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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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fox news alert. maricopa county sheriff's office and the arizona department of public safety about to provide details about the state of shooting near state 10 on sunday. we're waiting on sheriff joe arpaio and as soon as that starts we'll bring you the briefing. another fox news alert, california governor jerry brown declaring a state of emergency in his state, in response to the out of control wildfire that's occurring in lake county, in the northern part of the state 100 miles north of sacramento. the flames tearing through 60
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squire miles in a matter of hours. four firefighters have been injured. thousands 0 people are right now evacuating trying to stay ahead of the fast-moving fire rnls we smelled the smoke and we went outside and our neighbors were in a panic. they told us to leave. we went across and helped them get their important things out of their home. >> neighbors' houses, everybody houses are burning up. it's awful. >> it is a dire and dangerous situation for a lot of people. what will happen in meteorologist janice deen, any relief? >> we're going to get cooler temperatures and some moisture in here. but the problem is we've been in an extreme to dire drought situation in california. this is the valley fire exploding overnight.
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40,000 acres burning, 0% contained. the temperatures are going to drop, we're going to get some moisture in there but it's not really going to help the entire situation across california where 92% of the state is into severe to exceptional drought, an historic drought here. looking at the radar over the last 24 hours, some relief. this is actually great news. we're going to see some moisture move in and the cooler temperature over the next couple of days. those are forecast radar. so certainly cloud cover, the chance for some rain. the big rainfall event we expect on wednesday as the system comes in from the pacific and we're hoping it moves into northern california which could hemp f r firefighters. but again this wildfire is 0% contained. this is what it looks like over the next seven days in terms of moisture. northwest, you're going to get some relief, parts of california into the southwest. but the bulk of the drought in
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california is going to remain until we get into the winter months. lake county, california, this is the forecast. wednesday we're going to see the precipitation and the good news is we'll get the relative humid up and the temperatures will come down. eric, back to you. >> they need it in middletown, some of the downtown was on fire, even cars for burning. hopefully the moisture will come in by wednesday to douse the flames. >> we'll keep you posted. to the 2016 presidential candidates are keeping busy campaigning through the early voting states and hitting the sunday public affairs interview programs. the republican field may have grown a little smaller with rick perry dropping out. but the candidates are looking for any advantage they can get over their rivals. elizabeth plan is live in washington with the latest. >> hi, arthel. and cates are taking in the poll
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numbers. a number of republican candidates tack on the topic of honesty today. carly fiorina and chris christie and lindsey gram are campaigning in new hampshire. she's hit hillary clinton and her track record for honesty saying she lied about benghazi among other topics. governor chris christie and scott walker also hit the democratic candidate today. >> what really matters, as hillary clinton is finding out, is how you react to a crisis. what people want if their leaders is honesty and candor. not perfection. ly hold everyone to the high standards today and when i'm president of the united states. >> well hillary clinton is not telling the truth. i think increasing my americans across this country realize we can't trust hillary clinton to tell the truth. >> clinton's opponent bernie sanders is topping clinton in iowa and new hampshire.
