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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 12, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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live in the white house. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. the win knowing of the presidential field has begun. rick perry announced just moments ago that he is out. >> today, i'm suspending my campaign for the president for the president of the united states. we have a tremendous field of candidates. probably the greatest group of men and women. i step aside knowing our party's in good hands. >> now, many saw this writing on the wall. perry's exit speech though was filled with warnings for
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his party. joining us now chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> good day for perry folks. his problem was his last campaign. and this time his inability to raise money. his speeches campaign style did get but he never took off on the polls this time. he had not been paying staff for choice partying shots at donald trump. prerhetoric and been unone of the credited particulars of mr. trump since trump made his first now. now -- announcement. >> wisconsin governor scott walker who led polls two months ago is now tenth. next debate is into five days. >> trump leads but ben carson is right on his heels. trump resorted this week to questioning neurosurgeon and
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his faith. he refuses to trade insults with trump. is he hot right now. all three cable news channels took his conference live from ferguson, missouri today. he calmly gave the same answers to the same questions on race and other issues he faces daily. >> all black lives matter, including eradicated by abortions. >> others are taking on trump as a as far as sis sick evil that nike kel mad man, campaign of insults instead of ideas. they warn it hurts the g.o.p. and helps hillary clinton. trump's image is positive in iowa. carson is sky high but trump is among receivable candidates viewed favorably by 60% or more of likely caucus goers. trump's media rhetoric eclipses the competition and serious policy discussions. making it difficult for some to coax contributions out of donors. the stakes are high for next wednesday's debate at the reagan library in california. after adjusting the rules, the only woman in the g.o.p. race, carly fiorina has been added expanding the roster
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to 1 is 1 on cnn's prime time stage. the qualifying rules for the rest of the field in an earlier debate that evening have eliminated former virginia governor jim gilmore who failed to reach the needed 1% in at least 3 national polls. >> trump and jeb bush are virtually tied for the lead in one category of the q poll. 20 to 25% of caucus goers say they will definitely not vote for either of them. tough business particularly for perry today. >> do you think perry endorses quickly. >> probably take some time to figure over and figure how best to use the influence. he still has supporters still in iowa just not enough to make them float. >> thank you. now to 9/11. most people can tell you exactly where they were 14 years ago today. a day when america in shock over a brutal and deadly series of attacks that killed 3,000 innocent people and changed the world forever. since then, billions of dollars and countless lives have been devoted to the struggle against the kind of people who perpetrated those
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crimes. we have fox team coverage of white house how the obama. senior correspondent rick leventhal at ground zero tonight. >> hi, rick. >> good evening, bret. the crowd gross a bit smaller each year and the wounds may heal a bit more. this remains the most difficult day of the year relatives of the 9/11 attacks who come here to remember and pay respects and also give thanks for the support of the city and the nation. >> ♪. >> richard dennis allen. >> richard l. allen. >> christopher e.allinham. >> heart breaking ritual reported for the 14 year. >> i love you, michael. >> relatives lost on 9/11 2001. names of every man, woman and child taken from this earth in the terror attacks
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that forever changed america. >> and my brother-in-law peter mi. lano. pete, you are truly missed every single day. we love you. you are always in our heart. >> it's a tough day. we are surrounded on the memorial by thousands upon thousands of family members that are remembering this was the day that their loved one got up in the morning and went to work and didn't come home. ♪ [star-spangled banner] >> at the pentagon, a huge flag unfurled, a reminder of the star and stripes that were draped across the building after the attack. [bell toll] >> the president and first lady among those recognizing six moments of silence. when the planes hit the towers, when each tower fell, when flight 77 crashed into the pentagon and when passengers on flight 93 fought back against the hijackers crashing into a field near shanksville,
