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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 12, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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week. donald trump's poll numbers continue to rise in the hawkeye state, and that's where you're looking live right now as a crowd of about 1,000 folks await him. mike emanuel is on the trail with donald trump in boone, iowa. meanwhile, hillary clinton is struggling to deal with plunging poll numbers and a surging campaign opponent in bernie sanders. we'll look at what she did this week to try and turn things around. and this 9-year-old ball catching beagle. that's the beagle. is breaking the record books literally as part of the brand-new list of guinness world records. as we all take a collective
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aww for the beagle and ball catching abilities, thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm leland vittert. >> and i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to "america's headquarters" in washington. pulling away from the gop presidential pack, donald trump is sitting at number one in national polls and in the latest poll in the state of iowa right now where the billionaire businessman is campaigning. he's set to speak to supporters at any minute. mike emanuel joins us now from boone, iowa. hi, mike. >> reporter: elizabeth, good afternoon. donald trump is on his way here to boone, iowa, where, at this point in the race, it is shaping up to be a two-man race in iowa. the latest quinnipiac survey has trump way out front with dr. ben carson second at 21%, ted cruz third, jeb bush, marco rubio, carly fiorina, john kasich, mike huckabee, rand paul and scott
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walker rounding out the top ten. the shocker is governor walker from wisconsin, the very early iowa front-runner, has dropped to tenth place. marco rubio is also here in the hawkeye state for the weekend. we caught up with him checking out a little iowa high school football action and greeting possible supporters. i asked rubio about trump's lead in iowa and the florida senator took this swipe. >> the presidency is a very important position. the words matter. when a president says something, it has an impact and it's important, yes, we need to be frustrated but we have to turn that frustration into action not into insults. >> reporter: kentucky senator rand paul is also back on the trail here in iowa. he says his focus is on the youth vote this weekend and acknowledged he needs to make steady progress and have a moment to change his poll numbers. i asked the senator about trump and he called him a fake conservative. >> as people examined his policies they're going to go,
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oh, my goodness, i don't support the government taking people's property. i don't support more taxes. i don't support obamacare. how can i support a guy who has backed all those things. >> reporter: so we expect to hear from trump in a matter of a few minutes. i should note here in boone we are close to ames, iowa, hoeing the traditional iowa versus iowa state football game. so attracting a big crowd in iowa on the day of that big game is difficult. >> mike emanuel reporting live. thank you, mike. of course when donald trump takes the stage, we will take that live. leland? in other republican campaign news, while trump's campaign is soaring, as mike pointed out, rick perry's has crashed. he is the first major candidate to call it quits. per perry's campaign struggled financially and he was barely registering in the polls.
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he ended his second bid yesterday. >> we have a tremendous field of candidates. probably the great eest group o men and women. i step aside knowing our party's in good hands. it's been an honor to learn to speak with the american people of their hopes and dreams. to see a sense of optimism, being prevalent despite this season of cynical politics. >> okay. and it's time to put on your political pundit hat. looking back on the governor's campaign, what do you think about it? you can send us your tweets @lelandvittert or @elizabethprann and we'll read some of your thoughts later on in the show.
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>> it seems like almost every day another poll showing hillary clinton's numbers at new lows come out and her competition taking a giant sized bite out of her once seemingly insurmountable number. a new poll out this week finds sanders has jumped into the lead in iowa by one point. that's bernie sanders, the socialist senator. kno knocking hillary clinton down a dozen points since july. sanders now has the lead. this after new hampshire voters picked the vermont senator, 49% to clinton's 38%. a change of about 19 points since july. huge drop for the former secretary of state. so will the fall continue? let's bring in national politics reporter for the pittsburgh tribune review. start with this. how low can hillary clinton's numbers go? is there a firewall or does it keep falling? >> well, i think there is a firewall this summer and i think she has designed it to be in the south. i've been reporting all summer i
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didn't think she would do well in iowa and new hampshire eventually. it was going to be hard to sustain her early lead because of the erosion of trust that she has suffered in how she has handled the e-mail controversy about her server when she was secretary of state. so i think what clinton has designed to do is to make the k south carolina and florida and these southern states as places where she can bounce her candidacy back up and hopefully win. i think part of what's clouding that is the possibility that vice president joe biden jumped into the race. >> let's take a look at the national polls, though. important to think about obviously iowa and new hampshire are unique populations nationally and you take into account more urban areas, socioeconomic, hillary clinton has lost dozens of points since july. bernie sanders has ticked up there eight points. you can see it on the screen. are her fund-raisers getting
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nervous? is the democratic establishment starting to say we need to have plan "b"? >> well, i think a lot of people are starting to get nervous. she has had a hard time connecti with voters and that's reflected in the events that she has the past two weeks, one is in cleveland and columbus, ohio, yesterday, have had weak attendance and not a lot of enthusiasm. >> our ed henry pointed that out and sent pictures in of empty rooms there in ohio, something the campaign certainly wasn't very happy about and obviously it certainly brought in -- there's a picture of one of the empty rooms, the camera keeps going. there you see the stage set up, not the crowds they had wanted. these kinds of images have to be really giving a lot of weight now to the idea of a joe biden run. take a liten to what he said on colbert a couple nights ago.
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>> it was going great and a guy in the back said, major joe biden, served with him in iraq. and all of a sudden i lost it. >> the vice president speaking about his son who passed away a little while ago. there's an authenticity about joe biden. seems to be tapping into a certain part of the american populace and one that is longing for some kind of difference in the kind of politicians they're looking for. >> right. biden has all had a great ability to connect to voters. last week in pittsburgh when he marched in the labor day parade, there wasn't a person he didn't shake hands with and you could feel not only the energy from him but feel it back from the people. they loved this guy, flaws and
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all, because he is to them just like them and that's part of the appeal in a populous movement is to connect to the people who want to lead you. >> all right, we'll see what happens with vice president biden's decision over the next couple of weeks presumably before the democratic debate and also watch bill clinton who is heading to chicago to help out his wife. salena will cover it all for "the pittsburgh review." thank you very much and we'll talk to you. all the best. >> thank you. >> my grants will flee their syrian homes by the end of this year. we have seen thousands escape hungry serbia, italy and germany, walking across borders in dangerous weather conditions. jumping on trains, boarding boats facing treacherous seas. how the european union is trying to deal with this crisis.
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hi, john. >> reporter: the eu wants the various member countries to share the responsibility of taking in all of these migrants and refugees as well. one official said earlier today that his country is, quote/unquote, reaching its limits. now the flow of refugees and migrants as we saw continued today. germany as far as the numbers go is expecting another 40,000 migrants over the weekend. adding to the already 450,000 that have poured into this country alone with estimates of 800,000 by the end of 2015. hungary has taken in about 150,000 so far this year. now going back to the initial question, the eu commission announced plans for its member countries to share the responsibility of taking in 120,000 to 160,000 migrants and
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refugees. hungary, the czech republic, poe lapp poland forced to take in new arrivals. hungary is preparing to shut down its bored they are week with the country's prime minister. the eu should really step up its overall aid. that said there has been support, however, across europe for the refugees and migrants for people joining in on what they called a day of action today including a massive rally in london where tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of central london. that doesn't quell the division among the various countries including germany and hungary. another person in charge of the affairs said the pace at which people are coming into his country is, quote, breathtaking.
