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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 15, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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professor shannon lamb taking his own life after allegedly killing his girlfriend and the colleague who might have come between them. >> kelly wright joining us live with breaking details. >> a college of 4,000 students endured tense and scary moments monday. they were on lock down with an active shooter armed and dangerous. shannon lamb told police he would not go to jail. he meant it. the college professor a suspect in the shooting death of his live in partner and a fellow professor at delta state university was on the run but police began closing in on him. lamb ran into a wooded area they heard a gun shot and found him with a self-inflicted wound. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say the sequence of tragic events started monday morning. that's when lamb shot and killed his live in girlfriend in the gulf coast town of gosha.
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he then drove 300 miles to the campus of delta state university where he killed popular history professor ethan schmidt. the shooting shattered the peace of this small and close knit town. >> i never thought it would be here at delta state. >> reports indicate lamb believed the woman was in relationship with schmidt but police won't confirm that. >> i can't answer that. it would be pure speculation on our part and we are not going to speculate in this investigation. >> classes at delta state university campus are canceled for today they will have a candlelight vigil for professor schmidt this evening on campus. kelly wright live for us. >> extreme weather breaking
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overnight. eight people dead five others missing after flood waters wash away a vehicle in utah. the van was packed with children. three people somehow managed to survive the dramatic video also showing another caress cued along the arizona border. the search for the missing was called off overnight but will pick up again this morning. >> thousands homeless as two wildfires rage across northern california. >> looks like a war zone. we have four kids nowhere to go, no clothing, anything. >> 23,000 people are displaced now. more than 700 homes burned to the ground. the valley fire north of san francisco only 10 percent contained. >> as crews make progress with the butte fire 35 percent
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contained now. round two, the gop candidates are ramping up their campaigns ahead of the second debate. kristin fisher live for us in washington with the latest. exciting. kristin? >> i know. round two, here we go. most of the gop instead of studying the issues and huddling with advisors two-days before the big debate a huge rally in dallas, texas. trump got the biggest applause from sanctuary cities. he says is more than a campaign. he calls it a movement. >> this is going to happen. i am not going anywhere. unless i win it has been a waste of time for me. >> one of his oy opponent the is
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firing back. carly fiorina is addressing trump's recent comments about her in rolling stone. he said look at that face. would any one vote for that? here is how fiorina responded? >> this is the face 61-year-old women i am proud of. >> he just released a new campaign video that is a bit more fun and focused on him and what everyone is really talking about right now. >> i was more nervous before my first college football game that you were going to get hit. no one is going to hit you. it has been harder to get hillary's e-mails. >> tonight no rest for the republican frontrunner donald trump on the eve of the debate. he is headlining another big roll lee this time aboard the
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uss iowa in los angeles. heather and ainsley back to you. >> busy time for all of the candidates. thank you. >> here's a question. was carly fiorina's new campaign ad was it just an ad at donald trump or was it something more? >> a lot of people think it was clever. krauthammer said it was a strategy. >> did you notice how odd and clever she took a punch from counter punching trump and hit hillary state in the face. it was not an ad against trump, or at least it wasn't framed as against trump. he occasioned it but it was an academic who said look at that face. it established her as a female counterpart to hillary. anybody believes if you want to elect a woman you have to elect hillary. >> hillary clinton brushing off a 29 point drop among women in a new poll.