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pennsylvania. >> a new visitor's center opened at the shanksville site. loved ones and first responders paying their respects again today. >> my father, donald freeman greene. >> and today on this 14th anniversary, much of the focus is on the future with calls to educate our children about what happened on 9/11 since some were born after the attacks. and on funding to support the memorial and the museum and also to help pay the healthcare costs of the thousands of first responders said to be battling illnesses connected to their work on the pile so many years ago. that funding set to run out next year. bret? >> rick leventhal live at ground zero. rick, thank you. today is also the anniversary of the terror strikes that left four americans dead in benghazi, libya in 2012. the father of one of them tells fox news he is not going to let the story die. charles woods, whose son was former navy seal ty woods, was killed in benghazi,
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accuse the obama administration of a coverup and wanted to know what was said between then secretary of state hillary clinton. and president obama. clinton is expected to testify before the house committee the benghazi attacks next month. president obama said today he has had strong disagreements with the man who launched the global war on terror. his predecessor, george w. bush. but in remarks today, to troops, the incumbent president gives president bush great credit for bringing americans together in the immediate aftermath in of the 9/11 attacks. report from the white house how the jihadist threat has evolved and even grown under president obama's watch. >> in a town hall with troops at fort mead and others stationed worldwide, president obama argued a poor al qaeda has been dismantleed. >> what's happened with radical violent extremism is
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it's mess as it sized and spread to other areas. and right now, ground zero for those activities is in syria with isil. >> indeed in the battle against isis, the terrorist group that's overrun large swaths of iraq and syria since 2013, u.s. officials said coalition aircraft have struck 6700 targets and shrunk isis operating space by 30% inside iraq. >> but you don't feel comfortable saying "we're winning"? >> that's an assessment that the department of defense could share for you. >> you commander and chief you speak for him. >> there is at the present time to do play by play of military conflict. military pro-cigarettes has been made. there is tremendous amount of work that needs to be done. >> so help you got? >> so help me god. >> over president obama's first term, the number of i jihadist groups exploded by 58% according to a pentagon study prepared last year by the rand corporation that makes accurate intelligence more critical.
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even as the pentagon probes allegations that assessments of our campaign against isis are being sanitized and obama spokesman says the president has confidence in the nation's spy agencies but what about the isis intel he has received over the last six months? >> you are declining an opportunity to say he did have confidence in that intelligence? >> i think what i'm declining to do is to interfere in ongoing independent investigation. >> i have said all along the president's narrative has down played the threat. i believe that the world is a more dangerous place today than it was before 9/11. >> aids to president obama also said the u.s. has spent the last several months ramping up its capabilities to contend with terrorism sponsored and supported by the nation with which the president has negotiated his signature diplomatic initiative. iran. bret? >> james rosen live on the north lawn. james, thank you. russian's foreign minister is calling on world powers to help equip the syrian material fight against isis terrorists. but fox news has learned there may be much more to
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the russian build up in the world's most dangerous neighborhood. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight: >> a secret deal hammered out among sulemany and russian president vice president during a veto visit to moscow he in july resulted in the buildup of russian fighting forces in syria. western intelligence sources tell fox news the escalated russian military presence began just days after sulemany reported fox news in early august. the pentagon has tracked a military cargo plane which flew via iran landing in. >> russian military support for syria in a true talk today. >> engaging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that results in failure. >> more than 1,000 russian combatants some of them from the same plain clothes
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russian units sent to ukraine members of airborne rifle brigade the equivalent of u.s. army rangers. the ukraine's president russia is using the same play playbook they did in crimea. >> these days green men landing in the hundreds in syria. >> the state department continues to publicly down play the reports. >> i don't know that i would call it a build-up. it's unclear exactly what some of these military activities are all about. i don't know that, you know, we are ready at this point to call it a build-up, necessarily. : he visited 10 days after the nuclear deal was announced. despite a travel ban and u.n. security council resolutions, barring him from leaving iran. >> israeli security officials have been quoted saying iran has sent hundreds of fighters into syria in recent days to work with the russians. bret? >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. up next, why vice president joe biden may not run for president in his own words.
