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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> if i go at midnight, i can get breakfast? >> yeah. you can go get beef at 6:00 a.m. the whole menu is available. >> this is genius. america is a better place now. your move mcdonald's. >> good stuff. bill: good morning. a fox news alert. the race in 2016 getting personal. donald trump insulting carly fiorina because of her appearance suggesting she could never be president because of it. martha: the critics are slamming donald trump about a comment that came out in a "rolling stone" piece. look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face
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your president? >> probably i did say something like that about carly. i'm talking about persona. i'm not talking about looks. when i get criticized the about my hair nobody does a story, isn't that terrible they criticized donald trump's hair. i probably did say something like that about carly in a jocular way. she is at me constantly because i'm a counter puncher taken wouldn't talk about it if i wasn't. look at her record. the head of the yale business school is a very talented guy. and he rated her one of the worst ceos virtually ever when
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she was at hewlett-packard. she destroyed the stock price and people got fired. before that she was at a company called lucent and that was a bigger disaster than hewlett-packard. bill: he did not deny what was quoted in the "rolling stone" magazine. there is no doubt he said it, viewers can decide whether they accept his explanation. we heard this before. trump said insulting things about john mccain, about mexicans, about megyn kelly and it has never up to this point affected his standing in the polls which has continued to go up. bill: carly fiorina was asked
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about this and this is what she said. >> i'm not going to spend a single cycle thinking about what donald trump thinks. bill: she is climbing in the polls and on to the main stage. >> carly fiorina will likely be on table next week debating donald trump. megyn kelly was not debating with donald trump she was questioning donald trump. she was constrained by her role as journalist. but carly fiorina does not have those constraints. and she is a very tough and well-informed debater. bill: cnn has a poll out to show
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trump is the first candidate to get above the 30% side. >> we heard all this talk about the summer of trump and the unusually high poll ratings would begin to go down. the summer hasn't ended in donald trump's poll numbers are the measure of that. he's starting with some big rallies. he has a big rally in dallas, then of course the big debate that could restructure things like the fox news debate did in august. bill: he's the most photographed guy. byron, thanks. martha: before those comments became the talk of the day trump was at a rally to kill the iran deal. he said his only focus is to win the election. >> it will change.
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we'll have so much winning when i get elected you may get bored with winning. i agree, you will never get bored with winning. we never get bored. martha: peter who is jindal suggesting a comparison to? >> reporter: charlie sheen. he's comparing the man with the highest numbers to the man who was the highest paid actor on tv. >> winning? >> i'm winning in all the states. >> you make a choice to win and you win. >> i'm winning everywhere. >> i win here and i win there. >> reporter: every single republican candidate has attacked trump in some way
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except huckabee and cruz. martha: the candidates are scrambling to figure out the best angle to come back at him. as we have seen he does nothing but go up in the polls. but he's also getting hit on his faith and humility. >> reporter: ben carson until recently was leading in the trump alone is starting to draw a contrast with the businessman. >> the biggest thing is i realize where my successes come from. and i don't in any way deny my faith in god. and i think that probably is the big difference. >> reporter: but trump thinks carson is just making a play for a big voting block tweeting out,
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wow, i'm ahead of the field with evangelicals and so proud of this and virtually every other group, and ben carson just took a swipe sat me. martha: he was asked about his favorite bible verse and said he liked the whole book. the counter pinch that he says he's excellent at and was raised to do. he fires you have a tweet. he said i have spend zero on advertising which is one of the biggest bottom line elements in any campaign. he says he doesn't have to because he mastered the social meefd yeah. bill: all the republicans are ignoring what will ultimately be the opposition and that's hillary clinton. will he still plead the fifth?
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that's the question as a state department staffer. he says he will plead the fifth and avoid self-incrimination. what can we expect? what will happen, what will not happen? mag * new reports that the pentagon may have cooked the books in the battle against isis. more than 50 intelligence analysts are reportedly complaining that their assessments were changed to create a false impression that the united states and coalition partners are winning the fight against the islamic state. the report goes on to say the cannister within the senior level of the intelligence
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commands suggests their reports are being manipulated to fit a public narrative. this is a very heavy accusation that's being leveled against a group that is put in place to tell the american people how things are going on on the ground and how their dollars and treasure are being spent. bill: there is this we are learning today. al qaeda is putting out a hit list targeting wealthy american business leaders. the magazine "inspire" has a hit list including warren buffet, the koch brothers and michael bloomberg and bill gates. it says they can get off the
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list by withdrawing their money from american banks and investing overseas. that magazine was starte -- stay al-awlaki. martha: look at these scenes where this is happening. bill: house republicans rebelling on the iran deal. arkansas governor tom cotton but first senator ted cruz on the iran deal. >> if you have vote to send billions of dollars to jihadists to pledged death to americans then up bear responsible for the
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dramatic footage shows the desperate people clinging to their rooftops as they wait for helicopter rescue teams to fly them hopefully to safety. >> if this deal goes through we know to an absolute certainty people will die. americans will die, israelis will die, europeans will die. usama bin laden never had $100 billion. >> we are going to do and we are going to get nothing. we are led by very, very stupid people. very, very stupid people. we cannot let it continue. bill: donald trump, ted cruz, some of the voices at the rally to stop the iran deal. this despite not having enough
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votes in congress to stop a presidential veto. my next guest. one of the biggest critics in the agreement, senator tom cotton. you know what your colleagues want to see on the house side. will they get to see the side deals? yes or no. >> the obama administration said they don't have the side deals. we might not know of them if i and congressman mike pompayo had not. i don't know how we can cast a vote on this deal with iran without knowing the terms. it's important that both chambers oppose this deal
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because an historic number of the american people oppose this deal. bill: september 17, a week from today, is actually the deadline. >> whatever happens on the votes in the coming weeks, it's clear the majority of the american people oppose this deal. throughout our history presidents have respected the treaty clause which requires a 2/3 vote of the senate to ratify these international agreements. even if president obama proceeds with a small partisan minority, it's not the end. to quote winston candle, it's the beginning of the end. it just ends one chapter. iran will be getting tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief that will be pouring into
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nuclear weapons. it will be incumbent upon the united states and our allies to continue to confront iran and insure at a minimum they uphold their only gietions stop iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon. bill: john fleming from louisiana says you don't know what you don't know. if the language of the side deal is revealed, do you think you can flip democrats on this? >> there have been many times i thought democrats would oppose this deal when they learned the actual terms that allow iran to dispute any kind of request for inspections. when we discovered the side deals. when some press reports reported the side deals would allow iran
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to inspect themselves. when the ayatollah khomeini continued to insist death to america is the policy of iran. bill report ayatollah is quoted, after negotiations the zionist regime, they said they had no more concern about iran for the next 25 years. i say you will not see the next 25 years. this is about israel. we'll negotiate and reach an agreement with all countries but the great satan. this is who we are doing a deal with, senator. >> statement like that from the supreme leader of iran have led a 2-1 majority of american people to oppose this deal. dictators throughout history don't conceal their intentions.
