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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: hope your week is off to a great start. see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered starts now. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, kirsten powers. today's #oneluckyguy, fox news contributor and senior writer for "the weekly standard," stephen hayes. he is "outnumbered." >> good to be here. >> d.c. train must be packed. >> this is great. >> this is great pair to have on the couch. we have a lot to get to. neck-and-neck with just days to go until the second republican primary debate, a stunning new poll shows hillary clinton and
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donald trump, oh so close in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup. the new "washington post" abc news survey, finds clinton garnering 46% support compared to trump's 43% among registered voters. a small lead, that is within the margin of error. meantime this same poll, showing clinton's falling fortunes among democratic voters. hillary dropping to 42% among dems, down from 63% back in july. bernie sanders jumping 10 points to 24% over the same time period. and vice president joe biden, who is not even in the race yet, up nine points to 21%. steve ven, great to have you here. what do you make of trump's continued rise in the polls? >> it is absolutely fascinating. there has probably been not a better time to cover electoral politics than i can remember.
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this is so crazy. bernie sanders leading in a couple of polls in iowa and new hampshire. donald trump continuing to lead the republican primary fight. there are not many signs he is declining what people like me thought a couple months ago. >> a couple month ago nobody was taking trump seriously, kirsten. >> yeah. >> here we are 14 months out from the general election we're still talking about at clinton-trump head-to-head matchup. >> people would have thought he would imploded. no way this would be sustained. what is interesting about the wash "washington post" poll that came out, even republicans that don't like him, put him head-to-head with hillary clinton, they will go with trump. this suggests that he has a lot more staying power than probably just among his little base of supporters who are really enthusiastic. >> still, so many people you talk to andrea, are making a the case there is still a lot of time and things could quickly change. things could change on the
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democratic side with joe biden eventually entering the race. what would change between now and when donald trump isn't leading on gop side? what could the catalyst be for him to come down in the polls? >> i'm not sure. a lot can change. we see even if somebody wins a state like iowa they can go on to lose after that. however i would say nobody thought trump would implode and nobody thought trump wasn't going anywhere. i did. i always taken him very, very seriously. maybe just the d.c. mentality, i'm not sure. you guys are down there. i can tell you it is amazing how many democrats i talk to, democrats would never think of voting for republican, there is something about trump they like. it is incredible. so i mean, look i will be watching debates. i know everyone else will be watching them. i think what is really fascinating, i mean his polling, even though he has lower favorables when you asked about attributes talking about hillary clinton, people still agree with him on the issues and go with him.
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what is amazing to me, sandra, over half of people polled in this poll don't believe hillary clinton. they think she mishandled email scandal. that number stayed pretty consistent from may. she seems to be plateauing with that trust but it is still a bad place for her to be. >> you know there is one segment of that, that trust deficit i would imagine her campaign is really concentrating on this morning. kirsten, it has to be the women. if you look at nbc marist poll last week, look at cnn poll a couple days ago and "fox news" polling, talking to women voters, she has a real problem with trust as an issue. how big is that problem? when she goes one-to-one against bernie sanders in new hampshire and iowa, she bleeds 16% down from july. 24%, points down. not that she is trailing him by that much but she is losing that. where are those women going? remember donald trump crosses both lines because he is accused of being democrat.
