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  Hannity  FOX News  September 9, 2015 7:02pm-7:19pm PDT

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you lost limbs and now you're in a position that we're about to give the iranians $150 billion, they spend their centrifuges, breakout time of zero and 11 years. they get to build icbm's and a missile defense program. what did we get? is there anything you see we've gotten in the deal. >> i don't understand what we got out of the deal. i know at least this administration and a lot of politicians who are voting for this deal are not listening to those of us who had to face these iranian bomb and iranian troops that were operating in and around iraq and afghanistan. again, our politicians would be the worst car salesman in history as evidenced by this deal. i don't see what we're getting it out of it. >> the answer is nothing. you're an american hero, thank you for being with us. here now with reaction 2016 gop candidate donald trump is with us. mr. trump, good to see you, sir. >> hello. >> you know, you talk a lot about bad deals.
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$150 billion, 24 days inspections, they even pick their own inspectors. they get to build missiles conventional weapons. is there one thing in this deal, just one you can identify that we get out of it? >> sean, there's nothing i can see. there's no reason for it. i love the idea of a deal. i think it's a great thing to have a great deal. it's got to be a great deal or at least a good deal. i don't see anything that we get even the ones that were working with us on sanction, they'll sell missiles. if you look at russia and some of the other countries throughout the world, they're going to make a lot of money dealing with iran. they're selling them missiles and all sorts of things. probably some of them are selling nuclear expertise. we give them $150 billion plus, plus, plus. i just don't see it. we don't get our prisoners back. it's nothing. you know, there is one clause that even you don't talk about very much that nobody really understands.
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if israel is forced to attack iran, we have to, as you probably see by the reading of the agreement, we have to protect iran from israel. and nobody's been able to explain this one. but -- it's something that even you don't talk about, sean. which is surprising for you. i think you have to add that. >> i'll add that. >> i think we're supposed -- which, by the way -- >> we cannot do that. morally that is impossible. >> the way the agreement reads we're supposed to do that. can you believe it? >> i can't. you know, here's a question i have about dealmaking. because we now know they even said today within 25 years israel will be gone. the supreme leader and talked about sending radical jihadis right here to the great satan, america. during this deal, they said the destruction of israel is non-negotiable. they were chanting, the supreme leader chanting death to america. you can listen.
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> here here's chanting during these negotiations death to america. the destruction of israel is non-negotiable. as recently as september second they're burning our flag and the israeli's flag. shouldn't it be a prewebsts they talk to us? >> i haven't even looked in a mirror. i hope i'm okay.
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we had an amazing crowd down in washington at the capitol in front of the capitol. we had thousands people. you probably covered it in some form. the people can't even believe it. he's saying a israel won't be here in 25 years, which is a horrible threat. he probably means shorter periods of time than that. he also said we'll never have anything to do with the united states. he said we'll have nothing to do with the united states after this deal is done, which is the nuclear ripoff. it's unconceivable to me that a person can speak that way and we go back. that's like if i'm doing a deal with somebody and i hear them saying trump is terrible. you take a walk. this isn't the first time. you had also their top general say something which was even worse. he wants israel gone immediately. so when they make these statements and here we are obama and kerry going out and looking
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to get an agreement signed, and you see what's happening where they're doing something with certain countries like saudi arabia, this was a -- you can't even discuss this deal with them. all of a sudden they signed on to the deal. you know they were given a fortune of protection and missiles and all sorts of things. so what they're doing is they're going around and paying off all of these countries to sign on to the deal. it's just unbelievable. i think it's the worst document i've ever seen as far as negotiation is concerned. >> mr. trump, there are conservatives in the house, ted cruz is going to join us in a few minutes. we'll ask him about this, that are saying that by not disclosing the secret side deals with the iaea, the president does not have the authority to implement this iranian deal and that john boehner and mitch mcconnell can stop the deal by saying the clock hasn't started as it relates to the corker carden bill. do you agree with that
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assessment? >> i've heard that. the lawyers are going to have to tell us whether or not that's true. i was with ted cruz today. he's a terrific day. he was out there making speeches. i'm making speeches. the problem with making speeches we have 70% of the american people on our side but the politicians in washington -- just not listening. it's hard to believe. hard to believe what's happening with this deal, it is unconceivable that it's going forward. inconceivable. i mentioned -- i always use it as a good point. 24 days is a ridiculous thing. before you get to the 24 days it takes a lot of time to get there. in other words, they were request to go on and it could take a lot longer than 24 days. >> they pick the inspectors. it's not like they're american inspectors. they pick the inspectors. inmates are running the asylum. >> that's the new thing that came up two weeks ago. now they're allowed to do their own inspections of the most important places. one of the thing yz mentioned is
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the four prisoners we have. you have a writer, journalist, a wonderful military person. you have a minister, a fantastic man who has been there for a long period of time. we haven't even asked them for these people. think of it, we haven't asked them. we're fighting them in yemen. they're back in, as you know, assad in syria and we don't even do -- we're fighting on the other side. it's like what are we doing? they don't want to mention anything outside and they're getting all of this money. think of the prisoners. we have four people over there we don't even mention them. all you have to do in my opinion, if it's the right message, say we want our four prisoners back. that should have taken place two years ago, not now. it's incredibly -- >> and the iranian backed rebels took more hostages in yemen, the hoou
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houthis this weekend. we'll have more after the break. later tonight. this iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic. it is the single greatest national security threat facing america. >> i agree with that and more. it's worse than munich 1938. texas senator ted cruz spoke at today's rally. he'll join us later. why hillary clinton's apology for her private server doesn't mean much. i'll explain as we continue. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief.
