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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 12, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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next thing we'll have a beagle that catches 14 balls in under a minute. >> we'll let this keep playing until the top of the hour. you don't want to see more of us but more of the beagle. >> that's all for "american headquarters in washington." >> see you next weekend. hello, i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york. the spotlight on iowa, new hampshire and north carolina as a number of republican hopefuls hit the campaign trail in key states this weekend just days ahead of the next presidential debate. donald trump still holding on as number one in the crowded field, but his rivals like governor bobby jindal are taking aim in a big way. >> conservatives have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get our country back, to implement conservative principles. we have to ask ourselves, are we going to turn the prudent conservative principles or turn to a man who believes in nothing more than himself? >> i'll have much more on my
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interview with the louisiana governor just minutes away. plus, residents on edge at this hour. 11 shootings along a major interstate in arizona. are cops getting any closer to finding out who is responsible for the reckless crime? we're live in phoenix. plus, new questions erupting over concerns about whether intelligence reports about al qaeda or isis may have been skewed saying we are gaining ground there. we want to know who is behind it. "america's news headquarters" starts right now. game on in iowa today. the republican presidential candidates are converging on the hawkeye state with hope of gaining momentum and supporters. don altd trump holding a high-profile rally where hundreds gathered to hear more from the candidates who
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according to the latest polls shows him emerging as the clear front-runner. senators marco rubio along with rand paul and scott walker are taking part in a tailgate party ahead of a college football game. mike emmanuel is joining us live with the action from boone, iowa. mike? >> reporter: well, uma, i asked donald trump what his takeaway of the latest poll. and the latest poll is showing trump number one. dr. ben carson at number two. and he says clearly iowa voters are looking for the outsider. we'll look at the quinnipiac survey showing donald trump out front. they know dr. ben carson at 21%. all the others in single digit, ted cruise third, jeb bush fourth, marco rubio fifth and carly fiorina fifth. scott walker rounds out the top ten in iowa. trump rallied supporters here in boone debuting a new camouflage version of his make america great again hack and trump offered this reaction to the news, former governor rick perry has dropped out of the race.
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>> perry is -- isn't he a nice man? mr. perry, governor perry, he's gone. good luck. he was very nasty to me. i hear ben who is a nice guy, he's a very nice man. he's surging but way behind me. i say, what about me? i'm leading? they don't mention that. the headline is carson surging. i keep saying, what about trump? i say, oh, well you're leading. you know, by the way, i'm surging much more than him. i'm surging more than anybody. >> also new this weekend is florida senator marco rubio looking to climb up the ranks in the polls. we caught up with him at a local brewery and asked him about perry dropping out. >> you know, governor perry, i don't know him very well but met him a few times and always liked him a lot. obviously a man very deeply in his faith. you heard that today in his announcement. i don't believe he's done serving our country.
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obviously this is tough. >> reporter: tough, indeed. you have governor scott walker of neighboring wisconsin who was the very early front-runner in iowa that now dropped to tenth place in the latest poll. to be fair to him and all the others, there's still plenty of time before iowa voters go to their caucuses. >> that's right. we are still months away. mike, thank you so much. well, all this week donald trump's been taking quite a few hits from his rivals on the campaign trail. one of them not holding back at all is louisiana governor bobby jindal. i had a chance to catch up with him earlier. >> welcome, governor. great to have you on the show today. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> your campaign has taken a very big turn this week with you launching a no-holds-barred attack on donald trump. you call him, quote, a narcissist, egomaniac and questioned his faith say, quote, he had not read the bible. isn't that calling him a phony
