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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 12, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the record." tell me what you think about the outsiders and all the candidates on our facebook page and i will see you back here each night for "on the record" at 7:00 i'm arthel neville. welcome. >> i'm eric shaun. topping the news, the migrant crisis in europe is reaching even new levels. about 10,000 additional refugees have arrived in germany as the e.u. nations argue about how best to handle that influx of asylum seekers. police in arizona make an arrest after a string of shootings along a phoenix highway. but this case may be far from solved. plus this. >> i don't think there is much of a gray area. >> that former tennis star wrestled to the ground as you can see in thisolice video. a case of mistaken identity.
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he's speaking out as we learn more about the officer who was involved in the take-down. we begin with this fox news alert. announcing her retirement after winning the u.s. open title. she defeated fellow italian in straight sets at arthur ashe stadium in new york. the 33-year-old is now the oldest first time grand slam champion in the open era. the u.s. open will close out tomorrow with a blockbuster matchup number one seed taking on number two seed, roger federer in the men's final. this is going to be the 14th time the two squared off, 14th time the two squared off at a grand slam tournament. >> wow. >> i'm disappointed that serena didn't get hers. >> i know. retiring at 33? >> that's impressive. >> never know what happens.
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turning to politics. republican presidential hopeful converging on the crucial early caucus state of iowa today. senators marco rubio and rand paul, along with governor scott walker hanging out at the tailgate party at iowa state football game. and donald trump holding a rally for hundreds of supporters. latest polls show him pulling away from his closest competitor. mike emmanuel joins us live from boone, iowa. so let's start here. what is the state of the race there in iowa, make? >> reporter: arthel, as you know, it's still early, but at this stage, it appears to be a two-person race. the late survey has donald trump leading with 27% support. dr. ben carson is second at 21%. all the other candidates are in single digits in the hawkeye state. today trump rejected any
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suggestion that dr. carson is catching up to him with evangelical voters. >> i don't think he has and i have a big lead in iowa and i don't think he has. i think your statement is wrong and i don't think he has. i'm not surprised that you make that statement 'cause that's the way you do it. >> reporter: we've seen him take jabs at other candidates today. it was a jab at a reporter, did not like that question, arthel. >> listen, mr. trump continues to keep going. he's in the lead, of course, in the polls, as we're reporting. are the other candidates somehow getting frustrated by donald trump? they can't seem to beat him. >> reporter: publicly no. you can imagine privately they must express some frustration to their aides and loved ones. i caught up with two candidates who are campaigning here in the critical state of iowa this weekend and asked them about the trump factor and those polls. >> these are long campaigns. i think ultimately voters will get very serious. they'll begin to focus in on the
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important issues and i know this, our next president better be someone with new ideas that work that know what it's going to take to save and restore the american dream. >> i think really under closer scrutiny that the celebrity factor of donald trump is going to go way down. i think people are going to say, he's a fake conservative. he hasn't even been a republican really. is he really a republican now? >> reporter: at this point, senator rubio is running tied forfeit here in iowa. senator paul is running tied for eighth. plenty for campaign time. but both are here this weekend working it trying to get a bump in the polls. >> they're working it. trump keeps working it, too. i see he switched baseball caps today. what's his new cap saying? >> reporter: that's right. on the stump we've seen a white version of the making america great. we've seen a red version of the cap and today here in iowa, he busted out the camouflage version of the making american great depend cap with orange letters on it. clearly hoping it will be a big hit with iowa hunters. perhaps a huge christmas gift with a lot of iowa voters.
