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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 14, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. done rrp enjoying a double-digit read over his rivals. he's comfortably at the top of the pack with 33%.
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ben carson has 20%. here is donald trump explaining why he will make a better president than clinton. >> i'll make great deals for our country which is very important. martha: byron york, a fox news contributor, good morning to you. donald trump in a head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton. >> this favorable ratings are rising, hers are going down. she lost a lot of her support in the democratic field and she lost support in a head-to-head. it was unthinkable that's donald
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trump could be head-to-head with her in national poll was unthinkable and its happened. martha: as donald trump pointed out in that sound bite we just played, niece are two very different men. >> we have now had three polls in a row showing truck in the 30s with ben carson in second place about a dozen points behind. and everybody else way down with half of the support that carson has. either trump and carson are by themselves in the first tier. but the race has been reordered. one of the striking things about what has happened is the amazing fall of jeb bush and scott walker. both of them were first tier not very long ago and now they are basically back in the pack. martha: they are just struggling
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for air. >> it's hard to believe some of the people we have in office. and it's hard to believe some of the people they appoint to represent us on trade. we need to put soup serve confident people in office and frankly that's what i'm trying to do. martha: what do you think he's signaling. >> that's the basis of trump's appeal and it's personal. he knows why people like number the republican race and overall. he wasn't take shots at other candidates. but trump's appeal is i can do this job. he hasn't it out detailed policy plans except immigration. but the entire trump appeal is based on confidence. martha: the tax plan is taking
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shape and warren buffet was saying good things about it. eric: donald trump surging in the polls. and the other republican presidential candidates have their work caught out for them. bobby jindal is polling at 1% according to the latest abc poll. he will be joining us live talking to martha in the second hour of "america's newsroom." u.s. officials monitoring threats they say were made against poach francis. texas councilman michael mccaul revealing that news over the weekends. the congressman says one credible threat has already been scopped.
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>> he likes to get out with the people and with that comes a large security risk. we are monitoring closely threats against the pope as comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case. but as that date approaches, i think we are all very -- would be very vigilant to protect them as he comes into the united states. eric: hillary clinton's emails that were deleted from the private server, we are told they still could be recovered. the denver tech company that managed it says it has no knowledge that that server was ever wiped. does this mean those deleted emails could potentially be
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recovered? >> absolutely. we knew the f.b.i. investigators on this case felt confident they would be able to recover those emails. this revelation from the "post" is our strongest end case yet that those emails are not gone forever. the company that managed clinton's server says it has no knowledge the server was wiped. a company spokesman says all the information they have is that server was not wiped. they took possession of the server in 2013 before turning it over to the f.b.i. there is even a better chance that those 30,000 deleted emails will be retrieved. deleting an email is something you and i probably do every day. but unless you take the
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additional step of wiping the server clean, that deleted email can usually still be recovered from the server. clinton said repeatedly she did delete those emails but hasn't said whether she wiped the server clean. >> reporter: did you wipe the server? >> did i wipe it with a cloth or something? >> reporter: hillary clinton will be campaigning in iowa trying to move she is trustworthy with voters. eric: she is certainly no longer joking about it and said she is sorry. martha: she says she wants to make all of those emails public. so she may be pleased to to know they weren't wiped off that
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server. she said that it unless her best into the get all of this out there. i would take from that that hillary clinton would be delighted to learn that it was not wiped clean. a fox news alert. an emergency meeting this morning in europe over the refugee crisis sweeping europe. germany saying it could take in as many as 1 million refugees this year alone. look at the people pouring off this ship. they arrived this weekend alone. back at home the debate is raging whether the united states should also start take some of these refugees. >> if we want credibility in the region we have to be seen as a partner in trying to solve this humanitarian crisis.
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>> from a national security stand point i take isis at their words that they will use and exploit the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west. that concerns me. martha: should the united states be involved in taking in some of these people? eric: it's such a humanitarian catastrophe happening and so heartbreaking to see this. martha: news. the police captured joseph johnson shanks. he's the suspected gunman in yet another shooting death. this time was a kentucky state trooper who lost his life. we are confirming that man has been taken into custody. the person who is suspected of take it away is in custody. we have more on that, breaking news moment away.
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eric: a california wildfire explodes into an inferno. >> it's utter chaos. eric: thousands of people are trying to escape even driving through a wall of fire seeking safer ground. martha: iran's supreme leader just released an isis-like propaganda video that threatens america. is this what we are dealing with on this nuclear deal? eric: a shocking poll that shows donald running neck-and-neck with hillary. we'll look at hillary's ever-changing narrative on that server. but first donald trump taking aim at dr. ben carson. >> i don't think ben has the energy. ben is a nice man. when you are negotiating against
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the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. eric: an investigation is under way after two airlines clipped wings at los angeles international airport.
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the alaska airlines plane and the united planes. the crews are assessing to determine who was at fault for that little bump. >> he's not a deal maker and i'll make great deals for our country which is very important. i'll build up our military so nobody will mess with us and i'll take care of our vets. but ben is not a deal maker at all. i don't think that's his natural ability at all. martha: donald trump taking more shots at ben carson. the two washington outsiders are at 1 and 2 in the poll. jeb bush, 8% on this poll.
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donald trump tops the field at 33% with a double digit lead over ben carson. what do you make of those number ofs? >> trump had a good summer and ben carson had an even better summer. trump is up 9 and carson is up 13 or 14. had a good summer. but we had 4 1/2 to 5 months before they begin voting in iowa. at this point in 2011, rick perry was 29.9%. the first guy to drop out in 2015 was ahead 8 years ago and rudy giuliani and hillary clinton had big leads in the primaries. martha: you think about rick
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perry and one of the catalysts for his decline are the answers he gave in the debate. so we'll see how these guys handle that test. let's look at dr. ben carson. he responded to the fact he's a surgeon, not a deal maker, and here is what he said. >> you have to recognize my life is multi faceted it's ridiculous to think the only thing i can do is neurosurgery. martha: i want to pull up one more poll. i found this number to be stunning. do you think most people in politics can be trusted. 75% of the people in this poll don't think anybody can be trusted. why would thought number ch change and change this this dynamic working for donald trump.