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because he listens to everybody, right? would some of those women consider going to donald trump? his numbers among women are -- >> strong, yeah. >> look, i would be surprised if women flock in mass to donald trump especially given -- >> they don't have to be mass. just have to be some. he has a lot already. >> the question in my view will not be a moment, not one big moment. which is what i thought, a lot of us, certainly not you, i thought he would go too far and see his campaign go crumb before. now likely if we see the decline, i still do think we'll see a decline, a series of moments, now that was a little bit too much. on top of what he did last week, that was a little too much. the carly fiorina remarks. >> when is that going to start? >> the question, what can he say that is worse than what he already said, right? >> give him time. >> when i watched the debate and thought he was imploding at debate. he has not imploding because he
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hasn't said anything worse than before the debate. >> that has surprised me. that is one thing, when you look at the way the media covered him nothing seems to stick. it is fascinating account. republicans say wish we had a candidate can get away with certain things. why are we always held to different standard. it is not this way. i think it is fascinating. however he is talking about issues people care about. they don't care about political correctness or personal insults. they care about immigration and other issues. >> his support has never bounced back. >> what is hillary clinton message? i'm a woman? we know. we got that. >> her message is talking about income inequality and not necessarily connecting on. >> talking about solving problems the obama administration caused. >> which she was a part of. >> the problems that she caused herself. in a dramatic new twist the hillary clinton email scandal, word we could eventually find out what was in those thousands of messages she deleted
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following her time as secretary of state. this after the company managed her server reportedly said they have no knowledge of the device being wiped. meaning all the emails could be recoverable. the former secretary of state has said she deleted about 30,000 personal emails from her server before it was turned over to the server company. tech experts say hitting delete is not enough to permanently get rid of a message. stephen, are you surprised by this? we already know you can get the emails. the cia gave them to the senate intel committee. you got to assume if the fbi wanted them they could get them? >> we have had series of changing answers from the clinton camp on this. that i think compound her problems. her trust and honesty problems. you had david kendall, her lawyer, sending an email to congressional investigating committees back in the spring, very carefully worded. people at the time took it to mean the emails aren't there. now if you look at what he
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actually wrote, emails don't reside on the server or any backup systems associated with the server. well that doesn't rule out a second server, right? they could reside in any of a number of different places but the at time people took that to mean the emails don't exist in the way we all imagined they would. this is i think a problem for her. we're back into this clintonian world of defining what is is. she can't afford to have that at this point. >> in new york we take a lost cabs. before i moved here i never really taken one. i have a thing,cb -- cdi, cab driver index i ask everybody what are you thinking about. i'm tired email thing. i like hillary but can't handle her email. that is interesting response to a lot of different cab drivers that listen all day long. why does it matter? that is what people are talking about, instead of what you
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mentioned, kirsten. ideas about economy and so forth. when you have a joke, reporter of ed henry, fox news stars asked a question about the server and she make as joke, you think i wiped it with a cloth? that is not an answer! that gets people laughing about it. >> repeatedly saying they don't understand what it means to wipe it clean. >> never asked that question. totally unbelievable that they don't know exactly what that means and they haven'ted asked question and knows exact determination what is on the server, where it exists and what they may one day have to turn over to investigators. >> doesn't it make you think they did wipe it, right? that's why i know we've been told it wasn't wiped? if that was true they would have said that. why are they playing dumb? why are they acting like we don't know what at that means and we're so confused about what is happening there if they aren't trying to hide something? it doesn't make any sense. why would you do that?
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>> stephen, you've done a ton of great reporting on past clinton scandals. your benghazi reporting has been top-notch. what do you think is at play here? you look at this, because i have to imagine fbi could get the emails. somebodyies was on the receiving end of emails. why is this taking so long? >> you don't have to be a great conspiracy theorist that something is acue. look at timeline of secretary of state and didn't do anything with emails all those years. only when congress started showing interest in emails she decided to separate her personal emails and work emails. we don't know any idea of how that process unfolded, what the criteria were to make that decision. it begs the imagination that she is not trying to hide something. that is what everything points to. we don't know what that is. i think trey gowdy and his committee will get close to finding out -- >> after only "the new york times" jumped on it. about six months after.
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>> so if the assumption among democrats is that americans really don't care what happened with our u.s. consulate of benghazi and investigation, they might start to care because of this situation. it might trigger it all. >> don't sleep on the benghazi aspect of the investigation. there will be serious questions when she appears and after her appearance. >> by saying that, on the business networks our sister network, we had the opportunity to talk to so many technology professionals and experts and the general consensus is that these emails should be recoverable. >> yes. >> you don't talk to any big technology expert that says otherwise. >> all right. i guess we'll see what we see. breaking news now. we have just been learning aboul along and want to bring you details that are coming together. report of a delta state university, in mississippi on lockdown. they sent out a campus-wide alert to the students. an active shooter seen on campus is how it is coming in. a couple of things to note where
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this is 2 1/2 hours north of jackson, mississippi. to give you an idea. they sent this out to students via twitter accounts as will. the clarion ledger is reporting this. the active shooter spotted on the delta state campus near jobe hall. more details from the clarion ledger. the cleveland police department confirmed one victim taken by ambulance and the suspect is on the loose. delta state university in mississippi. authorities are asking students and faculty please take immediate action to stay locked down wherever you are. no coming or going. they have closed off that campus. we'll bring you more details as we learn them coming out of the story there in mississippi. now we'll move on. kim davis is back to work today. the kentucky county clerk speaking out this morning and remaining as defiant as ever, still refusing to issue gay marriage licenses but saying she won't stand in the way of her deputy clerks who choose to do so.