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>> john huddy reporting live. thank you very much. here at home this week president obama committed the u.s. to taking tens of thousands of migrants beginning in october they have acted slower because it must do intensive vetting. but how well can that be done in a crisis of this magnitude and how could this affect our homeland security? a cia covert operations officer and the senior policy adviser on counterterrorism and init tell generals, the chairman on the house homeland security committee, joshua, thank you for joining us. we're hearing reports of tens of thousands at a time, we know the civil war in syria has been going on more than four years. we saw upwards of 4.7 million refugees. what's the real number we're looking at here? >> the number of refugees worldwide is well over 4 million and it will increase.
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and the only stop to this is a resolution to the war inside syria. nothing else is going to stop the refugee crisis. so what should the u.s. be doing to prepare for these people? >> the one thing we should not be doing at all is to just set an arbitrary number. it's a nice being round number. this thing called vetting but without any details and from somebody who has vetted people on the intelligence front, i will tell you that this is an impossible task. vetting anybody coming into the united states will not be realistic. it's not going to find the needles in the haystack. what we're seeing already inside the refugees is that people are claiming they're syrian refugees but are really not from syria.
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this is a real big issue. >> people at home, what is the u.s. doing and is the u.s. working with european counterparts? like you said these people are coming from areas that we know al qaeda exists. people could be afraid. what if they live in a hometown where they know refugees will be moving there? >> this is exactly why we need to press the administration for more answers and what they will do for vetting. vetting is a term we hear in a lot of cia movies. i would challenge the administration to come out and tell us how they're going to do it. the devil is in the details. what i can tell you we need to mark the clip right now because going into the future a year, two years, we're going to look at what i'm saying here today and anybody that we're going to allow to come into the united states there is a risk there. there are going to be people
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allowed into this country that have no desire to do anything but to harm us and we are going to, unfortunately, see the effects of this for years to co come. if i was the average american, this would worry me. >> i want to switch gears here because the pentagon inspector general is investigating a complaint by 50 central command intelligence analyst who is say senior officials changed their report to paint a rosier picture in the fight against isis. if this does turn out to be true, how big is this development? this is not something that is possible -- this absolutely did happen. what we have seen, unfortunately, from the military and from senior civilian leadership within the defense agency as well as through the department of defense is they are really caving in to the
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political pressure from the administration. this is a disaster. >> if you say they cave to political pressure, how do americans get the truth? they want to know what the picture really looks like. >> they're not going to get it here. the administration has a political endand we know that is to say that we are making progress in syria, that we are preventing terrorist attacks on the united states. the numbers, the ground truth is starkly different and, on top of that, the administration has absolutely decimated our ground intelligence in syria years ago. so to say we understand what's going on in syria is a falsehood. >> we heard from the former cia director mike morales say if so he hopes someone is held responsible. >> and they need to be because we as americans need to have faith in that intelligence apparatus.
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senior department of defense officials need to either resign or be fired and held accountable here. >> joshua katz, thank you for joining us and bringing your expertise to this. appreciate it. a quick programming note, tomorrow on "fox news sunday" chris wallace talks to homeland security chairman ron johnson and foreign relations committee member chris murphy about how the migrant crisis is affecting us here at home. of course check your local listings for times. leland? a shake-up in egypt's government today has happened amid a corruption investigation. prime minister and his cabinet resigned today. the resignations have been accepted but the manipulates terse will stay on until a new cabinet appointed. also egypt's agriculture minister was detained amid allegations he and others received over $1 million in bribes. two nearly simultaneous explosions at a packed restaurant in india have left more than 80 people dead and dozens injured. it happened in central india
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during the breakfast rush. a cooking gas cylinder exploded and triggered a second blast of mine stored next door. at least 82 bodies were pulled from the rubble. a live look right now at boone, iowa, where a crowd is foregoing the iowa/iowa state football game to come out here. they're waiting for mr. trump, as are we. we'll bring you back to boone, iowa, when he takes the stage. what happened to bring this giant crane crashing down on hundreds of muslim worshippers in mecca. the american hero who took down a terrorist onboard a speeding train are speaking out to fox news. >> what has been the most emotional part? >> a little girl was asking me if i could fly and i was like
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that made me melt. oh, my gosh. i'm like these kids' heroes right now. this is insane. >> he is that and insane is one word for it. we'll hear more from the three close friends who got a hero's welcome home the and after days of terrifying attacks on one of america's busiest highways, could police finally have a break in the case? our will carr is standing by in phoenix. hi, will. >> reporter: leland, the good news authorities are questioning a person of interest. the bad news is they tell me their prime suspect is still out there. i'll have a live report coming up from phoenix after the break.
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more than 100 people are dead after a crane accident in saudi arabia's grand mosque. it happened when a violent thunderstorm ripped through mecca just ahead of the start of the annualpilgrimage. the crane punched through the ceiling of the mosque. the grand mosque draws muslims from around the world and numbers increase, of course, in the months leading up to the haj. police are questioning a
10:24 am
person of interest in the string of arizona highway shootings. but say he isn't the prime suspect. since august 29 phoenix area drivers are in fear every time they hit the road. will carr is live in phoenix with the latest. hi, will. >> reporter: we just got an example how on edge drivers here in phoenix are about 20, 30 minutes ago a driver who was here on i-10 called authorities and said that she had been shot. drivers certainly still on high alert here. i got off the phone with authorities and they tell me their prime suspect or suspects are still on the loose. a man by the name of oscar munoz was taken in for questioning yesterday after he was picked up outside a convenience store.
10:25 am
he bragged to friends about the involvement in a shooting. munez says he was buying cigarettes with his mom and had no idea why police think he's involved. >> i keep on asking them and they're like, we can't tell you. can't tell you. they put me down on the ground. >> reporter: munoz was later booked on a separate gun charge. this morning authorities tell me he is not our guy. of the 11 shootings that have happened in the past 13 days, the last was on thursday. authorities are asking for drivers to remain vigilant, working 24/7 looking at surveillance video from the area. they also say they need the public's help to keep an eye out to see if any other things happen in the coming days. now the local paper at the same time is reporting that authorities believe there were
10:26 am
three separate shooters in the case. police tell me this morning that's not the case. they do not have that theory but when pressed, elizabeth, they did admit that there could be more than one shoot er still ou there. elizabeth? >> we'll keep you updated. thank you so much. did this story, two wives and two tragic deaths both caused by what their husbands says were tragic accidents. prosecutors beg to differ. a sensational murder trial gets under way in denver. our legal panel is here to weigh in. >> who is either the most unlucky husband in the world, or he's got some real issues here with how his two wives came to die. plus, what a catch over and over and over again. liz's dog can do that, right? it's not only unbelievably cute, it is one for the record books. stick around for more of the video. we'll be back soon.
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fox news alert, boone, iowa, right now where there's about 1,000 folks who decided to skip the withiowa/iowa state footbal game to hear donald trump. we've been waiting since about the top of the hour for him to come out. they've been piping in music and the crowd is awaiting their man. we'll see if that guy gives us any better idea in terms of when we might hear from mr. trump. elizabeth? a warning aimed at the u.s. by a russian official may deepen a frosty relationship between the two countries.
10:32 am
the russian official called for cooperation in syria to avoid, quote, unintended incidents, that moscow is using military to support syria's embattled president. kristen fisher joins us live with more on this story. >> reporter: russia is sending troops and quiequipment. though moscow claims we share a common enemy in isis, the chance of the u.s. and russian military encountering each other is growing more and more likely by the day. they are trying to avoid unintended incidents. russia supports syrian president al asad. they are building up at a rapid rate in order to protect assad.