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and make him memorable around caucus time early next year. >> thank you so much for that update. now to the democratic race. kind of a fringe candidate, bernie sanders proving he's a very serious contender. campaigning in south carolina today. as he continues to gain ground on hillary clinton in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. take a look at a new quinnipiac poll n. a dead heat with mrs. clinton in iowa. slightly edging her just 41 to 40%. what's happening? molly henneberg live in washington with what this means for the race. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi. senator bernie sanders just finished his first of two events in south carolina today. the independent socialist candidate told supporters in florence, south carolina, that they could be part of something bigger than a presidential campaign. >> what this campaign is about is not just asking your support
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to elect bernie sanders as president, but more importantly, i am asking you to become part of a political revolution. when we stand together like the tens of millions, there is nothing, nothing, nothing that we can not accomplish. >> reporter: sanders and hillary clinton now are separated by one point in iowa. that's within the margin of error, so essentially it's a dead heat. g shows senator sanders has closed a nearly 20-point gap in iowa. clinton led 52-33 over sanders in july. clinton, who has been hired in controversy over the private e-mail server that she used as secretary of state, also is trailing sanders by nine points in new hampshire. according to a poll earlier this week. indicating sanders seems to have momentum at this point in the first two states to vote in next year's primary season. clinton says she's been working
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on locking in delegates at the democratic convention. in a new national poll out yesterday, she still has a ten-points lead over sanders. although that lead has shrunk significantly over the summer. as for the new too close to call poll out of iowa, sanders campaign says it's, quote, delighted by the results. clinton's campaign says it knew iowa would be a close race. eric? >> molly. i guess politics is becoming like the u.s. open. you really don't know what is going to be happening. >> reporter: and an exciting finish, right? >> it is. thank you, molly. later on, we will be discussing something really special. did you see this the other night? vice president joe biden, remarkable moment of television. he opened up emotionally to the new late night host, seven colbert, about his son, about death, about his life, about running for president. we will be discussing that remarkable moment and how biden just let his heart out, amazing if you haven't seen it. we'll be discussing that.
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arthel will with susan estridge who is a usc professor of law and former campaign manager for michael dukakis. >> thanks. police in arizona arresting a person of interest after a series of sniper shootings on a major highway. but investigators say the 19-year-old man is not the prime suspect. he's been booked into jail on an unrelated marijuana possession charge. officials say at least 11 shootings have been confirmed since late august. will carr ask live in phoenix with the latest. will? >> reporter: as we're talking, police are investigating what appears to potentially be another car that's opinion shot. we just got this video in. the driver was on i 10 about nine miles west of where i'm standing right now since he was driving to work when he heard a loud pop and that's when his passenger side window shattered. again, police are investigating this. they have not confirmed that this is a new shooting. but if it does indeed turn out to be, it would be the 12th
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car to be shot in the past 13 days. >> we don't want folks to be in fear. we want them to channel that fear into being good witnesses, being observant and avoiding distractions so that if they see anything, anything suspicious, they can contact 911 or center phone number. >> reporter: there have been a lot of reports, people calling saying they thought their car was shot when it ended up just being debris, a rock actually hitting their car. police say they're working 24/7, looking at surveillance video along the interstate and also continue to need the public's help. yesterday there appeared to be a break in the case. that's when they were questioning a person of interest. his name oscar dela torre munoz. he was picked out outside a convenience store. they said he bragged to friends about being involved in the shootings. he says he has no idea why police think he's involved.
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>> when i got in the truck, they ran into the back of the truck and threw me on the ground and had my mom with guns all over her. they haven't told us nothing. i keep asking them. they're like, we can't tell you anything. >> reporter: munoz was booked on a non-related drug charge and still behind bars. authorities this morning tell me he is not their guy. they say the prime suspect or suspects are still out there, still on the loose, admitting there could be more than one shooter. they say it's a difficult case with lots of moving parts. if there is any good news here, that's that there haven't been many injuries with these shootings. one 13-year-old sustained lacerations on her face when the glass shattered in the car she was in. besides that, nobody else has been hit. authorities say they're doing everything they can to make sure it stays that way. arthel? >> absolutely. thank you. up north, firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in northern california.
