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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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nationals. so how they are doing that. met fan, loving it. >> that's it for us. i am joking. >> julie banderas is up next. we'll be laughing at the joke off of the air. gun men or gunman targeting the arizona highway is still on the loose. police say the person in custody is not their prime suspect. this is the fox report. the person in custody was bragging about being involved in a rash of shootings and they are working to it so if he was at the scene of previous incidents. someone targeted at least 11 vehicles in the past two weeks. most on i- ten and i- 17 in phoenix and investigators are saying they are treating the shootings as domestic terrorism and say the shooter or shooters may be out there.
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>> citizens of arizona should understand that the state police and the other agencies that are working this are making sure everybody stays safe. so whether or not this situation releases that, that we can't say. but keep the tips coming in and making sure you are vigilant. >> officials say they are are working through an enormous number of tips and false alarms and many commuters are avoiding the highway altogether. >> we understand that police are investigating a 12th incident? >> reporter: that's right, julie. as we talk investigators looking into two incidents that played out this afternoon. in that picture, the window shattered on the car in the upper right hand corner. you can see the hole there. and then we have video of a separate incident on i- 10 and
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83rd avenue. a man on the way to work when his passenger window shattered. take a listen. >> i heard a big bang on the outside of the dor. my car window shattered. police continue to investigate to so if they are shootings. they are working 24- 7 to find the shooter, not including those two. there are 11 confirmed shootings in 13 days. authorities say the prime suspect or suspects are still on the los. there could be more than one shooter and with that in mind they are asking for drivers to be lvigilant. >> we ask the public to contact 911 if they experience an emergency type situation.
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damage to vehicles or glass from projectiles or bullets. >> you mentioned there is a number of false reports. a lot of drivers think the cars were shot at and debris or rocks hit the cars. there are many many injuries. 113-year-old girl had a larcenyeration after it was shot and the glass hit her in the ear. authorities are telling me they are working hard as possible to keep it that way. >> domestic terrorism, and what about the person of interest. >> reporter: absolutely. they say he is not the guy. he is a person of interest and his name is oscar dela toya muns on. he was bragging to his friends.
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but munoz said he had no idea why police think he is involved. >> i had cigarettes and drink. and they rammed into the back of the truck and threw me on the ground and had my mom, and guns all over her. munoz appeared in court on a nonrelated drug charge. they are questioning him and what they are trying to talk to him about, julie, they are not elaborating on. will car, thank you very much. >> you know fox news is america's headquarters. and there are no signs that hillary clinton private e-mail server was wiped.
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the paper citing the company that managed her private e-mail. the deleted e-mails may be recoverable. they deleted thousands of personal e-mails that didn't need to be over to the state department. they haven't said whether the server wases wiped. now we know. deleted but not gone forever? >> that's right. fox news reported that investigators were confident that the deleted e-mails could be recovered because who ever tried to get rid of them didn't do a thorough job. and now the company that managed the server said it does not appear to be permanently erased or wiped. a source said flat river had no knowledge of the server being wiped. all of the information we have is that it was not wiped.
