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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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night, 10:00 eastern. we take attendance and it hurts us when you're not here. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> they rip us off, take our money and make us look like fools and now they are back to being where they really are. they don't want israel to survive. >> with the deal we will have unpress debted access. we will be able to to monitor every aspect of their nuclear program. >> big anti-iranian nuke deal rally today and the political parties are divided. republicans hate the deal. the democrats accept it but the folks are saying no. we will have a special report. >> there is no amount of money that can't address the legitimate grief that this family or any other family have. >> the city of baltimore gives the family of freddie gray who died in police
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custody $6.4 million. where does this money go? we have been investigating. >> a 17-second video from a friday night football game is going viral tonight. it appears to show a sanjay player tackle a referee, then another player hits him as he is already on the ground. >> also tonight, a high school football scandal in texas. the two players attack a referee on the field. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the nation turns against the iranian nuke deal, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. new poll released yesterday asks a very simple question do you approve or disapprove of a nuclear agreement between iran, the u.s.a. and other nations? just 21% of americans
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approve. 49% disprove and 30% don't know anything. so the folks have turned against president obama's deal with the mullahs. the reason is there is nothing in it for the u.s.a. outside of avoiding a possible war down the road. now, that's a big thing. but the consensus is iran won. today in washington, thousands of people turned out to hear politicians opposed to the deal. >> this iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic it is the single greatest national security threat facing america. if it goes through, over $100 billion will flow directly to iran, to the ayatollah khomeini. >> they rip us off, they take our money, they make us look like fools. and now they are back to being who they really are, they don't want israel to survive. >> indeed the top mullah said again today israel must
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be destroyed and america remains the great satan. on the other side, hillary clinton supports the deal. >> without a deal, iran's breakout time, how long they need to produce enough material for a nuclear weapon, which would shrink to a couple of months. with a deal, that breakout time stretches to a year which means that if iran cheats, we will know it and we will have time to respond decisively. >> mrs. clinton pledges that if she is elected president, she will use military force to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon' if they break the deal. despite overwhelming opposition, the nuke agreement will go through. it will go through. the whole fiasco shine as spotlight though on president obama's foreign policy, which is a disaster. as you know, millions of refugees are fleeing the middle east and africa, going to europe asking for asylum. there is no way to stop this
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mass migration, which will change the european continent dramatically. most of these people are muslims who are simply trying to survive. the world was stunned when a picture of a 3-year-old syrian boy was published. evidence drowned in the medicine ter -- mediterranean sea as family tried to reach the coast. mother and brother also drowned. this is happening because the u.s.a. and western europe retreated from the middle east. once president obama removed all-american forces from iraq, isis moved in and chaos broke out. the president has never, never acknowledged that his policy of disengagement has led to thousands of people being murdered and the catastrophe we are now seeing in europe. it is simply stunning that the american press has said so little about the disastrous foreign policy of the obama administration. the reason for the silence is that the liberal press despise the iraq war so
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much. it is simply not going to accurately assess the results of mr. obama's timid approach. so now we have one of the biggest mass migrations in the history of the world, which is overwhelming and will allow terrorists entry into almost every western country. of course russia and china will not accept migrants. they never do. israel will also not accept refugees fearing terrorist infiltration. as for america 27 iraqi made it here properly incarcerated by ice. none of them have been granted eye sigh lump by the obama administration. we can now expect thousands of refugees begin entering america. summing up the jihad on the march. the obama administration and other western powers have no idea how to deal with it and a the world is suffering drastic consequences. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from chicago lt. general mike run in,
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former head of the defense intelligence agency. general flynn served in the obama administration 2011 to 2014. was the highest ranking military intelligence officer in the u.s.a. at that time. so general, let's begin with the iranian deal. the rally today made it clear that all republicans in the senate opposed the deal. most in the house. and 70% of the american public, some say oppose it. but i think the number is closer to 60%. nevertheless, the deal is going to go through, correct? >> slool. absolutely, bill, this is a done deal. it's sad for the country that is going to happen. the administration has not
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been truthful with the american people. they made poor assumptions from the beginning. we are seeing those assumptions literally fall flat on their face. >> okay. but, this is a pattern. the iranian deal follows the iraqi withdrawal. it follows the failure to confront assad on the poison gas. it follows the failure to confront isis on the ground. it's all about pull back, pull back, pull back. now, when you were the head of the defense intelligence agency, did you warn the president that disengagement was going to lead to disaster? >> there was ample warning. there was ample warning to show the behavior of iran around the region. not only from the time that we were in iraq, you know, for many years. what they were doing in iraq as well as what he they were doing in afghanistan, but there was ample warning as to what their intentions were not only in the region, but frankly elsewhere around the international community. i mean, iran's behavior has been very steady.