10:33 am
they say they are sending equipment to help him fight isis. >> translator: if a priority is to fight against terrorism selfish considerations like changing of power in syria should be put aside. all the more so when previous attempt to change in iraq,libya have led to the growth of the terrorist threat. >> reporter: yesterday president obama met with groups pushing back. he want russia to stop sending support to assad. >> we are going to be engaging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that's doomed to fail. this is going to be a long discussion that we'll be having with the russians but it is not going to prevent us from continuing to go after isil very hard. >> reporter: both obama and russian president putin will be
10:34 am
at the general assembly in new york. for now the two leaders have no plans to meet in person. >> but if they did, wouldn't you want to be a fly on the wall for that? kristin fisher following that story. more with jack keen on russia's involvement coming up in the next hour. but as we move on to a murder mystery that has grabbed headlines nationwide, a colorado man is accused of shoving his wife off a cliff to collect more than $4.5 million in life insurance policies. and prosecutors say he may have done something similar to his first wife. dare i say not someone you would want to marry your sister. harold and toni went for a hike in colorado rocky mountain national park to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary. it ended with toni dead at the bottom of a cliff. prosecutors say he carefully planned his wife's death, an "x" on a trail map where she died.
10:35 am
the defense says no. all right, ted, it seems at some point, though, how many times can your wife die under very mysterious circumstances before it's a crime? >> like you said, i want want this guy to marry my sister. there's clearly a strong circumstantial case here, leland. when you look at the fact his first wife died under mysterious circumstances, crushed under a vehicle he was changing the flat, that he took this woman out, his wife hiking, there were three policies that added up to $4.5 million that she did not know of. she dies. the medical examiner says there was some cpr he gave her but no chest compressions were there. it's clearly a strong circumstantial evidence case. wouldn't you agree with me, counselor?
10:36 am
>> you have a guy where two things happened that independently would have been seen as accidents and now he's going to be prosecuted for murder. jurors don't want to think this could happen by freak chance. you have 300 million people in america. some people out there where two bad things happen and that shouldn't be enough alone to convict. >> but how do you explain the things ted pointed out? he said he did cpr, there was no evidence of cpr. her lipstick wasn't smudged. on top of that he had done this hike nine other times, there was an "x" on the trail mark. none of this adds up to be the distraught husband who happened to have this. >> the medical examiner testifying that the cpr compression marks didn't look to be there, the lipstick looked wrong. that medical examiner when he first saw the body he didn't think anything was amiss. look, you can't tell whether
10:37 am
someone was pushed or fell. it's only after he was told, hey, this guy had another wife who died that he starts looking. >> the anonymous letter. >> you have to lake into consideration the inconsistent testimony of what he said to his brother-in-law. >> we're going to put this on pause one second as we go back to boone, iowa, where donald trump has taken the stage. >> what do we like? should we give out a couple today? that's good. that's good. beautiful. you like that? beautiful. don't sell it tonight. we'll see it on ebay. i love it, thank you. let's do that. we're here. who is young, handsome and beautiful and then we'll take a little older. come on up. come on, darling. come here. what's your name? haley. here you go, sweetheart. okay. so "the new york times" is doing
10:38 am
a story tomorrow on the hat saying it's the hottest thing in fashion, if you can believe this, and the style section of "the new york times" on the hat. so, anyway, you know what we'll do -- who wants it back here? who wants it? good. who wants it? come on. give me one. good. good! okay, folks. so what a nice train. beautiful. he's waving to me. beautiful. that's called the usa right there, right? beautiful. man, i love that stuff. i love that picture. so we just came out with another poll, a poll in iowa. we're way ahead and that's great.
10:39 am
hi. and that's great. i've been here so many times. i'm going to the football game. do you believe it? right after this. in fact, they said, oh, this is only ten minutes. just say hello, mr. trump, for ten minutes. what do you mean ten minutes? can't i give them the full version of the trump speech? no, 10-15 minutes. we're just having fun. i'm going actually from here to a couple of tailgating parties and then over to the football game who is going to win the game today? a lot of spirit. it's going to be a great game. which team is favored to win? >> iowa. >> that's what i hear. well, if you don't mind, i'm not going to pick one. does that make sense? everybody fully understands that. so our country is in trouble. the best thing we have is our potential and we're going to
10:40 am
make this country so great again, make it strong, make it powerful, build up our tremendous armed forces. i tell the story 200,000 humvees. when i hadered that number i said, you know what, can't be possible. they mean 23, they mean two, they mean 15. 2,300 armor plated, the best in the world, the best they've ever made. which, frankly, if we had them for our young men and women they wouldn't have been injured so badly, so horribly. one bullet gets shot up in the air and they're all gone. they go to the enemy. so the enemy has them right now because we have stupid, stupid leadership. we have people -- we have people that don't know what they're doing.
10:41 am
we just can't go on like this. i've been talking about $18 trillion in debt. now it's $19 trillion in debt and now that's going to start going up fast. obama care starts kicking in in 2016. obama didn't want it to kick in while he's president. it's going to be a catastrophe. we're going to repeal it and replace it with something great, with something really good. we will do that, too. look at what's happening to your premiums. look at what's happening to deductibles. they're going so high that unless you're dead you're not going to be able to use them. and your premiums are through the roof. we have so many other bad things happening that people aren't talking about obama care that much. remember the $5 billion website?
10:42 am
i'm not going to forget it. the website that doesn't work and i think we all know so we're going to take care of that, take care of our military. by the way, we're going to take care of our vets. we have a lot of vets. they're our greatest people. we are going to take care of our vets like they should be. two weeks ago on wednesday it was reported the longest wait in the history of the veterans administration. people are waiting three, four, five days to see a doctor. and i tell the story, i read it in one of the papers where a man badly injured waited five days and after the final wait the doctor said, i'm sorry, i can't see you now. i'm going on vacation. think of it. if i have to wait more than 12 minutes i'm going crazy. so we're a little spoiled.
10:43 am
we're going to take care of our vets, build up our military so big and strong that we won't ever have to use it and that would be great. we are going to build the wall and stop illegal immigration. we're going to stop it. i hear these politicians, i just can't stand them anymore. somebody said you're a politician. i said, please, for three months i've been a politician. do you believe it? if you can't make it with a politician you might as well give up. i've spent my whole life. i help them, they'll do whatever. i hope we don't have too many politicians. we'll exclude the people in this audience. but i'm now a politician which is crazy to me. it's crazy. i actually had something -- i had jury duty. they get me for jury duty.
10:44 am
and it said occupation and i guess i'm supposed to say politician but i put down real estate. i can't do the politician. but politicians are all talk. they're no action. they go to washington. they tell you they're going to do all these things and they never get done. these are my people. these are great. this guy or this woman is going to be fantastic. they go to washington and they change. they see the beautiful ceiling, the vault ed ceiling, and something happens. i say they become impotent. is that a correct word to you? they become impotent. something happens to them. when they're back in iowa and when they're back in new hampshire and south carolina, we're winning in all of these states. we're winning everywhere. we just got a poll georgia, florida. how about in florida, you have a governor in florida and you have
10:45 am
a senator who is actually a sitting senator and i'm leading in florida by a lot. i mean, can you believe it? because people -- and i'm leading the pack, i will tell you. people are tired of incompetence, of people who don't get it done. and you look at our budget. it's massive. massive. somebody like jeb bush is in favor of common core, meaning your children are educated in washington, d.c. who could want this? when you listen to these people, the common core people, they can't explain it. there's no justification. if i'm in iowa and i have my children in iowa i want local education. local teachers and administrators will do a better job. then you have people -- so i came out, as you know, with my immigration plan and i'll tell you what, it's been really well received. better than i thought.