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but too many western elites didn't believe them. it's time we believe the ayatollahs in iran and stop them from getting a nuclear weapon. not giving them tens of millions of dollars. bill: about this deal goes through until you get a new president, correct? >> iran said they will have a vote and we don't know what actions they will take. i hate to break it to your audience but iran doesn't have a record of living up to their international agreements. whatever happens with this deal i'll be committed to stopping iran from getting a nuclear weapon and stopping their campaign of terror in the middle east and throughout the world.
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martha: terror in phoenix. a possible tenth shooting in just 11 days. the police are hunting for a sniper. bill: attorney ald trump is calling out cnn saying they will get a wind fall of cash on the next debate and what he says they have should do with all that money. >> i'll say to jeff zucker, i will do the debate, but i want $10 million for charity or i'm not going the debate. and honestly i think they will pay me. at&t and directv are now one.
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martha: brand-new comments from donald trump on his unprecedented comments to jeff zucker from cnn asking money be donated to veterans groups. >> i want the vets taken care of in this country. cnn should do this as a public service and they should give the money to the vets. our veterans are treated like third-class citizens. they hit a windfall, they hit the lottery with the debates. martha: what do you make of this offer? >> can you imagine lincoln or douglas doing that? here is my favorite part.
6:26 am
i'll i refuse to brag -- because that would be untrump-like -- the huge increase in rating is due to donald j. trump. he seizes the media spotlight again. he ingracates -- ingratiates himself with veterans groups and puts the network in an awkward position. they don't know how to respond. martha: what is jeff zucker going to do? >> cnn can't possibly agree to this even though obviously it would sab good cause because it would look wimpy like it calls could you t -- itwould look likg
6:27 am
to donald truck. this isn't a real estate deal where you get a commission. martha: he's looking to monetize everything he's doing. he says i should charge for being on tv because he's doing such a great job for everybody's ratings. but it isn't the way it works. no organization, cnn or anyone else, they would be essentially paying donald trump to be in the debates and he would be deciding what to do with that money. >> trump knows that. he's just stirring the pot. then trump said maybe i won't show up. fox news caught up with trump and said to him, if cnn doesn't go along with what you want to do will you not show up? trump received i have yet to make that determination. he's going to be there. he's having fun.
6:28 am
this is how he keeps himself in the news. i'm sure he would rather be talking about this than the comments he made about carly fiorina. it amazes me that this guy who group the new york tabloids. knows how to throw it out. march very do you do a donation to charities separate from this? >> if cnn can charge it sky high advertising rates, it's entitled to keep. the cnn debate will be important for him as well as the 10 competitors on the stage looking to take donald trump down a couple of stages. martha: if someone told him how
6:29 am
he should redirect the money on his deals he would tell them to take a hike. bill: a father and daughter under arrest accused of staging fake weddings like this one. martha: teflon don is taking aim at carly fiorina. how far is too far? our political familiar weighs in. >> is this the behavior of a strong and confident man who is prepared to be the leader of the freed world?
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bill: a hearing getting underway this morning in the case of six police officers in the death of freddie gray. all this coming one day after the city and gray's family
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settled for $6.4 million in a wrongful death suit. the mayor argued it is not an admission of guilt. >> the city's decision to settle the civil case should not be interpreted as passing judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers. martha: fireworks ahead of the next republican debate. donald trump responding telling rolling stone no one would vote for carly because of her face. trump is backtracking saying his comments were not referencing her looks. >> probably i did say something like that about carly. i'm talking about persona, i'm not talking about looks. but when i get criticized about
6:34 am
my hair nobody does a story about isn't that terrible, they criticized donald trump's hair. the fact is i probably did say that about carly in a jocular manner obviously. he picked on carly fiorina's looks. does it damage him? >> i don't think so. i think it's a win-win. he's dominating another day of coverage for how many months and days in a row, on top of the challenge to cnn to give money to veterans groups. he continues to dome nateed the coverage. and if he wasn't going to be hurt by the sort of fight he had with megyn kelly among women and others, i don't know why a fight
6:35 am
with carly is going to do that. i think it's a win for carly, too. she is one of the toughest and best disciplined candidates on in the field. whenever the spotlight is opposite her she is helped. martha: it's like reality television. , there is a fight tonight, tune in. he will point at her and say she is ugly and she'll point back at him and say she doesn't care. it's amazing the way he has controlled the conversation. day after day. as he says, the rolling stone piece is interesting. he basically says i don't even need to advertise. i have a lot of money but i'm not going to have to spend that much of it because i have my own plane and i control the media essentially is what he's saying.
6:36 am
i can go on shows. he's got whole thing wrapped around his finger. >> look at us talking about him. he's got the media. love him or not, he's donald trump. he nation joust ray just statements. he gets attention and he never apologizes. but right now his poll numbers are only going in one direction, up. we are getting polls that show he's incredibly dominant in the early stage and nationally. by the way i'm not worried about carly fiorina. she is a smart, tough cookie and she can handle herself. she knows how to throw a punch and take a punch and give a counter-punch.
