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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 14, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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at safelite we stand behind our work... ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪ you are looking like testify american airlines arena in dallas, texas. i'm told that facility can hold close to 20,000 individuals. look outside this arena. among the 20,000 expected to be in that arena. you know who they're there for? donald trump. any other candidate would die for the amount of attention and recognition and free publicity that the billionaire presidential candidate its getting, but to fill an an an arena that size with an unscripted speech, especially given some comments lately, as he continues to soar in the polls. welcome. i'm neil cavuto and you're
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watching "your world." hillary clinton is losing female support and guess who is gain us it stangs substantially in donald trump. you're not living in an alternate universe. you're looking at an early snapshot of campaign 2016. to susan and lee carter. lee, that's weird. >> really weird. it defies all logic has from the beginning. when trump first announced there was no support. i was doing focus groups. one or two found him interesting. it's greg, it's going, growing with men and now women are responding bus they're not acting that mump differently than member. they're saying enough of the establishment. i want something different. >> i hear from a lot of people, too that say, well, if he says something offensive, i judge him
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on other issues and other issues he is springs the table and that's that. what explains this? >> well, i think what explains it is hillary clinton has -- is relying on democratic women voters, and women voters do care about trust, and she is failing in that department. extraordinarily. >> but it's a weird juxtaposition? she is losing the female support as the mainstream media has all but called this guy a shove is in and -- chauvinist and is gaining. >> here's the problem for trump. there's a huge opportunity for him. he is doing well among g.o.p. women because republican women are more angry, they're part of the antiestablishment that lee carter talked about, and they don't -- aren't disrep shading between the trust factor and the antiestablishment. they're part of the wave. >> lee, i'm looking at this and seeing an ability to craft a
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wider coalition that might lose some mainstream women for lack of a better term but gaining so many others that it dwarfs that. >> i just -- i would have thought that the women weren't going to go here itch thought maybe carly would pick up steam bit women are saying, i want something very different. i want to know about the thing that impact my pocketbook. not just whether or not you're a chauvinist. he is talking about issues that matter, minimum wage, talking about things that women care about but not even as much about policy as much as this relationship they're building and saying, he is saying things i wish other people would say. not necessarily about women but about the economy as a whole. >> if it is part of my being sexist here, if this is a sign that women are saying, look, yeah, might have offended some of us. we far more offended by other things he is bringing up that the other candidates are ignoring, which could explain to your point some of the strength. then what are we really seeing
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here? >> honestly i think you're seeing a split between democratic and republican women and the antistab men fer very -- >> he -- wait a minute. he is within four points of hillary clinton right now. some surveys three. the once trailed her by 40-points. >> i know. i'm looking at the general election. i think that donald trump has a huge opportunity as he surges here but he cannot afford to keep bashing women because in the general election, it's going to be a different dynamic. i think that he has trouble with hillary clinton in a general election -- >> that wasn't a general election poll. that was a general poll of those who were pit against each other right now. >> think we have to look at what hillary is doing wrong. she notice very likeable right now. we're talking to folks, people are getting turned off from her. her trust factor is decreasing, and i think that is really playing into trump's favor and other antiestablishment candidates. >> all right, well, something is resonating here. carly fiorina is trying to take advantage of this void, though,
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especially attacks donald trump based on her looks. take a look at her response. >> ladies, look at this face. and look at all of your faces. the face of leadership. the face of leadership in our party, the party of women's suffrage. >> a pretty smart ad. penny? with the concern women for america. >> right on opinion. very smart. draws attention to the asinine comment trump made about her looks. i did a poll in my office and my daughter in college, and to a one the women thought it was powerful. we are sick to death of victim baiting feminism and she right on standpoint that also goes to the point of why that hillary is
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dropping like a stone. >> are you surprise it that donald trump has not been damaged by this among women? i know among republican women but in a general election matchup with hillary clinton, he is running even with her. >> i'm not entitled. it's one thing after another and will be a cumulative effect. did i think all of this would catch up with him before now? yes, i did. we're still a long afrom iowa, and i think a lot has to happen, and when women go into the voting booth, they have to ask themselves, will this candidate make our country stronger in manges economically strong center keep us safe on -- >> well, apparently they've concluded that he just might because -- >> i don't think so. >> proving the herman cain or michelle bachmann flash in the pan. >> his not over yet. he's a train wreck you. can't look away. he is entertaining.
