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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 12, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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save the queen. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, fox news reporting 9/11 time line of terror and we leave you with tonight on qat -- tonight on "red eye" bobbie gindles goes after them. and is it wrong for an employer to pick potential hires based on the hotness of their linked in profile pc? how do you think i got this job? and can anyone tell the difference? our panel provides answers, but first a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. the former texas governor rick perry is dropping out of the 2016 race for president. the republican is the first major candidate to end their
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bid for the white house. mr. perry is parting ways saying he is confident in the candidates that remain. >> we have a tremendous field of candidates. i step aside knowing our party is in good hands as long as we listen to the grassroots, listen to the cause of conservatism. if we do that, our party will be in good hands. >> the campaign was strapped for cash and stuck polling near zero. the republican presidential candidate ben carson says america needs to, quote, de emphasize race. he added that president obama has taken us backward on race by talking about it too much. carson is the only african-american in the gop field and made the comments during a visit to ferguson, missouri. a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black man. the woman who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses
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wants to continue to do so. she objects gay marriage on religious grounds. the death toll is rising following a crane collapse at the grand mosque. more than 200 are injured. the three young american men who foiled a terror attack on a paris bound plane was celebrated in their california hometown. hundreds of people filling the streets of sacramento have received worldwide acclaim for subduing the gunman last month. i'm patricia stark, now back to "red eye." log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> hi, everyone welcome to "red eye." tom shillue is off doing something really, really weird and most likely illegal. you know it is true.
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let's welcome our guests. she is is farrah and balanced. she hopefully won't smack me for the inthrow. intro. and he is the chief of internet access which is the world's most beat upable team. it is john devore. and he is italian, but i am guessing the tsa doesn't care. it is comedian anthony devito. and no one out of camouflage can hide those muscles. special forces master sergeant terry safford. let's start with an election update. so if you are not getting picked for the big debate stage, physical a fight with donald trump. at a press conference on thursday, bobbie jindle called him a nare is you cyst, ego maniac and a carnival act. the author said this -- >> donald donald trump said
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the bible was his favorite book, but when asked he could not name a specific or single bible verse that was important to him and had an impact on him. do you foe why? it is clear that donald strum p has never -- trump has never read the bible. the reason is he is not in the bible. >> trump did as trump do and tweeted bobbie jindle did not make the debate stage and therefore i have never met him. jindle said we have met. you wrote a check. a fool and his dad's money are parted sooner. trump looks like he has a squirrel on his head, he said. and trump fired back, oh wow, light weight governor bobbie jingle registered at less than one% in the polls mocked my hair. so original. and jindle said he is a substance free that are is you cyst and all he thought about
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what was his hair. i rest my case. she a re-enactment of the fight. >> i knew it. >> you didn't know it. >> i thought it would be two dogs. >> i believe trump is the minion. >> so good to be here. the music is different. you look better now. >> first time you have been on since i took over from dwreg, i think. >> i'm telling you, man. >> we knew it for years. are you glad we reached the point where politics reached the cafeteria? >> there is n dude can be president. i am starting to see that jindal got into that.
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i wish everybody would stop talking to trump. if you ignore him he is like that kid in the room looking for somebody -- just ignore the guy. he will go away. >> anthony, welcome to the show. there was a lot of comedy goals in the tweets. who do you think won? >> man, it is tough to take down trump in this forum, you noy what i mean? you know what i mean? for jindal, this is a tall order if you are going up against trump. trump will hit him hard. that's what he does. he is a wrestling heel. >> he is. >> and along those lines, everyone who attacks trump as we have seen in the last couple months seems to lose. if you don't attract -- if you don't attack trump somebody like jindal is not getting coverage and no one will talk about him. what are you supposed to do in a situation like this? >> i agree. it is great that the candidates running now will be
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remembered for lame insults to trump versus anything they stand for. i have seen better insults between toddlers i baby-sit. it is so tired. calling him a narcissist? i mean, i much prefer highly entertaining massagonist. >> he wouldn't even take it as a criticism. >> i love this. >> we know you are a thoughtless democrat. >> housewives of the republican party is my favorite reality show. i don't like governor jindal. he believes in exorcisms. i cannot stand him, and i am rooting for him. i love him. i want him to throw merlot in trump's face. this is the best thing from a liberal point of view and a progressive and intellectual point of view. >> that's what i am.