6:37 am
martha: the other folks out there, joe, they hang in there. here is a tweet from jeb bush. he wanted to respond to what trump said. he said trump's comments are demeaning and small. but it feels like they are throwing stuff to the wall here and it's not sticking. >> the shadow he's casting on the rest of the field is just blotting them out. jeb bush has to get into it with trump to get any attention. so what's happening here is some of them are just going to fall off the board and die as they run out of money before they ever get a chance to get any of the limelight unless they get into a fight with donald trump which carly could benefit from. martha: there is a story that said she poll tested.
6:38 am
i guess i made a mistake with my email and they ran it through the focus groups. we are concerned -- the focus groups said we are concerned about the emails. we would like her to say more by the. then you get the interviews. >> do you remember when president bill clinton was president? , this ways they do, nothing about them is wholly natural. hillary clinton is taking a look at her poll numbers and she is seeing them fall through the floor. those poll numbers were never strong for her, but now they are really bad. the problem for her is this is not something you can recover from. you can recover from bad favorability numbers but you cannot recover from honesty and trustworthiness. that's not ground you can make up. she is trying to go out there
6:39 am
with lame apology attempts the public is not buying and it looks increasingly desperate. martha: bernie sanders at 41%. clinton at 40%. the biden question is 12%. it could change the dynamic of this whole thing. bill: nor john mccain pointing the finger at the white house for the refugee crisis in europe. >> this crisis didn't come out of nowhere like an quake or tornado. it's the predictable result of this administration's policy of leading in the from behind. he's next live on why he thinks president obama's policies are to blame for the ongoing tragedy and ultimately what to do now.
6:40 am
martha: 10 shootings in 11 days on a busy highway thousands of people go on every day in phoenix, raising fears they may have a serial sniper on their hand. >> it's obvious to us at this point that we have two different mos. there is probably more than one person involved in this. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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martha: police in phoenix may have a sear aial sniper on their hand. they are investigating a shooting, a truck hit by a possible bullet shattering a rear passenger window, nobody was hurt. they are saying they are look at it as domestic terrorism crimes. bill: according to a new report
6:44 am
in "the daily beast" 50 intelligence analysts are blowing the whistle saying their assessment of isis was watered down by senior officials to fit the story by the white house that the u.s. and the coalition were winning. the analysts accused senior level lead of changing their analysis to be more in line with the obama administration's contention that we are making progress. >> i was aware in the last few days of some rumors of whistle blowers and other people coming forward alleging what you just quoted in the story. and by the way, it makes sense, bill, because we see out of not
6:45 am
only centcom, but also the administration, statement after statement about how well we are doing. remember we were going to retake ramadi? and the fact is it's not true. so they either have bad intelligence or they are cooking the intelligence. one of the two. bill: where do you think it leads? >> we have peek looking at it right now. there are allegations there are whistle blowers. if they come forward this is a matter we are hearing in the armed services committee no doubt. bill: the 365,000 refugees on the run looking for a way to survive, you used the picture about a week ago of this 3-year-old boy allegedly on the beach in greece found dead by rescue workers there. and you had a powerful message
6:46 am
that points the finger of blame for all of this in a rather accuse story fashion at the administration and the president for doing nothing on matters that have festered for years now. back that up and defend it, senator. >> they haven't been doing nothing. but what they have done has had no effect. you can look at the map of the middle east in 2009 when president obama came to office and look at it today. there is not single nation that's better off. the whole region is in tumult. more refugees than any time since worm war ii. and all of this was not like a hurricane, it's not like an earthquake. it's because of a failed feckless foreign policy of this president who decided we would withdraw. power abhors a vacuum.
6:47 am
when we create that extra cool it many filled by evil. this is the same outfit the president called jv when he withdrew everybody from iraq saying we have a peaceful and democratic iraq. sometimes i'm frustrated when the president's statement are contradicted by the facts and reality and events, no one seems to hold him accountable. but the thing that's most frustrating is that picture of that little boy is symptomatic of what's happening to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the middle east particularly syria but other countries as well because of the failure of american leadership. bill: where is the president obama who has spoken so movingly of the moral responsibilities that great power confers? >> he made statement after
6:48 am
statement. he referred to how it was humanitarian in the balkans after 8,000 people were slaughtered. in the middle east it make it comparatively not so significant. but he has not led, whether it be withdrawing everybody out of iraq, whether it be ignoring his own red line he set. whether it be arming the syrian army. all of these events contradicted by his rhetoric has led to the most serious crisis since the end of world war ii. bill: that's a statement. you said 63% of the european asylum seekers the past three
6:49 am
years are from syria. are you suggesting if we took out assad this would not be happening? bill: isis would have followed them. >> al qaeda mor more informati - died morphed into isis. that's the on thing keeping bashar al-assad in power. martha: a walk down the aisle and a honeymoon in vegas. but it turns out it was all fake. now a father and daughter are behind bars. the last-minute plans to oppose
6:50 am
the iran deal as critics continue to slam the deal. >> we are going to put tens of billions of dollars into the hand of the biggest state terror sponsoring country in the world that established an arc that runs from tehran all the way to beruit to damascus and baghdad. b
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bill: lawmakers holding a hearing on the largest security breach in american history. many suspect china is behind it.
6:54 am
james brennan and james comey will be at the table. martha: a father and his daughter are under arrest for arranging fake marriages between americans and chinese nationals. how does this work? >> reporter: if you are a good liar you can make some money. they get to stay in the u.s. legally, the american gets cash and the father-daughter who run the scam get up to 50 grand per wedding. if you are in china your chances of scoring a u.s. visa are about zero. he recruited americans who needed money. then he introduced them to jason and his daughter. the american would get a few
6:55 am
grand by pretending, fake honeymoons in vegas. then lying to immigration officials. the chinese national paid up to 50 grand. father and daughter were doing great until they made the mistake of failing to pay one of the americans who called immigration. martha: what nationality are the ring leaders? >> reporter: they are dual chinese-australian citizens. they took out ads posing as immigration lawyers. they said if you marry immediate lawful status and then after three years you can apply for citizenship which is hotly grail. remember i did the story on the anchor baby scam. they had their baby here for citizenship.
6:56 am
this wedding is the same kind of situation. you had to memorize birthdays, dates, come up with a sham story about being in love. of course, if you are convicted you get five years in prison which is what they face now. martha: people want to be in this country. bill: in a moment you will see a key aide to hillary clinton who set up her server but he says he will plead the fifth. trey gowdy will join us to talk about it. martha: brand-new polls are out this morning and donald trump is surging. will his latest comments on carly fiorina cool off his numbers?