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a showman. >> i think you're -- i respect you. think you're triflizing him. poem don't get him or say -- people don't get him or say he was a showman a real estate titan building an empire, and how people can play fast and loose with that and mock the empire. the fact of the matter is long before he became a tv star, he was a successful businessman. so i think that trivializes that. do you think that is what some woman are looking at regardless of now and then he offends them with his language and demeanor? >> i think they're sick of the idea that women or overly sensitive, we're victims. we're strong and that is why i think this ad will do very well for hillary clinton. it speaks to the power of women and it doesn't talk down to us the way the democratic party has done now for two election cycles. so, look, you're right. he is a strong candidate if don't know how this is going to
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end but i think tea end of the day, when women have to go into a voting booth and make a decision about the safety of their children, and their economic well-being, i don't think it's going to be trump. i don't. >> all right. well, in that deciding process, nor will it be a comment on someone's looks by that definition. >> that is one isolated incident. they'll look at overall how he deals with anyone. and the issues. i could good into a react of issues do. >> you're right, and all that will be focus with the big debate. thank you very much. there's no doubt that hillary clinton is the one suffering the most here, and so this guy, bernie sanders, and you know sanders is feeling his oats here when he is not in immediate -- immediate campaign state, like ohio and washington, but in virginia today, at liberty university.
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>> every public college and university in america should be tuition-free. >> the united states government must provide at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. >> all right. you may say not affordable, not do-able, but something is in the water worldwide because socialists are making in roads in the u.k., for example, and we have seen some opposition parties of the liberal bent surges across half dozen european countries as well. to the heritage foundation's nile gardner on that. i think this is bigger than bernie sanders. >> thick you're right. what we are seeing across the world, especially europe, is a resurgence of the far left, and just this past weekend london, jeremy corbyn won by an overwhelming majority and he is a die-hard socialist, the most
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extreme left-wing figure that we have seen in british politics for many, many decades. this is a man who believes that britain should leave nato. he believes in getting rid of britain's nuclear weapons. he called the death of osama bin laden a tragedy. and that shows you how extreme jeremy corbyn its. he didn't just win, he won a stunning lanslide victory -- >> but might end there. he is obviously galvanized in the base and his own liberal party, just like bernie sanders galvanized the base in his party but george mcgovern goal vannized the democratic party but went on a landslide defeat to richard nixon. understand you can get the nomination, get the support of the party, will go nowhere with the general public in a general election. >> i think for jeremy corbyn in
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print, it's going to be difficult for him to win the next general election, in 2020. in the united kingdom. >> that's if they don't call an earlier election, right? >> yes. >> i never understand the way you do elections. >> extremely difficult path. what you have seen, neil, on both sides of the atlantic, a resurgence of the squall for traditional socialism ins her you see an embrace of big government, european style socialism, that is out of touch, out of kilter with what most americans think, and great britain is still a conservative country. i think that jeremy corbyns radical ms.age isn't going to play well with the vast majority of the british people. he has been backed bay majority within his own party. but the labor party was emphatically defeated in the recent british general election, and i think with jeremy corbyn
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they're likely to lose again if they stick those hads line socialis sagged. >> bottom line, incumbents are not guaranteed a lock on leadership. later on we'll explain what happened australia's prime minister or former prime minister who found out today in the meantime, sir, thank you very much. good seeing you again, now. now let's take a look at what happened on the corn over wall and broad. growing angst about the federal reserve open market committee meeting. they'll decide the course of interest rates. growing talk this could be a meeting where they're inclined to hike rates. they might set the stage for that and would grease the skids of surprisingly strong report orients of apple that over the weekend, very, very strong sales online, for that new iphone 6s and 6s plus. so strapping it dwarfed early sales. so, again, fueled this idea that
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people are very much inclined to keep buying, regardless. the man who ronald reagan took to the woodshed, david stockman told me earlier on fox business, we got problems, big problems. take a look. >> the jig is up. 80 months of zero interest rates is crazy enough. it's time for the fed to stop its retched jihad against the savers and retirees of america. >> do what. >> allow the market to find a interest rate that makes sense. >> stockman said we have another few thousand points to go on the dow. we're not done. he meant a few thousand point more down. yikes. that big refugee problem that is haunting europe right now, millions of syrian refugees trying to make their way, and remember how generous germany
