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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 10, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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10:00 p.m. hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity". we take attendance and when you're not here we're upset. we want you here. anyway, thanks for being with us. have a good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> were you and donald trump have a few things in common right now. [inaudible] >> i don't in any way deny my faith in god. that probably is a big difference. >> all of a sudden becomes this great religious figure. i don't think he is a great religious figure. >> oh my god! a faith controversy breaking out between trump and carson. the doctor will be here tonight. >> having trouble sleeping at night? too much energy? need some low energy? jeb. for all your sleeping needs. >> a trump ad again playing the boring card. but is that fair to governor bush? we will have analysis. also ahead, dana perino on
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what the republican contenders should not do in in connection with week's debate. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what the presidential candidates are doing wrong. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this campaign season is and has been dominated by donald trump and that's not changing. new cnn poll of republican and independent voters has trump continuing to surge now with 32% favoring him for the presidential nomination. dr. ben carson, who will be here shortly is second. 19% up 10 points in less than a month. jeb bush has 9%. ted cruz 7. mike huckabee 5. scott walker 5. carly fiorina 3%.
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rand paul, marco rubio also at 3%. john kasich and chris christie clock in at 2% each. so it is clear that donald trump is setting the pace. and his mistakes have not yet hurt him. those mistakes come in two forms. first, gets way too personal in defending himself against criticism. latest rolling stone magazine article quotes him as disparaging carly fiorina's looks. trump says he was just kidding. but a president can't do that and donald trump should be thinking of himself as a president. that's how you win. he is not a reality star anymore. personal attacks get a lot of attention. but trump doesn't need more attention. everybody knows him. instead of lobbing verbal grenades should put forth some problem solving statements.
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look, i have no beef with trump or anybody else pointing out that america is losing power abroad and is chaotic at home. that's true. problems are rarely solved in washington. poverty is on the rise. and many americans are furious. trump has brilliantly locked in on that. and his poll numbers show it. but it would serve him well and knock off the petty stuff and make better editorial decisions. "rolling stone" magazine? was the moscow times not available? why would you allow them access? they lawsuit you, donald. now, ben carson is the anti-trump, but he needs to sharpen his message as well into sound bites that really bite. getting into a faith controversy with trump doesn't do the doctor any good. comparing obamacare to slavery is provocative but you need to hammer home your point or risk being
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demonized as extremist by a largely dishonest national press. carson is a good man who understands that traditional values provide far more success than politically correct madness which, indeed, does enslave. carson needs to hone that message. jeb bush also a good man who did very well governing florida. but his style is hurting him. >> having trouble sleeping at night? too much energy? need some low energy? >> hha in some companies. some companies don't. but i think the norm ought to be -- >> jeb, for all your sleeping needs. >> trump ad against bush. now, i don't know the governor very well. but my advice is you have got to be more confrontational about things you believe are wrong. show some passion. passion is no problem for ted cruz and mike huckabee. conservative guys who see america as a nation in steep social decline.