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>> that's the first time i have ever heard of this guy. >> jindal? >> yeah. >> maybe he is doing the right thing. maybe you will vote for him. >> he is that dark indian guy that all of the racist white people elected governor. >> yes. that's exactly it. >> let me ask you this, terry, -- >> we are not racist. >> some are not. >> i am not. and you have no proof of that. you have no proof of that. ask your question. >> are you a monstrous racist. >> one of the tweets that jindal sent said we have met. you wrote a check. a fool and his money are soon parted. isn't he saying he was a fool to write jindal a check? >> that's a bad retort. the best thing to say when donald trump says something to him just yawn and look away. bobbie j nie dal is very
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religious, but it doesn't mean he is a whack job. as somebody who was close to becoming a franciscan priest i went the wrong way. i will talk to you later. >> a lot of crossings. i don't get why jindal said he wasn't in the bible. was there a character supposed to be trump? >> i think he referenced that trump only cared about himself. >> yeah, he said trump didn't read the bible because he wasn't in it. >> i am glad we have something funny. >> three other funny people. >> rick perry dropped out of the race. the great state of texas, bless his heart. how sad are you he dropped out? >> he was a proud democrat. >> how proud are you he dropped out?
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>> i hate to have to defend him, but here is it who dropped out. the former govenor of the second most popular estate with a thriving economy. he dropped out. that kind of candidate is not popular says a lot about the race going on. he is on paper a fantastic conservative candidate and he is gone now. he has a tremendous economic record. >> that's a good thing. >> there are a few other people running. >> there are two or three other candidates. >> but none of them have terry's bona-fides. >> we were talking earlier. he never really over came the perception from four years ago, and maybe he should have waited another four years until joe biden served his one term.
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a marine corp study found all male infantry units performed better with teams with women. the combat squads with only men were faster, stronger and more lethal than units that included women. >> told you. >> and the women were more prone to injury during the strenuous training. >> told you. >> the marines in other services must open all jobs to women including infantry and special ops beginning next year or else request an exception. and maybe the secretary rejected the report saying its inclusions were based on were not on female marine performances. >> we started out with a fairly large component of the pen thinking this is not a good idea . when you start out with the mind-set there is presupposing. >> i want to go to the military expert tiers. >> i was kidding, of course. >> i would not like -- i would
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very much not like to you take your shirt off. >> women and children watch this show. there are two stories here. let's talk about the original marine core study that said female marines did not perform well in several key areas. based on your responses while reading the story, i am guessing that surprised you. >> i was being annoying because people get mad. we talked about -- you always seem to bring me on for this topic. i am really -- >> who better than to talk about women in combat? >> you know who i am. i always said that it wasn't about girls being able to physically do it. most women can't -- it is not because -- i just got done doing this big thing where i pumped a 1-10 pound rock -- there are some diesel tough girls. my whole contention is i am
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talking combat units and not integrated support units because they have those now. we are on top of those all the time. we are warriors among society. you think about how to make my team more lethal. incree lethality and incries survive built. it was the same issue with openly gay men. i don't care who you sleep with. not interested. if sexual politics is introduced into the combat realm we have to focus on that. that's really what it is. it is hard for women physically but not unattainable. blame it on us as someone we need to protect and have feelings for and it gets twisted up. and women are way more available to the survival of the human race. i can't make more people. women can. without women we lose. >> do you completely agree
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with what he said? >> i feel it shouldn't matter what is between someone's legs if they can do the job and they can do it just as good as a man they should have a chance to. if they can't, they shouldn't be able to. i am not as experienced in this as you are, but i don't know. it is something we have to figure out. >> it may change over time. i am not bummed out if it does. >> devore, isn't it wrong that they are not open to women, but they are open to someone like you? i mean how -- how long is that? it is just wrong. >> think before you answer. >> my brother went into the marines and i didn't have to because i am an artist.
