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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that's all the time we have left. we hope you will set your dvrs so you never miss an episode. we take attendance. we get very upset when you're not here. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tonight. s on, tonight. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. >> i think the whole entire system is broke. i think i may be, i'm not sure, the only candidate that doesn't have a super pac. >> donald trump and bernie sanders taking add van tang of mass anger on the part of the american people. tonight would will take you what's going on behind the scenes. >> if it's all the same to you, mr. trump, i would rather you stop cherishing women and start respecting women. >> hillary clinton accusing mr. trump of being antiwoman. but wait until you see what the latest polling says about that. we'll have a special report. >> we just wanted to know a few things about what you think i is so unfair about the factor's coverage? what's the beef?
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>> also ahead the lawyer for bowe bergdahl under pressure as the sensational military court hearings begin on thursday. jesse watters has the story for us tonight. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why americans are so angry. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in one the strangest political ironies ever. bernie sanders and donald trump are now dominating their respective parties. even though they are both hammering the establishment. trump could not careless about the republican platform because he is a trumpian. a man who has created his own political movement. sanders, now polling better than hillary clinton in both
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iowa and new hampshire is an independent socialist, not even a member of the democratic party. both member are surging because they have tapped into the anger of many voters who believe they are being abused by politicians. let's take trump first. despite promising to bring the country together, barack obama has been one of the most divisive presidents in history. his signature achievement, obamacare, passed without a single republican vote. that's because it's an entitlement, free health insurance for the the have notes paid for by the haves while most working americans will pay more for good healthcare. likewise, the nuke deal with iran, no republican votes. does the president care? i don't believe so. thus, conservative, traditional americans realize mr. obama is not looking out for them. he is a far left leader who has never even tried to be inclusive. the anti obama folks strongly believe that illegal aliens get better government treatment than
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they do, than abortionists and antireligious groups have more rights than they do. that american economic power is being eroded in order to create a massive welfare state. and finally that evil people overseas want to kill americans are not being challenged effectively. trump has tapped into all that angst with one simple word. he calls american leadership stupid. for spheart sanders the word he uses is corrupt. his crew is furious that barack obama has not fully embraced socialism. the sander surge is built around his belief that every american should receive free healthcare, free education through college, a guaranteed job and salary, subsidized housing and child care if you are poor, and guaranteed retirement income. bernie's mantra is pretty much cradle to grave entitlements and don't worry if you don't want to work, bernie will take care of you anyway. and those who are working
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will pay for it. it's interesting, for every nativist american who despises the diverse society, you have a socialist american who wants bernie to take over the economy and doll out the cash. both extremes are angry. and now they have been joined by millions of regular folks who recognize that the change president obama has brought has weakened the nation but strengthened secular groups who are hell bent on destroying traditional american values, especially those in the judeo-christian tradition. conventional candidates like jeb bush and hillary clinton have no answer to the citizen fury. no answer at all. mrs. clinton would continue the owe boom that vision, governor bush intellectualizes the anger rather than feeling it. so trump and sanders have the stage. and the curtain is not even close to coming down.
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and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington charles krauthammer. so, anger is defining the race. i think you belief that as well as i do. and tonight donald trump fills an arena in dallas with 20,000 people. melding entertainment with licks the way no one else in this country could do. where is it all heading, charles? >> let me take a slight deviation from your premise, your diagnosis. i don't think it's so much anger as it is anxiety. you know, i don't see road rage increasing on the roads. i don't see people nashing their teeth on the street. i don't see street demonstrations, riots. we have had them in our past. you don't see anger. this is not a royaling population. this is a reigle people getting kicked around in the world. we got the russians, we got the iranians kick canning us around. isis spits in our eye and
