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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 15, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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tab. it will be good. i can feel it. >> the gloves are coming off. >> the fox news alert from california. the state fighting historic wildfires and now fascing flash flooding. >> what is next for the golden state? we'll cover all of the news happening now. >> this fire with 40 miles per hour and nothing would stop. it >> on the front line of a natural disaster that destroyed homes. can mother nature lend a hand to the thousands of fire fours who are battling the california wildfires. >> and the biggest threat is russia and 1980s are calling to ask for the foreign policy back. >> are those words coming back
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to haunt president obama. growing concern that vladimar putin is establishing a firmer foot hold in the mideast. >> and reality on the football field could bring payouts for fans at home. and it is all "happening now". >> we begin with the run up to the second republican primary debate. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. all eyes are on the political outsiders, donald trump and dr. ben carson. and carly fiorina gaining ground. 11 republicans set to face off in the ronald reagan presidential library. carl cameron is live from los
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angeles where trump will be speaking on board of the uss iowa. and this is his led up. what do you expect to see and hear today? >> he's talked about coming to do the speech tonight on the deck of the battleship uss iowa. donald trump had a crowd of 20000 people in dallas. he had choice words for ben carson and other rivals and carly fiorina going after as well. all of them outsiders and up in the polls. he will talk about military policy and what he would do to help vets. he identified the problem and open question of whether he will talk about specifics. most of the time his speeches turn into rants against his rivals and last time scott walker on megyn kelliy took trump to task as walker said
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trump is wrong for america. >> people listen to this, more we realize it is not the country or party and not the country i grew up in. >> reporter: he's referring to the rhetoric, the absence of political experience. trump's political policy are under fire for a big- time super pac. club for growth very active in midterms and running millions of attack ads on candidates they deem to the right on budget. here is two against trump. and here is one about the supreme court case and the government's ability to take property for public projects. watch. >> which presidential candidate supports the wall street bail out. donald trump.
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he supports imminent domain abuse. >> tough, tough stuff. and you can bet trump will talk about that and he will be center stage and flankws by ten rivals and he will be right in the middle of it. and there are more candidates coming at him than six weeks ago. and frankly ben carson is in a virtual tie from cbs. and ben carson should expect the music from the billionaire developer as well. >> we'll watch for. it >> meanwhile dr. ben carson has a boost in the poll. finding support for the retired neurosurgeon rose sfaep points since early august. and donald trump rose three points. trump and carson are just four points apart within the margin of error.
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joining us now is a pollster and strategist. and pete snyder is with us. and former lieutenant candidate and fox news contributor. >> donald trump had huge name recognition and dr. ben carson was barely heard of in this country until he went to the national prayer breakfast and critized the president. >> i think it suggests that we are starting to so a ceiling on donald trump's popularity. he couldn't keep growing. and it is not surprising it is another political outsider. ben carson is much more thoughtful and measured in how he speaks and willing to apologize when he questioned donald trump's evangellical as
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it were and he's sorry about that and department mean to cause offense. but the most interesting finding in the poll, 46 percent of trump's supporters are not wed to him necessarily. they are still looking at other candidates and that's where ben carson and carly fiorina outside of the beltway have traction here and could keep growing. >> what about that, pete? >> these two candidates are polar opposites except for the fact they are political new newcomers and political outsiders. dr. ben carson soft spoken and quiet and a humble guy. and humility is not a word to describe donald trump. why are they doing so well? >> it is a rotten time to be a hair sprayed talking point politician. 50 percent of the electorate
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combining carson and trump. and want a nonpolitician and throw in carly in there, it is it a majority. i think it is like nirvana and you hear it and feel silly for listening to the glam metal band. that's what the electorate is feeling when they hear carson and trump and say why am i dealing with the jokers so long? >> when you listen to donald trump. there is a lot of prescriptions. people like the sound of. build the wall and whatever. short on specifics. is she going to have to offer specifics at the debate or down the rod that may change his political fortunes? >> i think there will. there is only so long he can go on like this. he's talking about doing things that are not possible.