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the democratic presidential candidate tells a crowd in iowa she is confident about her campaign. >> i am not one of those who ever thought this was going to be a straight shot. i have been in and around enough campaigns that knows there's an ebb and flow. polls go up and down. >> as for tomorrow's gop debate she plans on watching the debate but on delay. >> i will obviously watch it and watch how each of the republicans is out of touch. i want to keep drawing those contrasts so not just democrats but independents republicans and americans one and all can understand that electing any of the republican candidates would be a dramatic new turn. >> clinton added that all republican candidates are out of touch and out of date she says. >> brand new details emerging about the man accused of murdering a rookie kentucky
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state trooper. just nin shanks was a black lives matter activist. he protested in the days following michael brown's death even attending the teen's funeral in missouri. photos on facebook show him in the hands up don't shoot position. shanks was killed by police when they say he refused to drop his gun after an all night manhunt. a routine traffic stop turned into a high speed chase. bond denied for a trooper who killed an unarmed black man. michael pfleger would be a flight risk. he has been locked up since the shooting death of walter scott. he claims scott tried to grab his taser but the video shows scott running away from him. he fired eight shots. while north korea says he is ready to launch nuclear weapons
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at any time. he announced he has revamped and restarted the nuclear bomb production plant. it could be meant to put pressure on washington to restart talks to possibly he's international saipgss. days after tightening the border patrol the european union are trying to figure out what to do with thousands of ref fees. they have failed to agree on a plan for the refugees looking for asylum. they will be moving 22,000 from italy to greece. pope frances saying isis terrorists could sneak into europe and attack the vatican by blending in with the refugees. >> holding on to that last bit of summer. some parts of the country feeling above normal temperatures. maria nol lena is forecasting our summer. it is nice outside. fall feels great. >> especially across the
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northeast. crisp out there, a lot of sunshine. pleasant temperatures. in some areas it will feel like that for today. i want to take you further west. we have been talking about the summer heat holding on. from minneapolis to houston, also dallas, your current temperatures already warm in the 70's. but as you head eastward you can see the cooler air in the east in raleigh, north carolina. current temperature 51 degrees. quite chilly out there. in the northeast and down into parts of the southeast like in atlanta and raleigh. only forecast in the low 80's. very pleasant. out west it has been very unsettled. you mentioned earlier in the show there was flash floods across parts of utah. out west we have been dealing with a lot of rain. we have relatively cooler temperatures. in the 60's and 70's for you. active picture out here across
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the radar. we have the rain stretching from montana to parts of california and across utah. some of the higher peaks out here on the radar showing a little bit of pink. weather already showing up out there across parts of california. heather and ainsley let's head over to you. thank you, maria. the eagles could have won the monday night opener but t it wasn't to be because of a late game interception. >> there you go. philly come back cut short by allen ending the game with a pick on the final drive. falcons winning 26-24. a one-sided game had a break out start. >> he leads the way. touchdown 49ers. >> carlos hyde carrying the
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victory. absolutely on fire. 168 yards and two touchdowns. san francisco winning 20 to 3. >> i love the nfl. they are so good. >> america's team is now the most valuable sports franchise in the world. wow boys worth $4 billion the most valuable sports franchises. patriots and yankees have to settle for a third place tie. look at those numbers. wow. >> a former rocker hitting a sour note a major one hosting a 9-11 themed wedding. the cake the twin towers. one city snooping in your trash to see if you are recycling. is this an invasion of privacy or does the city have a right to
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>> it was a hazing that led to this college student's death. now the fraternity brothers are charged five facing the serious charges of 3rd degree murder in the death of a freshman pledge named michael deng. he died from a ritual in the pocono mountains. he was pushed while wearing a blindfold and backpack filled with 20 pounds of sand when he fell and hit his head. his fraternity brothers waited at looers an hour before taking him to the hospital.
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>> they may ban expression of intolerance. it protects students from groups and individuals. the danger is it prohibits free speech arguing violence and intimidation are already punishable crimes. it was all a misunderstanding after a texas professor banned his students from saying god bless america in crash. the professor is now changing his tune. he says he will speak to his students about the confusion. all of this coming after he p handed out his syllabus on the first day of school where he had written saying god bless you in class was distracting it was just like using a cell phone. >> effective immediately electronic cigarette use is being restricted in parks. they ban it in all areas where tobacco spoking is not allowed. the vapor will not be allowed to protect the safety and health of
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visitors and employees. >> it is time for a little bit of trash talk now. >> so to speak. >> seattle being sued over garbage collectors snooping through trash to see if people are recycling enough. those weho aren't call it a fin. >> some call it an invasion of privacy. they are taking action. >> there's now a mandatory to recycle and compact food waste. they handed out 14,000 warnings to businesses. the penalty starts when it could be have been come posted. the judges and jury. now she got tagged twice and she is part of a lawsuit against the city. >> there's no recourse when they accuse you falsely because they incinerate the evidence and take it away from you.