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that fire near the san andreas has grown to more than 100 square miles, that grow in the last 48 hours. the flames have destroyed 15 structures so far. >> we just wanted to come up and get pictures and what we could out of here. everything is threatened right now. we're hoping for the best. >> the fire is behind the house. >> it's getting thicker and thicker and thicker and we have 11-month-old son, so we decided it would be best if we we want down to the bay area to my mom's house. >> that's good advice. a lot of people are taking that same thing. about 10,000 so far in nearby communities are under a mandatory evacuation order or advisories to get out until they get a handle and get this under control. >> scary pictures there. the wave of migrants making their way to western europe showing no signs of slowing down. through hungary and to germany where they are being welcomed more warmly than other
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countries. in england, thousands taking to the streets of london to show their support for the refugees. john huddy following the story from our jerusalem bureau. >> reporter: arthel, the 28-nation european union commission is divided at this point on how to deal with the migrant and refugee crisis in europe. this as it continues to worsen. today there were rallies with tens of thousands of people supporting the refugees and migrants and their journey continued. families walk along railroad tracks, by barbed wire fences and packed into buses, including this man who pleaded for help. >> please help these families. there are many, many people. please do something. please. >> reporter: germany is expecting another 40,000 migrants over the weekend, adding to the 450,000 from syria, iraq, afghanistan, and parts of north africa that have already poured into the country this year.
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german officials say that their country is reaching its limit on how many more migrants it can handle. today german chancellor said it's not only the responsibility of germany to deal with the influx of people, but all member states of the european union, hungary, the czech republic, only slovakia opposed being, they say, forced to take in new arrivals. so far about 150,000 refugees and migrants have poured into hungary this year. but the country is now reportedly planning to shut its borders down at some point this week. asked where all those new arrivals should go, hungary's hard line prime minister reportedly told a german newspaper, quote, unquote, back to where they came from. arthel. >> john huddy i that. meanwhile, what is vladimir putin up to again? the state department is watching russia with a lot of concern. this is putin makes those deals with iran, builds up his
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military presence in syria. is putin back on the march and what does that mean for us? also a deadly accident at the mosque in mecca killing more than 100 people. what authorities are now saying caused this tragedy. the white house says the deadline for congress to act on the iranian nuclear deal is just five days away. but republicans say no. they still have more time. there will be more votes on this this coming week. coming up, we'll have the very latest on this high stakes tug of war. >> the law clearly requires the administration to send to us all the agreements. they have not complied with the law which is another good argument for voting against the proposal. psfé
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time for a quick check of the headlines. the death toll in a series of explosions at a restaurant in india has risen to 89. officials say a cinder of cooking gas blew up, then set fire to explosive material stored nearby. saudi arabian authorities say high winds are to blame for a deadly train accident at the grand mosque in mecca. more than 100 people were killed when the train crashed into the roof of the mosque which was
3:19 pm
preparing for the annual pilgrimage. two people killed after a small plane being used in the filming of tom cruise's latest movie crashed, including a hollywood pilot. a third person was seriously injured. cruise was not on the aircraft. the president has struck a deal that he says will keep iran from going nuclear. congress has spent several weeks reviewing this agreement and listening to the american people. it is now clear that this deal will not stop a nuclear iran. it will instead endanger america and our allies for years to come. >> republicans are not giving up. vowing they will continue to fight against the controversial iranian nuclear deal. this being dealt a crushing blow where democrats successfully blocked that resolution to disapprove the deal. another vote is scheduled in the senate this coming week. the outcome likely won't change and even if senate republicans are successful, the president, of course, ultimately has the
3:20 pm
final say. it seems that resolution would not survive his promised veto. what does this all say about the role of congress in shaping foreign policy? if the agreement can eventually be stopped. executive editor of the daily caller and joins us now. round two on tuesday on the iranian deal. will the vote be any different? >> it's unlikely. at this point the president has secured enough support to stop any attempt to get the senate to knock this down, to send a vote of disapproval to the president. either way, as you said, the president has already got this in the bag. this iran deal, whether or not he gets the approval of congress, will go forward because that's how it's all been set up. so this congress, what this has done, what this has really been about is you've got republicans and some democrats, by the way, who have been disapproving of this deal and it's given the american people some time to think about it, too, and to realize hey, this deal is not working out so well for us and at least for those ho think that way -- who think that way.