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but at this point their messages are not taking hold because of the trump factor which almost obliterates standard ideological campaign rhetoric. without trump in the race, cruz and huckabee would be polling better. carly fiorina has run a very good campaign so far, establishing herself as the anti-hillary clinton and showing courage by taking on trump. but most voters still don't know who she is. and her business record is dubious to enormous hurdles. governors kasich and christie are trying to break through but having a hard time gettinged me a attention bus trump is getting most of it. both have to break out in next week's debate in order to establish some momentum which they do not, do not have now. rand paul is done. his isolationist platform not appealing in the age of isis and iran. on the democratic side hillary clinton's campaign is a mess. she should fire john podesta and the political assassin is she has embraced and put her husband in charge of her
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campaign. mrs. clinton often looks lost out there. she doesn't like confrontation. and has so many ethical problems she can hardly get a policy word out. her speech yesterday on the iranian nuke deal was actually unsiive although i disagree with her contention that iran will be contained. it won't be. unless they are overthrown, we're going to have to fight the mullahs down the road. israel knows that and most of our intelligence folks know that we should not be giving iran any tools to make that pernicious country even more powerful. hillary clinton may not understand this, but her associations matter. allying herself with smear merchants and dishonest political hacks sends a strong message. her smear merchants are now in a fight with the "new york times" of all people. again, bill clinton needs to take over that operation and fast. as far as bernie sanders is concerned, he is almost as
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entertaining as trump. the old socialist warrior from brooklyn burning up the stump by telling folks who are struggling capitalism is to blame. of course, bernie would drive this country you into a depression if he ever got elected but he is not going to get elected. however, i give bernie sanders a lot of credit. he is a true believer who wants to do good. he just doesn't understand and never will understand that in a nation of 320 million people the free marketplace is where prosperity lies, not in the tired halls of washington, d.c. finally, vice president biden. i expect to see him in the race shortly. most likely after the pope departs at the end of the month biden probably will announce then. now, i could be wrong as biden's emotional state is something no outsider can assess. the vice president is a savvy player who has one huge stone around his neck. he is exactly the same as president obama. there is no difference. all the polls say about two
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thirds of americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction and are not satisfied with the way the obama administration has handled things. so biden starts with a big deficit. and in a debate with trump, for example, biden would get hammered beyond belief but lay off his looks, okay, donald? and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from dr. ben carson. and then later, dana perino on what the republican contenders should not do in next week's debate. factor will be right back. there's never been a better time to come to bass pro shops than right now. announcer: bass pro shops is the place for huge savings
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well, probably the biggest thing is that, you know, i realize where my successes come from, and i don't, in any way, deny my faith in god. >> you know, i have known ben carson of him for a long time. you never heard faith was a big thing until just recently. all of a sudden he becomes this great religious figure. i don't think he is a great religious figure. >> joining us now from houston is dr. ben carson. now, this is kind of dopey who is more pias, is it not? >> yes. absolutely. and it was not my intention to impugn anybody's religious beliefs. and, first of all, bill, let me just say happy birthday. >> now i'm going to get mobbed. >> yeah i'm 48 years old today. and i have a condition, of course. all right.
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but you brought it up because it was an open-ended question by the interviewer. you didn't have to go to the faith based thing you could have gone anywhere to differentiate yourself from trump. so it was you who brought it up. but, do you want to walk it back now? >> well, basically, i'm talking primarily about myself. and the fact that i am a very faith-based person and i don't, in any way, deny that the success that i have had is because of my faith and my walk with the lord. that probably different united states me from a lot of people. >> the question was about trump. you know the implication, doctor. you are a brilliant man. the implication was look, i'm a hummable guy and i know the lord is responsible for my success where that donald trump is a big braggart. that was the implication. >> that certainly i think is something that should be
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apparent to people. but i really don't to the get into the mud pit. that's not in my nature. and i know the media loves to stoke up these things. >> of course that's why i'm here tonight. >> i'm not goading but it's a very good story because you two are now dominating in the polling. i mean, you are up 10 points in less than a month so your message is resonating and trump's message is resonating and when you have the two frontrunners going after each other on an issue as bug as faith. let's advance the story tonight. >> okay. >> you're going to have to convince people that you are better suited for the presidency than donald trump is or any of the other candidates that's how you are going to have to win. why are you better suited
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than trump and the rest of them? >> well, that really is going to be a decision that the people will have to make. but what i'm going to do is put out my reasons for the things that i believe. i'm going to talk about why i believe that the united states of america is in great trouble because we are allowing the agents of division to have sway in our society. and the house divided against itself cannot stand. i am going to talk about the fact that we have such outrageous fiscal irresponsibility that we are threatening the future for the next generations. i'm going to talk about how we are putting ourselves in danger because we are not taking the leadership to the world. our foreign policy is to react to what everybody else is doing. that doesn't work. i'm going to talk about how we are being negligent by not hardening our grit by not taking a much more active role in cyber security.
