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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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"special report" for dress rehearsal for guys and dolls. nice suit ♪ must be a lady tonight. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for thecial "special report," unafraid. >> tonight "on the record," mr. trump goes to washington. billionaire businessman donald trump is trying to take the white house. earlier today he took capitol hill by storm. the g.o.p. front runner a fiery speech blast blasting the controversial iran nuclear deal. not mincing words what he calls the incompetently negotiated deal ever. hundreds turned out on capitol hill to hear the donald. >> they rip us off. they take our money. they make us look like fools. and now they are back to being who they really are. they don't want israel to survive. they will not let israel survive with incompetent leadership like we have route now. israel will not survive.
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and then, when it's all done, or they think it's all done, they come out with these unbelievable nasty statements that israel won't be around in 25 years and we have no dealings and we have no further dealings with the united states. now, the people that we were negotiating with, and we are working on the sanctions with including and as as an example russia who is selling tremendous missiles to iran, you know that ballistic missiles being sold. all of these countries, all of these countries are going to do business with iran. they are going to make lots of money and lots of other things with iran. and we are going to do and we are going to get nothing. nothing. we are led by very, very stupid people. [cheers] >> very, very stupid people. we cannot let it continue.
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we are a country that owes $19 trillion. we lose everywhere. we lose militarily. we can't beat isis. give me a break. we can't beat anybody. our vets are being treated horribly. it will change. we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. believe me. [cheers] >> i agree, you will never get bored with winning. we never get bored. we are going to turn this country around, we are going to start winning big league on trade, militarily, we're going to build up our military. we're going to have such a strong military that nobody, nobody is going to mess with us. we are not going to have to use it. [cheers and applause] i really really appreciate this tremendous crowd.
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we are going to make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [cheers and applause] pleasure. >> now, in case you didn't notice that was donald trump. is not the only one stomping all over the iran deal at the rally. more than a dozen be speakers taking the stage from ted cruz to sarah palin to phil robertson. griff jenkins was there. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. >> don't reward terrorism. you kill it. >> if this deal goes through, we know to an absolute certainty people will die. >> thousands gather here on the west lawn for a rally to stop the iran deal. it was put on by the tea party patriots and the likes of ted cruz, donald trump, governor palin and others. and the message was loud and clear. >> this iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic. >> if you are elected
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president, how will you handle this deal? will you roll it back? what is the plan. >> this deal will change drastically. believe me. this deal will be totally renegotiated or more than that this deal will bear no resemblance to this right now. the thing i hate so much, however, they still have our prisoners and they have our $150 billion plus, plus, plus. they will be so rich and so strong they will be going all over the world creating terror with our omoney. what we did and what our president did, he should be ashamed of himself. if iran will not stop its nuclear program, we will stop it for you. stop this deal. >> i don't do deals with individuals whoever they are, when they are hollering at the top of their lungs when i walk out of the place where we are doing the deal and they are saying death to you, we're going to kill you. that's the last bunch you want to have nuclear weapons. >> so congress, you got to
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kill the deal. >> what's the message and can this deal be stopped? >> yeah. this can be stopped if congress won't look at this as a partisan deal. it's not partisan. they want to either put israel on the path of destruction or not. >> it maybe cannot be stopped because you have a lot of weak politicians. all talk, no action politician, griff, what they're doing is disgraceful. the people of this country don't want it over 70%. this is a deal that should never v. never have been made. it's going to lead to a lot of bad things. i'm really honored by the crowd. look at this crowd coming out here today. it's amazing. >> former alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate governor sarah palin taking to capitol hill telling protesters you don't reward terrorism you kill it she is with us here. >> thank you very much. >> no one is going to show me the deal. i try to look at it this way. what is the indication that these people are not they