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economically people have a sense that they are losing, losing ground. we have got a decrease in the median wage which is extremely unusual in supposed recovery. >> let me challenge you. >> they are looking for explanation. >> ferguson, missouri. baltimore, maryland, okay. all of these things ignited with pent up anger. both on the left. this analysis encompasses both left and right. the left is furious and inventive in a way that was shocking to some. now, the right, i you believe they are very, very angry. but -- and that's why they are going around trump. he is venting their anger. and he is their demonstration. go. >> look, i think when you have a -- people as anxious and bewildered, how is this happening, what's happening to america where trump said in his speech announcing his
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candidacy, said the american dream is dead. i'm going to revive it. i think in those kinds of times, where sanders and with trump, what you get is people responding to simplicity. sanders has a very simple answer. he says the reason that you're losing ground is because the rich, the super rich dominate, own, and control everything and you are getting the shaft. the game is rigged. that's his story. with trump, as you said, his answer is your leaders are stupid. which is very interesting because the normal conservative critique, the reagan critique was, it was an ideological one. it wasn't that the leaders are stupid. it's that the leaders are liberal. it was that the leaders believe in big government. >> wait, wait, wait. >> high taxes, regulation. that is the traditional republican explanation. >> okay. but don't you think. >> why things go wrong. >> don't you think charles krauthammer that people are furious with conventional politicians and that's why they there really hasn't
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been a challenger to donald trump and ben carson, the two outsiders? i think that americans are so angry with both parties, the -- all the elected officials, they think they are a bunch of bs. they don't get anything done. they don't stand or believe anything. i think they are angry, charles. i will give you the last word on it. >> it could be because i'm an expsychiatrist i have seen real rage. this isn't rage, this is anxiety, we we bewilderment. on the one hand the pollute crafts control your life, you can't see the strings. i can. i will cut them. that is the kind of response that gets. the initial wave of support, whether it will last simplicity is not -- it's not hard to maintain overtime. we will see how it does. >> i don't know. i have been a simple man for
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almost 19 years on this program and number one for 15. i have maintained that simplicity. >> i surely endorse that diagnosis. i got no problem with that. >> i'm a little teed off as well, charles. and i don't know 20,000 people turn out they are not teed off. >> call what you are doing. we call what you are doing projection. >> all right, charles krauthammer. everybody. next on the rundown, hillary clinton says donald trump's antiwoman. what do the polls say? mrs. clinton might be surprised and later did the obama administration try to mislead the american public over hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪
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impact segment tonight, it is perceived in some circles that donald trump is not kind to women in general. >> whenever he is pressed about the things he says about women he he says he loves women. in fact to quote him, he cherishes us. well, if it's all the same to you, mr. trump, i would rather you stop cherishing women and start respecting women. [cheers and applause] >> but, according to a new "the washington post" poll, which asks republican female voters who they support, trump comes out on top with 29%. ben carson 24%. marco rubio 9. jeb bush 8. ted cruz 7. a cnn poll breaks out republican women voters as well. their donald trump gets a whopping 33%. ben carson 22%, jeb bush
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10%. ted cruz 7%. joining us now from washington katie pavlick and here in the studio kennedy who hosts her own fox business. >> what's surprising by the cnn poll is trump actually has higher support by one percentage point among women than he does among men. >> among men, very astute, that's true. so, based upon trump's persona and i think he said that about carly fiorina her persona? i'm trying to segway this all in together. based upon trump's persona, all right. why are republican women rallying him in your opinion? because this election cycle is nontraditional. all the rules that applied to past presidential elections do not apply here. >> why you do they like him? >> they like him the same reason men like him. they look to him as someone who they perceive to be a problem-solver.
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>> okay. so they don't care about the small ball. do you see it the same way, katie? >> i see it in a similar way. i think that people think that republican women should be more outraged and offended than they actually are and i think that this proves that women think of all the same issues that men do and that they aren't limited in their brains to only talking about, quote: women's issues. i mean, donald trump is from the outside, is what republican women are looking for and when you look at the numbers, too, ben carson is polling a close second and increasing his numbers as well. it's not just about the persona. it's about wanting an outsider to come in and fix the problem. >> i agree with traditional conservative women who have been in this poll. they are the ones that were asked. are less likely to be offended by so-called feminist issues. all right? and that's big. however, however, why do women, at this juncture in our history. want an outsider? what's wrong with a marco rubio or a jeb bush or the
