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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> rob, good to have you. we live in great country no matter. what you're on our side. >> thank you, sir. >> remembering 9/11. "happening now" starts right now. 9/11 attacks. >> they are joining 300 motorcycle riders. we are covering all of the news "happening now".
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>> the leading republican candidates again coming out on top in a new iowa poll. and another candidates stock is plummeting. >> week after week, we want to it be a campaign of solutions. >> why governor scott walker is now in 10th place. plus, boy dollareded hod -- boy hood pals get a welcome in their home state. and one man running a marathon on six continents in five days. why he took on the challenge. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with this. it is 14 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. once again the nations pauses to remember all of those lost and
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murdered that day. >> i am jon scott. ground 0 is a place of strength and resilience. and 3000 people are honored and remembered in a solemn ceremony. ♪ the 14th time for the ritual of remembrance and reflection. and also in the pentagon, another hijacked crashed. that's where we begin our coverage with jennifer griffin. >> reporter: jon, it never ceases to send chills up my spine when the hear the airplane
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on the flight route. at 6:40 this morning, they unfurled the american flag at the point of impact where the plane hit at 9:37. defense secretary carter and his wife stephanie and chairman of the joint chiefs placed a wreath on the memorial ground and there are 184 benches commemorating the victims. carter said he keeps a piece of the pentagon destroyed that day on his desk to remind him of what happened. >> we know what the lives of your loved ones mean to this community and to this nation. and i hope you know that by returning to the pentagon each year, you set an example of strength and resilience for all of us. >> reporter: for the first time, the president did not
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attend the 9/11 remembrance ceremony in the pentagon. prior years the president spoke and met with the 9/11 families. the families stood and listened to brief speeches. it was a subdowed ceremony and much smaller than in the past and what struck most people is the weather. the weather is 9/11 weather. perfect blue skies just like they were 14 years ago, jon. >> we'll never forget that day, thank you. another breaking story in the washington d.c. we had initial reports that there was a shooting in the food court in union station, the big train station just off capitol hill. according to the reports, there is a major police presence and the station was evacuated and looking through the reports to see what is transpiring there.
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we are looking at a twitter feed. he happen to be in union station at the time. according to him, again, a journalist who is there, that officers are telling him that shots were fired but the scene is stabilized. he mentioned a huge police presence and perhaps that the shooting took place near the mcdonalds. there is a big, big food court in the train station. we have live pictures. and our washington d.c. bureau is just a few steps away from union station in washington d.c. and we are close to have an idea of what transpired and these are the first live pictures of union station. >> live pictures coming in to us. it is 9/11 and every year police agencies around the country especially in key cities like washington d.c. are on high alert for following attacks.
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and gunshots ringing out in a historic place like union station authorities go in full crisis mode. there was a huge police presence on union station and they are live coming inside of union station just off capitol hill in washington d.c. it could be a random argument and one of them pulls out a gun. there was a shooting a short time ago. and police are investigating. >> the dc police department is saying on twitter that the police department is on the scene at union station with multiple other agencies and there is not an active shooter situation according to the dc police department. we heard a shooting ongoing in union station. and you can see the live pictures, apparently there are passengers and folks looking like they are going about their business there. but the dc police department
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said agencies on the scene and we'll learn what transpired and we'll report back to the viewers. in the the meantime a florida man is accused of plotting a terrorist attack. joshua goldberg told an person on line telling them how to make a bomb and place it in a 9/11 event in missouri. he identified himself on line as an isis supporter living in australia. he is charged with sdrnting information related to explosives. three american heroes who stopped a train attack in paris are back at home. they are credited with saving countless lives. they took it down a man with a rifle who boarded the train with rifles. they are honored with a hometown
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hero's parade. claudia has more. claudia. >> reporter: jenna, in the three weeks since the three young men stopped the terrorist attack and saved countless lives, they are celebrated around the world for their braveries. this is the main event. a hero's parade. and cheers will fill the air when the three young men take the stage in the rally to tell. spencer stone, 22 year old alex schoolarto. and 23-year-old anthony sadler in the university. they overpowered a gunman who raced through the car opening fire. the shooter was armed with an ak 47 and a box cutter and pist
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pol. eric stone grabbed him by the neck and others grabbed the weapons and grabbed him down. >> i trust both of my friends very much and if it was not for them, i would be dead and so we all had a critical role in whatever happen. >> the three heroes were awarded the medal of honor from the president of france. they say it is overwhelmed and humbled by the attention. today's date 9/11 is fitting for the occasion and what better way to remember the victims and the sacrifices made on that tragic day and celebrate the strength and character of our country. and they are doing the sound checks and we will be witness withing a cosomber and joyous parade anda rally here today, jenna. >> today is a good day for heros and megyn kelly will sit down