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christian? is that a cheap shot? >> well, a couple things. first, the comment about the bible is when asked his favorite book, he said the bible and said he couldn't name a vipture verse that impacted him. i joked that he had not read the bible because his name is not in it. here's the serious point. we've got a unique opportunity in our country. the left has run the country into the ground. $18 trillion of debt. planned parenthood selling baby parts across the country. our president who is about to allow iran to become a nuclear power. he's run the country into the ground. conservatives have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get our country back, to implement conservative principles. we have to ask ourselves, are we going to turn to proven conservative principles or to a man who leaves in nothing but himself? the idea of donald trump is great. it's been an entertaining show. but at the heart of it, he's not a conservative, a liberal, a moderate, he doesn't believe in anything but himself. it's time to say enough is enough. >> when you say he's not a
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conservative, are you referring to his ties to the democratic party in the past? because when you take a look at it, for example, ronald reagan was a democrat in his political career. and then he ended up switching over. so it does show that people can evolve as politicians in public service. >> certainly. others are criticized if we're giving money to democrats or being friends with the clintons for his previous position, that's not what i'm saying. look, i don't think he has any interest in policy or substance. he tells us his tax plan and health care plan will be fabulous and terrific. he's all over the plan for socialized medicine one day and for a higher tax rate. donald trump is not for limited government. he's really just for donald trump. look, he's not against top-down big government, he's just to posed to the idea he's not running it. a lot of the show has been entertaining. i enjoy the fact he's an outsider but he's politically correct. he takes on the d.c. establishment. i agree with that. the polls need to be fired,
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including the republicans and democrats. his dig diagnosis is right, the prescription is wrong. one is that he may implode if he's the nominee. he could implode in a general election giving this election away. i think hillary clinton has gift-wrapped this election. he's the best gift for hillary clinton. here's the worst alternative. if we actually got in the office, we have no idea what he'll do. people say you can't let him near the nuclear because it's worse than that. we have no idea what he'll do in the white house. this is not about me but a moment in time in our country when the idea of america is fading away. >> i hear you about that, but you are launching this attack against mr. trump who responds in a twitter response and says, quote, he did not make the debate stage and therefore i have never met him. i only respond to people that register more than 1% in the polls. i never thought he had a chance and has been proven right. with all due respect, sir, you are registering in the latest cnn poll at 1%.
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what are you going to do in terms of gaining the momentum? where do you go from here to reach to voters? >> i wish donald had been better in his insult. i was expecting more to come back to insult and say i'm going to be president or insult my faith or say i have low energy like others. he can do better than that. but this isn't about me. this is about the fact we have a narcissist and egomaniac. it is always all about donald trump. the act is entertaining but this is an important moment to get our country back. the more they attack the donald trump establishment, the more strong he gets. he's right we need to fire the political insiders in d.c. but wrong in saying donald trump is the solution. we need to beers so. let's turn our conservative principles and not to this entertainer. >> you pointed out though who attacked him ended up hurting their own campaigns and their numbers went down. you're not worried about that?
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>> not at all. look, the way they attacked him saying he's a cancer to conservativism and giving money to clintons. i'm not saying that. and all that's right, but the bigger point, i think they missed the bigger point. he's an egomaniac, a bafoon, he's not going to be the next nominee or president. it's time to get through the summer silliness season, it's over and time to get serious. >> the there you have it. bobby jindal not mincing words there. so just what is it about trump that's connecting with voters? earlier i spoke to geraldo rivera. he spent lots of time with trump as a contestant on the show "celebrity apprentice" and he offers insight into trump's personna. >> he does have an intimidating aura about him, but what he says
