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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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and then which is a heck of a lot better than saying off with their heads and being done with them. stay young your ma jessty. even as your son keeps waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. . >> this is dana's gum. she put it on the on of a coffee lid. it's disgusting. hello everyone. the five. >> terrible. after months of hiding, evading, lying, joking, conspiring, and hiding, evading, lying joking and conspiring she finally said i'm sorry. >> i should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. >> that had the authenticity of
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a times square rolex. a chinese knockoff of an apology. a manufactured biproduct. after dodging for so long. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> you were in charge of it. did you wipe it clean? >> with a cloth or something? >> i'm sorry this has been confused and raised questions. >> can she tell us what's for? it's not about e-mail. because she said no big deal
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just like every crazy stunt the clintons have pulled. maybe she's apologizing for something else. maybe for the millions of homeless hopeless people left in the wake of obama's foreign policy triumphs. what do you expect from somebody who doesn't understand e-mail or who does but decided her little secrets were more important than the country's big secrets. putting your privacy before national security makes you unfit to run a stocking much less than a country. forwarded jokes sent from a slightly deranged ant. who pushed the video remains unanswered you're ineligible for any house unless it's the big one. >> humor. tends to work. >> yes. us r it does. you don't put gum on cup lids an leave it on the table. you can apologize for that later. the amazing thing about this apology is it came from a focus
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group or series of focus groups they held. >> right. which is why it lacks authenticity to begin with it. it's a boo. it's true. she should have known instinctively that it wasn't okay to make a poorly crafted snapchat joke or do these things but she lacked the ability to come from the inside to say hey, i know this is going to resonate because i'm being my true self. that's the problem. she's being managed and micro managed and twisted and told. she's doing what she's told. listening to what they're saying and it's not working because it's not connecting with people on a basic level and that's the core problem of her candidacy. she's having a hard time with it and people can smell a fake. >> you have a book in which you talk about how to sell yourself. this is your job. what kind of advice would you
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give her now as she's apologized three times in three hours? >> are i think the window for her to apologize closed in late july. in the first clip march 10th where she finally revealed she had this private server, she declares that she had no classified e-mail. says she had a staff person that decided what was work related and what was not. over time that evolves. but i think in july as this built is when she had time to apologize. now that there are five federal investigations. i'm sorry. there's a saying in the west that sorry doesn't walk the dogs. >> always have to go back to the dogs. >> now the state department -- the taxpayer funded state department is actually coming to her aid and defending her. instead of saying they're going to let them move forward. bends themselves into a pretzel
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to say there was no problem. it absolutely was against state department policy. >> eric, should she apologize for the poapology? >> for six months she said there's nothing there. people don't care. there's a manufactured media conspiracy theory and people don't care. well this apology that's happened twice in the last 24 hours. maybe a third time. >> she did it on twitter, too. >> that counts. >> three in the last 24 hours which was 24 hours after she said i don't have to apologize proves she was lying or she really, really miscalculated for the last six months. her aids were saying let's take this seriously. point two, tone. she said i sent no classified material march 10th. she had that aggressive confident tone. then she had the condescending arrogant tone when she made a
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joke about. now this is a completely different tone. this is a conversational tone. she's delivered this very -- i don't know -- i'm above you all people and now she seems to bring it down like i'm having a drink with you across the table. >> you like this one better? >> i like this one better. i think the only likeable of all three of her voices. number three t transparencies are. that the state department decide it was so important and forgot to tell everyone that she don e donated $2700 to whom? hillary clinton's campaign. >> it's like a "saturday night live" skit. remember the -- around for five minutes. no one could find him and didn't show up at any press conferences. weird. hiding out in the corner somewhere. how stupid is this right? wasting money. >> let's get juan in here.