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43% in iowa, in new hampshire, 52% while clinton trails at 30%. this is the first time we've seen him take the help. clinton who spoke at the church never addressed her scanned ld plagued campaign but says her spiritual adviser encouraging kindness when it comes to the media. >> basically says if you're going to read and listen to romance 12, you got to be nicer to the press. so to my friends in the press, i will certainly take that to heart. >> one other thing that the conditioned dates are doing is looking forward as they fly to pivotal states as they head to the big debate on wednesday. >> thanks so much. despite romans 12, there's more to report. there's new reports today that the company that managed the
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private e-mail serve e had no knowledge that the server was wiped clean. that means that thousands of mrs. clinton's e-mails that she says she deleted could possibly be recovered. the reason of course is deleting an e-mail is not the same as wiping a server of all of its contents. kristen fisher has more from washington on this new revelations. >> this is the strongest indication so that that the e-mails could be recovered. they have no knowledge of the server ever being wiped clean. but even if it was wiped clen, whoever did it did not do a good job. that's according to -- >> sheriff joe arpaio has taken the stage for a new conference. no one so far arrested for the shootings. authorities do have what they call a person of interest arrested on a marijuana charge
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over this weekend, a 19-year-old. but clearly the horrific and shocking shootings have continued without anyone in custody. let's listen to what sheriff joe arpaio who certainly has a nationwide reputation for getting tough on some of these news crimes has to say. >> this is a serious matter. i want to thank director millstead and the deputy chief for coming over. you guys both did a great job. actually, last night we received a phone call, man and wife in the vehicle, that the vehicle was -- the window was shattered on the driver's side. the victims were smart enough to get the license plate of the vehicle that pulled up alongside
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their vehicle, shot at them with a slingshot and rocks and eventually we joined forces with the department of public safety task force, mesa police had an incident. 0 working together, able to locate the vehicle. four people were arrest 18, 19-year-olds. they admitted to shooting at six pedestrians, i believe, seven vehicles between a short timespan, 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. last night. they're booked into jail and worked, as i said with the dps together to do something about this problem. we feel and i believe the director would also agree that this is probably a copy ca thatm
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sure there will be copycats out there. so the main mission is to have the people alerted. i have to thank those two witnesses that were smart enough to get the license plate of the suspects that led into the arrest. >> thanks, sheriff. and i think i want to just reiterate something that the sheriff said and i think it's important. why we're here today, last week when this whole thing hit the media and we started talking, i asked everybody to come forward, be vigilant, be good witnesses. this case happened last night and was solved so rapidly because of a witness in a car that got the license plate ap ten fact that the mesa pd and the sheriff's office and the state troopers were able to work cohe'sively on this case to make it happen and come to an end
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quickly. at the end of the day there's three 18-year-olds that were booked on criminal damage and conspiracy. the item was a slingshot. this is one of those projectile type shootings. they were using granite and a slingshot to shoot at pedestrians in cars. and without the help, again, of everybody involved we wouldn't have done this so quickly. where are we at today with what's going on on the west side of the freeways? we have not had a shooting since thursday or a projectile type shooting since thursday. we continue to monitor our leads coming into the watch center. those number 850-plus as i walked in here today. we with -- the person that we had in custody last week is still in custody. that investigation is still ongoing. we don't think what happened on the east side is anything related to what we have going on on the west side.
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these were some kids out thinking they had come up with a good idea. my message to kids who are thinking it's kind of cool to do this, they're all in jail and they have probably impacted their life negatively for some time to come because now they'll end up with a criminal record if we do a good job. don't kid yourself. what the kids were doing last night was absolutely lethal. if you break out a windshield with a rock and somebody grab as steering wheel and jerks it and turns the car and you have a catastrophic collision, you end up with death. none of us should have to drive the freeways or any roadway and worry about people just randomly shooting items at our vehicles. and as a task force will continue to work on this until we bring tight a stop. i think that's all we have today unless mike has something to add. we'll take a few questions and then we ale go from there. yes, sir? >> last night's arrest, you
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believe they were related at all to the 11 -- >> no, sir. >> simply a copycat. >> yes, sir. >> you three three 18-year-olds? >> three people arrested, all 18 years of age. >> how about the 19-year-old that you mention sementioned? >> it i any it was just misspoken. [ inaudible question ]. >> i'm not at liberty to discuss that. i don't do it to be difficult at all, sir. i just can't compromise the investigation for the sake of the story. i know a lot of these pieces you want us to fill in and i completely understand that. but it doesn't help the case move forward. all it does is fill in pieces so people know more of what's going on. what needs to be the message out there from you and from me is to keep calling in tips, keep paying attention to what's going on. as we continue to saturate this message down into society where it's not just the people