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governs, a bunch of them running? what's wrong with them? >> you could say what was wrong with them is that they're politicians and they spent some time in washington, d.c. donald trump, carlie foreignna, ben carson haven't spent any time here and donald trump has done a very goods -- it actually matters. bill, you go out and talk to these people and you say why do you want donald trump? they say i don't want a politician. bottom line. as much as marco rubio has a good platform he has a politician label attached to his name. >> i knew i should have run for president. i knew i should have done it. >> you are the ultimate outsider. >> i'm only one who could out insult trump. could you imagine that? >> two man debate on the stage? >> it would be like a don rickles fest. >> like a non- >> nobody would get anything out of it. it would be be total tripe. i think there is something to say that, however, i think theer point is that
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republican traditional women aren't always looking to be offended whereas and i hate to say this because it's general, liberal women and feminist women particularly, they are looking tore offended every two minutes. >> what offends me is those people whether they are men and women don't mind being boxed into certain ceargtsz. that's not how i run my life. milk is on sale for 4.99 a. i love mammograms. yea hillary. democratic women don't feel the same way either. otherwise they wouldn't be leaving her in droves. >> the support has dropped precipitously. >> katie pavlick, do you have any advice for one donald trump who will appear here tomorrow night on his message to women? >> i thought he if he needed advice for running for president. you could still jump, in bill. it's not too late for you to jump. >> in i have a clothes contract i can't get out of. >> oh, okay. yeah. donald trump said the same thing but that's over. >> the point of women, i
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don't think donald trump really cares about my opinion especially as a woman. >> i do. i care. do you have any messaging information to women for donald trump? >> i would just say be a little more mature in your language. it's not that we are offended. i just think that a little maturity would be nice from donald trump. >> i don't know what maturity means so i can't really advise him on that. i'm not going to let you go on that. >> what? >> i'm just trying to process that milk thing and put you and whole foods searching for milk. that's a great image. directly ahead. big story. charges the obama administration mislead americans about the isis threat. also coming up, watters confronting bowe bergdahl's lawyer and in a separate interview, corralling a reluctant bernie sanders. those reports after these messages. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child
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factor follow up segment tonight, charges that the mislead the american public will the isis threat. yesterday the daily beast reported more than 50, 50 analysts working for the u.s. central command centcom have complained that their reports on isis were altered, possibly by white house direction. is that true? joining us now from washington lt. colonel tony schaffer, senior fellow at the london center for policy research and fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. catherine, i understand you obtained a memo about this. tell us about it. >> well, i have got this memo here, bill. it's from dni james clapper. he is the nation's intelligence chief and he wrote this email to members of a list serve for current
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and former intelligence officials after there was another report from the guardian newspaper alleging that he had inserted himself into this intelligence controversy and in the email, clapper says that any of these accusations are, quote: b.s. but he also confirms that he has basically a regular video conference call with some of these senior intelligence people and he says he does it so that when he goes in to brief the president he has got all of his ducks in a row. but someone like tony can tell you whether that kind of video conference is really standard practice or whether it smells a little fishy. >> well, to me as an outsider and civilian it would make sense that clapper, the head of the white house intelligence apparatus would talk to simply everybody who is involved in tracking isis. so, to me, it seems like that's vigilant to go twice a week to down there and saying what's going on, i want to report back to the
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commander and chief. but that's to me. so, in your experience, catherine, is it unusual? >> it does seem a lit unusual because generally speaking, one of the wreaks these very senior people have staff is so that the staff members can talk to one another and then the senior people can look at the bigger picture of policy and strategy is so it depends whether the top intelligence chief has the time and these other principles to go over this information a couple of times a week. i would argue that this is of such significance to the intelligence community and this white house to understand what's going on. the allegation is there is too much happy talk. also from my reporting things have been on the slow boil until may when these analysts threw down the flag and said isis has rolled through ramadiy. they have had 30 car bombs. ten about the size of oklahoma city. this is not time for happy talk anymore.
