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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 13, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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on that, everybody, wish everybody happy rash hashanah. we're going to come to your house with that red pepper. >> happy new year. thank. >> no diet soda. >> thanks, docs. see ya later. thanks for watching. just days before the next gop presidential debate, donald trump continues to dominate the polls and launches a fresh attack on one of his closest rivals. plus, a brand new state of emergency declared in california where so many americans have been struggling with out of control wildfires for months. >> fire everywhere. houses, our neighbors houses, everybody's houses are burning. it's awful. but we're here. we're safe. >> the family of this american accidentally killed in a u.s. drone strike while being held by al qaeda in pakistan is angry about a new report that says the cia may have missed a chance to
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save him. we will talk to the family's attorney. hello. i'm shannon bream. >> i'm leland vittert. rick perry is out. early front-runners are falling back. political rookies are surging and then there is the trump phenomenon. the 2016 presidential race is heating up, and in case you're counting, we are still more than a year out from the 2016 election. elizabeth prann is here with the details. >> very exciting nonetheless. for however long it lasts, it is the scene. neurosurgeon and donald trump are topping recent polls. one cnn poll shows the two men
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combined are garnering about 50% of the vote. carson says he hears the voters. >> part of the problem is we live in a sound bite society, people take one phrase, two phrases and they try to portray the person as that who has no other ability to think about any other aspects of it. when i get in front of people and they have an opportunity to hear something in depth, it makes a difference. >> governor chris christie today says he's ready for the debate on wednesday. he and carly fiorina and lindsey graham will be campaigning throughout new hampshire. governor scott walker who has dropped significantly in the polls is looking to supporters in iowa. on the democratic side there may be fewer candidates but it's not any less exciting. bernie sanders is in north carolina but it sinks in that a new cnn poll shows he's topping clinton in iowa and new hampshire. in new hampshire he has 52% while clinton trails at 30.
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this is the first time the former secretary of state takes the second spot. sanders says it's his message that's resonating. >> the american people in my strong view are sick and tired of establishment politics and they want a candidate who is prepared to stand up to the big money interest, wall street, corporate america that exerts so much power over our legislative life in washington. >> the former secretary of state continues to be dogged by the cloud of controversy in regards to her e-mail server. she spoke at the foundry united methodist church never addressing the scandal but did say her spiritual adviser says she needs to be kinder to the press. >> we'll see if she takes that advice. >> we will. i'm sure ed henry would like it if she did. still ahead on the program, front-runner donald trump has been taking jabs at his rivals including fellow political outsiders, so what could this mean for his campaign? our fair and balanced political panel is here to break it down
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coming up. we also want to hear from you. why do you think we are seeing the rise in the outsiders, dr. carson, donald trump, carly fiorina in this presidential race. you can tweet u us @lelandvittert, @shannonbream . we may read your answers later in the show. now to that migrant crisis in europe where germany in particular is feeling the strain after encouraging so many people to try to reach its borders to find sanctuary. germany has reintroduced border checks on its austrian frontier. it's expecting, germany, that is, 800,000 refugees this year. connor powell has been following the story joins us live. hi, connor. >> reporter: hi, shannon. europe is divided over how to deal with this refugee crisis. they're struggling with how to cope with it. some 800,000 refugees are set to go to germany in the coming year or so but thousands more, tens of thousands more are trying to
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get to other countries as well. as the crisis continues to grow, there's any deaths every single day. greek authorities saying that today 28 people drowned off their coast. half of them were children. four of them infants under the age of 2 years old as desperate families from around the middle east try to make this dangerous sea crossing to get to the european union. the greek coast guard said they were able to rescue 68 people from the ocean and another 30 were able to make it in their own boats to greece's beaches. hundreds of thousands of syrians, iraqis, libyans have fled to the middle east trying to get somewhere safe. greece is often the first stop. most are trying to get to germany, other scandinavian countries often trucking through macedonia. 7,000 people arrived in munich alone. germany is set to take in the bulk of refugees but france and europe have said they will take in some as well. other european nations are
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resisting calls to do the same. today romania's interior ministry said they will not take in any of the some 2,000 or so refugees they had already promised shelter. even germany, shannon, as you pointsed out is struggling under the weight of this growing crisis. they're closing their borders not to shut it down completely but to say they need to have a more orderly process to get these refugees into germany. hungary, greece, all of these countries are really buckling under the strain of the growing crisis. right now the e.u., shannon, is at a division between what to do, how many to take in and whether or not they should encourage the refugees to flee and get there because of the danger of the sea crossings and what to do with them once they europe about the future of the growing crisis. >> no easy answers. connor powell, thank you very much for the update. now the leaders are calling for lone wolf attacks against