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could she end up back behind bars and would the licenses be valid without her authorization? burned to the ground, boy this story broke wide open over the weekend. the latest on a devastating situation in northern california after a string of wildfires are tearing through that area. stay with us. ♪ why do so many people choose aleve?
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>> let's get you updated on the situation at delta state university in jackson, mississippi. this is the delta region there. they said they have locked down the campus after there were reports of an active shooter on campus. here is one of the things we're looking for, a description or anything. sometimes they will give that out on local news, via bulletin. we may have not gotten that yet. if we get it, a picture, whatever, we'll share it with you. right now the university letting people know via the twitter account that the active shooter was spotted near jobe hall. multiple law enforcement agencies. a little bit about the school, delta state, 3500 students. cleveland, mississippi. mississippi's delta region near the arkansas-mississippi state line. i said jackson before. that is not true. it is a couple hours from there. this is a situation we're watching closely. we don't have word feathering out beyond the campus if they
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put things in lockdown and how lockdowns are affecting wider community. we'll look into this. bring you more information as soon as we get it. and now this. a fox news alert on the situation that literally exploded in size overnight. dramatic scenes in northern california. several wildfires are raging on there. one person dead in all of this. so far more than 100,000-acres. hundreds of homes and other buildings destroyed. people leaving everything behind as you might haj to stay with friends, families, shelters, wherever. let's bring claudia cowan in the heart of middleton, a northern california town. they have had it bad. >> reporter: they really have, harris. we're 35, 40 miles north of napa but in the middle of total devastation. entire neighborhoods here in mid till town have been -- middletown. a horrifying sight repeated block after block. you can see there is nothing left of what had been somebody's
9:19 am
home. more than 400 homes and businesses were destroyed when the so-called valley fire just ripped through this area saturday night, forcing people to flee in a hurry. flames as high as 50 feet and pushed by strong gusts, consumed 40,000-acres in 12 hours. hot embers jumping up half mile away from tree to tree and rooftop to rooftop. the valley fire now 61,000-acres big. just 5% contained. fire officials say one person has died. the details of that fatality have not yet been released. as many as 10,000 people are evacuated. many getting food and fire updates at napa valley fairgrounds. they say it will be many days before they can return to middletown to sigh if they have a home. >> scariest thing i ever been through in my life. ten minutes to pack up and leave. >> black smoke behind me. like something you see in movies. it was terrifying.
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>> along with this fire, crews are battling a 70,000-acre wildfire 60 miles outside of sack meant though. that is the beauty fire. -- butte fire. the rough fire has burned 130,000 acreses. it is 36% contained. thousands of fire crews across the drought-stricken state are hoping calmer winds and cooler temperatures will help with the firefight today, harris. the cause of all these wildfires, under investigation. >> you bring up such a good point about the size of these fires. i know today we're focused on the valley fire because that grew in size, 17 and 24 hours over the weekend that is not the biggest one out there. claudia, i know you will bring us if it warrants. developing this hour. a same-sex couple received a marriage license in rowan county, kentucky, the first to be issued since kim davis was
9:21 am
jailed for defying a federal judge. davis vowed before returning to work she would not stand in the way of deputies issuing licenses but she won't personally authorize them. speaking to reporters, she is being forced to disobey her god. watch. >> i don't want to have this conflict. i don't want to be in this spotlight. and i certainly don't want to be a whipping post. i am no hero. i'm just a person who has transformed by the grace of god and who wants to work, be with my family. i just want to serve my neighbors quietly, without violating my conscience. >> andrea, you hear kim davis there saying she has been transformed. and a lot of what i'm wondering today, to feel what people are talking about is, how far does this go? is this a slippery slope? because you want to accommodate somebody obviously on the job and she is an ileced official. a little bit different than a regular business. but are we in a situation where employers might be faced to do the same thing?