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they can say you have done it but they don't have to prove it. >> not a single city official would talk trash with us instead falling back on a statement of the city attorney saying civil liberties are not violated because there's no intention of opening trash bags. contamination has to be visible. the search is invasive especially where cops need a search warrant just to look at your crash. >> they went the other direction and said our state constitution is stronger and provide better protection and we believe people still think their garbage is going to be protected from prying eyes. >> the analysts taking it seriously. they are enforcing the new ordinance. >> dan springer doing that report for us. invasion of privacy or does the city have the right to rummage through your crash? >> send us an e-mail@fox frie s
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e-mail@foxfriendsfirst@foxnews. com. tell us what your policies are. >> i don't know how i feel about that. it might be a violation. i don't want someone going through my crash. >> detained but dating. the gitmo prisoner who has a profile on >> men who put their arms around women are trying to show ownership. is this more hypocrisy? is we report, you decide. thankshow may i help you?s list. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie?
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get reliable internet that's up to five times faster than dsl from the phone company. call 800-501-6000 to switch today. perks are nice. but the best thing you can give your business is comcast business. comcast business. built for business. >> isis military capability is growing at an alarming rate.
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the terror group has thousands of military vehicles including u.s. made tanks. they are believed to have an arsenal of cold era weapons taking from syrian forces. this firepower helping them act like an army and hold on to ground. director james clapper is celebrating that he helped the white house down-play isis' strength. he called it fictional bs. >> detained a guantanamo prisoner accused of having ties with osama bin laden has had a account for the last three years. the lawyer is -- he maintains the dating profile and the inmate gets matches every single day even though he is open about his location. he is in gitmo. has suspended his account. >> the celebrity apprentice has
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a new host. he already has the donald trump signature line down pat. >> you are fired. >> ar nold schwarzenegger will be taking over the board room of the popular reality series. now that donald trump isn't on the show any more pursuing the white house. >> the donald tweeting his support saying arnold will be great and will make loraise lot money for charity. >> that's what it is about. >> good news for struggling college students speaking of money applying for aid just got easier. sister network fox business here to explain p. good morning, loren. >> good morning, ladies. applying for financial aid just got easier. the government will allow students to file applications three months earlier using tax data from the previous year. that will help determine sooner if they are eligible for financial aid and how much.
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ford teaming up with alcoa to use a stronger, lighter aluminum in the new f150. it will lead the vehicle faster. they convince speeding up the boarding process and make the middle seat more comfortable. the invention is called the side slip. it allows the i'll seat to move up and over the middle seat. that makes the isle a lot wider for passengers getting through which speeds up the boarding process. since time is money the airlines would save big bucks here. are you craving the mcrib? the mcrib will not be available nationally this year. it is up to the local franchises to decide whether to sell it. some by the way already are. if you find one, let us know. back to you. right now. right after the show. >> to find the fox business network log on to
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foxbusiness.c >> it is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. a flight diverted and a passenger hauled off in handcuffs. what sparks the mid air conflict. where she will be performing for the pontiff. >> nbc announced arnold schwarzenegger is going to be the next host of celebrity apprentice. not only do they take the job from trump but they added insult in injury by giving it to an immigrant. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. >> lock down lifted for a gunman accused of killing a college professor now coming to an end overnight. brand new details in what could be a deadly love triangle. >> round 2.
