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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 9, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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claw machine trying to get a ball for her sister there. firefighters were forced to pry open the glass. she's thankfully okay. mom says the girls are grounded. >> thanks to the girls who came and showed us. look at this, brian is buying one. bill: kim davis a free woman this morning, but will she go back to prison. the woman refusing to grant same-sex licenses came out to a big group of supporters. that's kim davis and mike huckabee and her attorney emerging from jail. welcome to america temperatures newsroom, good morning to you. martha: kim davis says she'll return to work as soon as friday. until then her deputies must
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continue to issue marriage licenses. she urged them to keep up the fight over what she believes is her religious freedom. >> the people have rallied and you are a strong people. we serve a living god who knows where etch and every one of us is at. keep on press, don't let up because he is here. i love you have guys. thank you so much. martha: what happens when kim davis gets back to work? >> it doesn't seem like kim davis is willing to compromise. her attorney says she'll not violate her conscience, she'll not resigned and she still wants her name and title removed from
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paul marriage licenses her office hands out. she emerged from jail yesterday to a huge crowd of supporters and accompanied by mike huckabee. >> she was put in jail. it didn't matter to me that she was a democrat. she was an american and she shouldn't have had that happen to her. martha: this has become a big issue on the campaign trail. everybody is talking about this. what's the response to her release in washington. >> you saw mike huckabee and ted cruz fully supporting her. many of their rivals save she is an elected official and must follow the law. >> every elected official in this country is subject to the
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rule of law. that's a founding principle of our democracy. it's one that has to be followed across the country. >> reporter: if she does try to tints fear with marriage -- if she does try to interfere with handing out marriage licenses she could go back to jail. bill: her case a political lightning rod. we are hearing views on different sides of the issue from the same party. >> i'm a big believer in christianity and religion. but i would say this was not the right job for her. we had a ruling from the supreme court and we are a country of laws, whether you like the decision or not, and it was a 5-4 decision, you have to go
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along with the supreme courts. bill: dr. ben carson saying the government has a responsibility to accommodate her religious beliefs. >> when the supreme court made its decision anyone should have known this kind of thing was going to occur, and it's going to continue to escalate. congress has a responsibility to step up to the plate and enact legislation to protect the first amendment rights of all americans. martha: religious exemptions for employees is nothing new. nurses have received exemptions from giving injections and an irs employee not wanting to serve papers to certain organizations and a vegetarian bus driver refused to hand out hamburger coupons. when is it okay not to do your
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job based on your religious beliefs. we'll talk to a legal panel about that next hour. bill: she wants her name off the certificate, it's hard to do, it's a state official document. what can the governor do or not do and does she stay free. now to this man. hillary clinton is apologizing for using a private server while she was secretary of state. she admitted she should have use two accounts. one for personal and one for work-related emails. >> that was a mistake. i take responsibility for that and i'm trying to be as transparent as i can to not only release a 5,000 pages of my emails. turn over my server, but i am looking forward finally top testifying before congress. bill: byron, good morning to you.
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does this change? i guess it could change something on the political side. does it change anything now? >> it might be well received among some of mrs. children tons supporters who were nervous that she hadment taken on this email controversy more forthrightly. the f.b.i. is investigating. that's not going to stop. they are investigating whether she had classified material on her secret unsecured email server. the f.b.i. * is not going to say she'll apoll juice and it will stop now. the same with the intelligence community. it determined a couple of emails she had were classified top secret. so that investigation is going to continue. then there is the house benghazi committee. trey gowdy made it clear he's frustrated with mrs. clinton's
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response. he says there are big gaps in the information she continues to turn over. he's going to press for more benghazi-related information from her. bill: her polling is down 10 points in a month. she said everybody knew she had a private email. she even mentioned the white house and jeb bush was asked about that. >> this administration has been so lax as it relates to cyber security. the office of personnel management it turns out because they didn't create a secure situation, 22 million separate personnel file are the in the hands of the chinese government. this is the problem of not take your job seriously. bill: on that last points of not taking your job seriously. if it's classified and it's coming through your server at your house in new york state,
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how are you handling it? >> also, i think you will see the benghazi committee and other investigators get down to the basic points here. why did she do it. heels investigatores believe she did it to keep information away from nolesy members of -- from nose are yo -- from nosey membef congress. trey gowdy says he's not interested in emails from yoga or her daughter's wedding. saying i'm sorry is a smart thing politically. she should have done that a long time ago. but it doesn't change the legal investigation or the congressional investigation. martha: stephen colbert making
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his "late night" debut last night. >> in what ways do you politically differ from your brother george? >> i'm obviously younger, much better looking. >> policy, though. >> i think my brother probably didn't control the republican congress spending. i think he should have brought the hammer down when they were spending way too much. because our brand is limited government. ' they have call me veto-corloni in florida. >> he was pane anti-hero in that's movie. bill: you were in if the room.
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martha: there was a lot of joyful energy and stephen colbert seemed to enjoy break out of his old mold and i think the show is going to be a tremendous amount of fun. and he's having a blast. bill: here we go. bill: a showdown about to get under way over the and you nuclear agreement. hillary clinton is expected to give her full support to if the iran nuclear deal. >> the world is in chaos, my friends. we are seeing nothing like we have not seen since the end of world war ii. why did this happen? it's because of the failed policies of this president and this administration. bill: congress considering whether to vote down the controversial agreement. we are watching all these
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developments because today is a significant day for that iran deal. martha: a plane filled with passengers goes you have in flames just before it was scheduled to take off. bill: a hillary clinton staffer refusing to tef five about the personal server. but now two senators offering immunity. will he take it and ultimately decide to talk? >> i'm not concerned he would be prosecuted. i'm concerned about the security implications of what secretary clinton did. ...introducing new unstopables air refresher.
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martha: we are back with a live look at the brookings institute. the secretary of state voicing her support for the controversial agreement. the house foreign affairs committee is look at the implications of this deal. both of these venues on an extremely important week for the iran deal and new allegations about hillary clinton's involvement and the origins of that deal. bill: fox learned the hillary clinton staffer who set up that personal email server is being offered immunity through congress. two senators offering him a chance to speak without any legal penalty.