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the u.s. in this they're instructed to carry out small scale attacks inside the united states and other countries. he refers to the boston marathon bombing, charlie hebdo shootings. this is all from al qaeda. did the cia miss a chance to save an american hostage? according to the washington post the cia detected a man being held by al qaeda but they didn't keep that person under drone surveillance. some u.s. officials say they believe that man could have been warren weinstein, the american aid worker who was accidentally killed in a drone strike earlier this year. the news that outraged weinstein's father and family who fought for years to free him. john brownly is the weinstein
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attorney joins us now. john, we know you've been in contact with warren wise. how is she taking this news? she's got to be hurt and outraged. >> thank you for allowing me to be here. she is devastated. the family is devastated. warren weinstein was a great american. he was captured by al qaeda in august of 2011. held for over three years and then in january of this year he was killed by a u.s. air strike. at that time al qaeda dug up his body, desecrated his remains. we've been unable to get them back and so this report by the washington post was kind of another punch in the gutt by this family and it is very difficult to take. >> difficult, for sure. president obama has said that he ordered his national security team shortly after mr. weinstein's capture to, quote, do everything possible to find him and to bring him home. do you think the u.s. government lived up to that promise? >> you know, if you believe this report, i think that it places
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it in doubt. according to the washington post, which has pieces of an inspector general report, american counter terrorism forces had identified an individual, perhaps a western hostage, and yet for some unnoechb reason did not continue to follow up, did not continue to seek him out much less take efforts to try to rescue him. so it's very difficult for the family to understand and take the president's words and yet compare that to what actually happened. >> especially after you consider that we traded five detainees for one american in the bohberg dal swap. certainly you have to question where the balance comes in on this. in a larger sense we've had the executions of foley, sotloff, sandra miller died in isis custody. the question is in a larger sense is america doing enough to keep the promise of those who leave the country, sometimes in service to country, other times on their own volition, doing
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enough to keep the promise that we'll do what we can to keep you home? >> i think the weinstein family understands these are complicated, complex issues. they have ee norm monormous res the people out there but they also believe they're entitled to know what happened, when it happened, what they knew and did, in fact, the government take every step they could to try to identify their loved one? so we will continue to press them on that, to press them for the truth. >> when you say press them for the truth, what do you feel that you don't know that you would like to? >> one of the things we requested is for a copy of the ig's report. i think the inspector general will take a closer look at this. when it's the appropriate time we hope the white house will share what they learned from the weinstein family, lessons learned. elaine weinstein is a remarkable woman, incredibly strong, a woman of great faith. over the last couple of years she has had to suffer a lot of bad news. she can take this. what she wants is the piece of
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knowing what actually happened to her husband, the kids want to know what happened to their dad so that they can get beyond this and try to find some peace in their life. >> do you feel like the government is, a, covering up, or, b, just was incompetent? >> i don't want to go there at this time. i believe i said they had great respect for the men and women out in the field. we hope that in this case the leadership in the white house, mr. mcdonagh, will seize control of this issue, get with the weinstein family, tell them what happened so they can try to get some closure and peace with the rest of their lives. >> hard to argue with that request. if you hear from the white house, we'd love to hear from you. >> thank you. >> obviously our condolences to the weinstein family as well. >> shannon? two counties in northern california under a state of emergency after a wildfire burned more than 60 square miles in just 12 hours. the fire about 100 miles north
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of san francisco is one of two massive wildfires burning in that state. those blazes have destroyed buildings, injured firefighters and forced thousands of people to flee their homes. >> everything i've heard so far is everything behind the gas station is gone. the school's gone. store's gone. a lot of people have dogs stuck up there. they won't let them go get them. so just kind of waiting. >> janice dean is at the foxx weather center with this. what can you tell us, janice? >> shannon, a little bit of relief but the valley fire which exploded in the last 24 hours, 0% containment. 40,000 acres burning. this is an ongoing situation. we have temperatures coming down and a little bit of moisture. looking at the drought monitor, we've been into years of drought here. 92% severe to exceptional drought in and around this region where we have fires burning. it will take over a foot, close
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to two feet of rain to wipe out this drought. we're dealing with extreme conditions here. over the last 24 hours we do have some moisture moving in, a cold front pushing in. that's going to bring the relative humidity up which is great news and the temperatures down. so lake county, california, that's where we're dpeelg with that wild fire that is burning out of control now. monday, tuesday, wednesday. wednesday a chance of rain and those temperatures come down. heading into next weekend though, the temperatures come back up again. active large wildfires across california as well as the northwest where we have wild fire danger. looking at the next seven days, some moisture getting in here. some relief for the areas burning. however, we're still dealing with an epic draw the in the situation. your fire weather index interior sections of the west where we have high fire danger meaning conditions are high for fire spreading. we have breezy conditions.