3:21 pm
>> also once they have this vote. biener is trying to talk about a lawsuit. how far will they go? >> it is reasonable, i think, in some sense for republicans to feel like they didn't have all of the details. some republicans are arguing that there is no reason that the 60-day review period should have ever even begun because all of the details of the deal are not available to congress. some of those details are secret. they're secret side deals that are between the iaea and iran. so now republicans are saying, wait a second. we can't move forward until we know the contents of those deals. again, the white house is pushing forward without the support of congress. >> the supporters say those aren't super side deal. they're the iaea paperwork that is confidential between the ieae, u number inspectors and tehran. and it's only for their inspectors to know. how can we vote on a deal if we don't have all the information? >> i imagine most american
3:22 pm
lawmakers don't think that they should have to enter into a deal where iran and the united states is seen as somehow equal across the table from one another. the united states feels like look, it should be in the superior position here. we should be able to make judgments about whether or not iran deserves to push forward with this nuclear program. and those people who are opposed to this iran deal are doing so on the basis of the publicly available knowledge, which suggests that the international community is going to lift sanctions, that the nuclear program in irrelevant iran is going to continue for peaceful purposes, ostensibly, and iran will be able to set some of its own principle when is it comes to how these inspectors get into the country to inspect the things that we're going to take a look at. >> and it will be going before the iranian parliament soon and the hard liners there are giving it a tough time. with our senate, some are saying that the republicans should invoke the nuclear action. remember what harry reid would do? like take that tnt thing? >> it's beyond disgraceful, they
3:23 pm
say, that senate democrats would prevent a vote on one of the most consequential agreements in history and do so after formally agreed to a tally of every senator and congressman. this is a party of the street fighters, doing anything it takes to get power and expand government. the gop opponents do battle according to miss manners rules for hosting an afternoon tea. ouch. is that true? what can the republicans do at the end, if anything? >> yeah. depend, no matter what happens here. the president is going to get his way. at this point, democrats have decided we're going to not allow congress to be the vehicle through which there is a sign that the united states is totally not unified on this question. it's clear, the international community knows, the american public knows, our viewers know that there is not unity on this deal. in fact, a majority of people don't want to see it pass. but the president is going to get his way because there is not an ability in congress to overturn his veto. there is not enough votes. >> it certainly seems like a
3:24 pm
done deal. thank you so much from the daily caller for joining us. >> thank you. last month a trio of friends saved countless lives when they tackled a would-be terrorist on a train in europe. now they're being recognized for their bravery with media interviewsviews and papa raid. megyn kelly sat down with all three to talk about their newfound stardom. >> what has been the most emotional part of this for you? >> i had this moment where this little girl waseta÷ asking me ii could fly and things like that. i was like literally made me melt. i was like oh, my gosh. i'm like these kids heros, this is insane. >> you can see the rest of this interview on a special edition of the kelly file tonight at 8:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. >> that's terrific. great americans. >> yes. we know increasing number of us are turn -- after you retire. coming up, we'll have surprising new data and how you can avoid
3:25 pm
that situation. plus, the white house teaming up with a new partner to tackle a growing problem. the backlog of tens of thousands of rape kits nationwide. we'll have a live report coming up. >> my body became a crime scene. it's really important to get all the evidence in order to apprehend this criminal. my kit sat and collected dust for nearly a decade
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3:30 pm
any criminal sexual activity. vogel agreed to plead guilty to allegations he paid for sex acts with girls as young as 16. a kentucky county clerk recently jailed for denying same sex marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs now filing an appeal that would allow her to continue blocking the licenses. davis filing the motion with the court of appeals. the white house now making a push to end a shocking back cans log of rape kits across the country. thousands of dna samples that were taken after sexual assaults, the samples have gone untested. now the obama administration is teaming up with a manhattan district attorney's office to pledge a combined $79 million to try and clear those back logs bryan llenas joins us with the details. >> reporter: rape kits hold the dna and biological evidence, blood, hair, sly have a, even
3:31 pm