10:46 am
i thought it was stringent, tough. a loft people said could you make it tougher? it's true. it's a firm plan. if you're illegal, you have to go back. you've got to go back. now if somebody's great and they've been here a long time, i don't think we can -- and i can't live with doing anything else. we can move it. we can move the process. you have people here who have been here a long time. we have to build a wall and get rid of the bad ones. a lot of the gangs that you've been reading about in these different places including chicago and a lot of the places not to mention names but a lot of the places they're illegals and they're tough dudes. they're out of here. they're gone the first day. they're gone.
10:47 am
they're gone. so we're going to take back our economy. right now if you look at what's going on, trains like this are going and do you know where they're going? goes to china. they don't pay us. you know the whole thing about the tax. a friend of mine who is a great manufacturer, he sends stuff to china. he has to pay a fortune in tax when they take his product. they don't even take -- they don't want it and yet they we take everything. i like free trade but when you have free trade you have to have smart people, smart negotiators. we don't have those people. and, believe me, if i'm elected, i know the smartest. i know the toughest. i know the meanest. some are just horrible human beings. they are.
10:48 am
they're horrible. this man here who is a great vet, you wouldn't want anything -- but you know what? i want them represented. do you agree or would you like a nice person like carolyn kennedy, right? she's helping us in japan. she knows nothing. she admits she knows nothing but we are going to have the toughest, the smartest, people so good. we're going to have the greatest negotiators. i know the good ones, the bad ones, the overrated ones. i know the ones that will really do a good job and keep friendly which i want. we'll have better relationships with china, japan, mexico. we'll have better relationships than now. they all rip us off. so last year i was just curious, how much money do we lose with china? what's our deficit? over $400 billion.
10:49 am
think of that. $400 billion. i said what do we lose, just out of curiosity what do we lose with japan? i was surprised not that bad, about $60 billion. not bad. we only lost $60 billion. iowa would like $60 billion. there would be no taxes. we'll lower taxes especially for the middle class and make sure that my friends in the hedge fund business are going to start paying taxes. they're going to start paying taxes. i don't care. you know? i'm self-funding my campaign. i don't need their money. i don't want their money. i feel sort of foolish because guys are coming up to me, i want to put millions of dollars, one
10:50 am
guy $5 million, and i'm turning him down. i say i don't want it. i feel like, honestly, can i use a bad term? i feel like a schmuck turning down millions of dollars. bush raised $125 million, milli $135 million. he gets it from china. he gets it from the wall street guys. he gets it from all of these companies. and once you get -- oh, i love that sound. no, i love it. it's progress. but you know what, when i'm president that train's going to be moving a hell of a lot faster. it's going too slow. no, it's true. well, no that's cause your engineer actually stopped because he wants to listen to the speech. can you believe that? no, that sucker's going to be moving. it's going to be loaded up. i don't know where the hell it's going but it's going to be going fast. so the hedge fund guys have to pay. now, they're supporting hillary, who may not get to the starting
10:51 am
gate, folks, right? i don't know. she may want get -- i don't know. who cares? it doesn't matter. i'm not worried about her. i'm worried about the first guys. perry, isn't he a nice man? mr. perry, governor perry, he's gone. good luck. he was very nasty to me, but you know yesterday i put out a tweet. i said he's a wonderful man and i wish him well. people couldn't believe. but you know, when you win, everybody's wonderful. and i think he's actually a nice guy. but he dropped out. so we have a total of 16 people. so when i'm getting nationwide one poll came out 40, but when i'm getting 32 -- and it's sort of funny. i have a poll at 40, i have a poll at 32. and then i have these other polls and they're all like that. winning in iowa, winning in new hampshire, winning every place, by a lot. and then i hear here's the headline. carly is surging. she's got 3%.
10:52 am
i hear ben who's a nice guy, ben carson, very nice man, a surgeon, but he's way behind me. i'm saying well what about me, i'm leading? they don't mention that. the headliners carson surging. i keep saying what about trump? oh, well, you're leading, but you know. by the way i'm surging much more than him. i'm surging more than anybody. because look, i mean, in all fairness to ben, ben hit me on my faith. you don't hit a person on faith. i don't know him. he knows nothing about me. i'm protestant. i'm presbyterian. i believe strongly. believe in the bible strongly. but he hit me in my faith. no, i believe strongly. you don't hit a person on faith. and he was nice enough to apologize. he actually apologized, which is nice. most people won't do that. so i respect that. but it's a tough thing when you get hit on faith. but the one thing we need in this country, we need energy.
10:53 am
i see where the evangelicals are supporting trump largely. and i'm leading with evangelicals. and you know part of the reason that they like me, and i think strongly, is they want to see our country, they're smart people. they know -- i may not be perfect, and they know that. and maybe ten years ago and four years ago they said, no, no, he's not perfect, he's not perfect. and we can't -- but you know what i'm really good at? i'm really good at making deals and making this country rich and bringing it back. [ applause ] and i saw pastor jeffers, i saw a few of them on television the other night. and they said how do you explain to donald trump -- again, i'm protestant, how do you explain that donald trump is leading substantially -- by substantial numbers with the evangelicals? and they said because they're tired of losing.
10:54 am
they're tired of getting these people that don't do anything, that have no energy. and it's true. people don't have energy. i don't think ben has the energy. ben is a nice man, but when you're negotiating against china, and you're negotiating against these japanese guys that are going to come at you in waves, and they think we're all a bunch of jerks because our leaders are so stupid and so incompetent and so inept, we need people that are really smart that have tremendous deal making skills and that have great, great energy. [ applause ] we had a case where hillary said -- and jeb said. and they used the same word. and it was the same day a couple of weeks ago. i don't like donald trump's tone. his tone. my tone. we have people, christians, in syria and other places, isis is
10:55 am
chopping off their head. they're chopping off their head. they're drowning them. they're killing them. if you're a christian, you have no chance. do you know that if you're a christian from syria, it's almost impossible to come into the united states? if you're a muslim from syria it's the easiest thing to do is to come into the united states. it's one of the easiest places to get in. can you believe this? but if you're a christian and they're the ones that need the help, you can't get into the united states. i don't know who's setting those regulations. i have a pretty good idea. i have a pretty good idea. but it's not going to happen anymore. but they were saying at the same time they said his tone, t-o-n-e, tone. and i said, you know, we need that tone today. we need energy. we need strength. and we can't be low key and nice and beautiful. a woman came up to me and she said, mr. trump, i love you. i'm a big supporter.
10:56 am
and it doesn't matter. but i don't know if you're nice enough to be president. and i said, actually, you know what i pride -- i have so many friends. i have great relationships. but some people don't think i'm nice. in a cnn poll i won on almost every topic. and they'll tell you back there, they're shooting here, they're all here live, they're all over the place. but they'll tell you, otherwise i couldn't say it, i won huge by huge by three or four times leadership, the economy. almost all -- the only thing i sort of was down about in terms of is he a nice person. actually, i think some day i'm going to win on that because i am a nice person. but you know what i told the woman? i don't think it matters this time. i think today we're looking for real super confidence. we're tired with this nice stuff. we need people that are really, really smart and competent and can get things done. we need people -- we need people with an aggressive tone. and we need people with
10:57 am
tremendous energy. and i'm your candidate, okay? so just to finish up, this is a fantastic crowd. and i really appreciate it. they said ten minutes and i wanted to go much longer because you had so many people standing out here and it's hot and all of that, but i have to tell you, i love iowa. i really appreciate that you understand what's going on, the people of iowa really do get it. they really do get it. i mean, look, you're hard working people that really don't want anything. you just want to see this country be great again. and that's what i'm going to do. i'm going to make this country great again. iem going to make this country greater than it has ever been before. better. enjoy. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you everybody. enjoy the game today, okay? enjoy the game.