6:57 am
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martha: donald trump blowing past the competition, surging ahead once again in the
7:00 am
republican field with ben carson the only rival in his rear view mirror at the moment. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'mi'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. busy day. riding a tidal wave in the newest national poll. he is at 32%, up eight point from last month. carson in second place at 19%. jeb bush, third place, 9:00%. rest of the list, cruz, mike huckabee, scott walker. the rest are less than 3%. meanwhile trump facing fire over comment in "rolling stone" attacking carly fiorina's appearance. quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that? the face of our next president? trump defending himself today on "fox & friends." >> when i get criticized constantly by my hair nobody does a story, isn't that terrible they criticized donald trump's hair of the fact i
7:01 am
probably did say that about carly, or something about in jocular manner. she may be a very nice woman. i'm talking about her persona. i'm not take talking about anything else. her persona doesn't work. martha: he keeps making comments and his numbers go higher and higher. we'll talk to bret baier in couple moments. bill: he was asked whether he said that, an he didn't deny saying that. martha: in jocular manner. bill: in 30 minutes, bobby jindal, coming out and according to his campaign he will be breathing fire against donald trump. we'll see if that works. in the past month we've seen republican candidates go after trump and their numbers weren't down. we'll see whether or not this works for bobby jindal. martha: jeb came out, put out a tweet basically defending carly fiorina this morning. we'll have more coming up throughout the show. bill: another debate next week. wednesday night. >> yep. bill: meantime, part of the house republican caucus revolting against what party
7:02 am
leaders thought would be an easy vote to disapprove of the iran nuclear deal. that group resisting attempts to bring the bill to the floor because they believe these side deals between iran and u.n. undisclosed. want to see it in writing before they vote on it. presidential candidate ted cruz weighing in on all that yesterday from washington. >> any commander-in-chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on january 20th, 2017, and rip to shreds this catastrophic deal. bill: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel picks up the story from there. mike, it did not take long from the house leaders to shift from the original plan on the house ish -- iran issue. where are they now? >> reporter: bill, good morning. after returning from seven weeks, house rank-and-file rejected leadership plan. they will vote on three separate measures. saying number one, president obama didn't turn over necessary
7:03 am
paperwork so the congressional review period hasn't been triggered. a bill to approve the iran deal would fail but put every house member on the record in measure to prohibit president obama lifts sanctions. here are the two key lawmakers behind this new approach. >> we got to the right place. i think the president has broken the law. that is, he hasn't complied with his obligations under corker-cardin. very clear that the definition includes side agreements. when he does we may take a different action. >> it hasn't been triggerrerred. the administration has two documents it is privy to or should be privy to or known or should have known about these documents. they have not been dischosed to the house. therefore the timing of corker-cardin has not begun. >> reporter: rank-and-file republicans get their way. therethere will be three separae votes a lot of republicans felt like president obama did not do proper thing in turning over so-called side deals and they
7:04 am
won over their leadership, bill. bill: some republicans believe if you see the language they can flip some democrats. what are democrats saying about this, mike? >> reporter: they are initially mocking the house republicans for being in disarray. we know house leader nancy pelosi is holding a news conference this hour. we expect new lines from her on what she sees as the leadership of the house of representatives at this point we know that plans were underway to do a vote of disapproval in the house of representatives but, house rank-and-file members came back from the recess says, we don't want to do that. so now the question will be, ultimate impact on the house agenda, on difficult issues ahead. will they feel emboldened to push the leadership in a new direction? i should note there is breaking news in the senate. we have learned that 3:45 this afternoon, there will be a procedural vote. they need 60 votes to get this through. but procedural vote to disapprove of the iran nuclear deal, bill. bill: wow. mike, thanks a lot. a lot to watch. we shall.
7:05 am
mike emanuel from capitol hill. martha: one lawmaker is calling this a bigger disaster than ever imagined. the program to raise a syrian army to fight isis, all of the u.s.-trained fighters are said to be either dead or missing. and now top military brass are scrambling to figure out where they go from here. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. jennifer, how much has been spent on this project to train syrian rebels? and you know the last news was the numbers of them were so infinitesimal it could never actually be a sustainable army. so where are we? >> reporter: 54 were never going to take on isis. the pentagon will only give figures, martha, up until may. they say they have spent nearly 4 it million dollars out of the $5,900,000,000 allocated by congress, which tasks the u.s. military to vet, train, pay, arm
7:06 am
a moderate syrian opposition to exclusively fight isis. they barred those they trained from fighting against syria's president assad. that is one of the reasons they have had trouble finding people. assad is responsible for killing 250,000 of his own people. the white house goal was to train 5400 fighters in a year. to date as you mentioned, they have trained only 54 fighters at a site in turkey. this small force was inserted into syria in july. immediately they were attacked by an al qaeda affiliate. some died. some fled. some were kidnapped, martha. martha: incredible. i mean almost two years after the initial request to put together a moderate syrian force that might have a chance there. so, we'll see where this goes. jennifer, thank you very much. as promised new reaction this morning after donald trump take as swipe at carly fiorina. mr. trump appeared to insult the former hewlett-packard ceo
7:07 am
saying her appearance makes her unfit to lead essentially. our own brit hume says mr. trump sounds more like a child than a presidential candidate. >> is this the behavior of a strong and confident man a man prepared to be the, you know the leader of the free world? or is this schoolboy stuff? is this kind of borish, sexist taunt at that you would expect from somebody who is just simply not grown up? martha: brit hume basically saying what is on a lot of people's minds when they listen to donald trump's most recent statements you know what, but we're looking at numbers, bret, it doesn't seem to have any impact at all? >> not yet, martha. definitely not. he is still at the top of the polls across the board. this happened yesterday and yesterday came out in that "rolling stone" piece. this, the m-o is donald trump is tremendous counter puncher. he really swings back after he is attacked. this was not that. this was, you know, as seemed
7:08 am