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generally speaking, although he doesn't follow the rules of political correctness, generally speaking i would argue that what he says in response to some of the negative criticism is pretty much fact-based. however fam buoyantly flamboyantly insulting it may be. >> i'll have more on that interview coming up next hour. and now i want to hear about the presidential sweepstakes. with the second presidential debate coming up, i want to know if you were moderating the next presidential debate, what questions would you ask? tweet me @umapemmaraju and we'll try to get to your answers later at the end of the show. turning now to the showdown over the iran nuke deal. and it continues to be a heated one for republicans who are standing firm in their opposition against it. the house voting to reject the deal on friday after senate democrats earlier blocked a resolution of disapproval. in the gop's weekly address to
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the country, the chairman of the house homeland security committee, michael mccall, says they will continue to listen to the american people and keep working to stop the deal. >> it will leave iran with the ingredients for a bomb. and the infrastructure to build it. and it will give iran a cash windfall freeing up over $100 billion to fuel the regime's global campaign of islamist terror. incredibly the agreement also failed to curve iran's intercontinental ballistic missiles, which the ayatollah says they will now mass produce. >> so the stakes remain quite high. joining us now, republican congressman peter king of new york. a member of the house homeland security committee. welcome, sir. great to have you on the show today. >> thank you, uma. thank you. >> lots of fireworks in congress this week over the nuke deal and the gop's efforts to find a way to block its movement in the house and senate. but even with the vocal opposition, it appears the
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president will have a victory on this one since there are not enough votes to scrap the deal's entirety. many conservatives are set right now with the leadership on the way this went down. what is your take? >> you know, i have to disagree with that. if they are opposed to anyone, it should be the constitution. the president does have the power to veto and the senate rules do say you have to have more than 60 votes to go ahead with the debate. even if they had gone ahead with the debate and voted down in the senate or moved to disapprove it and we had done the same in the house, the president could still veto it. so the reality is the president won the election. i think he's abusing his power. i think that certainly it goes against the spirit of the way the commander and chief should act. but under the constitution, the president has the right to veto. and that was ultimately no matter how the votes come out in the house or senate. we would not have had the two-thirds. republicans are making a mistake going after the republican leadership and should be focused on barack obama and should be focused on nancy pa lelosi and
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should be focused on harry reid. the only way we'll become president in 2016 is by electing more republicans and congressmen rather then a setting up the firing squad. >> the polls show the majority of americans don't want this deal and don't trust iran are. you confident about nuclear sites being credible at this time? >> no, not at all. i'm totally opposed to this deal. i start off with the premise that even if iran fully complies with the agreement, it's bad for the united states. because, in fact, it plays a nuclear infrastructure for iran and that leaves them only one year away from a nuclear bomb. in addition to that, we know iran is going to cheat and the inspection process is totally inadequate. just the basic fact that they would have 24 days of notice before any inspections could begin. so this agreement is wrong from top to bottom and is entirely wrong. my only point before was don't blame the republican leadership.
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i'm not part of the leadership, but this is barack obama's deal and the democrats in the house. the democrats in the senate who stood with the president on this. and they are the ones we should be focused on. not john boehner and mitch mcconnell. >> i want to talk to you about further concerns on what is taking place internationally with the fact we are seeing the russian buildup in syria. with the escalation of russian presence beginning just days after a secret meeting this summer between iran's lead commander and vladimir putin. have the russians moved from being inviters to now co-leading the war in syria as some sources are suggesting? what can you tell us about this and what about the fallout for the white house? >> first of all, jennifegriffin on reporting this. agreeing with general jack king, this is an attempt by russia to reestablish itself as a force in the middle east. and this is all due the to the
12:15 pm
president easterab' easterabl's syria. he actually allowed the russians to become mediators in this when it was 40 years ago they were thrown out of the middle east by saddam. now as president obama brings them back into force, now they see what they can get away with in ukraine and it appears they are doing the same thing in syria. and it's bad enough in syria, but what this is doing is establishing or reestablishing russia's power in the middle east. that's why you see countries like saudi arabia and egypt who wanted nothing to do with the russians for years and are now concerning armed deals with the russians because they don't trust the united states. but it is important and it goes beyond syria itself. it mean that is russia is once again becoming a player. now they are back in almost at the direct invitation of president obama. >> you know, let's also expand