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he would have to repeal naftan and not building a wall to let the good mexicans. >> it would be a beautiful wall and. >> and it would say probably trump. carson is thoughtful. his ideas are inflammatory. we are talking about a man who said obama care was the worst thing since slavery and congress should have the right to get rid of justices that approve of marriage equality. it is mostly the outsider status that is carrying him through. and trump is not offering anything clear and pointed for americans to look at and this is what the future is like. they know the icon can't be to china and bring the jobs back on his back and i wanted to get in
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something real about ben carson and what he stands for. it is not what we think it is. >> what about the candidates we are not talking about. a few months ago it was jeb bush's race. can they shine boy taking on trump? >> it is a wonderful time to be carly fiorina. she's masterfully been the only candidate to engage trump and she dunked on him with the adof the faces of the party and women. it was beautifully done. and john kasich is doing a great job. and jeb bush and scott walker, you need to stand out on wednesday night. it is early and getting late all at the same time. >> pete and jessica, thank you both. >> we want to hear from you, our viewers. who are you most excited to see at the debate and why?
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go to and do not forget to tune in for the best analysis starting at 11:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. >> and the wildfires out west. heavy rain sparking flash floods that have left eight people dead. and wildfireses destroying 500 homes and prompting mass evacuation. and we'll see how close together they are happening and the destruction that they are leaving behind. we have fox news coverage and jan is dean standing by. and claudia cowan. one of the areas that are devastated by the wildfires. claudia? >> reporter: jenna, it is heart breaking of block after block of what was middle town manor.
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50 apartment units and cars, all of it is rubble. the wheels on this car melted away. good indicator of how fierce the fire was and 67000 acres tis twice the size of san francisco and 15 percent contained and took one life when a 72-year-old woman was trapped in her home. she was a retired teacher that was disabled and couldn't get out. firefighters are recovering from second-degree burns. without power and water several towns are evacuated and crews are making things safer for resident for when they do return. >> they will want to look through things and one of our efforts to make sure hot spots are addressed and we try to put them down and cool them off. and so it is safer for them when they are allowed back in. >> reporter: 585 homes were
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destroyed and damage assessment teams are trying to figure out why some burned down and others didn't. building materials and wind direction. they don't want to lose an opportunity of how to prevent widespread damage. with four years of drought, fire behavior is unpredictable. firefighters are starting to get the upper hand near sacramento. and the massive rufk fire is 40 percent contained and promise is made on these and other wildfires burning all around california, jenna. it is possible this the firefighters are going to be sent here. back to you. >> thank you. let's check the weather forecast in california where crews are battling the catastrophe wildfires. janice don't joins. how does it look. >> we are getting moisture and
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temperatures are going down in the last 24 hours. l.a. had flooding earlier on today. and the valley fire which is claudia cow an is. collar temperatures and the rain gets in there on wednesday with. and dealing with over 62000 acre. and the drought monitor. 92 percent of the state severe to exceptional drought. and forecast. the big storm system that moves inward and to the california area and bringing beneficial rain. there is the next several days and certainly relief. and i want to warn folks. friday and the weekend, temperatures go up and the rain moves in, back to you. >> they have had too much rain and flooding out west. >> absolutely. we saw incredible pictures in the area of utah. and inch and half of rainfall. in this area any kine of rain
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will produce flooding and allabilities as run off and not like living in the northeast here. it is all run off and that is bringing a threat throughout the day today. >> scary stuff. thank you. >> new information about migrants arrive nothing miami beach. a border patrol is responding to a maratine smuggling event. their nationalities are unknown and we'll bring you more information as we get. it >> in the meantime charges announced in the the deadly hazing of a new york city college student and how the victim's family is responding and the latest in the search for a serial highway sniper. and what they are doing to find a shooter that is terrorizing phoenix area. >> i don't need your name or
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>> police in arizona & offering 50,000 to anybody that leads them to the sniper. the police are{for more. we will make sure you get your money. people's lives at risk and the only way to put it back to normal will is make sure we apprehend the there are 11 confirmed shootings.
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and 32 are thes facing lesser charges in the 2013 death. ask they are live in the new york newsroom with more. >> investigators say michael deng was pumbleed by his and after someone was blind fooleded and weighted down. he complained that his head aurt it is investigators that believe that the students put it first. and the banners hid banners before taking deng to a hospital. others are still in shock. >> the rushing process is a part of the life.