2:30 am
11 candidates facing off in the debate. how to handle the frontrunner donald trump. should they attack or hold back? >> a former rocker hitting a major sour note hosting a 9-11 themed wedding, the cake, the twin towers. if you thought it couldn't get worse than that, oh, it did. "fox & friends" continues now. >> maybe that's a good idea for tonight. wherever you are waking up. >> cat fish stew, i promise it is good. >> let's get right to the fox news alert. a suspected love triangle ends with three people dead. >> professor shannon lamb taking his own life after allegedly
2:31 am
killing his girlfriend and the professor who might have come between them. >> strange circumstances. after an intense manhunt police say the man they were looking for took his own life bringing an end to a tragic and emotional day for mississippi delta state university. university police say officers were in pursuit of this man 45-year-old shannon lamb. he was suspected in the death of his live in girlfriend amy prentice and professor schmidt. he said he wouldn't go to jail and he meant it. lamb ran into a wooded area they heard a gun shot and found him with a self-inflicted wound. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say the sequence of tragic events started monday morning. police say that's when lamb shot and killed his live in girlfriend then allegedly killed popular history professor ethan schmidt. it shattered the peace of this
2:32 am
small and close knit college town. >> i never knew what happened. i never thought it would be here at delta state. >> reports indicate lamb believed the woman was also in a relationship with schmidt but police have no confirmation on what triggered the violence. >> (indiscernible). >> tough to find a motive when it is based on pure speculation. classes at delta state university are canceled for today. counselors were there to help students over come this tragedy. a candlelight vigil will be held this evening on campus. terrible story. thank you for sharing the details. eight people are dead five others are missing after flood waters wash away two vehicles in utah. the vehicles were packed with women and children when they were washed downstream in a
2:33 am
flood channel. three people survived. dramatic video shows another carpool rescued. thousands now homeless and two wildfires rage across northern california. >> there's nothing left. it looks like a war zone. we have four kids and nowhere to go and no clothing or anything. >> 23,000 people like that man have been displaced. more than 700 homes burned to the ground. the valley fire north of san francisco now only 10 percent contained as they make progress in the butte fire which is 35 percent contained at this point. >> an out of control passenger forces pilots to ground a plane in indianapolis. you can see police here escorting the woman off the american airlines jet k. it was bound for chicago from miami. the listen to what witnesses said. they say she was disoriented kicking and screaming before
2:34 am
biting another passenger. then she kissed a flight attendant and then punched her in the face. they held the woman down until the pilot landed that plane. >> do you recognize that woman? take a close look. the fbi believes she could be behind three brazen jewelry store heists. they allegedly stole 400 million of valuables from panama city beach florida, beaufort. she zip tied employees and got away with thousands of dollars in jewelry. they are trying to determine if she is working alone. >> gop candidates preparing this morning for round 2 as the second debate in just a -- is just a day away. kristin fisher is live with more on this exciting day.
2:35 am
>> normally candidates are huddling up with advisors looking at the talking points. tonight he look making a speech aboard the uss iowa in los angeles. last night he had a huge rally in dallas hosted by fellow billionaire marc cuban. thousands packed the mavericks center went after illegal immigration, the media and opponents. one thing he agreed with is him leading all of the polls. >> we are really killing it. we are killing it. we want to win. we are tired of being phed around by incompetent people. we are tired of what's happening. >> last debate most of trump's rivals werefrained from attacki him directly. this debate the gloves are coming off for some of the candidates. chris christie told the reporter to expect more from him in this
2:36 am
debate. don't forget about scott walker who needs headline making moments. he is way down in the polls. they shared their debate strategy last night on the kelly files. >> i am going to be myself. i think if you try too hard people see that. that's not what they want. they want a leader who is strong and knows who they are. that's what i will show people wednesday night. someone who can fight and win and get results and do it without compromising. these other guys are interesting right now. in the end i think peepiople ar going to come back to proven results. >> another one to catch carly fiorina making her major stage debut. she has been vocal against trump. it will be to go to see how these two handle each other ant same tabling. -- each other on the same stage. bhan knee are wondering what's the best trat strategy.