12:16 pm
this discussion to the fact that we are dealing with a situation of horrific proportions right now. humanitarian crisis with the syrian migrants around the world going from syria going into europe. and we are hearing that the president wants to bring up the 10,000 or so of these migrants over the next year. but are you among those worried about the vetting process? should we be concerned about terrorists and migrants crossing our borders? >> uma, i'm very concerned. obviously this is a humanitarian crisis. many of the refugees, economic refugees are coming -- they are living in syria and trying to get into turkey. but having said that, there's a humanitarian crisis here. but i do not believe the united states should take in a large number of the refugees because we have no way of vetting who they are and there's virtually no intelligence on the ground. over more than a year now, the u.s. has been trying to vet refugees. they have only gotten in 1600 they have been able to clear. and the president says we'll
12:17 pm
have 10,000 in the next year. how you go from 1500 over a period of more than a year to 10,000 within a year, to me, we know that isis wants to infiltrate and come into europe and the united states hiding with these refugees. and there's no databases and no government records. there's no reliable records at all of these people coming from syria. and we are not even sure they are from syria. we know others from arab nations are coming in with the refugees. no, this is bad. as much as the humanitarian impulses say something -- >> are you basically saying we shouldn't let them in until there's a proper vetting system in place before they are allowed to come? >> absolutely. i have spoken to those involved in the vetting. i don't see how you do it in large numbers. we can bring in small numbers, but we have put together a fighting force vetted over the last several years. it's going to be very, very difficult. and my main obligation is my heart goes out to the refugees, but my obligation is to the
12:18 pm
american people to make sure they are not killed by terrorists. >> peter king, thank you so much for joining us. always appreciate it. it's a tough situation and a horrific situation forhose migrants and ref yugees. thank you. >> thank you, uma. all in a bid to make it appear that isis and other terrorist groups are not as dangerous as first feared. lawmakers want answers now on how this might have happened. and police are questioning someone in connection with several shootings near busy interstates. more on the person of interest and why the nightmare may not be over yet. >> normally when you see an arrest, you don't see too much officers.
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but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back with this fox news alert. police are now questioning a person of interest in the arizona highway shootings. over the last two weeks, 11 cars and trucks have been hit. so far no one has been seriously
12:23 pm
injured as investigators continue to look for answers. will carr is standing by now live in phoenix with the latest on this investigation. will? >> reporter: hi, uma. authorities continue to look for their prime suspect. drivers here on i-10 in phoenix still really on edge throughout the course oftoday. there have been several calls to authorities where drivers thought their cars were being shot at but turns by they were being hit by debris and rocks. but this comes after 11 cars have been shot in the past 13 days. police are working 24/7. we just had a police helicopter fly over us a short time ago as they are looking at nearby surveillance video and still also need the public's help. now yesterday there appeared to be a break in the case as they were questioning a person of interest. the man oscar munoz after bragging to friends about involvement in the latest shootings. but munoz say they have no idea
12:24 pm
why police believe they are involved. >> i just stopped for cigarettes and a drink. and when i got into my truck, they got into my truck and threw me on the ground. and had my mom with guns all over her. they have not told us why. they keep saying, we can't tell you. >> reporter: munoz was booked on a separate drug charge and to our knowledge is still behind bars today. authorities do tell me he's not, quote, their guy. they say their prime suspect or suspects are still out there admitting there could be more than one gunman. they say this is a difficult case with a lot of moving cars. now if there's any good news here, there's only been one injury. a 13-year-old was hurt when some glass hit her face after one of these recent shootings. nobody else seriously hurt. authorities, uma, say they are doing everything they can to make sure that it's staying that way. >> will, thank you very much for the update from phoenix, arizona.