like a side comment to this "rolling stone" writer, and, it was direct, look at her face. he tried, trump's tried to say, on an interview this morning it was about her persona but you look at that quote and there is no, hiding the fact it was about appearance. that kind of thing, to brit's point, may add up. listen, it is one thing about pc and how people hate political correctness. it is another thing when it's this personal thing and it is not really a counter attack. martha: basically he says she has come after him, that she has attacked him. he is counter puncher, we heard attack, attack is what he was trained to do by his father as he talks about in this "rolling stone" magazine article and it remains to be seen. this is very similar vein in many ways to the attacks on rosie and what he said and forwarded about megyn kelly. we don't know if it has any impact because it hasn't up
7:09 am
until this point. let's look at another poll that came out this morning as well. who is most likely to win the republicans nomination? donald trump by 51%. bush is at 19%. in this. so people seem to feel he is the winner that he claims he is at this point, bret. >> no, definitely. if you judge by polls, and that's really only yardstick we have, he's definitely winning across the board on the economy. on trust. in groups like evangelicals. it is pretty remarkable, if you think about it. and the fact that there are 17 candidates in this gop field he is leading by this much. can he sustain that over the long term is really the question. and, i don't think that this "rolling stone" quote is a great thing for him. but does it affect him? other things have not. martha: clearly he is breaking the mold in many ways because he
7:10 am
has got a two-pronged strategy essentially. doing some traditional builds up of staff on the ground at this point. he put people in charge in iowa. put people in charge in new hampshire and south carolina. he is building up that mart of his machine but he says in terms of advertising and transportation, which are two biggest money-eaters on any campaign, i have my own two planes and helicopter he says. i don't really need to advertise because i just dot shows he says. >> ma part that, he hasn't spent -- he hasn't spent any money on ads. he does intragam things, quick videos picked up by channels and does call-ins from shows and draws the number. he would rather have cnn standoff, donating to veterans instead of getting profits from the upcoming debate, focus on something he generates, than this focus on this "rolling stone" piece.
7:11 am
martha: no doubt. bret, thank you very much. we'll see you tonight. bill: what we do know, there is punch and counter punch on behalf of all these people. we heard fiorina talk with megyn. we have not seen her just yet offer comment. martha: all campaigns spending a an to of money on advertising, all conventional ways. you have financial backers whose money is going down the drain at the moment in a lot of cases. we'll see if it turns around. bill: wednesday night they're all back on stage. benghazi hearing holding today. the man who set up the hillary clinton server. he already said he will take the fifth. what happens today? committee chair trey gowdy will tell us what hopes to get out of this in a moment. plus there is this. >> giant mark key name on -- >> winning in all the polls. >> duh, winning. >> you make a choice to win and you win. >> i'm winning everywhere. martha: winning, winning, winning. louisiana governor bobby jindal ripping donald trump in new web ad.
7:12 am
the governor speaking in moments. how far will he go with this? we're about to find out. regular traffic stop turns into a bully session as anti-police sentiment spreads. >> have a nice stay. >> no one you people are getting shot you're an absolute [bleep] >> thank you, ma'am. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. ansformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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bill: fast moving brush fire coming dangerously close to dozens of homes in san jose.
7:16 am
that fire broke out just across the road from a mobile home park. grew to about eight acres before fire crews put it out. no one was injured and no homes were damaged. cause of it is underway. martha: we're few minutes away from highly publicized hearing benghazi. the only witness was brian pagliano, state department staffer paid by hillary clinton to maintain her server. he already said he will knot answer the any of the committee's questions. he plans to plead fifth. south carolina congressman trey gowdy is with us. good have with you with us, congressman. welcome. >> thank you. martha: you're about to have bryan pagliano in the hearing room. representative elijah cummings said about this. this is the identical approach taken by chairman issa when he served as chairman of oversight
7:17 am
committee, forcing witnesses to assert in person for a photo-op. mr. benghazi has nothing to do with benghazi attacks. everything to do with republicans insatiable desire to derail hillary clinton presidential bid. would you like to respond to that. >> it is heart for every statement to be inaccurate but mr. cummings managed to pull it off. we're doing it very differently chairman issa did it and different when the democrats did it when they ran the asylum. letter from linda sanchez on because because committee. she very different view invoking right to incrimination. they threatened to make a witness come in have public hearing. as you know this is private hearing today. and contrary to what mr. cummings said, we have to talk to mr. pagliano. we have to make sure the record's complete. we have to make sure it hasn't been exfoliated or corrupted in any way. frankly we have to make sure
7:18 am
what other witnesses told us and witnesses to come or is true. it is either corroborated or true. the right belongs to mr. pagliano. doesn't belong to elijah cummins or the his lawyer or the mailman. it belongs to mr. pagliano. he has to assert that in person. if he does it will be a short hearing but the democrats had a very different approach when they ran congress. i think, martha, what people hate is duplicity and hypocrisy how a different set of rules for other people than you have for yourself. martha: all right. you know, let's talk about mr. pagliano. another one of the sentences in the statement by elijah cummings, that he has nothing to do with the benghazi attack. now it is very interesting to journey back along the road you have gone down here because the reason that we know this server was put in her private home and that it was her server and apparently according to what we've heard it was installed or maintained by mr. pagliano, is that you were looking for all of
7:19 am
the emails that had something to do, potentially with benghazi. you wanted to know that you had seen all of the back and forth as part of this process. so if you hadn't been seeking all of her emails from the time she was secretary of state, we wouldn't even know there was a private server in chappaqua, correct? >> yes, ma'am. the previous seven congressional inquiries somehow missed this pretty glaring fact. you're exactly right. our interest in mr. pagliano is solely with respect to benghazi and libya and making sure we have all the documents we're entitled to. now, there may be other folks that have other questions for mr. pagliano but that is outside the jurisdiction of my committee and i'm not going to ask those questions. but i do have an obligation to access every witness and every document that is relevant to benghazi and libya and unfortunately for him he is part of that process. martha: right. i would imagine one of the questions you would like to ask him is why, why was there a private server, correct?
