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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 10, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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all 157 passengers and 13 crew members were able to evacuate. 27 people were hospitalized with bumps and bruises. thank you for being part of a very busy "the real story" today. here's shep. >> teaming up against trump. the run front-runner's rivals are going after him after trump's attack on a woman's face. nothing seems to hurt donald trump in the polls. a new survey puts him at his highest number to date. a new poll shows hillary clinton is losing ground and now has fallen behind in another key state. lots of politics. we'll update you. of you win the lottery you can expect to get the money, right? obviously. one state claims it doesn't have the cash to pay, and some winners are fighting back. there's breaking news now. this just in to the fox news
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deck. the dangerous situation for drivers in arizona has apparently just gotten worse. just in to fox news channel, police in phoenix are now investigating up to five more possible shootings on vehicles, on top of the ten already confirmed shootings in less than two weeks. we reported yesterday investigators say it's still unclear whether they're all related or there is one or multiple shooters. investigators won't say exactly what took place today but they say most of these happened west of phoenix, on interstate 10, about five miles from downtown. we have an image of a truck from yesterday, a side window appears to be shatters. the shootings have injured just one person so far. a 13-year-old girl cut from shattered glass. they've just finished a news conference live in phoenix and we have new information, including a call from a driver this morning at 8:30. jonathan hunt has it from the west coast news hub. jonathan? >> as you said, as many as five
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new incidents today, and cops have just in the last couple of minutes confirmed that in at least one case it was indeed a bullet that caused the damage. from the most recent 45, minutes ago, car was struck. you're looking at the truck so we'll move on. this semi that was struck, that is the one that cops are confirming was indeed hit by a bullet. we should also have an image of a car. there it is. that was clearly struck on the side rear passenger window by some sort of projectile. not confirmed what yet. another semi was also hit today. another car driver reported damage. earlier in the day, and there is would also a report from a woman driving an open top jeep who believes she heard a gunshot. she said it was very loud and
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very close. cops are doing everything they can to find out who is doing this. listen. >> we're out here driving in it, too. so our -- we're hiding as well -- heightened as well. we ask that everybody keep vigilant and keep sending tips. we're trying to get this solved as quickly as we can. >> just to confirm that breaking news, cops confirming that in these five incidents reported to them today, at least one now confirmed as a bullet. that bullet hitting a semi truck. >> it seems that everybody there is really on edge, jonathan. >> you know, we reported this yesterday, as you mentioned, ten incidents. we may have up to 15 total now. right along this long stretch of i-10 which runs right through the heart of phoenix, and you can see where some of the incidents have taken place on
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that map. now, we now have eight of this potential 15, but eight confirmed bullets involved. the other projectiles of some sort. cops keeping relatively tight-lipped about the investigation. they say they don't want to give too much away because it could compromise them finding whoever is doing this. they just used the word with us, copycat. they have also described these shootings, shep, as, quote, domestic terrorism. >> domestic terrorism. first politics, though. donald trump, the republican front-runner, now says he was not talking about carly fiorina's face when he said, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? that's what he said. of carly fiorina he said, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? now he says the goo who shoots
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straight, who tells it like it is, says what he means, says that's not what he meant. what he meant was her public persona, not her face, which he said. the comments from "rolling stone" and now donald trump claims talking about fiorina's face meant her persona. the guy who says what me means and means what he said. carly fiorina reacted last night. >> i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means but maybe, just maybe, i'm getting under his skin because i am climbing in the polls. >> not by much and even other g.o.p. copd tenders are weighing in. jeb bush tweeted, quote, trumps demeaning remarks are small and inappropriate for anyone, much less for a presidential candidate. carly and country deserve better. enough. still, no controversy seems to stick to this man. donald trump posted his highest number yet, 32% in a new poll done before the carly fiorina
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comment. ben carson comes in second with 10%. we know what he just said about him. and i should say 19%. no other candidate breaks out of single digits even. last night ben carson says he doesn't get the impression that religion is a big part of trump's lived. well, donald trump came out swinging hard, accusing carson of faking his christian faith. he is a seventh dayeded a ven test, and trump said, quote, if you look at the doctor's past, which i've done, he wasn't a big man of faith. all of a sudden he is becoming this man of faith and he was heavy into the world of abortion, unquote. just like trump, dr. carson has supported abortion rightness the past. today fellow republican candidate bopp bobby jindal joint those hitting back against donald trump and hit hard, calling trump unstable and dangerous. >> donald trump is shallow.