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watching the news and reading the paper, but it's the people out there driving the street or live in the neighborhoods in the comfort of their own homes wob to know what's going on and to pay attention to suspicious activity. >> the nfl, there's going to be a lot of people driving over to cardinal stadium using i-10. do you have extra task force out there today to held. the patrols and with surveillance? >> the question is do we have expect people out because it's nfl sunday and the cardinal stadium has a game. we have an -- >> this is the news conference. 18-year-olds arrested last night taking a slingshot at someone's car, they got the license plate, called it in. they're under arrest. the big news is they're not apparently those who are responsible for the string of 11 shootings since august 29th along i-10 in phoenix. rob wheeler joins us on the telephone, a former homicide
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detective. at least they have the arrests but they're kids. whoever is responsible for actually shooting a gun at cars, apparently still on the loose. your reaction? >> these are kids. sounds like four knuckle head kids. they had nothing better to do on a saturday night. unfortunately, though, the real bad guy is still out there. the person that started this event. the phoenix police department and the mesa county sheriff's office have said all along that they believe that the shootings were the actions of copycat individuals. they don't believe based on the ballistics report that they have gotten back from the actual rounds that were fired previously, they don't believe it's the work of one individual. they think the first few, maybe the first six could have been the work of one individual. but now they say that other weapons, other types of weapons
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were useused, other types of to. you always have that type of situation anytime you have a scenario such as what we see here out in phoenix. >> is it possible that that first shooter that you say may have gone under ground and they've got o copycats? how do they put a stop to this. the shooters in the beltway, finally they had someone see them in the car. how do you think this will end? >> well, that's an excellent question. yes, to answer your question, there are copycats out there just like we saw last night in phoenix. how will this original individual be caught. the thing is with spree shooter. and a spree shooter doesn't really have a specific target or
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specific profile of victim. they just shoot anyone randomly. that's what we see that's going on in phoenix. this person or persons are shooting at any vehicle. how will this person be caught? one of two ways. real quickly, this person will be caught by an eyewitness that's going to get a license plate number and a good description of a suspect and give it to the police or the other way this person is caught is by an individual maybe at work, at home, amongst their friends really have an interest in this case and start talking a whole lot more about this case, a little unusual than nobody and somebody bringing it to the attention of the police and then we investigate. >> luckily and thank god so far no one has been injured or killed in these incidents. they do have one person in custody, 19 years old. he was arrested for marijuana but he's called by authorities a quote, person of interest.
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rod, how do you go from having pot to being a person of interest in these shootings? >> i think that is based on the fact that in some of the initial shootings that took place, maybe the first four shootings, some witnesses described a vehicle that looked like this guy's vehicle. and this particular guy's vehicle, a guy that's a person of interest now, his vehicle has been spotted in these areas. this guy lives in that area. so it's not unusual. we experienced that with the d.c. sniper case if you remember back in 2002. i remember it like it was yesterday. remember there was a period of time when everybody was looking for a white van. and the white van was supposedly the suspect vehicle if that's only because there was a white van always seen in the area of the shootings. the police clearly stated that they don't think this individual is responsible for any of the shootings, although he remains a
1:18 pm
person of interest until the case is solved. >> thankfully no one has been injured or killed but the shootings have continued and now police has some 18-year-olds who police charged with being out there taking sling shots at cars. hopefully this whole thing will end. thank you for your insight and experience as always. >> frank milstead saying none of this is fun and games. you're copycats, you can still end up with a record. the iranian nuclear deal going back to congress for a vote. we're going to talk to one republican lawmaker who says president obama is seeking approval for a agreement with details that have been hidden from congress. what that means and what will happen. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite.
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but they won't last forever. time now for a quick check of the headlines. law enforcement officials in texas taking criticism for the way they handled an investigation into a biker shootout in may that left nine dead. more than 170 people were' rested following the incident and some of their defense lawyers saying local agencies
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got too close to the investigation. four inmates are dead and five ores are hurt after being stabbed in an oklahoma prison riot. the correctional facility was put on lockdown for the second time in three months. no word on what caused the violence. and a european zoo opened once again after more than 300 of its animals died in a flood in june. the zoo in georgia is back up and running. the controversial iran nuclear deal goes back for a second vote as the senate democrats try to block republican efforts to dismantle that frt. mike turner of ohio is calling for his colleagues to keep fighting. saying quote, i am perplexed as to how any member can vote. the president is seeking a deal
1:24 pm
that largely remains hidden from the public. iran's actions toward the global community are reason enough not to trust the deal. the president says the deal will stop an iranian bomb but opponents don't believe that. good to see you, congressman. the senate on tuesday will vote a second change. probably no change. what if anything could that achieve? >> well the one thing that we know, eric, is a majority, a bipartisan majority of both of the house and senate are opposed with the bad deal with iran that is dangerous for our national security and our allies. what is disturbing and really shocking is that the under pinning, the fun dags of this bad deal with iran is an agreement with the international atomic energy under the united nations and iran, that deal is secret. secretary kerry and the president have not had access to this deal.
