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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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at that huge rally going on in kentucky outside of the detention center. as you now know she was released from jail. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for being here. here's shep. >> kim davis is out of jail, call couples in her county are getting marriage licenses. this case is far from over. we'll get you all the details on what her legal debate is now. the husband on trial accused of pushing his wife off a cliff. prosecutors say there's a pattern his first wife also died in some sort of freak accident. so let's get to it. tuesday afternoon, marriage licenses given to gay couples in one kentucky county are not valid, depending on what the judge says. that is according to an attorney
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for county clerk kim davis, making it clear she might be out of jail but not giving up her fight. the rally is coming, you'll miss none of it with mike huckabee and kim davis. the same judge who jailed kim davis for contempt set her free because the majority of the clerk's deputies swore they would give the marriages to same-sex couples. this was never about kim davis and never about this kentucky county, it was never about anything but equal rights for all as decided by the constitution. and the supreme court rule that the constitution says separate but equal is no good. so now equal rights for all. that's what the supreme court has ruled. the judge said kim davis can stay out of jail as long as she doesn't interfere with her deputies issuing the licenses as required by law. it was just that simple. kim davis argued she didn't want her name on marriage licenses for same-sex couples because it would veigh lit her religious beliefs. so it appears they came up with a compromise, to accommodate kim
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davis. the judge said the deputies replaced her name on the forms, didn't put it there, with the name of the county, so no more kim davis on the certificates, just as she asked. so kim davis' wishes are accommodated. all couples wishes are come dated, the law is in place and all is well, right? well, suddenly no. suddenly kim davis' attorney says that's not good enough. shannon live in washington, what now? >> reporter: we understand she's going to take down time, reconnect with her husband and attorney. mat staver said "she can never recover the past six days of her life spent in an isolated jail cell where she was incarcerated like a common criminal because of her conscience and religious convictions. as for the altered marriage lbss going out there is disagreement going out. this is what the judge said in ordering her release. the plaintiff could not say the
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validity of the licenses nor did it impact the cherk's finding that they complied with the order. the licenses issued to same-sex and opposite sex couples are valid and those folks can get married but that might not be how kim davis and her legal team feel. >> certainly not the end here, not at all. >> yes, there are several legal fights that are still going to play out and the judge has warned kim davis if she interferes at all with the deputies trying to issue those licenses, she could be fined, she could be back in jail. now here is what her attorney said just a minute ago about where we stand. >> kim davis asked for a very simple accommodation, remove her name and her authority from the marriage certificates and that's what we've asked from the very beginning. kim still is asking for that today, and we will continue to ask for that in the future. >> shepherd, you were watching that press conference. she didn't speak but he did and when pressed repeatedly whether
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she would interfere, she kept saying she would not violate her conscience and she'd be back at work. in the meantime they asked the governor in kept kent to grant her some type of special exemption he has said he is not going to do that and not going to call the legislature back in. it would be way too expensive to do it over one special shall u. they are back in session in about four months. we'll see if they address it then and if kim davis is back in jail. >> tony perkins, family research council. mike huckabee will begin his campaign event here in a minute. judge andrew napolitano is with us on the fox news desk and i was listening to him a moment ago, in the list of things that are absurd topping the list today and it's a list, but topping it is today governor huckabee said he'd happily take her place in jail. >> that's not permissible. >> everybody knows that, including huckabee, so we've now
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made this into another let's divide the country issue. and what her attorney was initially arguing was and did so to greg jarrett yesterday on this very channel was that the united states supreme court did not have standing to decide what is and was not, is not legal in the constitution, and that is absurd and obscene. >> that is an argument that was resolved 230 years ago. there was no acceptable dispute to the truism that the supreme court of the united states has the final say on the meaning of the constitution, whether one agrees with it or not. now, if mat staver is arguing -- >> her attorney. ? right her attorney for an accommodation between his client's religious beliefs and the fundamental right of same-sex couples to get married in that county, they have found the accommodation. she doesn't have to deal with them and the deputy clerks can issue thoseapplications for the
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licenseses. if he want to relit dpat the issue whether the local county clerk can defy the supreme court and whether same-sex can take place in the county he's going to lose and she's going to lose because that issue has already been resolved by the supreme court with finality. >> but we'll have a fine campaign more and more divisive display which is what's coming right now and in just a moment. >> i think you're right. it will be a campaign display. i don't know if governor huckabee is going to speak. it sounds like he will. we saw senator cruz there, i don't know if he's going to speak. >> that's interesting because shannon brean there's all disputes who will be the face of this thing, looks like governor huck api. >> they got her out of jail crafting a crow miz that the court was happy to craft, if they misled the court or if she changed her mind and there is no compromise, she's going to be back in jail and the court will sign an order deeming licenses issued by her deputies to be valid and lawful licenses.