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she was also apologizing for the tension this caused which is kind of a nonapology apology right? >> no but it's taking on the media. if you look into that focus group that you were talking about, what it really said was that democrats wanted to hear more from hillary on this subject. why? because it has become such a point of fascination, it is the core that goes through the media narrative on the democratic side right now. it's not about middle class struggles with the economy, not about hillary as the first woman with a strong chance to gain the nomination. it's all about this story. if you look at the numbers, her favorability only dropped eight points. it's really the unfavorable number and ten points of head steady among democrats and independents. i think the republicans who
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viewed her positively are about 13%. now it's down to 6%. what you see is it's republicans and i think it's evident at this table who are saying we see this as the way to get rid of the big hillary clinton. >> that's usually the defense one has when it's not the story. you don't like this person. >> it's not that people don't like her although i think it's part of the story. she's not proven. you hear this all the time. >> remember back to last week when we had the word cloud and it was a word association with the names and her word association was liar, untrustworthy and dishonest. those were the top three. when people in the focus group say they want to hear more from her, it's not about they want to see her cry or have a different tone. they actually want to know is she corrupt which is what the word cloud was saying. there is a difference. >> how much more evidence do they need to -- c'mon.
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>> i think people think she has been -- we have been through this before kimberly. i think people think she is privileged and entitled and arrogant at times and she also knows how to play ball. >> one heck of a defender. >> he is but he's the same person that says they're guilty of pedaling -- >> i don't understand. self inflicted, you're right. self-inflicted wounds. >> 75% of the e-mails are yet to be exposed and 30,000. >> try to call in. fix those days juan. >> you don't wipe a server with a cloth. >> heraldo on line 1. >> who deleted them? did they have security? >> it was a staffer. when you leave the government you have to have a governmental records expert to sign off to say you have done what you're
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supposed to. she had a staffer go through and decide. you don't get to decide. if you care at all about this issue look at the state department's own words. their policy in the absence of department provide secure method, you should blah, blah, blah. it's all right there. >> including the blah, blah, blah. >> it was hillary clinton that fired the ambassador for using a private e-mail to send government information. they fired the ambassador. apparently hypocrisy. >> she does have some defenders besides juan. someone who goes by the name of nancy pelosi. you remember her, the friend of yours. >> yeah. wouldn't go that far. >> well, i would. she had something nice to say apparently. >> having confidence in hillary clinton and her integrity. i feel very confident that she did not receive or send any e-mail marked classified. i do think the other side is
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trying to make something of it. >> this is now just becoming -- i don't know if it's karaoke. >> it's both. you can do it down town. >> they're repooeting the same thing and given up defending her i think. >> what people are missing is that these e-mails are exposing confidential classified sometimes top secret information in the aftermath of the e-mails because no one else has seen the e-mails. for the first time the state department can say yeah that is classified information. we couldn't classify it then, why? because it was on her private server. >> how does that make sense? >> what do you mean that make sense? >> if somebody was going to label it classified or top secret they would have done it. >> not if she originates the classified information. remember the exchange with tony blair. you're talking about the israelis in the meeting he had
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with them he wants to tell her about. that's originating on her server. it's not until you went back and looked through the documents. then you classify it. >> we're not arguing about obama's executive order. >> i know. maybe it's something you didn't understand. >> i'm explaining that clearly she violated administration's policy at that point. >> and she created classified information. >> but she did not i think according to her violate any standing in terms -- ta [ talking over one another ] >> you're playing a word game that couldn't have been classified as top secret or sensitive because no one had seen it. >> i know. >> it was buried on her private server. once these -- >> you're saying her judgment should not count? >> she's told everyone don't classify -- >> juan, that's not it. >> e-mails of her saying don't classify it. >> when it comes to classified
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at the state department. she's the decider. >> no, she's not. that's so wrong. >> that's right. you're so wrong. >> i'm going to win this in a commercial break. >> win it now. do it now. >> i won. >> now if you're interested in winning, tweet with a joke and if it's good i will mail this to you. dana's gum. worth millions somewhere. >> if you were devoted you would eat it. >> i'm not going to eat it. coming up trump and cruz appears at the same rally today next on the five.
