. bill: this public's debate, he likes to open it up to everybody and we will see what this visit
7:28 am
brings. any predictions? >> we will look out for some striking messages the first time the pope visits the u.s. i think we will see a lot of emphasis on the hispanic catholic in flux and what a great blessing it is for the church and he will canonize a franciscan priest who worked in california. the catholic church is alive and well. we got to get our house in order. catholic doctrine should not be by anybody in authority. >> great piece in the times the last couple days about how cardinal dolan is advising pope francis on the american way. thank you for your time. martha: hillary clinton's personal e-mail account did contain classified information but clinton still maintains that she did absolutely nothing wrong. we will talk about it. >> more threats against the police, this time someone calling 911 she trending issued any officers they see. where this is happening and what is next.
7:29 am
>> striking fear shooting down all cops.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
martha: police department in colorado under high alert after receiving an anonymous phone calls threatening to shoot police officers. phone call led image amid a recent strike against police including the latest incident over the weekend wintery to police officer clanton las vegas were ambushed by a gunman in their vehicle. how are the police responded in denver? >> department ongoing to start rolling out officers, two to a car, no one will respond solo. listen to the call the prompted this. >> time that you guys know we are no longer messing around with the police department's. striking fear, shooting down all
7:33 am
cops we see by themselves. the sheriff's department, you think you are right evicting isn't people, let us catch you -- >> that came in sunday night. the recording obtained exclusively by our local affiliate fox 31. the aurora police association president said it is hard to get a call about wanting to issue that police. the department is also investigating a shooting where officers were shot at after being called to a scene. they don't know yet whether the chilling call and shots fired are tied. barack pd is a particularly strong force and has had a rough go lately. the aurora movie theater shooting trial just wrapped up last month and during the trial we heard hundreds of accounts of the department's bravery and strength in the midst of chaos. martha: we heard so many incidents and is on the heels of an incident where police did appear to be the target.
7:34 am
>> over the weekend there were two police officers in las vegas responding to a call of the disturbance and were on their way in there. when they brad a traffic light, they were ambushed. a person started firing, hitting one of the officers with the other officers chased the suspect and arrested him. the fraternal order of police told fox news the recent wave of anti police that meant isn't picking recruitment and we may not expect. these types of incidents actually prompt people to sign up. they feel a sense of duty to kitchen and helps the minister arrange way this can be helpful to recruitment. martha: thank you. bill: fox news confirmed a review of hillary clinton's e-mail by two intelligence agencies confirm that she received classified information on a private non government accounts and the intel was classified at the time she received it. the former attorney general of virginia, how are you and good
7:35 am
morning. classified means it was marked originally classified. am i correct? >> it doesn't have to be marked. the whole discussion of marking documents is playing into people's misunderstanding and it is very cynical. classified information whether it is in the document or conversation or e-mail is classified. the secretary of state knows that. when we all have a classified clearance, when we have security clearance we get briefed every year on all the changes to the requirements and so forth and she is responsible not just for taking care of the classified information, not just documents in her possession but the whole state department and she put out e-mails to the entire state department telling people not to do exactly what she did. bill: she will say consistently it was not marked she sent or received it. her super pac was on the program
7:36 am
an hour ago saying it was not marked. is it mark or is it not? >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. the law doesn't make that distinction. you can have additional charges that she may be liable for because she violates, shares or keeps documents that are marked in an and secure location but simple possession on her server in an and secure location at her house is an offense and for each one of these e-mails that were classified, stored on her serve for every single one of those, just possession of the month the servers violation of the law. bill: position is the crime? two days ago that you do not need more than that. >> you don't need anything more isn't that. you don't need intense. get her apology this week showed she knew about this, she said i
7:37 am
made a bad decision. that is her decision and she is liable for that as well. only a question of what additional charges she is liable for. >> we will get to those in a moment. you defended her before. what happened? >> i have a client who was medivaced out of desert storm for kidney failure. his company first sergeant shipped a bunch of things from the desert literally home to him in footlockers. they were never opened, years later in another because of another matter military police found the footlockers and contained satellite photos simply because the pictures were taken by satellite they were classified and possession of those classified photos in an and secure location, was itself a violation of every single photograph. the military gets charged with
7:38 am
this. people in the intelligence community get charged, general david petraeus, the list goes on of people who were charged with this even the federal government goes easy on some. that is the rare thing. while she was secretary of state someone was forced out of the state department for violations of these laws. bill: brad wouldhouse, hillary clinton said this was always, there's always a debate among different agencies when something should be retroactively classified, at the time there were none. she gave interviews the last couple days. she said what i did, the state department is fully on board. everyone in the government knew i was using a personal e-mail. is that the defense? >> it is not a defense. that is an excellent question. none of what you said is a defense. also happens to be almost entirely untrue, each element of it. at least in some regard. most critically it is not a
7:39 am
defense. all the kinds of things you are talking about that her super pac guy was talking about might affect sentencing but they don't affect whether she is actually guilty of the first offense of possessing classified material in an unsecured location and transmitting it and she clearly is. >> cheese as i take responsibility, i should have had two accounts. maybe it is as simple as that. martha: a 3-year-old boy was stuck in a pool skimmer, turned into a rescue operation, he got wedged into this camera at the full's edge, family could not get him out so they call for help, firefighters tried dish so. when they didn't work ahead to remove the entire mechanism. it took 45 minutes. 8 freed him and he was not hurt.