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all of these things, including not being in the space race is hurting us. some inventions came out of the space race. >> you have to differentiate yourself from the others and you have so far and you have been very successful. you made a very interesting statement. you say the agents of divisiveness are hurting the country point blank question. >> yes absolutely. >> is donald trump an agent of divisiveness? >> well, i would just say yoont to judge for the people. i just want to say. >> you're an american. >> divisive they will decide. >> do you as an american believe that mr. trump is a divider? >> again, i am not going to go there. >> okay. it's your privilege. you can go there. i respect it.
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>> i believe what we have to do is extend to the people what a divisive person is and let them decide. >> okay. >> who belongs there. >> my job is to interview the candidates and see what they know. if you don't want to answer the question that's your right to do. so big debate coming up. all right? again, so many people are on the stage. do you have one message that you are going to want to get across next wednesday night? >> well, the main thing that i want to get across and i'm very hopeful that they will ask me some substantial questions. >> they don't have to ask you just say it. >> about fiscal policy and about our national defense. because i'm very concerned about those. and i want people to understand that i have a very good knowledge of what's going on in the world and i am going to be very happy to talk about it. >> okay.
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i want to tell everybody that dr. carson did the factor a big favor tonight by getting to the location in houston as quickly as possible and in my 19 years of doing, this i have seen very few politicians go out of their way and did you it tonight and i want just me and you, i want to say thank you very much for doing that. >> well, that's because i'm not a politician, and because it's your birthday. [ laughter ] >> and he is a great guy. all right, doc. thanks as always. >> all right. >> directly ahead, karl rove on dr. carson, donald trump, and jeb bush. then sharyl attkisson on the government hiding 9/11 attack information from we the people. also, dana perino warning also, dana perino warning the republican
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. let's bring in republican political guy karl rove who joins us now from houston. so you have been listening to all my bloviating. any quibbles with it? >> well, a little bit. i you thought you were absolutely right about the big three, trump, carson and bush trump stop the personal attacks tell us what do you do. be careful about the provocative comments. you are right he does have a particularly strong. it comes from inside of him and it's authentic. he believes that traditional values and the american dream are the pathway to a good and prosperous life for the american. >> and he is right. >> and is right. >> he is. >> and i think you are right. jeb bush, if shows a little bit more confrontation about things that he cares about, that he can throw a bunch as well as take a punch, that's important. i thought it was interesting, your advice, have you had no advice for cruz and huckabee. you said they were overshadowed by trump. i think you are right about
8:23 pm
that but i think each one of them is trying to find their open way to have a message that allows them to get around trump. >> very hard to do. >> because, look, without trump in the race, you can get the media coverage and can you get much more focus on what you truly believe. with him on the race, very hard to do. >> that's right. each one of them though in the last week we have seen able to do that huckabee goes to kentucky. gets attention over the county clerk who refuses to issue same sex licenses. cruz anti-iran rally and interestingly he invites trump to be there so he he puts himself on the same stage as trump. both are trying to find a way to get around trump to get their message out. >> unless they do something in the debate, i don't see those poll numbers going up. >> look, your advice for kasich and christie was to do well in the debate. >> well, dew, everybody has
8:24 pm
to do well in the debate. >> it's more than that you have to create a moment. you have to create it because, look, there is too many. >> you have to grab the moment when it's created. hard to create the moment. but you have to grab the moment when it's t. comes. >> no it isn't. it's not to create it because all you do is say to whoever the moderator is at cnn. think they have got two or three of them. >> three. >> yeah. they have got fly they will ask a dopey questions and all questions are kind of dopey. and then you say -- you an it and quickly and then you say, but you know what auto anderson or whoever it is there is something on my mind tonight. and a then boom. that's how you you do it. >> looking over the history of the debate. ronald reagan says i will not use neo opponent's youth or inexperience as an issue. or saying i paid for this
8:25 pm
microphone, mr. green. >> those moments were scripted. >> and if can you create one, fine, harder to do. >> you have got to do it? >> you are diverting me from my point. my point is though is each one of them, everybody is going to be trying to get that moment in the debate. christie and kasich in my mind are paying a smart game camping out in new hampshire hoping to be a surprise in new hampshire. i have a quibble with one of your explanations you say carly fiorina it wasn't known, that's correct. you also said she had a bad business record. well, actually you know one of the most interesting documents that popped up this month is a full-page ad in the "new york times" by the chief critic of carly fiorina on the hewlett packard board saying you know what? i was wrong and she was right. she made the tough decisions. i helped criticize her and bring her down. she did the right thing for our company and she was right and i was wrong. >> i use the word dubious, not bad, because she was removed by the board.