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hillary clinton said she deleted e-mails that were personal in nature and not related to the secretary of state. she was asked if she wiped the server? >> did you wipe the server. >> like with a clothe or something? >> did you. >> i don't know how it works digitally. >> reporter: this has doinged clinton for months. rrj >> new poll numbers suggest that clinton may be in trouble with the caucus in iowa. tell us about that. >> bernie sanders has made it a toss up in iowa right now. in the new poll, sanders has 41 percent and clinton as 40 percent. it is a dead heat. and today, sanders campaigning in south carolina told supporter
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ares they can be part of something larger than a presidential campaign. >> what the campaign is about, not just asking for your support to elect bernie sanders to president. but more importantly, i am asking you to be a part of the a population rev lougz. when we stand together, by the tens of millions, there is nothing, nothing, nothing, that we cannot accomplish. now clinton still wins. but that margin is shrinking. julie. >> molly, thank you very much. >> and meanwhile, several of the republican presidential hopefuls, focused on iowa ahead of the second gop primary. and an update on the campaign trail still ahead on the fox
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report. and in the meantime, we want to hear from you. 11 candidates including carly fiorina and chris christie, which gop presidential hopeful, do you want to hear and why. >> a new push to tackle a shocking program. the rape kits that go untested. they are taken to the victim and cost 1000 to process and many cities don't have the money for it. memphis has more than 12000 untested samples. detroit, 11000. houston 6000 and vegas 4000. that is tens of thousands of potential rapist on the loose. now the white house is pledging a combined 79 million to clear
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the backlog once and for all. why are they going untested so long? >> it is a good question. the department of justice said the dna and biological evidence. blood, hair and salivia and clothes from a sexual assault victim's body critical important in identify onning and prosecuting the rapist go untested for a number of reasons. police blame a lack of resources. it costs a thousand to do so. and 2011 doj report find that many don't have procedures and policies in place for processing and storing the rape kits. vice-president biden and the attorney general lynch announced and pledged a 79 million to it help those hardest hit with the backlog in 43 jurisdiction in 27
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states. >> together, they secure the civil rights and human dignity of tens of thousand its of women and sometimes men who report a rape and only have the results of their examinations sit ignored on the shelf. >> it sets woman free who were victimized. >> this will test 70000 kits. 57 percent of unsolved rapes are solved after this is tested, julie. >> i hope it will encourage other sexual assault victims to come forward. >> one in six women are sexual assaulted in their lifetime and two-thirds of the victims don't report because of fear and mistrust of the justice system. one rape victim is an advocate and submitted a rape kit and
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waited friendship years before her rapist was caught. >> my body was the crime scene and it is important to apprehend this criminal and my kit sat and collected dust for a decade with 17000 kits with new york city. >> officials are hoping more victims will come forward, julie. >> let's hope so. right now president obama and vladimar putin swapping warnings over russia's troop surge in syria more calls for cooperation as american andian g each other on the battlefield. and homeowners are preparing to evacuate as a massive wildfires goes nearby. we'll have the latest on backing those flames. everything is back and we are hoping for the best. bster's e. kind of a big deal.
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>> russia warning the united states to cooperate in syria or warn of unintended incident. the united states said that russia is supporting assad and russia claims it is helping with the fight against terror. kristin. >> reporter: right now the u.s. military is using syria military to fight isis. and russia is sending equipment. moscow claims we share a common enemy the likelihood of encountering each other on the battlefield. the problem is, russia supports assad and the u.s. does not. the u.s. officials believe they
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have fourses build up to president the president. they say they are sending more equipment to help assad fight isystemit >> it is a fight against terrorism and changing of pour in syria should be put aside. and all the more so when previous attempts to change in iraq and libya led to the growth of the terrorist threat. >> president obama warned russia to stop sending more support to syrian president. >> we'll be engaging russia to let them know you can't double down on a strategy that is doomed to fail. it is going to be a long discussion we'll have with the russia but will not prevent us from continuing to go after isil hard. >> reporter: russia's vladimar
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putin and president obama will be in the general assembly in new york. they have right now no plans to meet in person. wildfires and communities under threat from a massive wildfires. it has so far exploded in size to more than 100 square miles just since wednesday. the fire destroyed several buildings and 6000 homes are in danger. and now crews are telling people living in rural areas to get out. homeowners said they could be near the fire nearby as they scramble to save. >> the fire was behind our house. heart breaking. >> heart breaking. more than 3004 fires are chipping away at the huge blaze. it is one of several burning in
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california. another one is protecting a grove of sekwoiia trees. health care at the swipe of a finger. a growing number of smart phone apps allowing the patients. >> and politicians to keep your hands off net flicks. we'll explain why, coming up. cleared hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive.