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he has no understanding of policy. he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn you. can't argue policy with this guy. the only thing he believes in is himself. he is insecure and weak. afraid of being exposed. that's what hi tells us always and constantly how big and strong and wealthy he is. look, we all know that -- we have all met people like trump thank you. trump who tell us howing significant everyone else is. we know a weak and small person has to conte tell us how strong they are. >> bobby jindal has zero percent in the polls. not one. zero. he would not be making headlines at all were it not for this attack on donald trump. team fox coverage on the race for he white house. ed henry covering democrats and first carl cameron.
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so donald trump on the hot seat again. >> the poll says 51% of republicans think trump will be the republican nominee so jindal tried hard to disqualify trump and may get him attention. trump is now fighting washington insiders and outsiders. he attacked ben carson's faith. his record as a neurosurgeon and pro life abortion. and while he mocked fiorina's look, he mentioned her face twice, he said he was mocking her persona, as if to say her character and integrity. fiorina says she is not going detroit bother her but moves on. this makes the right really nervous. >> one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women, every chance he gets, -- i have to say, if he
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emerges, i would love to debate him. [cheering] >> that's basically what bobby jindal was saying, making the republicans nervous. if trump is the nominee they'll would give up a gift-wrapped opportunity to win the presidency back because trump will blow it. >> where does this take the race? >> to the mat -- mattresses. trump will not step down. the trump trashing will escalate, and if jindal gets traction it will start a choir, and listen, carly fiorina actually tide get a bit of a bump in the polls. she will be in the big debate next week so look for super pacs to start attacking donald trump and early voting states of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, love their reputation for killing front-runners before the first contest.
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so trump could be in jeopardy for that if nothing else. >> they have a history of that. thank you, sir. for the first time bernie sanders now leads hillary clinton in iowa. a new leader in iowa, according to one new poll that is out. bernie sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, is up on senator and former secretary of state hillary clinton by one point so statistically a tie. you can see there, senator sanders jumped eight points sin july in the quinnipiac survey and vice-president joe biden who is not a candidate is up by 5%. nobody is campaigning against joe biden, obviously. earlier this week a poll showed senator sanders leading secretary clinton in new hampshire, the first in nation primary states. let's continue team coverage with ed henry on the clinton campaign. bernie sanders seems to becoming more of a serious threat to the
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clinton campaign and democrats tell you to the democratic party. >> sure. they thought was a distraction at first. hillary clinton was the inevitable democratic presidential nominee. no more. at this event in columbus, it was a pretty small room,en doors, not an outdoor it was a women for hilary event and she could not fill the room. trying to get female voters to get committed about her bodies si, the historic nature of her winning the white house, so you see bernie sanders gaining ground and the democratic chairman says sander is on fire. >> he is doing a great job in so many different venues that he is obviously been reaching people in a special way and touching people, and we think it's fantastic. it's good for the democratic party and it will be good for
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our eventual nominee whoever it is. >> so, some glowing words for bernie sanders. the dnc is not taking sides sidd are under great pressure to add more official dnc debates because some critics say they're protecting hillary clinton by not having more debates. >> is it true she may have some new problems back in washington? secretary clinton? >> well, just in the last couple of hours the former clinton i. t. staffer was tragedy up to the hill to plead the fifth. republicans wanted to get him on record. democrat says this was just a side show. listen. >> categories that we happened to go into with mr. pagliano. i'll give you some of them. chain of custody issues with respect to benghazi and libya related e-mails.
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whether or not the record is whole and complete. >> mr. pagliano asserted his rights under the fifth amendment, and we knew he would do that last week. nothing has changed, and i think the committee and all of us knew that. i think this is about politics. >> now, interesting that both republicans and democrats at the news conferences say they want to give immunity to brian pagliano, allow him to avoid precision and hear what he has to say. >> anybody that went to "the new york times" web site sees there's a huge story about all these backup candidates for hillary clinton in case things are going badly and it's well sourced and suggests even a former vice-president might -- al gore might be on the list. >> well, look, i've been hearing for some time from democratic
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strategists that al gore has been on the phone, reaching out to people, saying what if this or that happens. so far he has not gotten groundswell support to get in the current vice-president, joe biden, obviously still looking at this. i've even heard the name of secretary of state john kerry. that he -- as the nominee back in 2004, he is now the secretary of state, successor to hillary clinton, who just is pushing through this iran nuclear deal for president obama. all kinds of names of other democrats who are waiting and watching to see is another shoe going to drop for hillary clinton. >> thank you,. >> lawmakers in the united states house and senate are getting ready to vote on the nuclear agreement with iran. the republicans still trying to derail the deal even though democrats do indeed have the votes to save it. we'll head to capital hill for a live report next.
