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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 10, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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as iran's supreme's leader vows to wipe out israel in the next 25 years, the deal with iran rallies as congress takes up that deal. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm brett baier. president obama's hope that the relations with iran will improve as the result of the nuclear agreement appears to be backfiring tonight. ayatollah is reaching new extremes, as critics of the deal continue to rail against it with no short-term prospects for
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victory. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the top story. >> reporter: in 90-degree heat, donald trump took to the stage at a rally. thousands turned out. >> ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. we are led by very, very stupid people. >> reporter: unlike his gop rivals, trump does not plan to immediately nullify the iran deal if elected. he says the next president has to be a negotiator. he says he'll renegotiate with tehran but will not say how. >> i don't want to say things that the other side is going to want to know about me. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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dumped on trump's renegotiations as naive. >> we will begin from day one to set the conditions so iran knows it will never be able to get a nuclear weapon not during the term of the agreement, not after, not ever. >> reporter: it was ted cruz that invited trump to the rally. he disagreed with renegotiating with iran. >> any commander in chief worthy of leading this nation should be prepared to stand up on joanuar 20th, 2017, and rip to shred this deal. >> reporter: 42 votes in the senate to overcome the iran deal. in north carolina, jeb bush focused on economic security and laid out his plan to reform and reduce federal taxes and slashed the income tax brackets to three. the top bracket of 39% would
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follow to 28 and then 25% and 10% brackets. he significantly cut the current corporate tax rate, among other things. >> we'll bring the corporate tax rate from 35%, the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world, down to 20%, which is below that of china. >> reporter: for the last couple of weeks, bush has distinguished it himself by the rest of the pact by daily attacks on trump saying that they would raise taxes. one of the other republican candidates will call a news conference with the expressed purposes of going after trump. bobby jindal will do so at the press club and says he thinks of him not as a conservative or a liberal but a narcissist who only cares about himself, quoting bobby jindal. bret. >> carl cameron on the hill, thanks. house speaker john boehner may be facing a coup attempt by house republicans. and now with efforts to go on
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the record about the deal with iran, here are breaking details. >> reporter: the deal was derailed when rank and file republicans told their leadership they did not want to vote without more information. to prohibit the administration from lifting sanctions against the regime, and to say the president has not submitted all of the necessary paperwork, so the congressional review period has not triggered a delay when time is running short. >> reporter: with issues like the iran nuclear deal funding the government and eventually raising the debt ceiling, it's setting up to be a very difficult oug difficult autumn on capitol hill. >> we have widespread support in the conference and i appreciate that. >> reporter: if challenged, boehner must maintain an absolute majority of the house. 218 votes. if less than 30 republicans
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oppose him and democrats walk away, it would throw the chamber into chaos. his allies note his job is complicated by running a house with a democrat president and insist they have the speaker's back. >> we shouldn't force our leaders to look, you know, behind their back every minute of the day and we need to let them do their job. he's doing as good of a job as he can. he has a tough job. >> reporter: and house democratic leaders are critical of boehner on budget issues saying there should be negotiations under way but the government due to run out of money at the end of the month. >> once again, instead of leading, they are allowing the key party to lead and they are following. >> reporter: the speaker's conservative critics say they were elected to hold the line on spending and their constituents want congress to defund planned parenthood after the shocking releases of the videos over the summer so they'll be watching to see how boehner handles the hot button issues. >> you put that together with the moral issue and our leadership doesn't move on it
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and the rest will say, that's it. we're fed up. it's tsunami time. let's throw everybody out. >> reporter: despite challenges, there was big news for boehner and house republican leadership when a federal judge said a lawsuit filed about the way the administration paid for an obamacare subsidy has standing. at a late afternoon meeting, the room erupted in cheers. bret? hillary's campaign has been reset to make her more transparent and compassionate is under way. but chief white house correspondent ed henry says things are not getting any easier for a candidate that once appeared inevitable. >> reporter: hillary clinton tried to appear from her apology tour over her e-mail to a more favorable time during her time as secretary of state. pushing back on criticism, she was crucial to walk a fine line of supporting president obama on
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iran while insisting she'd be tougher. >> they want to see how far they can bend the rules. that won't work if i'm in the white house. >> reporter: yet, questions about clinton bending the rules continue to plague her campaign. >> i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> reporter: an apology, something clinton refused to budge on for months. she tried to deny that voters cared about the e-mail controversy. >> i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> everything i did was permitted. there was no law. there was no regulation. >> maybe the heat is getting to everybody. you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. >> i love it. those messages disappeared all by themselves. >> i'm going to let whatever this inquiry is go forward and we'll await the outcome of it.