clothes from a sexual assault victim's body. all critically important in identifying and prosecuting their rapist. right now there are an estimated not ten, hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits sitting in police storage facilities nationwide collecting dust on shelves for months, years and even decades all because of time and money creating a major back log. now, on thursday, vice president joe biden and attorney general lynch announcing a nationwide grant program with the manhattan district attorney's office pledging an unprecedented $79 million to eliminate the backlog in 43 jurisdictions in 27 states. this new initiative will test 70,000 kits, about half the funding is coming from asset forfeiture funds from new york city. >> this compresssive review will help to bring to justice thousands of perpetrators who have assaulted thousands of victims. these victims had to wait for
3:32 pm
this turn of a deal. >> reporter: one in six women in the united states are sexually assaulted during their lifetime. and studies show about 50% of previously unsolved rapes are solved after these kits are tested. this woman was violently raped and robbed at gun point in 1993. she submitted a rape kit, but it took 14 years before her attacker was finally captured. >> my kit sat for almost a decade. 15 years before we found the man that raped and robbed me at gun point. in the meantime, he was basically a career criminal, creating crimes and victims across the country. >> two-thirds of assault victims do not report to police and officials are hoping this initiative will encourage more victims to come forward. eric? >> that's really so important. thank you so much. >> no problem. a growing number of americans dealing with mortgage debt even after they retire.
3:33 pm
the consumer financial protection bureau reports the percentage of homeowners aged 65 and older with mortgage debt jumped from 22% in 2001 to 30% in 2011. the average debt amount for seniors is also on the rise. how can we avoid this? pat howell is here, founder and ceo of howell financial group. first of all, why is this happening? >> that's a great question. but i think it has its roots in the fact that we are a nation of debtors. whether you look at the government, the federal government, state, local government, and americans borrow for everything. we borrow to buy a house. we borrow to buy a car. our kids borrow to go to college. no matter what we want to do, we are borrowing money. and we have invented this thing called the reverse mortgage which makes it more effective for seniors to borrow out of their houses. >> we see those commercials all the time. are those reverse mortgages
3:34 pm
valid? >> they're valid, but they basically are for what i would call a financial failure. they're for people who have basically been running out of money and this is the only place to go. if this is your retirement plan, you can not afford to retire. >> pat, what can seniors do to pay down their mortgages and decrease their debt? >> one of the big problems is they don't have a plan. so you really need to start with having a good retirement plan which includes what you're going to do with debt. not everybody has to pay down their mortgage debt. it's not good or bad. but if you are a sophisticated, savvy investor and you have a good plan in place, you probably don't have to worry so much. but if you're unsophisticated person and you don't have a lot of savvy, then debt is probably a trap for you and it's probably going to make your retirement miserable. so you need a plan to get out of
3:35 pm
debt before you retire. not after you retire. you shouldn't be looking at this after you retire. >> sometimes when people need to plan or need a financial advisor and talking about average people who don't necessarily have the sophisticated people helping them out with their portfolios and all this stuff. >> right. >> what do you do? what is the most basic thing? you pull out a pencil and a notebook, what's the most basic thing to do? >> i think everybody needs to practice money management every week. take a half an hour every week, whether it's saturday or sunday, you say, i'm going to lock off this time and i'm going to work on money management. money management is paying my bills, balancing my checkbook, making sure i'm in sync. if you don't track it, you'll be in trouble. every time i talk to somebody who is in financial trouble, i say how much do you owe? they don't know. i say, can you show me your credit card bills? i don't keep them. can you see me your mortgage? i don't keep those. you have to track it. money management is where you
3:36 pm
start. if you start along that path, you are going to get yourself halfway home before you even see an advisor. >> i would say if you don't see it on paper, you just kind of don't know. >> thinking i didn't know i was going to bea it hundred pounds. if you don't get on the scale, you don't know. well, if you don't put it on a piece of paper. you need o save your bills and credit card bills, 'cause you need to actually see how much interest you're paying. when i show people how much money they are flushing down the toilet on interest, they're stunned. >> is it easy to call and get your interest rate lowered? >> absolutely. if you are a good credit. if you pay your bills on time every time, which is what you need to do, and your rate is too high, you can pick up the phone and you can try to negotiate. will they always give it to you? no. maybe 70, 80% of the time it's been my experience you'll get a good rate. if you don't, then you call the next company and say, can you give me a better rate if i transfer my money over to you? now for a long time, those rates were not around.