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the senate, lawmakers holding a procedural vote. the iran deal may go through without the president needing to veto anything, which is what he wants. over in the house of representatives republicans moved on to plan b. we reported yesterday they did not have enough votes to even start debating the deal. now they're pushing three different measures. the first one, claims the white house did not hand over all the documents related to the nuclear deal that vote expected 4:00 washington time. next a bill to approve the deal. analysts say that will fail but that republicans are using it to get democrats on the record, as i mentioned. the third measure would prevent the president from lifting sanctions on iran that congress put into place. again, this is all symbolic. the president -- mike emanuel, where do things standard in the
12:19 pm
house. >> debating whether congress has had chance to review all the paperwork related to the agreement. bottom line, republicans say they're concerned about so-called side deals between the iaea and the iranian regime. they lawmakers should read all the fine print before they vote. democrats are defending the deal saying it is better than other options and the house democratic leader sounds confident and pleased. >> proud of the president, john kerry, secretary lew, so many people worked so hard to make this a successful agreement. >> reporter: it's setting it up so house lou makers are forced to vote in favor of rejecting the iran nuclear agreement tomorrow on the 9/11 anniversary. >> are the republicans hoping democrats will join hem? >> this is an unpopular deal with a lot of american voters and perhaps the phones have been
12:20 pm
ring organize perhaps other groups are pressuring lawmakers to at least take up and consider this. this is not for final passage. this is agreeing to debate it. here was mitch mcconnell's pitch on that front. >> i would ask colleagues to consider the expectations they set with their constituents when they voted for the iran nuclear agreement review act. i would ask colleagues to consider something else as well. this is a deal that will far outlast one administration. >> reporter: i'm told they don't get the 60 votes this afternoon they plan to continue the pressure on their democratic colleagues. >> thank you, sir. newseest breaking now and more breaking news out of the city of phoenix. we just got word of another roadway shooting today. that would be a close to the sixth of the day. or that's what we're being told. this is a live look at a brinks
12:21 pm
armored truck. a live look, courtesies of fox 10,ksaz. the word is, somebody has shot at this brinks truck. police will not confirm exactly where all of this has been happening but they'll say in general sense they're concern about the work on copycats. cops in phoenix investigating a possible sixth shooting at a vehicle today alone. this time the truck is a -- the target, is should say, is reported to by this brinks truck. news is breaking now and continues next. why do so many people choose aleve?
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only from xfinity. baltimore despite the fact their attorneys were asking for a change of venue. that is the rule from the judge on the case today. freddie gray died in police custody in april and his death triggered protests around the city. some of which obviously turned violent. family members say his spine was nearly severed after police drove him around in a police van while handcuffed and unbuckled. police say the officers had stopped freddie gray because he looked at them and ran. and after they stopped him, they say hey found an illegal knife. well, today in court defense attorneys argue the protests and national media attention will lead to a biased jury pool. prosecutors say the notion that people in baltimore can't be fair is, quote, insulting, and today the judge sided with the prosecutors. outside the courthouse the applaud broke out, protesters chanting "the trial stays here." coming a day after city officials approve a
12:26 pm
$6.4 million settlement with freddie gray's family. let's bring in our defense attorney. this settlement first. who settles before there's even been a conviction. why make a civil settlement. >> one is a criminal trial, one is a civil cry. a criminal tropical has a higher burden, and these are the mayor's words -- this is something they needed to get done. this would cost the taxpayers, the residents much more money. >> on this matter of venue, an important thing when the defense said we don't want it here, we think we can do better elsewhere. the prosecution saying we want it here. the judge sided with the prosecutors. do you have a sense for why? >> well, because this is the standard. the judge thinks you should basically deal with this issue in voir dire and that's that the u.s. constitution as well. if the defense didn't put in the motion it would be malpractice.