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with those men for a first of its kind interview on the kelly file. watch out for that. jon? >> brand new polling in the crucial state of iowa where donald trump leads with 27 percent. and dr. carson six points behind him and senator ted cruz at nine percent. we'll talk with a former howard dean campaign. and donald trump continues it the run at the top joe, can it last? >> right now. it doesn't -- belichick must have gotten my earpiece. we are not hearing anything. >> we'll try to fix that. joe, back to you for a second. >> look, right now, he's on the
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a roll and along with ben carson and cruz coming to third place, looking at that total vote of people sort of outside of the establishment of the republican party. it is getting up over and in the 50s, and so if someone can consolidate that vote in trump or carson and it looks like they are able to. >> it is one thing to tell a pollster but in iowa there is another factor to it? >> one thing you can have great numbers in iowa, you have to get your vote to the caucus. it is a cold night in the winter, it is snow on the ground, people have to stand in those caucuses for hours sometimes. and so one thing to have that support, it is another thing and to have the energy of your supporters, but another thing to
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get them there and have the organizational structure to do that. neither carson or any even cruz at this point and definitely not donald trump have that organization in place. they should be able to put it in place. but we haven't seen it yet. >> all right. we have pete snyder apparently able to hear us. thank you for the heads up and asking you questions you couldn't hear would not be fair. how do you explain trump and carson leading the republican field. >> glad to be back here. and if you combine trump and carson you get over 50 percent of the vote in iowa right now. it is mass disgust with the way things are in washington and
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nationwide and not a lot of love for the politics as usual. that is brewing not only in the republican party but the democratic party as well. when you have a name like clinton struggling to gain real traction and against someone like bernie sanders, you know there is mass disgust from both parties. >> the reason your howard dean campaign caught fire is someone that saw him as not part of the washington mold. is that the mood the voters are in today? >> no question about it. the establishments of both parties are i think, we used to talk about conventional wisdom. and they are in conventional hysteria about what they are seeing in insurgency campaigns on both sides. but i do think that pete is
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right. particularly right now, when you see the numbers on the republican side where it is more pronounced and over 50 percent are moving in to those insurgent anti- establishment candidacy. it is tough for the establishment of the gop to put it down. i am not sure it will work this time. >> it is it a cold night as you point out in iowa w. thank you pete and joe, we'll talk to you soon. now the search is on after a dozen cars and trucks and a tour bus was hit boy bullets or pellets. and we have new information on the breaking news in union station not far from washington d.c. on capitol hill. we'll have more from the police department about what happened 20 minutes ago. we want to hear from you.
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fox news alert. breaking news in the union snagz washington d.c. off captain cant hill. we told you we heard reports of a shooting in a major train station and we are getting news that apparently a security guard may have shot an individual. lelind viter is at the scene and put together what we know so far. >> reporter: what we have. it took place down there near the mcdonald, where someone pulled a knife out. it was at mcdonald or near the area, we don't do know. and they pulled out a knife and they heard multiple gunshots and
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on a day like today, the overwhelming response to the incident. there were dozens of police cars outside. and a number inside. and they had the counter terrorism task force inside. many are heavily armed and five minutes ago, i saw a black male pulled out on a stretcher. we believe that would be the suspect who was shot. we don't know of anybody else being shot. for a while union station was evacuated out and there were thousands of people standing out between capitol and union station. they are right next to the capitol. and they are now starting to let people back in union station, but this entire area is where a number of the amtrak
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[inaudible] >> unfortunately we are not able to hear leland well. the announcements that are happening in union station were competing for sound. leland said according to the the reports we are getting, a man pulled a comboif in union station and a security guard pulled a gun and shot the man. so as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. jon? a block or so away on capitol hill, republicans are moving full steam ahead on the nuclear deal. there was a resolution of disapproval that failed in the senate. we'll have a live report on all of this from capitol hill.
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phoenix is on edge after a string of highway shootings. police are asking for help in finding the person or persons firing at vehicles. one person described when his bus was shot. >> all i heard was a loud shot or bang like a rock hit me or i ran over something. i contacted the dispatcher. it is possible i may have been shot at. >> at least 11 vehicles have been hit on interstate 10, including three yesterday. no arrest have been made. house law makers reject a deal to approve the nuclear deal. it will be upheld.