3:37 pm
now they're coming to the floor again and you can get a zero rate with 2 or 3% transfer fee. now you've got money for maybe 18 months where every payment you pay off principal. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm not going to weigh myself. >> i was thinking the same thing. forget the scale. coming up, joe biden on seven colbert. he opened himself up. a lot of emotional outpouring on the campaign trail. hillary clinton and her interview and the vice president's heartfelt real emotion. how is this playing in the presidential race? we'll take a look coming up. plus, former tennis star james blake not happy about a recent mistaken arrest that happened to him. look at that. here in new york city. >> there is no gray area there. the video shows it pretty clearly. i never raised my arms. i never rap. i never did anything that could
3:38 pm
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>> former tennis star says the officer involved should lose his job. the nypd releasing surveillance video of james blake's arrest. it happened on wednesday outside a manhattan hotel. as you can see, it shows the officer charging blake, then grabbing him by the arm and tackling him to the ground. the department says the officer has a history of excessive force complaints. three in 2013. and blake thinks that means he should not be patrolling the streets. >> i don't think there is much of a gray area. i don't think this person should ever have a badge or gun again. i believe that the majority of police officers do great work and they're heros. this person doesn't ever belong in that same sentence with the heros that are doing the right kind of police work and keeping the public safe.
3:43 pm
>> the officer has now been placed on desk duty. new york city mayor de blasio and the police commissioner have apologized to blake. the race for the democratic presidential nomination is getting emotional. hillary clinton opening up as she apologizes for her e-mail scandal, while vice president joe biden puts it all on the table with new late night host stephen colbert, saying he's not sure if he has the emotional juice to make a presidential run. a new poll shows that 91% of voters in iowa find biden to be honest and trustworthy, while only 64% feel the same about hillary. joining us is susan estridge, always good to see you. >> good to see you, art. >> joe biden is seen more as more candid. hillary clinton more calculating. so what characteristics matter most when running for president?
3:44 pm
>> calculating isn't good. let's put it that way. if i said to you, art, you know, that co-host of yours is really calculating, you wouldn't think that was a sin number for, say, really trustworthy or a wonderful leader. i think what you're seeing is hillary clinton handling of this e-mail controversy has been to put it gently, abysmal and her refusal, failure to take responsibilities, to recognize that it wasn't right, to apologize, we've been talking about it for seems like months now. and what's even worse is she finally did it, according to the newspapers, in all these detailed accounts of obviously being leaked by aides. only after the focus group showed that the public was really not buying this business of no apology. i have nothing to apologize for. while i have great respect for
3:45 pm
hillary, those polls don't surprise me at all. who would trust her right now after this poor handling of an e-mail scandal? >> meanwhile, as we know, vice president biden has not decided yet if he's going to run. but what if he does run? what does it do to the race for the democratic nomination and what if he doesn't run, what happens? >> well, i think if he doesn't run, that ultimately hillary pulls it together and is the nominee. and i actually think that's what happens even if he does run. as badly as this e-mail mess has been, hillary has a tremendous item of assets going in her favor. they has an organization. she has a financial base in place. she's done this before and come very close to success. she has a national organization and she has a strong base among women voters who will be key to any democrat vote in the fall.