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>> 72% say politicians can't be trusted. 63% thought the political system was dysfunctional. democrats and republicans on the question of experience is important or an outsider, among all voters the 56% trusted experience. among republic kaingts was just the opposite. those give pane advantage to the outsider. at the ends of the day, that's a general. what about the specific? it doesn't mean just because you are not a politician they will ultimately trust you. that's why we have campaigns. you have to prove the point. the general maybe something people agree with. but then they will ends you have with specific candidates. the guy who has the more
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movement is ben carson and he's breathing down donald trump's neck. martha: donald trump is selling out the dallas maverick stadium, it's a 20,000 seat stadium. donald trump said he didn't want to do the mechanics of putting together a campaign. he's opening state offices now. he's readying ballot access drives and preparing a tax plan that hits a -- hits a lot of the high points in simplifying the tax code it looks like he's pretty well organized. >> he's got to do the mechanics. you can't win a state if you aren't on the ballot and in some states it's difficult to get on the ballot.
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you have to have an organization in iowa. if i had to pick out one thing that would worry me if i were inside the trump campaign is trump wants to go only to big events. it's one thing to do 20,000 people in dallas. it's the same thing to go dough tens of thousands of people in mobile. but in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, those early state voters want to see you, they want to see you up close, they want to see you as an ordinary person and ask you questions. so big events aren't as impressive in those states. that's why i think carson has had more movement in iowa than trump because he's making himself available so voters can get close and make a decision about him. martha: fascinating 4 or 5 months to come. thank you, karl. eric: comments from kentucky
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county clerk kim davis. she is back pat work after 5 days in jail. the big question is will she sign marriage licenses for same-sex kowments. >> i'm no hero. by the grace of goth guide want to work and with my family. i want to serve my neighbors quietly without violating my conscience. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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martha: what a match that was last night. novak djokovic beating roger federer. djokovic inching closer. he's 10 grand slam titles. it was a long, long day for tennis. there is the historic women's final. she defeated roberta vinci. vinci had a stunning upset against serena in the semis. good stuff. >> this morning we have breaking news about kim davis, the kentucky county clerk. she headed back to work with the last hour. she spent six days behind bars
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for refusing to grant those licenses to same-sex couples. now she is sticking to her stance saying she'll not authorize any licenses at all until there is some kind of an accommodation. it seems like miss davis is in it despite the law, standing fast. >> reporter: the accommodation she want is for her name to be removed under the marriage license. she believes they could be issued under the name of the mayor or the governor. >> effective immediately until an accommodation is provided by those with the authority to provide it, any marriage license issued by my office will not be issued or authorized by me. >> reporter: she says she doubts the marriage license will
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be valid without her name on them. the county attorney says the marriage licenses will stand. the deputy clerk says he will move ahead issuing licenses and davis says she'll not retaliate against the deputy clerk. you see someone is preaching right now. they have prayer vigils and signs with them protesting against the opinion of the supreme court. there is a banner plane goingover head, towing a rainbow banner. but if you go to the number on the banner it takes you to a promotion for achristian movie. at least one same-sex couple will be coming through today.
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martha: there is a new twist in the hillary clinton email scandal. >> reporter: she has shown an almost chronic inability to tell the truth about this. every time she announces something or make an explanation pretty soon we find it isn't true over and over and over again. martha: officials may be able to recover the so-called private emails deleted from her personal computer. eric: people are being forced to leave everything behind and run for their lives as the fast-moving wildfires in california move in. >> not knowing about anything, if there is anything to come back to.
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martha: a state of emergency explode in california. this is new video as one person tries to escape the fast-moving flames in their cars. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. people forced to run for safer ground. >> we went outside and our neighbors were in a panic. we went across and helped them. if there were important things out of their home. claudia cowan is live in middletown. one of the community ravaged by the valley fire. it looks ravaged where you are. >> reporter: several small community the flames overtook
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north of napa. but middletown got the worst of it. block after block is charred out wreckage. this is where the garage was. you can see it's still smoldering. over here was the main structure. there is just nothing left. 400 hopes and businesses -- homes and businesses were evacuated. flames as high as 50 feet consumed 40,000 acres in just 12 hours. the valley fire now 50,000 acres big with zero containment and fire officials say one person has died. the details of that fatality has not been released. as many as 10,000 people are evacuated. many are getting food in the
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town of ca of calistoga. the grocery store and elementary and high school and main gas station also survived. those are corner stones of this community and that will help when the people start to rebuild. firefighters are hoping to get some containment on the valley fire today. calmer wind and cooler temperatures are likely to help. >> reporter: she has shown and almost chronic inability to tell the truth about this. every time she announces something and makes an explanation, pretty soon we find out that it isn't true, over and over and over again. she says all those emails were personal. there are 30,000 of them. does anybody seriously think if they can be retrieved that the
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investigators will go through all those emails and find all of them were personal? i doubt it. eric: the tech company managing her private server says it was not wiped as previously reported. what does this mean for her campaign? and will nip of these emails see the light of day? mary anne marsh and senior advisor to john kerry. tony, let me start with you. do you think we'll see any of these emails? what will they show? >> the fact that she set the standards. she said back in march, she said none of these emails that she turned over are correspondence that are classified.