12:25 pm
well, hillary clinton could be losing her front-runner status. what the new polls say about her race as bernie sanders continues to gain momentum. plus, donald trump is holding on to his top spot bashing critics all along the way. so who exactly is the man behind all the headlines? geraldo rivera who has known trump for years weighs in. >> he's definitely thin-skinned and also arrogant. he also does not suffer fools. he's a lot like floyd play mayweather. it's from daddy. sfx: dad's voice i love you baby girl. duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices so you can always be there. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. bernie sanders expanding his political staff as he inches closer to hillary clinton in the democratic presidential race. a new quinnipiac poll university survey has sanders drawing even with hillary clinton for the first time in iowa. now the independent vermont senator edging the once
12:30 pm
democratic favorite 41% to 40%. we are joined now live from washington with more on what this means for the democratic race. molly? >> hi, uma. they are separated by one point which is within the margin of error, so this is a dead heat. we talk about the quinnipiac poll to show bernie sander who is has two events in south carolina today has closed the nearly 20-point gap to make it a toss-up in iowa. at least at this point. clinton led 52% to 33% in july. and now she's behind by one point. here's what bernie sanders said about bringing change to washington. >> no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can deal with the crises facing working families today unless there is a mass movement of millions of people who look at
12:31 pm
washington and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough. >> reporter: clinton who has been mired in controversy over the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state is also trailing sander business nine points in new hampshire according to a poll earlier this week. indicating that sanders seems to have momentum now in the first two states to vote in the primary season. but clinton says she's been working on locking in delegates for the democratic convention. and in a new cnn poll out yesterday, she still has a ten-point lead over sanders, although that lead has slunk significantly over the summer. as for the new too close to call poll out of iowa, sanders' campaign says, quote, it's delighted. clinton's campaign said it knew iowa would be, quote, a close race. >> molly, thank you very much. very interesting to watch indeed. i clearly think apologizing
12:32 pm
is a great thing, but if you're wrong, you're wrong. for instance, they wanted me to apologize when i first announced for president. i will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if i'm never wrong. >> did you happen to see that? donald trump on "the tonight show with jimmy fallon." the donald proving he's never afraid to speak his mind. earlier i spoke to a man who has known him for years and could offer insight into the mind of this larger-than-life businessman, geraldo rivera. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> you're a great friend of donald trump and lots of folks are really looking at this campaign and scratching their heads saying, wait a minute. he seems to defy all the proper protocols of political etiquette. why do you think he is so masterfully able to throw out the rule book out the window and have the political pundits really stymied on this one as he
12:33 pm
continues to gain traction? >> that's a great question. i just ran into johnny damon, the former new york yankee/boston red sox hall of famer who was on "celebrity apprentice" with me. i've known donald for decades, but we really got to see him up close and with his children and grandchildren. got to see him with his business associates. he really is, not only a charismatic, energetic, original ball of fire, but he's also a genuinely nice guy. some of his ideaes, some of his policies, if it were any other politician, i would be shunning them and be absolutely rejecting what he said about mexicans, rapists and drug dealers, carly fiorina might in some other mouth sound so horrible. somehow in his comes across as part of his charm. why does he defy gravity? great question. and i don't know other than to say that i believe that donald trump is a very genuine force of
12:34 pm
nature. that he is unique. that his success makes him independent. he is a one-of-a-kind. i used to say if someone was really unique or original, wow, one in a million. trump is a one-of-a-kind. there's no one else like him. he's someone as a builder, as a philanthropist and a businessman has the kind of skills and life skills as i said, i've seen him with his family on lots of occasions, he really can be a terrific president. i think a lot of people are sick of washington, sick of insiders, sick of lobbyists and the fact that the game is rigged against the little guy. >> we take a look at this guy that you have known for decades, but he seems to have a very thin skin because every time someone goes on the attack against him, amongst the political rivals, he is quick to fire back.
12:35 pm
what is it about that? why does he have this thin skin? >> well, he's definitely thin skinned and also arrogant. he also does not suffer fools. he's a lot like floyd mayweather. not like any other politicians but like the great boxer, maybe the greatest boxer ever. floyd mayweather is a counter puncher. he waits until you try to hit him and then whack, whack, whack. that's the way trump is. he's a counter-puncher. he's thin-skinned and does have an intimidating aura about him. but what he says generally speaking, although he doesn't follow the rules of political correctness, generally speaking, i would argue that what he says in response to some of the negative criticism is pretty much fact-based. however, flamboyantly insulting it might be. >> but some say that -- is that really presidential when you let people get under your skin like this? is he going to respond every
12:36 pm
time, for example, like putin or another senator, somebody who says, that guy is nuts? >> i think that's the big question that the american voters have to answer. it's one thing to say you're going to vote for someone in a poll. it's another thing to say when you're in the privacy of the polling place and do you really want donald trump with his hands near the red button at 3:00 in the morning when he gets the word, or do you want him yelling at vladimir putin and telling him he's a jerk-off. it is possible that that personality would translate. however, i personally do not expect that. i don't believe that he could have been as successful as he has been to amass this fortune in the middle of this, the most observed public scrutinized island in the center of the world if he were not a reasonable and reasonably prudent person. i think that every american has to make that judgment. some would say he's burned a lot of bridges. i would say he's beat up or bent a lot of bridges to straighten out with women, with latinos for
12:37 pm
sure, with others. it is clear that he's taking all of the oxygen out of the political atmosphere. i think that trump is definitely the odds-on favorite now to win the republican nomination. i think it is a much greater challenge for him to win the presidency. but i was wondering, when we talked about johnny damon, whether trump will actually live in the white house or will he think that's a downgrade and take a place in his new trump hotel in union station across the street there. >> only time will tell. always great to see you, geraldo. thank you for being here. coming up, the three courageous men who stopped a gunman on a train. what they have to say about stopping the would-be terror attack. and members of congress want some answers now about isis.