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the important thing in society are women and then artists. >> one thing about this study. what this study did not cover or study was mobile infantry. >> he's on a roll. women killed as many bugs as men. women and men can shower together in mobile infantry and i just think this study is bogus. >> believe me, i service -- it is all about service. >> anthony, should everything be equal -- >> i mean what about mu lon? i never had seen it. it did well. she seemed to kick a lot of butt. just do like basketball where you have an nba and wnba. have a lady marine. they only fight women. >> he and i talked about this
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before. i would be okay with an all female infantry unit. >> like ghostbusters. >> we have a lot of similar ideas. >> i am so glad i am sitting next to him. >> we look like enemies. >> whoa to them who think that. >> whoa to them? >> whoa to them. >> we said good day. i said good day. >> i think you have an infantry unit composed of gals, women, chicks. they will kick anyone's ass. when you get them together it gets goofy. >> goofy is the funniest word to use for that. >> i don't know what you mean. >> it is distracting. >> what is your take on the secretary of the navy rejecting the report? he basically said the marines that did this report had an anti-women infantry agenda. >> i am going to get a lot of letters for this. he is in the navy.
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he is a secretary in the navy. navy guys except for the seals and maybe guys do not take guns into countries and have to look at guys and kill them the way we do. it is a different world. >> it is different. >> but sharks. >> there goes devore, but sharks. i got nothing. >> aren't many guys distracted as guys as they are the ladies? >> i mean gay stuff? >> i don't know numbers. the gay population is probably point -- i don't know the numbers. i saw you squint. if you watch popular literature half of the country is gay. that's not true. >> there are 204 right here. >> sexuality is a spectrum.
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>> when i was an infantry guy -- there was guys in the unit we suspected it were gay, and guess what, didn't give a damn. didn't give a [bleep] because it wasn't in your face. when you define yourself -- my problem with the whole gay thing is i don't care who you sleep with. >> is a woman in a uniform so distract ?g. >> you -- distrabling? >> have you no idea. when you are in an operating base -- and i am not trying to den gnaw grate what you say. it is not about she looks great in a uniform. when you put women and men in a situation like combat where, a, you are just on top of each other. you are constantly going through life and death experiences, you cannot help it. from the left they completely deny science on it and make it sound like men and women are not inherently attracted to each other. i am not saying it is cool or
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not true, but it is true. until you change the culture with men, right now to say women gotta be in special operations, good luck with that. most are not strong enough to do what we do and it will not fit. it may some day. >> we will end on that sad note. coming up, a reason to hate linked in that does not involve spam e-mail. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at talking about linked in. it is a scandal in the uk. a 27-year-old lawyer received a message on the business networking site from another lawyer, a man 30 years her senior in which he complimented her stunning
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profile picture. she said it was sexist and she proceeded to shame him on-line. how many women at linked in are contacted from physical appearance rather than professional skills? she attached a screen shot showing the man's message that read "i appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically correct, but that is a stunning picture. >> i find your message offensive. i am on linked in for business purposes and not to be approached by my physical appearance and not to be object geek tau fight by s -- objectified by sexist men. they say she is destroying a man's career. here is a spokesman from linked in discussing the matter. >> it has been around a longtime . as a result it does take yiet a longtime to make change, even the best in the world. >> was that real?