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so a little bit of good news, shannon. but this drought across california is years in the making. prayers for the families dealing with this situation. back to you. >> heartbreaking to hear their stories. janice, thank you for the little bit of good news for them. we hope that plays out as it would be best for them. thanks, janice. >> thanks, shannon joompt authorities still can't figure out what sparked a fight that left four jail inmates dead, four others hospitalized at a lockup in oklahoma. it happened yesterday at a private prison in curbing. 50 miles southwest of tulsa. at least three inmates died of stab wounds. it's the second time a brawl has broken out at what they described as a medium to maximum security facility. >> panic and chaos in mecca as tragedy strikes days ahead of the annual hash pilgrimage. how does this crane come loose, crash through the roof of the grand mosque and kill hundreds
10:15 am
of people. former tennis star amiss taken for a credit card scammer. james blake is speaking now about what should happen to that officer. kim davis is out of jail but her case is far from over. so what happens when an elected official's duties conflict with her religious beliefs? tony perkins is here with a new look next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. saudi arabia's king is calling for a full investigation into the crane collapse at mecca's grand mosque. the king toured the damage as the cleanup continues. a saudi official says strong winds with a freak storm are to blame for the track didgedy. more than 200 others were injured along with the 700 killed. a million muss limits will make the pilgrimage for the annual hajj. the county clerk, kim davis, who refused to issue marriage license since the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage last june is back to work tomorrow.
10:20 am
will she quickly wind up back in jail. friday she filed another appeal asking for another delay in issuing marriage licenses. she objects to same-sex licenses on religious grounds. what does she do when her faith conflicts with the job duties. tony perkins is the author of "no fear." how do you respond to those who say if she cannot do the job for what she was elected she needs to resign? >> what she's asking for is something we've done histor historically in this country. she's not saying the office cannot issue those licenses, she's saying she doesn't want her name on there. the governor could easily resolve this by executive order similar to what bobby jindal did and protect her based upon her religious beliefs. >> he said he's not going to do that.
10:21 am
unless she resigns, the only way to get her out is to impeach her. the judge put her in jail and let her out. he noted that the deputy clerks who are issuing the licenses have instead of putting her name, they've been putting rowan county in lieu of her name. her attorney, matt saber, you and i both know him. during this rally he wasn't sure what she was going to do when she was going to go back. maybe that accommodation wasn't enough. if that's legal, she's good with that. she doesn't want to be party to something that violates her views. she's not blocking anything, she's simply saying, please, remove my name based upon my moral convictions, my religious
10:22 am
convictions. there are other clerks doing this. >> there are other places popping out. there are also states that have come up with accommodations. north carolina did it ahead of the ruling. i think kansas and nebraska may have been other states working on this. do you think this is the thing we're going to have to see legislative resolution? >> you're going to have to. five justices created this dilemma. people have to be pro active in keeping this fundamental right of religious freedom. for many in america our religious believes are like the dial on the stereo. you can change when if you don't like what you're hearing. for many there's like a gps that directs their step. there are young people committed to their faith. they're not afraid of what people think. for those who say religion is going out, i say think again.
10:23 am
there are a lot of young people committed to their faith. >> what do you say to her krilt particulars who say, it's fine to hold whatever beliefs you want. this is a country where we tolerate religious believe, whatever your faith or nonfaith is, that's tolerated but when she in their estimation tries to push it on to other people, she can't do it. >> she's not pushing. she's asking for an accommodation. she's saying, please, don't make me violate my beliefs. we have a long history of accommodating. we don't say you can't serve, we won't force you to take up a gun to take another life. she's asking for accommodation. if this is allowed to stand where someone is prohibited or barred in serving in a position of public trust, in effect this establishes a reverse religious
10:24 am
test where christians and others, every major religion, we bar them from public office. is that really what we want to do in this country? >> your book brings out a lot of interesting stories and where the rights collide. we'll see tomorrow when she is back at work. i understand she'll be back. we'll see what accommodations they do or don't have and whether or not she's back in jail. good luck with the book. good to see you. >> always good to see you. still ahead this sunday, at first they were lost but now they just might be found. turns out hillary clinton's deleted e-mails might be recoverable after all. h'm. plus, arizona state has a person of interest in custody in a string of freeway shootings, but get this, he's not the prime suspect. that means the shooter or shooters are still out there. we'll tell you how phoenix drivers are reacting. the citizens of
10:25 am
first and foremost should understand that the state police as well as the other agencies that are working this are doing their due diligence to make sure that everybody stays safe. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do.
