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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 11, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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the tribute to the people who died on flight 93. family who remember their loved ones and we remember all those who lost their lives on 9/11. good night from tonight on "red eye." how do you make a woman smile? you could develop a sense of humor or you could buy an ipad and photoshop her. what is trump saying about people and what are people saying about trump? find out in our new segment. what is trump saying about people and what are people saying about trump? and would you like your boss to be a robot? see what the beautiful, logical future has in store. it has pairables, proverbs, but first a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. cnn announcing the lineup for next week's gop debate. 11 candidates in all will take to the stage. 10 took part in the fox news debate. the only new face is carly
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fiorina. the remaining candidates will face-off earlier in the evening. vice president joe biden speaks of his aspirations of 201 -- 2016 with stephen colbert. mr. biden is still overwhelmed at times by his son's recent death. >> a guy in the back yells, major bo biden, bronze star, sir, served with him in iraq and all of a sudden i lost it. >> the vice president's son bo biden died in may from brain cancer. the iran nuclear deal surviving a vote to derail the agreement with tehran. they are short of the 60 needed. they vow to keep trying to stop the deal saying it will not prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. a tense situation in l.a. county. police forcing a carjacking suspect off the road after he took them on a high speed chase.
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the armed man got away and ran into a restaurant full of people. he was later shot dead after a s.w.a.t team stormed the building. a rollover crash killed one marine and injured 18 others at camp pendleton in california. the marine was from the first marine division. no word on the extent of the other victims' injuries. police confirm an 11th vehicle shooting in teen fix. phoenix. most happened on area freeways. so far no one has been seriously hurt. i'm patricia stark, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. andy levey is off tonight or will we would be bantering right now. we have a great show so let's
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welcome our guests. people judge her less when she refers to her wine as grape drink. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. he is in times square more often than a topless painted woman. michael reedle. she wrote the book "skirting hearasy of my days in catholic school." liz macdonald. and he hosts the pod cast "my dumb friends." the first pod cast about mackey and moril. next to me, sean donnelly. let's start the show. apple has a new controversy, but, you know, they are just going to come out with another one, a better controversy in five months. people are outraged that apple, not for the working conditions at their factories or even worse, for that u-2 album, but for photoshoping a woman to make sheer smile. during a demonstration of
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apple's product they demonstrated how to use the new ipad pro to make the world a better place. >> i am not quite happy with the model's smile. i wish she had more of a smile. i think it would warm up the design quite a bit. luckily we have an app for that. if i select the model's lips i can isolate those and give them more of a smile. >> [applause]. >> next is larry flint. people on-line are angry that the demonstration was reminiscent of the cat calling practice of telling a woman to smile and the model in the photo was the first to be seen on stage since the event. one tweet said after all of the get about women and they choose to photoshop a woman's face, i cannot. money gnaw caw -- monica says if you can't get a woman to
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talk on stage you can at least photoshop one live. and another tweet said so you're telling me no one in apple pr previewed the adobe demo said guys, let's not force a woman to smile during this? wow. are people overreacting to this, or is it really sexist? can you please smile during this so we don't have to impose? >> you have to turn me upside down to get me to smile. they should have used the mona lisa. >> that would be very sexy. >> or putting up eminem who never smiles or johnny depp and kristen stewart. j-lo never smiles, victoria beckham. >> wasn't it a joke on the pouty model? >> it was a joke on the pouty model. they could have put people up
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that don't smile and fix their smiles. >> well, you know. it will be a guy next time, right, sean? >> i would say so. i don't know why it is a big deal. how about the six chinese guys who died to make the phone? that is a much bigger problem to me. >> uh pearntl twitter. >> apparently to the. they want this problem to be the main one. it is like building a time machine and then being mad it only goes to delaware. does that make sense? i don't know if the joke makes sense. it is a trivial thing. technology would have been insane 10 years ago, but now we are mad about a smile? are you kidding me? >> i know. >> listen, it is a bunch of guys at apple who are kind of nerdy. let them have their fun. >> let them photoshop a jacket and tie. they are running one of the biggest companies in the world and they dress like they came off the couch in the fraternity. what is wrong with these people? how can you take them seriously? >> it is true. i think it goes back to steve jobs. he is their de -- di ety and