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they have been, you know, they have actually -- their actions or their words and their actions have matched and they have not been very good. >> he this are consistent. >> they are very consistent and they continue to be consistent. >> we are going to promote terrorism and hurt the u.s.a. and destroy them if we can. >> yeah. even in the last couple of days. >> when you brought that information to president obama and his national security team, what did they say to you? >> yeah. i you think that -- i mean, they are not -- they weren't telling me anything, bill. what i would say is that when that kind of information comes in front of our leadership, they can use it for what they want use it for. obviously, i don't believe that they were paying sufficient attention to it over the last few years. >> did you yourself ever talk to president obama about -- >> no, he never approached me and never asked me. never asked me for my expert opinion. i spent a lot of time in that region. >> you were never called to the white house. you never debriefed him.
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it was all your agency gave papers to his people and then you didn't hear anything. >> that's exactly right. >> did you ever tell the top democrats, feinstein, people like that? >> yes. yes. >> now, they are all on board with this iranian deal. all of them are on board except for four. >> i think what we are seeing and this is on the congressional side. i just think we see a lack of courage. these people have seen this. there is many in there know what the behavior is. and, to me, it seems like people are voting for the president and not voting for national security. i mean i know this deal is going to go through. i sensed that from the beginning just because of the kind of shaping that the administration was doing inside of congress. >> it's politics and they are going down on >> it is. this is dangerous. they are not voting for the nation's security over the long hall. they are actually voting for, i guess a president's legacy. i don't know. >> i don't know what it is either. >> i think it's wishful
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thinking punish iran. that's what hillary clinton's speech is about. final question here. >> what does that mean though if somebody says they cheat. if we even suspect they are cheating, why are we giving them so much? why are we giving the leading sponsor of terrorism the ability to have a nuclear threshold state? that is unsane. >> general, the reason would give if they didn't they would have gotten a bomb on their own and war would have broken out. >> that's a false assumption. >> millions of people are now going to move from the middle east and after infantry you canoe western europe. a lot of those people are going to try to get to canada and the u.s.a. all right? >> yeah. >> did they not know this was going to happen when you break down in libya, when you break down in iraq, when you break down in syria? of course these people are going to do that. >> yeah. bill, a third of the syria two years ago was displaced
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refugees all over the region. what he we are seeing is that double already just in the last two years. so that's doubled. so everybody is seeing on their tuitions now -- televisions. this is the worst disaster of refugee flow. >> since world war ii. >> in the history. that's right. part of what we have to do is we have to turn this thing back around and ask the arab states what is it that they are going to do? >> they are not going to do anything, that's not fair. jordan and turkey have taken a lot of refugees. >> i think the saudis have to be asked as well. you are not going to get them there. >> anyway, general, i'm going to try to brung you back in two weeks to discuss this. i know this is going to get worse and you are going to see unbelievable unintended consequences as a surge of humanity. i mean a surge hit the north american continent. >> security and not some crazy iranian deal.