8:26 pm
and, number two, it's not my job to get her business record out. it's her job. >> yeah, sure. >> and right now, in the minds of the public who know her, which is small she has a dubious record. we always appreciate your expertise. we have karl rove with us analyzing the debate next week and that should be fascinating. we appreciate you helping us out tonight. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. gutted feld and mcguirk believe getting dumber. the boys will put together their case. ms. perino on what the g.o.p. debaters should not do next week. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat, cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist, ask your doctor or visit factor follow up segment tonight. tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of the savage 9/11 attack which affected every one of us and changed the country forever. right now, there are it 8 pabletion pages of information about that attack that remain classified. in those pages are names of people who allegedly helped the al qaeda killers but have never been held accountable. with us is cheryl as kissson called full measure on sunday, october 4th. so, you know, in new york, obviously, every 9/11 anniversary, tomorrow going to be a very somber dowr day. i know people who have lost
8:31 pm
loved ones, family members. there are a group of family members who have very angry about this classified information. why you are they angry? >> they feel as though there is specific information. that's according to members of congress who have been allowed to read them. specific information about names of those responsible who haven't been held to justice. how they facilitated the attacks and helped the hijackers what they did by not holding them accountable, it sends a message that these victims' families argue that the facilitators can continue to get away with this sort of terror planning. >> you haven't seen any of this stuff, right? >> right. >> you have talked to congress people who have seen it. >> right. >> they can't tell you what names are in there. >> right. >> we do know they there are saudi arabian names, correct? >> from what's been said they will tell you that the pages directly implicate allegedly saudi royal officials and government officials who they say in the pages are blamed as being responsible for helping finance and
8:32 pm
facilitate this attack. >> that story has been around. you know, in the bin laden family it was whisked out of the united states by president bush himself right after the 9/11 attack and they went back to saudi arainia, correct? >> that's right. >> all right. is from your conversations where are these pages locked down where. >> i'm sure there is more than one company. the intelligence committee in congress -- to view them the members have to get permission, make appointment, go to a secret room, turn over all electronics. >> so any member of congress can read. this it's my understanding they can. >> after they read it they are not allowed to say. >> that's right. >> that's a crime to say what's specifically in there. now, this 14 years, i mean i know united states doesn't want to have bad relationships with saudi arainia, obviously that doesn't help us. do you think this is going to be put out there and to the public? >> it's possible. and the story that i'm reporting, the reason we are doing this for st. clair
8:33 pm
media stations will be airing this report today and tomorrow it says with the pressure of congress, the obama administration could release these pages and declassify them. the argument as to why sun clear after 14 years both democrats and republicans who have read these say there is no legitimate national security reason in their view having read them for these pages to be kept secret. >> saudi arabia doesn't want them released. that's what it's all about. >> saudi arabia claims, publicly, obviously they have nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks and that they do want them erased. saudi arabia argues we can't fight blank pages. we want to see what's -- >> -- then president obama should declassify. it's up to him, right? >> it's my understanding it's up to him administration. classification officials. >> he has got to say hey, let the -- let's ask for him to do that we would like to see it. now, you used to be with cbs. you felt your stories were not getting the attention they deserved. you left that news agency and you are now with sinclaire. what's sinclaire? >> sinclaire owes abc, cbs,
8:34 pm
fox, tell moon today affiliates across the country and airing new national program on sunday mornings with the promise given to me we want those stories. we are not editorially going to interfere corporate watchdog, malfeasance, whistleblower stories, very sorts of things important. >> it's a good gig for you. you have your show once a week. you get out the stories you want. if you have good stories, give them to me i will publicize them. >> going to do that. >> going to do some um congratulation stuff. >> legal and illegal immigration. we were on this track before trump announced for president. we were on this track before refugee crisis. these were stories also in already in the process of preparing. >> president obama please release those documents. please unclassify them so we can see who helped the al qaeda killers. we need to know that sharyl attkisson, everyone. when we come right back, dana perino on what not to do in the repubbably can debate next week. gutfeld and mcguirk on
8:35 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story seeing isment tonight, dana perino's top stories of the week and here she is.