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>> what they've said her attorney said today is that she wasn't there, they took her name off the licenses, therefore the licenses are invalid and anything that's been issued. of course we're nit-picking this thing to death now to accommodate not this woman who wanted what has been considered to be a legitimate accommodation but to accommodate the grandstanders that surround her. >> that's probably what's going on even as we speak and you'll hear in a couple of minutes. >> well let's listen, why don't we. >> -- would you please help me welcome to the stage jason and david bonham. >> this is venturing off into other territories but in a minute governor huckabee will be up there for his campaign event and the county clerk will be there as well and maybe we'll hear a little bit more. >> governor huckabee has argued that the supreme court was wrong and didn't have the authority to resolve it. he is entitled to that opinion but that is not the law of the land. >> this sman who wants to be president? >> yes. >> wait a minute, a man who wants to be president and says that the united states supreme
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court does not have standing? >> yes. >> that's ridiculous! i mean, that is preposterous and -- he doesn't have a right to that opinion, judge, he doesn't because we have a constitution. there are opinions and there are facts. the fact is, the supreme court has standing and the fact is that he said they don't is preposterous. >> agreed. he's of the opinion, it's a baseless opinion and it may be the goal of those people who are representing this lady to use this cause as an instrument to defy the supreme court or at least to get political gain out of their public defiance of the supreme court. but shep, the case is over. they appealed to the supreme court of the united states, which refused to hear their appeal. the issue of same-sex marriage for better, for worse, is the law of the land of the united states of america, and though these folks have the right to express whatever opinion they want, this is not going to change the law, and she as an
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instrument of the government, she's not running a church, and she's not running a legislative body, she's running a county clerk's office, she's taken an oath to uphold the constitution, that means the constitution as interpreted by the supreme court. >> she asked for an accommodation and got it. >> yes. now if her lawyers misrepresented to the court what she truly wanted, then we're back to square one. because the kentucky law requires an accommodation of people who work for the government that have religious objections to enforcing certain laws and accommodation of people who have rights as defined by the kentucky supreme court and the u.s. supreme court. they found such an accommodations in the three-page order that judge bunning wrote and signed a few hours ago. if one of the parties to that withdraws, all bets are off. >> if there's a hollywood backdrop that's better for governor huckabee, i don't know what it is. campaign carl cameron is out there on the campaign trail and with us he doesn't have numbers. i mean, i guess this is a great day for him.
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>> for huckabee? >> yes. >> oh, sure. listen, both huckabee and ted cruz, everybody out there are all in the same side of the same issue, but there's a bit of a dispute going on with with cruz and huckabee about who gets sort of bragging rights with all this. within the first few hours of kim davis' incarceration last week mike huckabee immediately reached out to her and sent an advanced person to kentucky to prepare for the big rally that we're watching under way right now to support ms. davis for religious convictions and rights. it's a huge deal for huckabee, he's down in the polls. former baptist pastor and former governor of arkansas and big time counting on evangelical supporters in iowa where he won the caucuses in 2008. ted cruz, aides say he had almost the same idea at the same time last week but they didn't make it public until this morning. we actually got wind of cruz's plans to go out there last night and reported it. this morning, huckabee fans were all freaked out cruz was trying to bum-rush their event. cruz had announced his news conference would be an hour and
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a half before huck's rally. that didn't happen. ms. davis has been released so it all seems kinda moot. davis exits the jailhouse, the rally goes on. ted cruz is there, tweeted out video of himself to prove it, he hasn't made an appearance. to the extent they're all on the same side of the issue they're definitely running against each other when it comes to getting attention today. >> it's the first time i can remember where we spent the first 11 minutes of any newscast, since the hour before and the hour before were also involved and it didn't involve donald trump. >> he'll get a hold of it sooner or later. >> he said over the weekend he understands where she's coming from and he thinks it's ridiculous she's in jail and there ought to be a fix. which is what all the candidates have said, whether they come down on the side of she should do our job and took on oath or given latitude not to do her job. carl, thanks.