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one of those senators offering immunity is senator ron johnson, a republican from wisconsin. thank you for your time and good morning. let me cut through this. you can't compel him to testify. but you are saying we'll give you meanity and we'll give you protection under the law, correct? >> we respect this constitutional rights. i'm scratching my head understanding what criminal activity he might be concerned about. but his lawyers are probably doing a good job. we'll meet with his attorneys, find out what information he has, and if we feel it's important for our overnight responsibility we'll go to a federal judge and try and get a grant of immunity. >> you just said why is he afraid of anything, suggesting he has nothing to hide.
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you don't know whether he deleted emails. that's part of your investigation, right? >> this is our oversight responsibility. we'll talk to his attorneys. they are probably doing a good job for their client. if he had good information we think is crucial we'll probably grant immunity. bill: why would he accept your offer? >> if he has concern about prosecution this would get him off the hook. and i'm not concerned about that he would be prosecuted. i'm concerned got national security implications of what secretary clinton did and what other department heads and agency heads are doing within this administration. secretary clinton is not the only one to seems to be doing private email accounts to circumvent foia requests.
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bill: this what else she said on abc about everybody knew of she was using a private email. >> everyone i emailed with, and i don't go into names. i emailed with a lot of people in the white house and 8 department knew i was emailing from a personal account that appeared as my address. bill: what do you make of that? >> this administration said they would be the most transparent in history. i found them to be opaque. secretary clinton had these email accounts that appear to have been set up to avoid foia requests. these agencies with, the fourth branch of government controlling so as much of our lives. the american people have a right to know and it seems like they are members of this
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administration to make sure it was so kay to circumvent the foia requests, to keep the regulatory activity opaque. bill: if pagliano says no to your request, what then? >> we are not saying we can't compel him to come before congress. but he already told us he would plead the fifth amendment. which is his constitutional right. if he's got a story to tell and it's important information. both senator grassley and i indicated our willingness to grant him that. but we are a far way from that. bill: the letter went out friday, we'll find out when you get an answer. martha: some terrifying moments right after takeoff. passengers witness as their
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plane bursts into flames on the tarmac. that's next. >> nobody has come to meet us. nobody told us what was going to happen. i was one of the first people off. >> i looked up and the thing seemed to be twice the height of the aircraft.
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bill: hillary clinton is talking about her support for the iran deal in washington. this on the same date "wall street journal" reports she started the process toward giving them ability to enrich our iranian at small levels as well as two years ago. >> and defy their international obligations under the nuclear
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non-proliferation treaty and they have suffered many consequences. i voted for sanctions again and again as a senator from new york. but they weren't having much effect. most of the world still did business with iran. we needed to step up our game. so president obama and i started a two-prong strategy. pressure and engagement. we made it clear the door to diplomacy was open if iran answered the call of the international community in a credible way. we launched a campaign to significantly raise the cost of iranian defines. we increased our military capability in the region, deepening our cooperation with partners and sending more fire power and additional aircraft carrier, battleship, strike aircraft and the most advanced
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radar and missile defense systems available. bill: right before we came to her statement. she said there is no reason to trust iran. now this speech continues as we await the vote in congress which will company day now on this iran deal. back to the headlines in washington in a moment. martha: there was a scary scene at the airport in las vegas. a packed boeing 777 preparing for takeoff when the left engine suddenly caught fire. the passengers forced to escape using the emergency evacuation slide. at least 13 people were hurt in that process. we are hearing from passengers, what are they saying? >> reporter: you know flight attendants say stay calm in the event of an evacuation. inside the plane panic as
6:26 am
passengers ran down the aisles pushing and shovings others out of the way. >> all of a sudden you heard a boom and it shook the plane. i thought it was a tire blown out. then the plane just stopped. >> i was one of the first people off. i jumped on the slide. the flames seemed to be twice the height of the aircraft. >> because everyone left everything they had on board, their money and clothes, many of them have nothing this morning but their lives. the pilot called it a scat catastrophic engine failure. the passengers said they were speeding count runway on takeoff. they heard what sounds like a
6:27 am
tire blowout. and the brakes were applied. >> i can't imagine what it would be like because they already let the slide out so the people could escape. >> reporter: all it take is an incident like this for you to be reminded that miracles happen every day. what if this was five minutes later. bill: republican lawmakers promising to defund planned parenthood. a hearing will get under way looking for ways to cut that money. now this ... [♪] martha: that happened yesterday. the kentucky county clerk serving time for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses based on her religious beliefs. where do we draw the line on
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religious freedom? our legal panel weighs in next. >> if somebody needs to go to jail i'm willing to go in her place and i mean that. i'm tired of watching people harassed because they believe something of their faith.
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bill: the family of freddie gray reaching a significant settlement with the city. the settlement is said to be over $6 million. it's believed to be the largest payout in police cases in years. the judge will decide whether to move the trials for the six officers charged in gray's death. martha: kim davis raising questions about where do we draw
6:32 am
the line on accommodation for religious beliefs. her attorney says they will keep fighting. >> reporter: the court order did not resolve the underlying issue. kim davis asked for a simple accommodation. remove her name and authority from the marriage certificate cats. we believe the court and the governor could act on that and the kentucky assembly can act on that as well. martha: we have the head of the catholic league. what do you think happens next? >> the court already told kim davis do not interfere. she broke the law, she did not follow the law and that's why she was locked up. if people are available to make decisions to say hey, i'm not
6:33 am
going to do this because of my religious belief, i'm not going to serve alcohol on the plane, we are getting so far away from what we should do as a society, follow the law and stop blaming religious freedom on everything they can. she need to follow the law and she was wrong. martha: what about the accommodations her southern spoke about, is it possible she could be given those? >> it is possible. but if you are the clerk and it's your job to issue marriage licenses, then simply don't do it. quit that job or move along. if a person is going to blame ring to freedoms on this, i believe it' a far-fetched idea and she is trying to be this martyr for religious consciousness which she is not. she is simply a bigot.