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>> did you wipe the server? >> with a cloth or something? >> well, no. >> nobody talked to me about it. other than you guys. >> at the end of the day, i am sorry that this has been confusing to people. >> reporter: clinton's change of heart came after a focus group was conducted in new hampshire where real voters said they want to hear more about e-mail, rejecting the candidate's claim that only reporters cared. >> it gave me far more opportunities than either my father or mother could have had. >> reporter: in the same time, her team wanted to show her being more authentic. clinton teared up about talking about her late mother when asked why she's putting herself through another campaign. >> she told me every day, you've got to get up and fight for what you believe in no matter how hard it is. >> reporter: a similar discussion about opportunities in america sparked clinton's tears in the 2008 campaign, leading to a comeback victory in
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the new hampshire primary. >> you know, i have so many opportunities from this country. i just don't want to see us fall backwards. >> reporter: the house benghazi committee will be meeting tomorrow to officially take the fifth. meanwhile, senator chuck grassley is saying he will offer him immunity which will offer complications for clinton. >> do you think clinton can put the e-mail scandal behind her? let me know at slack slack bretbaiersr. up next, dealing with the refugee crisis in europe. first, here's what some affiliates are covering. ten vehicles have been damaged by a possible gunshot. ten vehicles hit by a bullet or another project tile in the past ten days.
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authorities are asking for the public's health. fox 45 in baltimore, the mayor says there has been a settlement between the city and the family of the man killed in custody after being critically injured after his detention by the police. this is a live look at las vegas. the big story there tonight, the investigation into a fire on a british airways jet that happened yesterday shortly before takeoff. all of the passengers and crew exited that plane. about a dozen were treated for minor injuries. many from sliding down the inflatable escape chutes. that's a live look outside the
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the roller coaster on wall street continues and another big
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selloff today. the dow sold off 239 and s&p was off 27 and nasdaq fell 55. secretary of state john kerry said more syrian refugees will be allowed into this country. how many is still unclear. this comes as the head of the u.s. intelligence efforts characterized the migrant situation in europe in alarming terms. correspondent kevin corke has more information. >> reporter: as the wave of sear r general refugees say that they would welcome more migrants. >> we are committed to increasing the number of refugees and we are looking hard at the number that we can specifically manage. >> reporter: as the u.s. and a host of other countries have agreed to reset tell millions from the war-torn nation, there
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is criticism that the neighbors are not doing enough. regional economic heavyweights like kuwait, qatar and united arab emirates have yet to take in a single refugee. >> it's, you know, getting to be a total -- totality, a disaster of biblical proportions. >> that dark assessment reflects not only the magnitude of the crisis but reinforces the criticism. >> what is happening in syria is causing a worldwide problem. >> reporter: criticism of the u.s./syria policy wasn't limited to the gop. fellow democrat hillary clinton tried to distance herself from her record as a member of the administration when she suggested that the president's refusal to increase the pressure on the assad regime was a
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mistake. >> i do think that not being able to follow through on it cost us. i am certain of that. >> reporter: what's less certain is russian president vladimir putin's intention in syria. they have been training syrian troops, propping up its faltering dictatorship in the process. >> that means the assad regime has to go. these people wouldn't be fleeing that country if he hadn't complete completely destroyed it the way he had. >> reporter: by the way, i should also point out secretary kerry spoke with his russian counterpart, secretary lavrov, about the military buildup in syria. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn, thank you. so are the migrants fleeing conflict for a better life in europe actually finding one? correspondent benjamin hall in london tonight looks at one family's quest and its decidedly mixed feelings. >> reporter: the family had a
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nice life. his father worked in tourism and dab belled in real estate. they had a farm and that all changed as the country descended into chaos and when isis besieged the city, the family, like tens and thousands of others, fled. >> it was really early morning and the people were sleeping and they cutthroats and killing people. >> reporter: their journey, like so many others, took them to turkey, france and eventually to the uk where they were smuggled with forged documents. they were granted asylum and given a place to stay and around $500 a week. slowly, they began to build a new life. however, for ahmed, it was not as he had imagined and many people he knew struggled to find work. even those who were educated could only get menial tasks.