7:20 am
>> we would love to know why. what was he told? that gives us insight into the mind of the person who wanted the private server. we have 19 pages of questions for mr. pagliano. so it wouldn't be the nine hour interview that we did last week. but, we have a lot of questions, all of them, martha, are related to benghazi and libya. it is not about classified information. it is not about his employment arrangement with the former secretary. it is about making sure the public record is complete. martha: understood. >> but i don't know that we're going to get too deep into the 19 pages worth of questions. martha: we have to keep it real quick, but i want to let everybody know, you have huma abedin and mike morale -- mike morell. is there any chance they take the fifth? what is indication that you have in? >> mr. pagliano is first witness who invoked right against incrimination. i have every expectation that
7:21 am
miss abedine and mr. morell. mr. pagliano is first one to invoke right against incrimination. martha: hillary clinton on october 20 second which she says she is looking forward to see you there. >> we are too. martha: we're looking forward to witnessing that as well. congressman gowdy. thank you very much. bill: 19 pages. that could take a while. freddie gray matter. defense wants a change in venue as the city agrees to pay the victim's family, millions of dollars. u.s. getting involved in the crisis in europe with plans to bring them here. critics warn that is major threat to american safety. are they right? we'll talk to the chairman of house homeland security committee mike mccaul on that question. first donald trump on issue now. >> from a humanitarian standpoint i would love to help. we have our own problems. we have so many problems we have to solve.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
bill: change of venue hearing gets underway in the death of freddie gray. the defense team is arguing that it is impossible for six officers to get a fair trial in the city of baltimore. meanwhile the city just yesterday settled with gray's family, awarding them $6.4 million before the defendant's even have their first day in court. arthur eye dallas, former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and fox legal analyst. good morning to you. we'll get to the mayor in a moment here. what is your position? $6.4 million, sound about right? >> it is insane amount of money. there is a cap in state of maryland about these types of cases. it was 200,000. went up to 400,000. give you an example, bill, last settlement, this past april, not years ago, past april, a man
7:26 am
getting shot and killed by a police officer was $175,000. bill: you're kidding me? >> that was settlement. bill: where is that? >> same place. bill: that was in baltimore? >> correct. then in, another case that happened in maryland, of a wrongful death that did go to trial, the jury awarded $11.5 million to the family of the deceased. the highest court of the state of maryland cut that back from 11.5, to 400,000. bill: takes money out of the whole equation. this was civil matter that was settled before the criminal matter even begins. >> correct. you're hitting the nail on the head. bill: why? >> that is so uncommon, that is so rare that happens. in our society, criminal case, people's liberty at case, is always superlative to the financial aspect of it. so we let the criminal case go first. then we take the, we deal with the civil case. so what happens here, bill? if these guys go to trial. let's say it stays in baltimore.
7:27 am
not a change of venue. go to trial. they're found innocent and not guilty. do the citizens of baltimore go to the mayor and say we want our money back, 6.4 million bucks. bill: i asked you why. this is how the mayor explained it. >> the city's position settle civil for mr. gray, does not mean any judgment on the guilt or innocence of the six police officers. we must consider all of the potential expenses of the defending a lawsuit in court. bill: shy is trying to save some money. >> yeah, it is, if she settled case for $640,000, she could make that argument with a straight face this amount of money is so beyond the pale. bill: what does it do to the guilt or innocence of these officers? >> change of venue or no change of venue, what they're doing, whether the case is in baltimore or someplace else in maryland,
7:28 am
maryland is call case or small state everyone knows about the settlement. that they know the mayor and city lawyers there is some sort of a guilt on part of the city. maybe not exact officers but on part of the city. it will breed into the criminal case. this is not being handled in a professional way. bill: you ain't happy. thank you for your time. we'll see what comes out of the hearing today in pallet more. -- baltimore. martha: new campaign video from louisiana governor bobby jindal and he is being mooing donald trump. >> polls have been through the roof, everyone of them. >> i think winning -- >> kanye west has been so great. i would never say bad about him because he states such nice things about me. >> giant mark -- marquee name comes through on caller i.d. you're winning. martha: winning. jindal set to speak moments from now on his new strategy. what will he say? when we come back. i was diagnosed with lung cancer.
7:29 am
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7:31 am as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. bill: we mentioned this a moment ago. louisiana governor bobby jindal now taking on donald trump in
7:32 am
washington, d.c. comparing trump to charlie sheen. national press club, put out a web ad. will he go further in his statements now? we're about to find out. play a clip from the ad that came out late yesterday. >> i'm winning in all the polls. >> duh, winning. >> i'm winning in all the states. >> make a choice to win, and you win. >> i'm winning everywhere. >> wow, winning. i'm by winning. i win here, win there. now what. bill: all -- time to get serious. so here is the governor from louisiana now. what will he say? how far will he go? >> there is a hunger to get america back. i see it in the polls. i see it in people's eyes in the early states. you see it all around us. people are hungry and eager to get the idea of america back. i believe our country is red for it. the liberalism, incompetence of
7:33 am
the obama administration brought us to the edge. the idea of america is slipping away. people can see it and they're demanding radical change. they're demanding we get back on the path to greatness. the american people have a massive appetite for a rebirth. a massive appetite for making america great again. that is the context and reason for my remarks today. i want to start by saying i like the idea of donald trump. i like the idea of an outsider. i like the idea of somebody willing to say things you're not supposed to say. i like idea of somebody going after the d.c. political class. reality they are full of foolishness and nonsense. donald trump's, donald trump's diagnosis is exactly right. the political class is the problem. the problem is, donald trump's prescription is exactly wrong. his diagnosis on the political class is exactly right. his prescription is wrong. his prescription he is the solution. donald trump is not the solution. the problem is donald trump himself is full of foolishness and nonsense as well.
7:34 am
i will start and saying i like the idea of donald trump and i like the show. i like the donald trump act and show. it is a lot of fun. it is entertainment. i laughed when he went on live tv gave out lindsey graham's cell phone number. i thought it was entertaining that audiences falling asleep at jeb bush's rallies. i thought it was great when he gave helicopter rides to kids at iowa state fair. it has been a lot of fun. here's the problem. donald trump is not serious candidate. he is narcissist. he is egomaniac. only thing he believes in his himself. reality i want to say what everybody is thinking about donald trump but afraid to say. everybody knows this is true. this isn't, this shouldn't be new. the idea of the donald trump act is great. the reality of donald trump, however, is absurd. he is non-serious. he is carnival act. here's the truth about donald trump. donald trump is shallow. he has no understanding of policy.