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at first when i saw them doing this i thought it was a the modern day version of the berlin wall. this is hungary today, trying to protect itself from what appear to be throngs trying to get in from syria. we're told upwards of five million syrian refugees, most seek eight sigh almost, but the worry is none of the countries can handle just the volume of people coming in. former cia analyst fred slice says they're wise to be concerned. fred, we have already discovered in the case of germany, the first to lecture its colleagues on taking folks in, it's commitment to taking in 800,000 was groated bay storming of the
1:18 pm
gates at the strauss straussan border and now they're tracking down. how bad? >> very bad and there's a real problem here. 7% of refugees are men, some probably isis members and i think all of these countries are wondering what types of people are we thinking of letting into our borders? >> that was the same issue the homeland secretary was making, they don't have way to measure how bad this is. listen to this. >> if i could be assured these people could be vetted properly, i would be supportive. the problem is, the fbi testified for my committee, homeland security officials offd intelligence community who say we don't have the systems in lace on the ground good syria to properly vet individuals 'we don't know who they are. >> fred, i misspoke, the house homeland security chairman. but his sentiment was much as
1:19 pm
yours, that, look, we could have problem on our hands, bad guys slip through the cracks. but human rights groups say the overwhelming majority of those who seek and need and deserve asylum so how do we balance that? >> the first responsibility of the president is to protect the american people. we're compassionate people and want to help the refugees but we can't let isis refugees into the united states. they have to be properly vetted. if the president is going mitt refugees from syria he has to give come an effective plan to you how to vet them, and congressman mccall says there isn't one. >> he doesn't have one, germany or austria done have one, hungry doesn't have one. denmark said, no, we're not taking them in france, one of the more socially mind countries in europe, has said with all of their muslim issues, no, we have to step back and look at this. where do these people go? what happens and then how many
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of the bad guys are slipping through in the interim? >> well there is a way to vet these people. we need intelligence on the ground. we have to look at signals intelligence, work with our allies. it's time consuming and expensive. theft what we have to demand this administration do before it admits refugees. >> what if we don't records some of them are literally living remote areas where there is no such thing as paperwork, didn't even have formal homes. how do you track that? >> it's difficult but there are techniques and interview processes to find out who these people are, what this likelihood their associatinged with a terrorist group, but if we can't establish there are not terrorist thursday people we can't let in. >> fred, thank you very much. the former cia analyst. in the meantime, in kentucky, the clerk who was refusing to rex nice same-sex marriage licenses and give them out, well, she is back at work,
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i'm no lawyer but i have a darn good one who i will be speaking. to i thought this whole issue with kim davis was settled. the kentucky clerk who not issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. turns out whatever agreement was made where she would let herrened lings issue such leashes that is not the case because she would not approve them which tell mets there is no agreement and the licenses then would still not be granted, certainly as the united states supreme court would rule. what do i know?
1:25 pm
mike tobin does. he is in kentucky now with the latest. what's going on here? >> reporter: well, her position is that to the marriage licenses are now in legal limbo, but kim davis is wrapping up her first full day on the job since she was jailed, day that included a marriage license being issued to shannon and carmen collins. the words pursuit court order -- were scratched out. this is how sunsets around the religious beliefs and a court order. >> i'm here with a seemingly impossible choice that i do not wish on any of my fellow americans. my conscience or my freedom. my conscience and my ability to serve the people i love, obey god or a directive that forces know disobey god. >> so davis and her attorney insist that all of those marriage licenses issued shin
1:26 pm
was in jailed are in legal limbo because her deputy clerk does not have the authority to issue these marriage licenses without her okay first. she is trying to compel the governor to get involved and have the state take over the authority, but the governor has responded only saying that those marriage licenses issued by the deputy clerks are valid. neil? >> thank you, mike, very much. here to make some sense of this, attorney lisa. lisa, it sounds to me like if you're a baker, you own a pizza shop, that's one thing. but if you are a county or city clerk and part of your job is to issue marriage licenses regardless of your personal views, that's a government job and the supreme court has ruled, whether you agree or disagree on a persona part of your job is to issue licenses to gays should they wish them. where am i wrong? >> you're not wrong. chev is obviously wrong she had