10:58 am
thank you. [ applause ] >> donald trump leaving a stage there in boone, iowa. the game he is referencing is the iowa-iowa state game, the big rivalry there that he says he's heading over to take in a couple of tailgate parties. imagine that if you're there at the iowa-iowa state game, throw some pork chops on the grill and up shows donald trump to talk a little bit. his speech lasted about 20 minutes or so. talked about his hats he says are becoming very popular. also promised to repeal obamacare and also said he promised to detail fox tax plan in the next three or four years -- three or four weeks. >> in three to four weeks he talked about how he's going to be building the wall that we've been talking about and how he's going to be helping out our vets. and also helping the middle class on their taxes. we'll find out more. >> lots of promises. now taking some pictures there in boone, iowa. it's interesting as you listen to donald trump he seems to be a lot more comfortable on the stump. he's starting to sound like a politician as he makes local
10:59 am
jokes. said he wasn't going to support either iowa or iowa state, a shall we say diplomatic move in the state of iowa especially today for that rivalry. >> yeah, that's definitely the first impression i got from him was, you know, he wasn't reading from a teleprompter. he was talking to this crowd of a couple hundred people. he said he wasn't a politician, but man, he sure sounded like one. >> he sounded like one in many, many ways and didn't sound like one at all in some other ways. and obviously folks in iowa certainly seem to be liking what he's doing leading the polls there by a couple of touchdowns to use the football analysis. >> absolutely. and welcome back to "america ease news headquarters" from washington, i'm elizabeth prann here with leland vittert for our second hour of "america's news headquarte headquarters". once dismissed as a candidate bernie sanders proving yet again he's a contender.
11:00 am
the vermont senator building a lead over clinton in new hampshire and closing the gap in iowa. today sanders begins a campaign swing through the south as hi underdog campaign gives hillary clinton an unexpected run for her money. molly hinenberg joins us live with that story. hi, molly. >> hi, liz. bernie sanders has two events in south carolina later today. as his campaign says it is, quote, delighted by the latest poll out of iowa showing the independent socialist senator catching up with hillary clinton for the first time. a quinnipiac poll shows sanders with 41% of the vote. clinton was 40%. within the margin of error but essentially a dead heat. to indicate how far standards have come or how far clinton has farther, earlier this year clinton with 52% of the vote and sanders with 33%. this iowa poll follows days after a different poll in new hampshire has sanders up by nine points over clinton, 41-32 suggesting that right now sanders has momentum in the
11:01 am
first two states to vote in the primary season next year. here's how sanders describes his assent in the democratic nominating process. >> media ask me, well, why are you generating such large turnouts? and why are you generating so much enthusiasm? i think the answer is pretty simple. and that is the american people are sick and tired with establishment politics. [ cheers and applause ] >> clinton who has faced months of questions over the private e-mail server she used while she was secretary of state says she's been focusing on locking up delegates for the democratic nominating convention. and as for the neck and neck iowa poll, her campaign says it has always expected a close race in iowa. and said in a statement, quote, than democratic senator tom harkin has gotten more than 50% in the iowa caucus, which is why
11:02 am
we're working hard to earn every vote. in national polls of clinton versus sanders, clinton still wins. but that margin has been shrinking. she was up by ten points in a poll out yesterday. elizabeth in leland. >> molly, thank you. never dull. >> that's right. interesting. love it. >> so interesting to see the difference between the national polls and state polls and how they differ. >> and how it's closing in wherever you look. even the national polls clinton's leading but still shrinking her lead. >> molly, thank you so much. we appreciate it. all right. are we moving on -- yes, we are. >> we are moving onto our political panel as we tackle some of the other side of the aisle issues. there are a lot of them. presidential candidate carly fiorina turned the table on donald trump's words saying, quote, ladies, look at this face, last night in phoenix. pretty interesting. >> yeah, that was a direct aim at trump's attack in "rolling stone" magazine earlier this week. trump said, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face
11:03 am
of our next president. i mean, she's a woman and i'm not supposed to say bad things, but really, come on folks, are we serious? how could this change the gop field? here for a fair and balanced debate emily and marcy. >> great to be here. >> angela, i want to start with you. i want to talk about not only the timing of this unprovoked hit at carly fiorina, but how she's handling it. >> i think she's handling it with fwras. and i really believe that trump went after her as a woman. you know how we are, we care about how we look, we're very self-conscious. she's going to get him in the next debate. but donald trump, it's not going to work. i want this debate to be about issues. i don't think donald trump talking about carly fiorina's face and then backtracking and changing it is going to make a difference. i think people are going to care about policy, not how people look. >> all right, marcy, do you
11:04 am
think that? do you think his words were, you know, unprovoked words the timing of them? what do you think of them? >> i completely agree. these debates and entire republican primary should be about issues, but instead we're seeing every day new outrageous and offensive things coming out of donald trump's mouth. and we've seen several republican candidates try to tear him down, try to come back after him. you know, i think it's unfortunate. i kind of feel bad. it's not often that i feel bad for republicans and republican operatives. >> wow. >> i do kind of feel bad for everyone. this really should be about issues. and it should not be about a politician's looks. >> a compassionate liberal. >> i know. i know. but i will say when we do talk about issues we know that donald trump exists because there's a space for his outrageous and bombastic policy positions. and if we do want to actually talk about those, every single republican is the same including carly fiorina. >> when you look at what's going on though in the polls and it's interesting how people are
11:05 am
reacting to donald trump and a lot of folks will tell you right now it's not so important where you are in the polls right now as where it is you're important where your favorables and unfavorables are. and as we look at that right now donald trump has the largest spread between favorable and unfavorable. 60% have a favorable rating, 35% have an unfavorable rating. pretty much everybody has an opinion. then you look at somebody like ben carson who's number two in iowa, 79% favorable. so the question, angela, is does that matter more right now how likable someone is? or for that matter how unlikable they are? or is the poll standings more important? >> likability, there are three things that are very important in a campaign. number one, name id. trump has it. number two, money. trump has it. and likability. but i do not believe he's going to be our nominee. i think he's going to have a howard dean moment that's just going to tear him down. right now he's rising up because it's the anti-politician political season.
11:06 am
but i don't think that's going to last. >> speaking of that we want to take a live look back in boone, iowa right now. donald trump is there giving a press see if he talks about policy questions marcy mentioned. >> i have nothing against him. actually, i supported him with his medical. maybe that's what he should focus on is medical. [ inaudible question ] >> with who? very ineffective guy. rand is weak on immigration. he's weak on the military. he's got no chance. he's down so low with his polls. he's got no chance. but, you know, he was very nice to me and all of a sudden a week and a half, two weeks ago started attacking me just like perry did. just like senator lindsey graham did who's down to almost zero. they all attacked me. so far all that attacked me including jeb bush, when he started was at 18, now he's at 7 or 8. i don't know if that's because of me but it certainly seems to be unlucky to attack.