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first, this is what some of our fox affiliates are covering. jacksonville florida man though authorities say tried to help undercover fbi agent explode pressure cooker bomb at the 9/11 memorial in kansas city. claimed responsibility for helping inspire terrorist attacks in texas and australia. fox 45 in baltimore with the announcement from mayor stefanie rowling's blake that she will not seek re-election. this comes just days after city officials authorized a 6.5-million-dollar settlement if with the family of a man who died in police custody and the controversy over how she handled the ensuing protests. and this is a live look at detroit from our affiliate fox 2, the big story there tonight the expulsion of one republican state lawmaker and the resignation of another in a bizarre sex scandal. representative todd corser admitted sending a phony email accusing himself of being a quote bisexual porn addicted sex deviant.
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aimed at making his real life affair seem less believable if it were exposed by anonymous blackmailer. that's live look from outside the beltway from "special
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there are new questions tonight about whether vice president joe biden will enter a democratic race that seems a lot more winnable now because of hillary clinton's problems. biden bore his soul last night on tv. correspondent peter doocy reports it was moving and, perhaps, telling. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. for the first time last night the vice president explained he may not be able to run for president because he doesn't think a candidate can break down the way he met with veterans in colorado this summer. >> >> it was going great and a guy in the back yells major
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beau biden bronze star, served with him in iraq. and all of a sudden, i lost it. >> still that interview inspired a rare, encouraging comment from a former member of obama's inner circle. speech writer jon favreau colbert interview shows why joe biden is one of the best interviews we have in service. i'm with colbert, he should run. the one person who won't influence his decision at all is hillary clinton. >> everybody talks about a lot of the factors, the other people in the race, whether i can raise the money, whether i can put together an organization. that's not the factor. the factor is can i do it. >> that kind of candor has made biden the honest and trustworthy in a new poll even though he says there is no timetable to jump. in the v.p. has been spending time with strategically important
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friends though just in case. >> build labor, we build america. build labor, we build the middle class. >> only joe biden knows what happens next. but when somebody at the ed sullivan theater last night shouted for him to run, the vp smiled and said:able careful what you wish for. bret? >> peter, thank you. if you google the words tonight hillary clinton and panic, you have plenty of reading to do. the assessment by many pundits is if her campaign isn't there yet, it should be. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the latest tonight. another hit in the polls this was not the image her campaign needed. a collapse of the stage at the university of wisconsin, milwaukee. particularly rough coming just hours after fox news reported clinton's earlier event in ohio was only about half full. so clinton and her aides raced to tout the larger size of the wisconsin event. clinton spokesman nic merrill tweeting to fox,
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quote: this is just the overflow as clinton greeted supporters in the overflow room. >> i'm sorry that there wasn't enough room in the other venue but boy, it's great to see all of you, thank you. >> clinton is under intense pressure from campaign donors to show she can halt the clash with the email controversy. nationally clinton has dropped 10 points in a month. she is at 37% while democratic socialist senator bernie sanders pulls in 27% and vice president joe biden gets 200%. while biden leads donald trump and jeb bush in head-to-head matchups. clinton is in a dead heat with both republicans. democrat bob kerrey told fox business clinton's explanations over her server simply don't add up. >> it wasn't because she wanted to carry two cell phones around. she is secretary of state. give me the red one, give me the blue one. who the hell cares? clinton is being rolled out
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in chicago pinch hitting for his wife who cancelled her chicago visit to add more campaigning in new hampshire where she now trails sanders. bret? >> ed, thank you. still ahead, as the fight good night against isis drags on, a look at how america responded with lightning speed after 9/11. first a shocking turn in the investigation into the death of a veteran suburban chicago police officer. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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shocking news tonight from chicago. it has to do with that investigation into the death last week of a well-liked veteran suburban police officer and the ensuing hunt for what authorities told reporters were three cop killers. correspondent matt senne has details from chicago. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> people from all over the