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fund terrorism, hezbollah, they have -- they are holding four americans and sponsor terrorism all over the world. that's the bad side. on the side good side i think what is the one hint or clue that they will keep their side of the clue, you can come up with one? >> no, i can't. those who worked on the deal, john kerry, hillary clinton, ivan they are saying there is no change in behavior. out of the $150 billion that we freed up for them, there is no guarantee that they won't move it for terrorism. we were seeking that kind of confirmation from those who worked on the deal that there would be something good in it. but, no, for the life of me and probably most americans, we have not received that message about what is good in the deal. >> so why do you think some democrats are voting for it? why do you think the president likes it? >> on the hill today, in speaking with some senators, they are insisting that president obama has so twisted arms on this one that -- it's become a partisan issue, which is unfortunate because as i said in my speech, you are either for israel being put on the path towards
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destruction or you are not. it's not partisan. he think a few months ago, had the vote been taken on this treaty, and i call it a treaty. i don't know why it's not characterized or categorized as the a treaty but a deal. i think if the vote were taken then, it would have had much more of a chance to be killed in congress. but evidently the president has really twisted arms. >> is donald trump your candidate? >> oh, goodness, is doing so great. did you hear his speech? his speech that resonates with what average americans are thinking. they are asking, too. why in the world would we even negotiate with terrorists? his speech today is an indication of what he is capable of doing in terms of connecting with average americans. and that's why he is so high in the polls. way too early to endorse someone. they have only been through, what, one debate? >> interesting everything is coming to the surface. >> what other candidates i
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know you are close to senator ted cruz. how about dr. ben carson and carly fiorina? she is an outsider. >> i'm very thankful that awful these folks are willing to put themselves out there in the name of service. it's brutal. it's really tough. and those that have that much confidence in themselves and their message, more power to them for being willing to be out there and organize and what is needed to keep going in this race. >> you used the term brutal. at the start of your speech i heard it. i was listening to it talking about our od.c. weather here. >> oh, gosh. i felt like i was in a yoga class today. how do you guys do that out there? >> it's awfully cold up in alaska. it's pretty rough up in alaska. >> i was like a drowned sheep dog out there by the end of that speech. >> governor palin, welcome to washington. come back in the winter, it's a little cooler. >> thanks so much. >> don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00
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p.m. g.o.p. presidential candidate donald trump joins sean tonight on so:00 on hannity. al qaeda just released, you are not going to believe this, a hit list of famous americans to kill. now, this list issued just two days before the anniversary of 9/11, the deadliest terror attack on american soil as you know. the list specifically calling for lone wolf attacks on entrepreneur entrepreneurs. warren buffet, bill gates and michael bloomberg. jennifer griffin joins us. unbelievable, jennifer. >> it's unbelievable. it's no coincidence, greta, that not only did the the english magazine on the beak on the president. the beak refers to the battle won by 00man empire in the 1 is 19 century. 11 issue. what makes this issue so horrific it has inside a
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side-by-side two kidnapped prisoners one from norway and one for china. they are being offered for sale online. a telegram number is provided should anyone want to buy these prisoners. presumably they are being held in syria. the advertisement adds limited time offer. a reminder of how very sick these isis captors are. late tonight the prime minister of norway tweeted out a response about the norwegian prisoner who appears in the magazine. he was kidnapped last january, we're told that norwegian leader said they have been working tirelessly to free him from his isis captors. not to be outdone al qaeda in the arabian peninsula published its own english edition of unexpire magazine. that's the same magazine that came to prominence years ago carrying an article entitled "how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom." on this month's cover also released today on the eve of 9/11, the anniversary of 9/11, a picture of an
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unknown assailant holding a pistol calling for lone wolf terror attacks and, quote, assassination operations target america's wealthiest businessmen. it's not the first time that founder bill gates has appeared on al qaeda hit list. the al qaeda affiliate said that if he and the other billionaires withdrew their money from u.s. banks they would be removed from the list. greta. >> what's the reaction from the pentagon, when you see these magazines for hits on america and. >> there is so much that we can't counter this propaganda. this is propaganda and they have compared, i have talked to officials who compare this to a mount everest of callly propaganda. and the counter terror response, the counter propaganda is merely a foothill in comparison. >> just awful. anyway, jennifer, thank you. nice to see you back in the bureau away from the pentagon. >> nice to see.