6:36 am
we is saying of these 31,830 that were somehow deleted, they were all personal, had nothing to do with her conduct in the state department. any investigation or review of those emails once recovered show or substantiate that anything was dealt with been gody or the clinton foundation. i think hillary clinton might find herself overwhelms by the scandal. but her elevation from the 31,000 emails if discovered could end this campaign. >> could this end hillary clinton's campaign? >> no, everything tony just said is wrong. those emails could always be recovered whether they were deleted or the server was wiped. if you don't know it now,
6:37 am
anything tweet, text, instagram is always out there. friday the department of justice said hillary clinton could delete all her personal emails and had he right to. you could take one document, give it to four agencies, f.b.i., cia, state department, get four different classifications and that classification could be changed by any one of them at any time. she said all along, any information or any exchange she had at the time was not top secret, secret or classified. could it have changed afterwards? absolutely true. >> top secret information changes afterwards? >> it's so disappointing to see all of this with the media and the way it's been covered worther analysts and pundits putting false information out there. that's what's wrong with this debate. just like the media covering every poll like it's a "wall
6:38 am
street journal" poll and fox news poll. >> this is a tactic and i respect maryanne and i don't expect this from someone of her caliber saying what i said was false but not say what was false. a federal judge back in june said hillary clinton violated the law by conducting this private email. the state department itself, the i.t. help decks who deals with all of these emails. but they need to know about it. they told us they didn't know by the. you have to admit and be honest they have have not handled this well. there has been a significant lack of transparency. she only recently has become candid about her guilt or orso or obviously conducting things -- or guilt or sorrow for
6:39 am
conducting things this way. eric: there is the challenge, can us answer? >> the campaign said itself it could have handled this better. but everything else i stand by. hillary clinton consistently said she never exchanged any email marked top secret, the or classified. eric: what do you think is going to happen? >> the campaign has slipped inned the polls because this overwhelming negative coverage on all of these fronts. on the email issue. major medias are covering every poll like it's the gold standard but it's not. yes, she has been hurt by it, and people get proven wrong. >> she has not been transparent about this and it has caught up with her.
6:40 am
cover-up may be worse than the crime. eric: there is the debate and it continues. we'll see if we ever see any of those emails. martha: the. >> i to thank khomeini release this video that a lot of people think looks like an isis video. it basically says the united states will be hugh mill if they are part of any war -- will be humiliated if they are part of any war with iran. eric: carly fiorina, she is taking donald trump's' insult and throwing it back in his face. >> this is the face of a 61-year-old woman.
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i'm proud of every year and every wrinkle.
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martha: out of iran the supreme leader has released a proper began today-type video calling for the destruction of the united states. take a look at this just released from iran video and the translation on it as well. i'm joined by k.t. macfarland, i watched the whole thing last night and it goes through what
6:45 am
they see as the defeats of the u.s. military. they go through remember man, iraq. they are saying we are not look for war, but don't 10 try it. they are showing iranian missiles bombing u.s. missiles and soldiers coming home in boxes. is this what would you expect? >> it's what i expected and many other expected. president thought iran wouldn't cheat. and they are not changing their evil ways. they are double down on chants of "death to america." as far as cheating, they found out last week, we discovered new stock piles of uranium on our own iranian territory. that means they knew by the all
6:46 am
along so they have cheat. they have uranium mines they didn'tr didn't tell us about. both of those things they won't cheat and won't change and they are wrong. they have given us evidence. inch one thing i learned is when a dictator tells you something, believe him. he's not play together crowd. martha: john kerry said this guy likes to say all this crazy stuff, but don't worry, we are sitting at the table with the people who matter in iran. he's just sort of the musty relative you don't need to worry about. >> reporter: that's what they say but the york is on them because the nutty relative is in charge. he's driving the entire iranian terrorist program. the guys secretary kerry sat
6:47 am
down, they might be nice guys. when went to american university for graduate school. but they can be fired on a dime. the one who counts is the guy you just showed who believes america is the grate satan. america is enemy number one. friday was the 14th anniversary of september 11. there was a piece in the "new york post" given on several colleges on the literature of september 11. they say the literature of september 11 includes absolutely nothing about the literature that was written about the victims of what happened on september 11. here is just one quote that uses some of the words that this professor, unc professor has been telling the students in his class. he says america's depiction of
6:48 am
the 9/11 terrorists as quote monsters is merely an attempt to animalize them as insects and just spy squashing them in a quote fantasy of justice. the university of chapel hill says it's our you responsibilities to broaden kids' minds to make sure they see things from different angles. >> we defeated fas defeat -- wed communism and we called ld called them what they were. all they need to do is go with the videos the ayatollah is putting out. read what usama bin laden is putting out. these are guys who want to bring about the destruction he everyone you know.
6:49 am
the fact that the united states is for the first time in history saying we don't really think those are bad guys. the real bad guys are us. that shows you have why we are not winning the war against radical islam. martha: if schools will not do this job, then parents have to do it. you have to make sure your children watch real stories about 9/11. "the red bandana" or "first pitch." we have to make sure they don't forget what happened. this is an ongoing conflict as they grow up. if our universities aren't going to do it, somebody else has to. >> if there is no enemy, how do you deal with the enemy.
6:50 am
eric: the plot that was just disrupted and the call for lone wolves to attack.
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martha: there she is, the new miss america. betty cantrel. her talent was opera. she also answer sad question about deflategate and whether tom brady cheat. >> i think i would have to be there to feel the ball to feel
6:54 am
fit was deplated or not deflated. if there was any question to be had, i think he definitely cheat and he should have been suspended for that. martha: if there was any question, then he cheated. miss mississippi was named the first runner up. eric: in this story three teenagers have been arrested in arizona in what has been described as copycat attacks. so far there have been 11. authorities are investigating the shooters apparently on the loose. apparently those teens are not the main shooters. >> reporter: the way the arrest went down is what needs to happen if they are going to
6:55 am
catch the i10 shooter. something shattered their window. moments later the koches have three teenagers in custody charged with shooting rocks at vehicles with a sling shot in what police say is a copycat incident. >> he admitted to shooting at six pedestrians, 7 vehicles between a short time span. 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: there were three 18-year-olds booked on criminal damage and conspiracy. item was a sling shot. when we talk about projectiles, this is one of those projectile-type shootings. >> reporter: they are charged with criminal damage and they have that on their record. eric: yesterday they were described as a bunch of knuckleheads. but it's serious.