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thanks, bill. >> thanks. next on the rundown there is no crying in baseball but in politics tears are flowing. hillary clinton putting forth a softer side. ed henry on that. and later newt gingrich will assess the republican field as the second debate is less than a week away. and the factor
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i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? hillary clinton tries to remake her immanuel. joining us from washington ed henry is covering the campaign. does this mean, henry, she is going to be nicer to you? >> no, not a chance. she told me at a recent news conference you are only entitled to one he request. so i don't think she is going to be nicer to me. in all seriousness, she did say that. she has been more open about taking questions from the media. and so i do think she is trying to shift strategies, whether it works or not is a whole another question. >> i liked her speech today
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at the brookings institute on the iranian nuke deal. i don't agree with her. i think she is deadly wrong. but it was cogent. it was put forth. she said if i'm elected president they cheat on the deal, i will use military force. the reason i liked it was i could understand it. it was declarative sentences. one after the other. she didn't cry. i expected her to cry. why was she crying the other day? >> she was because, look, i'm not sure it was a coincidence that a "new york times" leak comes out and on the same day that says she is going to be more authentic and human side. abc news did an interview and she choked up. she was pressed by the reporter david muir the anchor about her mother and her legacy and i think, look, that is authentic, frankly to me. as a reporter. because anyone who loses a parent, a spouse, a closed loved one, that's going to strike you as emotional. might help her political as
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well? sure, maybe. i don't think she did it for that reason. i think she got a question and she answered it honestly i. >> now i don't know whether you watch the factor each night you should of course. we had krauthammer on last night. krauthammer for weeks snow ball's chance in hell she will be indicted. then last night, all right. he kind of changed his tuna little bit. now, i'm not making any prediction about an indictment. but i am going to say it's almost impossible for the fbi and the attorney general of the united states if they look and see that that personal server was scrubbed professionally, they have to indict. they have to. and. >> well, you are right. >> i'm wondering whether the clinton campaigns that ha anxiety level right now. >> he they're not showing it to be honest. but when i say you are right, i think you are right about the stakes for her. as a reporter, i have no idea whether she will be indicted and you are right to add that questionary note. i think as a reporter going through the facts this campaign has repeatedly, you
8:18 pm
know, under estimated the power of this investigation and has repeatedly insisted it's not a criminal investigation. they are just looking at the security of the server. when we have talked independently of the fbi and they say all the investigations we do are are, in fact criminal. so they don't know what the campaign is talking about. >> this is serious. >> trying to limit political damage it's a criminal investigation. >> it is. and it's not fair to hillary clinton to sea she is guilty of anything. but it is -- >> -- innocent until proven guilty. absolutely. >> it is fair to provide analysis that says if an indictment comes back, she's done, done. >> that's true. and it's a big if. the other thing i would say though, going back on whether there will be an indictment or not, the fact of the matter is, the very bottom line on this whole story is, it really starts with the march 1,010th news conference where she looked the american people in the eye and said there was -- i know the rules and there was no classified information in the server. that has turned out to not be a true statement. legal experts. >> it wasn't classified at
8:19 pm
the time. >> was it marked? was it not marked? what was the intent? that's for legal scholars and prosecutors to get to but she, on that point, turned out to be wrong. >> henry, write this down on your pocket hankie. >> all right. let me get it. >> all right. >> i will get my pen. >> if she or anyone in her camp took stuff out of her private server, done. simple as that. >> right. >> the word if was in your sentence and appropriately so. >> that's it. directly ahead. kentucky clerk remaining defiant on gay marriage. will she go back to jail? also, two texas high school football players assault a referee on the field. should they be arrested? up ahead. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite. for these parents, driving around was the only way... get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked, we can't drive this car they wanted it fixed right... they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technololgy means a strong...
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factor follow up segment tonight as we reported yesterday 49-year-old kim davis an elected county clerk in kentucky was released from jail after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. she is supposed to return to work on monday. but she can also return to jail if she doesn't comply with federal law. joining us from tampa florida jessica erhlick, andrea tantaros co-host of outnourished. i'm appointing you -- outnumbered. her lawyer has a upon tail. did you see the guy. >> yes, it's hot. >> whenever i see a guy with a ponytail over 50. i'm going i'm not sure. but anyway,. >> me too. >> you are the advisor to ms. davis. >> yeah. >> going back to work on monday and you tell her to do what? >> i tell her to go back to work and ask that her second in charge be the one to verify these licenses. now, she has said she is not going to do that but i would not tell her to resign, but i would figure out some way to make an accommodation
8:24 pm
where she can keep her job but allow. >> there are all kinds of ways to do that, you know they have. >> you are asking what i would tell her to do. keep your job but make sure that you are not violating the rule of law which san oath that she took to uphold. >> don't you think that she wants to be a martyr to the cause of christianity? don't you think she does. >> i do. >> i do, too. >> i do too. >> you know what? there is nothing wrong with that jessica. if you want to be a martyr to the cause of crution grant and you really in your heart believe you are doing the right thing in a moral sense, because of your belief system, it's like the vietnam conscientious on tores. you know, they didn't go to war. they dodged the draft, went to canada or left the country nothing wrong with that that's the way they believed. i you think if she wants to be a conscientious on tore she has to take what comes.