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>> it is a tax on streaming services like netflix and spotify. the lawsuit accused of city
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officials to put in a nine percent fee of expanding the definition of tax. chicago officials maintain it is fair. it is estimated to bring in $12 million annually. and streaming video and ordering food and cars. our phones have made life more convenient. now it could improve those long waits in the doctor's office. on demand health care. but is it all what it is cracked up to be? adam houseley has the story. >> reporter: nowadays it is on demand. thia food and taxi service and doctors in the uber of health care. house calls are making a come back as old school medicine goes high-tech. >> anything that can be done in the routine office visit can be
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done at home and hotel room or desk. >> app, page in new york and they allow you to schedule a doctor's nurse's visit within an hour. >> can you get it when and where you need it. and you don't have to go to emergency room and wait in long lines. >> we'll ask questions. >> weather for strep test and flu and shuttures, doctors can do it all in your home and allows them more time with patients. >> we don't like running from room to room and all of the administrative issues. >> it is back to the patient and treating what the patient needs and not rushing through. >> users say it is worth the out of pocket costs. >> having a doctor come to our house is great. it is more convenient and it is affordable. >> more and more of the
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companies are popping up. cost range 99 to 200. and submit the claims to the insurance companies. and in los angeles, adam houseley fox news. >> a new blockbuster study on blood pressure. a new study finding the traditional guidelines for acceptable blood pressure need to be lower than they are now. target for systollic pressure should be below 120 compared to 140 and 150 for over 60 years of age. the students under 120 reduced risk for heart attacks and strokes by a third. and risk of dying dropped a quarter. and so dramatic in fact, that they are pushing and rushing the
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im julie banderas. this is the fox report at the b. hour. we head to iowa where politics meets pig skin. marco rubio and rand paul and wisconsin governor scott walker all descending on the annual rivalry game of iowa and iowa state. the perfect place to get face time with thousands of voters ahead of the gop debate. donald trump avoiding the tail gate scene and reaching out to the rally. and he spoke about rick perry's decision to drop out. >> he's a nice man and i knew him before he little bit hostile and he went hostile to get
4:30 pm
traction and it hasn't worked for anybody. and so far he went hostile and he's a nice man and i knew him before the fact and i wish him a lot of luck. >> senior political correspondent in iowa and any sign of a gentler donald trump on the campaign trail today. >> reporter: sounded like it and about perry and then donald trump unloaded on kentucky senator rand paul p. >> he is weak on immigration and military and he has no chance and so low. and he has no chance but he was nice to me and week ago or two weeks ago attacked me like perry and graham did and they are down to almost 0. >> rand paul is tied for eighth
4:31 pm
in iowa and trying to win over the young voters and we caught up with him in the airport in des moines. >> the celebrity factor of donald trump is going to go way down. they will say he is a fake conservative and is he republican now. >> jabs are getting tougher now it is past labor day and thought is that voters are paying attention. >> with trump the front runner he is a target. >> reporter: no question about that. you heard rand paul call him a fake conservative. and donald trump is taking shots. >> i think donald trump is an entertainer and i think i am a leader and what i do is talk to the american people about the issues they care about and they hear it. >> the issue is out on the table and hear what candidates have to
4:32 pm
say and you make a decision. that's what they are supposed to be. and not political gossip and making fun of appearances. but serious discussion on serious issues. >> that's a reference to earlier this week when donald trump made a comment about carly fiorina's face. >> it is it is interesting in your interview. and he mentioned rick perry, jabs at trump back fired and jabs don't is how he believes. and you caught up with marco rubio. what is he saying about the campaign at this stage. >> reporter: marco rubio is upstang and he loves football and in high school football game in iwith and meeting and greeting potential voters. rubio will sell his vision and idea to voters and will not go
4:33 pm
nasty. >> the presidency is important position and words matter. when a president says something it impacts and yes, we need to be frustrated and turn that in to action and not insults. >> it is important to note it is it only september and plenty of campaigning ahead before the iowa voters go to their caucus us. >> thank you very much. and you can hear more from the presidential field on fox news sunday. ohio governor john kasich will be on with chris wallace and speak with ron johnson and connecticut senator chris murphy and what about the refugee crisis in europe. and what the u.s. should do. and as that debate over the migrant crisis grows here.
4:34 pm
demonstrators showing support for migrants that are crossing borders to escape war and terrorism in the mideast. european leaders meeting to discuss how to handle the crisis and several countries are hitting the limit on the number of migrants they can accept. john? >> and julie, 28 nation european commission is divided on how to deal with the migrant and refugee crisis in europe as they continue to worsen. today, though, there were rallies in europe including one in london with tens of thousands of people supporting refugees and migrants and the families walked along the wire fences and backed in buses including the man who pleaded for help. >> please help the families, please do something. please.