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he mentionedry li ridiculous sh in jail. her own people came up with a compromise. she wanted accommodation that said she didn't want her name on those things. she felt inside herself that was a betrayal of her god. >> i would not have put her in jail because when you have to coerce someone and they're resisting you by a religious belief incarceration is frivolous. i would have ordered from day one you have no say in the issuance of marriage listens, and this office, xyz office will now issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples and opposite sex couples in this county. her conscience is clean, she's not in jail and people can get married with the same ease as everybody else. they don't have to go through this show or litigation. >> this show is happening only in this one place, but this issue is real and alive today and many other places, including nine alabama counties, where they're not issuing any marriage
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licenses because judge roy moore, because same sorts of arguments because the same sorts of arguments we had during integration in the '50s, they're the exact same arguments made in the exact same way under the exact same umbrellas, under the exact same guise, using religion as our guide there, they are absolutely by the same playbook. >> as carl indicated, as groundless as governor huckabee's view is that the supreme court can't hear this case, there are a lot of people who agree with him. >> of course. >> many of them are on the other side of that microphone and he's going to appeal to them for political reasons, but i suggest to you thathat happens there this afternoon will be a zero significance legally. because the issue has been settled and resolved. >> but it will sort of agitate and get going the base there. >> yes, it will. >> with mike huckabee at the face of it, it could give him a number or two. he's looking to are relevant in the political campaign and if you want is this group to be out there yelling for you, well,
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this is working well. >> even if he entered the white house in january of 2017 it would take a change in the makeup of the court to change this. >> certainly would. thank you. kim davis just got out of jail and will speak. we will go to that next. 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ ♪ at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. >> they're still speaking at this rally down in kentucky and when governor huckabee and kim davis, who is the county clerk, who was in jail, come up there, we'll take you there to that right away. in the meantime, thousands upon thousands of member, women and children still trying to make
12:17 pm
their escape from terrorists in the middle east and north africa, places where isis and other groups routinely torture, rape and slaughter innocents. the white house now says it's considering ways to help. actually we're already helping in a big way, committed $4 billion as a nation but now will we be helping with theefugee crisis specifically in a larger way? this was the scene in southern hungary today, just over the border with serbia. hundreds of people tried to couple times to break away from the police who had been keeping them in the a so-called collection point. some people say they've been trapped there for days. the police blocked them from continuing through hungary or from going back to serbia. despite volunteer efforts the conditions are awful. there's little food and people are forced to sleep outside in the cold. >> this is not the way to treat refugees. our country is at war.
12:18 pm
what your cause our country has war. we have a problem. i'm not happy to leave my home and come here to be treated like an animal. >> treated like an animal. only a few buss arrived to take those people to a nearby refugee camp. this is just a sample of what's happening overseas and we've been reporting on the thousands and thousands of people showing up at european borders every day. the world really started to pay attention to the crisis last week after this picture lit up social media. the body of a 3-year-old kurdish boy washed up on a beach in turkey, his brother and his mother also died trying to find a better life. on our wall, many of the routes people are taking as they risk their lives along the way, coming from north africa and on into europe, spain, portugal, and coming from turkey of course over into greece, the greek islands along the way, macedonia and italy. we showed you the video out of hungary. officials ordered workers to speed up the building of a fence
12:19 pm
along the serbian border. police say they detained nearly 3,000 people yesterday alone and in greece the coast guard reports it picked up nearly 500 people in about a dozen search and rescue missions in just the past 24 hours. we've been compiling information on this, united nations officials say money is not going to solve this problem. >> that's right, shep. they're saying that countries need to make these people in and today the u.n. special envoy for migration said that countries are basically called out countries getting a lot of money but aren't taking in large numbers of refugees. take a listen. >> all countries except fort ones i mentioned, have an obligation to take their fair share. that includes the united states. it includes canada, australia, latin america, and the far east. they all have a responsibility. >> he says that proximity isn't what counts but it's capacity that does. here is what the white house is
12:20 pm
saying to respond, though. >> the situation is not new, and our effort to try to assist those countries that are bearing the brunt of this situation is not new. but it does appear that this situation is worsening and that's why the united states is going to continue to consider additional steps that we can take. >> today in the white house spokesman also said the white house is considering a range of options but didn't go over specifically what that means and shep there's the concern over do people who might be coming to the u.s. have ties to terrorism and the white house said that basically the state department has a process for vetting them, whatever that means. >> lea gabriele, thank you. we're waiting to are mike huckabee's campaign to continue. and the county clerk will speak on some level, we expect that, we'll go live right after this. ♪ hi, tom.
