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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ed low price. see your local john deere dealer for great savings on the e series family of tractors. ♪ hello, everyone i'm kelly wright. welcome to inside news headquarters. >> i'm julie ban derris. topping the news, no end in site to the migrant crisis in europe. 10,000 additional refugees arriving in munich today. we will get a live report. a judge ordering trials to be held in baltimore for six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. defense attorneys claiming a fair trial cannot be possible in that city. because of heavy pretrial publicity. our legal panel will weigh in. a growing number of supporters of vice president joe biden pleading with him to run for the white house.
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as hillary clinton's poll numbers continue to slide. but first, we begin with donald trump. hitting the campaign trail in iowa. the republican presidential candidate firing up a crowd at a rally in ames earlier today. he was talking immigration, blasting leaders in washington, d.c. bernie sanders hit the trail in south carolina today. hillary clinton spent the morning addressing a gathering in d.c. we've got live fox team coverage for you today. we're live in washington, but first we go with senior political correspondent mike emanuel live in boon iowa. >> donald trump rallied an enthusiastic crowd here as he leads the polls in the hawk eye state. his biggest applause line came
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when he made this new promise on the issue of illegal immigration. >> the gangs you've been reading about in different places like chicago, and a lot of the places, not to mention names. a lot of the places they're illegals and they're tough dudes. they're out of here. but i get the wall started they're gone the first day. they're gone. >> trump unveiled a new making america great again hat. a camouflage version here today. trump drew a sizable enthusiastic crowd before the focus of many switched to the iowa versus iowa state football game. i caught up with other candidates campaigning in iowa and asked them about from's strong numbers leading the polls at this stage. >> the presidency is a very important position. the words matter. when a president says something it has an impact. it's important. we need to be frustrated. we have to turn the frustration into action, not into insults.
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>> the celebrity factor of donald trump is going to go way down. i think people are going to say, he's a fake conservative. he hasn't been a republican. is he really a republican now. >> senator rubio is currently running tied for fifth. senator paul is currently running tied for eighth. city ha scott walker is now tenth after starting out as the early front runner in iowa. >> thank you very much. kelly? meantime hillary clinton facing trouble in the hawk eye state losing her lead to bernie sanders. the vermont senator overtaking mrs. clinton 41%. what's happening? >> bernie sanders has two events in south carolina today. one of them begins this hour as his campaign says it is quote, delighted by the latest poll out
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of iowa showing the independent socialist senator catching up with hillary clinton for the first time. a quinnipiac shows him with 40%. that top two are within the margin of error. to indicate how far sanders has come or how far clinton has fallen, earlier this summer another poll in iowa showed clinton with 52% and sanders with 33%. this iowa poll follows days after a different poll in new hampshire. has sanders up by nine points over clinton. 41%, 32% suggesting sanders has the momentum in the first two states to vote next year. here is sanders described his ascent in the democratic nominating process. >> you know, why are you generating such large turnouts and why are you generating so much enthusiasm? the answer is pretty simple.