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and that's kind of when the lid really flew off it. >> the disenchantment among the centcom intel experts on isis has now come out. all right. colonel shaffer. you are the opinion part of the segment. do you believe that the obama administration is purposefully, all right, misleading the american public about the threat from isis? >> >> yes, absolutely. let me expand on what catherine said. clapper said in his note he does it twice a week. my service information, bill, is he talking to general grove, the senior central command intelligence officer on a daily basis. this is unheard of. i have been in these video teleconferences. i used to go to a nightly btc with general skermaker and other guys. this is not done routinely only done on surges. the fact that this guy clapper is calling down every day, tells me that he is not simply trying to find out what's going on. he is trying to posit into the process what needs to
11:25 pm
come out at the other end. this is where it is bad. i know some of these analysts. let me be clear there is nothing in it for them. these people have devoted their entire lives, some of them have worked 30 to 40 years simply to do what is necessary for the american people and their interest. they are doing it with a great deal of reluctance. >> colonel, what is their main beef that the white house is doing, what? >> the integrity of the intelligence process has been compromised. they do factual reports. they expect those to be put up the chain of command to the decisionmakers in a precise, clear way what happens is -- >> the white house is scrubbing out or not saying? what? >> okay. there is two things. first, the battle damage assessment coming in is being overblown. all these sorties are running. only one in four, bill are actually dropping bombs and bombs dropped are being phenomenally successful. the actual success is being
11:26 pm
overblown' involving the number of sorties running. the bottom line is being changed. the content may not be messed with. if you read down into it it's all there but the conclusions that we are winning, which has been the banner the white house has been putting forward is completely unsupported by the data. third and most importantly. >> almost like vietnam then. >> yes. >> we have -- >> -- absolutely. >> we are doing well. the guys are on the run. >> absolutely. >> but the intel that comes down doesn't support it all right. we appreciate you both coming on tonight. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. kim davis, a woman who would not issue gay marriage licenses returns to work in kentucky and things get emotional. >> this is soon to be a practicing homosexual. that is a sin that will separate you from god. >> we'll have an a exclusive talk with the lawyer for miss davis. then, brit hume will give us a preview of wednesday night's republican debate. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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paragraph prafer personal story segment tonight. 59-year-old kim gafs who refused to issue gay marriage license to a couple and put in jail for it back on the job today. >> i don't want to have this conflict. i don't want to be in the spotlight. and i certainly don't want to be a whipping post. i am no hero. i'm just a person who has been transformed by the grace of god and who wants to work, be with my family. i just want to serve my neighbors quietly without violating my conscience. >> joining us from florida matt staffer lead attorney for ms. davis. so do you expect any more trouble in this case, mr. staver? >> i don't expect any more trouble. today went with fairly well. i'm not sure that there is any more expected trouble. one of the problems that we have had since the very beginning is the intensity of the rhetoric and frankly even the death threats.
11:32 pm
kim davis had to change her home phone because her husband got a call saying people were coming over to beat him, tie him up, rape kim in his presence and then burn down the house with both of them in it. and she has gotten death threats that people are going to come to the office kill her and kill all of her staff. we have gotten death threats for the same thing that we are going to be carried out in body bags. we have gotten death threats that we are going to have bullets in our head that kind of rhetoric i just don't think is going away quickly, the intensity surprised all of us because it got so personal. >> i know you guys aren't, you know, where i am but this kind of hateful stuff and it's on both sides it's getting worse because of the anonymity of the social media and all of that i'm sorry that you have to go through it. now, ms. davis, i understand, is not going to stand in the way of her bub
11:33 pm
board nants issuing licenses in the county. thee is not going continue to trudy on that. >> that's correct. she is not going to prevent them if they feel compelled. >> okay. so that solves the problem from the jump. my question to you, counselor is, why couldn't that have been worked out in the first 10 minutes of this controversy? why did everything break loose? >> we asked the court to actually do this and the court refused to. and we asked the governor to do. this so today what kim davis is it d. see removed her name off the marriage certificate and removed her title in authority. saying they are not issued in her authority. she has requested from the very beginning that this become under the commonwealth of kentucky if he he wants to. but the governor refused to lift a finger whereas last year he accommodated his own attorney general when with he didn't want to luft the marriage laws. >> obviously a political decision. >> it's a political decision. >> i think it could have all been worked out very, very quietly and methodically
11:34 pm
when nobody would have had to go to jail. nobody would have been threatening you and your client. i think this is a message for the rest of america. people of conscience have a right, all right. >> exactly. >> to say i am not going to do a certain thing. but, but, the state has a right to carry out the law. however, under that umbrella, as you know, you can compromise. can you make compromises and you don't have to blow this thing up. i will give you the last word. >> that's exactly right. that's what we have asked from the very beginning. i think when the general assembly comes back in they will make this permanent. this is what has happened in north carolina. make sure this doesn't happen in your state. take affirmative steps now to accommodate people like kim davis. there is millions of her so they don't have to choose between their conscience and their freedom. >> well said, counselor, and we appreciate you coming right on. when we come right back, brit hume has a preview of last night's republican debate. watters very busy this week chatting with bowe bergdahl's attorney and very
11:35 pm
reluctant bernie sanders. >> excuse me, sir. >> don't push me. >> i didn't get rough. you pushed me. >> right back with those reports. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the hume zone segment tonight. let's bring in our pal brit whodowns us from washington. so i want to go down the list of the republican republican debaters on wednesday and let's get your thoughts on what they have to do. first of all i have to start with trump because is he in dallas tonight. you saw it on greta. a huge crowd, just mixing entertainment with plucks in a way that's never ever been done in this country before. closest was kennedy. jfk. closest. he didn't approach what trump is doing. so now trump moves from this huge debate in dallas all of
11:38 pm
this media momentum into the debate stage. what does he have to do or what should he do? >> well, i'm not in a position to judge what he ought to do or not to do, bill, because i think the base of support that he has built now is going to be with him no matter what he does. if he comes out and all aggressive and attacks everybody he they will love that and comes out and statesmanlike they will like that too. you could tell when he took that pledge they would have been with him if he took it or denounced it. if he really wants to be president. and i think trump does, what's going to get him, see, he can't win based on the support he has now. can't win. husband negatives are too high. >> he can't win the white house or can't win the demonstration? >> that's what i'm talking about now. trump wants to be president. at this point in history he can't be because his negatives are too high. he has to drive the negatives down. that's just a fact of life. now, how does he do it in a debate situation?