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according to a new poll less than a quarter of americans support the president's nuke deal with iran and they are right to be concerned. just yesterday the country's supreme leader called america the great satan again and re peted death to israel chant. two presidential candidates teamed up in washington to rally against the deal. ted cruz and donald trump. >> to every democratic senator who said he or she will support this deal i ask you to consider how will you look in the eyes of the mothers and fa thers of the
2:18 pm
hundreds of american soldiers murdered in iraq with iranian ied's that came from general solamani. this deal lifts sanctions on him. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. if i win the presidency, i guarantee you that those four prisoners are back in our country before i ever takeoffs. i guarantee that. >> i like the promise. if only then they can deliver. so the two of them, it's an interesting play there. you have two people both buying for the same office. how do you think that works from a communication standpoint? >> from a political presidential standpoint for the people that support them it brings attention to the issue and them. remember, this is happening at
2:19 pm
the same time that on capitol hill they are actually contemplating, the democrats are contemplating a filibuster. this is to protect president obama, the democrats, even though as you said the few polls showed only 21% of people in america think it's a good deal and president obama himself said there should be a debate, there should be a vote. he said he was going to do this by executive action if the congress was going to make him do it. they did a resolution that they would approve or disapprove. now the president is backing off. i think it is cowardly for the democrats not to be willing to go on record and vote yes or no, that vote should happen and a benefit of this rally today. >> how do you see this? the two of them, did it work well? you have two people going to state their opinion. >> seeing both of them together, they had two different ideas.
2:20 pm
cruz said he ripped the document up and trump said he would renegotiate. i think the big concern is the $100 billion or $150 billion that iran is going to get no matter what. we're going to turn over a boatload of cash and then the second part is allowing them to start selling oil. that comes to $75 billion additional. you're putting cash into iran's pocket. i would rather see the sanctions stay in place and let them meet hurd rls before you turn cash over to them. never trust and verify. don't ever trust these people. >> there's no leverage. let's take a listen to hillary. >> you remember president reagan's line about the soviets. trust but verify. my approach will be distrust and verify. we should anticipate that iran
2:21 pm
will test the next president. they'll want to see how far they could bend the rules. that won't work if i'm in the white house. i don't see iran as our partner in implementing the agreement. iniran is the subject of the agreement. >> greg? >> i am starting to like hillary because she's so funny. we're witnessing a foreign policy version of the stockholm syndrome. it is cooler to appease your adversaries than help out your pals. it wouldn't be a problem if they just treated our allies as well as our adversaries. it's like the odd-ball woman who writes letters to death row inmates and marries charles manson. maybe there's something special with this person who wants to kill me. perhaps i should mary them. it was about president obama's
2:22 pm
ego. he wanted a policy and the deadline for this deal was having it done before he's out of office. so he staked the survival and security of our country on his last hoo ray. our future is his parting gift. >> very, very bad like terror swag bag like walking away, like oh, awesome. yeah. where can i get some more of this? never. >> i love this. everybody's fantasy island, eric said we should do this and that. >> and i tattoo. >> you mean the iranians have no say in this and the other -- china and russia has no say. it's just usinsistent. i don't understand it. >> do you understand death to america? >> oh, yeah. >> you understand the free leaders are now --
2:23 pm
>> 25 years now -- imagine this guy using harsh rhetoric. he's been doing it all along. >> death to america. death to israel. >> with our people dying and us spending money -- >> they're killing our people. >> there's got to be a different way to do business. >> what about iran? >> how right now? >> because iran is about three months at most from getting a nuclear weears have you heard? >> don't bring up that. >> i don't know. >> it's so rude to bring up a bat. it hurts derrick's heart. >> lift the sanctions and open up the gates of hell. ahead could president obama prevented the crises overseas and what can america do now about syria or is it too late next?
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why are allies nervous and adversaries aggressive? the president looks us in the eye and lies to us. iran says to its people death to america. we're going to give them a nuclear weapon. the president has made america weaker and more vulnerable. we need to rebuild our military. a strong american military built to prevent war and make sure the world is peaceful because no one will challenge our strength.