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that is the american people are sick and tired with establishment politics. >> clinton, who has faced months of questions over the private e-mail server she used when she was secretary of state has said she's been focusing on locking up delegates for the democratic nominating convention. as for the neck and neck iowa poll, her campaign says it's always expected a close race there and said no non-incumbent candidate other than democratic senator tom harken has gotten more than 55% in the iowa caucus which is why we're working hard to earn every vote. in national polls of clinton versus sanders, clinton still wins. the margin has been shrinking. she was up by ten points. >> competition thickening for hillary clinton. thanks for the report from washington. now to the migrant crisis in
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europe. munich is expecting 10,000 refugees to arrive today alone. germany may have to deal with 800,000 migrants this year. complicating things even more the crisis comes as munich gets ready for the october fest next week. millions of people attend the event each year. >> julie, we're hearing that germany is dispatching 4,000 troops to help with logistical support on the ground in the areas where -- that are seeing an influx of migrants and refugees, including, as you mentioned munich. now, talking about the numbers, germany at this point is expecting 40,000 people migrants, refugees to arrive over the weekend. adding to the 450,000 from syria, afghanistan, who have already poured into the country this year. germany may have to deal and is
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looking at the prospect of dealing with about 800,000 migrants by the year's end because of that. several german facials aofficia saying it's reaching the limit on how many refugees it can hand. the chancellor said it's not only germany's responsibility, but all member states of the european union commission. we do know that the u.s. and great britain have offered to take in thousands of people. but now hungary the czech republic and slovakia oppose being forced to take in new arrivals. about 150,000 refugee and migrants have entered hungary so far this year. the country is now reportedly preparing to shut down its border with serbia on tuesday. and asked where all the new arrivals should go, hungary's prime minister reportedly told a german newspaper that all those people should go back to where
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they came from. referring to the refugee camps in jordan and lebanon and turkey saying they were much safer there. >> thank you very much. massive explosions killing 90 people in central india. police there say a cooking gas cylinder exploded at a crowded restaurant. the restaurant was crowded with people having breakfast. about 100 others were injured in the blast. a local contractor who illegally stored the detonators also died in the tragedy. russian military cargo planes reportedly carrying humanitarian aid arriving in syria today. this has president obama expresses his concern about russia's increased military activity in syria. moscow has recently sent weapons to damascus and russian troops are training the syrian army. all this coming after vladmir putin had a meeting with the
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leader of iran's elite force in late july. kristin fisher is in washington with the latest. >> the u.s. military is using syrian airspace to fight isis. russia is sending troops to syria including anti-aircraft missiles. even though moscow claims we have the same enemy, the chance of them encountering each other onthal battlefield is growing more and more every day. the problem is, russia supports syrian's president and the u.s. does not. u.s. officials believe moscow is now building up forces in syria at a rapid rate in order to protect syria's president. a claim moscow denies. they say they are sending more equipment to help assad fight isis. >> translator: if the priority is a fight against terrorism selfish considerations like
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changing of power in syria should be put aside. all the more so when previous attempts to change in iraq in libya have led to the growth of the terrorist threat. >> yesterday president obama pushed back while meeting with troops in maird. in his most clear terms he warned russia to stop sending support to syria's president. >> we are going to be engaging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that's doom today failure. this is going to be a long discussion that we'll be having with the russians. but it is not going to prevent us from continuing to go after isil very hard. >> later this month both obama and vladmir putin will be at the un assembly in new york. for now the two leaders have plans to meet. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton struggling with falling poll numbers. we're going to have the results of a new poll in the crucial early voting state of iowa about
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her honest and trustworthiness. then we want to know what you think. after hillary clinton's recent mea culpa make joe biden a desirable candidate. tweet me and let me know. police in arizona are arresting a person of interest after a series of sniper shootings on a major highway there. we'll introduce you to the first lady of motown. why we go beyond the dream. ♪
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pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites, and i already want more. they even brought back wood-grilled teriyaki shrimp! yeah, you heard me: teriyaki. and really: what's not to love about... ...buttery garlic shrimp scampi? here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. new questions about how a possible joe biden candidacy could impact the democratic race for the white house. this as the vice president announced this week that he'd run only if he had the quote, emotional juice to do so. it also comes as hillary clinton apologized for the first time this week about her private e-mail server saying that she, quote, made a mistake and that she is sorry. the controversial taking quite a toll on her campaign, though. a new poll showing voters in the key state of iowa think both
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vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders are more honest and trustworthy. we have the executive director of the new york state party, and a radio talk show host. all right. so if hillary has admitted she had lied. she's going on television and she admitted she made a mistake. we knew this apology was forced by her advisor. she's been reluctant to apologize because it would legitimize the controversial. but the damage has been done can she recover? >> everyone can realize there was a silent scream. she show didn't want to have to do it. at the 60 something percent of people who think she's trustworthy. this is classic clinton. it's nothing knew. i think what is her bigger issue is sanders and biden are trusted