6:34 am
martha: the deputy clerk said he will go ahead over her wishes and issue the licenses because he feels that's the job he was put there to do. it raises a lot of issues. bill, what about this issue eric raises. you are given a job and you need to carry out the tasks you are being paid and authorized do. if you have a problem with that maybe you should seek different employment. >> i am sure eric would think of martin luther king as a hero. when he was sitting in jail he wrote a letter citing st. augustus saying you are not obligate to obey an unjust law. it dramatizes this issue. the authorities had a right to arrest her. but civil disobedience is based
6:35 am
on moral persuasion. she is trying to morally persuade the country -- by the way, the supreme court made this up out of whole cloth. nowhere is it in the constitution that two men can get married. martha: that was the supreme court decision, if you want to change that then there is a process to change that. but eric i want you to address the martin luther king comparison. >> this is not a comparison. martin luther king would want everyone to have the same equal rights as everyone else. he would want to associate -- he wouldn't want to associate with someone who was a bigot. >> if i say two men and two
6:36 am
women shouldn't get married i'm a bigot? >> it many the same example as interracial marriage. >> no it doesn't. >> two people want to get married, it's the law of the land, allow them to get married. i know about civil rights, young man. you should read what martin luther king said in his letter from the birmingham jail. martha: we'll never know what martin luther king would have thought about this situation. when you come to this country, a lot of people when they originally immigrated to this country they had to leave some things behind. they had to change their mind to stay in this country and get work. they practiced their religion in a private way and didn't try to impose it in the workplace. when you have muslim truck
6:37 am
drivers who won't transfourth alcohol. you have got kim davis who won't do the job she was elected to do which is sign licenses. have we gone too far? in accommodating everybody, are some things in your life private and separate from your work. >> we are not accommodating -- the obama administration is trying to force them to pay for abortions. when a bunch of thugs who are prisoners in a maximum security prison they can invoke religious rights and guess who defends that that they should be exempt. the same aclu lawyers. christians are being discriminated against. >> this is not a game. this is about religion and bigotry.
6:38 am
and she is hiding under the cloak of religion to show her bigoted actions and that's the problem. martha: why are some organizations given exemption and embraced by the left and this woman is not allowed to profess her religious freedom in the same way? you have got to treat everybody the same way if you are going to do it that way. >> she is not being told she can't express her religious freedom. this is an elected position where she took the oath to just hold the constitution says where same-sex marriage is permissible. she defied the court order. that's the issue. she broke the law. martha: thank you, gentlemen. bill: 22 before the hour. serena williams, two victories from history. she had to go through a tough fight with her older sister
6:39 am
venus first last night in new york. with that ace serena defeating venus in last night's quarterfinal match of the u.s. open. if she wins she'll become the first player since steffey graf to win a grand slam. serena extend her head-to-head record against venus. younger sister's got the older sister's number for now. martha: a nice sister hug at the end of that match. >> reporter: the announcers were describing their physical interaction. than was none. they didn't make eye contact. >> they are both very professional. by thought that was a sweet moment and revealing with that hug at the end.
6:40 am
very sincere. cheering her on. tourists getting more than they bargained for when their boats crashed when they rode through the everglades. bill: are we get together cause of the problem to stop the refugee crisis? >> if you want to stop refugee flows you have to address the cause. the cause is isis. though our declared objective is to degrade and destroy isis we have done next to nothing to accomplish that. úr#b
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martha: we are keeping an eye on this live event as hillary clinton defense this iran deal. she took credit for getting the
6:44 am
ball rolling on the peace discussions. sheer is what she said about it. >> some suggested that we just go back to the negotiating table and get a better urn specified deal. i can certainly understand why that may sound appealing. but as someone who started these talks in the first place and birth our global co-there is piece by piece, i can assure you it is not realistic. martha: the peace written in the "wall street journal" she is referring to says she was the person who originally negotiated the agreement, the tenet of it that would allow iran to keep enriching uranium. >> the white house saying it's considering ways to help ease mat nerlts middle east and europe. no details yet. officials saying the state department is leading a consideration of how to deal
6:45 am
with the influx. the influx, 340,000 with no end in site. europe struggling to accommodate hundreds of thousands taking asylum. and the republican frontrunner telling donald trump the u.s. needs to take some sort of action. bill: do you object to them come together u.s.a.? >> i hate concept of it. but on a humanitarian basis you have to. this was started by president obama when he drew the line in the sand that turned out to be an artificial line. it's living in hell in syria, no question about it. something has to be done. bill: former national security advisor to president bush. if you took out assad would you be looking at 340,000 refugees in europe today?
6:46 am
>> yes. i think donald trump and ted cruz oversimplified the problem. the root cause is a combination of factors that include isis, whose roots go back to failure to in iraq. but also this raging syrian civil war in its fifth year, 4 million refugees total. so i wanted to hedge against selling a narrative that's too simplistic here. bill: if you take out of assad, isis is still there, correct? if isis is still there, then the people are still on the run. is it that simplistic? >> that's certainly part of it. isis is still there. the isis problem, the roots of the isis problem go back to state failure in iraq which did not happen on the dime of this administration. i think the political narrative is what i'm cautioning again. you can't point to president
6:47 am
bush or obama and point to this on the left. somewhat do we do now if the phrase is considering options. >> the white house will have to deliver this plan, they will have to do that soon within the next couple weeks. what happen sphts from there is this gets cold out to federal departments and agencies. if we are going to take in -- it's the decision to take in some middle eastern refugees, they will have to amp up security and vetting processes. >> this isn't just iraq and syria, they are coming for more countries than that, correct? >> they are coming from iraq, syria, and yemen. it's not just the syrian refugee crisis and it's not just a sewer mean problem which i think the administration is trying to tell the american as ame
6:48 am
say it's a european problem but tomorrow it will be ours. we are not at the point where we have hundreds of thousands of people showing up at border demanding to get in as europe is having to deal with, but something like that might be happening soon. bill: is this migration unprecedented? if you go back in history, at what other point do you find this number of people on the move. >> places in traffic under going civil conflict. that's why this snuck up on people. it's not that the security concerns for the united states are about these people being more likely to be terrorists. it's really the numbers and the scale that has the administration worried here. likewise * the europeans. it's dealing with hundreds of thousands a week is not something any government is prepared to do.
6:49 am
bill: do you have think this is a surprise? you saw the unrest. >> shouldn't be a surprise, but it seems our european friends and allies are being taken aback by it. that's why we are seeing strange response from countries like hungary and austria saying these people don't want to be here. they wouldn't be happy here anyway so we are not going to let them in. those arguments are off the cuff and showing us they are not prepared to deal with it. bill: gillian, thank you. jill what turner in washington, d.c. appreciate you coming back. martha: officers in a major u.s. city are on the hunt for a sniper after a string of highway shootings. the details straight ahead. bill: long live the queen. a major milestone for queen elizabeth and the big celebrations coming her way.