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nation tuned in on tv and thousands attended the funeral this week for lt. joseph gliniewicz, the fallen police officer was hailed as a hero who was shot to death in the line of duty. now in a stunning twist, fox news has learned that some close to the investigation believe that gliniewicz's death might have been a well-staged suicide. a source who was a member of the task force tells fox news the evidence suggests the possibility that officer joseph gliniewicz might have killed himself. the source says gliniewicz's body was discovered face down in a remote area. his service weapon next to him had. two shell casings were found. one came from a shot that hit gliniewicz' kevlar vest. roughly you another feet away another casing found from the fatal shot that struck gliniewicz underneath his vest downward trajectory. sources say one hand is found underneath his chest in what is described as gun holding position. he had no defensive wounds and no sign of a struggle, especially one to save his
1:25 am
own live. officer gliniewicz's last radio calls are the indication of any suspects. there are no witnesses and there have been no arrests. >> the county coroner also tells me suicide is a possibility. and while police say they haven't ruled anything out, they insist this remains a homicide investigation. either way the death of gliniewicz is a tragedy. the community so far has rallied behind the family and is hosting a fundraising event tonight. bret? >> matt senne live in chicago. thank you. >> the dow was up 103 points. the s&p 500 grew 9 the nasdaq 26. short trading week the dow and s&p 500 were both up 2%. nasdaq jumped up almost 3 %. the house today cast largely symbolic votes against the president's iran nuclear deal and sought to radio strict his authority to lift sanctions against tehran. this happens one day after the senate ensured the
1:26 am
administration can implement the accord without having to veto a congressionally passed resolution of disapproval. >> if the president of the united states was able to walk on water, there would be people in this chamber that would say, see, we told you that he couldn't swim. >> the oldest trick in the book, if you cannot win a debate on the merits is to impugn the other person's motives. >> republicans say the agreement virtually guarantees iran will get a bomb eventually. democrats say it keeps them from having one now. czech slovac, polish and hungarian officials are rejecting germany's call for quota system to help deal with the crisis. convince migrants there will be enough busses to carry them to the capital of vienna. a throng of refugees set out
1:27 am
for foot vienna from the border with hungary, authorities have who briefly close a expressway because of potential closure to the migrants, most abandoned the 40-mile trek in favor of those buses. be sure to check out the game vine handshake. go to my blog at the daily you can also get there from home page. how america's initial response to 9/11 compares to the fight against terror right now.
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on this 9/11 anniversary, a look at the past and the present. the obama administration is currently being criticized by how it's waging a war against isis and radical islam in general. most times on this day we rightly focus on the nearly 3,000 lives lost here on our soil. sometimes we forget the pace and force of the military and intelligence communities' response immediately afterwards. one year after the 9/11 attacks, september 2002, i was a reporter at the pentagon for fox and we put together this piece about the effort by green berets and cia officers alongside indigenous afghan forces to oust the taliban and take out al qaeda training camps in afghanistan. fewer than 100 u.s. personnel did that in less than 100 days. ♪ >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears
1:32 am
you. and the people. [cheers] and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. [cheers] [chanting u.s.a.] >> 23 days later, america struck back. >> only way to deal with it is to take the battle to where they are and to root them out. >> this just released video from an f-16 on a bombing run shows the very first targets hit inside afghanistan on october 7th. loaded with bombs painted in memory of fallen firefighters and policemen, u.s. firefighters set out to destroy al qaeda training camps and taliban air defenses. after just two nights of precision air strikes -- >> we believe we are now able to carry out strikes more or less around the clock. >> on the ground and in secret. u.s. soldiers were already
1:33 am
working with afghan opposition groups from the very start of the u.s. campaign. defense secretary donald rumsfeld. >> it was quite obvious that this was going to be a bit more like an iceberg there would be some small portion above the surface of the sea and then the bulk of what was taking place would be down below and not visible. >> not visible until october 19th, when more than 1100 special ops troops parachuted into an air field in southern afghanistan. the taliban leaders personal compound with video cameras in tow. chairman of the joint chiefs general richard meyers. >> the intent was to sent a message to adversaries that we are going to do whatever it takes. >> it was the invisible work by u.s. special forces soldiers hauling in air strikes and directing afghan opposition fighters that made the difference. >> the ones in the light camouflage garb are in fact american special forces. >> on horseback? >> on horseback in
1:34 am
afghanistan. >> to embed talented u.s. special forces people in with each of these various so-called war lords or local army and have them develop confidence in each other and then begin to develop our air power to what they were doing on the ground. that turned the tide. >> one by one the afghan cities started to fall to the u.s.-led opposition forces. the taliban strong hold of kandahar was the last to fall. commanding general tommy franks -- >> -- taliban forces have been engaged as they have moved out of the city of kandahar. >> from the air, escaping al qaeda and taliban convoys were identified and destroyed. >> you will see an individual walk between the two vehicles just before a guided ammunition destroys both vehicles. >> hundreds of captured enemy fighters were taken to afghan prisons around the country. prisoners held at a fortress
1:35 am