1:27 pm
stay and the stay expired so she is violating the law. she has been told she must issue the licenses and she is an official. she did take an out to uphold the -- >> wouldn't be like you, somebody has a personal view. she is a government worker and the supreme court ruled this and i know people have strong personal views. here's what's want to ask you, though. where does that legal run-around go? if her underlings want to approve, or deputies, gay marriages, and she is a superior but woken write off, do they cant. >> they count, the deputy clerk has all the authority the chief clerk has. they granted that when they been the deputy as long as the state wreck nyes the licenses and that's what is going on here. the state is recognizing the licenses, as everybody must adhere to. this is the law, and she can't challenge the law. the fact she is using her religious belief -- >> what if her deputies are
1:28 pm
saying dish that's a line when you have an expensive report, i make up numbers. i say you owe me a million dollars for a very expensive dinner. several people have to write off on that. right? she is ones of the people that have to write off on this. >> not necessarily. >> really. >> there is a court order, and again, the state has the authority to give them this power. so even though it's not her name, they are acting as deputy clerks. so they are -- >> deputy clerk said you can get married, i signed off and i'm an official. what is she doing in that office? it's an office she has a job to do. what is she doing? >> honestly, think she is trying to keep her job and keep getting paid and not adhere to the oath she took. chev obviously is supposed to issue licenses -- >> well, her argument, her lawyers' argue. -- you're the lawyer but this wasn't the oath she took. this oath has changed because
1:29 pm
the oath was to recognize marriages and provide licenses for marriages, not gay marriages. >> let's just look at it clearly, though. this is a woman who took office and was sworn in january, her mother was the former clerk of the county. so, i think that maybe she had to anticipate the fact that this is already on the supreme court docket, and that this ruling could come down and most assuredly might impact her, and in that regard, we are asking her to represent the people. so if you're representing the people -- >> is she is going back to jail? i'm sure a judge or court would worry about others who would do the same thing, and also ignore what would presumably be their duty, honor the wishes of the supreme court. >> that's right. really she is bringing it on herself because in other counties they're having similar issues and as long as people are getting the licenses, they are receiving what they're supposed to get from the government. she actually stirred this pot a little bit and so what is the end result? the end result now is she took it to the highest court.
1:30 pm
it's been reject, and is she really carrying out the duties of office in she is not. it doesn't matter, personal views or not. if i put somebody into office in charge of the board of elects and they don't think women have the right to vote, they can't then tell people not to let women in, or just not allow me in to pull the lever. it's the same thing. we have tone force the laws. it's a democracy, and democracies is not based in religion. it's not in the constitution. >> and this is a different standard to this position than it would be, let's say, a baker or piece a shop owner. >> has to be. we're asking -- we're paying them. they're using our money. >> thank you very much. by the way, that was just a story i made up about fudging my expense reports. okay. when we come back, donald trump, bashing ceos. the billionaire bashing ceo pay. up next, dietary advice from neil cavuto.
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bet. he is still two and a half hours away from speak northwestern airlines arena in dallas, texas. they can squeeze 20,000 fannies in there and they likely will. donald is trumping them. >> i'm coming. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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1:36 pm
power and this crowd in dallas, tax, shows his popularity. no matter what he says no matter to whom he says it, they're looking at upwards of 20,000 people that could crowd into the arena in dallas to hear from the donald and hear what he has to say about ceo pay. he is himself a billionaire but that's not a all ceo pay. that based on the value of all of his largely real estate assets. steve cortez not buying it. what do you think? >> i'm not buying it. at times populism and demagoguery can be very effectiveful right few it's working for donald trump. won't work long term. when he talks about economic policy, the only way i can tell then difference between donald trump and bernie sanders is the fact that one of them wears a terrible baseball hat. they are the same right now and this, the politics of class warfare is not what we need in
1:37 pm
america. we need policies of growth, and donald trump instead is reverting to what has been for years the playbook of the left, which is let -- >> not -- i understand whatter who saying but not across the board. there's ang jerry on the right at -- anger on the right at hedge fund manages. they argue they deserve because they take chances but there's anger, especially those companies that take advantage of quite legal tax loopholes and the ceos who are rich live compensated to do so the. it's an unfair playing field and he is even saying that 90% of them are good guys, paraphrasing here. so would you allow the 10% maybe not? >> i think you make a good point there is anger, and rightfully so. but i think he is trying tap into the wrong kind of anger the reason americans are angry is because of slow growing or for most middle class folks no growth, in terms of wages. that's a legitimate anger. there's too much cronyism right