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he wore jeans all the time. there is a cult of apple. it is a cult of casualness, isn't it? >> that schlubby guy with the shirt tails hanging out, a bit like mine, actually -- >> yeah, what are you dismog. >> i am fang -- fangling for a job at apple and i am totally fine with that. >> get all of the new equipment. >> i don't get the whole controversy, do you? >> it was over blown. >> you have to remember what they are marketing to. obviously photographers, head shot photographers who have to deal with their clients going caw photoshop this -- going, can you photoshop this one hair? i know because i have asked it. you either love photoshop or hate photoshop. it is not an april -- apple issue. the reason they used the model was with her porcelain skin and the lips it is easy to see the change. and their faces are saw saw
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met -- symetrical. >> can they change her eyebrows fe same time? >> obviously they could and that's what these guys are into. from a business angle did they make up with adobe? didn't they feud with adobe for years? >> maybe this is how they can sock it to them. >> what is the deal they have done with adobe? >> i have no idea. >> steve jobs said adobe -- pdf's are the past and the flash -- he didn't like flash. >> and then we had the brunt of it because we have the updates every three seconds on our computer. >> i don't know how to use photoshop on a computer so maybe i can use it on an ipad. donald trump says ben carson max jeb bush look like the energizer bunny. it is time for an election
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update. this week ben carson questioned trump's fate just as i predicted and trump hit back. >> now all of a sudden he gets on very low key. frankly he looks like he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. he is very low key. he has a lot of -- >> strong words. >> strong words indeed. >> strong words. >> trump followed up that slam. >> trump will say something controversial and eyebrows go up like this. >> check it out. he followed that slam with a bigger one. >> i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor perhaps -- an okay doctor by the way. we are are thought talking about a great -- he was an okay doctor. >> he was an okay doctor. >> that's a trump super slam.
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>> okay? he split two conjoined twins by the head! my mom's paw -- podiatrist is an okay doctor. >> he should say i can put trump's brain back in his head. he is a brain surgeon. >> you know carson, he will counter punch. on thursday he told the "washington post" the media wants to get into wars and gladiator fights. you know and i am certainly not going to get into that. low key, right? >> how about the upper cut? >> he is a smart doctor. >> if i was him that would be my campaign slogan. vote for ben carson. i split two conjoined twins. >> but what else did he do? we all know about the con joaned twins, but is that it? trump has many hotels. he has many golf courses.
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i'm just saying. in that sense it is not a long resume that carson has. at least it is what he tells us. >> you can imagine he had many other things he did. he was a child neurosurgeon. >> he was an uh paying -- he was an amazing surgeon. somebody on social media said carson and trump are fighting about their faith and it is like two bald men fighting over their comb. >> it is trumpism. he believes in the all mighty trump. that is trump's fate. but isn't that why he is lighting up the race? people are tired of the same old and trump is fairly out there and they are cynical about politics. >> no matter how outrageous he is it doesn't matter. that's what they are mad
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about. i don't know when this turns at all. people may find them tedious and they may get tired soon. >> i think he is a sideshow. he is a three ring circus and it will wear thin and people will get serious about who they are going to elect to be the president of the united states. it is not donald trump. >> rick perry was in the lead. >> and he wasn't wearing glasses. >> he gave it to the press and he had fire and that's what people liked. i understand the trump issues. people are turned on that and do they get turned on by the personality stuff? >> i think he looks like an snl version of himself. >> he plays into that. we have a lot more -- meanwhile trump is defending his remark about carly fiorina in a new interview with
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rolling stone while watching a tv appearance he is quoted as saying look at that face, would anyone vote for that? the former chief responded, quote maybe i am getting under his skin because i am climbing in the polls. trump was talking about her persona and not her look. >> how dumb does he think we are? >> what does bobbie gindle think about it? >> he said some things about carly fiorina that attracted a great deal of attention. what do you think? >> it is outrageous to attack anyone's appearance when it looks like he has a squirrel sitting on top of his head. >> a squirrel? what is he talking about? his hair doesn't look like a squirrel. wow. an orange squirrel. that is rather trump like. i think trump is dragging people into this fist to cuff. g nie dle never talked like