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welcome back. more than 100 people are now dead after a crane collapses outside of saudi arabia's grand mosque. they say the crane fell down through the roof while worshippers were inside. many were preparing for the hajj pilgrimage later this month. the house panel is now looking into a report saying the obama administration pressured analysts to skew data to make isis seem weaker in their report. that news revealed this week with 50 analysts and special command headquarters in tampa making a complaint saying their reports were altered by senior officials to make isis seem weaker than it was. joining us now with some insight on this, retired army general colonel schaeffer, also a senior fellow with the london center
12:43 pm
for policy research. tony, great to have you on board today. so the fallout on this is tremendous because we're talking about the who politization of this. >> there's always conflicts. i was reminded by a friend of mine -- it's like sauce you're making, not a pretty process. but it has to be pure and based on the facts, not a political narrative. i think what we are finding here, uma, is because there are certain narratives the administration wants the american people to follow. they are now essentially going behind the scenes and attempting to shape the analysts' information, their conclusions based on a narrative they want rather than on the truthful narrative. this is usually bad and frankly it's not in the interest of the american people or anyone to see this happen. >> so basically what you're hearing is that the information
12:44 pm
that the administration wants to put out is the war on terror is working. we are gaining ground against isis. isis is not as weak as we first perceived and we do not have to fear as we once did. is that the narrative at the moment? >> yes. the doj is now investigating this. there's an investigation going through this piece by piece. what we found out, and this is new for you and your audience, is major general grove, the senior intelligence officer of central command is apparently receiving on a daily basis, every day calls from one jim clapper, the director of national intelligence. this is unheard of and never done. but the dni has a representative who sits at central command who is supposed to be the conduit for any contact. this is essentially the administration, the white house reaching through bypassing all parts of the chain of command, attending to influence of things going on at central command. so this is where we believe, a
12:45 pm
lot of us investigating this, believe the critical breakdown is. this is where you see the white house having jim clapper pushing its narrative into the process, thereby fulfilling the process, fulfilling a self-fulfilling prophesy. >> you're making daily calls to central command. >> yes, ma'am. >> the analysts, what prompted them to say enough is enough from their point of view? >> these are good people. these are people who have made their life trying to tell the truth. i sacrificed my career over having to testify about 9/11 failures of intelligence. this is the same thing going on. people understand that. and let me be clear on this. those same analysts are seeing the manipulation going on right now are going to be part of the iranian treaty verification. how can we trust anything from this white house if we know they are trying very strongly to basically taint all the intelligence coming out of the process to their view? we have to be able to have an
12:46 pm
intelligence community which is able to tell the truth. they cannot be pushed to accept a narrative, and that's why you have analysts speaking out now. >> do you think this ever is being made at a time when it is very clear that the efforts against isis have failed and we have not been able to gain traction, that isis continues to dominate the middle east and caliphate is in place that is trying to minimize what it can in terms of the fallout here. because right now the pictures are telling of a different story. >> exactly. >> in a big way. >> you can only go so far, uma, in telling a false narrative because reality catches up and that's what we have seen here. i sixth has not been diminished. they have grown and are now influencing the refugee flow into europe and america. these are -- i heard peter king talking about it earlier, that's valid. they said they will put people in the stream and will do it. they have not been diminished
12:47 pm
whatsoever. and the bombing campaign is one of the areas manipulated. so i think what we have to do is do an independent survey by multiple agencies, probably congress is about to figure out why we are failing. >> there's a house panel right now looking at this very closely and may put together an investigative team to go ahead and move forward with taking a look at these concerns. because a number of senators are saying that this raises all kinds of questions. and they are not comfortable and very alarmed by what's happening. >> again, we have to watch this in terms of the iraq -- i'm sorry, the iranian nuclear deal. we can't verify what is going on with isis, so how can we verify what is happening with the iran deal? or we completely, supposedly, missed the russian movement of forces into syria. something is broken and we need to fix it. >> tony shaffer will continue to update us with more information as it becomes available. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, uma. well, a grueling journey
12:48 pm
across the sea is making news. take a looked a a group of u.s. kayakers attempting to kayak from havana to key west. and just why they are making this daring attempt. plus, one town is lighting up the sky with displays from all over the world. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank? well - you do. because the courage is already inside. we value sticking with things.