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>> you coming nearly 14 years to the day of the horrific 9/11 attack. in dangerous time, near the anniversary, should you be worried? former new york city police commissioner and author of the brand new book "vigilance, my life serving america and protecting its empire city" ray kelly goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. good to be with you. >> nice to have you. nice time to have this book coming out with this threat from al qaeda naming business people famous names in this country. what are your thoughts about that tonight? >> well, they have done this in the past. it's something that i think is cause for concern. they put it in inspire magazine which is a magazine founded by anwr alack lal can awlaki in 2010. he was killed in a drone strike in 2011. we thought the publication of this magazine would be over but it continuesand it doe. >> why isn't the publication of this over? i mean, why are they still getting oxygen with this magazine? >> yeah. that's a good question.
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when anwar al-awlaki and khan were both killed in that drone strike it was assumed by the intelligence community that we wouldn't see it numb. we see that magazine and also see the beak which is a magazine published by isis. both of them are very slick. they have very powerful messages. this is where the names of these executives appear. so we can't discount it. may have to be aware of their surroundings and most of these gentlemen have security. it's the world in which we live. >> do you ever get the sense we are going to win this war against al qaeda? it's now been since 9/11 it's been 14 years. well, actually, predated that. but that's sort of the landmark tomb. >> well, i'm usually pretty optimistic but in this issue i'm not. you think we are going to be fighting this for a long, long time to come. it's a movement. it's not just a group of individuals. isis now may be up to 40 or
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50,000 troops under ground. but it's very powerful on the internet. we know they are putting out 90,000 tweets or retweets a day. if you look at their recruitment videos, they are very well done. they're effective. so he we are going to be involved in this fight for a long time, unfortunately. >> commissioner, also around the country tonight and for days and months, police seem to be under attack. over the past year police have expressed there is a rising anti-cop sentiment. now that tension even boiling over to violence and brutal murders of america's finest. police around the nation are on high alert after threats have turned deadly ♪ chanting] fry them like bacon. pigs in a blanket. >> a new threat to law enforcement. >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> there is a war on cops. >> isn't it obvious that police have a big target on their back? >> we have had four more
4:15 pm
guardians slain. black lives matter and cops lives matter to. it would not make a difference whether it was a judge assassin natalled for doing his job. >> stop trying to fix the police. fix the ghetto. >> fights are very conflicted are they going to be supported? >> now police officers are being reactive. they are trying to protect themselves. >> we don't have any support from the political class. >> commissioner i have been down to the wall in washington more than 21,000 names etched on it law enforcement killed in the line of duty. i have talked to a number of police officers. they do feel they are under siege. are they under siege and if so, what has happened? >> yeah. think there has been a shift, yes. i think police have a right to feel that they are somewhat under siege. you see these outright assassinations we have on here in new york. two police officers were killed. and this is really disgraceful. cops are are
4:16 pm
underappreciated in this country. they have do so much to bring about an environment of safety. crime is down. generally and significant way for the last two decades. that's a result of smart policing. but, the cops, quite frankly, get very little appreciation for that. and this, the targeting of police officers is just absolutely terrible and he you think they -- and they do have a right it feel that they are under siege and, of course, unfortunately, this will make police officers, perhaps withdraw even more i think we have seen the effects of ferguson where officers are not engaging as much as they used to. and this may just exacerbate that. >> all right. in your new book "vigilance" you bring up a topic stop and frisk along with many other topics along with this new book that's come out. this book has been highly controversial and have you been critical of mayor de blasio about it. tell me about this. >> well, this is a long
4:17 pm
standing custom and practice on the part of the police. it's well-founded in the common plows of the supreme court decision. terry vs. ohio validated it. it's on the books in every jurisdiction in america. it is a tool that police officers absolutely need. and i think there was a mistake in decision by the district court here in new york the mayor refused to go forward with an appeal even after the judge was reduced in that case. we have the practice greatly reduced and greatly diminished in new york city. in its height it amounted to less than one stop a week by a pa 'control officer and less than one patdown every two weeks. it wasn't excessive in my mind. but the activists got ahold of this issue, ran with it and now the practice is greatly curtailed in new york city and in other jurisdictions as well. >> well, i just want to
4:18 pm
thank you, commissioner. i read your book and i appreciate all the protection that you have given us over the years around the nation. i urge the viewers to read it i don't know how you sleep at night reading about all troubles and difficulties trying to protect us. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and straight ahead. >> baltimore paying out millions of freddie gray, what's with the timing of the payout. suction officer awaiting trial? "on the record" legal panel is next. also, hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding european countries leaving leaders scrambling, but are the refugees headed here to the united states? that's coming up.