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>> even an engineer could not work in this field and now he washes dishes. >> reporter: ten months on, he says he is living a half-life, wishes he hadn't come and has advice for others. >> they should stay in their cities, their land. >> reporter: his daughters, on the other hand, have embraced their new culture and are not at school. in stark contrast to his father, lauren loved it when she arrived. >> it was crazy. i looked around and there's no guns, there's no beheadings. it's just happy people walking. it was different. >> reporter: and now she wants to stay. >> i do want to stay and i want to study. i want to make a name for myself. and i want to just, you know, let everyone know what's really
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happening back in our home. >> reporter: and they are doing just that. her sister hopes to be an engineer is an active campaigner, taking part in anti-isis protests. the prospects for refugees finding a job in london remains bleak and ahmed says he regrets coming. he feels guilty. but at least his family is safe. bret? >> benjamin, thank you. queen elizabeth the second is now the longest servingrch i. she took the throne in 1952 upon the death of her father. she has served for 63 years and seven months. still ahead, trying to keep kids off pot in a state where it's legal for adults. first, donald trump puts the hose to next week's presidential debate in a tough spot. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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iraqi officials say bombings have killed 13 soldiers in the western anbar province. two suicide bombers targeted iraqi soldiers, policemen and sunni militiamen. the magazine "inspire" is calling for lone wolf attacks. among those on a hit list, bill gates, warren buffett, the koch brothers and michael bloomberg. donald trump is putting cnn in a very tough spot tonight. he wants the network to do something very unusual and, of course, he'll get the credit. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz, howard
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kurtz, tells us how. >> reporter: it's so secret that there has been a record 24 million viewers and donald trump was quick to claim credit and floated an idea involving cnn president's jeff zucker. >> i should say to jeff zucker, a great guy, i'm going to do the debate but i want $10 million for charity. otherwise, i'm not going to the debate. and honestly, i think they'd pay me. >> reporter: trump has written zucker now that cnn is boosting ad rates to as much as $200,000, writing, quote, while i refuse to brag, this tremendous increase in viewer interest is due 100% to donald j. trump. rather than pocket the millions of dollars, i believe all profits from this forecast should go to various veterans groups. the two men are friendly. zucker ran nbc when trump had his show there and attended his
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wedding but zucker has been put in an awkward position. the network under fierce pressure, changed its polling criteria in ways that almost guaranteed carly fiorina will be on the primetime stage and one of the questioners will be conservative radio host hugh hewitt. >> when you say quds versus kurds. >> reporter: trump sees the spotlight again with the unprecedented demand that cnn donate it and asked if he would refuse to show up if cnn declined, trump said he would have to make that determination. no response from cnn yet. >> howie, thank you. no grapevine tonight. when we come back, trying to keep kids off marijuana where it's legal for adults.
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new york city's effort to defend, depending on your point of view, to inform or scare, warning labels about salt.
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here's correspondent. >> reporter: placed on menu, next to dishes that have more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium, roughly a teaspoon, to warn consumers before they place their order. voted unanimously on the sodium today which will affect about 3,000 out of the nearly 24,000 restaurants in new york city. consumer reaction has been mixed. >> not a bad idea. >> who are they to tell me what to put in my restaurant. i don't think it's right that they can tell me to do that. >> reporter: they say it's a smart way to let consumers know about food that could raise the risk of high blood pressure, potential heart attacks and strokes. >> people who have information that they need to make healthier choices. it's a great day for new york and a real step forward for
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public health. >> reporter: new yorkers have been receiving nutritional advice from city leaders for some time with efforts to consume fat. while a salt-restricted diet is good for some, it's not necessarily good for everyone. >> there are cities having a lot of trouble running some of the basic functions of the city and yet they want to turn into a nutrition -- they are not the best people to be telling us that. >> reporter: some restaurant owners say they should focus on a diet as a whole, not particular ingredients or food and the city should leave warnings to federal authorities. the u.s. food and drug authority is working on new sodium guidelines. bret? >> laura, thank you. colorado is trying to figure out how to get and keep children and teenagers off marijuana. it's become a major problem since the state legalized recreational pot our correspondent tells us what is being tried tonight from denver.