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it's become a humanitarian cry sis of massive proportions. millions of syrians are fleeing their country. the obama administration is offering more of the same which isn't much. >> i think that you will continue to see us continue to bring in syrian refugees. the assad regime has to go. these people wouldn't be fleeing if he hadn't completely destroyed it the way he has. >> that's something we have heard from the president and his team for years. >> president assad now has a choice, he can lead that transition or get out of the way. >> the world will not waiver, assad must go. >> i'm confident that assad will go. not a question of if. it's when. >> as i have said many times before, assad has lost all
2:29 pm
legitimacy and must go. >> he will not be possible to fully stabilize that country until mr. assad who has lost legitimacy in the country is transitioned out. >> but without follow-through civil war erupted and a refugee crisis escalated. we have susan and samantha at the national security council both experts in refugee crises and we have this -- you could see this refugee crisis coming for years. what would you do about? what are they going to do about it? >> the problem is they left like mccally calkin like "home alone." now they built this. this is the refugee crisis of their making and they should accept responsibility for it
2:30 pm
because they let this guy run amuck doing nothing and they knew better. so that's a failed foreign policy. that's on their hands. every time you see all those refugees you ask president obama how do you feel what you have created. >> some people are worried about the number of men fleeing, i think that they are escaping war but there is a concern there might be some isis connections at some point. how does the united states and other western allies deal with we're going to take 1,000 more while germany has about 800,000. we have 4 million refugees any time since world war ii. what's your take? >> this is a consequence of not approaching the problem as it happened. when we were listening to the people talking about syria, it was like listening to four men with fire hoses watching a house in flames and going yeah that's bad somebody should do something
2:31 pm
but the fire will be out soon. it's not out soon and the people are fleeing. it's amazing ow arrogant the united states is when dictating energy and climate policy to the world. we are the climate police but when it comes to terror it's not our fight anymore. who fills the world's policemen? can we at least help create a police force? long term, with what you're talking about with these refugees. there will be a percentage of men that will make it into the respective countries and there will be a price to pay and it all stems from inaction because it wasn't our fight. >> europe didn't pick up the slack. i think one of the things that we're looking at now is that russia is actually trying to solve the problem. they were supposed to get rid of the chemical weapons which is assad is still using against his people and working with the
2:32 pm
russians. >> i would agree. look, there were a lot of opportunities. you have syria, iran, iraq, saudi arabia. the refugees want to go to a place where there's more opportunity. they want to go to europe and here. i've heard in the last 36 hours, i've heard john kerry, jeb bush and donald trump say we should be taking these refugees. how do you do that? you can't even make sure high school students in new jersey radicalized and now you have people starving and looking for everything with isis going here's $1,000 and anything you need, just come join us, they're going to be radicalized. can i just point something that's very, very important. it's not being addressed by anyone in the media. men, syrian men are coming. a couple of videos literally
2:33 pm
trained folds of people are being led out into hungary and various areas and it's almost is 00% men. think about that for a second. what could go wrong with poor, starving muslim alienated men? they're going to be easily radicalized. >> would american men leave for mexico and canada if it's a civil war in the united states? no. >> what is happening to women because icy changed the doctrine of the qur'an to say it's okay to rape rape. i understand leaving because of suffering and fleeing war. but there's also the women that are possibly left behind. >> i think it's a human tragedy of massive scale at this point. >> and inevitable. >> i don't think it's inevitable. they needed to deal with syria
2:34 pm
and assad in some effective way. the question for us is were we will be to follow through or put troops on the ground? remember, the congress would not vote to authorize missile strikes. everybody was afraid this was going to be another war. that's republican and democrats. >> republicans supported the president. >> they did not. they did not. they did not. >> this is a failure. >> the difficulty -- >> they showed you. >> i don't know what you showed but i think you guys don't understand the american people department back this after we what we had seen in terms of intervention in iraq. what was going on in afghanistan and the obama administration made everybody say well there's all sorts of refugee crises around the world. we can't deal with all of them. sadly this one is so huge that it's a threat. >> this is the problem and they're on the record saying it
2:35 pm
over and over again. you can't go so many -- >> i don't buy it. i think this one clearly needed more attention. i don't know why to pick up on your point you don't see the arab muslim countries and the gulf states doing more. >> they're irritated about the aye raab deal. >> you guys can't even make sense of a difficult situation. >> i love it when juan invites a sixth person to the drive. his first late show is in the books. how did steven colbert do on his debut. the reviews are in coming up after this. i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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first off, it's show time for steven colbert. he debuted on the late show. much speculation on content and guests but the show is predictable. not in a bad way. here are a few clips. >> this show i begin to search for the real steven colbert. i just hope i don't find him on ashley madison. donald trump is swearing off of oreos. he claims that mexico is taking our economy and they're ripping it in two. they're dunking it in milk. oh. oh, god. your campaign poster is just jeb with a j-e-b and exclamation mark. why the jeb? >> it connotes excitement. >> lots of political humor. you like it? >> ashley madison joke -- >> no?