8:25 pm
who said she was going to go back and do her job good and not well. >> that may be. >> she is elected official who took an oath to uphold the law of the united states of america and a the state of kentucky. >> she still has a right under our constitution to be a conscientious objector. >> use her spare time. >> there is to put her back in jail and that's it that's what will happen. >> she could resign like people in other states have done. >> she doesn't want to because she is upholding what she believes is a sincere tenet and she wants people' to see that. so by resigning. >> what if her sincere tenet as the county clerk what if her sincere tenet because of her religion she believed in polygamy and she started giving multiple licenses to people. >> those there have been those peopl in utah who
8:26 pm
have done that. >> they should go to jail. >> i'm not arguing about the jail sentence. >> the problem is she is essentially rewriting the laws of that county by not issuing. >> yes, she is. >> she is not obeying the law because she doesn't believe the law is valid. >> by not doing it though, she is trying to change the law. she is essentially doing that which she cannot do. >> i don't think she is trying to change it i think she is trying to defy it last question. there are people who are attacking her personally, you know that. >> for being married numerous times and calling her names a monster and this and that. >> and having children out of wedlock. >> that is just as bad, all right, i shouldn't say just as bad because i don't think she is doing anything bad if she is following her conscience. if it is sincere. if it's a phony thing and wants attention. that's got to stop this personal attack business, correct? >> i think it does. >> it's awful. >> as a christian, i do feel sorry for her and sympathetic to her beliefs. >> so am i. >> however, she doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. >> she does not. no legal right.
8:27 pm
>> hold on, jessica. she cannot union at that time earlily come out and decide she is not going to enforce the law. again, it does set a dangerous precedent. >> she can. >> it sets a dangerous precedent. a woman sharia not issuing driver's licenses to somebody because women shouldn't driver doesn't believe in the second amendment and doesn't give a gun permit. >> i don't think political in these terms that your personal life should come into play except for the fact that she has brought it in as someone who has been divorced and married multiple times. had children out of wedlock and therefore her sort of new found this idea that oh, other people -- she could have a divorce. what as the judge said she was catholic and didn't believe in divorce. >> you think the law should be followed. if she doesn't want to follow it unconscious objection she has to take the consequences. thank you very much. in baltimore the family of freddie gray who died in police custody awarded 6.4 million bucks.n
8:28 pm
investigating where the money will go. then newt gingrich on which republican candidates have momentum. which do not. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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the nissan rogue, with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. quick correction the lawyer in condition ken does not have a ponytail. it's the lawyer in baltimore representing freddie gray who has a ponytail. just for the record. in the truth serum segment tonight, two disturbing situations in virginia police say illegal aliens
8:32 pm
murdered 17-year-old high school student and in baltimore the family of freddie gray the family of the person who died in a van awarded $6.4 million. the family of fred imr gray, who is the family? who is going to get the money. >> well, what we know about the settlement is that the mother who raised him is going to get $5.36 million, his father, freddie gray sr. will get 6 had 40,000 and then there is another 400,000 that's going to the go to the he's of freddie gray. there could be debts and other that has to be settled miscellaneous amount. >> there is the father. he wasn't present in the home when freddie gray was a boy, correct? >> it sounds like if you read back about his childhood that it was single mother struggling with three young children, very difficult circumstances. she admitted to drug use and all kinds of problems. >> she was a heroin addict gloria darr continue was a
8:33 pm
heroin addict. she gets the bulk of the money. the father who wasn't in the home gets 600 k and then the estate gets money. the lawyers get, what? >> that we may never know because that's something that's worked out privately. they don't have to disclose it between the attorney and the family. maryland ethical laws for lawyers and guidance basically says it's got to be something reasonable. that's been all over the place. there have been large settlements before in which attorneys have ended up with millions of dollars. a percentage. >> usually get about a third on these kind of cases they don't charge to represent. final question here. the press has played down the fact that freddie gray was a street dope dealer and an addict himself. on a string of arrests. one with a firearm. should that come into play here before the police officers are even put in trial? >> well, generally when you look at these kind of settlements, you have to look at the earning potential of the person,. >> the earning potential of freddie gray?