7:35 am
he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks intellectual curiosity to even learn. you can't argue policy with this guy. the only thing that donald trump believes in is himself. look, he tells us his health care plan will be fabulous. tells us the tax plan will be real, little really, terrific. he is shallow. there is no substance. has no idea about policy no idea what he is talking about. he makes it up on the fly. he doesn't believe in limited government. he told us that. over and over from belief in socialized medicine to his desire for tax increases. he told us over and over he has no problem with big, top-down style government. only problem he has got with d.c. today, he has no problem with big top-down style government. his only problem is he is the not one running it today. donald trump is not against big government. he just against folks that happen to be running it. donald trump is for donald trump. he believes in nothing other than himself.
7:36 am
look, he is not a liberal. he is not a moderate. he is not a conservative. he is not a democrat. he is not a republican. he is is not an independent. donald trump is for donald trump. he is not for anything. he is not against anything. issues don't mean anything to him. policies, ideals, are not important for him. he is for donald. donald trump is a narcissist and he is egomaniac. that may sound like a serious charge to make. but it is something that everybody knows to be true. he knows it too. he celebrates it. he says, kanye west is great. why is kanye west great? because kanye likes trump therefore kanye west is great. he entertaining narcissist but he is still a narcissist. like all narcissists donald trump is insecure and weak. he is afraid of being exposed. he tells us constantly how big and strong and wealthy he is. we all know, we met people like donald trump who tell us how
7:37 am
insignificant everybody else. we know own very weak and small person needs to con assistantly tell us how strong and powerful they are. donald trump believes he is the answer to every question. donald trump is dangerous, but not in the way you think. reality is, we have an incredible opportunity to turn our country around. the question for conservatives is this. are we going to rely and trust proven conservative principles? are we going to turn to a man who believes in nothing but himself? that is the most essential question we've got to answer right now. are we going to miss this great opportunity? will we apply conservative principles? or will we trust a man who believes in nothing but himself. that is what makes donald trump so dangerous. many people think he is dangerous. you won't want somebody like that as hothead with finger on the nuclear codes. that is certainly true. that is not the real danger. the real danger ironically donald trump could destroy
7:38 am
america's chance to be great again. as conservatives we must not miss this golden opportunity. democratic party is terribly, incredibly screwed things up. they have run our country into the drowned. they're destroying our economy of the they have screwed up our foreign policy we're about to allow iran to become nuclear power. they're running their weakest candidate who is running the weakest possible campaign. they are giving us this election on a silver platter. but if we blow this opportunity we may never get it again. this election is not just about the republican party or about conservatives. it is about saving our country. it is about rescuing the idea of america, making america great again. donald trump is not a serious act. he is not a serious person. look, it is all just an act. it is all just a solo show. the joke's on us. he is laughing all the way to the bank or the polling station. p.t. barnum was never more right than right now. you may have recently heard
7:39 am
that, and seen that donald trump said that the bible is his favorite book. yet when asked he couldn't even name a specific or a single bible verse that was important to him, that had impact on him. do you know why? it is clear. donald trump haste never read the bible. the reason we know he has never read the bible, he is not in the bible. folks, donald trump is not a serious person. this is a carnival act. these are serious times for our country. the democrats have practically gift wrapped this election for us. the whole thing is set up for us to win. now we are flirting with nominating a non-serious, unstable, substance-free candidate. bill: bobby jindal not holding back. says he likes the idea of donald trump. says it has been a lot of fun. then went on to eviscerate him. egomaniac, narcissist, carnival act. called him insecure and weak. said the joke's on us as americans.
7:40 am
and that continues at the press club in washington. radio show host michael slater. richard fowler, host of his own radio show. listening to all of this. let me point out that bobby jindal is at .3% in "real clear politics" average across the country. he is tied, three-way tie for 7th right now in the state of iowa. mike, start. this was, this was, this was a chance for the governor to line up all the arguments and knock them down one by one. >> wow, he sure did. you're right he got press out of this. which is good for him. unfortunately he was on cavuto couple weeks ago, if you attack trump, it only makes him stronger. unfortunately for jindal i think that is still true today. i agree with a lot of stuff that jindal just said. the big problem when he says trump is not serious candidate. all the trump supporters when they hear that get super defensive. hold on. don't tell me is not a serious candidate. i will show you how serious he is!
7:41 am
that makes jindal look like an establishment. that is my advice to jindal, all the other candidates doesn't try to outdonald trump, he better than you are at at it. bill: will coin serves it trust principles or trust donald trump's principles. richard, what do you think is going on here? >> here is the funny part about the whole speech. spent whole ten minutes hating on washington establishment. giving a speech in washington at national press club which is epitome of washington establishment, criticizing donald trump. bobby jindal is ultimate republican insider. working in the bush administration. becoming louisiana governor with a dismal jobs record, dismal health record, dismal pretty much every indicator what makes a great society in louisiana. yet still he is making fun of donald trump who is ahead in the polls by leaps and bounds. to me, i would, campaign staffer or campaign manager, why is he not talking about his ideas to get the country back on track? bill: i got you. thank you for hanging out.
7:42 am
i know it was brief. but that's what we've got now. mike slater, and richard fowler, we reached out to donald trump. we'll see when there is reaction. we'll watch on twitter feed. any second now it could pop up, right, martha? martha: absolutely. he answer right now. bobby jindal will talk with neil cavuto at 4:00 this afternoon. bobby jindal has just decided he had enough and wants to respond. we'll see how that works for him. bill: more than 140 characters from jindal, huh? martha: a lot more. so is the as of re few gee crisis in europe gets worse by the hour, the white house plans to bring refugees from syria to the united states in limited program. one top lawmaker who believes this is dangerous move. homeland security committee chairman michael mccaul will tell us why. bill: looks like a scene out of "dukes of hazzard." just good ol' boys having fun or is it. whoa? ♪ i'm only in my 60's.