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live from america's news headquarters. u.s. officials growing concerns about russia's buildup in syria. it's unprecedented and is beginpath to look like the
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incursion into crimea. satellite images show russian planes landing in syria. the russian government is not denying the buildup. the suburban chicago police officer who was killed last week suffered a single gun shot wound. that according to the coroner. the officer was found fatally wounded after pursuing three suspects on foot. he died a short time later. so far the suspects have not been found. despite a massive manhunt involving hundreds of law enforcement officers. i'm will carr lets get you back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." donald trump continues to surge in the race for the white house. a new poll by survey usa has donald trump beating hillary clinton 45% to 40%. trump's position at the top of
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the polls has led to attacks from some of his gop rivals. take a look. >> donald trump's not going to get elected president by disparaging people and attacking people all the time. that's not how you win. you lift people's spirits up to be president of the united states. this whole approach of say associaing someone's an idiot, low energy. >> it sounds really cool. let's round them all up and send them back. people who say that have no idea what that would entail in terms of a legal system, the cost. forget about it. and, plus, where are you going to send them? you know, that's a double whammy. >> we continue with 2016 presidential candidate donald trump. i want you to respond to that -- if you want to respond to bush you can. the last comment by ben carson. we now know that our state department and our president is thinking of bringing in refugees from syria and iraq that have been displaced that are going through europe. now, do we know many of them are
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muslims coming from muslim countries? i'm sure many of them are very good people. do you think some radicals might be mixed in with them? is that a fear we should take seriously? >> it could very well be. and, frankly, you have isis. if you look at a lot of the people i've been watching on television, it's men. there aren't that many women relatively speaking. it's a horrible thing in terms of humanity and everything. we have a lot of problems in our country. we have a lot of problems in our country. we have to straighten out our own problems. as far as that's concerned, you know, i heard about the border, i heard about the wall. the wall does work. especially if somebody -- like me does it because i know how to do walls. the wall absolutely works. my immigration policy and my immigration plan has really been well-received. we have to get people into this country legally. we can't have -- when i first announced for president, people really criticized. now they've all apologized. they said what i said about illegal immigrants was correct
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when people say oh, the plan and it doesn't work, these are the same people that have let this whole situation go to hell to start off with. my plan does work and the wall works. people will see that and it won't take long to do. believe me. people with knowledge know my plan work. >> a poll that came out says 59% of americans agree with your policy on immigration. are you saying absolutely people from syria, the middle east, 400,000 men, those are men we don't know what the backgrounds are, where their hearts are, should we allow any of them into this country or any aid we offer should be financial only? >> look, from a humanitarian standpoint, i'd love to help. but we have our own problems. we have so many problems that we have to solve. you have over there the gulf states. tremendously wealthy. you have five groups of people, they're not taking anybody. saudi arabia, quatar bahrain,
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these are wealthy and powerful from the standpoint of money. they're not taking anybody. russia's not taking. we have to straighten out our own problems. we have millions of people potentially. if obama would have gone across the line he drew, the artificial line in the sand he drew, you wouldn't have this problem in the first place. >> let me ask you about this letter you spent cnn. the rates will go up with a 30 minute or 60 minute ad. you said to donate it to charity. have you been heard from him? >> i don't want to donate it to charity. i want to give it to veteran's groups. they're rates are going from $4,000 to $250,000 an ad. i hate to say because of me. because the numbers were always low for the debates. nobody watched the debates. it was a poory rated thing. i hate to tell that to you. but you know that. fox had 24 million people
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watching. >> the highest rated debate in the 2012 cycle here at 6.5 million. i don't think there's anyone disputing that. you see everything that's unfolding with hillary clinton and her server. she gave an apology, although she admitted no wrong doing nothing was improper she says. do you think you had said you think joe biden is more likely to win the nomination for the democrats at this point. what do you see as problematic for her. do you think it's more legal than political in terms of her problems? >> i think it's more legal. i think she's going to have a hard time getting to the starting gate. she's been hurt very badly in the polls. i've been beating her in -- even states that normally democrats would win i've been beating her. it's going to be very interesting to see what happens. she's dropping like a rock. i think she's got a bigger problem. if you look at general petraeus for doing one fifth of what she's done. less than that. they destroyed his life. they ruined his life.
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you saw what happened to him. and for some reason she seems to be skirting by. we'll see whether or not she's able. i think she'll have a hard time getting to the starting gate frankly. if it's biden, it's biden. it would be fine. >> it was nice to see you and ted cruz together today. this is the worst day since munich 1938. glad you were out there. thank you for being with us. >> i think it's the worst contract i've ever seen negotiated. it's the most one sided deal and a disgrace and we shouldn't have to take it as people from the united states, we should not have to take this. >> i agree with you. only 21% of americans like it