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and liked, but it's not even about them in a way. her bigger issue is that they serve as a kind of a bench mark about how much they don't like or trust her. and that's the damage that they've played here. i think that the vice president is less likely to run, and in fact, may be place holder. i think they recognize that something has happened here. bernie sanders is not going to go good enough for the party leadership. they want somebody who may be in the place if a gore or kerry is willing to do it. >> what do you think? joe recently has the confidence that has come out that can be respected. but he doesn't have the emotional juice. he just endured a family tragedy. >> and you have hillary's mea cul
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culpa. >> i believe she meant her apology. i think it should have happened earlier. but i think the apology in and of itself was find. what's happening with vice president biden, that interview was incredible. it is and was. and i do think the country believes he is this incredibly authentic figure. he has been for his entire career. what i like about all of this is that whether or not he entered the race, i don't know. i do think that it would add a tremendous amount of strength to whatever ticket emerges next year. >> i asked my followers the following question, does joe biden make him stronger candidate should he jump in the race? >> he will wait until after he sees how well hillary clinton does in iowa and enter the primaries in march. >> he's got a limit. i think in a week there's points where you can't get on to some
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of the ballots. this is joe biden. he's always been nice. he's never gotten out of the single digits. and the other issue is you vote for people you like. >> look at donald trump. you don't have to be nice, obviously. i don't know if nice works. >> that's not -- >> that's not a democratic brand. i think democrats sort of run their elections very differently. we'll have a different tone. i think what's problematic for hillary is that this e-mail thing, it's a drip and drip and drip. it's sort of the death of a thousand cuts. every time the state department releases another batch, another story that keeps her from doing -- >> what she's going to be doing about bernie sanders will be sending out proxies. the new message is all messages to surrogates will be verbal. nothing will be written down. i don't know if she doesn't trust her e-mail server or a
1:20 pm
surrogate. >> she's scarred by it. the paranoia is extraordinary. >> one last question, if joe biden does run and let's say he surpasses hillary clinton in the polls and he's up against donald trump, you've got the nice, candid joe biden, the blatant donald trump. that's what his fans admire him for is being blatant. how do those two pair up? >> i think the contrast can't be anymore clear. donald trump, his language is very authoritarian. i don't think that's where america is. no matter what has doing in the polls. >> even i have been ambivalent about trump. his questions about fiorina last straw for me. there will be points for everyone. your scenario is unlikely. if that happens, i think the republican party is going to be quite in disarray. and what i do know is that americans always as winston churchill says americans always do the right thing eventually. i think the eventually will be
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next year. >> eventually a democrat. >> no, actually not. we tried that we don't like it. look at the polls >> all right. thank you very much. we appreciate you both coming on kelly? 50 years ago a small record company with big dreams launched a brand-new group and a brand-new sound that would eventually launch the sound of young america. the company was motown. and the group was known as the miracles. in today's beyond the dream we focus on one of the members of the miracles, claudette robinson. the first lady of motown. ♪ they were childhood friends, just a group of teenage boys from detroit who loved performing music. they set out to make their dreams come true. originatally called the matadors. they needed a change when they added a female to the group.
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>> we put names in the hat and i pulled out the name the miracles. they how we became the miracles. >> like their name, miracles began to happen. starting with a chance meeting with a young successful song writer named barry gourdy. he was impressed with smoky robinson. that encounter led to the miracles becoming the first signed group to his new record label, motown. >> the first record on motown that made any real noise was shop around. and that's what put motown on the put and the miracles ♪ my mama told me you better shop around ♪ >> robinson married claudette. choreography and smoky smooth song styleings made them a household name. claudette recalls how she always wanted to be in music but preferred being in the
1:23 pm
background. >> i think because i was such a shy, young girl. i got my strength when i'd get on the stage and those four guys surrounded me. they were always such gentlemen with me. >> i'm amazed that you did this with such an innocence. >> actually, i was about 13. i said there's certain things these thing yz will not do. god has his hand on me to just walk through. and avoid those things. we were always a family of faith. do whatever it is that you desire to do or be. >> her great, poise and charm is inspiring. it led to her former husband smoky robinson writing songs, including this time classic. by the the civil rights struggle was in full swing, motown had become the music of america. >> we met a couple of the beatles they were saying that
1:24 pm
when they were recording they'd listen to motown. and a lot of miracles' music. they would emulate that almost exactly. my goodness, they were the biggest thing in the whole entire world. and for them to say that we had any little part in helping them to be able to go towards their success, was amazing. >> even more amazing than the beatles the miracles, being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and receiving their star on hollywood's walk of fame. >> it is probably the highest honor that one can receive. >> of her illustrious career, she says the one thing that counts in any business is being a person of character. >> nothing really matters except the character that's inside of yourself. you can lose looks, money, character is the one thing that no one can take away from you.