8:39 pm
all right. so you have advice. >> um-huh. >> for the republican contenders, debating next week, and it's going to be another two pronged thing. i think there is 1 at night night -- i 11 at night and 6:00 p.m. your best advice to all 17 republican candidates is? >> it's to not overprepare. you need to go in there with two to three goals. you can't go in and think you are going to accomplish eight things. you have to decide i'm going to get two things done. the first debate fox held so widely watched. freshman orientation. introduction to newark. what they have to do this time is they have to nail down the justification for their candidacy and be able to make it memorable. >> separate themselves from the other candidates? do that. >> you have to define yourself before they define you. >> go on the attack? >> well, in some ways. do i think that you have to show up with an ability to
8:40 pm
take a shot at someone who take it as shot at you. also take on the frontrunner. that's, of course, donald trump and benel carson. you started to see even this week donald trump and carson and even foreignna, the top three people in iowa started to take some shots at each other. you have got to come in and be able to do that. >> if you do take shots at trump, you are going to be considered by some to be mean spirited. trump showing. trump very defensive. do you run a risk of doing that? >> you run a risk if you aren't willing to push back as well. you don't have to do it -- i think also you have to come at it with some humor. all right? because a lot of americans we have seen they want to be entertained. >> so you have to do it with touch. make fun of trump with touch. if you do it make fun of fiorina and come back personal. >> i think that's true. that's what matters. >> you are a candidate and you say you know mr. trump,
8:41 pm
your immigration plan is unrealistic. there is no way the supreme court is going to allow to you deport 12 million people. it's not going to happen. why are are you bloviating. and then he calls you a midget. >> short. so what do you do? do you say well, i know i am but what am i you? what do you do? >> you know, it has to be spontaneous. it's not necessarily something you can plan. you have to go in with good energy. >> if you are going to go after donald trump, the odds are he is going to come and attack you personally. do you respond to that attack or just roll your eyes and say i'm above that. i don't do it. >> i think carly fiorina handled that well. she said she wasn't going to respond to personal attack against her appearance. >> that's her advice to the candidates if you get attacked by not just donald trump but other people don't respond to personal attacks at all. >> i think that's true. i also don't think he that anybody should go in planning to attack a moderator. in the cnn debate in the last news cycle, election
8:42 pm
cycle, newt gingrich really went after john king of cnn. kind of justifiably, okay? i don't think he planned to do that. >> i do. i disagree. >> you think he planned on it? >> newt gingrich knew that his ex-wife by saying that he wanted an open marriage, everybody was talking about it it and he also knew that cnn. >> was going to bring it up. >> and king brought it up like first. that was the first thing it? >> was the first question. so gingrich had been prepped to destroy king and cnn which he did. and then immediately won the debate. does anybody remember anything else discussed in that debate? no. also newt gingrich didn't become president. >> that's true. but he got closer than he ever had been because he want won the south carolina primary. i think solely because of that. so, you're saying that even if the moderator is a pinhead, you know that expression, right? >> yes, i do. i you watch the show every night and i think gutfeld will be on next. >> pinhead, you don't go after the moderator.