2:41 pm
>> that story may be six weeks or seven weeks old don't you think. >> highly critical. >> i thought that was pretty lame. other than that, i thought the interview with jeb bush was awkward which makes it good and i give credit also to jeb for showing up because hillary didn't go. >> she said because they were already in talks to go on fallon's show. >> i think she thinks colbert would have made fun of her the way they did with jeb. i thought the whole thing with the voice of doom and that paw on the table, i thought this doesn't work. this is terrible. >> 6.6 million. pretty good number. not the old days of "late night." >> he's funny. he's got to get into his groove and zone. i thought jeb was good. i liked the music. i'm going to show up and handle somebody like colbert. that's courageous. >> lebron james or michael jordon, tom brady or joe montana
2:42 pm
and now it's serena williams or steffi graf. two match wins away from a grand slam which is wearing the u.s. open, french and australian in the same year. here's little sister serena after beating big sister venus. >> we are very tough competitors on the court but once the match is over, you know, we're sisters, we're roommates and we're all that. >> juan, everyone is trying to figure out is searrena williamss good as steffi graf? >> i think she is. she has been dominant for a long time. so much so that people are kind of stunned because of her age. i mean, she's no longer -- she's been around but she seems to be getting better. >> sister playing sister, 26 times i think. >> god, somebody else got to give birth to some tennis stars
2:43 pm
right? it's all in one family. must be so tough. parents and siblings together at a practice. i can beat you next week. the family is really just focusing all their energy on these girls. >> your thoughts on the williams' sisters? >> it's racist calling them sisters. i absolutely hate tennis and i'll tell you why. it's the only sport that your brain tricks into thinking you might be good at because it looks so easy. i can do that and then you take tennis lessons and you hate tennis lessons because you're not any good. you never -- it doesn't come naturally but it's one of those sports you watch and think it can't be that hard but then you do it and you're terrible. that's why i hate tennis. >> you don't like anything you're not good at. >> bowling looks easy and i try and i'm terrible. >> not me. >> dana, nick, very good friend of mine that coached the
2:44 pm
williams' sisters. they're probably trying to figure out of those two which is better. he says maybe steffi graf because the racquet technology is so much better now. >> i think you cannot underestimate the amount of business and viewership that the venus sisters. >> williams' sisters. >> sorry. williams' sisters. they're an entire industrial sector which steffi graf was not. >> the talk of the business world. apple ceo tim cook and company executive phil shuler outline their new product including a featuring that had fans less than excited. >> this is the ipad pro. we're so happy to introduce to you another brand new accessory, specially for ipad pro. it's called apple pencil. feels like you're drawing directly on the display.
2:45 pm
>> all right. cook also mentioned the new iphone 6 that looked like the current iphone but completely different on the inside. 12 mega pixel. just buy it. 12 mega pixel camera. and also the 3d touch. apple stock was up all day and town 2% after the announcements. >> my favorite show is "silicon valley." and i feel like they just wrote the next season script for them. >> are you going to -- >> i just got this one. i don't know why you have to bum me out. >> but the camera on these it's not the greatest is it? >> it was better than the last one i had. it was better than the 4 and i like it better than the 5. i don't know what to tell you. i do have to buy this new one immediately or how long do i have? is it going to get bigger. it's got my case. >> steve jobs always said he hates a stylus now they have
2:46 pm
basically a stylus. >> people change. apple is about new products but they use the same pricing mechanisms that we have had since we have ever made products. if the pencil is $99 and based on the prospect theory that if it's just a few dollars short of $100 you think it's a better deal than le $80. you got that's pretty expensive. we use pricing to trick our simple minds. >> you're going to lose that pencil. >> when i look back at the watch and now this, i understand why the price went down. people are like what are you doing? >> they're yelling at me. we got to go. >> people will be stealing that pencil. next, warren buffett on trump-a-nomics. verizon now has one simple plan. just pick a size.