10:25 am
and doug is live on capitol hill with more, doug? >> reporter: it was not lost on members that the two votes on the iran deal, being the world largest sponsored of terror came on the 9/11. the first in the house, it was destined to fail in the house and did it 2- 1 margin. but it was designed to put the members on the record for the historically bad agreement. >> never in our history has something with so many consequences for our national security rammed through with such little support. >> without the agreement, they are a nuclear power and can have weapons in a month or year. >> reporter: the second vote of the house was restricting president obama from lifting the
10:26 am
sanctions on iran and passed overwhelmingly and restores 150 billiop in the frozen assets back to it iran which they believe will continue with the terrorism. republicans implored democrats to listen to the iranian leaders itself. >> it wants a nuclear weapon and destroy israel. it wants to destroy america. listen to their own words. >> reporter: meanwhile democrats pled with republicans to give the deal a chance after 14 years of american involvement in mideast wars. >> i stood here in the house of representatives, and i gave the benefit of the doubt to the then president and he took us to war. i will give the benefit of the
10:27 am
doubt to your president to take us to peace. >> i didn't take an oath of office to defend my president. i took an oath of office to defend my country. >> reporter: speaker boehner said republicans might sue in court to stop the iran deal. what is lacking is the side deals between the ia ean and iran which nobody in this legislature has yet seen. back to it you. >> hard to know what is in the deal when you haven't seen the details. thank you, doug. >> never before seen photos from inside of the white house. up next the president and the national security team working on the dark days in our nation's history. a steel beam from ground 0 finding a new home and where it is going to honor the fallen. and former mayor guiliani on the passage of time since that
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horrific day. >> sometimes it seems like yesterday. i was down there at 10:00 last night giving a talk and it seems like yesterday and sometimes it feels like it was a hundred years ago.
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on this dave remembrance, the national archives is releasing never before seen
10:32 am
photos from inside of the white house. this was in the president's emergency operation center. here is then president george bush with vice-president cheney showing the challenges of consoling and defending the nation. and national security advisor rice and secretary of state powell. and 14 years later we are at war on terror on a new battlefield with isis. james? >> reporter: jon, good afternoon, we mark the terrorist attacks and the dawn of what was known with the war on terror. and it was more critical than ever with al-qaeda and isis and controlling large swath of territory in syria and iraq that they have access to good solid intelligence. and however, this week brought
10:33 am
news that more than 50 intelligence analyst that overseas the terror in the middle east forpally complained about the intelligence reports on isis and as they make the way up the chain to the commander in chief. the administration confirmed that the pentagon inspector general is investigating this matter. today josh earnest said president retains confidence in his intelligence service. let's look at what he had to say about the last six months. >> the president has been quite clear about his insistence that here in the united states, we'll confront challenges head-on and not bury our head in the sand and not look for best case
10:34 am
scenarios. >> reporter: earnest was asked are we winning against isis. he cited progress and setbacks and wouldn't say we are winning. jon? >> remembering those who lost their lives on 9/11, a 2000 pound stole bomb is now in florida. many remembering those who responded so bravely. phil keating has more in the kennedy space center. >> reporter: hi, jenna, 1300 long miles from new york city's ground 0 yet here heavy hearts and filled with sadness and a sense of pride, because of a piece of new york city is now firmly and forever planted here in florida space coast. firefighters and first responders and sheriff deputies and the kennedy space center
10:35 am
employees held a touching ceremony of the new 9/11 memioral and dedicated to remembering the firefighters and first responders who made the ultimate stack fies 14 years ago this day and trying to save the lives of strangers that they never met and a day that defined america sense. >> this is kennedy space center and represents the space program to people around the world and to have that piece of the world trade center. and it connects us to everything. and to our resolve as a country to move forward no matter what. >> reporter: that centerpiece is the section of the steel ibeam. it measures 16 boy 16 and 7 feet long and weighs 2000 pounds and made the long journey from new york to hall of fame and up the coast. it is a journey that the handler
10:36 am
said was filled with emotion the entire way. remember this photograph, the smoke plume from the site of new york city on the day of the attack taken from 250 miles above earth. one of the many iconic images of the many taken that day that expressed the magnitude and scope of this attack to everybody around the world. speaking of the remnants of the twin towers, they were held in a hangar in john f. kennedy airport. the one of the ones here is last to be gave out. 2000 have been distributed. the only requirement is that the pieces of the twin towers always must be in a public viewable spot, jenna? >> interesting, phil, thank you very much. inspiring and heartening
10:37 am
image of hope as we mark 14 years. a rainbow stretches across the skies above new york city. ben sterner took this photoyesterday. that rainbow appeared around 8:00 in the morning. back to breaking news. news of a shooting in washington d.c.'s union train station. 40 minutes ago, what we learned so far, a security guard shot a man who pulled a knife at union station. catherine herridge is there. catherine? >> reporter: well, thank you, jenna. i have been speaking with capitol hill police and the sources over in homeland security. they all have a consistent story at this point in time. there was an incident that unfolded 1:00 eastern.