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>> we got you on that one. >> that was real. >> that was like a bennydeo. >> that was amazing. >> can't a guy use an employment networking website to tell a woman she is pretty? >> linked in is like ok cupid. it is a great place to get laid. >> i am always updating linked in. i am tweaking my resume. >> everyone knows it, i mine, come on. farrah, if you got a message like that from a dude on linked in, would you be offended? >> well, he was pretty old. he might have just been excited by the color photography. >> entirely possible. >> as a woman it is exciting that you can get workplace sexual harassment before you get a job. you used to have to wait for the holiday party for that. pretty cool. >> anthony, was publicly shaming this guy, was that
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okay or was that going too far? should she have just responded to him and basically told him he was a tool and that was that? or was she right to do what she did? >> probably right to do what she did to change the culture of that. i think it is funny her last name is proud-man. >> it is offensive to women and humble people. >> i think that's the right move. i am a white guy. we are killing it. >> stop. >> it is debatable. >> i think for years we are killing it on top and now with social media you are able to knock us off a little more. i think we have to realize -- i mean if you are writing a message and you say i think this is horrendously politically incorrect dash why would you keep going? >> terry, how dowry act when they tell you you are pretty? >> i bat my eyes and give them
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my phone number. it is wrong she shamed him. that's over the top. you either ignore him or write a message say you shouldn't do that. i just met you tonight. you are attractive. >> we have to bleep that. >> i said hey, you look really nice. that dress is pretty. was that weird that i said that or are you cool with that? >> that was not weird. we were in person and it was fine, but there are plenty of places on-line for complimenting a woman's looks and linked in is not one of them. >> it made me think. this is why i can't have a real job. i hang out with dudes and we don't think about it. people met us and say you are the nicest guys we ever met. we are killers, but we are really nice. i don't even think -- i just love it.
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>> people feel that way about jeffrey domer. >> i mean personally i love a good murderer. that's totally my type. >> i don't think about it. if i see somebody i say wow you look nice. >> i was fine with it. >> unlike twitter and facebook and other sites that are mainly used for sexual harassment they are professional. >> what i love is this guy's fan tau satisfy is in his head as he sat down to write this. the main fantasy was this is going to work. i am going to write the most amazing. you know that he hoped the response was oh my god, thank you. >> this guy, the same dude commented on a facebook picture as his daughter. there is a picture of her working at the gym.
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it said while i should not encourage lascivious comments about my daughter, yee god she is hot. >> she did not. >> i'm surprised he even know hue to message on linked in. very impressive. >> why does he pref physician -- preface it with that? >> i hope it works out for him and the daughter. >> he gets points for using whilst. coming up, the story that is in the prompter i don't think we will do so i won't read that. we will probably talk about -- what were we doing? trump. we are talking about siri.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. russia and iran are teaming up to support the syrian president. they say that is the reason for a recent build up of russian troops in syria. president obama said the add strags will keep pressure as they continue to support the murderous dictator. the white house confirming that the pentagon is investigating allegations made by intelligence analysts who claim the reports are being altered. analysts have accused them of
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editing briefs to make it seem like the fight against isis is more successful than it actually is. police say they have a person of interest in connection with a string of freeway shootings in phoenix, arizona. police questioning him on friday and say he has been booked on an unrelated charge. 11 cars were shot since august 29th. no one has been seriously hurt. a wildfire spreading quickly in northern california. it is miles from the town of san andreas. california's governor declaring a state of emergency. it grew from a few hundred acres to 50,000 acres within a day. the presidential hopeful donald trump appearing on "the tonight show" last night. host jimmy fallon asked the controversial candidate if he ever apologized for anything. >> i fully think apologizing is a great thing, but have you to be wrong. if you are not wrong -- for instance they wanted me -- i will absolutely apologize in
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the hopefully distant future if i am ever wrong. >> asked the front runner how he is winning voter support and the billionaire businessman says he has shown he will bring america respect again. i'm patricia stark and now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. a virginia woman was arrested for having sex with her unconscious boyfriend in a parking lot in broad daylight. i have been waiting my whole life to say that. the woman was taken to jail and the boyfriend to the hospital, but thankfully that's not where the story ends. so why did you have sex in public? was it your needs? >> she had needs. i had needs. it just happened. from now i we know we have to do it more discrete.