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university officials approving a 6.4-million-dollar settlement for the family of freddie gray. the 25-year-old friend african-american man died from a spinal cord injury while in state custody. stefanie rowling's blake insists the settlement will not affect their cases. >> let me begin by emphasizing that the decision to settle the civil claims is completely unrelated to the criminal case. the six officers currently face. the city's decision to settle the civil case should not be uninterpreted as passing any judgment on guilt guilt or innocence of the officers. this settlement is about making the right fiscal discussion for the city of baltimore. i acknowledge it is relatively unusual for the city to choose to settle a civil claim involving alleged police misconduct prior to the resolution of a
4:23 pm
criminal case. but in the limited number of cases involving unique or extraordinary circumstances prior to the final adjudication of criminal charges. >> and the "on the record" legal panel is here. katie phang and former homicide detective ted williams. the amount settled was in range. i don't believe in one second that was a smart fiscal decision because of the timing. a smart fiscal decision would have put it off until after the criminal trial because rather pay later than now. i don't believe that for a second. >> you are absolutely right about what you are saying. i don't buy it either. i you have is he said i thought there shut be a settlement. the problem you have in this case is the criminal case is still out there. the jury pool looking at this settlement could draw an inference that these officers are guilty. >> which is why the timing -- i don't know if it was deliberate wrath -- or stupid or whatever it's a terrible decision. >> it comes on the the eve of a huge hearing tomorrow, greta and ted it.
4:24 pm
the motion to change venue will be hard by judge williams tomorrow. we know that in this is going to have an impact on the judge's decision. why? your potential jury pool has heard that the city of baltimore is paying $6.4 million to the family of freddie gray. one thing i want the viewers to understand is the following. three and a half months of negotiations allegedly went into the 6.4-million-dollar payout. as a trial lawyer, that's a pretty fast pay out for billy murphy the family attorney for freddie gray. >> i will tell you that dandy johnson was a case in 2010 went to trial somewhat like that. he didn't linger for a long time freddie gray did and the jury returned 7.4 million. this is a loor amount of settlement. but the city, the mayor is dead wrong that she couldn't have held that one off until two years down the road because the officers wouldn't have had to testify in any of the civil cases. what in the world? why are they paying this thing off now in the timing to me is horrible. >> i you think it's dirty. >> >> it is. i have got it tell you, i was sort of like katie there. tomorrow there is going to
4:25 pm
be a change of venue here concerning these officers. the question is are they going to be -- will there be a change of venue? i have said that they probably would not. but it wouldn't surprise me if the judge put this off for some time so there can be a calming down before the jury hears this case, greta. >> katie, do you have any problem with the quick -- the fact that it was done so soon? remember in the o.j. simpson case you had had the criminal case first and then you had the civil case and that's why o.j. could be compelled to testify at the deposition civil case gone through the jeopardy of the criminal trial. is there any reason that mayor, that city, had to settle this now before the criminal trial is resolved? >> absolutely not. it doesn't speak to the disposition to either one of those cases. here is the other thing for you guys to think about. maybe, just maybe, i you know this sounds crazy, this benefit of the cops. maybe the jury hearing that the family got 6.4 million says to themselves the family was made whole as much as they could financially. so at this point we're going
4:26 pm
to the cops. i'm putting that out there. >> you know what, katie, the mayor is telling the jury they are guilty. they are so guilty we are paying them off. that's like the worst thing. >> as a matter of fact, that was the first thing she said in a defensive matter about this jury. hey, this is a criminal trial is separate from this. oh, no it is not. >> the state fiscal decision they could have paid this a couple years down the road instead they are going to pay it now. that's just not so. >> brilliant lawyer. >> or lucky. ted and katie, thank you both. and europe's refugee crisis is not only grows worse by the day but now it is our crisis. thousands of children being ripped away from theires parents. we're live in hungary next. nds . nds . it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. your bladder is changing, doesn't mean you have to. with tena's unique super-absorbent micro-beads
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breaking tonight, european nations struggling to deal with the growing number of refugees flooding into their region. hundreds of thousands fleeing death and destruction from terrorists and civil war in the middle east and beyond. the international business times reporter erin banco spent the day at a packed orphanage for unaccompanied minors. she is live in budapest. what did see when you went out? >> there are three state run orphanages in hungary. one about 14 miles outside. one where people that have traveled without their parents or lost their parents on the way go. in the month of july combined there were 1200 refugees and this one center only has the capacity of