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. do you remember the trio that stopped a gunman on a paris train honored as hometown hero today in a parade in sacramento. in one of the more joyful events of yesterday's 9/11 tribute. the day hitting close to home for the men who prevented a would be terror attacks. they shared their highlights with our own megyn kelly. >> what has been the most emotional part of this for you? >> i had this moment where this little girl was asking me if i could fly. that made me melt. oh, my gosh, these kids heroes right now. >> courageous guys indeed. you can catch the rest of the interview on a special edition of the kelly file tonight here on the fox news channel.
12:53 pm
the white house and manhattan's district attorney's now pledging a combined $79 million to end a shocking rape kit back log across the country. this comes amid reports that tens of thousands of dna samples taken after sexual assaults have gone untested. bripan llenas is sitting by wit more on this troubling story. >> a recent usa today investigation found at least 70,000 rape test kits collected by more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies were not sent to crime labs around the country for testing. it's estimated hundreds of thousands of kids are sitting on the shelves in police departments nationwide for up to a decade because time and money creating a major back log. rape kits hope dna and biological evidence collected from a sexual assault victim's body. all critically important in prosecuting their rapists.
12:54 pm
on thursday vice president joe biden and attorney general loretta lynch announced a program with the manhattan county attorney's office. pledging $79 million to eliminate the back log in 43 jurisdictions in 27 states. the new initiative will test 70,000 kits, about half the funding is coming from asset forfeiture funds from new york city. >> together, they secure the civil rights and human dignity of tens of thousands of women. sometimes men. who have had to summon the courage to report a rape only to have the results of their evasive examinations sit ignored on a shelf and their rapes unvolved. >> one in six women in the united states are sexually assaulted during their lifetime. about 50% of previously unsolved rapes are solved after the the kits are tested. this woman was raped in 1993.
12:55 pm
she submitted a rape kit but it took 14 years before her attacker was captured. >> my body became the crime seen. it was important to get all the evidence in order to apprehend this criminal. my kit sat and collected dust for nearly a decade with 17,000 other kits in new york city. >> 2/3 of sexual assault victims do not report to police. officials are hoping this initiative will encourage nor victims to come forward. all right. thank you very much. and they're off. ten u.s. kayakers setting sail from havana to key west. the non-shop journey is expected to last between 30 and 40 yards. they are padding with their cuban counterparts. a coastal city new lisbon portugal lighting up for the annual light festival. it's inspired by some of the
12:56 pm
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legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. see your local john deere dealer for great savings on the e series family of tractors. ♪ hello, everyone i'm kelly wright. welcome to inside news headquarters. >> i'm julie ban derris. topping the news, no end in site to the migrant crisis in europe. 10,000 additional refugees arriving in munich today. we will get a live report. a judge ordering trials to be held in baltimore for six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. defense attorneys claiming a fair trial cannot be possible in that city. because of heavy pretrial publicity. our legal panel will weigh in. a growing number of supporters of vice president joe biden pleading with him to run


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