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23 minutes the hour past 2:00 there, i'm not sure, past 3:00 i should say in grayson, kentucky. slave trade inening gland, it's like that. mike huckabee along with the county clerk jailed there for the last five days. michelle dipaulo, on the law is there ambiguity? >> first of all she works for a government agency and to impose her religious beliefs when she works for a government agency, she has to follow the law. i understand that she has a conscience objection to the fact that same-sex marriage, but when you work as a governmental employee, there are other ways, and the issue is whether they're going to make an accommodation. deputies can issue the certificates and there's no reason why she should stop that from occurring. >> we used to back in the day,
12:25 pm
we limited marriages to those of the same race and there was a time when the law changed and there were county clerks in the place at the time who had to now issue marriage licenses to people of different races, and the history littered with people who had conscientious objections to that at the time. after all, the law did change. the law was that we couldn't discriminate against those who had opposite race marriages. now it's similar we want opposite sex and same-sex marriages and the conscientious objectors again. in that case rarely were accommodations made from what i can tell looking back. in this case they made an accommodation, is a further accommodation going to be necessary here? >> if she continues to object, as far as i'm concerned when you work for a government agency, you need to follow the law. the law is you can't decide how the law gets applied in these circumstances. the supreme court has said same-sex marriage is legal.
12:26 pm
it is not up to one county, another county to make that decision. the supreme court is the law of the land. she has to follow it. she's a government -- this isn't a private company. she doesn't own her own business and again, it is the government that is, she is signing as the clerk but it is the government that is issuing this. so again, as far as her arguing that this is against her religion, i understand that she thinks she doesn't agree with same-sex marriage but again it's the supreme court rule, it's the law of the land. >> they're not telling her she needs to get into a same-sex marriage. >> exactly. >> they're saying let other people do it. >> right. >> they've said that what they have been doing in her absence while she's been away, what they've been doing is allowing these to go forward with the name of the county rowan county instead of the county clerk. her lawyer just said making that change is not legal, therefore those licenses are invalid and anybody same-sex or opposite sex who got a license over the past few days has an invalid,
12:27 pm
therefore illegal marriage license. >> there's going to be arguments both sides. there say specific rule in kentucky regarding the fact that she's a conscientious objector in her religion and what she has to do. >> here's her lawyer now. he's going to speak, let's hear what he says, live from grayson, kentucky. >> the chief justice words, john roberts imposed their will, not a legal judgment, not based on the constitution, and not based on the court's precedent, and they overruled the commonwealth of virginia, which you all went to the polls, to pass marriage as the union of a man and a woman by an overwhelming margin of 75%. those dissenters said then and we said as well that this is a collision with religious freedom of unprecedented magnitude in the history of america. too much -- we have -- there's
12:28 pm
too much -- just two months later we have a woman by the name of kim davis who has spent six days in a jail because of her faith. that's not the kind of america that most of us in this country want. that's not the america that we want to live in. this is not the country where we believe we have freedom of religion, which our founders fought and died for, which are men and women went on the various shores around the world to give us the freedom that we have here in this country, and that's not the kind of america i think that the majority of american people want to go forward. kim stood up for her beliefs and for the law. in kentucky, if you issue a license that's not authorized by statute, it is a criminal violation, and that statute has not been changed by the general assembly in the commonwealth of
12:29 pm
kentucky. kim davis was attacked by individuals who wanted to attack her as an individual, they wanted to talk about her past marriages, they wanted to talk about her past failings, they wanted to talk about how she had as in his words "played in the devil's playground" has done a lot of things which she regrets and is not proud of" in kim's words. that was a kim davis then and there is a different kim davis now. because kim understood and was able to experience the grace of jesus christ, who loved her, gave himself for her, and freely forgives her of all of her sins and throws them into the bottom of the ocean, and cast them as far as the east is from the west.