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>> reporter: scare tactics and so-called preachy messages miss their mark when it comes to convincing teens not to use drugs. >> we know that their brains are still developing until age 25 and so marijuana, like other substances, can get in the way of the development. >> reporter: a new approach to prevention has turned strategies like this -- >> this is what you go through! >> reporter: to a far more subtle intoe nation. >> where are you headed? >> going to mike's. >> why don't you take my car. >> thank you. >> back by midnight. >> reporter: this aims to show the younger set how pot use can get in the way of short-term goals, like driver's license, performing in sports or on stage and it's delivered through media and social media messaging. >> one of the best ways to connect is to get them the
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information they need to make their own healthy decisions. >> reporter: they see teens get into trouble when they overestimate their ability to handle it. >> the products that we're seeing now are much different than the marijuana products that existed 10, 15, 20 -- however long you want to go back. the potentcy is much higher. >> reporter: surveys show 4 out of 5 adolescence here are not using marijuana. this campaign costs about $2 million and ironically it's funded by tax revenue from pot sales. bret? >> alicia, thank you. an official with the epa is admitting that the department was unprepared for the disaster it unleashed at a colorado mine last month. millions of gallons of painted water were accidently released from the mines. the epa spoke at the congressional hearing today and said the emergency response plan
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did not include the worst case scenario that unfolded. the kentucky county clerk who spent five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is not saying what she will do when she returns to work on monday. a judge released kim davis from jail yesterday but warned her oh to not interfere with granting licenses in the future. the efforts to oppose the president's nuclear deal with iran and how hillary clinton is trying to have it both ways. the panel joins me after a quick break.
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any commander in chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to standon j to shreds this catastrophic deal. never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so
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incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> either we move forward on the path of diplomacy and seize this chance to block iran's path to a nuclear weapon or we turn down a more dangerous path leading to a far less certain and riskier future. >> anti-iran deal rally on capitol hill and hillary clinton delivering a foreign policy speech today. this, as the supreme leader in iran, hit twitter with interesting messages today about israel. after negotiations, they said they had no more concern about iran for the next 25 years. i say firstly you will not see the next 25 years, god willing, there will be nothing as zionist regime in the next 25 years. also, the u.s. is the great satan. some depict the great satan as
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an angel. we would negotiate with all countries but the great satan referring to the u.s. >> let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, a.b. stoddard and charles krauthammer. a.b., meantime, as we have the different takes on the iran deal, the house kind of said we're not going to do this disapproval. we're going to do something different. >> well, they are trying to figure out a way to slow or stop this and there actually is a way to delay this. and the longer you delay it, the longer the sanctions are in place. so it seems like this rally with the senator and donald trump was sort of a little too late, badly timed. what the house is saying, look, maybe instead of trying to pass this motion of disapproval, which then ends the calendar time for congressional review and ends the sanctions and puts the deal in place because it can't be stopped, maybe we
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should do additional legislation that says you can't undo the sanctions or the president never gave us the agreements and so this entire agreement between the two branches of government is null and void and therefore the deal can't take effect. they are trying to find new ways at the 11th hour to slow or stop it. >> we talked about that with senator graham last night and that is, the fact that these side deals didn't come forward is a real issue. >> no question. >> it's actually in -- explicitly it says you must include everything, including the side agreements. the administration hasn't done that. the administration is not going to do that. i think this is a pretty clever way to slow this down, as a.b. suggested. representative from illinois went to john boehner and said, look, i can't support this. i can't do anything that would be, in effect, supporting this deal or midwifing this deal or allowing it to go through and
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came up with what i think, talking to leadership, ended up being a pretty clever three-step process. the first, as mike emanuel described, the resolution that the administration hadn't complied. and the second is a resolution of approval of the deal, which would fail, which wouldn't happen. and then the third would be a binding legislation saying the president cannot lift the sanctions which forces it. ultimately, this doesn't stop the deal but it would announce that the house of representatives, speaker boehner, would be saying to the president, you broke the law on this. you said you were going to give us these deals, you would give us everything, you didn't give us everything. this body of congress does not approve. >> senator cruz suggested there are even other ways to go after companies that still do dealings after these sanctions are lifted even international.