1:25 pm
no one had has read this deal. it's very troubling that anyone would be for a deal where the very foundation of it is secret. >> that's astounding. >> teron has objected to the u.s. government finding out about the agreement. one of them has to do with the access to the military sites, and another one has to do with taking soil samples, that the iranian wills be providing the samples. how could this happen that the u.s. government, that congress, that everyone could go on board with the deal' not read the fine print. you wouldn't buy a house that way. >> it's shocking and amazing. the one thing we know from the portion of the deal that is public, this is not the deal that the president promised and it's bad for our national security. the president promised there would be inspections anywhere anytime and that is not true. it also provides a path for iran to get intercontinental
1:26 pm
ballistic missiles which would place the plain land united states at risk. here we have a nation, iran, the largest sponsor of international terrorism that's going to be rewarded as they continue to pursue weapons that would place the united states at risk. >> even though this apparently is a done deal, there are calls for more action. "congress can make cloer that mr. obama or a successor will have the support for immediate military action if iranian attempt to build a bomb is detected. one trigger could be veer tie kiegs that they're producing urani uranium, another assumption of work on war head designs and material." so could they pass further legislation that would, you know, guarantee some of this and make it more ironclad, that could satisfy the opponents? >> there's in question that the administration could take additional action that could
1:27 pm
make america safe with respect to iran's threats and programs. this administration, even this president has said that he had not taken off the table military action if iran would continue to march to get a weapon. thet this administration trusts iran to say they're going to stop. i think the international community doesn't and that's another concern that we have within the region. there could be a may jr. arm's race throughout the middle east as the neighbors see iran getting an edge and becoming a threat to them. >> let me show you some of the w twitter. iranian nation did not excel this great satin. we barred their direct access and now we must not allow this. he's talking about the fact that iran is barring u.s. inspectors as part of the iaea team, or
1:28 pm
canadian at the same time. at the bottom line, do you think we can potentially trust what the ieae says and what iran will do when it comes to the agreement? >> absolutely not. i met with the lead inspector from the iaea about this deal and he says they're not being asked to certify what iran is disclosing. part of the deal is trusting what iran is saying they're doing. this is a nation that beyond the issue of continuing to chant death to americans continues throughout the area to destabilize its neighbors and certainly has through its deeds, not just its words, shown it's an absolute enemy and threat to the united states. >> that is certainly the debate. the opponents are lining up again and the supporters will prevail for now. we'll see how it goes with the u.n. general assembly late in september. thank you for spending some of
1:29 pm
your saturday afternoon and filling us in today. >> or a sunday afternoon. >> you're right, it's sunday. >> it's all good. coming up, a new report says hillary clinton's private e-mail server was never wiped even though she says she's deleted her e-mails this could mean they're not gone forever. what does this mean for clinton's presidential campaign? we'll talk about it when we come back. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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major developments in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the denver based tech company that managed the former secretary of state's private server now saying it has quote no knowledge of the device ever being wiped. the announcement providing the strongest indication yet that tens of thousands of e-mails mrs. clinton said were deleted could now be recovered. let's talk about it now with michael warren, the staff writer for the weekly standard. so what more can you tell us
1:34 pm
about this news and its impact? >> well, first of all, we know that this sort of misdirection that the clintons were engaging in on this, joking that hillary clinton did at henry's question a few weeks ago, that maybe it wu wiped with a cloth. you had another spokesman saying i don't know what wipe means. all of that sort of joking or brushing away the issue is gone away. now they have to deal with the fact that thoerts may be able to recover the e-mails that were deleted. and you have to wonder if they were not able to come out and say directly these e-mails -- this e-mails serve was was wiped, there's got to be something problematic or something they didn't want to see in there. investigators, whether it's trey gowdy's committee is going to see the e-mails >> if they never requested them to wipe her server, does that support her position that she
1:35 pm