10:38 am
and there was an individual carrying a knife and refused to drop the knife and surrounded by police and shot by one of the security guards. within the last few minutes, we saw video and confirmed that the suspect was taken out of union with severe injuries from the gunshot but not clear to us whether the individual may have expired and within the last couple of minutes, i spoke to two eyewitnesss who were at union station from manchester eengland and they were within 10-15 feet and they confirmed to me they suddenly saw individuals running away from the mcdonald and they thought they were running for a train or bus because that is the central hub and someone called 911 and get the police. and at that point, a tall
10:39 am
african-american male with dreadlocks and walking composed and carrying something in his hand and he was quickly surrounded by police and they closed the perimeter on him and telling him to drop it repeatedly and when he didn't drop it shots rang out and the suspect went down. i asked if it was a gun or knife. the object was 5 or 6 or 7 inches in length. and we heard it was a knife and some indications that it was a domestic dispute between two individuals and unfortunately unfolded in union station. at this point they are opening up the station for people to get on trains and buses. that section in mcdonald was curtained off as a crime scene. you can see from the heavy response here today, that this is part of the new normal in
10:40 am
washington. we saw that in the navy yard and walter reed when reports of shots were fired, gen a. >> and a heightened sense as well because of 9/11. and as of now, no terror connection and we'll wait to hear what actually transpired and how this individual is doing, john. >> and then this concern. record number of sharks on the east coast. just how many scientist have tagged between florida and north carolina this summer. plus a runner using his abilities to give back to veterans and their families. running six marathons on six different continents in less than a week. l i can think abot is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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hi, everybody. i am gretchen carson. we'll have the next on the shooting in union station.
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and new details on the police response on on 9/11 anniversary. and more about p the intel reports allegedly altered to make our fight against isis not as serious as it really is. what is the dirtiest place on the airplane. what is dirtier your dog's water dish our your toilet? >> and a record number of sharks swimming along in the east coast. they tagged 2800. a thousand more than three years ago. the government covered migration routes on on the coast. morsharks can mean more attacks on people. they warn that is the risk. jon? >> and talk about a guy on a mission. an avid runner giving back to
10:45 am
those who have given so much. he ran six marathons on six continent in a week. it all goes to wounded warriors. it started in greece, and then one in the morning in the thread mill in cairo, and then in a bu da bi. and then australia and chile. and then in washington d.c. that runner joins us now. so, all right. these were not organized marathons and you were not competing against a field of runners. but you were running. >> the only one weet kept to the actual course was the marine marathons in washington d.c. >> what motivated you? >> i enjoy running and i wanted to do something like this to get
10:46 am
people's attention and have them help, any cause that is important to it them. and i chose the wounded warrior project that helps military families post 9/11. i was unable to join the military because of my asthma. >> so on this 9/11, thinking about the uniformed personnel that gave their lives and badly wounded that are assisted by the wounded warrior project that is what deserved your support? >> yes, sir it is. >> what is the hardest part putting it together in that amount of time on six continents. >> the training was difficult. i was in different ones. a bu da d i was 105 and less
10:47 am
than 30 hours without sleep. >> no sleep and you are asmatic. >> correct. >> how did you get over that. >> i regulate it and making sure i am not coping too high of a pace too long of a time. it was not the finishing time but finishing the event. and i went out to get it done before the next plane left. >> when you are doing the runs, do you think about the troops? >> yes, there were several hundred of them in the course of the now days and i think about them and it is it just a drop in the bucket compared to those who suffered to provide our freedom today. >> is there a website for viewers to make a contribution. >> i haveit link on my website to wounded warriors and running with >> and what do you say to people about what you have accomplished
10:48 am