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[♪] martha: "god save the queen" ringing out across great britain as queen elizabeth reaches a milestone as the nation's longest serving monarch. the palace released this photo showing the queen work at her desk next her famous red boxes where she receives the documents from parliament and her day's
6:54 am
work. her grandson says i think i speak for my generation saying the example and couldn't newt is not only rare among leaders but a source of pride and reassurance. it's remarkable when he talks about the continuity. she has been queen through 12 prime ministers and she meets with them on a like basis about business, right? >> that's right. that's one of the most exceptional things about the queen's reign has been her couldn't newt. she has not fallen prey to fads and trends. she has been there as a figurehead that's been very reassure together country. and she is enormously popular. she is at 0 person *.
6:55 am
>> there was a poll done at the weekend. she was the most popular monarch in history, just ahead of queen elizabeth i and queen victoria. martha: people are constantly asking the question, will she step down, she is 89 years old. not likely. >> she inherited the throne by accident after her uncle abdicated and her father became king. her mother lived to 101. she'll be 90 in april. we could see another decade. of course, she won't stay out of pomp and ceremony. her son prince charles at 66 is the oldest. harrisoldest heir in british
6:56 am
history. martha: thank you very much. nice to have you here with us today. bill: baltimore approved a 6.4 million dollar settlement to the family after the death of freddie gray last april. also from washington. iran is front and center starting today. republicans considering their options. back to d.c. live on that also. martha: hillary clinton apologizing for using a private email server at her home in new york state. but what did she apologize for is the question. is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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that's why i only choose nicorette mini. . . . . . .
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♪ the 306 horsepower lexus gs. experience the next level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer. martha: there is a hearing getting underway on the iran nuclear agreement on capitol
7:00 am
hill. while critics get ready for a huge rally on the steps outside of the building. welcome, everybody, to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." nobody sitting in the seats quite yet. they are expected to roll in a moment. i'm martha maccallum. bill: looked like the soviet-era for a moment. house marching closer to resolution of disapproval with a final vote expected by end of this week. house foreign affairs looking at i am my places of the -- implications of accord at what could be most important policy vote of their careers. chief political correspondent carl cameron. carl, good morning to you. the rally will be with whom and about what? >> reporter: blistering hot in the 90s and humid. will be on the west front. as many as 5000 people there. the groups protesting iranian deal hosting this include
7:01 am
tea party patriots, center for security policy and zionist organization of america. they invited ted cruz about two weeks ago. the texas senator i am mild extended invitation to him on to donald trump. cruz has distinguished himself in the field as most friendly towards trump. no secret he is courting same voters. no doubt giving trump a stem winding speech at the capitol is going to draw huge attention today. trump takes a much different approach to the iran deal as gop rivals. all of them would immediately nullify it when they became president. trump said if he is next president he would be better negotiator. first he would get u.s. hostages out. he would call on congress to impose new sanctions. he wouldn't tear up the contract. but negotiate it and make it better. the reality even republican senate chairman of the foreign relations committee, bob corker
7:02 am
president obama has more than 41 votes he needs, has 42 to overcome bipartisan opposition to the deal. this is speech filing. trump comes to washington where he calls politicians stupid losers. we'll hear a lot of that. bill: is the public coming? >> reporter: yeah, 5000 people. they expect the entire west front of the capitol to be crawling with folks. now it's hot, really hot. it will hit mid 90s, humid in the middle. day. bring lots of water and light clothes. bill: maybe umbrella. thank you, carl. >> reporter: you bet. bill: martha. martha: new poll shows public support for the iran deal is slipping. according to pugh, only 21% of americans approve of this deal. very low number down from 33% six weeks ago when president obama first announced this deal. nearly half of american voters oppose the deal and 30% have no opinion at all. don't understand it well enough or don't know what they think at this point.
7:03 am
that number also up from july. bill: as carl said, donald trump is expected at today's rally. here is what he had to say about this last night with bill o'reilly. >> if i win, i will tell you something, a lot of different things will be happening in this country. you won't see deals like that. even that deal, i will make the much, much better. i will renegotiate that deal and i will make it, that is what i do. that is what i do in life. i will make that deal much better for this country. that deal is a disgrace. it should have never been allowed and how bam got away with it is beyond anybody's comprehension. martha: still made, hillary clinton supporting iran deal. she is speaking this morning in washington. she said she essentially paved the way for these talks talking about uranium enrichment which are rainians early on as her tenure as secretary of state. john barosso has thoughts on that. a member of the foreign relations committee as well.
7:04 am
he will be here to talk about reaction to what hilly has to say. bill: watch the rally and what happens with the vote this week on friday as we mentioned. martha: a lot of big news this morning as hillary clinton finally says she is sorry for using a private email account for government business. a couple of interviews in already this week. this one she sat down with at abc, with david muir. she says that basically it was a mistake. mea culpa comes one day after saying she would not apologize for this because she said she hadn't done anything wrong. >> i should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work-related emails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that i take responsibility. i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can to not only release 55,000 pages of my emails, turn over my server, but i am looking forward, finally to testifying before congress,
7:05 am
something i've been asking for, for nearly a year. martha: so a couple days now into the more heart and more humor campaign from hillary clinton. so we'll see if chris stirewalt saw more heart or more humor in that moment with the abc interview. chris, good morning to you. what do you think? >> humor definitely. i do not think it was on purpose kind, i do not think it was on purpose kind of humor hillary clinton had there. she is dying to testify. she can't wait to get down to congress to testify. lordy, it will be a hoot with the benghazi committee. i bet. hillary clinton apologized but we don't know what she is apologizing for and there are about 80 bajilion follow-up questions might have been asked but were not. is she sorry that she jeopardized u.s. national security? is that what she is sorry about? or is she sorry about what she said before, which it is confusing to voters who don't understand, these poor voters who can't figure things out this
7:06 am
was permitted and really was allowed and she is sorry. sort of like the non-apology, apology, i'm sorry your feelings were hurt, not what i said was wrong. martha: she is applying to the latter, should have done it a different way. if i had we wouldn't be talking about this. when all these 50 people wouldn't have to be added to the state department employee roles to go through all the emails. hurting her in the numbers. look at the latest monmouth poll with you, chris as we see she is down 10% over the course of the last month this is where the three of them stand now. interesting joe biden eclipsed bernie sanders in poll and he is not even running. what do you make of that? >> felt a little tingle. felt like election night. emersive graphics and we have the mojo he. martha: i will stand in the middle of them. >> whatever it takes. hillary clinton will win the democratic nomination. and there is nothing so far that will indicate that is not so.