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>> and maybe be awake. you were passed out. >> did you consent? >> in the beginning i consented. i had a little too much to drink so i passed out. >> we have all been there. ult patly was it -- ultimately was it the right thing to do? >> yes and no. no because it was the wrong time of day and out in the open, but yes because we love each other and we just wanted to do what we wanted to do. >> so will it happen again? >> no. >> i don't know. >> oh, man, you can't make stuff up like that. >> cliff hangar. seriously. >> farrah, my generally feeling is if sex doesn't end up with the women in jail and the man in the hospital they are not doing it right. >> good for them. my only complaint is why was
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it in the parking lot? have sex in a car like an adult. i get the idea these people maybe don't have a car. they said alcohol was involved. i think maybe it was more than that. maybe that rhymes with beth. >> if alcohol and beth was involved good for them for not driving. >> absolutely. they were actually responsible. >> oh, crystal beth. >> they are there for the grace of god go you. >> we have it all wrong. they were making love. you know what the world needs more of? love. less combat and more love in the parking lot. >> it is great when the guy is unconscious by the end. >> that's called making love. that's how we make babies. >> anthony, are you surprised they gave the interview? >> no, not at all. they had sex in a public parking lot, of course they will give an interview. they are cool with that.
12:37 am
the best day to wear the superman shirt in the history of the world. it is awesome if you try to find a space in the parking lot and you finally found one and, great, terrific. >> they made the reporter go back to the scene of the crime. location. >> terry, who is the -- who is the bigger hero? who is a better american you or these two love birds? >> the dude who was able to have sex while unconscious. he should have a superhero t-shirt on. >> i am not saying it doesn't happen to anybody else. we are distracted sometimes, right? sometimes we have a bad day. >> did she have a teardrop tattoo? >> she had a teardrop tattoo also. >> i just wanted to point that
12:38 am
out. >> i am moving on to the most important story of the day. let's talk about the iran nuclear deal. i'm sorry, let's talk about siri interruptiing a reporter during the iran nuclear deal. >> during it ran deal and i know you will disagree with this analogy in a sense, but there is an expression about a team backing into the playoffs because another team lost, and with having to sustain a filibuster to avoid disapproval from congress, does the president -- is the president upset that he couldn't get one breath -- >> sorry. ii am not sure what you mean. >> that's funny. >> this is not the first time siri has laid down the truth at the press conference. >> does the president -- is the president upset he couldn't get even one republican --
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>> okay. and he should have been the host. >> that is funny. farrah, the big question, should the obama administration go ahead and fire josh ernest and hire siri? >> i don't know. i thought siri was pretty rude in this instance. that guy was 45 minutes away from finishing his question. it is something to consider. >> excellent point. there are no human feelings and to morals and ethics. no question. it is the future of politics. and also we will laugh about this when hillary clinton is president. >> laughter will be outlawed when hillary clinton is president. >> i had to ask my cousin what siri was. >> eventually we will put an
12:40 am
iphone or an ipad up there and siri will answer. >> that's kind of what happens anyway. josh ernest doesn't answer any questions. and they get someone else. what about this? and it goes somewhere else. >> it was one of the most concise answers. >> the question was so weird. what is he asking? >> and hill -- and hillary clinton will be president. >> she is not going to be president. >> carly! carly! >> does anyone even use siri? >> i don't know. no. >> good answer. >> do you ask it a question and -- what is it, man? >> it is a vows thing. >> what is it really? >> ai. you ask it a question and it
12:41 am
provides an answer. if you say what is the president of ad ad -- dash dada, da. >> like the voice when you are doing your gps. >> do you have a text tell? do you have a nextel? >> does it work with an abicus. >> you can laugh. i use them. >> it is clearly time to take a break. people that can't stop living in the past when we come back.
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she's dangerous. >> i get really violent. >> are you done? >> the modern world is awful. so says job devore, but one washington state couple who hates our society so much that they live in the victoria era. she and her husband shun things like cell phones and cars and use oil lamps and an ice box. all of this has given them a better connection with the natural world. the one downside she says is that, quote, we have been called freaks, bizarre and an endless slew of less insults.