did not try to hide her i mails or could another i.t. person or company have wiped clinton's server? >> i mean anything goes. this is the problem with this whole sort of situation that the clintons have put it in, which is we don't know. and every time there's a question about well, did say classified information pass through the server? the clinton campaign or hillary clinton herself won't give aus straight answer or will give us an answer that is a half truth or something like that. i think that sort of anything is open to a realm of possibility here. because you know, everything that we've seen in the past several months and even i guess going on a year now have shown that whatever the clintons say yesterday is not necessarily what we know to be true the next day. so this is a real problem. i think it all goes to her sort of credibility and trustworthiness which is why you're seeing her campaign struggle. >> let me call for the latest quinn pea yak poll asking the
1:36 pm
iowa if they're honest and trustworthy. for vice president biden, 91% said yes, for bernie sander, 86% said yes and for hillary clinton 64% said yes, just 30% saying no, again questioning whether or not think the candidate is honest and trust wore think te. what does it do for hillary clinton's drive for the white house? >> that's a real problem. let's remember what happened in 2008. it wasn't that republicans or general, you know, election voters rejected hillary clinton. it was democratic primary voters who rejected her. she's got a big problem even with democrats. this is adding on to all of the problems that the clinton campaign has had pretty much since day one. it's making democrats -- if i
1:37 pm
were a democrat, i would be hoping and praying that joe biden would be getting in here. he's starting to look like such a better candidate. we saw him last week on the stephen colbert show, gave an emotional sort of speech talking about his son. i mean this is a much more attractive general election can date than hillary clinton. >> well we don't know if vice president biden is going to run yet. yes or no because i'm hitting the clock here. does hillary clinton have time to turn it around? >> yes, but it's looking increasingly less likely that she'll be able to. >> okay. understood. michael warren, thank you for your time this sunday afternoon. and there is more reaction now to the shocking takedown, former tennis star james blake has been speaking out about the mistaken arrest in new york city. what he's saying about the police officer that tackled him. >> the video showed it clearly, i never raised my arms, never
1:38 pm
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tennis star james blake calling for a new york city police officer to lose his badge, this after the department released surveillance footage from earlier this week showing the plain clothed officer grabbed blake, slamming him to the ground and handcuffing him. police saying it was a case of mistaken identity. we have the story from our new york newsroom. >> retired tennis star james blake was outside his hotel on wednesday waiting for a car to take him to the u.s. open. when he was tackled to the ground by the plain clothed officer. blake was in custody for ten minutes before one of the officers recognized the tennis star and realized they had the wrong guy. oops. the incident caught on surveillance tape was reportedly
1:43 pm
a credit card sting operation gone wrong. now the arresting officer james frascatore has been placed on desk duty as the internal affairs bureau investigates the incident. the four-year veteran of the police department has a spotty incident. fras catore has been named in several lawsuits alleging excess i forbes and had four civilian complaints against him. blake leaves fros as ka stortord be fired. >> i believe that the majority of police officers do great work and they're heroes. so this person doesn't ever belong in that same sentence with the heroes that are doing the right kind of police work and keeping the public safe. >> the president of the city's police union defending
1:44 pm
frascatore saying he did a professional job under fluid circumstances. the mayor and commissioner bratton have apologized. no word if he's filing a lawsuit but he's calling on the city to start a fund for victims of false arrest. >> thanks a lot. we remember the horrible deadly shooting that was caught on live television when the deranged lone gunman opened fire last month killing alison parker who wu see there and her camera man adam ward. now the sole survivor of the tragedy is speaking at about her terrifying ordeal. you can catch the exclusive interview coming up in a special edition of "on the record" tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. of course our hearts and memories continue to honor those
1:45 pm
who died. >> absolutely. more sad news to report. moses malone, the legendary hall of fame basketball player has died. the three-time mvp passed away in his sleep from an apparent heart attack. malone earned the nickname "chairman of the board" due to his great rebounding skills. he played for eight different teams in 20 nba seasons and lead the philadelphia 76ers the championship in 1983. one of the greatest players that the game has ever seen was 60 years old. meanwhile, that horribly controversy is continuing. the flood of refugees in europe. this is more arrived in germany. we'll look at the effects of the largest economy in europe.