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but it should be done in a way where nobirthday gets hurt like. this >> it was unfortunate and for all of the parties that got involved it went over board. >> the grand jury recommended five face charges. the fraternity is also being charged. the college president issued a statement. he can't comment on the disciplinary status. we owe it to michael and his family to hold those responsible for the senseless death of this young man nothing can replace their loss, but there is solace in knowing that the individuals and fraternity will be brought to justice. >> and wildfireses in northern
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california and burning down hundreds of homes. evacuees taking everything they can including pets. there is someone who has battled wildfires for decades. incredible video. they lived to tell the tale of an incredible whale jump. detales on this next. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ google search: bodega beach house. ♪ ♪
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a spectacular leap puts nature lovers in harm's way. watch.
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dramatic video from california, capturing the moment when a humpback whale leaps out of the water and nearly crushing two kyaktors. they were part of a whale watching tour. they walked away uninjured. a i whale of a tale. >> we need to talk to them. we do. out best. the deadly wildfires. and the area in the sierra nevada was not as low in 500 years. that is fuelling the devastating wildfires. you have hot dry conditions and scorching huge chunks of land and forcing people to evacuate in a moment's notice. janet what is the priority
10:26 am
today. >> good morning, actually afternoon. the priority is life safety. they are battling unprecedented conditions. it is something that our 30 year veterans have not seen in their careers. >> we showed middletown, it is so devastated by one of the fires, the many fires burning in california. are any of the fires currently moving to highly populated areas. >> the valley fire is half mile from the napa cooperate line. many people know where that is at. the fire is not what we saw in the initial throws. it is much improved and we are working on controlling the perimeters, as it stands right now, there are no new community affected or evacuation order ares at this time. >> we hear about fire behavior
10:27 am
and that is so different than previous years. can you describe to us what you mean when we talk about fire behavior and how difficult the fires are to fight? >> we have what firefighters call fuelled with nothing but the grass, brush and trees and the amount of water and moisture is at historical low levels. and what that does, it is described as fanning gasoline and makes them receptive to fires and burning with an intensity nothing short of feroshs. they are burn as if they have a santanana wind. this summer with the valley fire and the fire in lake county. we had those conditions and on top of that a wind and that caused explosive and deadly fires. >> two- part question as we wrap
10:28 am
up. dow have the resources and how crucial is the wet weather that is in the forecast at least later on this week? >> we have the resources and 100 million this year and knowing these conditions were coming with four years of drought and recently governor brown authorized 150 additional firefighters and six helicopterers and resources that are beneficials and with the weather, while the rain is beneficial, what is not welcomes the low pressure system that comes with those rains and create winds and that's what we saw in the valley fire. >> surely for those of us from outside of the state. we think there will be help there but not a panacea to this. >> we'll watch the fires closely. >> thank you, jenna.
10:29 am
>> evacuees and volunteers are helping the animals. napa county fairgrounds housing thousands of evacuees with makeshift facilities and accepting pets. volunteers are rescuing peppies and horses and a calf. a veternarian is tending to them when they arrive in the the camp grounds. >> hillary clinton going off of the cuff in a tv interview in forming a clinton, clinton ticket. >> and candidates making cash on twitter. >> and how it is playing a role in the presidential race.
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active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. >> well, hillary clinton is changing up her campaign as poll numbers take a hit. she's opening up more in interviews and responding to a question about bill clinton as a possible running mate as bernie sanders gains momentum and attention as his poll numbers are rising. ed henry has more. >> reporter: jon, good to see you. hillary clinton's trouble to women voters. she's trying to get the women back in the tent.