9:22 am
what would that look like? >> it is very different. i don't think it is similar at all. she is a government official. took and oath to do her job. and part of her job is to enforce laws. ever since the supreme court ruling whether you like gay marriage or not it is legal in all 50 states. if she doesn't feel she should issue licenses because it is against her religion, she can certainly feel that way. she does not unilaterally have the right to essentially rewrite the laws of that county by not doing her job. that is what she was doing. i do think though, they have made every accommodation for her. they had said, prior, that her deputies could issue she is licenses. first she ordered them not to. now this is what is happening. i think it's a workable solution. this should not be a story anymore. she is in her job. the deputies can issue licenses. there you have it. >> there are questions whether or not they will be valid under
9:23 am
this remedy may be satisfied by the court. >> on the licenses says pursuant to federal court order. >> that is what she asked forker without her signature or somebody, signature in the office is that the point she is making. >> it is a question. i think they could handle this legislatively. you've seen these kinds of compromises in other jurisdiction. in north carolina, for instance, clerks are not willing to issue the marriage certificates, asked deputies to do it. it is workable work around. >> does this make such a big splash in the news headlines because they overreached and put her in jail. >> that was part of it. doesn't hurt in terms of generating headlines when presidential candidates go down to have -- >> it was big before then. she was in jail. >> it sort of went bigger at that point. >> you know, kirsten, this morning she is faced with a seemingly impossible choice, my conscience or my freedom. what do you say to her. >> look, she is not, she is misunderstood what is happening
9:24 am
i think because she says, she wants it to be made clear this is being done under federal authority. it is obviously being done under federal authority. she has no authority to marry people or issue licenses. it is being done by the government. that said, i do think we should try to accommodate people's religious beliefs. if you can, if there is somebody else who can issue them in her stead. do it. what if a muslim says i don't feel around women uncovered, if you can accommodate it, con mow date it. if it is legitimate religious belief. if you can't accommodate it that is different situation. that not the situation here. if we can have someone else doing the job i think that is perfect solution. >> kim davis elected as democrat. last year calling on democrat governor, governor to do more in this case. we'll see what happens. two days before the next republican debate, carly fiorina, turning tables on donald trump after he attacked her looks. but he says he didn't.
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>> fox news alert on the latest what is happening at delta state university. this is in cleveland, mississippi, the delta region there and now we can confirm unfortunately one fatality. an active shooter reported about an hour ago on this campus. delta state university. and now the university confirming that there has been one fatality. that is all we know. not a lot of details that we can confirm. a lot of action from the university on their twitter account. many of us learning what is going on from those announcements. that is first how students were told. the rest of us alerted, the lockdown situation. now students are being told, students and faculty, on campus, stay away from the windows particularly. they are looking for reports of an active shooter. we're not sure if the person is still on campus but they're certainly treating this way.