6:56 am
>> reporter: they arrest sad guy friday, a guy who boast to his friends he was involved with those 11 confirmed shootings. he wakes out of a convenience store. cops tracked his vehicle and took him into custody. he's not considered the prime suspect but has not been cleared either. 8 of the 11 shootings involved bullets. oars bbs or pellet guns. >> i would tell you at this point i'm not ruling anything out. >> reporter: bottom line, eric, the investigation continues. martha: brand-new poll numbers show donald trump is very much at the front of the pack and many candidates are taking aim at him. louisiana governor bobby jindal
6:57 am
joins us next hour. >> donald trump is shallow and he has no understanding of policy. he has no substance. he lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn. . . . .
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...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. martha: the stage is now set for the second major republican debate which is now just a couple of days away. with carly fiorina joining the top tier this time around and the recent rift between her and donald trump could make for a pretty interesting night. we expect. welcome, everybody to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. eric: i'm hello, martha, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. prime time gop showdown as they fight to steal the spotlight back from "the donald." carly fiorina, hearing the remarks about her face, did you hear about that, and trying to turn to the political advantage. >> ladies, note to democrat
7:01 am
party, we are not a special interest group. we are the majority of the nation. [applause] martha: interesting comeback from her. fox news senior political analyst brit hume joins us. good morning to you. >> hi, there. martha: that is carly turning that around, he said look at her face. play what he said about that over the weekend as he tried to broaden it a little bit. watch this. >> to be honest with you, the problem we have we're so politically correct that we can't get out of our way. so people make statements that all of a sudden the statement -- i'm only talking about her persona. her persona, she hasn't done a good job in what you call the private sector. martha: is this damaging? we don't know. everything along the way would be damaging to him hasn't been but she did her best to try to come back at it, brit? >> i think she made hay with it.
7:02 am
responding to him makes news talking about her position on, you know the epa might not make news. so it is i think benefited her. these insults that he casts and his explanations of them don't seem to hurt him very much. although he is, that fact sort of defies all the laws of political gravity that we all thought we understood. now we see this man who seems able to, you know, just, do whatever and say whatever he wants and if he says things that would damage another candidate, they don't damage him. it is remarkable. we have no idea what is going on here. martha: no, we don't. we have no idea what is going on here. let's say that up front. we'll see what happens this wednesday. he will be back on the debate stage again. the last time he did this, i think after that night, a lot of people thought, well, some of this will be pretty tough to recover from. fell back on all the different political conventions to back up
7:03 am
the notion as you just said but seems like a lot of people in the country, 33%, according to the recent poll who have no problem with the comments whatsoever. they seem to like what he says he will do with the country, brit? >> not only no problems with his insulting comments, seem so infantile even, not only doesn't have problem with them, but doesn't seem to have problem positions on number of issues not now or in the past have not been conservative. even though running in the republican party even though overwhelmingly conservative, he seems unhurt by positions he has taken in the past. you sense, for example, he was asked to sign that loyalty pledge to the gop, my sense from what i hear from his supporters is that if he had said, heck no, i'm not signing, they would have said, right away, donald, right on. he turned around and signed it.
7:04 am
that is the way, donald, right on. it is kind of a cult of personality kind we're not accustomed to seeing in our politics. hair out, look at the polls. you have the folks in single digits were supposed to be such a rich, deep, gop bench from last time around. marco rubio, christie, kasich, rand paul, all of these sort of bright stars of the republican party who are, just floundering in the single digits. they hope they can make some remark or get on the map somehow on wednesday night. they have to deal with trump. >> well the question is, whether they ought, whether it is wise to take him on directly. strikes me farther down the list of candidates you are in terms of your standing in the polls, the more it might benefit to attack trump because attacking trump as we saw with fiorina makes news. whether it is good idea for jeb bush to do it directly i
7:05 am
don't know. certainly possible, martha, if candidates as a group took him on and attacked him hard and often not only in the debate but remarks on the stomach and advertising it could be structured against him, that it might hurt him. the danger always is that an attacking politician may damage the object of the attacks but may not benefit himself or herself. sometimes in a big splintered field like this, somebody attack as frontrunner and frontrunner gets hurt but person did attacking doesn't go to the other candidates. that is the risk. martha: great point. every weekend i read a long story in the newspaper over the weekend. all about concerted effort being put together by the candidates and republican party to start slamming donald trump and hasn't materialized yet. >> let's see if they do it. >> yes. brit, thanks so much. >> thank you, martha. martha: one of those candidates doing the attacking brit was
7:06 am
talking about is governor bobby jindal. he has been taking a few shots at trump. had a big speaking engagement last friday. is it working and getting some attention? we'll talk to him about it coming up. eric: looking forward to that. meanwhile fox news alert for you. new security concerns as pope francis getting ready to visit our country. house homeland security chairman michael mccaul, u.s. officials already stopped they say one threat made against the pope. he will be arriving in washington the first stop next week. this comes as al qaeda has been calling for more lone wolf attacks, the individual ones against us here in the west. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details. >> reporter: eric, good morning. 36-minute audiotape from the leader of al qaeda in pakistan calls for muslims to attack the west and united states with lone wolf attacks. the al qaeda leader cites example of boston marathon
7:07 am
bombers, the tsarnaev brothers you see here, they used pressure cookers to kill three and wound dozens of others. and the attack on the french satirical magazine, "charlie hebdo." the brothers had training for the attack and used training at a time and place of their choosing. the mission was blessed by al qaeda but it was up to them to launch at the best opportunity. there was no phone call, emails or social media to act. this email from zawahiri is more confirmation they turned away from large attacks like 9/11 with smaller scale plots with a better chance of success. in counterterrorism circles it is referred to as standing order for terror, eric. eric: it is pretty frightening. what do we know about the alleged plot against the pope? >> reporter: directors of three main intelligence agencies, said there was no specific or credible intelligence tied to the 9/11 anniversary.