8:43 pm
do you tweak them a little bit. >> you wait. if it's justified you do it but i don't think you go in planning a cheap shot because it lands you in the cheap seat. >> what does that mean it lands you in the cheap seat? if a moderator is being antagonistic, all right? >> you have to be able to ans at the pate what that line is, right? >> yes. >> if there is a tough question. >> but if he is picking on you. >> how do you decide. >> you decide because you think he is picking on you. >> so do you have a thick skin or not? >> i may disagree with you here. i you think if the moderator makes a mistake, ie miscategorizes your position, all right, says you said. this trump did that to me the other day i didn't say that about planned parenthood. he did and we showed the next day you that he did. but, but i said okay, i will figure it out. i will find out what you said and what you didn't say. but i think you have to push back on that. >> you have it know your own record better than others. >> that's hard. these guys bloviate so much it's hard to know. >> in my last debate that
8:44 pm
was my advice to them. don't let anybody else know your record better than you do. think when trump went after scott walker on his record in wisconsin, walker was able to push back on that. >> i wanted to ask you one question about hillary clinton. i you think she is in a lot of trouble. i mean, i really do. apart from politics. the fbi, if that server was professionally scrubbed they have to indict her. >> this week when she finally offers an apology mostly because apologizing that we are all confused. anyway the media saying she apologized you can't stop five different federal investigations just because you said you were sorry you made a mistake. >> i don't think that was her intent. she wants to be softer and kindler. >> she wants the media though to give her the get out of jail free card. she doesn't want to be asked about it anymore. i apologized. let's move on. some in the media will be willing to do that because there are federal investigations and upcoming hearings this train has left
8:45 pm
the station. it's unstoppable. >> dana perino, everybody, that was a very interesting seeing: thank you for coming on. gutfeld and mcguirk warning gutfeld and mcguirk are on deck. how dumb are younger americans? we will find out next. how about over there? what does it mean to have an un on a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz? what does it mean to drive as far as you want for up to three years and be covered?
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383 recent college graduates. the young folks don't really know a lot. only
8:49 pm
were you aware as a -- after you graduated in the last couple of years, that you were running around after college, did you know anything about public life? >> no. i didn't do -- i spent most of my college life drunk, but this is interesting because as collin quinn points out, the constitution is only 4 to 5 pages long. >> right. very few. >> shorter than applebee's menu. it's on parchment you should take the time to read it. >> college kids don't. >> where you go to college. >> in the college of sound saint vincent. a commuter student. i drove a taxi while i went to school. >> did you drive a taxi to the school and from. >> i called one.
8:50 pm
i didn't have a car. >> so it was you and danny devito. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> well, you graduated from the college. >> and mark anthony. >> of saint vincent. >> right. >> you were anthony. >> you graduated from the college and you were a couple of years out. did you know anything? >> yes, i knew this stuff of course. but i honestly think these people did surprisingly well. we already know the nation of dunce is out there. actually i dug deeper, like 66% of people thought they correctly answered. it was multiple choice that hebeas corpus was against unlawful imprisonment. president obama said that -- he called the navy corps man a navy corpse man. >> he also thought there were 58 states at one point. >> 57. >> so we all agree that the
8:51 pm
frame of reference of college graduates isn't what it should be. but when you get in the real world and you've got to compete and make money, build a life for yourself, you should lock in. >> i don't think people -- >> but you were drunk all of the time chl bill, remember the constitution was written by evil white men. >> yes. >> slave owners. >> i think it should be rewritten by rachel do la zar so everybody can enjoy it. >> you're discouraging the reading of the constitution instead they should go to the movies called "out of compton." >> 59% mistakenly answered that the father of the constitution was thomas jefferson and 28% correctly picked james madison. >> that's not an easy question. >> 58% thought madison's wife was named ashley madison and that jefferson's wife was named
8:52 pm
weezy. >> in the high school arena, the lowest s.a.t. scores in three decades have been last year. so the urchins in high school don't know anything either. the question is why? is the whole thing collapsing? is that what it is. >> we're not getting dumber, we're getting distracted. if the s.a.t. focused on iphone apps and binging. here's a perfect s.a.t. score for twoi, please place the kardashians in order of junk in the trunk. everybody would get it right. then it's kim and then it's kim and then kim. >> the public schools are horrible. >> they are. >> we glamour rise it sometimes. you can't expel the bad kids. >> can't expel the bad teachers. >> kids, not everybody should go to college. forget the s.a.t.s. learn a trade, be a machinist, a boilermaker, a plumber.