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stamp of approval from this guy, warren buffett. >> he thinks the rich should pay
2:51 pm
more. . >> in terms of tax policy, i haven't heard him say anything yet that i disagree with. >> trump's tax stance is gaining approval. i'm so surprised that when you look at donald trump, he's taking on the republican establishment on tax policy. >> well, i think he's looking for tax reform. i would like to actually see the full plan revealed to go through it all to see exactly what the full proposal is. but i think there's going to be obviously aspects of it that i would, you know, agree with in terms of -- i like the idea, too, in terms of coming back here, money that people have taken out of the country. so those are basic principles that i think both parties could and should agree with. >> well, eric, he has a lot of conservative economists absolutely -- they don't understand it. they think he's going against
2:52 pm
the republican orthodox. >> i think he is. when you have warren buffett and paul krugman signing on to it -- here's a way to do this. i don't even know in donald trump has investigated this. but to pinpoint -- what he wants to do is pinpoint fund managers. wall street hedge fund managers. when you start talking about carried interest, you bring in the bank. the way to do t. donald, here's the way to do it, there's a 60/40 clause for hedge fund managers. 40% is taxed at regular income. or whatever. 35%. you can eliminate that loophole. go to chuck schumer and say, hey, democrat, lift that loophole and what you've done is pinpointed only the hedge fund industry. >> well, let's see what he thinks. >> not only what he thinks but what will hillary think?
2:53 pm
this is the economic poll times of the left. people are starting to come out -- krugman was a former enron adviser. let's be honest. this guy likes to throw a punch. everyone is starting to come out with a few more specifics. jeb today in "the wall street journal," his tax plan was laid out. scott walker has put a very detailed alternative to obamacare laid out. people are going to have to put meat on their bones of their policy. >> there's an argument inside political circles that in fact because donald trump doesn't take donations -- well, he just started -- that he doesn't have to answer to the rich among the republican class that are always protecting their tax benefits. >> he's made that argument. >> so they are saying, hey, the rich need to pay more taxes. greg? >> paul krugman, we have to be very clear, has been wrong on everything. everything. he is a nut bag. trump supporters should care if a hard-core leftist nut bag
2:54 pm
likes trump's tax plan. they might not care as much because trump expresses -- with the current malaise that is -- and he's willing to shrug off exceptions like these, be aware, liberals love raising taxes on the earners. there's no epiphany. so when they see an opening, when somebody starts talking about raising taxes, they dive in. they will never cut. >> watch how fast krugman jumps off the bandwagon. then you've eliminated -- >> one more thing coming at you. >> at allied bank, it's a fact.
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time for "one more thing." eric? >> yesterday, kim davis was released from jail and huckabee set up the stage. but ted cruz showed up as well. watch what happened when ted cruz wanted to get on the stage. there is a huckabee aide in the red shirt allegedly saying you can't go on the stage. cruz saying i want to go on the stage. the aide says no. you're not coming on. one more time. ready? i'll go over here. and it goes on and on. the aide -- i thought it was just very funny. >> ted cruz kept his cool, i've got to say that. >> i know. but he should have just gotten up on the stage. >> in this business, sometimes you can't pronounce a word
2:59 pm
properly so i was impressed when this dutch forecaster brought attention to a 58-letter name. watch. >> the sun is shining in the northwest wales. just up the road from -- [ pronouncing name of city ] that's the name of this town. i don't know how you send a letter. >> i don't know. >> queen elizabeth marked a major milestone by becoming the longest serving monarch. there she is. >> to one which i had ever aspired. inevitably, a long life can pass by many milestones. my own is no exception. >> lovely. >> great. anyway, the lid with david's gum
3:00 pm
on it. no more jokes. they were terrible. send cat pictures to dana all day. the best one gets the gum. that's it. "special report" is next. as iran's supreme's leader vows to wipe out israel in the next 25 years, the deal with iran rallies as congress takes up that deal. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm brett baier. president obama's hope that the relations with iran will improve as the result of the nuclear agreement appears to be backfiring tonight. ayatollah is reaching new extremes, as critics of the deal continue to rail against it with no short-term prospects for victor


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