7:08 am
since the head of the house homeland security committee who gets regular intelligence breaches said there was credible threat to the pope who begins his visit to the u.s. on september 22nd though the scale of the plot is unknown and who directed it. >> he wants to get out with the people. with that comes a large security risk. we're monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case in particular but as that date approaches, i think we're all very, be very vigilant to protect him as he comes into the united states. >> reporter: counterterrorism analysts tell fox news that particular attention to being paid to an isis message earlier this year that threatened rome was next, kind of a symbolism if you will for christianity and of course the pope himself, eric. eric: we look forward to a safe and inspiring visit. catherine, thank you. martha? martha: fox news alert now.
7:09 am
this news breaking moments ago. a massive manhunt now coming to an end. the suspect, accused of killing a kentucky state trooper is now in custody we can tell you. police say 25-year-old joseph thomas johnson-shanks gunned down trooper joe seven cameron ponder late sunday during a high-speed chase in kentucky. ponder was taken to nearby hospital but he died there shortly before midnight. the 31-year-old had been on the force for less than one year. eric: another tragic reminder of the importance of law enforcement. meanwhile on the campaign trail republican rivals are are takinm the at frontrunner. >> donald trump's not against big government. he is just against the folks that happen to be running it. donald trump is for donald trump. he believes in nothing other than himself. eric: man, oh, man, has bobby jindal been at it when it comes to donald trump. he will have a lot more coming up as he talks to martha about
7:10 am
it. martha: the refugee crisis in europe exploding. germany saying that a million people could enter their country just this year. at least 10,000 set to come here to the united states and that has raised security concerns and some big questions. eric: may be september for school but in seattle it is extended summer for the kids. a teachers strike keeping classes empty. >> not sure how they expect us to come to an agreement on lengthening the school day when they dropped the bomb on august 17th and want us to come to conclusion by august 24th. namaste. stay. taking care of our teeth is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change. that detergand we'll have to like half thuse like double! maybe more! i'm going back to the store? yes you are.
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we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! eric: well a teachers strike is forcing seattle public schools to close for a fourth day. the teachers have not received a cost of living pay raise in six years. also the issue, are a longer school day and teacher evaluations. the teacher's union and school district negotiate adweekened but could not come up for terms of a new contract. the strike is delaying start of the school year for about 53,000 students. as you would expect, the tying parents into knots. >> we support the teachers obviously but it is frustrating. it is hard. kids are antsy. parents are antsy. kids are ready for structure. we need to get them back in the classroom. eric: can you imagine having all kids at home because of this? several snow days have been used because of the strike.
7:15 am
they're looking shortening holiday breaks or adding more days at the end of the school year to make up for the time lost. martha: wow. >> donald trump is not a serious candidate. he is a narcissist. he is an egomaniac. he is non-serious. he is a carnival act. here is the truth about donald trump. donald trump is shallow. he has no understanding of policy. he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn. martha: no holding back there. presidential hopeful bobby jindal taking shots at donald trump on friday, perhaps trying to bait the frontrunner into a little feud and trump seems to be going for it. trump fighting back on twitter saying bobby jindal did not make the debate stage, therefore i have never met him. adding later because he likes to tweet a lot. i only respond to people that register more than 1% in the polls. i never thought he had a chance and i have been proven right.
7:16 am
joining me now presidential candidate bobby jindal. good to have you here, governor. is that what you want to be doing? >> well, martha, good morning thank you for having me. donald trump has unique platform to run for president. he declared bankruptcy more often than any major corporation in america in the last 30 years. think about that. that is a unique to run for president of the united states but maybe it makes sense. what is bankruptcy? bankruptcy is having more debt than you can afford to pay back. that describes washington. they're always on the verge of bankruptcy. always spending more money than we have. maybe sending nation's leading expert in bankruptcy is natural fit for washington, d.c. that is unique platform to try to run for president. martha: understood. but my question was, why are you deciding to change tactics? some people say you're just doing this to get attention that it is working. when you're at 1% in the polls you're in a tough spot you might as well, you know, throw a big hail mary pass and this is going at donald trump?
7:17 am
>> martha, i actually working, moving up in the polls in iowa. focused on early states. the reason i've done this, we have unique opportunity, with us in a lifetime opportunity to get our country back to implement conservative ideas. president obama has run this country into the ground. here is the challenge, do we rely on conservative principles or trust a man who believes in nothing but himself? donald trump is not conservative. he is not a liberal. he is a narcissist. martha: i'm questioning the tactic. the first person that really wept hard against donald trump was rick perry. he recently dropped out. you have a different tactic being taken by john kasich. you talk about the early states. he is an interesting candidate to watch in new hampshire because he is in second place right now in new hampshire. here is his strategy. let's watch. >> what is critical what happens in the early states and how i introduce myself. so if i'm talking about donald trump or somebody else or their strategy, i'm not talking about what i want to talk about. i think that doesn't make any
7:18 am
sense. martha: so you don't see john kasich a lot on shows because he is just sort of sticking to his guns talking about himself. i'm asking you why the change in strategy for you on friday to come at him with, you know, with all you had? >> well, couple things. we're going to every county in iowa, 99 of them, doing town hall meetings spending hours directly talking to voters. martha, secondly going back to donald trump reality we're on the verge of losing idea of america. this is critically important election. and somebody has got to point out, others attacked donald trump gone after giving money to clinton, having liberal policies. that is not why i'm going after donald trump. i'm going after him because the only thing he believes in is donald trump. he doesn't believe in making america great again. he believes in making donald trump great. somebody has to say the emperor has got no clothes. somebody has to say this is time to go to conservative proven ideas. i'm only candidate reduced size of government.