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>> look, this rally was a little late. this deal was done. it began long before it ever went to congress. obama went around the congress and went first to the u.n. it's now international law. he passed the security council resolution abolishing all of the previous ones, committing the united states as a country with or without the congress to this deal. so that's the problem. i'm not against what the house is trying to do but it's not going to work. the reason is, if it declares, as it probably will, that the corker agreement is not fulfilled, obama did not submit everything as required, the administration is simply going to ignore it. and who's got the tanks? who is going to decide? go to court and wait a couple of years on this? the administration will proceed regardless. the u.n. is going to act, which means the iaea will report at the end of december after the iran inspections itself, the
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iaea will say it's been implemented and it's on the way. europe has tons of delegations that has been into tehran. this is not going to be stopped. i think what has to be done is to try to delegitamize the deal by saying it never had support and i will now tear it up. otherwise, nothing is going to get done. >> hillary clinton came out in favor of the iran deal pretty forcibly today. i want to talk about a separation from the obama administration, some key points in this speech that she mentioned trying to differentiate. >> we have to bring sufficient pressure on assad to force a political solution in syria, including a meaningful increase in our efforts to train and equip the moderate sear ren syrian opposition. >> i remain convinced that we need a concerted effort to
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really up the costs on russia and, in particular, on putin. i think we have not done enough. i am in the category of people who wanted us to do more in response to the annexation of crimea. >> so i wanted to train and equip the rebels early in the conflict and we didn't do enough after russia got crimea. >> not only that, it's not easy for her to support this tehran deal. where you see she's trying to create the other two issues, the theme in her speech was distrust and verify. that she does not trust the iranians at all, that they -- she will not stop at using military force if they violate the terms of the agreement, that they will do everything they can to protect and realize that this -- that this deal -- she basically says we have to accept it because the sanctions are going to fall apart anyway but she's trying to say that this is not a deal to bring the iranians into the community of nations. this is a deal that we kind of
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have to do and it will help protect us if all goes wrong. >> i find this fascinating and i don't think it will ultimately work. she's going to own the deal, defend the deal, broad construct. but this is part fdof a pattern that she's done, distancing herself from the administration. and in the conference where she was talking about her mother and i thought took a gratuitous shot at president obama, talking about her mother and the reason she's running for president, to represent people like her mother, people who have been involved in the struggle and she said, i'm going to fight for all of the people like my mother who needs somebody in their corner and they feed a leader who cares about them again. well, the president of the united states for the past 6 1/2 years has been barack obama. there's no way to interpret that other than a shot at barack obama. now, maybe she didn't mean it that way but the fact that she said it is pretty striking. >> it's not going to work and
1:46 am
it's rather astonishing. she said today she will not allow iran to have a nuclear weapon as president. these are exactly the words that obama used in '08 and used it in '12 to cheering applause when he never meant it. and when she says we have to pile pressure on iran after the deal is done, not allow it to operate in the region, the deal is giving iran a signing bonus of $100 billion. it's allowing it to get all kinds of import arms and does nothing to curtail iran except strengthen it so it can spread its aggression. on the one hand, she supports that. on the other, she says, be tough on iran. that comes under the category of how stupid do you think we are. >> so the deal gets through? yes or no? >> absolutely it gets through. >> yep. next up, hillary clinton's apology tour.
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nobody talked to me about it other than love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> well, it wasn't the best choice. and i certainly have said that. i will continue to say that as i have also said many times. it was allowed. >> everything i did was permitted. there was no law. there was no regulation. >> i should have used two different accounts. i made a mistake, and i am sorry for all the confusion that has ensued. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> i'm sorry that it has,
1:51 am
you know, raised all of these questions. >> well, the evolution of how to eaten a question about the email scandal for hillary clinton. this as we saw earlier this week from the "new york times." a suggestion from sources in the campaign that she was going to work on her spontaneity and they are going to try to be not as cautious, more emotion and also no more flip jokes about the private email. then the "new york times" did a story today. in an august 26th news conference, mrs. clinton said she understood why people had questions about the email arrangement. last week mrs. clinton's aide showed a video of that news conference to a new hampshire focus group of democrats. they wanted to hear more from mrs. clinton about the issue. the focus group said the email issue was drowning out nearly everything else that mrs. clinton was hoping to communicate to voters. something mrs. clinton and her husband have complained about to friends. he we are back with the panel. steve, the focus group has obviously told her she needed to say she was sorry. >> right. this explains the shift from
1:52 am