10:34 am
and a new washington poll said she has dropped 29 points with the white women in the last couple of months as the e-mail scandal hit her on the issue of trust for all voters. you are right. she is doing interviews like extra and she dropped an interesting tidbit about her husband. >> he has served two terms and the argument would be as vice-president it would the not be possible for him to ever suseed to the position. it has crossed my mind. >> though he could not run again because he served two terms and interesting as well. as she struggles in the polls, bernie sanders is continuing to gain steam. he had a rally of 3 to 4000 people and made it clear that
10:35 am
he's reaching out to female voters as well. >> they are all woman out there, trying, trying desperately to earn enough money to take care of their kids and when we have pay equity, we'll attack a major step forward. >> a new poll suggests that bernie sander system leading hillary clinton in the first primary of new hampshire by seven points. there is 4 or 5 polls suggesting he is in the lead in new hampshire. >> thank you, ed. good to see you. >> candidates raising money have a new tool. that is twitter. and the social media service has a feature to allow them to donate directly. and the presidential candidates are going to use this right
10:36 am
away, jon. >> going to try again to pass a measure to reject the iran nuclear deal. mike emmanuel live from the dc bureau with a look at that. >> reporter: sources close to mitch mcconnell said this is a big foreign policy change and maintain there must be an up and down vote. this agreement would last longer than the president. republicans call it a partisan deal negotiated by president obama and his team and point out there is bipartisan. >> and this is a deal to go around the american people. the president didn't want to give to us at all.
10:37 am
and doesn't want us to have a say at all. >> top democrats say it is time to move on. mcconnell will continue to push and take up and debate the nuclear agreement. all but four senate democrats votered against taking it up for a vote. >> what we are confident in after september 18th. we'll move forward with the international community. to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> it would be a deadline for both chambers to vote. you can expect the fight to continue, jon. >> and for a while. mike, thank you. a new military move by
10:38 am
russia. the levels have not been seen from them since the 1980s. >> what we would prefer to see from the russians is an engagement with the 60 member coalition that is led by the united states that is to destroy isil. we welcome russia's effort in that. but they are continuing to offer assad and that is counterproductive. >> casy mcfarland was secretary of defense in the reagan administration. do you think that the white house is being authentic by saying they welcome russia to the 60 country coalition to fight isis. >> that is bla, bla, bla. it is a failure and who
10:39 am
understands that? vladimar putin. this is his big moment. he's moving in. he knows that we are a feckless a liiance and not working and he's taking advantage and the worry i have not only is putin reversing 40 years of history where we pushed the russians out and when i worked with henry kiss ifrmger. but they are pushing us out. a new coalition between syria, russia and iran. they want to control that whole region at our expense. >> and let me ask you about that coalition. do you think that russia and iran and syria can defeat isis? >> that is ultimately where the fight goes. but the russians are making common cause with iran. and they will sell them weapons and the famous iranian general was in moscow presumably to talk
10:40 am
about a russian and iran arms deal as well as syria if that is iran, russia and syria fighting against isis, isis is defeated or not. where is the united states in all of this? we are not involved in the middle east. >> and that's what the white house had to say. we are watching president assad. i saw headlines cross with the news agency saying that this is assad. loosely, saying that europe should stop supporting terrorist to solve the refugee crisis and he's coming out against isis. he sounds like the politicians here. we for a strange puzzle where we have the same priority of the people we say we do not want to empower. how do we right that? or get that to make sense. >> it is in the middle east nothing makes sense.