11:07 am
[ inaudible question ] look, they've raised a lot of money. the money has been given by hedge fund people, by special interests, all these people. they don't want to see trump because they don't care about the country. they care about themselves. i care about the country. i don't have any of their money. by the way, i could have so much -- i could have hundreds of millions of dollars of special interest and lobbyist money within two weeks if i wanted it. i don't want it. [ inaudible question ] >> iowa-quinnipiac poll showing you and carson running -- >> pretty much says they're looking for an outsider. it does say that. there's no question about it. thank you. good-bye everybody. >> donald trump saying good-bye after his press availability as we just lost the signal there from boone, iowa. interestingly enough wearing a camouflaged make america great hat again. i had yet to see that one as well. and he made a very important point when he said obviously
11:08 am
they are looking for outsiders talked about him and ben carson being one and two there in the poll in iowa. >> yeah, and if we could bring back angela and marcy, angela, what did you think about the poll show obviously voters are looking for an outsider when someone asked the hypothetical ticket of carson and donald trump? >> people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. and we have what obama very floury, great orator. donald trump is successful and i think that's why people are supporting him. because he gets the job done. i still don't think though he's going to be the nominee. something has got to come down. >> marcy, are democrats yet planning for the eventuality of a possible donald trump nominee? he said something interesting there, he said everybody that has attacked me has gone down. it seems like what donald trump -- what anybody says bounces off donald trump and comes back to them as my mother used to say about insults on the
11:09 am
playground. >> look, every day we see a new republican who will run on the donald trump lawn and throw stones at his window and run back into the bushes and hopes it will have some sort of effect. but at the end of the day this is actually the only relevance that the rest of the candidates have at this moment because donald trump has such a loud megaphone. and he is the story. he has the support in the polls and across the country. so they have to play on his turf. >> but ben carson is not insulting donald trump. carly fiorina said a couple things about donald trump, but she's talking about policy. so the more these candidates can talk about policy and not give donald trump the platform, the better off they will be. >> they're talking about sound bites. they're not actually talking about policy. this is the best way -- >> what is hillary doing? >> -- carly fiorina to raise money. that's the bottom line here. the question is are we planning for an eventual donald trump as the nominee, at the end of the day it's very likely, but right
11:10 am
now republicans have to deal with him at this point. >> i want to continue on that theme, but angela, i want to toss to you. >> yeah. >> because in 2012 we were talking about governor rick perry. he had higher numbers than donald trump. and we saw him this week drop out of the race. so what would the landscape look like if it was not a donald trump ticket? >> i don't think -- i think rick perry during 2012 ruined himself when ron paul had to tell him about his policy. he forgot about that. and i think the controversy actually caused problems. rick perry was doomed from the start. >> all right. marcy, what do you think? >> i mean, i was a little sad to see rick perry drop out. that guy's been running for president for the last couple of years. it speaks to the power of outside money. rick perry was banking on a bunch of billionaires and millionaires to help him rise to the top. i think this goes to the fact that he just didn't have the grass roots support. donald trump seems to have that grass roots support right now
11:11 am
and i think that's the effect of having 17 candidates in primary right now. >> last question, angela, 17 candidates, who do you think is going to be dropping out next? >> well, you know, i think with that first tier we can look at santorum, who i like. we can also look at gilmore who i like. i wish we could put all of them on the same stage. >> excellent. >> money takes money. >> absolutely. and it's a long race so we have more than a year before the actual election. a lot more headlines to make. angela and marcy, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. bombshell out of baltimore this week. stephanie rawlings-blake, the embattled mayor says she's not running for re-election again over criticism how she handled the riots, and criticism the crime rate in that city soars, the new police commissioner of baltimore is here for an interview to break it all down. plus, coming back to earth. it's a mission where three astronauts, one who spent this
11:12 am
168 days in space. plus, russia's foreign minister's calling on world powers to help equip the syrian army in its fight against isis. but we ask the important question, is there much more to the russian buildup?
11:13 am
11:14 am
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11:16 am
rawlings-blake said her focus needs to be on helping the city
11:17 am
recover. >> every moment that i spent planning for a campaign or a re-election was time that i was taking away from my current responsibilities to the city, to the city that i love. and a city that i took an oath to serve. and because of that i've made the decision not to seek re-election. >> since the riots critics have questioned the mayor's ability to continually successfully leading the city. those six officers charged with gray's death will be tried separately. the first trial is scheduled for october 13th in baltimore. baltimore's interim police commissioner ken davis joins us now. mr. commissioner, as you look at it, you've got your work cut out for you. you've taken over this department. you've got the trial for six officers coming up here. there's a lot of talk about potential riots there. and you've got a department that at least the rank and file tells me have a lot of, shall we say,
11:18 am
questions about how much the leadership and the city has their back. >> right. well, we certainly have our challenges in front of us, leland. and for the sake of my mom who might be watching, it's kevin davis. baltimore, we had a really good 2014. so we emerged from 2014 with the lowest number of homicides we've had since before 1972 with some really sophisticated crime fighting strategies. so here we are in the third quarter of 2015 and we're struggling with the crime fight that -- >> shootings are up 79% since that record 2014. >> our murders are actually up just over 50%. and that's not unlike other big cities in america, but post unrest in baltimore we've seen some really highly motivated violent repeat offenders who are choosing to arm themselves and exact vengeance on the streets of baltimore and they're settling some old scores now and we're trying to get in front of it. >> is it possible they're settling their own scores
11:19 am
because being able to act with impunity and we saw in april the lawlessness that was on the streets. did that embolden these repeat offenders? >> i've said this on a couple occasions, leland. baltimore has post-traumatic stre stress. so as cops and the community struggle with what to do with this new normal we found ourselves in, there was some anxiety. but since then our gun seizures are up 44%. our arrests are back up. and i think we've punched through that moment. it was certainly a tough moment this summer. >> you talk about that tough moment. and there's been a lot of talk now about how your officers are now better trained, better equipped so it did not have a repeat of april. as you look back and do the postmortem on april, was it a failure in training equipment or a failure in leadership and orders? >> well, to be fair we could have performed better. so training and equipment were real, real issues. some of the helmets that cops had in baltimore were so old
11:20 am
they were dry rotted. the equipment was lousy. the training was lousy. and the experiences didn't exist. so now we've got state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated training. and our experiences are now our greatest teacher. and that lawlessness is not going to happen again. >> not going to be tolerated. >> can't be tolerated. so cops can't get hurt, citizens can't get hurt, businesses can't be burnt to the ground. >> would it be fair to say there's a new sheriff in town? >> well, that's certainly a characterization. it's an honor to lead this organization. >> and you think you can bring it back? >> we have to. there's no choice. the city of baltimore is counting on us to learn from these hard, hard lessons and never to repeat them. >> well, commissioner davis, we saw you waving to the crowd yetd during the protests there in baltimore. i must say your candor and accessibility is a refreshing change from what we saw before. we hope your mom is watching. hi, mom. and we hope you'll come back as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you, leland.