8:34 pm
unlimited if is dealing dope. >> well, he didn't finish high school. he did have a rough life. he has numerous arrests on his rap sheet. >> yeah. >> it's interesting, you know, to figure out how they came. >> the city bought the family off. that's what they did. >> it was unique facts and circumstances. >> yeah. the city bought it off. all right. let's go to virginia lowden county, beautiful place. all right? not an urban situation. 17-year-old high school kid shot dead by you will legal aliens, what happened? >> horrible tragedy. exactly what you have been warning about. 17-year-old there he is going to school. 50 yards from the bus stop shot in the back twice allegedly by three illegal aliens. danny fled from el salvador from the violence here and two of the guys charged henry vasquez 20. one 18, both from el salvador. a 17-year-old here you will legally from mexico charged as being the gunman. they will be tried as adults. >> was the victim here illegally as well? >> we don't know that. they have not released any
8:35 pm
information about that. >> all right. so there is a kid, he is caught up in a beef. the cops in lowden county say it wasn't an accident. it wasn't a robbery. this was a gang-related thing. >> no. they are vaght that all they know is that they knew each other. local reports though say that danny did not want to be part of a gang. ms 13 is involved down there. >> right. >> that's el salvadorian gang. >> aapparently he is described by neighbors as quiet, studious. artistic young man who fled the violence here. >> so it's entirely possible, speculation but educated speculation that this 17-year-old boy didn't want to be in ms 13. >> exactly. >> these kids took it out on him and killed him? >> exactly. >> the perpetrators, all three of them, in the country illegally, right? >> yes. >> no rap sheet though, right? >> no rap sheet. they haven't been deported. they will be tried as adults. ice has detowners on two of them. not commenting on the third because he is he under age. >> well, if it was san francisco, they would let him out. but, in virginia, they will keep him. all right.
8:36 pm
guys, we appreciate it. when key woman right back, newt gingrich will assess the republican presidential field with the debate a few days away. and then martha maccallum on whether two texas football players will be arrested for attacking a
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thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the perm story segment tonight assessing the republican presidential contenders. newt gingrich who has been through it all. also all right, mr. speaker. let's assess one by one. donald trump, has he peeked? what do you -- peaked? what do you think. >> i doubt it he elevens every day. he has endless amounts of energy. he has tapped into something real about the american people the desire to be great again. the desire to win. i think he is very formidable. he is not the nominee yet. he has a long, long way to go. but he certainly has done better for about four months than anybody expected. and he is staffing up. he is getting -- hiring more people, getting a bigger organization. he will be mother if i if i -- formidable. i don't think he will implode. somebody will have to beat him to stop him from becoming the nominee. >> ben carson rating second in the poll. outsider. how is his campaign shaping up? >> look, i think he is the
8:41 pm
most remarkable figure even more than trump. dr. carson has a wonderful prnl story. he has a remarkable story as a surgeon. but he is very quiet. he is very low key. yet in south carolina he is in a solid second place nationally. there is something magic happening with him. you think people who are sick and tired of washington but also sort of tired of noise have found in dr. carson the alternative to trump. the two of them together, you think, are now in like the high 50's in places like south carolina. >> something to be said for -- >> -- amazing performance. >> for dr. carson being a decent, honest man. >> i know the people who put his campaign together, carson has a real campaign. he has chairman in all 99 counties in iowa. he has raised, i think, $6 million in fnc hard money in august. >> both have serious
8:42 pm
campaigns. jeb bush lots of money, trying to do the media thing with colbert last night. how is he doing? >> i'm really very surprised. i you think jeb is a very, very good politician. he was a very good governor of florida. and he doesn't -- i think he is sort of startled by the trump phenomenon and he hasn't found his footing. and he certainly has enough money that he should be able to go to the distance. he should still be able to have a shot at this. is he going to have to find some pattern that we don't see yet. jeb bush is a person who likes people. is he is not a natural fighter. he is up against a great bar room brawler in donald trump. he is going to have to find a way to get in the ring equally tough. >> that's going to be interesting. marco rubio, a senator from florida, competitive but really hasn't' caught fire. >> stunningly talented. is he a terrific person. and he is very knowledgeable. he is almost a natural vice presidential nominee.