7:40 am
what a way to spend your labor day. really lucky. bill: muslim flight attendants as she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol because of her faith. how this latest case is playing into the cultural debate over religious freedom. we debate that and a moment. martha: an american war hero upset with veterans affairs taking matters into her own hands. >> on the news, said we fix things. they are lying, nothing has changed. i want the public to finally realize this is totally unacceptable.
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when in doubt. steven colbert makes his debut on the late show tonight. he vacated the seat of david letterman. jeb bush will be his first guest, joe biden, not to mention george clooney, amy schumer, toby keith. he admits to being nervous but is looking forward to more of him than the colbert report on comedy central. best of luck. patty: when he is on every bus, every taxi, every banner, every billboard in new york. we wish him well. another case fuelling the growing debate in this country over religious freedom involves muslims, flight attendant who was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol in accordance with her faith. she is a convert a couple years ago i believe the she filed a discrimination complaint against the airline and says, quote, i don't think i should have to choose between practicing my religion properly or earning a living. i shouldn't have to choose
7:45 am
between one or the other because they're both important. david webb is the host of david webb's show on serious x m, fox news contributor and former consultant for the obama campaign and principal at clifton consultant. welcome to you both. we see these religious liberty cases cropping up and in a perfect world they should all be handled fairly and in a colorblind and religious blind way in terms of the way our country operates and believes in religious freedom. what do you make of these two very prominent cases? >> that's a separate kim davis, one works for rowan county, steady work for private employer. if you look at religious accommodation, the law requires a lawyer to accommodate an employee's religious beliefs, doing so would cause more than
7:46 am
minimal burden, when you look at her case she knew the requirements of the job, she took the job willingly, the dog is not a right, she was a, dated by her supervisor to the extent that it causes a problem for others and many who fly. look at this council on american islamic relations, well timed case, it deals with the problem of religious accommodation in flight environment where safety is the key, and work up and down the aisle and if i go on a flight and ask for a drink and she says i can't serve you someone has to accommodate me especially on a small flight that can cause others to be taken out of their job or affect my ability to get something. >> seems like her accommodation is possible. she takes the order and someone else drop it off. doesn't seem that hard to get around this particular accommodation.
7:47 am
>> like a target case she could take another job where she doesn't have to surf alcohol. >> she might not even want to be around it. she may want to find something which she won't be exposed to to that extent. when you look of the kim davis situation she works for the government 10 days in jail without bail for standing up for what she believed. >> as you look at these cases, part of the express story there are still some facts missing. and it was working fine with a co-worker, and was given the time off. the real question to me is also a cultural one and it is a difficult -- like an alcoholic you would not want to take a job as a bartender so there are certain jobs it is right to say you don't have to take this job, there are other roles for you, but in some instances, look
7:48 am
closely at the sensitivity at where culture becomes a challenge. they were talking about wearing her head address and reading funny writings and things like that. when it becomes the third base thing that is unfair treatment so it will be interesting to see as the details enroll how these facts play out but is important to look at. martha: when you look at left purses right in these issues everybody is a freedom fighter for their own cause but when it comes to the other side, fighting for things like sanctuary cities where laws have not been upheld, and the other side, that is okay because these people are making a statement that is meaningful to them. >> it is not okay. we are a nation of laws. we have one constitution and state that individual constitutions. the law must be applied as it exists. that is the way our society will survive.