12:46 am
they know the world is a cruel place for anyone who doesn't fit into the culture. >> oddly, the downside is they died of color. >> my attitude is if this is how they like to live their lives, go ahead. but i also wanted to vomit 11 times during herpes. >> the cor dach >> times dure her piece. >> there was no blogging in the victorian era you do you and live your own truth. they use light bulbs only when their friends come over. >> you must love this couple. >> i am okay with persecuting victorian americans.
12:47 am
i am okay with it. it was a wonderful era. they could murder the prostitutes and no one would care. it was a wonderful time when women couldn't vote and when entire civilizations were under white men. >> completely changed my mind on this. >> it was a conservative's dream. >> they want to live in the victorian era, but they want to live like well off people in the victorian era. >> and woody allen had the joke about how people who say they were reincar nateed they say i was cleopatra. it was never a lowly person. >> they are not an orphan who died at 11. they are well off victorian people. >> if you want to look like a
12:48 am
ghost, look like a ghost. >> it would be cool if they are pumping up blood. >> it is not on air. >> that's too much for you, andy levey. >> i would be into them if they were ghosts. >> wasn't it "others." that is a creepy movie. >> do you theng she wrote the blog post? >> do you ever stop and theng these are the people i'm defending? >> by the way i will tell them too, you victorian people you are welcome for your freedom. they are not watching you.
12:49 am
>> they would prefer if you were hetian. this is white privilege run a muck. >> there are people all around the world. >> exactly. >> minorities have to do that stuff i know that's a weird thing to say. >> weird and true. >> all right. we will close things out with silent cafes.
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coming up on the next "red eye" jimmy t nie gle. good news, there are now coffee shops where people aren't allowed to talk. the bad news is they can work on their screenplays. silent cafes have become popular in japan. it is a rising desire among young people to be alone. the rules are, you cannot speak. you order a drink and the
12:54 am
drink should last no longer than two hours. if you need to communicate, there are notepads to write on. what kind of antisocial loser would that appeal to? very funny, guys. in truth i love it so much i am considering moving to japan. >> the world is so noisy you have to find your center. you have to feed the chakra. i floated for 60 minutes. >> was it cool? >> i did not do a william hurt. it was lovely. i hallucinated a bit. >> by the way, are you still in the tank. >> let me out. >> you are also in the tank for hillary. >> some people including the "red eye" staff think this is
12:55 am
for losers. are they right? very nicely done. >> i am a professional. >> yes you are. >> i love it. i do. i am on your side. it is just one cafe where i don't have to hear people's pretentious coffee orders. >> i agree. why do you have to hear the name chatters of the people around you? >> i actually took a second to think about what is she doing? >> if you are going to buy a cup of coffee and you don't want to talk to anybody, then just leave. >> why? >> why don't you leave? >> i don't want to leave. >> why do i have to leave?
12:56 am
>> tune up. >> you're first on the depth list. >> he has a playing card with your face on it. >> they are only getting worse. >> that's terrifying. >> i get it. >> just stay home. >> why? >> they want to get out of the house. >> if you want to talk go to the nonsilent cafe. >> it is a lot about you and your cafe. >> i'm sorry. >> find me on linked in. >> you look pretty tonight. oh i love my job. >> you can't fire me. i am in the army. >> anthony, i think this would take a lot of the pressure out of a first date.
12:57 am
>> absolutely. you sit there and give each other notes back and forth. >> that's what i'm saying. >> see ya. gotta go.
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>> he says trump will not live in the white house. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. the win knowing of the presidential field has begun. rick perry announced just moments ago that he is out. >> today, i'm suspending my campaign for the president for the president of the united states. we have a tremendous field of candidates. probably the greatest group of men and women. i step aside knowing our party's in good hands. >> now, many saw this writing on the wall. perry's exit speech though


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