9:30 am
as you go out to a wider community, the big question would be what the search would look like. we're looking for details on that. we reached out, we're working story. to bring you up-to-date, this includes one fatality. one person has perished today. not any details about the motive in all of this. obviously the motive being to shoot, but the reason why somebody would do this, why they would have been on this campus, that is part of the story, many of the questions we're asking now. we'll bring you up to speed as we learn more. >> carly fiorina, turning the tables on donald trump. this comes after the billionaire businessman made unflattering comments about fiorina's appearance saying quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? fiorina responding with this new campaign video. >> the face of leadership. the face of leadership in our party, the party of women's sufferage. this is the face of a 61-year-old woman, i am proud of
9:31 am
every year and every wrinkle. >> meantime, fiorina saying she won't be asking trump for an apology and she doesn't expect one either. listen. >> senator humphreys this morning thought you should ask trump to apologize. is that something you would consider doing? >> why not. >> there is a long line of people asking him to apologize. >> hmmm. kirsten to you, first on this she has very cleverly and possibly strategically turned donald trump's comments into an asset. >> i think so. it is interesting the women's media center had done a study in 2013 where they looked at sexist attacks with women, when women don't respond it hurts them, hurts them a lot in the polls. when they turn it around to respond to it, it can end up helping them. so she handled this perfectly. much different than hillary clinton in 2008 there was a lot of sexist attacks made on her. she never really responded. she let other people respond and
9:32 am
complain about it but she never took them on. i think this is brilliant. >> possibly a bit of a change for her. what do you make of her not seeking an apology. >> i think it's good, not just that. she responded, it is how she responded. she is responding with strength. going at him enough i am strong. not demanding apology takes the patina of victimhood. you can't challenge me that way. i'm coming at you guns blazing. >> she went blazing on trump and went after hillary clinton as well. treatings women aspects interest group rather than a majority of the country. >> carly fiorina sees where the battle really is. it is democrats. she totally gets it. shooting inside of the tent looks like she will bend over and kind of succumb to. i will say this about donald trump and this whole situation. he came out said look, i was talking about her persona. i was not talking about her face. in terms of asking for apology
9:33 am
you have to prove what is in his heart. that will be difficult to do. she is again very smart to turn and go on to something else. because she will not force a guy to apologize for something he says he didn't mean. >> it was obvious what he meant. >> you have to prove it. >> i don't think would have to prove it. >> look at that face. >> she is focused on the right thing as a candidate running for republican nomination. >> andrea, the campaign strategist, you said all along, andrea, let words do damage. let words speak for themselves. that is what she initially said in response. >> she did. i agree with you, stephen, came at it from position of strength. didn't say i'm a victim or cry. the fact she doesn't want apology is just brilliant. although i'm not a big fan of the ad. i not a big fan of the line. it keeps face thing alive. look at me, i'm 61-year-old woman. it's a little hokey, pictures of all the other women. this is face of this and face of that.
9:34 am
you know what, donald trump? in your face. started talking about the issues again. really her strength is strength. and i think this ad, it is a little, i don't know, goes against what i love about her. >> if people play it, we're talking about it. >> yeah. >> it served its purpose. i agree. they could have done things differently putting ad together. but we're talking about it. >> what to do about the escalating refugee crisis as germany ramps up its border protection and european leaders hold emergency meetings a top republican on homeland security committee believes the president's policy created this mess and what he says must be done to fix this. ♪
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9:39 am
now, says it could take in one million refugees this year alone. remember they had said 800,000. all this as democrats and republicans in washington, d.c. are sparring over what america's response should be. democratic senator chris murphy says america must do more. >> it just doesn't stand to reason that germany will take 800,000 and, the united states is only taking 1500. during the vietnam war the united states took 190,000 refugees. during the balkan con i can flicks we took 170,000. my contention, if we want credibility in the region, we have to be seen as a partner in trying to solve this humanitarian crisis. right now, we aren't. >> but the chair of the house homeland security committee michael mccaul says allowing in syrian refugees in particular is rife with security concerns. he blames the administration for creating the crisis. >> it's a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. i believe the result of a failed
9:40 am
foreign policy in syria. the inability to remove assad from power. also the rise of isis. that is why these refugees are fleeing. until we address the root cause of the problem there we'll continue to have refugee crisis globally. >> tell you, andrea, this is the part of the story people don't want to talk about. it makes people feel uncomfortable that we might be so porous we would let in people we don't want here in terms of terrorists might be coming but is this turning a heart to people that really need isn't. >> i think there are huge security concerns with this but what i don't understand why there is officials from the u.s. government, and we have an administration right now that is criticizing russia for helping assad fight isis. i just, have we lost our minds? are we insane? you literally have the russians trying to help assad out. and we have officials in washington saying that this is destablizing.
9:41 am
if assad is out of power who takes over? isis. do we really think that will stop the refugees crisis? the united states is all over the map on this one. if assad goes, yes, he is a thug and dictator but he is not a direct threat to the united states of america. there is a bad guy and even more, i would say murder cult and if assad goes, harris, then isis comes in. that refugee problem gets far worse. >> a couple things. not all refugees coming from syria. some are coming from iraq. some are coming from afghanistan. we saw yemen explode recently as well. we've got people coming from all over. what you're taking a look now the fence they put up along the border of hungary and serbia. you had officers forming a human chain to keep refugees out. they can't take it until they process the people. austria. slovakia. even germany did this over weekend. >> this is a human tragedy.