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thousands of hillary clinton's e-mails once thought to be lost may, in fact, be recoverable after all. the company that managed clinton's private e-mail server is saying there's no indication the server was permanently wiped. that's according to the washington post. christ contint kristin fisher is joining us. >> reporter: this is the first indication that clinton's deleted e-mails might be able to be recovered. the firm that managed her private server is saying it has no knowledge of the server ever being wiped clean. even if it was wiped, it appears whoever did it didn't do a good job. that's according to a source familiar with theon going
10:30 am
investigation. they remain confident they can recover the e-mails. clinton has said repeatedly that she deleted the e-mails but so far she's refused to say whether she actually wiped the server clean. she was pressed at a campaign event last month. >> did you wipe the server. >> wipe it with a cloth or something? >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> now a group of clinton supporters called correct the record has released a new report, her use of a private server while secretary of state was a smart move. there was no proof that it was hacked. they're alluding to all the recent cyber attacks. it's not clear if clinton's setup was any favor. >> thank you very much. leland?
10:31 am
>> as we speak, fox news alert where police are questioning a person of interest in the phoenix highway shooting. police say the shooter or shooters is out there. adding to the tension, an nfl game in phoenix has some worried that tens of thousands traveling to the game may be tarts. the arizona republic reporter joins us from phoenix. they have this fellow oscar de la torres munos. if you have somebody who's firing a gun, they're either firing it or not. what's going on here? >> right. they're actually saying that there are actually -- he actually thinks there are multiple shooters. there are three different mos. there's one that seems to be a road rage incident. there were 3 of the 11 that were
10:32 am
beebe guns or some other projectiles and the other 80 were bullets. whether it's one person or multiple, we don't know. >> or perhaps copy cats of that one? >> right. you always have to worry about a copy cat. this person or persons are getting headlines. >> certainly a lot of attention. police have been so tight-lipped. we're working on it, we're working on it, we're working on it. they say virtually nothing else. do they know virtually nothing else or keeping a lot of the facts to the vest? >> it's more the latter. they don't want to telegraph their information. they don't want to let the shooter or shooters know what they're actually doing. we're sure they're probably looking at the highway cameras from adot, we're sure they're checking with any sort of ballistics that they are finding. triaging every call no matter
10:33 am
how tang againstly it may seem. >> yesterday they reported on a couple of false alarms. they called 911, said i've been shot. that's what's on people's minds. we saw here in washington during the d.c. sniper case that people changed their daily routines. folks were absolutely terrified getting shot on the roads. the difference in arizona, nobody has died based on the attacks. the question is are team in phoenix changing their daily routines or driving faster down i-10? >> some are definitely changing their daily routines. people at my office and the governor's office changing the routine clogging up the side loads. there are others saying nobody's been killed yet. only one who's a 13-year-old girl struck in the ear by some glass but we don't even know if this person is actually trying to hurt anyone or if they're
10:34 am
trying to scare everybody. there are definitely some people changing their routines. >> certainly scaring everybody, indeed, how you don't think you're going to shoot somebody shooting bullets into cars is an interesting concepts. one of the big points on i-10, the university of phoenix stadium. there's a football game there, arizona cardinals, that holds 70,000 people game time in hours. big question, are they doing anything different on the highways because of this big high traffic time on sunday or the cops saying, we're going to have to take our chances? >> they haven't told us specifically, but they probably are really beefing up their security. they've already drawn from several other agencies within the valley area. they've tapped the fbi, the atf, i think that they -- and they have undercover and patrol cars out there. they're just really pooling all of their resources here. yeah. >> well, and hopefully those pooled resources will come back
10:35 am
with some suspects or at least scare this individual enough into shopping shooting at cars. meghan cassidy, we appreciate it all. thank you for your insights. >> thank you. >> keep up the great work. shannon? donald trump hitting the campaign trail taking swipes at his fellow candidates. plus, with limited land bases available, it's giving the military a foothold. sailors aboard the "u.s.s. theodore roosevelt." >> everyone was the lead for the strike of an isis staging area which we've determined through intelligence that isis were using as a weapons cache, a manning patrol position. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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soon. the "u.s.s. theodore roosevelt" is ending its mission in the gulf this fall. between 6 and 8 times f-18 fighter jets launch in the fight against the islamic state. the ship sailed from the persian gulf from operation inherent resolve. >> i 100% believe that we make progress on every mission that we do and, again, we're not here to carpet bomb the place and obliterate a nation, we're trying to be very specific in the aircraft to support the iraqi mission. >> the "u.s.s. theodore roosevelt" is ending the mission soon and will return home with its thousands of sailors to san diego. donald trump is running away from the competition in the polls, but he is still up for some fights on the campaign trail. he seems to love them. taking swipes at fellow outsider