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that before. >> you talk about trump you will get media buzz. i do have to say though that trump is an equal opportunity man, equality for the gender. he has been doling it out to the guys and he wanted to get the female candidate into his attack. i applaud him for treating the sexes the same. trump responded saying everybody talked about my hair. it is confusing to some people. >> his hair is not jermaine to how he will govern the country and why is her face? >> this is the problem with trump. he can be very funny. he can be very entertaining. his quips are much sharper and funnier than the other candidates, but he becomes a crude, sexist bully when he makes fun of a woman's looks. i don't think that that is appropriate for anybody, whether you are running for president or just a human being, you don't attack a
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woman for their looks. >> i have been loving trump so far. i like what he is bringing to the race. what do you think? >> i know when i say check out that girl's ass i mean her ambition and her drive. >> check out that ambition. >> listen, enough about trump. let's switch gears and talk about music news. the band rem is angry with donald trump. they used one of their songs as he took the stage at a rally to oppose the iran deal. take a look. >> our next guest doesn't need much of an introduction. this is for donald trump. >> ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ ♪ it's the end of the world as
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we know it ♪ >> and he feels fine. rem basist tweeted a statement saying, "go f yourselves the lot of you you sad attention hungry power-filled little men. don't use our music for your moronic charade of a campaign." trump listened and on thursday used a different song. >> the next president of the united states, donald j trump. >> ♪ as i went walking ♪ that ribbon of highways ♪ i saw above me ♪ that end less sky way >> that's not for real, is it? >> yeah, he is building bridges. don't you think trump is ready to reach across the aisle. >> i thought that was the monster mash. >> it does have that quality, doesn't he? liz, he used the song "end of the world as we know it" so
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that is appropriate to the iran deal, isn't it? >> who is michael stype again? i am just kidding. he looks like -- michael stype is always irritable. he is always upset. he is a commercial for irritable bowel syndrome. he really is. he has been irritable and crankingy for three decades. >> who is he talking to? he didn't say trump. he said all of you -- >> all of you candidate had, you idiot politicians, how daughter daughter -- how dare you use my music? there is nothing more annoying than an old washed up rocker who doesn't want his music played. it is at a rally and all kinds of music is played. francis scott t wrote star-spangled banner, but trump said i wrote that song. >> why does president trump -- why doesn't trump just buy the rights to the song. i can use it now.
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>> god bless america. my song now. donald trump. >> he wouldn't have minded if it was off the new album. okay you're good. >> he needs -- is rem still playing? >> i am not sure. >> i think they are broken up. >> i bet they play at a trump casino somewhere in atlantic city or vegas. >> rem is big that way. i keep trying to get off of trump, but, liz, he is swallowing all of the political news. when are these candidates going to learn? i don't think it is attacking trump. they are playing his game. when that happens and when there is a distraction like that and the attention is pulled from a scott walker or marco rubio. they could drop out. should jeb bush stepped up and said all i have to say is trump you're a jerk and punch
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him back in the nose. >> it may happen. gyro bots -- robots start taking our middle class jobs. >> ♪ you should know i bleed blue ♪ ♪ i ain't a trip though ♪ welcome to the melting po the ♪ [female announcer] through sunday, during sleep train's mattress price wars,
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save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. child movie star one of my most celebrated roles was playing an android boy equiped with passion and the ability to love. i never dreamed the ai robots would be our bosses at work. but hitachi is making that a
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reality and your next manager may look like this. workers a the some of the manufacturers' warehouses started to take orders from the ai programs that are meant to increase productivity. hitachi says it is working and productivity in the warehouses is up 8%. a lot of people are nervous at the idea of humans being replaced by robots, but i say it is fantastic. people have been worrying about this for 200 years, but as society is more automated humans learn new skills and life becomes better. what is the worst thing that could happen? >> have you five seconds. i am now authorized to usely tall force. >> a classic. >> that's robo1. >> he was the proto-type. he said there are glitches. >> there is a human version
12:24 am
getting involved. >> do you want a job the robot can do? >> it would be great. you have all of the robot holidays off. >> like parks and labor day. >> what do you mean? >> boom. >> somebody has to maintain these things. it is true. >> it does create -- it kind of creates jobs, even out if you are creating the jobs you are getting rid of. >> you have the blue collar guys with the wrench fixing it. >> i will be a robot repairman. >> did you consider a career in robot repair? liz, what kind of jobs would you like replaced by robots? >> i think the toll booth operator. >> you know what, i was thenging about the story and