1:46 pm
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born.. are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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from and the people whought you underwhelbrought youet speeds. temperamental satellite television. introducing... underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. saudi arabia's king is promising a full investigation into the crane collapse at the grand mask. the king touring the damage today as the cleanup continues. saudi officials say that strong winds from a thunderstorm are to blame for the troj dpi. at least 107 people were killed
1:50 pm
when the crane toppled over and punched through the roof of the mosque. the accident happening days before more than a the pilgrimage. tensions are boiling over in jerusalem. israeli police clashing with the palestinian protesters at one of the most sensitive holy sites. police say the protesters barricaded themselves inside what the muslims call the sancti sanctuary. the jews tossing out rockets and firecrackers. or injuries a site revered by jewish and muslim worshippers hours before rosh hashanah. >> germany put up temporary controls on the border with
1:51 pm
to cope with the influx of migrants 12,000 arrived in munich yesterday with germany as the center of the biggest humanitarian crisis since the end of world war ii. consider roughly a third of germany's population will be 6 a or older by 2060 while about 800,000 foreigners seek asylum in germany this year alone, four times as many as last year. half of the my grants arriving so far this year through july were younger than 25. will this mass of influx help or heard the largest economy and the aging workforce? and what is the take away for the united states? we will talk about it with brenda buttner anchor of "bulls and bears." even with the temporary border controls, germany is still taking into most reef gees. what are the pros and cons economically. >> tremendous influx of humanity coming down essentially people
1:52 pm
getting into money. looking at the con, it is expensive setting aside $6.7 billion next year just to deal with i asylum-related spents such as education, housing and food and the like of the it is expensive. many of the people coming here are men who have families left hype. there are children and elderly who could come and strange what is a generous welfare system in germany. now, look at the other side of the coin, the pros are that demographics are a big challenge in germany. the population is shrinking and aiming faster than any other western european country. they need young people to come and infuse and wreath new life into the economy. more people are going to be taking out, going to be using in
1:53 pm
pensions and in medicare and the like than are putting in. with young people, and asylum seekers tend to be more entrepreneurial taking great risks to leave and get elsewhere. they could be paying into a system that needs it. >> i read that a lot of these my grands were seeking refuge from home and they are educated and affluent and will be more entrepreneurial, not to mention i understand that germany is looking to possibly set up vocational schools to make it easier to learn a trade so not just to lay on the government but, actually, be able to work there. >> essentially the people are used to doing on their own, not necessarily taking from the government there is a different mindset, an important point to recognize. the success of this is going to
1:54 pm
be how germany integrities the asylum seekers into the economy so as you mentioned, vocational schools are important. german is a difficult long to learn so they have to be helped on that sense but, also, getting them into apprenticeships and to engineers or medicine, fields that are growing and are necessary and will also be helping the aiming population. a lost this has to be how they assimilate and how germany helps them assimilate. >> what you is the take away for the united states? >> we are a nation of immigrants and i don't want to get into to illegal alien debate this is about immigration, we are a nation of immigrants, people have come here, our grandparents came to help make a bet life for -- better life for many of us. america also has an aging workforce and it is not as dramatic as germany but more people are going to take out than are paying in. we can look at immigrants and
1:55 pm
look at our history to see that is true but they can help our economy and, perhaps, help us through a very difficult transition, as well. >> thanks for breaking that down and looking at it from the economic side. >> of course, you can catch brenda buttner on bulls & bears each saturday morning at sock a.m. right here on fox news channel. >> coming up, a him coming fit to a veteran, we will show you the different from a florida charity that is easing the burden for this retired army corps knell. >> a huge weightlifted off of my back and my family i know is taken care of. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter
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if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >> afghanistan army veteran is in florida getting a gift he will not soon forget, the keys to his new mortgage-free house. >> this is great, brought to him by building homes for heroes. it items out jesse murphy will be the proud and well deserving new owner of his home completely because it is the group's way of thanking him for his sacrifice. the help will not stop there. >> we are not leaving, we will help them with financial resources and everything they need and we are here for manies many years to come. >> amazing. on could not ask for a better gift for a better family. >> what a different.
2:00 pm
>> best wish would that be for all veterans. >> congratulations. >> building homes for heroes. check out their website. >> "media buzz" is next. of on the buzz peter the campaign gloves come off, donald trump and his rivals are throwing punches and the media cannot get enough. >> tonight with breaking news and words like "look at that face, would anyone vote for that," the critics are pouncing on truck drum for the off the cup slam against carly reported by "rolling stone" saying, look at that face would anyone vote for that are. >> i will not spend a cycle wondering what he means. >> i have not heard it. >> i don't know beck,, -- ben carson, he was a doctor, perhaps okay


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