10:41 am
candidates ben carson and carly fiorina. this suggests he's feeling threatened by them. ben leckler is here from move and kevin sheridan a former romney adviser. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> as well as trump is doing leading the gop field there's an abc news/washington post poll that puts him head to head. she bests him 43-40. kevin, what do you make of that? he says he's going to destroy everything in his path. still head to head even with the trouble hillary clinton is having, we'll talk about that in a minute, she still bests him. >> donald trump is doing a great job destroying the republican field and maybe destroying the republican party at the same time. he's having a more difficult time in a general election match-up, but that said, hillary has a lot of deep seeded problems with a general election match-up. she'll have to overcome a very deep unlikebility numbers that
10:42 am
she's currently got and the american people just don't trust her. >> well, ben, do you see anything changing monumentally on the gop side? we know debates are a chance for people to sort of have their moment. trum continues to pull away. you see ben carson and carly frein that pull away in places like iowa. the established politician, many trying to paint themselves as outsiders don't seem to be gaining any traction. >> it's true. i think when you look at the republican field the question for this debate is who's going to run into the buzz saw. people think it's time for me to make my move, they throw themselves at trump and they are chopped to pieces. we'll find out who's on the floor after this wednesday. >> it will be interesting because, kevin, this time he'll have carly fiorina in the mix. she does not seem to be afraid of him. he made a comment. this is in a "rolling stone" candidate. can you look at that face?
10:43 am
really, folks, come on, are we serious? that's not a legitimate policy position attack. some of these attacks are very personal. >> yeah, the ben carson exchange as well. i don't think either of the attacks, the been good moments for donald trump. he's very good at throwing insults. they're very revealing. attacking somebody's looks is not one that's worked so far. carly's played it right. she was self-deprecating, humorous. she looks and commanded the issues where he does not. she'll have a strong debate and i think she's a good addition to the field. >> expectations are high because her group fought to make sure she was on the big stage with cnn this week. there will be a lot of expectations. you mentioned ben carson. he said this week, trump did, perhaps, perhaps he was an okay doctor, he was just find. this is a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon. these kinds of things are hurting him in the poll. >> personal attacks are a trump
10:44 am
candidacy. he's running on the idea that policy is foreign. for people watching the republican kind of rolling implosion in congress, it just feels like trump is not one of these guys. it's also why no one wants his hand next to the red button. >> with a 10 to 20 point margin, people do. he's tapped into people being upset with the establishment. he's making promises and things that people want to hear. let's look across the aisle because hillary clinton has gotten some bad news this week out of this latest quinnipiac poll. no, cbs poll where she's head to head in match-ups with bernie sanders in iowa, new hampshire. kevin, what does she do with that? >> well, we've never seen a
10:45 am
candidate go on from losing iowa, new hampshire, and winning the nomination. this could be the time that changes. she's got deep problems within her own party with -- well, more so within the general election electorate. since her announcement in march to this day she took six months to finally answer the question -- or finally apologize for what she had done. she had a focus group before she did it. it doesn't come off as authentic and reluctant like she doesn't get it. >> when you look at these results, these are among democratic primary voters, asked about this use of the private e-mail server. very high percentages in those three states, 74%, 76%, 75%, that's 3/4 of the democratic
10:46 am
primary voters say the e-mail issue isn't an issue for them. does that mean they're faf verg bernie sanders? >> bernie sanders voice on the wealth inequality gap is crystal clear. when you think about what it takes to win the presidency, a candidate, a movement, the organization. sanders has a movement right now. clinton needs to find her movement. i think that will be something that comes hand in hand with finding her voice. sanders is speaking to people's direct concerns and is breaking out of the box that it feels like politics happen in. that's why he's surging. that's something the whole democratic field should be keeping their eye on. >> who wants to see a donald trump and bernie sanders debate.