7:43 am
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♪ martha: so the white house is working on a plan to bring refugees from syria here to the united states as the crisis continues to get worse and more tragic and horrific by the moment out there. but top lawmakers and intelligence officials are raising a red flag. they're saying that it could be a huge threat to national security on the part of some individuals who may get caught in with those who desperately need help. and he lay the blame for this squarely at the feet of the obama administration. here is that quote. >> the whole region is in chaos, tumult. more crisis since the end of world war ii. that is according to any expert. more refugees than at anytime since world war ii. and all of this was not like a hurricane, bill. it is not like an earthquake.
7:47 am
it is because of the failed, feckless foreign policy and national security policy of this president. martha: john mccain has been talking about refugees from syria for two years and the problems this presents. texas congressman michael mccaul, chairman of the house homeland security committee and the author of the new book, "failures of imagination, the deadliest threats to our home lan and how to thwart them." chairman, good to have you with us. welcome. >> thank you, martha. martha: there is so many layers to this. on a purely humanitarian level. anybody that looks at picture senator mccain put up of that little boy on the shore in greece. of course you want to help. i'm sure we will help as a country. but how important is it to make sure we're watching who is coming across our borders? and do you think that any, people who wish us ill are kind of clinging into this entire operation and maybe looking for an opportunity here? >> well it is very important. that's my job as chairman of homeland security to keep
7:48 am
threats outside of the country. i just got out of a briefing with homeland security officials, fbi, counterterrorism, and the concern, martha, is that we don't have human intel against on the ground -- intelligence on the ground properly in syria, database sufficient to vet these individuals to know they're not threats. i was in jordan, at one of these refugee camps, a million of them. they told me, jordanians they don't know who the people are as he well. until we can properly vet them through the right databases, it would be highly irresponsible to start bringing them in, when they could be potential terrorists, and provide sort of a jihadist pipeline into the united states. we did this in iraq with very good intelligence. we brought in several that had already killed americans. if i could reiterate what senator mccain said, this is the a result of a failed foreign policy with respect to assad. majority are fleeing assad regime. they're also fleeing isis.
7:49 am
which i think was a creation of a failed foreign policy by the administration. and then finally, why aren't the gulf states taking these people? they're mainly sunni-arabs fleeing assad, fleeing barbaric acts of isis? they have all this money to take them in. when ever this conflict is resolved they could go back to their own country. yet the gulf states are taking zero of these refugees into their countries. >> great point. you foe, when you look at syria, and you think about jennifer griffin's report from a little while ago, we basically have trained nobody. that the people that were trained to fight with the moderate syrian army that would overthrow assad and help to correct the problems of civil war in syria, our efforts to get involved in that, help the right team or people on the ground have completely fallen apart. so it should be no surprise to anyone that these people are fleeing their country. they have religious persecution.
7:50 am
they have isis breathing down their necks. they have the isis -- assad regime wants to pick and choose the people that can stay in their country. what about what you said getting the gulf states involved and convinces them to do their fair share in this? >> if i were commander-in-chief i would put a lot of pressure on the gulf states to absorb this refugee crisis, again i think was the result of a failed foreign policy it is very tragic. i think we need to handle this in humane, compassionate way, but responsibly in terms who we let into the united states. i think the gulf states are better equipped, quite frankly it is their backyard. it is their responsibility. they need to start stepping up to the plate, not only with the refugee crisis, but as you mentioned helping to fight crisis. i think sunni-arabs need to stand up against sunni extremists and nato could be a part of that. we're not seeing that. we don't have a strategy to deal
7:51 am
with isis in syria and iraq. martha: the ground has been laid so long on this issue. chairman, thank you very much. always good to have you with us. >> thank you, martha. bill: apple creates a buzz better than anyone. so what is up with the pencil? some people think they got it all did they? it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> on happening now, new polling for race of white house. larry sabato on his crystal ball. we'll take you one of the most iconic places in america. an area of ellis island not seen in more than0 years. what we learned will change the way you think about our past. that is all at top of the hour. bill: thank you, jenna. see you then. apple unveiling a shrew of new products and update including the new apple pencil. it has the web buzzing but not in good way. lance ulanoff, from
7:55 am from california. what is up with you and does it work? >> good morning. apple, hell froze over. they finally did it, release ad stylist for the ipad which steve jobs specifically said you don't need this thing. but it is really a nice device. it's a bluetooth penalty lous you to write on giant 12.9-inch ipad pro screen. it has tremendous sort of response. you can do thick lines, thin lines, pressure sensitivity. you can hold it sideways to do sort of artistic stuff. i was impressed, shocked, impressed by what they did. hidden little lightning plug on the back to charge it up. bill: you wonder what jobs would think. he hated that idea. the people memes are exploding. i have your pencil right here. he attached it to an apple. all the tablets, lance, get smaller and smaller.
7:56 am
but they have a new ipad out now that actually grown bigger. why would that be in 30 seconds or less? is this something that will work for them? >> really big but all about business. this has been a big drive for apple to get the corporate customer. that is why they partnered with ibm making these vertical apps. they love a big screen for multitasking and attachable keyboard which is smart keyboard which by the way looks like surface pro. which proved the market for this kind of device. this is really business focused. but i think other people will be interested because it is so big and interesting looking. bill: cool stuff. thanks, lance. i know it was quick. we had a lot of breaking news. see you soon in new york. martha: he is the best. growing backlash taking a toll on hillary clinton as she struggles to overcome her email problems. can she move beyond that issue?
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: a group of alabama friends passing the time with what they're calling the most epic vehicle jump ever caught on
8:00 am
video. check it out, folks. bill: go! martha: they light an suv on fire and drive it into a lake. the driver jumps out in midair -- i did this last weekend. [laughter] shot on a farm over labor day weekend -- that's kind of impressive. bill: nice. i think he stuck the landing. we've got to roll. martha: bye, everybody, have a good day. ♪ ♪ jenna: it's another busy day in poll -- politics as democratic candidate hillary clinton tries hard to move away from the controversy. hello, everybody, hope you're off to a great day so far, i'm jenna lee. gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. hillary clinton just wrapped up a campaign event in the key battleground state of ohio as house investigators get ready for a closed-door deposition with her privately-paid i.t.


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