12:25 am
if your boss is a robot who do you go in to complain about? do you complain about your co-worker? >> it is true. >> i think robots should replace theater. >> could robots judge art in that way? >> it doesn't take a human being to know spider-man turn off the dark is a terrible show. i can't complain because robots have been replacing the assembly line workers for years. it is about time they are replacing the bosses. >> and you have had plenty of jobs in the service industry. >> the point of this is it is replacing the people who give orders to the people under them. it would be like the gm of my restaurant. now i would be fine with a robot replacing the higher
12:26 am
positions because they don't need the higher paychecks. you can give the moifn and it will trickle down to the littler people. if productivity is going up you have to pay them more. i think it could actually benefit the people who work under the robot. i think it is a good idea. >> the middle management layer. >> it has to be like asking for time off from a toaster. he is like, no. >> to ask for a personal day you have to contest some terrible problem. >> you have no sympathy whatsoever. >> essentially isn't it happening now that restaurants -- big chains like olive garden essentially middle management is a computer because it is about data, isn't it? food buying and hiring? >> you mention restaurants. what mcdonalds is finding is
12:27 am
when people order from a kiosk or ipad or whatever they actually order more food strangely enough. that even helps their bottom line. >> that's right. >> they are not embarrassed by ordering the extra food with a human being there. >> i love the touch screens. you see them in the big restaurants in asia. andy is away so there is nobody to stop me from saying whatever the hell i want. the patriots rule. cats are done. tom should have been the host. >> ♪ you should know i bleed blue ♪ ♪ i ain't a crypt though ♪ i have a cane walking with my stick though ♪
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live from news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. it is a solemn date in american history. it was 14 years ago today that terrorists unleashed a brutal assault in new york city and washington. and last night in shanksville, pennsylvania a silent procession was held honoring those killed on that horrific day. it over looks where the flight came down with 40 people on board. >> on every level it is healing and it is con testimony play tiff and powerful and meaningful. >> an attorney for one of six officers charged in the arrest and the death of freddie gray
12:32 am
says they are disappointed that a judge has decided their trial should beheld in baltimore. outside the courthouse about two dozen protesters cheered when they heard the ruling. it was in the upscale suburb of minneapolis. they told five family members dead inside. three were children. police went to the house to check on the residence after no one there was seen or heard from in days. no word on how the family died. they suspect a murder suicide. the white house says our nation will open its doors to 10,000 syrian refugees. that's a significant increase from the 1500 people cleared to reset tell here since the civil war broke out. it is partly in response to the humanitarian crisis. as thousands of migrants flee the middle east and africa. floodwaters are now subsiding, but the search for victims isn't over. as many as 22 people are missing. the deluge washed uh you way homes. they had to be airlifted by
12:33 am
military choppers. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. a "washington post" headline screams that jeb bush's proposed tax cuts would cost $3.2 trillion. there is that pesky word cost again. the tax cuts don't cost -- [static]. >> so then cheney says to me, that's exactly what wolfowitz told me. oh. hello, thomas. >> mike, you cut in again? >> there was such a reaction across the nation.
12:34 am
you are lucky still to have your name on the show. i saw all of the chatter. >> you no know what time it is? it is time for the baker files. >> this is mike baker. >> this is where i have my coffee so i will just enjoy it. >> i will be with you in a moment. i thought what we should do -- i think congratulationses are in order. the regime in concert with obama and secretary kerry and the senate democrats and the effectless leaders of five other nations have insured that the kudz force can
12:35 am
finally get what they were jonessing for -- jon jonesing for which is a nuclear bomb. >> is that it? >> it is an earlier version. >> you can see -- the danger here is that you can see how easy it is to hide. that's why the process is so important. >> let's get into this. we are anxious to see what the accuracy looks like. tonight -- and this is a pie chart that says how many correct andsom my correct statements are in the show. joanne who was really pissed off at me last time because i didn't realize they would be on the show. she is doing well. >> i made the chart. >> i guess what we can take
12:36 am
from this frankly is that first of all you should never turn your back to the camera like this. second of all it is an equal showing. >> that is very small. i don't like that. >> we can see it easier if we explode the pie which is what this is called. this is an exploded pie. it is bigger than sean's and so sean will pick up his game later on. just in case you were wondering wondering -- i am not clear what this shows. it has something to do with demographic. the good news for you, tom, is that we are seeing through the most recent four quarters, we are seeing that things are getting bigger. that's a good sign.