1:25 pm
>> claudette robinson, first lady of motown, living beyond the dream. there is still so much more to claudettepe's story. her story was not all song and dance. next week we'll hear how she overcame eight miscarriages. that led to smoky writing one of the biggest song to her. more love, written because of those miscarriages. >> i thought it was interesting that their motown music inclu influenced the beatles i had never known that. >> as stevie wonder once said there would be no motown it if it weren't for the miracles. the fda is taking steps to keep our food free of bacteria that can make us sick. how they're trying to insure our
1:26 pm
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authorities in arizona say they have a person of interest in a string of shootings on a busy interstate t. drivers experienceb two weeks of terror near the phoenix area. 11 vehicles total were either shot at or some other kind of projecti projectile. investigators believe more than one person may be possible. will carr has the latest from phoenix. >> hey, there was a report of another possible shooting that
1:31 pm
happened about nine miles west of where i'm standing now on i 10. investigators are looking into that right now. over the course of the past few days there have been a number of reports where it turned out it was debris or rocks hitting people's cars. the point is that drivers here are still very much on edge after 11 cars have been shot in the past 13 days. >> even on my daughter, she frequents the 10 a lot. i tell her if she can, go to an alternate route. >> authorities tell us they're working 24/7 to find the gunman. they're working on surveillance video. they're saying they need the public's help. yesterday it appeared there may have been a break in the case when they started questioning a person of interest. that man was picked up outside of a local convenience store. sources tell us that munoz was
1:32 pm
bragging about being involved in the shooting. he says he has no idea when police think he's involved. >> i had cigarettes and drink and when i got in the truck they rammed into the back of the truck and threw me on the ground. and had my mom with guns all over her. they haven't told us nothing. i keep on asking them and they're like we can't tell you. >> munoz was booked on a separate drug charge and is still behind bars. authorities tell me he is n their guy. they say the prime suspect or suspects are still out there admitting that there could be more than one gunman. they say this is a difficult case with a lot of moving parts. if there's any good news here, there's only been one injury, a 13-year-old girl was hit in the face with some glass when one of those recent shootings occurred. besides that, no major injuries. authorities are doing everything possible to keep it that way. >> thank you for that report.
1:33 pm
the fda taking new action to help stop the out break of deadly food borne illnesses. this comes after an out break of salmonella at restaurants in minnesota that sent dozens of people to the hospital. we have a professor of an theeshology. these dangers are scary. they live in everything. from fruits and vegetables like cukecumbers and spinach, ice cream, salmonella. e. coli. why the increase? >> i think it has to do with all the different steps available where viruses can infect our foods. in the past, things we use today worry about were washing our hands, don't leave milk and other products outside for long. be careful when you're cooking meat. there are other areas where things can get infected. for example, things that the fda is looking for, with the food
1:34 pm
processing plants, there are a lot of things we haven't considered. for the peanut infestation that happened before. the peanuts were left out in the open where birds could fly over them and their droppings could get into the peanuts. if you think about these things there is nothing that consumers can do to protect themselves. it has to be the food manufacturer. >> the new safety measures which go into effect later this year requires food manufacturers to prepare food safety plans. i don't know why this wasn't put in place long ago. bird droppings in my peanut butter, i have a problem with that. the government was the manufacturers to explain how they're keeping their operations clean and they have to lay out how they process food. >> it's a very basic step. i mean i would have thought they would have done that on their own without the fda having to intervene. when you go to a local restaurants, they have all kinds
1:35 pm
of regulations. these aren't new things. the government has to intervene to make sure it's done. >> what are the signs of food poi poisoning versus a stomach bug? >> it's difficult to tell the difference. if you have nausea, vomiting diarrhea and you remember just eating something -- >> how long does it take for it to kick in? some people if they get it right away i say it hasn't been in your system long enough. how long after you've eaten something? >> it depends. bacteria usually take longer to take effect, maybe a couple days. sometimes they have these toxins that hit within a few hours. the systems are pretty much the same. nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea. sometimes people have fevers, also. those are the basic symptoms. it's hard to pick out whether that's food poisoning or some other illness. but the real issue that would bring you to the hospital or doctor is if you can't keep anything down. then you can get dehydrated.