9:42 am
i agree with things i heard with lawmakers from both parties. i think united states has obligation to help out to take refugees, in part the way the administration handled it from the outset. i agree with kong mccaul that we need strict -- >> do you trust that we can get that done? >> i don't trust much of the federal government but important the united states take leadership given the fact we took a step back and allowed this crisis to unfold. >> the idea if somehow assad wasn't in power there wouldn't be refugee crisis. >> they're not coming from syria. >> i understand. if we talk about syria and blame barack obama blame him for the refugee problem, the point is, if conservatives gotten what they wanted and assad was overthrown it, would have been overrun by isis. most of these people frankly are fleeing isis. that is the other thing. these are not probably a lot of jihadists. these are people fleeing out of --
9:43 am
>> fleeing assad too though. >> well, christians aren't fleeing assad. christians are still protected by assad. christians are fleeing because they're not safe there. you have people who have chosen not to sign on with the radicals and fight assad basically, right? >> but numbers are daunting. when you look at senator chris murphy saying the u.s. should take in 50,000 refugees after president obama said 10,000. then you see what is happening over in europe. the numbers are fourfold from what we saw in 2014 looking at germany. people are wondering what could numbers eventually look like. >> germany is tiny compared to the united states. of course they will be overrun. that is a lot of people in germany. we're 300 million people in very vast area. i think we should have more comparable number considering our size. >> i think what sandra is pointing out is really interesting because these numbers are going to move. they say they will be 10,000. you get to 9999 what will you do, separate a mom and a child? how do they get to the point
9:44 am
they are solid number, let into the country via ship or c-130s. this makes news i want to get back to fox news alert. this is what is happening in mississippi. this has come out, the bolivar county mississippi, deputy coroner is confirming that one fatality is a professor. this is delta state university. this is the first responder in the center of video. the first responder unit they have sent there. they have got -- apparently there are more. they have set up perimeter and command center at delta state university. we knew they had put the university in lockdown. we know the wider community around this campus is also in lockdown. with regard to an active shooter, reports of an active shooter on campus and them not being able to locate that person right away. but the one fatality that we showed you or told you about
9:45 am
just shortly ago is a professor. now i'm also reading from that deputy coroner and confirming to fox news here that there are rumors there, this happens sometimes, you know in small communities, people are talking, even in big ones, rumors of a murder-suicide. the deputy coroner is saying that is not true. we don't know why this deputy coroner says that is not the case but they seem this think that. they seem to think there is isolated and there is not danger to the wider community, outside of fact that at last check they had not caught the active shooter. we'll stay on the story for you on fox news channel. delta state university, couple hours north of jackson, mississippi. we're going to take a quick break and come right back. stay close. le announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. you handle life; i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment of the first to jon scott what is coming up on the second hour of happing now. hi, jon? jon: sandra, as you have been reporting there has been a shooting on the campus of delta state university in cleveland, mississippi. one person is reportedly dead a professor. gun man is still on the loose. we'll get more on the developing story as it comes in. hillary clinton holds an event in iowa as new "washington post" and abc news polls show her support is continuing to slide.