8:43 pm
but he hasn't broken through yet to be a presidential contender in a way that he should. and his performance was fine in the first debate. but it didn't -- people nodded yes but they didn't then vote for him. that's a challenge for marco to figure out what's the missing ingredient here? >> i don't know either. ed it cruz very bombastic humself. how do you assess his chances? >> cruz is doing something very clever. cruz is in a sense riding right next to trump. the fact that cruz invited trump to come to the u.s. capitol today to he oppose the iranian deal together, we will see. cruz is a very, very smart man. and in the absence of trump would have been the natural tea party candidate and maybe in the absence of carson the natural evangelical candidate. the problem he has got is both those guys are now bugger than he is. and he hasn't quite yet figured out how to get past them. >> scott walker, governor of wisconsin hasn't caught on yet, has he? >> no. and it's a little bit of a surprise. i have known scott for a lot
8:44 pm
of years. very solid guy. very courageous guy in what he did in madison in taking on the government employee unions. but he is very quiet in a different way than carson. he hasn't found his voice. and he hasn't communicated the kind of fervent, direct appeal that people want to hear. people want to feel it's in your gutted. that you are ready to lead the country. >> the four remaining in the cnn debate are foreignna, kasich, huckabee and christie. any of those four do you feel have a chance to break out? >> i think both fiorina and kasich have huge opportunities. kasich has run a very smart campaign. he is in second place in new hampshire, which was a deliberate campaign decision on their part. he has raised a good bit of money. he is is the governor of one of the most important states in electoral politics. he is the only sitting governor who has a net positive. he is about 60% approval. and he is probably the most innovative governor in the country. so kasich could break out
8:45 pm
presently. and fiorina has had, you know, a great break through. kind of ironic. >> very feisty. >> she didn't make the first debate but in the result she got a bigger boost being on in the earlier debate than she would have gotten had she been next to trump. >> she'll be there next wednesday night. mr. speaker we will bother you from time to time to come back in and take a look at the campaign. we really appreciate it. thank you. martha maccallum on deck. big story in texas. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, making it the most loved electric toothbrush brand by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare.
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volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. back. book seeing isment tonight, did you see that? last friday night in texas sanjay high school was playing marble falls high in football. the game was intense. now there is two players that have attacked a ref on
8:49 pm
the field. >> this is a video viewed 5 million times. two players blind side an official. >> the incident is shameful to us. and, yet, in no way, does it reflect what we stand for. >> what could happen in the heat of battle that could lead to this? >> there is really three layers we are looking at. >> sanjay players say racial slurs were electricity directed at them by the umpire. >> here now martha maccallum. any evidence to back up the racial slur accusation? >> no evidence to back that up. the high school and the district are standing by these refs. they say they have no evidence that anything like that happened. the really it's being pinned on this 29-year-old defensive coach who has been put on administrative leave because, you know, they are sort of contradict tore. on the other hand players said racial slurs on the field are what led them to do that this administrative coach apparently said to the boys that they were getting cheap shots. that he was making bad calls. >> the ref was.
8:50 pm
>> he should pay for it on the field. >> those things don't match up. this guy has been suspended the assistant coach. >> he has. >> because maybe the kids took it as you should get it that kind of thing. >> they are very subtle. dihim. >> they were really subtle. >> what happened to the kids? >> the kids have been suspended from play and school indefinitely. there's a possibility that they could face misdemeanor assault charges. the police are open to pressing charges. the ref himself was not injured. he walked off the field. but this's some suggestion that he had some lingering effects and he may press charges. >> i guess the police could do it themselves. but now we have the race card being played all after of that. we'll take a look at that. i did not know this until this day today that ms. martha mccallum is a close personal friend of steve colbert.
8:51 pm
and you were at his opening show -- >> i was. >> -- in the front row. >> i was in the front row because his family was in the front low. he's one of 11 children. and i think about half of them were there last night. >> and they're all named colbert, you know that, right? >> they mostly go by colbert. what difference does it make? >> either you're french or not. how come you're friends with him? >> his wife and i have been friends for machine than 20 years. i was there when they met. our families are very close friends. our kids were born at the same time. >> do you socialize with him? have barbecues with him? >> i have. >> he stole from "the factor" green room, he stole -- >> your microwave. >> my microwave oven.