7:49 am
>> that is why kim davis should find another job. >> kim davis does have if i could finish, that option. she also doesn't have the right to job she chose to be elected to the office, she ran as a democrat in a democrat county so it is not a left or right issue. she has her beliefs which i support her right to herbal teas but she also cannot violate the law as it exists. whether we like it or not it is not my constitution, it is not your constitution or anyone's constitution. it is the united states constitution and system of laws. martha: in terms of sanctuary city comparison are you against cities that did not uphold the law? >> i am because it is about protection under the law. it is not a right or left the issue. i absolutely agree. is about religious freedom, religious liberty and protection under the law which the constitution and the legal system grants us. this is not political issue.
7:50 am
should be about honoring the laws of the nation. in both cases the employees asked for and asked to be upheld. >> they received it. there was fair accommodation but the accommodation should not inconvenience other employees which is look at the guidelines, reasonable accommodation. got to leave it fair. bill: jenna is next on "happening now". jenna: new polling now, two states to the nomination, there is good news for donald trump, bernie sanders and ben carson did not so great for hillary clinton, jeb bush and scott walker. we. get to it at the top of the hour. congress back after a five week break, the iran nuclear deal at the top of the agenda. we have the latest on that at the top of the hour. martha: closure for one military family as they get ready to lay their son to rest after a long battle with the u.s. army.
7:51 am
>> my son died in the service of his nation. he volunteered during a time of war. that space should be provided.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
martha: along battle coming 2 an end. bill: their son will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery and done with full honors. it does not come without controversy. national correspondent at the pentagon, you read the first to draw attention to the decision to deny that. why the about-face? >> because we pointed out how unfair it was that some of the seven marines killed in the same crash were being buried at arlington but a member of the
7:55 am
louisiana national guard was being denied the same honor because he technically wasn't on active duty. he was 26 years old from baton rouge, louisiana. he was the flight mechanic on board the army blackhawk helicopter when it crashed march 11th in the gulf of mexico during extreme weather conditions. she was a member of the national guard for eight years. the army secretary cut through the army bureaucracy and reverse the decision after pointing out the absurd eddie and his father appeared on fox and friends. >> the fact that the definition of active-duty is used in this reminds me of low intensity conflict. it may be low intensity unless you are in it. i think my son was very active on that aircraft. >> he will be buried with full honors at arlington national cemetery, a fulfillment of his family's request that a bit of
7:56 am
closure for the family. bill: what a remarkable moment that will be. jennifer griffin. martha: forward is for hillary clinton to be more spontaneous and joyful when she is on the campaign trail in the coming week. brit hume joins us. hungry equals overshopping. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, . . . .
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♪ >> that looks nice, doesn't it. great way to have fun on labor day. colorful raft race in oklahoma, floating eight miles down the arkansas river. everybody keeping cool on hot day. there was inn shortage of ideas from a miniature golf course, oh, that is like a little wag gone wheel mississippi river style raft. so fun. >> looks like volkswagen. >> floating volkswagen. >> they line up each side of the river to cheer them on. that looks like fun. we'll do that next year. bill: "america's newsroom" on a raft.
8:00 am
>> yeah. good idea. bill: hope you had a great labor day weekend. as much fun as those folks were having. >> back to school process everyone. trying to keep up. we feel your pain. back here tomorrow. bye, everybody. ♪ jenna: wall trying to keep up indeed. hillary clinton pushing reboot button on her presidential campaign as her poll numbers drop and list of contenders. i'm jenna lee. >> nice to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert in for jon scott. vermont senator bernie sanders holds the lead in a new hampshire poll. it shows him surging ahead. he is now leading by nine points. his biggest margin yet. the poll also included potential candidate, vice president joe biden. jenna: emphasis on potential. all of this sparking new efforts


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