11:21 am
>> all the best. elizabeth. coming up, vladimir putin ramping up russia's military presence in syria. president obama says it's a strategy that's, quote, doomed for failure. we'll talked to retired four-star general jack keane. he'll tell us what's behind putin's latest maneuvers. >> translator: russia will continue to offer military aid to the syrian government forces to ensure that the syrian army has the ability to deal with the threat of terrorism. plus, can your dog do this? not only is this beagle's talent unbelievably cute, it's one for the recordbooks. we'll have that story coming up. (vo) around age 7, the glucose metabolism in a dog's brain
11:22 am
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russia's foreign minister is calling on world power to help
11:26 am
equip the syrian army so it can fight against terrorists. but fox news has learned there might be a lot more to the russian buildup than meets the eye. fox news's jennifer griffin has been following this story. >> reporter: a secret deal carried out between iranian quds force and meeting between vladimir putin in july, western intelligence sources tell fox news the escalated russian military presence began just days after the meeting. first reported by fox news in early august. the pentagon has tracked a military cargo plane. the president addressed military support for syria in a troop talk at ft. meade. >> we are going to be engaging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that's doomed to failure. >> reporter: sources say there are now more than 1,000 russian
11:27 am
combatants. some of them from the same plain clothed special forces units who were sent to ukraine, members of an airborne rifle brigade, the equivalent of u.s. army rangers. ukraine's president said russia is using the same playbook they did in crimea. >> these days our men are landing in the hundreds in syria. >> reporter: the state department continues to publicly downplay the reports. >> i don't know that i would call it a buildup. it's unclear exactly what some of these military activities are all about. i don't know that, you know, we're ready at this point to call it a buildup necessarily. >> reporter: he visited moscow from july 24th through 26th, just ten days after the nuclear deal was announced. despite a travel ban and u.n. security council resolutions barring him from leaving iran. israeli security officials have been quoted saying iran has sent hundreds of fighters into syria in recent days to work with the russians. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. and now for some insight
11:28 am
into russia's moves in syria, fox news military analyst, retired four-star general jack keane. appreciate you joining us, sir. is this russia realizing that president assad is on the ropes and we need to back him up? or is this russia seeing an opportunity to seize control in syria almost in the way that they did in crimea and create their own satellite state? >> no, it's really quite the former. first of all, we have to understand that russia's had a relationship with syria 60 years in length. political, economic and military, 100,000 russians living in syria before the civil war. russian businesses have pumped millions of dollars into syria and obviously russia's pumped a lot of military equipment there. so understand that that syria represents to russia strategically a foothold in the middle ooeeast. and they never ever intended assad to go away and lose that foothold. they have a base in the mediterranean as you know. and what's happened inside syria
11:29 am
to assad the rebels have been gaining and he's losing political support from his base. the russians are here to make certain nothing further goes wrong here. certainly they're propping him up and probably going to conduct some offensive operations against isis. >> you think about the amount of military hardware that's been sent in. and jennifer griffin sent in some pictures to this. 1,000 troops, a lot of special forces teams, some of the folks using crimea, also some of their equivalent of army rangers. this is pictures of russian soldiers there inside syria also possibly sa-22 antiaircraft weapons. is this enough to make a difference in the fight against the rebels? or is this sort of to put if you will a big fence around how bad things have already gotten? >> we don't know how far this is going. so this could be the beginning. what this actually is is largely it's an air base. the missiles are there to protect the air base. there are some soldiers there obviously to protect the air base as well. i think that's kind of what the
11:30 am
naval infantry is. there's five or six ships off the coast. they're not going to get too much involved in this. that's demonstrating russia's resolve and they're serious about this. if this is the beginning of a much larger ground force buildup, that remains to be seen. i think this is mostly about the use of air power and some advisors to help the syrians. >> we've heard about drones and those kinds of things. president obama as you saw in jennifer griffin's story said, quote, doubling down on assad is a mistake. and we looked this up. he said a lot of things about syria. he said that assad's days were numbered. he said that during the presidential date back in 2012. we counted it's been 1,055 days since president obama said assad's days are numbered. do the russians care what we say anymore about syria? or have they decided the u.s. isn't going to do anything we're going to do whatever we want. >> that's a great point. because actually what's happening here the russians and putin here in particular do see going back to your initial point also an opportunity. what is that opportunity? the opportunity is that the fact
11:31 am
that the united states is disengaged. and most people believe are retreating from the middle east. so the russians, think of this, they are now dealing in weapons deals with our closest allies in the middle east. for example, saudi arabia $15 billion unheard of in the past. the uae, $7 billion. kuwait $5 million. this is all taking place because those allies close to us are uncertain about us in terms of their ability to protect them. so they're making friends with russia at a time they never would have done this in the past. so putin will take advantage of american weakness in the middle east to create greater relationships for himself in the interest of his country. >> is russia a good friend to these countries in the middle east? >> i think they'll have to make the judge of that. if you're sitting inside syria and you're assad. >> he's a very good friend. >> you bet ya. >> but what if you're the king of saudi arabia? what if you're the president of egypt? >> i think they will always hedge their bet when it comes to
11:32 am
russia because of previous experience. egypt at one time had a very close relationship with them, bought their equipment from them and moved away from them and developed very close relationships with us for 25, 30 years. they certainly understand what putin's intent here in terms of a new political order in europe and certain -- how aggressive and assertive he is. but at the same time they've been dealing with a feckless united states now for a number of years. they've seen us make a deal with iran that they know full well puts the security of their countries at risk. and they're creating friends in the region. >> they saw, speaking of syria, they saw the red line and when assad stepped over nothing happened. general, appreciate your insight. thanks, all the best. elizabeth. great interview. just a couple of weeks ago three childhood friends became international heroes. u.s. airmen spencer stone, national guardsman alek and their friend anthony sadler squashed a terror plot on a moving train in europe. since then they've been honored around the country including a
11:33 am
parade in their hometown of sacramento. in their first interview together megyn kelly asked how they've been coping since the incident. >> what has been the promost emotional part of this for you? >> i think the appreciation people have shown, at least for me. like it's just been -- like when i flew into newark airport, first time getting stateside there was about 200 or 300 police officers there. and that was like the most touching experience ever -- yeah, just probably the appreciation and how grateful everyone's been, how nice the french were to us. i mean, we've -- everybody's been treating us amazing. >> like say my family rides that train all the time, or i've been on that train tons of times, that's a popular route paris to amsterdam. so it's just like kind of humbli humbling, especially when i'm not in the military so when tons of high ranking military people come up to me and are congratulate me and lifetime of combat or whatever that's real humbling for me. >> how about you, spencer?
11:34 am
>> pretty much the same. i had a moment where this little girl was asking me like if i could fly and things like that. and i was like literally made me melt. and i'm like, oh, my gosh, i'm these kids' heroes right now. it's insane. just the appreciation from everybody. people not even on the train what do they have to be appreciative about? but they still are. >> is it true your nickname was captain america even prior to this? >> yeah. >> way to live up to your nickname. >> thank you. >> what was it like telling your parents, talking to your parents for the first time? >> i didn't get ahold of my parents for a while. i tried to call my mom, tried to call my dad. my little brother was the first one that picked up and i was just like, hey, i was just involved in an active shooter outside of paris on a train. tell mom and dad and google if
11:35 am
you don't believe me. that was about it. >> here's a tough question for you because you are three american heroes. but i want an honest answer. have there been any tears? >> have i cried since? >> yeah. >> i have, yeah. >> the first time i cried was when a girl was telling me that i'm her hero and asking me if i could fly. it was embarrassing. in front of my family and her family. >> they're on record. the interview's not yet over. >> he does cry. >> what was it? i mean, what brought you to tears? >> i was having a conversation with somebody and they were just trying to explain to me basically how much they felt that they almost lost me. and i was just like, you don't understand like how i feel. >> and all this publicity for it and all this stuff but really
11:36 am
we're just grateful to be alive. this is all awesome and great, don't get me wrong. but just happy i didn't die on a train outside of paris. >> i think that is so -- i think what's so inspiring and you talk about them that these were just average everyday americans. some of them were in the service. two of them were. but an average american had the opportunity to stand up to the plate and now he's a hero. so it's inspiring. >> it's inspiring but also so interesting when you think about the benlty of evil. all of a sudden at the right time at the right moment they're the ones who are there and literally ran into the gunfire. >> and saved countless lives. >> just because they were there. saved countless lives and prevented unbelievable tragedy. i would suspect now they doenlt have trouble getting a date now that they're back home in california. at least i'm honest about it. straight ahead, you're not going to believe this. there's trouble brewing on capitol hill.
11:37 am
who would have thought? could republican in-fighting lead to another shutdown? plus, stunning time lapse video of two volcanos erupting simultaneously, but nowhere near each other. we'll tell you where coming up next. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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and it is a busy saturday on the campaign trail this september. you're looking right now at ohio governor john kasich speaking in strike thath stratham, new hampshire.