4:31 pm
about 84 kids. so, you can imagine sort of the desperation that the children were n this one refugee center and actually a lot of them have fled since then because they weren't getting the basic services they needed. there is no international organization, government, or institution tracking these children. they are just allowed to leave. so they are very susceptible in terms of falling into trafficking networks and other sort of abusive systems. >> they are unaccompanied minors. they are kids without their parents. their parents just abandoned them or did they -- i mean, how does this so many? >> right. so some of the children came alone, didn't have parents in their country of origin. some children's parents died on the way. other children ran away from home one way or another they lost their parents. usually when people from their village or town or whatever country they are in get up and leave, they go with their friends, usually. and then they arrived in hungary or serbia and they
4:32 pm
try to claim asylum and they are oftentimes put into state run orphanages where they are not allowed to be put up for adoption even. it's a very tough situation for them. >> indeed it is. >> erin, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> as deal with maives refugee crisis. the white house now considering accepting some of these refugees. should we? is that the solution? haley barbour goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> obviously heart breaking. we have unaccompanied minors and many adults starving, desperate. what do we do? >> well, let me just say first of all, the bad news is if this iranian deal goes through, this could get worse. he would are going to put tens of billions of dollars into the hands of these biggest state terrorist span sponsoring country in at world. established an arc that runs from tehran to beirut to damascus and baghdad.
4:33 pm
most of these people fleeing are syrian muslims who are sunnies and, of course the shia terrorism compared. >> iran. >> plus the crazies in isis. these people, there will be more of them fleeing if what we see is a collapse in this arc to where you have shiite governments running. this look at what's happened in iraq since the shiite governments took over, since the iranian influence has increased so dramatically. the sunnies are scared. they are being murdered. the kurds have finally -- have fortunately got enough strength to defend themselves. >> it's interesting. everyone has concentrated on the nuclear weapons aspect of this deal. and what you just raised is what happens when all this cash gets surrendered to iran. i am like you, i think that's a far more danger. we can always bomb their nuclear facilities when we discover them.
4:34 pm
take them out militarily. you give them all this cash and see the destabilization and sponsor of terrorism, that begins on day one. you cannot stop that. >> and who is getting hurt by this in the people that have huskily been our allies. the saudis, the kuwaits, the gulf states, again, all sunni countries. israel, the people that have been our friends in the middle east jordan, they are the ones that are at risk are most threatened. other countries, huge refugees are coming. in and that number is going to multiply. >> you know, i was in a refugee camp in iraq when they were coming out of syria. at love syrians. they are really desperate. these are good people. they just want to -- they don't want to come to the united states. they want to go back to their home, back to peace. raise their children and have lives. >> i'm a christian, and most of the christians over there are terrorized populations
4:35 pm
of these countries in the la have on the have collapsed but now as i say, these sunnies are terrified of what's going to happen with the iranian power. you have got huge, huge numbers of refugees that are still in turkey, in jordan. where are they going to go? >> governor. thank you very much for joining us tonight, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and a possible serial shooter on the loose tonight. terrified residents are on edge over fears the shooter may strike again. donald trump, he is he shaking up capitol hill. the billionaire businessman takes his show to washington. hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in,
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4:40 pm
live in phoenix. good evening, colonel. tell me about this. how many people have been shot at and what links them together and what separates them? >> we are looking at a total of 11 cases over the last 11 days, greta. i think we have a couple of mo's emerging from these cases. we he had some very similar last weekend and the four we have had over the last four days appear to be similar as well. >> has anyone seen any shooter or is it the first notice you get is when some car has been hut or some person has been hit? so far we have not had a witness other than the victims of the crimes themselves. we have deployed all of the resources of the arizona department of public safety along with resources from our federal partners at the fbi and atf and phoenix police department. so this is job one for my agency. and we will capture whoever this is. >> i take it no one has been killed by this. that would have been my first question to you.