2:37 am
while going after frontrunner donald trump is not the best bet. >> what the candidates need to do. rand paul looks desperate when he attacks donald trump and bobby jindal. they have to make the case. jeb bush has to say here's my case for why i am going to be president this is how i am going to shake it up. scott walker john kasich have to be themselves or else they will look desperate. >> a bombshell new report finds five months worth of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server are missing. the messages are from the start and end of clinton's term as secretary of state. clinton declared under oath she turned over all of the required e-mails. this comes as necessary sandalings deemed classified are in google accounts. they were sent to or from other accounts. the government has done nothing
2:38 am
to have them wiped from the servers. the hero airmen who helped spoil the train terror attack in france will receive a purple heart. airman first class spencer stone was stabbed back on august it 1st when he and two friends stopped a gunman about to attack passengers on a high speed train from amsterdam to paris. it was his duty to ache action. >> you see something like that do what you can. i would rather die trying to stop something like that than walk away and see everyone killed. i would rather die. >> he will receive the air force highest noncombat award. the stage is set for pope frances. guess who is headlining?
2:39 am
oh ♪ >> the gene of soul herself aretha franklin will be one of many to perform on september 26th. after mark wahlberg who long credited his catholic up bringing will be the host of this event. cosmic confusion at nasa. accidentally labelling the sun as the moon in this tweet to the 1.2 million followers. they tweeted out a revised caption. you can tell it's the moon and you can see stars and city lights in the picture. this would not be possible with the sun in view because its light source is too bright. >> i knew that. >> grab the umbrella. strong storms expected in some parts of the country today. >> maria molina is live in the travel center plus the forecast. >> we are attracting fall like temperatures early this morning across the eastern u.s. with temperatures in the 50's and
2:40 am
60's this morning. as you head further west across parts of the plains it is feeling summer like. temperatures should be into the 80's and even 90's for many of you from parts of texas up into the parts of the dakotas. we have a storm system that is on the move. it is bringing in cooler troo temperatures and rain. it will happen especially across utah. on the radar busy from california to parts of montana. heather and ainsley. >> thank you. appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. licensed to fly while your id may no longer cut it at the airport security line. >> and helen mirren is feeling the heat after saying men who put their arms around woman saying it shows ownership. >> the more the mer year. >> is jake your only child? >> no. we have 12.
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>> couldn't keep her off me. >> ainsley, listen to this. the magic number of kids to keep your family happy. the but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . .
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>> a deadly pileup when this leads to a chain reks as crash. the semi-truck got lodged under a bridge on a highway north of denver. a jeep then hit a car stopped in traffic resulting in a five car pileup. the woman in the first car, the first car that was hit was killed. the driver of the jeep connor mallard now charged with careless driving. a close call in the sky. a drone comes into the path of a jetblue flight as it was landing in fort lauderdale, florida. the pilot reported the drone saying it was 1,000 feet above the airliner. that plane 15 miles from it the airport. a helicopter was sent out but
2:45 am
never found the drone. the flight landed safely but the faa is continuing its investigation. a suspicious package was a hoax created one of the flight attendants. he took a plastic bag pull of towels and tied it to one of the seats then told the crew he heard it beeping. that forced an emergency landing at dickinson airport. a scan of the bag showed nothing dangerous. now he is charged with interfering with aircraft operation and giving false information. are you headed to the airport today. you better check your driver's license. why it may not be enough to get you through security. fox business is telling us some more. >> at some point millions of americans may need a second form
2:46 am
of identification. drivers licenses in one state are not federally compliant. they have the real id ten years ago. homeland security is going to enforce the rule. if you have an id from minnesota, new hampshire, new york you may need a second form to get to your flight. in minnesota and new york some id's will work. some have been issued in that state. some will get started before enforcement starts. >> to find cheryl and the fox business network all you have to do is log on to >> it is 46 minutes after the p top of the hour. fired for being too fat? outrage after the airline grounded some employees. the player got the last laugh. now let's check in with brian
2:47 am
kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> it will be three hours nothing with sports. the producers are just finding that out. >> here's what else is on tap. the latest on the county clerk kim davis. cheerleading squad taking heat for their big performance set to the sounds of 9-11. they will perform it for you live. laura ingram is here. don't miss it.