12:37 am
and certainly it bodes well for job security. >> adding viewers every day. so sprockets, we have to be concerned about this, but i think the bubble chart tells you what you need to know. i don't want to dwell on this because it confuses a lot of people. if we go to the next chart, the none wavy line here is what you need to pay attention to. it is hard to see on the screen, but it is really what we've got to consider as the baseline. these other things are a problem of mathematics. all four quarters of wank are looking pretty good. i think you are not in bad shape here, tom. i would if i were you feel
12:38 am
optimistic about the way things are going. >> that's fantastic. >> i don't know if you know this, but i would say it was with the big guys in news corp and we tear these numbers apart. we constantly are just picking and choosing and looking at the numbers and trying to figure out what they tell us. i am kind of giving you an insider's look into how tv works. >> do you have something about andy's cats there? >> this is the current wait. i think that speaks for itself. >> sprinkles is a big fat [bleep]. we have been get august lot on social media and questions about how things work on "red
12:39 am
eye." i always thought it was self-explanatory. and now i am talking to the viewers more than you guys in the studio. you understand how things work tom sits up here as the host of the show. you can think of an air traffic controller. it is a flat organization. they share equal responsibilities. both are equally important to the show. we have a comedian and a smart person and somebody else. we have an other. sometimes it is not clear which is which, but that's sort of how it lays out. now if we go on -- this is
12:40 am
interesting i think. if you look at this, it should say more to the people sitting at the table with you more than anything else. i think we have seen tom ruin the careers of decent and genuine people. my advice to those of you who aren't here in my idaho compound would be take it easy and make sure tom has a surly side and understand what blows the skirt up and move your stories in that direction. getting to the final bit of the segment, this is [bleep] tom won't tell you. this is a recap of stories you just won't hear because tom doesn't dwell in the important stuff. tom deals with things that are more pop culture than actual hard news. i have chosen the three top stories from this past week
12:41 am
and i think we need to touch on them briefly. clearly you will have to do your own research at home to get the full context of this. there was a dude who was playing with his junk in a burger king. when he went up to him he said i am playing with my penis. that's the refreshing honesty people find in trump. and that explains his numbers right now. >> people respond to that. it is true. >> the second story, there was a monkey with a chest tattoo who was recently captured in kentucky. the interesting part of this story is the monkey had a chest tattoo because he escaped from a laboratory where it is common to get monkey chest tattoo. >> you didn't know this. and p.diddy gets in an altercation involving a kettle bell with somebody from ucla.
12:42 am
may still end up in litigation so i don't want to touch on that subject too much. next thing you know you are caught up in it. on a serious note, rest in peace to martin milner. he played officer pete malloy in "1 adam 12". it was a fantastic show that influenced a lot of young folks into joining police departments across the country which i suspect now they are all regretting the decision considering the country is going to hell in a hand basket jie. i was sad to see he passed away and one of my favorite roles as the horned player in "sweet smell of success." >> don't forget "route 66". he had the corvette. he was todd and the main guy in "route 6 me, tom. i will get back to what i do out here. have i to reset the claymores and i will turn in for the night. >> thank you. i can have my show back? >> yeah. >> time to take a break. when we come back, why is keith richards angry? either because of the moo you sick today or he looked at the
12:43 am
painting that holds his soul. stay tuned.
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turn down the music, kids. you may wake up old man richards. in a new interview keith richards gave his charitable take on the variety of bands and musical styles.
12:47 am
richards says what rap did was show there are so many tone deaf people out there. wow. what about heavy metal? millions are in love with metallica and black saab bath. i just thought they were great jokes. at least there are musical achievements. we can all recognize they are great. and richards says it is a mish-mash of rub bish. he hasn't always been so good. >> thank you to st sanders for making that masterpiece. sean, are metallica and black saab bath jokes? >> they are amazing bands.