12:30 pm
and when she went to church that sunday night at the dying wish of her mother-in-law, for her just to try church one time, she gave herself to the lord jesus. she was a broken -- >> they set this up as a religious play again. this is the same crowd that said we don't want sharia law, don't let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government, here we go again. when this started this lawyer said he needed an accommodation for a woman who wanted one. she said she didn't want her name on a license for gay people. they couldn't come up with an accommodation. now they've come up with one, let her out of jail, all right you don't have to have your name on there. the name of the county on there. it's not what they want. this is what they want, you're hearing now and this is what they're going to get, stirred up argument in a couple of days of news cycle and they're going to be able to make these claims and the truth is when you get right down to the fundamentals of this
12:31 pm
the supreme court of the united states said things are okay for one group of people and not okay for another group of people. this is not unprecedented. they did it when they said black and white people couldn't marry. oh, wait, i guess you the can. now they've said straight people and gay people can also all get married. you want to get married go right at it. the government is not going to get in the way of you more than they did in the way of straight people back in the day. haters are going to hate. we thought what this woman wanted was an accommodation which they've granted her, something that worked for everybody but it's not what they want. this is what they want. so when mike huckabee comes up there we'll hear his side of all of this, which will be similar to this side right after a break on fox news channel.
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
fox report and more of the headlines. video shows witnesses chasing men on motorcycle of an apparent
12:34 pm
smash and grab at a jewelry store in london. shopkeepers tackled one man, cops arrested him. police say the others got away. no word on how much they may have stolen. rescuers pulled a 4-year-old boy and his dog to safety after they fell into a well nearly 40 feet deep. happened in brook haven, mississippi, an hour south of jackson. emergency workers say the boy apparently heard the animal in the well yesterday and fell in as well. they say both the dog and the boy are doing fine. and serena williams could get one step closer to the grand slam, but she'll have to beat face off in the to get there. quarterfinals tonight, if serena williams takes the u.s. open she'll be the first person to win all four grand slams in almost three decades. the news continues with the conference from kentucky right after this.
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12:36 pm
mike huck api the one time baptist preacher, one-time governor of the state of arkansas a one-time fox news
12:37 pm
host with his own weekend program here, now presidential candidate has come to kentucky to speak of kim davis who has been locked up. he thanked the local officials and we're joining him live. >> -- where the people rule in exchange for a place where five unelected lawyers think that they can rule. we are here to say no they cannot. our founders warned us of the consequences of forgetting something that most of us learned in ninth grade civics. we learned that there are three branches of government, not one, but three. we learned that each of those branches is equal to the other, and i believe that in the providence of god, the founders were inspired to create a unique form of government that has never existed before, that was
12:38 pm
based on the premise that it understood that we are frail, that we are sinners, and that as such we could not be trusted with too much power, so the power was distributed and balanced so that no one individual and no one body would have so much power that they could rule over others without checks and balances. this is the genius of our constitution. this is what we have all agreed would be our contract that we would live under. and it was understood that the courts would have within it a supreme court, which means that of all the courts, it has the ultimate authority within that one branch, but it's limited. it can only review a law. it can even recommend the application, but the founders never gave that one branch of government the power to make the
12:39 pm
law. that is reserved for the representatives of the people. our founders were so concerned that they said that should we ever come to the place that we allow a court to run amuck of its purpose, that we would be living under what is no less than judicial tyranny. that's why we gather today. it is far more than one clerk saying she will not issue marriage licenses. it's that every one of us will have to decide whether or not we want to keep this great republic or whether we're willing to sacrifice it and surrender it to tyranny, and i think we gather here today to say we will not surrender to the tyranny of one
12:40 pm
branch of government. i do not think that it is possible to explain america apart from the providence of almighty god. there is no other explanation for how this country could have come into being. there's no other explanation for how this country could have been sustained. the only explanation is that god intervened, and i believe this week, once again, as forrest gump so wonderfully said, "god showed up." and he showed up in the form of an elected democrat named kim davis. now i only bring that into it because i don't want people to think that this is an issue about democrats and republicans, because it was a republican judge who put her in this jail
12:41 pm
to begin with. i don't care what party a person is, as much as i care whether or not they believe that this country was founded on basic fundamental principles that all of us must live under and for those who want the courts to make law so the politicians can be excused and cowardly hide behind the court, and not take a stand, i say that is exactly what our country was not supposed to be. so today we gather so that we could rally, and maybe get the attention of not only a judge but of the world to say america is not dead, and those of us who love this country are not
12:42 pm
walking away, running away, or hiding. we come to take the stand today. we will stand with him. we will stand with the constitution, and we will stand with our faith and will not be bullied no matter even if they incarcerate us. i have a message for the judge. and i say this with all my heart. if this judge believes that somebody must be put in jail because a person is willing to stand on the biblical definition of marriage and is willing to stand because they believe that the constitution does not allow the courts to make up law according to their own whims, if the judge believes that, then i would ask this of him -- let kim
12:43 pm
go, but if you have to put someone in jail, i volunteer to go. let me go. lock me up if you think that's how freedom is best served. >> well, we're having a biblical moment now if there ever was one. in america, one person can't go to jail for another and the former governor of arkansas is aware of that. the governor said that god showed up in the form of an elected democratic county clerk, and that surrendering here is paramount to surrendering to tyranny. of course when we were founded on equality for all for premise it didn't mean equality for black people but now is does. it didn't mean equality for women because they couldn't vote and now they can and it didn't mean equality for gays but now it does. the news continues after this.