7:07 am
that may not be a good thing for democrats though. they have to figure this out. her approval ratings are down. martha: you don't think mr. joe biden is serious threat to her. >> if he decides to really do this, and he is engaging in upping of bid price for his not running, increasing value of his decision not to run, which gets you the laud and honor of your own party but probably some money. makes you a more attractive person than a guy who is joke and couldn't run. he increased that. he may be doing that or may be deciding he will actually run. if he decides to run he will hurt her but maybe beat her but most likely democrats have badly weakened nominee in hillary clinton. martha: she is doing heart and humor. jeb bush is trying to do his version of the same thing. last night he was on "colbert report." let's take a look. >> your campaign poster is just, jeb, with a j the e, b, with exclamation mark.
7:08 am
why the jeb! >> it connotes excitement. it connotes -- >> jeb! how many of us excited about things didn't just go jeb!? >> either in florida see me other out of happiness or deep anger. martha: connotes excitement. it is "the late show.." not the "colbert report." >> it is not the "colbert report." martha: how do you think he did? >> look, the most damaging thing -- donald trump and jeb bush are locked into thisman mano-a-mano. rock 'em sock 'em robots. donald trump is damaging hilton jeb bush is low energy. he says jeb bush has the low energy and that is not good. jeb bush is trying to show he is high energy. when he tries to do it, it often feels forced. feels like he is doing something he sun willing or uncomfortable doing. and that doesn't have anything to do with his qualifications
7:09 am
for office but in trying to answer donald trump's knocks, it doesn't exactly, it is not exactly the silver bullet. martha: well, even ate orange cotton candy that played roll role of donald trump's hair. >> who hasn't. martha: have a good day. bill: five million number for colbert's debut last night. martha: nicely done. bill: they would take that one. take that a month from now. martha: we'll take it from 9:00 to 11. bill: indeed we will. hillary clinton voicing strong support for the iran nuclear deal just this morning. >> if we walk away now, our capacity to sustain and enforce sanctions will be severely diminished. we will be blamed, not the iranians. bill: wow. she is even taking credit for the deal, laying the groundwork during her time at the state department. so is this now hillary clinton's nuclear deal? we'll talk about that. martha: terror on the highway. a gunman targeting cars, buses,
7:10 am
trucks, all along the road in a major u.s. city. bill: alarming death threat against police as a dangerous wave of anti-police sentiment moves across the country. in a moment we'll talk to the chief of the department of the latest that has been targeted. >> with the way things are out there these days, everywhere you go, you could be potentially ambushed because you're a family member. >> i fear for my son. i fear for myself. i fear for my husband. i fear for people we might know that would be seen with us. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
bill: secretary of state john kerry now holding two closed-door meetings today to brief lawmakers on the refugee crisis in europe and how many refugees rather, the administration might be willing to take in. the white house vowed to help u.s. allies as they struggle to deal with a massive influx of people. well over 300,000 refugees entered europe this year from war zones in the middle east, africa and in asia. martha: fox news alert. hillary clinton defending the iran nuclear deal with some tough talk today. the former secretary of state taking credit for getting the wheels rolling while she was still in office on this deal. so now does this become hillary clinton's deal in this election? senator john barasso is chairman of the senate republican policy committee and member of the senate foreign relations committee as well. good morning, senator. good to have you with us today. >> thanks for having me, martha. >> we heard a little while ago from hillary clinton basically
7:15 am
saying she got the wheels rolling in the initial stages of this deal, and she claims although there are critics to the dial, not doing the deal would be more dangerous than doing it. what do you think? >> she was the first one to throw in the towel, the first to surrender to say it was okay for iran to continue development of nuclear weapon. that is the problem of this deal. it doesn't stop iran from getting nuclear weapon. it gives iran lots of mon they can use for additional terrorist activities t has secret side deals as part of it. allows them not to have just conventional weapons but ballistic weapons as well. she has to be held accountable for her role which is a terrible deal for our own u.s. security. martha: it is interesting because if she had wanted to distance herself from the deal during the election it would have been pretty difficult, because according to report and now according to her confirmmation of that, this is the from "the wall street journal" piece, she opened door, the helped open
7:16 am
the door to dramatic shift towards u.s. policy with iran. acceptance that iran would maintain some capacity to produce nuclear feel fuel and she recognized difficulty reaching any deal with zero enrichment component. 49% of the americans now say they're not happy with this deal. is this an albatross on her neck as she heads into this process? >> i think it is specifically because the president said this is or war. i think we have much higher possibility of war and military action as a result of this deal. one, we're going to see increased terrorism by the iranian government, i believe because they're going to have all this additional money that they're going to get. plus the neighbors of iran say, hey, if they will get a nuclear weapon, we need nuclear weapons as well. so you will have this incredible buildup of nuclear arms in the middle east. so i think we're made much less secure for our own country as well as the world as a result of now what hillary clinton is taking credit for.
7:17 am
martha: there is talk in this piece about jake sullivan, about him going over to sort of start the initial discussions with this and the iranians were not happy. they felt he wasn't high level enough to talk to them about this deal. so there is a lot of inner-workings. made me curious if any of that discussion will be found in these emails that are coming forth as well but i also want to take your attention back to 2008 because when she was running against now president obama, she basically accused him of being naive when it came to negotiating with tehran. she said, this is a religious, totalitarian regime essentially, theocratic regime and naive to think you could deal with them yet it appears exactly what she did. >> the president has been naive throughout this whole process. his whole foreign policy has been the same way. reset button with russia. whether north korea, iran, syria, all around the world. that is what we've seen as a
7:18 am
naive approach to foreign policy both with barack obama and with hillary clinton. but what this deal shows me is there is no red line with this president and this administration. they were so desperate to get any deal that they settled for a very bad deal and the president had this deal euphoria, to me said, he is blinded and can not see how detrimental deal this is to the united states as well as to the world in terms of security and safety. martha: the deal is still on the plate. it looks like it will be a done deal. do you agree? >> well it is interesting that the united nations had a chance to vote on this. sound like iranian will have an opportunity to vote and yet the president and number of democrats in the senate are trying to block the senate, the voice of the american people, from even having a vote on this. they're filibustering it right now. martha: john barasso, thank you very much, senator. good to have you with us. >> thanks, martha. bill: we're minutes away from
7:19 am
hearing on the hill after series of under cover videos with planned planned parenthood officials amid allegations that organization sells feet tall tissue for profit. martha: police are watching their backs after a threatening phone call. we will speak to the chief of police in this situation next. >> it is time that you guys know we're not longer playing around with the police departments. we are striking fear, shooting down all cops we see by theirselves. with my guys. i think you'll love our newest line the stuff my vendor sells works fine. and my budget's small, just so you know. ♪ should i stay or should i go when you choose to go for business, go to the new it makes finding the right room faster and easier than ever. and right now stay two times and earn a free night book now at
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7:22 am
martha: a lot happening right now in baltimore. that is the mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake, holding a news conference after approving a $6.4 million settlement for freddie gray's family in the wrongful death suit as that played out.