4:41 pm
no one has been killed, right? >> no, we have had one girl injured when a bullet went through the windshield of the parent car and went through the passenger side window. she was cut with some glass fragments. i would tell you that all of these are lethal events. they ever all lethal encounters. and if we don't get a tip that solves this or solve it ourselves, the danger continues to go up. >> any forensic evidence linking it? are you able to recover any forensic evidence to show that the same weapon was used, for instance? >> we have some information that we have been able to get from these different vehicles. i'm not at liberty to disclose that at this time. i don't want to compromise the case. i'm not trying to be difficult. i just don't want to put the hard work of the men and women involved at jeopardy and possibly jeopardize our ability to prosecute the case. >> what's the stretch of highway that this has happened on from the fareth, he mean the two farthest points? >> this piece of highway runs right through the middle of downtown phoenix it runs from state route 51
4:42 pm
out to 59th avenue where all of these have occurred for the most part. it's about an 8-mile stretch. the ones that owe occurred in the last 24 hours are all on the west side of phoenix between about 35th avenue and 59th avenue. very heavily traversed piece of roadway. it's a very complicated case to enforce and look for these suspects that are involved. but we have deployed many resources. >> colonel millstead good luck, sir. if anyone is watching and does have a tip, thank you. >> this is important are for the agency and i hope somebody want to go after the reward. this is an act of coward disand people's lives are at risk. >> that's right there is $25,000 reward. colonel, thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me on. >> and donald trump has not been shy about his views on the iran nuclear deal. donald's fiery speech next. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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one week before the second g.o.p. debate donald trump he has an idea for cnn. he says because they will make so much money off people tuning in to see him at the debate that cnn should just donate all of their profits to veterans groups. the donald writing a letter to jeff zucker and he is now waiting for his response. what if the donald doesn't get his way? >> if mr. zucker does not agree, as you wrote in the letter today to donate the funds from the cnn debate to veterans, will you consider not appearing? >> we're going to make a determination. but should make a big donation and a, frankly, so should the other networks because they are making a lot of money. and i would like to see that money go to the vets. >> so if he doesn't give the money, you won't show up? >> we will make a determination. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill bob cusack and from
4:48 pm
the "washington times" steven dinen. of course fox has already had its debate. your thoughts about this? >> you know, look, i expect he shows up even if cnn doesn't agree to do that. the point here is this how mu power this guy has and people are tuning in to see him. if you lose him from the debate, who knows, you probably lose half of your audience. he does have this ability to sort of lay out these demands and get attention for it even if he doesn't have to follow through. >> he rewrites every single rule. you mean in the sense that -- i mean, it's amazing how he has -- he just does it his way and successfully, i might add. >> and he has a knack for coming up with new things for all of us to write about. whether it's this move, which is greenous, really puts cnn in a tough position. as well as, you know, getting kids on helicopters and having everybody call lindsey graham's cell phone number. knows how to play the media i think this is is the latest version. i agree with steven. is he going to be be at the next debate. i would bet that cnn does
4:49 pm
make some type of donation to veteran groups. >> i don't think they will. >> you don't think they will? >> i think they will say back to mr. trump, you like capitalism, donald trump, you have made a lot of money. and we need to make money here because, you know, frankly, if you want to send someone over to hungary to cover the refugees, you have got to pay a lot of money. will make a lot of money off, this but they are spending money other places. >> trump goes ahead and makes a donation out of his own pocket and gets even more press out of it. he cannot lose these sort of fights he gets in just because of his net worth and his ability to say anything and have the money to back those things up. >> but it's fascinating because says he is spending all his own money on this campaign but he really hasn't spent that much money because we cover him so intensely because, first of all, is he leading every place and you always follow the winner. secondly he has so many new ideas and thought have captivated us. >> he is an interesting guy, no doubt about it and is right. i mean, the ratings for the first debate were through
4:50 pm