1:36 pm
>> it makes you not want to go out to eat. aside from employees not washing their hands, the food is coming from the food manufacturing plants. they're already infected before they get into the restaurant. >> exactly. >> there's nothing a consumer can do to protect themselves? >> not much. they can still cook their food more. thereabo there are things they can do -- >> if you're going out to a restaurant. >> exactly. the restaurant has to take more precautions. there is some things if the food st infected there's not much you can do. it's a huge problem. it's not a minor thing. the cdc's estimate is one in three americans get this. >> everyone knows someone who has had food poising. these regulations should have been put in place long ago. some of the bacterias can cause death. these are serious. >> of course, yeah. >> doctor, thank you very much for talking to us. i've had food poisoning and i don't want to have it every
1:37 pm
again. a group analyzing the data released by the ashley madison's hackers. we'll tell you what they are. a judge wants the freddie gray trials to stay in baltimore. but some argue a fair trial is impossible frl the officers charged in the case because of heavy pretrial publicity. . >> the city's decision to settle the civil case should not be interpreted as passing any judgment on guilt or innocence of the officers. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon.
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it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. the soldier who disappeared during a parachute exercise washington state was found dead. the army says he was discovered in a heavily wooded area. the soldier was part of the special forces unit.
1:42 pm
his name will not be released until after a day after his family members are notified. there will be no change of venue in the trial of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. he suffered a spinal cord injury during his arrest back in april. he died a week later. gray's death led to riots and protests you'll recall in the city. despite that, a judge has ruled that an impartial jury can be found in baltimore. for the trials of those six police officers. the judge says the issue may be revisited, but what would it take to change the judge's mind? let's bring in the former prosecutor along with a criminal defense attorney and co-founder of the american patriot hero's fund. this is an important topic because many people wondered all aloud can the six police officers receive a fair trial if
1:43 pm
they don't move the venue to another city somewhere outside of baltimore? but that hasn't happened as we've seen now. is the judge keeping the door open? >> the door is going to always be open if one of the police officers goes to trial first and they see whether he's convicted or acquitted riots erupt. he could change his mind and move the others out of baltimore. these are rare circumstances. timothy mcveigh was moved. rodney king case, that was a change of venue. this case screams for a change of venue. i don't see how you can get fair and impartial jurors when every single person was affected by the riots. they were affected by the curfew. they're going to have an opinion formulated. i think they should have granted it. the judge did leave the door open. >> many people watched this on television, particularly the people living in baltimore who were not even part of the west
1:44 pm
baltimore neighborhood that really got burned and looted and riots ensued. the situation happened with freddie gray. >> that's correct. and matter of fact, it's extremely difficult in any case to change venue. there are certain cases famous cases like robert mentioned, the rodney king case, for example. extreme cases where there's extensive media coverage where no matter where you are, you're going to be exposed to that media. to the facts of the case. so this would be a particular example, an extreme case where a change of venue i believe would be appropriate. >> the underlying fear here seems to be what you alluded to earlier, would there be rioting perhaps after the first police officers are tried since they're being tried spreparately. the police chief spoke with fox news today. let's listen to what he had to say. >> our experiences are now our greatest teacher. that lawlessness is not going to
1:45 pm
happen again. >> not going to be tolerated? it wasn't be tolerated. cops can't get hurt, businesses can't burn to the ground. >> that being said, would the judge be more inclined to continue to hold on to a stance that everything would take place in baltimore? >> i would think, obviously, as i said before, he'll at least keep the first one there unless something egregious changes his mind. the police chief can sit here and say it's not going to be tolerated all he wants. at the end of the day do they have enough police presence, enough force. are they growoing to bring in t national guard? why risk the possibility of more millions of dollars and riots and possible destruction occur when you can move it to another location and have these things happening. you can't prevent it from happening, but it's one way to insure it doesn't happy. >> let's go to the core of something we witnessed in baltimore during this entire
1:46 pm