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12:46 pm
[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you all so much. i love you all so very much. [ chanting "usa!" ]. >> i just want to give god the
12:47 pm
glory, his people have rallied and you are a strong people! [ cheers and applause ] we serve a living god who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. just keep on pressing. don't let down, because he is here. and he is worthy. i love you guys, thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's hear it for her husband, joe, who has been a faithful, strong supporter at her side.
12:48 pm
ladies and gentlemen, your prayers have been answered. kim will tonight go home. she will be with her family. she will sleep in her own bed, but all of us need to ask who's next? your pastor? the head of a school? who's next? my question as we leave here today, will you be ready to take the stand, even at expense to yourself to stand firm for your convictions for the constitution and for your faith and will not waiver nor fall? god bless you. thank you for being here today. and may the lord be with you and give you his strength. god bless you. ♪
12:49 pm
>> trace gallagher watching along with us, trace? >> you know, it's interesting here, shep, because you look at this and right now you talk about mike huckabee up there, the former governor saying, will she stick to her values here, and remember, last week when we started covering this story kim davis came out and said look, the issue here is not about roan county giving us marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. she was in favor of that. she was fine with that. what she did not want to do was have to put her signature on that to confirm those marriage licenses and now there seems to be this debate about whether or not kim davis is now going to interfere with her office issuing these licenses for the past five days, the five clerks, remember, there are six clerks, one is her son, who has refused to issue the licenses, but the five others have got along and issued these licenses every
12:50 pm
single day, and now the judge is asking whether or not kim davis plans to interfere in that process. so what happens is, over the next 14 days the five clerks will get back to the judge and let him know if, in fact, the a continuing to be issued and if they are, everything stays as it is and kim davis stays out of jail. if she decides to change her mind and interfere with the process then in 14 days the judge may rereview this and he'll take further action. she said last week she did not mind if the licenses were issued by the courthouse, she just did not want her name to be on those and now there seems to be a little back and forth on whether that still remains the case in this. >> chase gal ger, thanks and we'll be right back.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
okay, that was moments ago. kennedy is here. >> with a new animation, kennedy. the issue was that she didn't want her name on the thing and they wouldn't give her an accommodation. now they've come up with an accommodation and she didn't have to have her name on there
12:55 pm
and now they want something else. >> that's exhausting. the good news about the rally is it didn't enforce any stereo sti stieps about that part of the world. >> you know, i wonder, lsu is probably mad but they play that song when the tigers run out. >> they might take a break from that. they might have a tiger diet for a few weeks to cleanse the pallet. >> it feels like we did this already. we did this in the 50s. we did this over and over again. we want to do it again. it feels like politicians are agoing us on. >> it's a dramatic moment for mike huckabee. this is a campaign stunt for him. it's become one of those devicive issues and there's a lot to discuss about the religious liberty. i don't think this is the hill c conservatives need to dive on and i don't think you need to take the supreme court on task and say they've gone rogue and decide when and how you follow the letter of the law.
12:56 pm
i understand the argument. supreme court doesn't make laws. they can decide certain laws are unconstitutional. that's what they did with this case and whether or not you disagree with it, that's not the point of a sworn official as far as i know. >> kennedy, happy birthday. >> thank you, shep. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you as always. >> we'll be waback with a look this day in history. ght away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag.
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it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase. on this day in 1986, opera win free launched her national tv show. she got her start as a local news anchor and took over her show in chicago. after going national she became the highest rated talk show in history. the show ended four years ago
1:00 pm
and the woman hit the beg time. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. have a great afternoon. your world with neal cavuto starts right now. >> all right. we're on those numbers. kentucky, you ever heard now kim davis is not going down without a fight. six days in jail this kentucky clerk has decided she might have a different interpretation of what some judges told her to do than what they thought they told her to do. the bottom line is this has become a -- and one that the fo former -- this could be a slippery slope for her and the party. listen. >> it's not an exception to it. if


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