4:35 pm
>> germany is expecting 40000 migrants and adding to the 450,000 from syria and iraq and parts of north africa that poured in the country this year. and german officials say they are reaching the limit on how many more migrants it can handle. today merkel said it is not only the responsibility of germany to deal with the influx of people. but all members of the european union. and others are forced to take in the refugee. some countries plan to shut the borders down and hungary hard line prime minister told a german newspaper "back to where they came from". and a tragic development in the
4:36 pm
search for a missing american tourist who disappeared in spain. 41-year-old denise was seen on easter sunday. investigators say a man led them to a body believed to be hers and they took him in custody. officials say they are working to identify the remains. >> thousands of mourners filling a church this week for a funeral for lieutenant that was hailed a hero after he was shot and culled in the line of duty. now fox news, learned his death may have been a well staged suicide. >> a source and member of the task force that evidence suggested that officer may is have killed himself.
4:37 pm
his body was discovered face down and two shell casings were found. one hit his vest. and another casings that struck him underneath his bulletproof place. one hand underneath his chest in a gun holding position. he had no defensive wounds and no sign of a struggle especially one to save his life. his last radio calls are the only indication of and suspects. and there are no witnesses and there have been no arrests. suicide is a possibility and while police have not ruled anything out. they say it remains a homicide investigation. it is a tragedy and the community is hosting a fund-raising event tonight and rallied around the family.
4:38 pm
>> matt, a blockbuster blood pressure study. how low should you go. it is not without controversy. and should you and your loved ones reevaluate the blood pressure numbers? dr. seagal is here live. and destroying an entire apartment building. hear from the man who helped to get everyone out alive. >> and i heard someone yelling, get out, get out. your building is on fire and it spread very fast.
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more on that story reported earlier in the show. traditional levels of blood pressure may need to be lower.
4:42 pm
it is a top number and systollic pressure is a good target and finds keeping it under 120 will reduce heart attacks and stroke and deaths in patients over 60. dr. mark seagull is a member of our team. is it safer to get over 120 or 120 the new 140? where is the confusion? >> it is an exciting study. every now and then a study comes along. they had to stop it a year early. and we never knew what to do with the upper number is 140. now we know. one- third of all americans has high blood pressure. under 120, it cut down risk of heart attack and stroke 30
4:43 pm
percent x. risk of death 25 percent. and that is incredibly dramatic and the people wo got down that low. take meditation, they can't do it by diet or weight loss. >> what is scary about this. if you already do have 140 should you be worried at greater risk of heart failure and disease and et cetera and how quickly to fix it? >> we used to think that is prehyper tension and call it pre. and now we know that is high blood pressure. it happens over many months and years. you are at increased risk. i will be aggressive getting that blood pressure. >> exercise works great for that and medication in this study and needed 2 or 3. and the study didn't she more
4:44 pm
side affects. people are afraid of side affects. that comes from the high blood pressure. >> what about older patients? do they need more blood pressure to push it to the brain? >> they used to think. that the average age was 68 years old. 110 and 120 should be enough. and they didn't have more side is effects. they tolerated the medication just fine and exciting results. and change how i practice. >> good news and i am glad they caught it now. >> great to see you, julie. >> a college students who survived a fall from a balcony is speaking out. it is our top story. california, it's been three months since six young people were killed including five
4:45 pm
college students from ireland. nile murray doesn't remember the fall and struggling to understand why he survived and his friends did not. >> i felt guilty. we are not with us. >> we will always miss you. we'll never forget you. and some day i look forward to seeing you again. and thanking the medical times who helped with his crushed arm and leg. >> and utah, an apartment building destroyed near salt lake city and 50 people are without homesment fortunately everyone got out alive thanks in part to a driver who spotted the flames and companied in action. >> i started to beat on doors and hoping to get everybody be
4:46 pm
out. >> i would do what they would do. if it were my family i would hope they would do that for me. >> the red cause is helping the victims and the the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> and guys with water shooting high in the air in los angeles. >> a car hit a fire hydrant. they were able to turn it off. maryland, a man spots an allegator in a koi pond in his home in brookville southwest of baltimore. animal control spent four hours trying to capture the three foot they drained the pond and caught it safely. gators are not native to maryland and how this one got here is a mystery. that's the fox watch in america. >> scientist making a break
4:47 pm
through discovery of a human ancestor. and stick around for a kelly file. she sits down with the three heroes who stood tall. >> what is the most official part for you. >> a little girl asked if i could fly and that made me melt. and i was like oh, my gosh. this is insane. red lobster's . kind of a big deal. it's finally back, with as much shrimp as you want, any way you want 'em. one taste of these new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites, and i already want more. they even brought back wood-grilled teriyaki shrimp! yeah, you heard me: teriyaki. and really: what's not to love about... ...buttery garlic shrimp scampi? here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever.