7:19 am
go to proven conservative leader, not egomaniac, not an entertainer. >> how do you, given everything you're saying, it is obvious that you believe, everybody said, oh, well he can never get more than 20% of the of the vote. never get more 25%. that is maximum number of people that will support him. he is at 33%. while all of this is coming at him it made him stronger. how do you explain that? >> well, two things. one i think the idea of donald trump is great. i like an outsider. i like somebody who is politically incorrect. i like somebody that wants to fire the d.c. establishment. i agree with that. i think d.c. establishment needs to go including republicans and democrats. the substance of donald trump is to the same as idea of donald trump. he says bankruptcy is failure not success. only in d.c. is that success. my companies went bankrupt. i didn't go bankrupt. can you imagine him being president the country went bankrupt but i didn't go
7:20 am
bankrupt. martha: he said that in the first debate. use laws out there to your advantage. which i think a lot of people thought would hurt him but it hasn't. that is fascinating about the whole process. governor jindal, always great to speak with you. >> thank you, martha. eric: martha, making out of a maximum security prison. hundreds of taliban prisoners are now free. raising the question, did terrorists free the terrorists? martha: call it pcu, politically correct university. ucla trying to make it right not to be insulted in any way, shape or form. you would be amazed what they find insulting when we come back. ♪ i was diagnosed with lung cancer.
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martha: breaking information out
7:24 am
of lion county, kentucky. what you're looking at is the news conference of the shooting of joseph cameron ponder, the kentucky state trooper who lost his life. 31 years old and only one year into his duty as a trooper. we can tell you we reported earlier that the suspect was captured. his name is joseph thomas johnson-shanks. we can tell you he was killed in the process of bringing him in. he would not drop his weapon according to information being given to us in this news conference and he was killed as a result of that. so that is the latest. tragic story in the killing of young state trooper in kentucky. now the suspect shot and killed. eric: we have another fox news alert. massive jailbreak after a violent attack at a maximum security prison. it happened in afghanistan's eastern gazni province. taliban insurgents claim
7:25 am
responsibility storming jail, killing four police officers and freeing 350 police officers. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with more details. jennifer, how the heck did this happen? >> reporter: the attack took place in volatile ghazni province. this is 350 miles west of kabul. they escaped a prison controlled by the afghan security forces of the deputy above of ghazni described the attack. >> translator: six armed men in military uniforms entered prison. they broke the lock of prison's main entrance and shouted to the prisoners, we are the taliban. we have come to free you from this jail. >> reporter: four afghan guards were killed, seven wounded. three taliban insurgents were killed. the deputy above went on to say that the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. only 82 prisoners remain according to the afghan interior ministry. this was clearly well-planned.
7:26 am
the simultaneous attacks taking place nearby, bearing same hallmarks of previous attacks, eric, against u.s. forces in the past few weeks. last month a u.s. army green beret was killed in kabul when his special-ops base came under attack. two u.s. air force special traitors were killed in hem manned in the last -- helmand, eric. eric: you said it was well-planned. any indication it was inside job? >> reporter: in addition to the deputy governor, attackers wore military uniforms which would disguise their arrival. no word he also mentioned 20 of the prison's most dangerous inmates had been transferred to another jail just a day before the attack, suggesting a plot was in the works. it was long-known this prison was vulnerable. there are nearly 10,000 u.s. military personnel remaining in afghanistan. today they are not responsible for the prison security. afghanistan's interior minister says 148 of the escapees are considered quote, a serious
7:27 am
threat to national security. little comfort to our troops and their families back home. eric: that is for sure. jennifer, thank you so much. martha? martha: the mounting refugee crisis raising security concerns here in america as well. could potential terrorists sneak in when we allow thousands of these refugees into our country? eric: fast-moving wildfire in california destroying hundreds of homes. take a look at that. as this guy tries to drive out through that! a whole block in a town in northern california destroyed. we'll have the latest on the devastating fires coming up. >> the house next to mine is gone. the other side, we fought a couple fires. we jumped the fence into their yard and fought a couple spot fires. that house is safe. there is two house us. everything else is gone and it is still burning.
7:28 am
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martha: california wildfire burning hundreds of people's homes. one of the state's fastest-burning wildfires in decker decades has now wiped out blocks of homes in middletown, california. dozens towns, along with folks along a 35-mile stretch of highway ordered to leave their homes of the fire exploding, quickly growing to 100 square miles. >> there was no stopping it. we just watched houses around us burn. yeah, it was utter chaos. it was crazy. we just watched all the houses around us burn as we sat there with garden hoses and did what we can do. martha: doing what they can do. 12 wildfires raging across california. prompting national weather service to issue air quality alerts for large swaths of the middle of the state of california. eric: that really is terrible.
7:32 am
meanwhile europe's mounting refugee crisis raising security concerns in our country. president obama wants to let 10,000 syrian refugees into the united states starting next month but that massive flow of people sparking some fears that terrorists possibly could sneak in. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson raised that over the weekend pointing to the boston marathon bombing. he told abc this week, quote, i would recognize bringing in people from the middle east right now carries extra danger. i know we have a process but how effective is it? how does it, you know, let people like the tsarnaev brothers in here? is that few fair? pete hegseth, concerned veterans for america. pete, this is refugee crisis is shocking humanitarian crisis. four million people have fled and a million people killed on massive scale. how do we protect ourselves and what do we do? >> dr. carson is right.
7:33 am
isis stated its desire to exploit this migrant crisis first in europe but eventually to the united states. you have to maintain stringent criteria. there is the high bars. someone from syria applied received refugee status, with intelligence backgrounds and health checks. tsarnaev were not radicalized when they came to the united states. once they were here, motivated by propaganda elsewhere. the larger, problem, eric is isis. that they continue to fester and exist the way they do. as a result, recruit and propagandize to folks who made their way to europe or the united states. defeating isis is the first thing you can do. the refugee crisis is a symptom. within the symptom you have to have very high bar who gets in and make sure they a simulate. eric: how do you know what that high bar is? these people are fleeing isis. fleeing for that lives. you have got babies and children
7:34 am
and old ladies with canes. they will not be terrorists. >> that is very fair. that is why europe is dealing with this. in the area in the e.u. that has absorbed migrants, now putting up borders, they have a serious issue. they don't know who is coming in. we're not talking about old ladies or baby, young teenagers or military-age males we call them, could be exploiting this. establish themselves or link up with those already in europe. europe has the big problem. america has to be on its toes to make sure whoever we bring in is thoroughly vetted. when we come to america we have to be melting pot. it has to be about america and ideas, demand a simulation to our ideas, acknowledging that we've always been a country that allows for religious pluralism. eric: we went through this with the holocaust and german refugees from nazi germany and such. you see what happens in europe and your heart breaks. people desperately trying to get out.