had managed to embezzling weapons inside. on november 25th they took over killing 40 afghan guards and one american. cia officer mike spang, the first american killed by enemy fire. after three days of blood shed, and more than 400 prisoners killed, the uprising was put down with the help of u.s. and british special forces. american john walker lyndh was one of the taliban fighters taken alive. >> there are a lot more of them out there. so what we will continue to do is move them around, keep them on the move. keep them desion chronnized and continued to tighten the noose. >> in late november, the noose had tightened on a massive mountain range along the afghan/pakistan border. u.s. warplanes constantly bombed, moving fighters in the torah bora region. the hunt took u.s. troops further south. >> an operation called
1:36 am
anaconda designed to squeeze the gathering al qaeda fighters out of their mountain hideouts. [gunfire] >> in the largest ground action of the war, with more than 11,000 u.s. troops and 1500 afghan soldiers. first lt. darryl mcdonough commanded one of the first groups of soldiers to fly into the fight. >> as we were landing, rounds were hitting the helicopter. and the tail gunner on the think nook was returning fire with his 60. so right off the bat it was this is real. >> eight u.s. soldiers lost their lives in that valley in the first 18 days of the battle. more than 3500 bombs later operation anaconda was over. hundreds of the enemy were believed dead but an unknown number got away. them on in theirrints. backyard, a place where the russians were defeated time
1:37 am
and time again. they called it the meat grinder because they lost so many people in there. we went in therenned a killed several hundreds of al qaeda, so they have left and they have got to other places. we have to go find them. >> our target was to free the afghan people from the taliban and the al qaeda repressive leadership. and get them out of the country. and that's been done. >> steadfast in our purpose, we now press on. we have known freedom's price, we have shown freedom's power, and in this great conflict, my fellow americans, we will see freedom's victory. may god bless. >> a piece from 2002. we'll talk more about the contrast between now and then when the panel joins me on this 9/11 anniversary after a quick barack.
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>> a me. of silence -- a moment of silence around new york and the country. as remember 9/11 and all those who lost their lives on this day. this as the war on terror continues in a different way. you just saw that piece from 2002. now there are real challenges for this administration. one of them is syria and the effort to get syrian rebels in place. this piece from politico with all the u.s.-trained fighters dead, captured or missing, and their leader in the hands of al qaeda, top u.s. commanders are scrambling this week to determine how to revive the half billion-dollar program to create a moderate syrian material fight the islamic state. the outgoing of the chief of staffs general martin dempsey who viewed the force as a crulment of the military strategy in syria and iraq is conferring with
1:42 am
top pentagon officials behind closed doors to figure out what options are left for what is widely considered a policy and military failure according to senior defense officials. let's start there let's bring in our panel jonah goldberg senior editor at national review. care citizen powers "u.s.a. today" columnist and syndicated columnist chalk. crawted? , jonah? >> i don't think the country is better shape 15 days before 9/11 or the day after. i think that the war on terror in many ways is worse. certainly the ideology has metastasized that isis is a problem. that is much greater than al qaeda ever was. and talk about syria for just a moment. the effort to combat isis in syria, this its harnt resolve and training of this army that never materialized, you talk to some intelligence people and they say that this makes the bay of pigs look like the normandy landing it has been
1:43 am
so unbelievably incompetent. i think that, you know, you can put a lot of blame on bush for going into the iraq war that's a fine argument to have. there is a lot of blame to go on president obama for how we got out of iraq and the mess he has left in the middle east. >> i guess kirsten the contrast what we saw after 9/11 and obviously the country was unified on 9/12 to do something quickly but then to see the inability to get a moderate syrian force or any force to do anything in syria is kind of shocking >> also, because i think part of it was the threat was so down played if you remember how it was down played by president obama that we had basically taken care of this problem. we now find out that it looks like it's possible that the books were being cooked by the intelligence analysis was saying it was a much bigger threat than what we were hearing about. and then somewhere in the -- you know, the where it was getting transmitted up to the white house it was changing into something that
1:44 am
was much lesser of a threat which would suggest that the white house was asking for this because it is really not in the intelligence agency's interest to be down playing terror threats. >> and that's interesting. that piece, jawms rosen pressed at the white house the other day about, remember candidate obama pressed about the bush administration saying that they were cooking the books on the iraq war. and now there are allegations from 50 intel analysts that that's what's happened. >> look, when you have an operation that's utterly incompetent as the fictional syrian army, 60 people that we had trained, all of whom i you believe are lost, missing, or captured or dead, you have to cook the books. but it seems to me the bigger issue is do we have the leadership, the will in the country. the will depends on leadership to maintain generational struggle. we remember the cold war as this wonderful, great victory. we're all united. we weren't.