9:50 am
the apparent beneficiary is vermont senator bernie sanders who held an event at liberty university. sanders leads clinton in iowa and new hampshire. more on the political news of the day including the surge of donald trump. it is all ahead on "happening now." >> jon, thank you. >> yet another installment from the annals of politically correct craziness. board of regents for the university of california system set to vote this week on a america sure designed to give all students the right to not be offended. that's right. it is looking to punish things that might offend women, minorities, gays or people with special needs. officials are committed to free speech and open exchange of ideas. one professor at ucla points out saying something like illegal aliens ought not to be appointed to be the student member of the board of regents that would be condemned by the authority of the university. so let's go to our expert on this, author of the book, the
9:51 am
silencing. >> thank you. >> kirsten, this is more craziness. >> that is exactly it. >> they don't have the right not to be offensive. >> the other problem offense is very idealogically motivated, in terms of how define offensive. it tends to be idealogically defined. the an example, same school, had posted a guide for faculty basically saying that, saying america is a melting pot and america is the land of opportunity. we're racial microaggressions. taking things that i don't think any of us or and a lot of people i know would think problematic thing to say and basically saying this kind of speech should essentially be banned because it is going to offend somebody. >> steve, explain this whole microaggression thing? >> i find this proposal offensive. >> yeah. >> not the first time really horrible ideas have come from the university of california
9:52 am
system. >> that's for sure. >> they're known of this kind of thing. it is totally unworkable. it is absolutely nonsensical which means they will probably move forward. >> censorship of speech, this is taxpayer-funded university, harris faulkner, reporter. >> i graduated from the university of california in santa barbara. you know, i don't like it when people talk about what they want to wipe away in terms of what we can or can not say. as journalist i'm in the business of what people can say. i'm trying to get to the truth about things. if you silence people as kirsten said, you might miss out on the truth. not everybody can say it exactly way it should be said. i can make a cake here on camera and amazingly affect somebody in some offensive way. by something i would say i'm certain of it. we have our feelers on the outside so much in society. we're walking around like wounded, emotionally wounded human beings. >> is anyone even learning anything, sandra. everyone so busy being offended?
9:53 am
>> they learn universities try to control what you can and can not say on campus. the university will respond promptly and effectively to the reports of intolerant behavior and treat them as opportunities to reinforce the university's principles against intolerance? i'm trying to understand what it is like to police this. then to respond to it. i mean, what a disaster. what a mess. that would be, right? to see on college campus. >> who defines intolerance? you can't make a principled argument oweposed to same-sex marriage? i'm for gay marriage but what about people who say they are not? >> not just university of california doing this this is all over the country, many universities, some private, some public. it is very commonplace. >> i love that question, who defines intolerance? if they don't pick the most sensitive person in the room they didn't do what they hoped it would do. >> colleges and universities, educate students not turn them into bunch of cry babies. what people will do for the perfect selfie.
9:54 am
getting within 10 feet after wild bear. i love pictures, not this kind. this kind of judgment is causing a park to close down a popular hiking trail. this story up next. ♪ mary gets her bounce on.
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♪ >> okay. a few weeks ago we told but this woman and her daughter. they thought it was a good idea to take a selfie with a bison until of course the animal charged and attacked them. the mom was injured but okay. well, folks in colorado apparently not too concerned about getting up close and personal with those wild bears. officials had to close a popular hiking trail because so many people were trying to take selfies with these dangerous animals. like in these photos. yes, these are real. a park manager saying he has seen people using selfie sticks. you know harris has one. to get as close as 10 feet to these bears. >> i don't have a selfie stick. >> go to the girl born and raised in alaska to ask your
9:59 am
opinion. are people nuts. >> people are nuts. they're hungry for fame. want to get attention, what is more important than threaten their lives. why does the trail have to be closed. leave the trail open. if this is what they want to do. >> now, now, kirsten. >> why do everybody else have to suffer? because these people -- watching too many cartoons and don't know animals are actually wild? >> i give you the defense of those bears that you hug. the park rangers and the national park, they do have to be on alert for this type of behavior because it does interfere with the animal's natural behaviors. a mother will do anything to protect their young. a bear doesn't just naturally go attack humans but, if they feel threatened, stephen. >> yeah. i'm with kirsten. leave it open. natural selection. [laughter]. at a certain point, at a certain point people have to be responsible for their own actions. if you want to be moron you can pay for being a moron. >> like that. >> animals that will see a selfie stick who have been
10:00 am
hunted as a threat. it can be very -- >> you know that first-hand, harris. >> i do. i do. in maine in particularly. >> keep here for "outnumbered" overtime. "happening now" starts right now. stay inside as police search for an active shooter. john roberts has the latest for us. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. details are still coming in and there is not much to talk about at this point. it looks like an extensive active shooter investigation with a number of police officers and to clef land police and the sheriff's office, the mississippi highway patrol and emergency management for the


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