7:23 am
we'll let you know any other news made from baltimore. bill: police in colorado on high alert after disturbing 911 call. the anonymous caller threatened to shoot police officers. this coming amid of a wave of anti-police sentiment. here is the call with a disguised voice. >> it is time that you guys know we're not longer playing around with the police departments. we are striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by theirselves. this will go for the sheriff's department. you guys are evicting innocent people. let us catch you by yourself and it. bill: chief of police of a record can, colorado, thank you for your time today. >> thank you, bill and taking this so seriously. bill: it has been three days. what can you add to what the voice is and what the message is there? >> as we said before, we're
7:24 am
taking this case very seriously. we put high priority on the investigation of this. we're still working on those leads. we haven't got exactly to where we want to be right now and as you know after the call came in a few hours later, two of our officers were fired upon. we're not sure whether or not that is related but at this point we're not ruling it out. bill: i bit. so you doesn't know who made the phone call, that is clear based on your answer there. what are you telling your fellow officers, chief? >> our officers are certainly concerned for their safety. personally i'm very concerned for their safety. so i made it very clear to the our officers their number one priority is go home safe to their families at end of their shift. if they can't go home safe, and they can't protect the public and the public needs our officers. bill: police, you receive threats all the time. i'm sure you're well aware ever that. seldom rises to level where someone says they want to shoot you. when you hear a message about
7:25 am
that, how does that change the conversations you have among each other? >> when you look at what happened in the lags couple weeks. the deputy in hair remembers county. the officer outside of chicago. i've only been in aurora for six months. i came from seattle. in late 2009 in seattle, one of my officers was executed sitting in his patrol car. later down the road, four officers were killed sitting in coffee shop. a week or so later, another officer killed in the area. we lost six officers in eight weeks. this hits close to home for me. it is really making sure that our officers understand the importance of you know, the good, solid training that they receive. that they practice good tactics. but at same time we have to stay the course and be out there for the community. we have to engage with the community and continue to build public trust. bill: can't be easy. a rally today, right? is that happening still? >> yeah, my understanding there
7:26 am
is quite a few folks from the aurora community who are coming together to show support, not only for the aurora police department but denver police department and other area law enforcement agencies. bill: the call said you guys, meaning you, are evicting innocent people. does that give you a lead in any way, chief? >> well obviously we have to look at what does eviction mean to that person who made the call. so obviously that is part of the investigation. but so far, we're still looking into a lot of leads. bill: this national movement, seems, it is a dark one too. as it moves in various part of the country. do you think it has now come to colorado? can you say that? >> well, i think it's everywhere in the country right now. but i think the important thing for to us remember, you know, especially in aurora, i think in many other communities throughout the country, is that police departments are works very, very hard to create a great partnership with the communities and have that transparent kind of
7:27 am
relationship. in fact just this last saturday before everything went down we had a great big ceremony for the youngest victim of the aurora theater shootings, veronica sullivan, she said before she had died she wanted to be a police officer. we had a ceremony inducting her as honorary police officer in aurora. the community came out in force in partnership on that. so i think for a lot of our officers they feel relieved they have the kind of support that they have from the community. we've been receiving hundreds and hundreds of emails and social media messages from folks around not only aurora around the country saying we support law enforcement. bill: you need the support. chief, good luck. we'll be in contact. dave metz. in colorado. you bet. >> thank you. martha: kim davis as you have seen emerging triumphant from a kentucky jail there. the county clerk sparking a national conversation about religious freedom in the work place and the law of land.
7:28 am
we'll debate it fair and balanced. bill: this community on edge after shooter apparently declares open season on a arizona highway. what is going on there. >> people just trying to commute to work. they shouldn't have to be facing that kind of a problem. >> very scary. very horrible. i hope they catch the person. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite.
7:29 am
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bill: mentioned this a moment ago. a house hearing getting underway now on the hill on planned parenthood. the house judiciary committee holding first hearing since a group of anti-abortion activists released under cover video showing planned parenthood officials apparently describing how they sell feet tall tissue to researchers. -- fetal. likely first of many hearses as house republican lawmakers look to defund the organization. no one from planned parenthood is on the schedule to testify. that hearing about to start in d.c. martha: arizona officials offering a $20,000 reward on a string of shootings targeting
7:32 am
cars along a stretch of interstate 10 in phoenix, arizona. jonathan hunt, is in the newsroom. jonathan, how many incident have there been so far? >> reporter: martha, police say there have been at least nine. they confirmed six of those involved bullets being fired at vehicles on i-10 in the phoenix area. the other three, they're not exactly sure what happened but they're saying some sort of projectile was aimed at vehicles in those cases. it is obviously terrifying for everybody involved. cops say this is a very, very serious matter. they haven't directly linked every single one of these incidents but they are appealing to the public to help because they say this is very, very serious. listen here. >> i don't know if this is a copycat crime, if it is multiple people that are involved in this type of insanity. because somebody will get hurt or somebody will get killed if
7:33 am
this continues. >> reporter: now in an effort to track down whoever is doing this, martha, the police have now quadrupled reward for information leading to an arrest. it now stands as you mentioned at $20,000, martha. martha: obviously, anybody who is commuting along those roads has to be nervous they will be next? >> reporter: yeah, that's for sure. it is a very, very busy commuting route, a major artery for anybody traveling in or around the phoenix area. a lot of people are choosing to avoid it. listen here. >> it is scary. makes me more cautious to be in that stretch for anybody else that could get hurt or shot. luckily nobody has been killed yet. we should be beyond stupid stuff. i would hope. i would hope. but i sigh, somebody's playing games and i choose not to play that game. so i don't use the 10 right now.