1:45 am
it lasted almost half a century. we had a victory or two at the beginning, turkey and greece in the truman days and then it was a terrible slog, korea, vietnam with defeats, the bay of pigs. but, in the end, we had leadership. every president said, starting with especially kennedy in 1961, it is a long twilight struggle. what we are getting here and what we got for the last six years with obama is a president who said this war is unsustainable, it's hurting us. it's changing us in ways it's god to end. as if -- it's got to end. as if we could decree it's end. the tide of war is receding. no surprise the country doesn't want to continue the struggle. and it seems to me there is one other mistake. we always identify it with al qaeda or isis and the sunni radicals. the other church of radical islam is iran. shiite and it is organized country with a huge economy with oil and we have now, as
1:46 am
of yesterday, made it into a major regional power which will acquire nuclear weapons this is a long twilight struggle and it looks as if we have leadership that doesn't want to recognize it and wants to live in a different universe. >> in the changing geopolitical situation we have seen as the u.s. steps back a bit, perhaps, russia has stepped forward. we confirm that russian forces are on the ground in syria first. and there are are big numbers. tonight, senior defense official is saying that components of russian surface-to-air missiles have been seen in syria. and the president talked about russia in syria today. >> i remember a conversation i had with mr. putin four or five years ago where i told him that was a mistake, it would make things worse as long as continued to support assad. he did not take my warnings and as a consequence things
1:47 am
have gotten worse. but we are going to be engaging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that's doomed to failure. >> jonah? >> i love that. you know, if only -- the problem is only that putin didn't listen to me. right? i mean that is the gist of it. this is a a guy who came in promising a re-set and was based on ideological point of view about the world and whenever reality diverge with the the ideological point of view he stayed with his ideological point of view. russia he mocked mitt romney russian was evil threat. poo pooed. the world was much more dangerous place than when barack obama took office. >> quickly, kirsten, you talk to democrats on the hill they see iran how they got it through as a struck tri. but, you know, is he is talking about russia there. they are not listening. china is behind the hack on the government opm system.
1:48 am
and iran now is emboldened. >> right. yeah. well it's interesting to listen even in the tone that he is using and the way is talking to, you know, to putin as though putin is going to just not do something because barack obama said it's a mistake. i think it's so disengaged, right? it's not this -- you need to threaten him, basically. like you can't just tell him not it do it because it's a mistake. >> next up. the friday lightning round. a lot of politics.