1:38 pm
now in american business, particularly -- >> wouldn't that be good for republicans? i'm not taking sides here. if you can go beyond the established base and then lift or widen that playing field among people who are very skeptical of republicans in general, conservatives in general, whether you buy the fact that they all want are tax cuts, just want to corsesy up to business. here's a guy who can broad than constituency. ironically a billionaire himself. >> right. trump is certainly doing the barret -- the fact we're talking right now, doing the party a favor in that regard. that icicle. we need to reach wronged our traditional cop city tune sis. one is hispanic do -- con step tenesis, and one of those groups hispanics. the way to reach out to them this antidote to the cronyism is not what he is prescribe, it's not higher taxes and protectionesque --
1:39 pm
protectionism. the antidote is free market capitalism, lower taxes and less regulation and fewer of the kinds of abuses that trump is talking about. >> steve, i'll put you down as maybe then on trump. thank you good, seeing you again. the ceo of bach automotive, likes donald trump, held trump pow-wow has been raising money for trump, not that trump needs him to do that. but ernie, your heard -- you heard what the last guest said. he is a fine guy, trump to talk about or ravage or savage other bridgeaires -- billionaires, other rich ceos. >> i think that if you want to vote for mr. trump, you have a mindset of having america strong again. i pay a lot of taxes itch would pay more taxes if it was required of me. i want to do whatever it takes to get this country on track. >> i take it you're in the top rate, right? >> well, i make a few bucks, ya.
1:40 pm
>> you and trump never specifically answer a question which i admire. i do ask whether trump turns conventional wisdom on its head? on face value -- i know it's not based on his own pay because his own worth this worth of all of his hold examination assets. it's not like the pay he gets as a ceo that includes a tv show and a beauty pageant. don't you think you would hold back a little bit if you're ridiculously rich, pointing fingers at others who are ridiculously rich? >> what do you mean hold back? >> hold back. don't say anything. you're one to judge. >> well, i mean, there's a lot of people in this country that make a lot of money and that's not necessarily the problem here. should they pay more taxes? probably. would i pay more taxes? if they made me? i would. >> so, what riles some of the
1:41 pm
party, and obviously beyond the party -- if it was fair, trump's view was if i was fair. how high is high? the worry on the right seems to be that trump would be very open to penalizing dives might not do what he thinks is wise, even thee for them it makes perfectly good sense for they're shareholders and employees. or, or, that he would just go after certain types of businesses that have not been friendly to him in the past? >> i don't think -- that's petty. i don't think he is petty. i think he truly wants to help america, and if you talk to anybody that pays taxes, from a mom and pop store, to a big corporation, there's something wrong. the tax structure is wrong of all the money you pay we should be much better off. comes down to government spending. they're just spending too much. more than they're bringing in. >> fair enough.
1:42 pm
thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> good to see you. >> you know they say if your tying within your own party, you're not going to be toppled. talk to the australian prime minister. he is out of his job. yes. hillary? take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. did you hear the one about australia's prime minister out of a job in toppled by his open party today. it's true. it doesn't take an evex to -- election to do that. isn't hillary clinton feeling he heat? timely lesson. >> this is something that hillary can be looking at and taking the warning sign. for tone tony an bot this was about the economy and not inspiring confidence in his capability to govern and not an effective communicator. >> he ignored the pleas of his former -- engenders a great deal of passion, malcolm turnbull,
1:46 pm
who says you're forgetting what we are all about and malcolm is in. malcolm is not antiestablishment. >> and he is -- >> he's their joe biden. >> i thick so. or maybe elizabeth warren. i i think this elizabethway's chris christie moment. she could swoop in and knock hillary off the pedestal but hillary is benefit frog. not much competition. >> unless body bide comes in. >> exactly. then she could be in real trip to. >> you know, we were chatting about charlie gasperino -- the idea there's a rage at establishment thinkers within the party. jeb bush is feeling it, scott walker, because if you think that more than half the votes are going to nontraditional candidates, and bernie sanders,
1:47 pm
a united states senator but out the typical. pete: tridish. >> people are frustrated with the gridlock in washington and what they see is a corruption. hillary clinton's serve ever issues the big thing, the clinton foundation, one scandal after another. but they're seeing that within the republican establishment. a failure to govern, which donald trump in particular, some crony capitalism. >> do you see these concerns' being short lived? whatever love affair candidates have, fleeting flame, like a herman cain or michelle bachmann, they go back to establishment figures. >> i think tony abbott in particular was very popular when he came into office but the question is, can you argue? the australian economy is in the dumps.