11:39 pm
>> well, he will -- first of all, the debate will be watched, i think, by a the lot of people already for hum and some who will not be. and i don't think they there are going to be very many democrats or people that don't like him that are going to be watching. >> i think there is going to be cnn. it's primarily a democratic network. i think you will get look-in. >> there will be some. my view of it is i think the negatives are high. i don't think they are going to get smaller. and i don't think he can abandon the swash buckling style of his campaigning which he lays about himself anyway he feels like in any major way without turning off some of the people who are for him. >> i think he can drive the negatives down. >> i don't think he can go all soft. >> i don't think he can go soft. drive the negatives down concentrating more on policy. did i my analysis last week and i forgot marco rubio and i apologize to the senator. let's go with him second. rubio is a very smart guy who has not caught on. what does he have to do?
11:40 pm
>> he does need to catch on, bill. i thought he did very well in the first debate but the polling in the aftermath has not been very kind to him. he is diazly articulate. he has a lot of issues. done a lot of things on paper make you feel he is he a strong candidate. i don't think he can beat anybody other than himself. possible there be moment of opportunity where he will be able to talk about personal story and speak about an issue in a way that will capture the public's imagination. i don't think it's anything he can plan. >> scott walker not catching on either? >> he is the one -- he has really been sinking. i think he needs to have a great night. you remember he made a very strong speech out in iowa some months back that catapulted him into a big lead out there. he needs to do something like that. he needs to find a way to have a big night. >> it was a broad based policy speech, you any. and it was not that long after we got started. and he vaulted to the lead.
11:41 pm
and it's been ebbing away ever since. needs a strong performance which needs to be a display of force of personality which he has not shown much of lately. >> ben carson doing very well. >> yeah. and i think ben carson needs to be ben carson. i don't think ben carson is going to do well if he goes on the attack. it's not his style. he apologized for having done so and comments about donald trump's religion. he needs to be himself who is a soft-spoken and gentleman man, distinct it gished by that quality and by his cheessments. >> i think that's what he will do. john kasich polling okay in new hampshire but nobody else knows him. >> well, that's true. new hampshire is very important. if you are trying to would the strap a campaign, that's not a bad place to do it. i think kasich is going to just be kasich. >> nobody knows who that is. >> no, bill. that means he is going to talk about himself. he is going to talk about his record in ohio which is
11:42 pm
pretty good. it's a very important state. >> if he does that though, he is not going to gain. he has got to do something else. >> what would it be be, attack donald trump? he is not going to do that a few policy jabs. kasich going to have to get some attention. final guy, rand paul, i think it's all over for him. i think he near tapped out. i didn't believe he has much money left. he might stop combing his hair with an egg beater. that would hurt him. >> that's a personal attack, hume. that's something trump would say. >> it's a good observation. i like rand paul. is he a good guy. more modern hairstyle than i do. >> you were talking about his persona anyway. >> right. >> we have a chat with the donald trump tomorrow on the factor. watters on deck. he confronts bowe bergdahl's lawyer and bernie sanders who is not happy to see him. watters is next.
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>> do you know which country we trad traded bergdahl from?
11:47 pm
>> do you think he served with honor and -- >> distinction. >> distinction. >> you sound like the obama administration. >> i think he did a good thing. and the war itself morally reprt prehence cybil that seven of his platoon mates died searching for him. >> it's a terrible tragedy but it all could have been prevented if the war wasn't started in the first place. >> do you want to local back time. >> i need to get back to the year 1985. >> i think that bergdahl isn't the real villain here. >> i don't like him when he is giving our enemy secrets. >> what do you think about snowden? >> what? >> did this hurt? >> a little bit. >> has anybody ever told you look like the 258 ban. >> i think the irish complex sort of softens the blow. >> they're always after me lucky charms.