situation, that's anger. anger had already been brewing there over the course of many years. as the police chief said they hadn't encountered anything like this since 1968. do you think things have changed? will anger simmer? will peaceful people be out there protesting instead of showing anger with anything that goes on with these trials. >> one can hope that people will change their tone and mood. unfortunately, high profile cases like this are emotionally charged and people are upset. >> very good point. having said that, how does it impact defense attorneys when they have to go in and present a case that will help them help their defendant or client? >> in this particular case from a defense attorney standpoint, the change of venue issue is very important. if you can't get a fair and impartial jury, it's going to hurt the defense. and the fact that there's an
1:47 pm
angry citizenry prepared today react, it's extreme amount of pressure to put on the defense attorney. it's going to affect the case and the trial and the psyche of the attorneys involved. it has to. >> $6.4 million awarded to the family of freddie gray. does that have any influence on jurors? >> absolutely. they're -- >> even though they're saying it won't. >> you can say that all you want. people who are not educated on the law and different theories of the case and burdens of proof and why certain amounts were given over. if they are reading the city is giving $6.4 million to the family, they view that as an admission of guilt by the city even though it's not. it's a huge problem that the lawyers are going to have to jump over. >> the mayor announcing she will not run for reelection. what kind of impact will that have on the trials? >> i think it will have a negative impact insofar the fact that she's resigning. she made a decision to settle
1:48 pm
like robert said. that decision will influence the jury insofar people don't understand the difference between criminal and civil liability. does it mean the people are guilty? absolutely not. a layperson doesn't understand that. the fact she's resigning i think amplifies that particular point. >> thank you very much for your insights and your perspectives. thank you. all right. more embarrassing secrets coming to light about the cheating website ashley madison. turns out the names of people using the site wasn't the only thing hackers got their hands on. one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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now for a look beyond the headlines, here is author and journalist liz trotta's weekly commentary. >> last week, 14 years after terrorist attacking launched their perverted crusade against the west, one vexing question still haunts us, how did 19 hijackers, 15 of them from saudi arabia, manage the attacks that pulled us into a war on terror? those answers pay into the arabia royal family and
1:53 pm
administrations. the truth is private. quite different from the public story. in the immediate days following september 11, about 140 saudis living in the united states secretly pardoned planes in los angeles, washington and other american cities to return
1:54 pm
even conceived. maybe a progressional investigation convened, an issue to report in 2003. curiously, at the time president bush banned the public release of the critical 28 pages. republican and democratic senators and congressmen read these pages and information collected quietly over the years point to saudi arabia as the main banker for 9-11. a picture emerges of a network of saudi operatives planted in the u.s. by the royal family and its government. a house in sarasota where saudi agents welcomed at least two of the terrorists. too late we realized saudi charitable contributions in america somehow wound up financing al-qaeda. a year later, the 9-11 commission released its much praised report and did too
1:55 pm
censor the extent of saudi arabia's deceit and murder. a lawsuit filed by thousands of victims' relatives against the sunni state has made its way to federal court in manhattan and in the next few months, a decision is expected on whether they should grant the saudi request to dismiss the suit or proceed. president obama, who was also refused to release the 28 pages and indict the saudis hosted the king in washington last week and in the great tradition of difficult mat aikido prettyity, he promised another $1 billion in military weapons. who or what they will use them against is an unnerving thought. >> another thing exposed in the ashley madison leak, the passwords of all those users and why it shows they really didn't try very hard to protect their
1:56 pm
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>> millions of passwords from ashley madison have been revealed. this comes after a group analyzing the hacked data found mistakes in the way ashley madison encrypted the stolen accounts. the group was able to uncover 11 million passwords from ashley madison customer accounts. there are many of them, some of the highlights, there is just straight counting, password, default, and converty.
2:00 pm
it was hacked in july. i'm sorry. you're going to be on that web site, you got to come up with better passwords. >> i'm kelly wright. >> on the record -- >> how stupid are our leaders? >> it's time to declare the end of lowered expectation. >> how stupid are these politicians? >> politicians do what is politically expedient. >> you i want to do what's right. >> politicians are all talk, no action. >> our founders never planned for us to have a political. >> you probably want them to polish your shoes. >> the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it. >> i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. >> we need a leader ha wrote the art of the deal. >> time for citizens to stand up to the political class.


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