1:48 pm
>> his party. >> the problem with the parliamentarian system. >> you see him being very far right on social conservative issues. that done him in with the moderate voter. while the economy was primary, that's the second thing. we have a very similar dynamic in the u.s. >> okay. well, we've watch closely. good to see you again. you have probably heard that there's a push here to make college free or at least easier. the president doubled down on that big-time. after this.
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
all right, so many events, so many time.
1:52 pm
president obama is going to outline a plan he says would make it easier for parents to help out their kids with college. that makes it a very pricey proposition and a dicey one more so. why are you for this? >> what could be better than expanding the opportunity to get an education. >> now mom and dad go into debt as well. >> no, it's a decision. not every mom and dad is going to do this. >> if kids can't afford it and mom and dad say, we'll go to the grave for you. >> people who only graduate high school earn $28,000 a year. you graduate college, $50,000 a year. you graduate graduate school, $75 thou $75,000 a year. >> i don't like how this starts,
1:53 pm
okay? >> all i hear you say is education, it's worth it. the president this weekend came out with a college scorecard, neil. i don't know if you saw it or not. but the scorecard showed more students are in debt with worthless degrees. in fact, 25% of colleges and universities, according to the president's own data, they're graduating students in hundreds of thousand dollars in debt. ten years later they're making all of $28,000. here's what i have a problem with. the president in one breath is saying, everybody, free college, and taxpayers are going to pay for it. then it's, oh, if you get all this debt in college, you don't have to pay for it. why are we pushing kids to go into college? i think we should be teaching kids to go into trades, plumber, electrician. >> lisa, one of the things that comes up with something like this is he almost expects republicans to rally against it
1:54 pm
and the party says, no, we're not going to help college kids. how do you answer that? >> well, and neil, look, this makes for smart politics it you're president obama or hillary clinton, but it is not sound economic policy. what we've seen since 1984, the cost of four-year private universities has doubled and the cost of public universities has quadrupl quadrupled. the federal reserve bank in new york has found a direct correlation between the increase of federal funds going into the system and the cost of college tuition. every $3 pumped into the system, college tuition is raised by $2. it's like texas tech who has the easy liberal. >> i'm all for vocational training. people should be in an apprenticeship. not everybody needs a four-year college. for those who do --
1:55 pm
>> but we're putting all the emphasis on four-year colleges. not electricians, not plumbers. >> i don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. why shouldn't we be aspiring to get to this level? >> because my plumber and electrician have people. they're doing extraordinarily well, so what's wrong with it? >> there's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing wrong with families and parents helping their kids out if they can. >> my kids are going to start expecting this, and i'm saying, no, your mother and i are saving it for our retirement, you're on your own. >> they can take out their own loans. data shows when you graduate, you pay your loans off between 5 and 10 years. that completely goes against the narrative -- >> here's the -- i don't know where you're getting your facts here, but we know the outstanding student loan debt is $1.3 trillion and people are defaulting and higher rates are not paying down the debt. i want to know where is the discussion to neil's point that
1:56 pm
parents and their kids need to sit down and say, what schools can i afford to go to? not everybody should go to harvard or yale or princeton. >> they're not. >> i think he's greasing these kids for a government role, and where does it go? >> this is a great disservice to young americans in this country, because if you look at the average student who graduated in 2013, they're facing thousands of dollars in debt. what i said about the new york federal bank in new york, the more money we pump into the system, the more they increase their tuitions. we're doing a great disservice. >> i'm telling you, lemonade stand. >> right.
1:57 pm
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there's something rivaling the crowd while i'm doing this show. a crowd is in dallas, texas getting ready to hear donald trump. they expect to fill 1,000 seats. trump on fire. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." he's been leading the gop field in every major poll, and donald trump's numbers just keep on climbing. he's at 33% in a "washington post" survey. the only candidate who comes remotely close is ben carson. and the two continued their feud over the weekend. >> i don't think ben has the energy. ben is a nice man. but when you're negotiating against china, we need people that are really


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