8:53 pm
>> an air conditioning guy. >> give me liberty or give me student debt and no job. i think maybe ed henry said that. college is not for everybody. >> it isn't for everybody and got feld proves that. >> i wanted to be a machinist. >> your parents are so proud. factor tip of the day, do you do enough to help folks in trouble? the tip, moments away. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief. that can take up to 3 days. your bladder is changing, doesn't mean you have to. with tena's unique super-absorbent micro-beads that lock in moisture and odor... you can keep chasing after youth. tena - lets you be you.
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8:56 pm
that the obama administration did not listen to him. john, east meadow, new york, bill you need to highlight what the general said that the president never met with him, that's absurd and underscores the president is dangerous. tricia from florida, how is it possible that the pam fi of freddie gray was able to sue. he was a dope dealer and the mother a drug addict. the city of baltimore gave the money to the family. it was not awarded with a lawsuit. and the action before any trial testimony is perplexing. $6.4 million. arlene, utah, i know that you think the baltimore police were totally justified in the case of freddie gray. if that had been your son what would his life have been worth. >> i don't have an opinion on the death of freddie gray. i have no opinion on that other than i'm very sorry it happened. because i don't know what happened. i don't know.
8:57 pm
i do know mr. gray was a street dope dealer and likely addict and those who choose that life are putting themselves in jeopar jeopardy. i do know that. my greatest wish is for a fair trial in this case. christopher evans, cincinnati, ohio, seems the claim of racial slurs has become the first line of defense when one's actions are indefensible. mary myers, ohio, you are not independent. you are a republican. and you don't talk much about carly fiorina. you would rather lose the election than see a woman president. >> ridiculous on all counts, mary. ridiculous. ms. fiorina has been on the back tore. we cove our campaign accurately and fairly. o'reilly you said you would treat all candidates without malice as long as they don't lie. that means you'll be treating them all with malice snp joe ,
8:58 pm
daniels from new york. i sefds a great birthday present, ticket to see you in phoenix. sounds like a good deal to me. it should be a blast. the show should be a blast. nice wife. two other shows with tickets available, chicago at the rose month. come down to south florida in december. that will be a lot of fun. no, november. still a lot of fun. richard, north carolina, i heard your snieds remark about over 50 guys who have pony tails. i am one but i renewed my premium membership any way. i'm humbled. i can't grow the thing. i don't know why. i hope you selected one of my books as a free gift.
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"killing reagan" you'll like, out september 22nd. factor tip of the day, americans are the most generous people in the world, something we should be proud of. but what about you? are you helping the folks enough? in huntington, west virginia, they raised $14,000 and awarded a track chair to korean war set stephen miller. in florida, sergeant jason just received a track chair thanks to donations from the factor viewers. and an 11-year-old and her 8-year-old sister raised 1$100 for the wounded vets. they're thinking about other people. factor tip of the day. let's all start doing that. let's check out the fox news website. also we'd like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world, o'reilly at word of the day, no yammering
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when writing to "the factor." thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn is next. please remember the spin s right mere. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a bare knuckle brawl breaks out at the top of the republican field as the gop candidates go after fellow candidate donald trump in a way we have not seen before saying we have had enough. well come to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in the last 24 hours we've seen a remarkable series of exchanges from donald trump, dr. ben carson, carly fiorina, jeb bush and scott walker. the candidates at the top of the pack, trading shots on faith, appearance, humility, maturity and even now the medical credentials of dr. ben carson, a brain surgeon who has saved the lives of countless children


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