7:35 am
hungary is building a 13-foot tall razor wire fence to keep them out. what about our allies? look at investors business daily what about saudi arabia and look what is going on in europe. let me read this to you. european nations besieged by mid-east refugees. saudi arabia will help out building 200 mosques on continent. turkey, lebanon, jordan taken in two million refugees. gulf states like saudi arabia said no. they emphatically reject western style open borders. why, pete? won't they, step up? >> because they won't step up because they don't want them. they want, the west is a magnet for people who are seeking a better life and saudi arabia doesn't want, just like they treated palestinians as a cause tokes split but won't actually assist them. in this particular case it is the exact same thing. they don't want the population in their country creating more instability.
7:36 am
they're happy to outsource it to europe, build mosques for them. they understand the majority of the folk going to europe are moderate peaceful muslims. but there are radicals seeking to radicalize. saudi arabia is not a true ally in many, many ways. this is another example we should put the screws to them, this is crisis. you're helping to create through those that fund our enemies. we need you to pitch in and we'll force you to pitch in. eric: that ain't going to happen. it is not happening yet as this crisis continue. >> no, it isn't. we don't have any leverage, eric. we haven't had leverage. we haven't used that in the fight against isis. why would saudi arabia start now? they understand a president leading from behind isn't going to force them to do so. they're sitting on their hands and tells europe you deal with it earnings that is the situation now as this horrible situation continues. pete hegseth. always good to see you. martha: we are getting information out this news
7:37 am
conference in kentucky after a suspect shot and killed in the murder of a kentucky trooper. here is kentucky state police briefing reporters there, moments ago and here is what they said. >> at approximately 7:00 a.m. this morning troopers from the kentucky state police special response team located johnson-shanks in a wooded area in close proximity to i-24 where he shot and killed one of our troopers. trooper shanks was armed with a firearm. he refused verbal commands from our troopers to lower his weapon. a trooper from the kentucky state police special response team shot mr. shanks. mr. shanks was then taken into custody after he was shot. mr. shanks was transported via ambulance to the caldwell medical center in princeton, kentucky, where he succumbed to his injuries at 8:23 a.m. martha: 31-year-old state trooper, joseph ponder, excuse
7:38 am
me, left-hand side of the screen is the 31-year-old trooper shot to death. in the aftermath of all of this finally caught, joseph johnson-shanks also died in the hospital as you heard from the trooper with the news conference moments ago. another tragic loss of life this, young state trooper. there are new concerns about russia doubling down in syria. russia's military apparently building up a strong hold of president bashar al-assad's, working to expand the tarmac of a major airport in a coastal province there as they work together to solidify his hold on that country. conor powell with the latest from the middle east bureau. conor, why this airport and why now? >> reporter: martha, russia long supported assad regime even before the start of the civil war back in 2011. according to reports russia is extending and expanding the runway at the airport for the sole pure of bringing in heavier
7:39 am
and larger military cargo planes. russia vowed to continue to supply weapons to the assad regime including equipment and weapons, soldiers and troops and advisors. what we're hearing according to pentagon officials and intelligence officials we're beginning to see component parts, not full missiles and not launchers but component parts of the sa-22 missile system according to intelligence officials. those are starting to appear in the latkia province. it is clear this is an area that is a strong hold for the assad regime. that russia is continuing to develop and bring in these weapons and pass them out into the syrian military for use against the rebels and, this is a significant step because this is an advanced missile system. it appeared before in russia but we're seeing new component parts. so clearly as you said, russia is beginning to double down as he they have long-supported assad regime. assad regime is under a lot of pressure. they're losing a lot of ground in recent months. russia coming to the rescue with
7:40 am
more and bigger and advanced weapons, martha. martha: remember the administration saying assad must go. clearly he hasn't gone anywhere. russians continuing to help him in exacerbates their efforts to do just that. conor, thank you very much. eric: coming up we'll tell you about a state university, ready for this? considering a proposal that could change what is allowed to be said on campus. we'll fill you an in on the controversial resolution and why some people say it could chill free speech. martha: plus an investigation underway after airplane engine parts come crashing down from the sky. what happened on the ground when it started raining metal. >> i came out to check everything out and then i turn around and looked at my car and i had a hole in the back of the windshield.