defiance to contrition. it's totally contrived. she doesn't mean a word of it. i mean, look at the way that she is talking about this now. she said for months as that montage suggests she had done nothing wrong. there was no reason for anybody to do it. she hinted several times this was all part of the vast right wing conspiracy. she is going back to defenses she used in the 1990s to defend her husband. now she is all of a sudden saying well, actually, you might have had a point. this actually is a bigger deal. still even in the interview last night she challenged david muir when he pointed out that the intelligence community found these are top secret. she said they found that but the state department didn't. the fundamental problem is she is not going to be able to offer a good explanation because there is no good explanation. if you look at the time lien of what she did, if you look at how she handled the email. if you look at why she worked -- wiped the server
1:53 am
clean and when she wiped the server clean, it adds up to her wanting to hide something, period. >> a.b.? >> yeah, what's interesting is that even when she got to her sorriest sorry of all she still said it was allowed. she likes to tell everyone it was allowed. what was allowed was a private email account though it was her -- looking back not a good decision. she is not talking about the server. no other secretary of state. >> the administration says it was not policy. they wanted people to have the government. >> right, exactly. but she is sort of saying it was allowed for me or something or it was not disallowed. this is a legalese kabuki dance, it's intentionally designed to confuse people as is the description of classified information which is so subjective and to one person it's different than another. when you are trained, and you get your security clearance, and you are the secretary of state you know exactly what's classified. you know it's your responsibility. it can be born that way and your own secret server in someone's basement or done
1:54 am
on the server -- the secure server and system it's supposed to be done on. you know it's your responsibility. she did not apologize for classified -- for her personal server in this interview. she apologized for using email account and completely separate story. >> what's amazing to me, many politicians, both parties, is that they don't think that we have tape or recordings of previous statements like it's just speaking of being wiped. it all gets erased. >> that's exactly why she did it in the first place. that's exactly why she had it wiped, at least half the stuff in the second place. she want'ed to have as much control, well with, here she can't control it because this is stuff she said in public and i think steve is right. it's almost a parody of the words authentic and spontaneous. you leak a story to the "times" that says we're going to plan spontaneity the rest of this company and this is supposed to be
1:55 am
authentic when she lowers other voice by an octave and uses the magic word apology? we are supposed to believe this is authentic? it's nothing of the kind. she did this to hide stuff. again, i come back to the fact that the foundation, which i think is -- people are upset about server and secret and all that, yes. but the most upsetting and i think the real danger is the corruption in the foundation. and i think that's what needs to be asked. did you, as a criterion for erasing stuff on the grounds that it is not public was one of those criteria, the use -- reference to the foundation. and if her answer is yes, who knows what it will be be. but if the answer is yes, that's what she is trying to hide. >> we will pick up there on "special report" online as well as talking about the emotion expressed in the 2008 campaign and then this latest interview as well. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a special call-in editi
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finally tonight on wednesdays we continue our conversation with "special report" online. if you haven't been there before, join us tonight. we answer your comments directly. last week it was an interesting time reading the creative user names. tiger thw. no t casey. robert 1010 -- oh goodness. >> that's trump for me. i will take that if you don't mind. [ laughter ] hilarious. >> i think he was calling
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me. >> he was definitely calling you. wait a second. >> he may have been calling charles. sometimes we ask for your comments. sometimes we get them anyway. many of you wrote in tonight unsolicited about the suit i'm wearing right now. my staff chose. what's the deal with your suit tonight? are you working at a carnival. never again. burn it. nice pinstripe suit what's the name of your and apparently bret came to special report for a dress rehearsal for guys and dolls. nice suit. ♪ luck be a lady tonight >> thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. it is thursday, september 10th. this is a fox news alert. one day before the 14th anniversary of 9/11, and a brand-new hit list. and calls for attacks on america from al qaeda.
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a new gop rivalry shaking up the 2016 trail. it is trump versus fiorina. he says she doesn't look presidential and she says -- >> maybe. just maybe i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> the presidential candidate now firing back at trump. and taylor swift versus kim kardashian. ♪ because baby now we got bad blood ♪ ♪ we used to be mad love ♪ >> why taylor swift is winning this round. "fox & friends first" starts right now. good morning. a live shot outside of our
2:00 am
studios on avenue of the americas where it is a rainy morning in new york city. actually large portions of the country seeing heavy rain in spots overnight. and good morning to you. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm heather childers. >> thank you for waking up early with us. it is the eve of 9/11 and we start with a fox news alert. new terror threats from al qaeda on the eve of the 14th anniversary of 9/11. >> the terror group now urging lone wolf attacks on american business leaders. kristen fisher is live for us in washington with the new hit list. good morning. >> good morning. this hit list actually comes from a very well known and well distributed online magazine published in english by al qaeda. it is best known for an article called how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom and now it is calling for lone wolfs to assassinate america's most prominent business men. it is no coincidence this came out just two days before the 14th


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