3:46 pm
if joe biden gets in the race, the question will be does he take votes from hillary or votes from bernie sanders? if i had to take a guess, i might say votes from hillary. so you get a more divided field. it's easier to win with a smaller number of supporters, and i think the race goes on for longer than if it were just basically hillary and bernie. >> you're talking about possibilities of splintering votes among the democratic potential nominee. so then here is the question to end with, what are they to do to keep the keys to the white house? you have to add in the trump factor. >> well, the trump factor is good for democrats, i think because i think hillary would be hurting even more, frankly, from all this e-mail mess were it not for all the attention on trump. and i think the one consolation for democrats as they look at the race and many people are frustrated, as i guess i am, much as they like hillary, the
3:47 pm
way her campaign unfolded, at least you can look at the republicans and say, they got worse problems. i like joe biden. he's no donald trump. >> okay. interesting analysis there. as always, soup, good to see you. thanks. >> thank you. >> and don't forget you can read susan estridge's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. eric? >> meanwhile, people are asking, what does vladimir putin want? first it was ukraine, now we're told he's moving into syria. the report that russia is building a new base there. what does iran's support of assad means for the refugee crisis? that's next. >> we are going to be gauging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that's doomed to failure my constipation and belly pain
3:48 pm
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from the people who brought you underwhelming internet speeds. and the people who brought you temperamental satellite television. introducing... underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. calling for military cooperation with the united states. this as russia's navy does drills off of syria all of this is trying to protect and build up bashar assad.
3:52 pm
the obama administration is warning russia against that. what does it mean in the back drop of the humanitarian crisis. every day we see the continuing horrendous humanitarian crisis that does not stop. 250,000 innocent people killed and civilians in syria and 5 million or more pushed out and continuing and like nothing is done and now putin is packing up assad? >> for as long as assad is in power, we'll so iran having a foothold and russia expanding its military presence and we'll see more isis and refugees pouring out the west. russia said we are fighting your enemy. and the enemy of my enemy is your friend. we'll team up and fight isis.
3:53 pm
we are here to fight isis because your air coalition and missiles are not helping. we'll fight isis on the ground. >> does that make sense? >> the leader of the qud's forces in iraq and putin met in the end of july. they will be the adoptive parents ofyria and do whatever it takes to keep assad in power. it is it a perfect trifecta. iran and russia and syria and china. >> how about the general. >> he was sanctioned not to go and he went to moscow. >> russia said it didn't happen. >> and they are denying to beef up the military presence in syria and the warnings are ahead of anything and a sign of what is to come. >> the guy who did or did not mote with vladimar.
3:54 pm
and this is what it means for the continuing crisis? >> we are in the fifth year of syria's civil war. we can see the outpouring of refugee. we are dealing with it on this end and instead of going to the source of the problem. syria and iran and russia have all of their ducts in a row. iran is getting the money freed up. and there is no u.s. presence on the ground. and what does it moan fors u.s.? increased national security risk and outpouring of refugees and what are we doing now? we are looking to the russians to be a partner? and their agenda is to keep assad in power. >> bottom line, you think that
3:55 pm
russia will build up and protect assad and he will stay there as a russian and teheran puppet? >> absolutely. the narrative of the islamic state. it is a sunni versus sharia one. >> it breaks all of our hearts and we pray for the poor people. >> yes, we do. as the 2015 of the guinness world record is about to hit the she feels. we found amazing animals. this one catching balls with its paws and more on the world's fastest turtle. coming up next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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we'll show you the dog for the latest rekraut for the u.s. soccer team. the nine-year-old beagle from japan. look at him catching the balls with his paws. he caught 14 balls in one minute setting a guinness world record. and the world's fastest turtle from the uk. breaking a record held since 1977. that is a fast turtle. >> and sign the dog up to the
4:00 pm
nationals. so how they are doing that. met fan, loving it. >> that's it for us. i am joking. >> julie banderas is up next. we'll be laughing at the joke off of the air. gun men or gunman targeting the arizona highway is still on the loose. police say the person in custody is not their prime suspect. this is the fox report. the person in custody was bragging about being involved in a rash of shootings and they are working to it so if he was at the scene of previous incidents. someone targeted at least 11 vehicles in the past two weeks. most on i- ten and i- 17 in phoenix and investigators are saying they are treating the shootings as domestic terrorism and say the shooter or


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