12:48 am
the one that really bugs me is the rap argument. i feel like he has been in a drug coma for 30 years and he just woke up to figure out rap is the thing. >> it may be an old argument, but if you think rap -- if you like melody and you think rap is not music you will keep thinking it. it is your choice. the one that really stuck out to me was his crack about the beatles and sergeant pepper. wasn't the follow-up at her satanic magesty's request. that was a really bad answer to the beatles. that was the rolling stone version of sergeant pepper and that was a mish-mash of i don't know what. >> they were always trying to one up each other, the beatles and the stones. richards didn't like his take of the psychedelic stuff either. i think he thought that whole era was a failure. >> at the risk of sounding
12:49 am
like an old man you should put in a home i agree 100%. when is the last time you hummed a rap song. there is a cascade of lyrics and he is 100% right. no tunes anymore. >> he is becoming an old man and chasing kids off his lawn. he is too old. >> he spent his whole life on this kind of music. >> that's the thing. it doesn't have to be your kind of music and your taste. you can't deny that the rappers and the hip hop artists have the musicality. it shouldn't be the same pattern , but it takes your talent unless are you bruce springsteen and all you do is talk. >> most rap is garbage, and
12:50 am
most heavy metal is garbage as well. >> we had metallic caw and -- metallica and black sabaath. >> you named two. >> mega death. >> cheap trick is heavy metal to me. >> cheap trick is heavy metal. >> i think rick nielsen considers himself heavy metal. we will close things out with a bedtime story. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born.. are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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had it easy. they just had to sit on their pedastool and wait for the jo so t to claim them. 20-year-old felicia kochanski with 34dd's and toned calves explained the hardships of being beautiful if cosmo. coming to terms with being beautiful wasn't easy. imagine how it feels to have heads turn and all eyes on you when simply trying to get where you need to be. the scrutiny is never ending. she faced cat calls and staring. it was so hard she had to resort to wearing sweatpants to hide her gorgeous toned calves.
12:55 am
if she thinks that's bad wait until she gets bought free drinks. i will have you here as a spokesman for pretty girls, all right? >> not me. >> why not me? >> i don't care. >> i am coming to you next. >> have i to check the privilege all the time. it is hard. being pretty has its perks, obviously. she has done a great service to herself. if she says this is the problem and people notice her being beautiful first and now they won't. they will look at her and say you are the girl who wrote that piece for cos mow, -- cosmo? i will stay away. >> the next job is working for donald trump because as we know he only surrounds himself with beautiful 20-year-olds. >> that's right. he would marry his daughter if it wasn't his daughter. >> somebody once said something like that. >> they are being leered at. >> just slap the guy across
12:56 am
the face. that's how you handle it. >> will they resort to violence? >> i was a virgin by popular demand in high school, so i am not the person to ask. >> by popular demand or personal choice? >> personal choice. >> can you come down on this girl? she is 20 years old and expressing herself. i mean that's what people do now. >> i don't really care. she can express herself. i think he is right. >> what about the toned calves of hers? >> oh, the toned calves. i wrote a similar article about myself. but it was in "mad magazine." it was very different. i think -- the minute i found out she was 20 i disregarded everything she said. she is 20. she is 20. she doesn't know what she is talking about. you don't know. >> when you were 20 you were a piece of meat too. >> staring at my ass all the time. >> and i hate to be so rude, but she is not that cute. >> thanks to joanne joanne nosuchunsky, liz mcdonald and sean donnelly. i'm tom shillue. i'll see you next time.
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♪ watch me whip ♪ watch me na-na ♪ oh watch me, watch me ♪ oh watch me, watch me
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that. >> no better entry for "special report" which is next. is donald trump the teflon candidate? one of his latest comments is getting a lot of blow back from his opponents. but will it stick with voters? this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. another candidate might not survive. donald trump is not just another candidate, though. the republican frontrunner is once again showing no ill effects so far from a quote that received a lot of attention today. but trump is taking fire from others in the race who are goin. chief political correspondent carl cameron has tonight's top


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