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it is time for us to elevate this debate from divisive name-calling, from
1:52 am
sound bites without solutions and start discussing how we will make the country better for all if a conservative is elected president. >> former texas governor rick perry dropping out of the race today. what about that? we're back with the panel, jonah? >> you think it's something of a shame. if this rick perry had run in 2012, we might be looking at the end of his first term as president. he mailed it in the first time around and he never recovered from the damage he did to his reputation from that. you think he did husband homework this tomb and i think it's kind of a shame. >> kirsten? >> yeah. you think it was obviously impossible for him to recover from the last election and also i you think it's a hard time to be an establishment candidate. one of 17 and also one of the establishment candidates. somebody who holds elective office if you look at the polls that's not really a popular thing right now. >> charles, you said that gilmore would be the first to drop out when we asked. >> i think gilmore was dropped out by somebody
1:53 am
else. cnn isn't having him in the debate so i think. >> qualifies as a win for you? >> i will call it a win if you like. one other factor, not the determining one, but he joined the race last time around right after surgery. he was not in any shape to do anything, let alone to run for president. and he was also unprepared. he thought he could sail in and he was playing in the major leagues without having played a game in the minors. that doomed him. he didn't have a chance this time around. >> all right. vice president joe by biden on cbs last night with an emotional appearance saying how, basically, charles, it's tough to emotionally get off and over, of course, the loss of his son bee beau biden and that may factor into his decision. >> i still think in the end he will runs specially because of what beau said to him, "i want you to run." i do think the appearance last night is the perfect illustration of why is rising and hillary is
1:54 am
crashing. that was authenticity of a kind that was almost painful to watch. and you watch hillary with her contrived answers and her apologies and you see exactly why she is sliding. >> first national poll, kirsten, that has hillary below 40%, and that's what we were told the biden people were watching for. >> they were talking to people close to him and the thing he cares most about is a democrat carrying on obama's, you know, the next term of obama, essentially. and he feels that he is the person who can be that person, then he dual it. if he he feels like hillary is the person who can do it, then he dual it he has to feel like she isn't going to be able to go the distance to get into the race. >> i think that's exactly why he is a problematic replacement for hillary. yeah, he is a better plugs for hillary. hillary is a bad candidate. but, biden is even more tied to the obama record. he will not brook any attacks on the obama record. and the idea of putting an even more ardent stay the course candidate at a time when everyone wants an outsider and some fresh blood i think is -- just
1:55 am
shows you how much damage obama done to the party it's all these old guys and they don't haveny fresh faces that can come in. >> here is fresh face on the republican side governor scott walker today. >> now more than ever we need your help going forward. i would love to have your support. i would love to have your vote. love to have you help us get others to caucus for us because, in the end, that's what this is all about. it's all about the grass roots. >> in iowa, dropping, i mean every day, jonah. >> yeah. he peaked too soon he didn't know how to handle being a frontrunner and now he doesn't know how to be in the back of the pack. >> he is a one rise to fame fighting the with the unions. that wasn't enough. he needed to show something more and he wasn't able to do it. >> come back? >> it's going to be hard. he is he a regional candidate that very well running in one state. couldn't nationalize it. he is -- it's not over o. you can have a miracle like mccain, but it's very, very long shot. >> that is it for this panel. stay tuned for this week's
1:56 am
winners and losers,
1:57 am
1:58 am
1:59 am
behalf path finally tonight, we're back with the panel's winners and losers of the week. charles. >> loser the congress unstead of requiring 67 senators to support a treaty he was able to pass it with less than a majority. winner is queen elizabeth, a long figure of ridicule emerges as a noble monarch who devoted her life to carrying out the most boring job on earth. >> kirsten. >> my windsor donald trump for being the first candidate to break 30% in the polls. my loser is theater in england which announcedthat they are going to have no quarps in their snow white production because the word quarp is too offensive. they will call production snow white and her seven friends but they were blasted by a famous dwarf who says this is offensive and is taking away jobs for divawrps. >> martin o'malley is a
2:00 am
loser because he couldn't make more than a 1.70 in the street. winner are is britney last surviving 9/11 search dog. >> good night fnc. remember, the spin stops here as we're looking out for you. it is the story of bravery, selflessness and a little bit of luck that made international headlines. and tonight, for the very first time three young americans who prevented what could have been a large-scale terrorist attack on a passenger train sit down with yours truly for an exclusive interview. what went through their minds at the time and how are they dealing with the aftermath? we will cover it all. welcome to "the kelly file." everyone, terror on a train. i'm megyn kelly reporting tonight from sacramento. it is not lost on us that this is also a day that our nation pauses to grieve and remember the nearly 3,000 innocent souls who lost their lives on a


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