7:34 am
>> reporter: now, officials say that this is one of their major priorities right now in the phoenix area. the atf and the fbi, martha, have also been brought in to track down whoever is playing this very, very dangerous game. martha? martha: jonathan, thanks. ♪ >> want to give god the glory. he, his people have rallied and you are a strong people! [cheering] we serve a living god, who knows exactly where each and everyone of us is at. just keep on pressing. don't let down. because he is here. he is worthy. he is worthy. i love you guys. thank you so much. bill: so that was yesterday. but what happens now? county clerk kim davis set free by a judge after five days
7:35 am
behind bars. this morning, one of her deputies already saying he will continue to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even if davis, his boss, tills him to stop when she comes back to work, which could be as early as this friday. alan colmes, host of "alan colmes radio show," fox news contributor. brad blakeman, deputy assistant to president george w. bush. gentlemen, good day to both of you. brad, let me start. do you think this is over or is it just the first chapter? is she likely to go back behind bars? >> the ball is in kim davis's court. if she goes back to work, now she has been accommodated where her deputies can fill in for her, is she going to accept that? remember only one county clerk in that jurisdiction elected by the people. if she claims now that she won't even tolerate her signature being on marriage licenses granted by her deputies, then we'll take this to a whole new level. she should have never gone to jail in first place. she made her a martyr for
7:36 am
extremists. this should have been accommodated, if could be accommodated without that. it is up to kim to decide whether she accepts accommodation or fight it. bill: to be clear to our viewers, she wants her name off the state certificates. >> yeah. bill: that could take some time, frankly before that happens. alan, go. >> she ought to resign then. doesn't want her name on certificate that she does, her job as clerk to issue marriage licenses. if you're a mail carrier, you can't say my religion says i can't deliver you this "playboy" magazine, so i will not give you mail addressed to you. you can't do this kind of thing if you are a public servant. if she wants to be preacher, what she sounded like yesterday, that would probably be great profession for her. all people want is one quarter of the marriages she had. she had four of them. gays would maybe like one. give them 25% of what you have. bill: i went back over the past, four or five years. we found multiple cases of private employees who challenged this and frankly looked like just about all of them won.
7:37 am
again it is public employee, brad. but there is also a law in the state of kentucky, religious conscience law, that her lawyers are now citing. it was in 2013. kentucky's religious freedom restoration act. in that act, prohibits state government substantially burdening a person's freedom of religion. if you consider that law then, does she have a case? >> well, she, i don't think she does have a case because elected official, you are sworn to uphold the law. whether you like the law or you don't. again she has a choice. she can resign in protest or she can follow the law. in this case she is being accommodated. the jurisdiction is saying, well, kim, you don't have to issue licenses yourselves. your deputies can do it. however there is only one county clerk and your name has to appear. bill: that is the rub. here is mike huckabee from earlier today on fox and friends. -- "fox & friends." >> when i learned at hearing she was ordered to jail would you bail.
7:38 am
i was incensed, a person elected by the people, following only law she had in front of her was being put in jail. frankly, bribe an, didn't matter to me she was a democrat. she was an american. she shouldn't have that happen to her. bill: what huckabee is painting there, alan, the argument about obamacare and contraception and whether religious groups have to follow that law. >> that is very different situation. conflating the two is ridiculous. we had hobby lobby case. mike huckabee looked like running for preacher in chief. he says he will go to jail for her. which is absurd. that will never happen. pandering to highest order. comes out to eye of the tiger which the group did the song is upset about. and, it is an absurd, huckabee's campaign people got in the way of ted cruz getting to a television camera so he could get some airtime. this is anderring like i have never seen before. bill: those gentlemen might be back in kentucky by end of this week.
7:39 am
it is our understanding it will be at least until friday until kim davis goes back to work, we'll see if it happens again. gentlemen, more to come. alan colmes, brad blakeman. appreciate it, gentlemen. martha: you remember colorado is first state to legalize pot but the state is rolling out campaign to cut back on marijuana use. what is that all about? we report, you decide. bill: hundred of thousands running away from violence of the war ravaging their country. it is not just syria. it is not just iraq. does this massive refugee crisis show that perhaps isis is winning? we'll debate this next. >> this was started by president obama when he didn't go in and do the job when he should have. when he drew the line in the sand which turned out to be a very artificial line. you know, it is living in hell in syria, there is no question about it. they're living in hell. mm. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets,
7:40 am
through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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7:42 am
bill: here is a way the american economy is changing yet again.
7:43 am
macy's will close up to 40 underperforming stores around the country. that is 5% of total brick-and-mortar locations. the ceo says the retailer will maintain a strong physical presence despite increase of online shopping. company's shares have fallen 20% after hitting all-time high in the month of july. martha: the pressure is growing for the united states to offer some sort of response to the refugee crisis playing out in europe. there are concerns what that could mean for safety here at home among other things, with some intel officials warning chaos could become a breeding ground for terrorists. here is presidential candidate, senator lindsey graham last night on this. >> al cade in iraq became isil because of a perfect storm of us withdrawing from iraq, not helping free syrian army with no-fly zone and training when it would have mattered, al cade in iraq became isil because of our mistakes in iraq and syria, created what we have today. isil and assad together are
7:44 am
pushing people out of syria. i blame this on president obama above all others. martha: ken mccullough, salem media group talk show host and david good friend, former deputy chief of staff secretary to president bill clinton. welcome to both of it. david, let me start with you. >> okay. martha: i imagine you disagree with lindsey graham? >> i will surprise you hire. i think we americans have, part of the responsibility for what's happened whether you're a democrat who blames president bush for dismantling iraqi army and creating a power vacuum that isil could move into or republican like senator graham who looked how the obama administration handled it. the west in gin, meaning europe, the united states, we all bear some responsibility for what is happening here and i would argue if we're not going to provide resources to jordan and lebanon and other surrounding countries that tried to grapple with the refugee crisis, we have to do something else. the pope said it is christian thing to do to accept refugees into europe.