8:52 pm
and i could press charges. >> you can't afford to buy another microwave. >> it's about stealing. >> where's your sense of fun. >> have you ever eaten anything from that microwave from colbert's house in. >> it's in the kitchen in a prominent spot. would you like me to sneak back and steal it back for you. >> i always knew that it wasn't good enough for you. his show with the george clooney guy, geez, i mean, was that funny, him and clooney? >> it was not the funny part of the night. >> was jeb bush funny. >> no. stephen was hilarious. the best parts of the show was the beginning of the show. he had a ram's head ambulance that he paid homage to. >> that's the sign of the devil. that's a pagan sign >> he sold us all to the devil
8:53 pm
and now he has to sell hummus every night. >> i think it's true. >> please. >> he did sell his soul to the devil. >> really? >> and he probably gave the devil a microwave. all right. i didn't know this. i'm shocked that you're friends. >> i'm not the only person in the world that's friends with you and stephen. >> how do you know you're friends with me? >> i've been the ball games with you. do you take your enemy to ball games? >> no. >> i'm the closest thing you have to a friend. >> to glamour. >> a glamorous friend. >> being friends with me is prestigious. factor tip of the day, donald trump and planned parenthood. the tip moments away. to come to bass pro shops than right now. announcer: bass pro shops is the place for huge savings during our labor day blow out. like savings of $75 after rebate on the masterbuilt sportman elite electric smoker. bass pro shops.
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factor tip of the day, on my interview yesterday with donald
8:56 pm
trump on his thoughts on planned parenthood. we appreciate the parents and grandparents getting the book. "killing lincoln" the paper back finally out after five years. if you have not read the book that started it all, you might want to consider doing so. if you become a premium member, ge net of any books free of charge. now the mail. mr. o'reilly, i'm wondering if the fang tore is becoming the donald trump campaign center. why are you so determined to make trump look bad? all right. one more time. if you're a partisan person, you should not watch your guy or gal being interviewed because you will resent any hard questions. my job is to challenge all presidential contenders and that's what i will do. john james, michigan, bill you seem dismissive of glenn beck,
8:57 pm
especially when you said the iran deal is a faye that come plea. 70% of us don't like the deal and you're telling beck we have no say? correct, john, you have no say. democrats in the senate blocked your say. texas, bill, with all of the coverage you give to hillary's e-mail controversy, seems you'll be happy when she gets out of the race. there's the partisan thing again. joe hernandez, new jersey, bill, pray tell, which democrats have you voted for in the past 40 years. pray tell, joe, pray tell. come on. i never say who i vote for. pi responsibility is to watch everybody. pray tell. and ft. brag, my husband got any the best present ever, ticket to you in charlotte. that show is sold out. he's a smart guy to act so quickly. vegas sold out, st. louis we've
8:58 pm
just released 20 tickets, then then that sold out, south carolina, phoenix and florida still in play. miller will be back from vacation sometime this year, i hear. last i heard he's over in italy. all right. finally the factor tip of the day, last night while interviewing donald trump i told him there were reports that he supported planned parenthood and did not want to cut off funding to that p. mr. trump took issue with that saying i had bad information. >> i don't know where you got this information. i never said that. i'm totally against -- >> how is it wrong? >> you read a bad report have bad resources. >> no. i was an e rain yous report but that was the report. >> now the report i cited was on the daily beast august 11th, quoting from planned parenthood spokesman, donald trump seems to have realized that banning all
8:59 pm
abortion, shutting down the government and defunding planned parenthood are extreme positions for him to take. trump is against using public money to fund abortions. but he's said some kind things about planned parenthood. but i believe he would vote to out tough the public funding for the group. the report that i cited was there and i wanted you all to know. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from spout out about the factor anywhere from the world, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day. do not be a poltroon when writing to the factor. tomorrow night we have a lot of stuff on the grid, including an investigative report by cheryl atkinson about stuff the
9:00 pm
government knew about 9/11 attack, way back then they didn't tell anybody. she has it. tomorrow. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely watching out for you. breaking tonight, front runner donald trump suddenly finds himself taking serious political heat from dr. ben carson, the man moving toward the top in some of the latest polls. welcome to the kelly file, earn. i'm megyn kelly. with just one week to go to the next big gop debate, things are getting tense at the top of the field. until now donald trump and ben carson have mostly treated each other with kit gloves but that appears to have changed. carson has gone directly after trump's immigration planning with asking how we can deport 11 million immigrants and


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