10:47 am
>> everyone. >> thank you both for coming in. good to see you. retired tennis star james blake making news off the court. a new york city police officer mistakes him for a credit card scammer and takes him down. we'll tell you what blake thinks about the officer now. a therapy dog ends up on the other side of the medical equati equation. >> people when they see sage, their eyes light up and they immediately forget about their problem and their pain. my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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this precious pup got a case of his own medicine. faith is a therapy dog giving puppy love to patients at craig hospital near denver, colorado, but in a twist of fate, he suffered a pinched spinal cord in his neck. he had to undergo a four-hour operation to fix that pinched area. after five months, sage is sharing his healing powers. love him. james blake, the former tennis star who was taken down during a mistaken arrest by the new york city police officer, the officer's in the white
10:52 am
t-shirt. now james blake says that officer should lose his job. his video prompted apologies from the mayor and the police commissioner, and now we are learning new details about the officer who was involved. brian is looking into this joins us live is. >> he was waiting for a car to take him to the u.s. open. a police officer tackled him, handcuffed him, and detained him. the star was in custody for about ten minutes before one of the officer recognized blake and realized they had the wrong guy. the incident caught on surveillance tape was reportedly a credit card fraud sting operation gone wrong. now the arresting officer, james has been placed on modified desk duty as the nypd's internal affairs bur owe investigates the incident. turns out, the four-year veteran
10:53 am
of the police department has a history of four excessive force complaints and he has reportedly been named in five civilian complaints. he believes the officer should be fired saying i don't think this person should ever have a badge or a gun again. i don't think it's too much to ask. he went o to say, i believe the majority of police officers do great work and they are heroes, this person doesn't belong in the same sentence with the heroes doing the right kind of police work in keeping the public safe. the president of the city's police union has come out defending the officer saying, quote, the apprehension was made under fluid circumstances where the subject might have fled and the officer did a professional job of bringing the individual to the ground to prevent that occurrence. new york city mayor bill de
10:54 am
blasio and bill bratton have apologized to blake. blake says he's now on a mission to stop police brutality and he wants the city to start a fund for victims of false arrests. leland. >> interesting always that blake said he doesn't know whether he'll file a lawsuit because he doesn't want money, he wants as you pointed out real change, live in new york, thanks, brian. well, the world champion wows the crowd with a physic-defying maneuver on his board, but he doesn't impress the judges. more on that story coming up. plus talk about walking a mile in their shoes. contestants vying to be miss america strut their stuff ahead of the pageant, and it's all about the shoes. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted.
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♪ hey babe, last one home cooks?
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♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪ we asked you at home, why do you think we're seeing the rise of political outragers this time? john tweets we don't feel d.c. represents the people any longer, either party. ruben thinks politicians are tied up with lobbyists interests and they have not delivered. all right. so any surfing can be called incredible, but the this is absolutely an incredible surfing maneuver. it was a near wipeout, 11-time world champion kelly slater somehow right here found his board after a bizarre flip that of course as you might imagine
10:59 am
left the commentators speechless. he was disqualified him because his feet left the board. he was battling for the quarterfinals for the league pro in california. handful of surfers will face off in the quarterfinals this week keeping their feet on the board. >> huh. all right. glitter heals. and a lot of state pride. that's what contestants in the miss america parade wore on the boardwalk, it's called show us your shoes. creativity is always key, miss idaho were designed shoes like a potatoes. some future miss americas watches. my home state 12 florida. she wore gator logos. she's florida, but definitely because she's a gator. tonight atlantic city is hosting the 95th miss america pageant. >> show us your shoes happen when you were in the contest? >> yes, back in the dark ages. >> we tried to find pictures. >> thank god, they did not. >> shredded them all.
11:00 am
>> you didn't find the pictures. its been going on for like 80 years there on the board walk. i wore sparkly cute ones. >> that's a good memory. >> all right, have a absolutely fabulous weekend, thanks for joining us. >> see you next weekend. i'm chris wallace, with just three days until the next republican debate, the gop's presidential candidates are scrambling. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get boared with winning. >> i am climbing in the polls. >> isht not have taken that. you know, there's no reason ever to question anybody's faith. >> as stephen colbert said, let's talk about the orange elephant in the room, that's humor, donald, don't tweet. >> one is staying out. we'll sit down with ohio governor john kasich who's rising in the polls in new hampshire. >> i want to be, of course, the positiveness


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