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a potentially historic discovery in south africa scientist have unearthed a new human species. >> they found so many fossils they call it the cradle of
4:51 pm
humankind and up until now nothing like this. >> i am pleased to introduce you to a new species of human ancestor. >> they are calling it a homona nello. they were unveiled today. in all 15 individuals ranging from babies. >> it is a tiny brain and it is a creature that we would have never suspected of complex behavior. >> and he believes his time have discovered a burial site and first time human organized and placing it in a commonplace. >> the selection of fossils will be here one month. they are too valuable to keep them in public view. >> it answers questions of who
4:52 pm
we are and where we come from. >> this gives a world a problem. every single school book now needs to be be rewritten. welcome to our world. this is fox news. >> two british tourist killed in a train disaster. it is a top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> nigeria, that bomb killed seven people five of them children. it was hid nen a school tent and home to thousands fleeing here the bloody violence. no group claimed responsibility. they believe boko haram planted the device. india, british tourist killed when the train derailed encount
4:53 pm
to it a scientific town. the women died instantly and other passengers were hurt. >> and mexico, double trouble in the skies along the country's southern pacific coast. they spewed smoke and ash in the air. they have a emergency plan ready but no evacuation. >> and spitser land. a giant running rainbow. 10000 people strong. throwing colored powder in the air as they run through the streets. runners were treated to a good part. it is going to charity. that is on the fox trip around the world. >> and earlier we asked you who are you looking forward to
4:54 pm
hearing from in this week's presidential dewait. >> i want to hear from carly and i want to so the dynamic between her and trump. and marco rubio needs air time. few candidates have the refreshing honesty of rubio. we'll have more twitter responses ahead. >> and police officer using motion cameras and seeing a cat burglar in the act. the feline known as clepto kitty. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ >> well, if you are in the market for a house in indiana, this 400 square foot home can be be yours for $200. the homeowner holding a contest and each applicant has to pay
4:58 pm
199 up front and write an essay about why the property should be hers. the panel will decide who wins and she will keep the cash from all of the applicants and at least 200 people need to enter. if not she will return the entrow fees. >> and a cop in oregon snagging a cat burglary. odd things showed up like spoons and milk cartons and random pieces of clothing. he ended up catching the suspect. therophy cat was going out at night and bringing back what ever he can carry. hine likes dirty socks and this feline is in more than cap nip. >> underwear. i am curious.
4:59 pm
>> and brought me a bag of woad. that is against the law. >> that is amazing. >> the little cat burglar is a social media star and the officer starting a facebook page to keep up with his adventures. >> and 11 candidates with the debate, which presidential hopeful do you want to hear from and why. we were flooded with response. ben carson. i like to hear how he plans on accomplishing the goals; >> i want to hear from ted cruz. ben carson is good. and huckabee has the most comprehensive plan and he is morally strong and like to hear from him. and walter said, trump. he is interesting and funny. keep the conversation going. tweet me@juliebanderas.
5:00 pm
i am entertained by the tweet including someone who said they want me to move in with them and their mother. i am married and i don't want to it live with someone else. yo it is the story of bravery, selflessness and a little bit of luck that made international headlines. and tonight, for the very first time three youn tonight, for the first time, three americans that could have prevented an attack on down wi yours truly for an exclusive interview. what went through their minds at the time and how are they dealing with the aftermath? we will cover it all. welcome to "the kelly file." everyone, terror on a train. i'm megyn kelly reporting tonight from sacramento. it is not lost on us that this is also a day that our nation pauses to grieve and remember the nearly 3,000 innocent souls who lost their lives on


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