the roof and a large part that was because of donald trump. people are more engaged at this point than they were earlier presidential cycles. i don't know where this donald trump saga goes. he is an interesting guy. he does press conferences, unlike hillary clinton who does he have few unscripted and reporters do like that. >> and even today when he spoke on capitol hill, he didn't have a teleprompter e was just donald got up and he spoke which a lot of people like. evidence is not reading stuff that paid consultants wrote for him. >> and wrought a check that may be very interesting to see him cash if he does become president he said even before he takes the oval office iran will return those four americans. he is making some interesting statements there, too. >> i wonder what they're saying about him in iran tonight. who knows, right? anyway. maybe they will be tweeting about him. bob, steven, thank you both and big news for the greatest generation. i'm talking about your parents and maybe even your grand parents. the ones who did the most incredible thing. they have won world war ii for you. and now a push to build in the heart of washington,
4:51 pm
d.c. a monument honoring one of our greatest military leaders and president. president dwight d. eisenhower. a five star general served as supreme commander of the allied forces in europe even planning d-day. he was elected in 1952 during his time the in the oval office. president eisenhower supervised the desegregation of our military and of our schools. former senator bob dole and senator pat roberts are now trying to get that very deserved memorial for their fellow kansans. >> you got a great project going a memorial for president eisenhower; is that right? >> that is correct. dwight david eisenhower, a great general, a great president, a man who liberated millions during world war ii, a man who preserved the western democracy from adolf hitler's third like and then gave us three years of peace
4:52 pm
and prosperity. i don't know of anybody more deserving of dwight dave eisenhower than ike is of a memorial on the mall and we're close. >> it's been 16 years since congress authorized this memorial. and it still has not been built. and some of us older world war ii veterans auto would like to be there for the dedication. so we need to start and we are going to try to raise the money privately and i might add that you were the first contributor. [ laughter ] >> not the biggest but may have been one of the first. you know, there is so much people don't know about i've been hour. they remember eisenhower in terms he was a general, that he was led d-day. helped plan d-day. but even as president, he was -- he supervised the desegregation of the military. sent federal police down and marshalls down to little rock to enforce desegregation of the school.
4:53 pm
there is omuch the american people -- he was a hero in some ways. >> he had the current state highway system there is a whole laundry of list you can go down during his tenure as president. i think some of the historians sort of view him as a grandfather president. i think he -- he gave us peace and prosperity. he gave us that aberration that we experience every once in a while and that is peace and prosperity and stability. >> but we have got a pretty good list of people that we're going to start contacting after this now. >> yes, sir. we'll get it done. >>ened, of course, if anyone wants, can just go to the website and contribute. you don't have to be contacted. anyone can call you with big contributions? >> yes, ma'am, that is the case. >> anyway, thank you both. and, you know, we have quote to get this done. >> thank you, greta. >> thank you for your contribution. >> you're welcome. >> now are to it the rest of this interview with senator bob doll and senator pat roberts and it's pretty long
4:54 pm
head over to find out how you can help with this monument. if we all help, we can actually do this. and a brand new greta talk podcast just released. i sit down with barry from samaritan's purse. what barry has to say about human trafficking will absolutely shock you. donald -- download the newest episode to your phone itunes, tunein or stitcher. do i look like a terrorist? i will tell you why i ask off the record next. at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a...
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4:59 pm
possible side deal? the iran deal might be the most important deal in your and my lifetime we don't know what is in it. none of us does. we can't read it because our government won't show it to us. instead our politicians including the president pat us on the head and say trust us. i'm so over that. i don't trust anyone. i want to see it myself. the deal should be put online on transparency? remember that word? and don't tell me the deal is classified. president obama can unclassify it. he is the president. don't tell me we need to keep it secret from the enemy. the enemy knows all about it they helped us write it. it's not a secret from iran. it's only a secret from us, american citizens. ayatollah khomeini and rooney know every page of the deal. you and i are in the dark. you know that's wrong. this is so messed up and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us, see.
5:00 pm
also on you will find my full interview with dole and roberts about president eisenhower. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> they rip us off, take our money and make us look like fools and now they are back to being where they really are. they don't want israel to survive. >> with the deal we will have unpress debted access. we will be able to to monitor every aspect of their nuclear program. >> big anti-iranian nuke deal rally today and the political parties are divided. republicans hate the deal. the democrats accept it but the folks are saying no. we will have a special report. >> there is no amount of money that can't address the legitimate grief that this family or any other family have. >> the city of baltimore gives the family


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