12:27 pm
and this is not the last time you'll hear about this. they now have a basis for appeal and a second bite at the apple right after the voir dire process. if they say to the court, we can't find any jury members that couldn't be fair and impartial. so this isn't the last of the process. >> voir dire is sometimes quick and sometimes drawn out. you wonder how large to the potential jury pool will have to be. >> that's right. this could go on forever. the defense could come back and say, we just couldn't find the right jurors. >> an enormous spotlight on this, a lot of emotions on both sides of the case. that's touch -- tough work for the counseling. >> tough for prosecutors and the defense attorneys as well. >> all 50 so-called moderate syrian rebels who graduated from the u.s. training program are now dead or missing.
12:28 pm
so the entirety of the training of moderate syrianrebels, all of them are dead or gone. every single one. difference officials are trying to fix the program. how do you fix something that no longer even exists? we're live from the pentagon with a that. plus, flight after flight of russian cargo planes landing in syria, unloading troops and tanks, to help whom? to help bashar al-assad, the murderous syrian regime. what is russian planning here and what do pentagon officials say and the orders they got to do it? that's coming right up.
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there is breaking news now on fox news channel. we just got confirmation from police in the phoenix area that this brinks truck is indeed -- the driver, the victim of a shooting that happened today west of phoenix, along
12:31 pm
interstate 10. one in a series of shootings, including one of five vehicles said to have been targeted today. the roadway shootings have been going on for nearly two weeks now. here's one truck targeted yesterday. the shootings have injured just one person, 13-year-old girl cut from shatters glass. most of the shootings just west of phoenix, five miles on interstate 10. this latest case is now confirmed. the brinks truck is the -- at least the 11th vehicle shot up in recent days. again, the phoenix area on edge now as police hunt for the shooter or shooters apparently targeting vehicles on interstate 10. the news continues next.
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12:33 pm
topping the news now. incredible flooding has washed away homes and almost engulfed an entire city north or tokyo. it's astounding. multiple news outlets reporting
12:34 pm
the heavy rains overwhelmed the drainage system at the crippled fukushima fukushima daiichi -- power plant, the site of the meltdown that japanese officials refused to admit happened, but later were forced to do so after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. this video shows emergency officials saying that dozens of people are trapped on rooftopped. like the people here. no official reports yet of anybody hurt but really the reporting is behind the reality on the ground there, and rescue workers say they cannot keep up with the number of calls for help. moment traumatic images starting with more people trapped on a roof. if this isn't reminiscent of new orleans i don't know what is. these buildings are being pushed along by the water. forecasters say unprecedented rains have plummeted the region.
12:35 pm
here you can see parts of the city. it's incredible. parts of the city, about 30 miles north and east of tokyo, largely underwater. and here, a man carrying a box, obviously through muddy waters, one person said -- said the whole thing looked almost like a tsunami that happened but that is not the case here. firefighters trying to reach a woman trapped on top of her own truck, as you can see. officials there have urged some 30,000 people to get out and get help. emergency workers started carrying people on their back, and this is what is left 0 a local shopping mall with cars underwater, and everything undersix to eight feet. people waving towels at rescue helicopters, officials urging them to police continue to ask for help do not give up home. the floods have been biblical. >> every one of the pentagon's trained rebels in syria, those moderate syrian rebels we heard
12:36 pm
but but never saw, and then there were only 50 of them, now there are none. each and every one is either missing or in the hands of the terrorists. that's what u.s. officials are now admitting to fox news. the pentagon's top brass is scrambling to figure out how to save the program. a program that commanders said is essential in the fight against isis, and we have nobody, as we reported, defense officials said they plan to train thousands of so-called moderate syrians but a grand total of 54 fighters have grad waited and every one of them is now out of commission. so there's no one to fight 50,000 or so isis. u.s. officials say hundreds more fighters are now in training but that it's unclear what would help to them if the pentagon overhauls the program. we're learning isis is now making a major push for a key military base in the east of syria. that's according to the analysts. here's the spot. those activists say this is a last area where the syrian government has a major military
12:37 pm
presence in that province. they say the terrorists have already taken over a nearby missile facility. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. i want to get to russia but i'm wonder hogue the united states can lose track of every single person they trained. >> reporter: this small force was inserted into syria in july. immediately they were attacked by an al qaeda affiliate. some died, others ran away others killed when a u.s. sent a drone to hip. the group's leader was kidnapped. the entire program. is being reviewed at the pentagon. the pentagon hoped to train 5400 fighters, as of may they spent nearly $42 million to train the force out of the 500 million allocated by congress. pentagon officials would not provide the updated cost figures. >> we have been hearing reports from intelligence analysts who say that the higher-ups are changing their reports on isis, making look like one thing is happening when actually it's another. what do you know?