10:41 am
the enemy is my friend today and i will change my mind tomorrow. the united states is supposedly fighting isis. we are turning it over to iran. if we wanted to fight isis we would arm the kurds. we with are leaving the region and iran is taking charge of the region and going to a liiance with russia and prop up assad in syria and whose expense? united states is out of the middle east. what do the russian and iran. assad is based in syria on the coastal will area. >> that is the mediterranean all the way to iran. and they would control the middle east lavont. and arabia peninsula and the persian gulf. >> you are saying potentially they could defeat isis and we would lose region and give it
10:42 am
over to people who are not the our friends. and a think tanker said that russia is doing it on purpose because vladimar putin asked with a meeting for the president of the united states and he wants it in when the u.n. general assembly and that's part of the strategy. sit down with putin. >> number one. rebuild the american defenses and tell the ukrainians and here is weapons. we'll help you to fight the russians. kurds, you fight isis. who are our friends and how can we help them without necessarily fighting ourselves. and vladimar putin. you know, here's the deal, you are only staying in power because you have gotten your people inside of a bubble. we'll tear down the cyber wall and then sit back and see how
10:43 am
popular you are. >> we'll see wherewhere all of this goes. jon. >> china has apparently enough stolen information from security breeches to create its own facebook- like network. how the high profile breeches could impact the american government employees. >> and pope francis ready to visit the united states and giving speeches in three major cities. why you may want to brush up on your spanish if you are planning on attending. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪
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10:47 am
and former commissioner ray kelliy is here taurg being about the targeting of cops. and donald trump's big rally on the west coast. don't miss the real story on the top of the hour. if you want to hear the pope speak in the united states, better brush up on your spanish. he is scheduled to give four in english and the rest of the 18 is in spanish. the pope finds it easier to express himself in his native language. it includes a trip to the white house on wednesday. and a speech to a joint session of congress in new york and a mass at the cathedral of st. s peter and paul. >> and data store the by chinese
10:48 am
operatives. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine has more on why. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. the same chinese entitty was behind the breach of two health care provider ares. when you combine opm with personal information in a health care file you have a profile of government employees who work in national security. a leading it company said it is charged for targets and black bailing. and the company warns that the opm data beach is the tip of the iceberg as they are under constant cyber attack by china and russia. >> they also note that this is a generational problem that cannot be fixed with credit monitoring. the big worry is that the
10:49 am
likelihood applicants and associates and friends and families is high that they will be impacted. >> one of the things they can do is not target the individual working with a defense contractor but target their spouse orchids and try to get them to reveal information about their parent's work and that used for espinoge. >> reporter: president obama will raise the issue in the upcoming state visit, jenna. >> and thank you. stocks are soaring on wall street and the dow is up triple digits. and a new nfl season means the return of fantasy football and the business surrounding that sport can test loyalties. >> you are cheering for a player
10:50 am
who is playing against the hometown. they are personally invested in it. financial services firms? or 13,000 financial advisors who say thank you? it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. test. test.
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fox news alert. it never rains in southern california are so goes the 60 songs, but it is raining today. a number of people are getting caught up in rushing flood waters. this is a rescue under way right now. you're looking at live pictures in huntington beach. three people are apparently trapped in flood waters that have come upon that area quite suddenly. whether they just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time or went out to play in the rushing creeks and rivers and got a little more than they bargained for, we do not know. this is the second rescue we
10:54 am
have seen as a result of rains that have taken that part of the state very much by surprise. they could use more of that water elsewhere especially to the north in california. the new numbers show americans boosting their spending last month buying car, clothes and dining out. overall retail sales went up. the dow having a pretty good day today. the retail sales are one reason why the fed may think the u.s. economy is strong enough to enforce higher interest rates. the fed will begin a two-day meeting to decide if interest rates should be raised. with the nfl regular season under way, football fandom is at its highest. in 2013 about 32 million americans spent $11 billion playing fantasy football. with all that money at stake,
10:55 am
how do the companies in charge of the fantasy sports teams work? fox business network adam shapiro joins us with a look behind the scenes. >> websites charge an entry fee to play. that's it. for instance, you might pay a $25 entry fee and then you assemble your fantasy team. there are limits to how many players you can pick. fantasy sports players win points based on the real world performance and statistics of the individual players on their fantasy teams. the billions and i said billions of dollars generated that's the real thing. the fantasy sports trade association says 57 million people in the united states and canada will play fantasy sports this year. a player will spend an average $465 this year. the industry booming but it's drawing critics like new jersey
10:56 am
congressman frank malone, a proponent of legalized sports betting to determine if fantasy sports websites are breaking the law. gambling online is illegal. the 2006 unlawful gaming act admits a loophole. the largest fantasy sports sites have partnered with major league sports leagues like the nba and major league baseball. they are valued at over a billion dollars. john. >> all right. adam, thank you. how about a night of wine and tapas at taco bell? the final 30 is next.
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location in chicago next week. >> that will serve alcohol. >> thanks for joining us today. donald trump getting ready to take on the world again. i'm gretchen carlson. donald trump trying out the role in commander in chief as his republi eyes on the front-runner. he said he's ready for whatever telling everyone bring it. >> so the debate. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. i hear it. >> trump already has the jet, the helicopters, the yacht.


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