7:45 am
i believe it is the jewish thing to do. any of us in morale ity, you can't look at human suffering and turn a blind eye. scare tactics have been used in the past. when jewish refugees arrived in miami they were turned away because americans were fearful of them taking jobs. that always comes up. we have to take some moral responsibility here. martha: we do. i only wish, i think a lot of people wished we watched the situation before it got to this point because it has been made very clear that islamic radical groups including isis have wanted to push out people who disagree with their religious beliefs. people who don't want them to be in charge. these people have been screaming for help for a long time. we were told there was a coalition that would degrade and destroy this group among others who are still out there, to prevent these people from leaving their own homes and allow them to worship as they please in their own homeland.
7:46 am
those days are over, very, very sadly, kevin. what responsibility do we bear and how does this play out looking forward in this process of election and debating all this. >> i may surprise some people too. i agree with david, at least initial part what he said there because you can not see the story of little elon wash up on the store and not put yourselves in the shoes of father who lost ahold of him in the water how anybody can endure such things. i have three-year-old son. i know exactly type of horror i would be feeling at that moment. it is inhumane to look at this to say we can't do anything. it is also necessary, proper, and just, for us to say, if isis is broadly touting that they're going to infiltrate the refugees into europe, and they are making plans to do so, that we should also pay attention to that i don't think personally refugees need to be on, teaming on to u.s. soil right now. i think you have germany being very generous.
7:47 am
most of europe is saying we can help to some degree. can we supply resources to relief pain and suffering they're going through? absolutely. i don't think there is necessary need for them to come to u.s. soil. we do have some problems with somalis that have relocated, yemenis that relocated. there are threats that we have probably put on our soil unnecessarily. okay to help and be compassionate. martha: i think everyone understands the compassionate side of this and you want to be compassionate. but i guess what i'm wondering is, when you look at the political ramifications of this, right, because people will have to deal with this in the future. it will keep going and going because these people are being forced out of their homeland. in a sense after 9/11, there was discussion don't let the terrorists win. if appears the terrorists have won all across this region, hold on, while we have been watching this situation unfold saying this awful. we should be doing something about that. i want to go back to david good friend on this.
7:48 am
where is the responsibility? this has been very evident, what has been going on here for the past two years? now these suffering people are evidence of it. they know what is going on. that's why they're leaving. >> yes. absolutely. so let's just, let's just not reiterate over an over again. we have a moral responsibility. all of us are agreeing with that. i do think it is interesting to point out one of the things that has -- stymied american influence is china and russia siding with assad regime. i would argue this is the time to call out china and russia. martha: of course they did. there was complete vacuum. nothing was happening there. no reason for them not to move in to support those areas. there was a red line, david? nothing happened. >> i understand. i'm talking about the assad regime and united states inability. guess what? martha: that is what the red line was about. >> i understand. i'm not going to defend president obama, on that, don't worry. i will say this. we'll have a big debate in
7:49 am
congress about this iran dial. and why is that important. why does that relate to this story? here's how, we might have held back, obama administration might have held back pressuring china and russia while it was underway being negotiated. that is behind us. this is opportunity for united states to put pressure. >> david, nothing is behind us. martha: that is not great solace to the human beings who meantime had nobody helping them and had to flee their homeland. we have to go. >> nothing is fully behind us. nothing is fully behind us. this was global failure in syrian policy this was global failure in departure from iraq, not just the u.s. we led the way. we left our stuff behind. we created isis what we did not follow through on our commitment to the iraqi people. and we didn't deal with assad. when you lay those two powers in play you see what it turned into. martha: we have got to go. thank you, gentlemen. david. bill: jenna lee, coming up next on "happening now." quick tease, jenna. what are you working on? >> hillary clinton apology is big topic.
7:50 am
continues to dog her campaign, poll numbers sag. will it satisfy her critics is what we're asking today. jeb bush releasing new tax plan. big news for airlines. united's ceo and other top managers fired. how will this impact the average flyer. we'll take that up. bill: big morning. see you in ten minutes. thank you, jenna. high-end barbershop facing hefty fine turning away certain customers. what is the fuss all about? probably not what you think. ♪ from the people who brought you underwhelming internet speeds.
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and the people who brought you temperamental satellite television. introducing... underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. ♪ bill: legalized recreational marijuana and now colorado is rolling out campaign to discourage young people from
7:54 am
smoking. alicia acuna on the story live from denver. this is different from the just say no campaign, right, alicia? >> reporter: that's right, bill. you remember way, way back, this is your brain on drugs ad. colorado department of health and environment says long-term research scare tactics really don't work. so they're going with something much more subtle. this is called, what's next. here is sample. >> go up and go that way. >> set, hike! >> nice job, darren. >> yeah! >> nice throw. played good out there today. >> reporter: subtle, right? the what's next campaign aims to show young people what they stand to lose, like getting driver's license or borrowing family car. under the law, those 21 and older may use and purchase marijuana. brain development continues to age 25. they want folks to keep that in mind.
7:55 am
>> one of the most effective ways you can collect with adolescents about health message give information they need to make their own healthy decisions. using scare tactics are not as effective changing adolescent behavior. >> reporter: this campaign, bill, costs about $2 million. it is funded by tax revenue from pot sales. bill: we'll see if the campaign works. interesting twist already in denver. martha: major shake-up in united. ceo separate something down also two other executives amid allegations of corruption. could that mean a change in anything when you fly? we'll answer.
7:56 am
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>> and the barber said he is a barber. he plans to expand to a salon that caters to women. >> that is a good way to handle the problem. >> steven colbert made his debut last night with a surprise performance by his late night rival. >> i have to remember to tivo this. hi. >> who do you have tonight? >> richard gear, jessica simpson. what about you? >> jeb bush! >> at the end in the locker room, because did you know all late night host share one late locker room?
8:00 am
it is a new warmth between the host. looks like he did well. good luck, steven. >> see you back here tomorrow. bye, everyone. a new fallout and reaction after hillary clinton says she is sorry about the e-mail controversy. hello, everybody. i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric sean in for jon scott. after months of trying to minimize the scandal of the e-mail server, ms. clinton is changing course amid the sinking poll numbers. the democratic presidential candidate is now apologizing. >> i should have used two accounts. one for personal. one for work-related e-mails. that was a mistake.


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