12:38 pm
>> reporter: well, sounds like they're cooking the beaks the daily pleas broke center inspector general is investigating a complaint by analysts, saying their intelligence assessments were changed by their superiors to present a rosier picture on how the fight against isis is going. the pentagon inspect yogins investigating. >> the secretary has addressed this previously and has made clear he expects candid intelligence analysis to come his direction for folks to call it like they sigh it. >> reporter: senator john mccain, chairman of the senate armed services committee, says he will like lie call hearings to get to the -- likely call hearings to get to bottom of
12:39 pm
this. russia is beefing up its presence and it's starting to look like crimea. put started calling it part of the mother land, now have basically taken it over, and this is syria is starting to look like that according to a u.s. official. other usual official says the pentagon has seen massive russian cargo planes night into syria, offloading troops and armored vehicle. one official says the u.s. military is going to, quote, do nothing about it. officials say secretary of state john kerry called the russian foreign minister, sergei lavrov, on the phone, twice, warning him not to make the war in syria even worse. russia's foreign minister today say nights are providing humanitarian aid and says it's part of an existing contract to provide weapons and military experts to the regime of bashar al-assad, the murderer in charge over the syrian government.
12:40 pm
president obama called on the syrian dictator to step down and has done so for years now. michael singh is a former senior director for middle east affairs and the imagining director of the washington institute which cribs itself as a nonpartisan think tack. so russian troops in syria. >> an awfully big development. we haven't seen russian forces in the middle east since set 72, and they were expelled by anwar sadat. so the introduction of russian troops is very significant. i think it will have a potentially large impact on the fighting there as well as on u.s. options in syria. >> how does it change u.s. options? what affect on the pentagon and the white house for that matter? >> well, there's no doubt that whether we like it or not, the fact you have russian forces present with the syrian forces means that you'll think twice about targeting the assad regime, think twice about the
12:41 pm
level of your activity militarily in syria, because you have to take into account those forces are among those on the ground. >> this conflict in syria has been a difficult one because sometimes your enemy is also your friend and your friend can be your enemy, and it has only gotten worse now from what i'm hearing. >> well, i think that's right. our inaction, and our irresolution has corrected a gap not only for russia, which they're filling and also for iran and frankly also for jihaddists and this russian action, vladimir putins it in the context of fighting terrorism, is meant to shore up the assad regime. it's about fighting anybody who is an enemy of the assad regime, and so to that extent will make the war worse and make all the consequences of the war, like the syrian refugee crisis in europe, worse. >> michael, thank you very much.
12:42 pm
breaking news. the united states senate is now debating the iran nuclear deal. we're expecting a procedural vote at any moment now to move ahead on the bill, to oppose this iran nuclear deal. again, this is in the senate. supports over the iran deal do have enough votes to block any bill from reaching the president's desk. but the debate gives the deal's critics a chance to voice opposition and essentially that is what they're looking for right now. in addition, we're just getting more breaking news out of phoenix, arizona, where confirmed, another vehicle has been shot at. we have an update from authorities and more break news next on fox news channel. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. more of today's headlines. a driver faces charges including murder after police say he ran over a firefighter who was collecting money for charity. it happened yesterday in
12:46 pm
lansing, michigan. police tell a local newspaper the two got into a fight before the driver circled around, then hit the firefighter, cops caught the driver. the firefighter was 35, a seven year veteran of the department. giant cakes of motor oil exploded in a recycling facility in phoenix. emergency workers say no one was hurt. man says he was walking his dog when the animal ran off and fell nearly 200 feet down an old mine shaft. but rescuers lowered. thes into the mine and were able to pull that dog to safety. happened this yankee outside of dep -- week outside of denver. the potbellies doing -- putbill is do fine. >> police in phoenix giving an update about the shootings 0 along the freeway. >> reporter: we have up to five incidents being investigated just today. that is on top of the ten other
12:47 pm
incidents, confirmed, since august 29th. so far, of the five today, police have confirmed that one indeed was a bullet strike. that was a bullet that hit a semi truck. a circle k second my, and they confirm that was a bullet. the driver only discovered the bullet hole in the semi, which we're not looking at right now -- that is one of yesterday's incidents right there but the circle k semi, the driver pulled over after making deliveries, was inspecting his trucks and noticed what he assumed was a bullet hole. the cops confirm that. among the other four incidents being investigated today, a brinks armored truck is below look -- being looked at. the cops confirm it was hit by some sort of projectile. that's the brinks truck. they have not confirmed whether that was indeed a bullet. another semi truck, also hit by
12:48 pm
something today, and at least one car, possibly two cars, another woman in an open-top jeep on i-10 today when almost all of the incident have taken place, reported hearing what she believed was a gunshot, and described it as being very loud and very close. obviously very, very frightening times for anybody driving along i-10, cops in phoenix have called these acts of domestic terrorism. >> jonathan hunt with the update. thank you. what if you won the lottery but couldn't get the money? that's happened in one state and now some winners are suing. we'll get to the bottom of it with kennedy, next.