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2:50 am
this wedding will likely go down as the most tasteless and offensive in history. the co-founder of the rock band
2:51 am
dove tied the knot with his 26-year-old girlfriend. their faces sat on top of the world trade center cake. guests left with real box cutters as the favors. and their table setting cards had an image of an engraved box cutter. the singer known for whip it tweeting this. deep apologies for all offended. there's a real explanation and it's not what you think. surprise cake and pix to tmz was a setup. tbc. to be continued. also, helen mirren has advice for us ladies. tell your man to take his arm off your holders because it's sexist. the actress said it annoys her when she sees certain forms of pda because it's like ownership. some call her hypocritical considering she's often seen on the red carpet with her husband's arm around her. this troubling number of
2:52 am
children are drinking hand sanitizer and they're getting drunk. a brand new report says the number of calls to poison control for the issue is up nearly 400%. researchers say that even just a few squirts of the hand wash can make a child dangerously drunk and they suggest providing children with nonalcoholic-based sanitize sanitizers. the science is finally in on the five-second rule. >> five-second rule. >> five, four, three, two -- >> hang on. >> have we all done that? i think i have. is it really okay to eat food after you drop it? scientists say it all depends on the surface that the food came in contact with. that makes sense. a food dropped on tile or wood floors picks up 70% on the bacteria on the ground within three seconds. but something on a carpeted floor will only pick up 1% of
2:53 am
the germs. now you know. okay. parents, if you have a lot of kids, you know how things can descend into chaos. >> no more. >> all right. make sure you take a deep breath and hug your kids tightly. because apparently you're one of the lucky ones. a study from australia shows that parents with@least four children get the most satisfaction out of life. the kids are never bored because there's always somebody to play with and it can bolster the entire family as a unit. >> it's 53 minutes after the top of the hour. breaking overnight, a deadly wave of flash flooding carries away two cars packed with women and children. the search for survivors coming up next. one city's snooping in your trash to see if you're recycling. is this an invasion of privacy
2:54 am
or does the city have a right to rummage? your e-mails next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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it is three minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening. classes are canceled at delta state university after the murder of a professor. the accused gunman also a professor is suspected of killing his own girlfriend before taking his own life. a desperate search for five
2:58 am
people miss not guilty floodwaters it utah. eight people dead after vehicles packed with women and children were washed into a flood channel. the gop candidates are ramping up for their second debate. let's keep talking about that debate. what is the best strategy, take on trump or stick it the issues? weigh in right now on our facebook page. #keep talking. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. ♪ mary poppins is coming back to the big screen courtesy of rob marshall. it's going to take place 20 years after the original. next the bad. air india grounding overweight crews. the airlines will reassign 125 workers who did not lose weight after the company warned them to get into shape last year. air india says it's about
2:59 am
fitness because fit people can respond more quickly to emergencies. finally, the ugly. a wrestling match at a baseball game. >> not a -- wrestling it out of his glove. >> unruly fan tried to snatch a caught foul ball right out of the dodgers first baseman's glove. everyone booed the guy. he was eventually ejected. i would imagine so. now it's time for your brew on this responses. trash talk in seattle. the city is being sued over garbage collectors snooping through the trash to see if residents are complying with new recycling laws. they face fines if they don't. >> an invasion of privacy or does the city have the right to rummage? >> one says it's not only an invasion of privacy, but nasty. >> should they do it? probably not unless they suspect something. could they do it legally? yes. >> albert says more freedoms erode from towns and cities that
3:00 am
don't know how to properly spend what they already have. >> the problem lies in the public's easy access to it. anybody can add something to your trash without your knowledge but you'll be punished for it. >> that's a good point. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. hello friends. good morning. today is tuesday, the 15th of september. 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elizabeth as he will beck. brand new details on what could be a deadly love triangle. donald trump packs a stadium with 20,000 people and takes on his rival. >> nobody will be able to do the job that i'm going to do. nobody. they won't. >> and wait until you hear what the donald has got planned for today. and is this the most


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