and how they might try and do their own similar kind of thing. >> i am not an extraordinary runner. i am average runner and average human being. you have to get excited and have a desire to help. and that pushes you to do more than you have before. >> thank you. >> the bars are left and right from donald trump. and the antics are all a magnet with for the news media. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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reality show. the media enjoying every moment of it despite saying the candidates are breaking the rules of good behavior. case in point, donald trump insulting carly fiorina for her appearance, suggesting she could never be president. something we talked about this week. howard kurtz is the host of "media buzz." those in glass houses have to be careful. talking about these things. it's a catch 22. you don't want to perpetuate a non-story. at the same time, if it is the story of the day you have to cover it. you wonder what is the true role in the media continuing a cycle of news rather than what people would really like to hear about. what do you think? >> it's not a non-story. donald trump's disparaging comments about carly fiorina's face is gets as much coverage as if he had punched her in the face. same as ben carson for questioning his faith. the media loves the brawl and the food fight, as you put. it seems like everything is being covered through the prism
10:53 am
of trump here attacking someone or being attacked. it's an easy story for the media, jen. how much more difficult would it be to analyze jeb bush's new tax plan and what kind of deficit it causes and how the benefits are distributed. that doesn't rate as well. >> donald trump also makes himself pretty accessible to almost everybody, and as you know -- >> he's on every hour. >> you're right. you're always looking for a primary source. he is a primary source who is willing it talk. he does a good job of making sure he stays on the radar as well. >> he is the master of driving the news cycle. he has a thing where he calls into shows which is a luxury afforded almost no other candidate. i have to say, having covered him for a long time, i see signs that he is maturing as a candidate, leaving aside the swipe at carly. almost becoming more of a politician. i don't mean that in a negative light. for instance, the big d.c. rally against the iran nuclear deal
10:54 am
the other day. he spoke for five minutes. it was the first event that trump has gone to where he wasn't the star. i think it's the kind of thing politicians do, show up at events. it was a symbolic protest because the deal will go through on capitol hill. >> do you think the media is paying too close of attention to trump? >> a lot of people out there think so based on my email. as you say, he is the republican front runner and a fascinating story. he's gotten to the point where bobby jindal and others have to attack him in order to get ink and air time. he's coming under corrosive criticism from some of the conservative commentators, saying he is a counterfeit republican, betraying the conservative cause, he is not really a conservative. and they have a point. trump is not running as a litmus-test conservative. he is running as a populist.
10:55 am
some of his issues are more liberal. the media elite beat up on trump. we' we've seen it for months and it actually helps him. >> you're not going to be talking about trump at all on "media buzz" on sunday, are you? >> maybe a bit. we'll also talk about ben carson. i'll have an interview with the presidential candidate. we'll talk about hillary finally apologizing in her third television interview. >> it's been an interesting week as well for her. howard, great to see you. thank you very much. see you sunday at 11:00 on fox news channel. >> my pleasure. the nfl team most often accused of cheating, the new england patriots, had some interesting headset happenings in their win against pittsburgh last night. what the nfl has to say about it today. the final 30 next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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time for the final po. a pickup truck in texas swallowed by a sinkhole. the jolt nearly sending a passenger who is eight months pregnant into labor. >> that could do it. the pittsburgh steelers having headset troubles in their loss to the patriots last night. the nfl says not to blame new england for the interference. a stadium power issue and inclement weather. mike tomlin of the steelers says they have that issue often at that stadium. >> i bet the fans are blaming the patriots. the steelers fans. that's right. >> harry potter fans warned not to speak the villain's name turns out they've been pronouncing it wrong anyway. >>. the t at the end of volled mort's name is silent. >> i have gone through my life saying it wrong. >> you haven't been afflicted by the creepy flying things? >> not yet. >> thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now.
11:00 am
fox news alert to start off our friday together. one man shot after pulling a knife at washington d.c.'s union station. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." the suspect taken away on a stretcher. it happened moments ago. look at the video. another woman was injured in the incident. allegedly she was stabbed and she is being treated now. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live at union station. our bureau is right across the street. you were able to get there quick. what did you find out? >> reporter: i was able to get into union station really within minutes of the whole episode going down. and spoke to some eyewitnesses who described pretty accurately the chain of events that really began about five to 1:00 earn ti eastern time. they saw people running away from the mcdonald's and


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