11:48 pm
>> do you ever watch fox news channel? >> i only do when i go see my grandparents. >> hi graspy. >> are you a big o'reilly factor fan? >> huge. >> keep fighting the good fight, man. love it? >> i'm"o'reilly factor" fan? >> keep fighting the good fight. >> he's nice. a bit of a close talker. >> can i pet your dog? >> sure. >> eugene. hey. jesse waters with the "o'reilly factor." what do you think is so unfair about the factor's coverage? what's the beef? what has the factor done that's been unfair? what have we gotten wrong?
11:49 pm
you're pretty verbose on the phone with our producers. now all of a sudden you're clamming up. is there a reason for that? now that we have you here, excuse me, excuse me. >> get outta here. >> thank you, thank you. >> they both got some good exercise. >> is it legal? we'll analyze bergdahl's case tomorrow. but watters wasn't thrilled. we sent watters to washington. >> i just had a quick question. >> i don't do ambush interviews. if you want to talk to us, there's my press secretary. >> i just had a question -- excuse me, senator. >> don't push me. you pushed me.
11:50 pm
>> bill was upset because you hadn't done the show. he feels like you're used to be a friend of the show. you're not so big time now that you're going to forget about about your friends, right? senator, while i have you here, are you afraid of hillary clinton? senator? do you trust hillary clinton? o'reilly is a little concerned if you do become president, you might seize his house. should he be worried? all right, senator. well, thank you very much. for this pleasure. maybe we could do this another time. >> i should say we have called and called and called and called. you're obnoxious but you're
11:51 pm
obnoxious for a reason. did he have a nice watch? >> he did smile when i asked about seizing your house. he did crack a smile. i wanted to ask if he had a secret server at his house. >> so bernie is always very nice and comes on the show and he doesn't have time for us now. he's not coming on because he knows some of his base doesn't like us. we liked bernie when he wasn't a politician. but now he's a politician. he thinks he's going to win. he thinks. jesse watters, everybody, mocking the iranian nuc deal
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just eight days before the release of my brand new book "killing reagan." it's already climbing high on the amazon charts. if you want it first, you can preorder it there or preorder it at billo' if you become a premium member on my site, you get any of my books free of charge. and time for e-mail. bill, you did not mention marco rubio. oversight? yes, it was. totally my fault. smart guy, good solutions to many problems, good knowledge of the world. flat campaigner who too often uses rehearsed lines. needs to be less form on on the interview circuit and come up with a reason that he's a better
11:57 pm
choice than his competitors. he's still in the game. >> you correctly point out, evelyn that he should knock off the petty stuff. anita williams. "we do not need another thin skinned president, no matter how successful he was in business. and bill luther, some advice, unless you ran over a cat on the way to the event, don't apologize for anything. scott, asks can you tell us what
11:58 pm
a pinhead is? scott, small brain. don't be one. >> sandy, winch chester, kentucky. bill, above your ties each night. do you pick them out? i do. skip gambron does the shirts, i select the sox, the ties and the underwear. i would like to thank mildred who lives in medinah, new york, she is 106 years old. i want a list of her favorite foods. >> and mr. zucker put together a video spoof called side effects. >> iran can delay actual inspections for up to 24 days.
11:59 pm
incredibly inspectors will not be allowed access to military facilities. the only inspectors allowed will be iranians, who will provide site samples themselves, if they want to. even if iran is found to violate the terms, nothing is there to enforce the sanctions. americans now oppose obama's iran deal by over a 30-point margin. the white house couldn't care less. >> back to tip of the day, satire is good most of the time. and that is it for us tonight. please checks out the fox news factor web site. we would like you to spout off from anywhere in the world, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not vilipend when talking about "the factor."
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thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is up next. i am bill tonight on "red eye", how did carly fiorina respond to trump saying look at that face. this gorgeous face will tell you all about it. and topless female protesters disrupt a conference on women. it is nice when protesters have the male viewer in mind. and a classroom dare leads to criminal charges. it is like the time i was dared into break into fort knox. our panel provides words and courtesey, but first a news break. this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright in washington. the suspect in a domestic shooting is dead. police say they were following shannon lamb when he ran. they found himit


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