11:42 am
governor kasich gone up lately in the polls there in new hampshire announcing his candidacy late speaking to that crowd ahead of the debate coming up here in the next couple of days. in a spectacular sight, not one but two active volcanos in mexico have erupted at the same time. very rare. this time lapse video shows both volcanos shooting ash and smoke into the sky yesterday morning. the volcanos are about 300 miles apart in southwest mexico. local officials are monitoring the activity right now in case they need to call for any evacuations. house republicans have gone on the record opposing president obama's nuclear deal with iran. passing a mostly symbolic vote to prevent obama from lifting sanctions. but it wasn't an easy road to get there. an intraparty conflict put even the symbolic vote at risk. now a possible government shutdown and a gop showdown
11:43 am
looms. will the republican party be able to resolve their differences before a deadline at the end of this month? reporter for the hill joins us now bringing expertise to the interview. thank you so much, kevin. first and foremost, the week began with the iran vote and then toward the end of the week we started talking about the possibility of either a c.r. or of course a government shutdown. so in this week is this really exposing the conflict within gop lawmakers both in the house and the senate? >> well, i think that's a great point. and i think if you look at what happened with the iran vote in particular there's no question that republicans are against president obama's what they call dangerous plan for the iran deal. and particularly when our important ally israel is so adamant that this is a bad deal. but, you know, i do think that the policy here has definitely been overtaken by the politics. and you're seeing the different strategy, in particular between the house leadership and the
11:44 am
senate leadership, about the differences of how they wanted to block it. and when all of that was going on president obama was able to secure the votes to override a veto. >> so it was nothing they were really arguing about the policy, it was the way they were going about it. but is that particularly dangerous ahead of an election year? >> you know, i think it is. and i think that republicans are going to have to ask themselves particularly in the next few weeks whether or not they want to have another government shutdown heading into 2016. i mean, they have such an opportunity to head into 2016. and they campaigned on this when they got back control of congress to really offer a more level-headed measured approach to governing. if they shut down the government, is that really going to send the right signal to key independent voters in states like pennsylvania, virginia, ohio and florida heading into 2016, and colorado, that that is going to really help them in an election year? >> right. because who took the blame when we had initial government shutdown. and you heard from someone like
11:45 am
former speaker nancy pelosi who said democrats aren't budging on the issue of planned parenthood. could anyone have ever predicted planned parenthood would be such a sticking point when it came to the budget? >> just the other week i was interviewing the head of planned parenthood and they said they are prepared for a battle. they are going to fully use the courts to take on what they feel are isolated videos that were taken out of context. but i do think there are many republicans who feel that this planned parenthood controversy has really kind of flipped this debate on its head and given them arguably particularly among their base of voters an upper hand. and so, you know, whether or not people like senator ted cruz and other republicans are willing to once again go down that course of the interfighting of the republican party on full display remains to be seen. but i can tell you no one, no matter what anyone tells you, no one know what's going to happen. >> what position does this put speaker boehner in? i read the articles and some
11:46 am
folks say that he is at threat of losing his speakership. is that possible? are republicans angry that he's making concessions to democrats? >> you know, that's a great question. and i think the bottom line is that politics a lot of times, particularly in both parties, it's sometimes like a dysfunctional family. and so clearly the republicans have been fighting a bit particularly between the tea party and the more establishment type moderate minded republicans. i think that there have always been rumblings of dissatisfaction with speaker boehner's leadership. i think that as you head into a new cycle i think those conversations are going to continue a little bit you eluded to. we've heard some this week. but at the end of the day he's got a tough job and holding the party together. and both especially with the tea party and the more moderate wing it's a tough, tough job. but we'll see what happens. >> also the optics. we just talked about the optics ahead of 2016, would that reflect poorly on the party if
11:47 am
they off their own speaker? >> great point. i think when you also have -- he's certainly in control of the house. and when you look at the senate side of things and look at how many senators are running for president. and, you know, there were some accusations just a few weeks ago that some of those candidates were using senate floor speeches to raise funds for their presidential campaigns coming from within the republican party, i think it's a tough spot with such a crowded republican field to keep everybody on the same page. because no one's really -- there's no clear leader right now of the republican party until they get a nominee. >> all right. kevin cirilli from the hill. thank you so much for bringing your expertise. leland. >> all right. coming up, incredible images from guess where, this is the surface of pluto. we'll tell you exactly what scientists say this gray mass reveals. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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an estimated 70,000 rape kits have been sitting untested and now 27 states will now be tested. the white house and district attorney pledged $79 million to clear the backlogs of sexual assault kits across the country.
11:52 am
brian yenis is in new york with all the details. >> reporter: these hold blood, hair, is a lie virginsaliva anda sexual assault victim's body. right now there are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits sitting in storage nationwide collecting dust for months, years and decades all because of time and money creating a major backlog. meantime, victims are left without justice and the rapists unpunished. on wednesday joe biden and attorney general loretta lynch announced a nationwide grant program to pledge an unprecedented $79 million to eliminate the backlog in 43 jurisdictions in 27 states. >> this comprehensive review to help to bring to justice thousands of perpetrators who have assaulted thousands of
11:53 am
victims. these victims have had to wait for this turn of the technical heel. >> building technology is a person's worst enemy. >> reporter: two-thirds of the victims do not report this to the police fearing a distrust of the justice system. a woman was violently raped and robbed in 1993. she submitted a rape kit but it took 14 years before her attacker was finally captured, thanks in large part because of the nationwide backlog. >> my body became the crime scene. it was really important to get all the evidence in order to apprehend this criminal. and my kit sat and collected dust for nearly a decade. with 17,000 other kits in new york city. >> now this new initiative will
11:54 am
test about 70,000 kits. about half of the total funding is coming from forfeiture funds from right here in new york. >> brian llenas, thank you. >> no problem. check out these photos sent from 3 billion miles away. in the meantime, why scientists say these new photos from pluto are leaving them reeling. hi, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju. coming up in less than five minutes, louisiana governor bobby jindal is not holding back. what he has to say about frontrunner donald trump. and congressman peter king joins us and talks about the growing build up in syria. and cooking the books on the isis intelligence. there are now calls for the
11:55 am
congressional intelligence. we'll see you in just a few minutes at the top of the hour.
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11:59 am
from t because of 2012 even though he was a much better candidate this time around. and billy says, he had a campaign? interesting. and verona says i truly appreciate rick perry and what he stands for. i would have liked to see him more often. and pluto's latest pictures show dunes, mountains and craters in there. and you all love this story about a pup who is setting a new guinness world record. the 9-year-old beagle set a record for most balls caught by a dog with his paws in one minute. how many did he catch? 14. that beats the old record of 11. you can see there, i'm going to tell you something else, this little pup, i'm going to tell you that she can catch balls more than i can. better than i can. >> evidently she can catch balls, jump rope and walk on two legs. how do you teach a dog to do all that? >> i would ask my husband but he probably has the answer.
12:00 pm
next thing we'll have a beagle that catches 14 balls in under a minute. >> we'll let this keep playing until the top of the hour. you don't want to see more of us but more of the beagle. >> that's all for "american headquarters in washington." >> see you next weekend. hello, i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york. the spotlight on iowa, new hampshire and north carolina as a number of republican hopefuls hit the campaign trail in key states this weekend just days ahead of the next presidential debate. donald trump still holding on as number one in the crowded field, but his rivals like governor bobby jindal are taking aim in a big way. >> conservatives have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get our country back, to implement conservative principles. we have to ask ourselves, are we going to turn the prudent conservative principles or turn to a man who believes in nothing more than himself? >> i'll have


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