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that's exactly what happened in the state that gave us blog bow. lottery winners in illinois are suing the state. officials blame the state's budget crisis. >> we cannot pay the bills until the budget is in place. >> officials say anybody who wins a jackpot of more than $25,000 will not get the cash until the budget is in place. they say they have no choice but imis still selling rot lot tickets. >> they're take nothing in and not paying out and there could be winners over 25,000, obviously. >> i'm hoping they'll pay me some day but it sucks that they can't give you all your money at once. >> that's a fact. and an attorney representing the winners is calling for the state to pay the jackpots plus
12:53 pm
interest when the lawmakers pass a budget. kennedy is here. host of "kennedy" in the evening you. win but no money. >> that's not fair. you win instantly when you scratch something, and get these prizes over $25,000. what would happen if you went to a bar, paid for a cocktail and they said, sorry, there's nothing there but we'll keep your money 0, walked into a casino and hit blackjack and the dealer said, the house isn't paying right now. good luck next time. >> it's insane. >> it is, and they have a huge budget impasse, the state of illinois has become a midwestern version of greece, too much unfunds pension liability and they won't raise taxes, the republican governor, and the democratic legislature are right now at odds with one another, and nothing is happening. they have problems with medicare and social security and all sorts of other payments they
12:54 pm
state comptrollerring trying to -- then stop selling lottery tickets. if you're not going to make good on the premise. >> you mentioned the unfunded pension liability and they're overdid and it don't have the boy this one here time the loser is the little guy. i get it they made bad decisions, what about the people who signed a contract that said i will work for you for this long and you'll give me a pension. that's my savings. that's how i live out my golden areas and now they can't have it. >> their pension leaders have made all sorts of deals with politics over generations, and now -- >> and the little guys loses. >> that's what happened. if you worked your tail off in a union for years and years and have been promised you would have retirement you get hosed by politics politics and union leaders. >> happening again and a again inch the financial cries the banks were paid off.
12:55 pm
little people lost. in the crisis, people lost their homes boyfriend the big builders got bailed out. doesn't make sense the little guy always loses, every single time. >> especially the optimistic little guy who is trying to improve their life, and play a little bit of lottery and maybe their luck will change. not in illinois. >> you pay out. especially in tequila. >> you know i always do and i always will. >> see you tonight. breaking news in the voting underway in the united states senate. lawmakers moving closer to final vote on the iran nuclear deal. this is not the final vote on the bill out critical procedure step to move forward. this fir vote comes of senate republicans made strong statements opposing the nuclear deal but the democrates have the numbers to prevent a final vote on the agreement. it means means the iran deal wio through without the president having to veto anything.
12:56 pm
new continues next.
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a live look at the united states senate floor where the voting is continuing. still 18 ortho senators to vote on the deal. the bottom line is there most likely will not be a vote on the iran deal in and the president will not have to asia veto. -- not have to issue a veto. >> in 1988 the rock band guns n' roses score a hit riff the barroom classic "sweet child of mine." the album is the top selling debut album in rock history. making the guys one of the biggest bands on the planet. axle rose formed the group by using an ad in a newspaper to find slash. the original band members slitted up after producing hits including "welcome to the jung
1:00 pm
tell guy and" paradise city ." those were good times. neil cavuto is on deck. have a great afternoon. >> i am neil cavuto. on the left of your scene we have a senate vote going on and there's -- cloture vote that would get to yea or nay but they don't have to the votes to do that so we don't get a vote on the iranian deal. in the house, they're about to take up a measure that would reset the clock. well talk to the congressman behind the offering saying we didn't know about the side deals, sidecar agreements that involvedded secret deals with the iaea to get the deal and we


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