7:41 am
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7:43 am
i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪ everyone can shop, but members get more with reviews, live customer support, and better pricing. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. martha: federal aviation administration is investigating
7:44 am
how engine parts drop out of a plane and land in a fresno neighborhood. the agency says the twin-engine jet took off, reported engine failure and returned to the same runway. the engine parts were found by residents after think heard loud crashes and pieces falling into car windows. this could have been lethal. nobody was hurt thankfully on the plane or on the ground. the plane parts are with the faa so think can figure out exactly what happened. eric: oh, man, how would you like that? also in california a controversial resolution being considered by the university of california. this week the board of regents is meeting this week to discuss a proposal, statement of principles against intolerance. this is a right for students not to be offended. but you know some fear it could backfire and will silence free speech. will it? leslie marshall, fox news contributor, syndicated radio talk show host and "huffington post" blogger. dinneen borelli, conservative
7:45 am
review and fox news contributor. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. eric: dinneen, let me start with you, is this appropriate protection of shared values or correct actions or pc out of control? >> i have deep concerns about this policy, eric. this is not only anti-freedom of speech and anti-educational freedom. when you look at the fact that individuals will be hampered. students are unable to talk about certain issues, especially current events issues or everyday mundane issues. clearly i do believe this is a real problem. this anti-educational. for example, the importance of immigration reform and the importance of defunding sanctuary cities when happened with the tragic murder with kate steinle, they won't be able to talk about something like that, even in the sports world, brandon marshall of the new york jets recently said that black players are treated differently and that tom brady's race played
7:46 am
a role in this overturning this suspension of "deflategate." they can't even talk about issue like that. eric: leslie, that true? is this a situation where someone offended by anything everyone has to shut up? >> no. i'm here in california, that is not, if you read the specifics. actually the reason it came about, some very horrific things have happened on some of the university of california campuses. there have been people that have been turned away who have handicaps, in wheelchairs. there have been extremely vulgar, racist and bigoted discriminatory remarks that have been spray painted with graffiti on some campus walls. and there has been a problem with women being turned away from certain community organizations within the college including sororityies because of their weight. this just didn't have to do with religion, which there have been anti-jewish, anti-islamic problems within the university system as well. this is, i believe, reinforcing
7:47 am
a mission statement that says, we will not tolerate hatred, bigotry, discrimination. this does not take away and they can not take away and should not take away the first amendment rights of these students. it will not prohibit free speech. eric: if they have the statements already, why do they need new action, leslie? >> because of some of these issues came about. i believe quite frankly to sidestep potential lawsuits, to nip it in the bud by being more specific and actually even broadening and more defining more specifically their anti-discrimination and their upholding that we will not tolerate the intolerance of others in such a multicultural educational system. eric: here's what some, deneen, the recent proposal says. it is understandable. intolerance has no place at the university of california. we define intolerance unwelcome conduct motivated by
7:48 am
discrimination against or hatred towards other individuals or groups. may take the form of acts of violence or intimidation, threats, harrassment, hate speech, derogatory language reflecting stereotypes or prejudice or recognized symbols of hate and prejudice or discrimination. what is wrong with that? anyone can understand that? you don't want that on college campus and it is not appropriate? >> listen, this is common sense, eric. there are individuals who, i personally, i don't believe this is something that would be relevant because it is going to create an even more intolerance of individuals. it is going to -- you have no idea how many people -- how are you going to prove intolerance is even taking place? this is, going to i think increase claims of intolerance. create an avalanche of intolerance and also will dilute the real cases that need to be investigated. eric: leslie, last word. do you think that is going to
7:49 am
happen? >> i don't agree with that. i think what it is saying we're putting it out there. private universities and state universities do this across the country. this is not something new. but this is directly addressing some of these areas that have taken place within the university of california campuses. and i think they're hoping, as we're in fall going toward a new year more people will think before they are intolerant. not stifling their free speech. just reminding them you don't need to be discriminatory bigoted to make the same point. >> i think this will have a huge effect on educational experience on these campuses. eric: you know, sometimes they talk about pc being rampant on some of the campuses across the country. we'll see what they do as they try to sort this out this week. leslie, deneen, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. martha: some residents are turning up their noses to a new city policy that allows trash collectors to snoop through your garbage.
7:50 am
what the collectors are looking for that could have people in a little it about trouble. eric: oh, man. plus a former d.j. suing taylor swift. why he and the pop star have some bad blood. ♪ the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪
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>> seven minutes ahead on "happening now." tracking two major fires in california that have burned hundreds of homes. and forced residents to flee. we have fox team coverage. we'll also talk to the head of cal fire. new polling confirms a surge by donald trump and dr. ben carson. also trouble for wisconsin governor scott walker. and trouble for hillary clinton as well. bret baier joins us with analysis when you see jenna lee and me on "happening now." ♪
7:54 am
martha: jon, thank you. seattle homeowners raising a major stink over a new city policy letting trash collectors snoop through their garbage to see if people are recycling properly. the lawsuit says inspections have gone too far and invasion of privacy. dan springer is live in seattle. dan, how is this policy work exactly? >> reporter: martha, this is so seattle. goes beyond just mandatory recycling. residents and businesses here in seattle are forced to compost their food waste. if they don't, they get warning. starting in january, could be hit with fines. trash haulers have essentially been deputized to determine if people are complying with the law says no more than 10% of the all the stuff in your trash barrel can be recycled or composted. if garbage guy thinks he failed to comply, he is supposed to tag your can. a group of seattle residents sued city says the policy invades privacy and there is no
7:55 am
due process if the city is wrong. >> there is literally no recourse because they incinerate evidence and take i it away. they say you have done it. >> kelly was tagged twice for not composting probably enough. martha: heavens. how does the city respond to this? report -- >> reporter: oddly enough the no one in the city would talk trash. statement from the city attorney, drivers are not supposed to open garbage bags or snoop in cans to get scofflaws. the courts will have to sort this out. washington's state constitution is a lot more protective of privacy rights than the bill of rights. police can't go through looking for everyday of a crime in a trash even when left at a curb. >> requires invasive search to determine whether or not you have reached this 10% threshold, whether food or recyclables make
7:56 am
up 10% of your trash. >> reporter: fines start at one dollars for residents and 50 buck if you're a business, then go up from there. martha? martha: unbelievable. you need a warrant to go through the garbage. dan, thank you very much. >> reporter: all right. eric: joe friday. serious situation south of washington state in california where two wildfires have exploded out of control. that happening near san francisco. look at this video. that is of course prompted officials to declare a state of emergency there as homes have been destroyed, thousands of residents forced to run. we'll have a lot more on the desperate situation there as it unfolds straight ahead. princet
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
so fighting back. the former radio dj is suing taylor swift saying a meet and greet with her cost him his job. the loss that david muller was falsely approved of touching
8:00 am
swift too low when his hand slipped too low on her back. he was fired from his job two weeks later after the announcement. her publicist said she had nothing to do with the firing. thanks for being here. >> take care. >> firefighters killed and hundreds injured and full a blocks of houses burning to the ground close to the california wine county. all of this is happening north of san francisco. to the east it is a similar story as well. the butte fire burning through 90 hom


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