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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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location in chicago next week. >> that will serve alcohol. >> thanks for joining us today. donald trump getting ready to take on the world again. i'm gretchen carlson. donald trump trying out the role in commander in chief as his republi eyes on the front-runner. he said he's ready for whatever telling everyone bring it. >> so the debate. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. i hear it. >> trump already has the jet, the helicopters, the yacht. now he's getting the feel of a
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battleship. carl, will he actually talk specifics about defense policy. >> reporter: there it is behind me. mr. trump will have a big crowd on the deck with him for his speech. we're told by law enforcement officials they are expecting demonstrators, anywhere from 500 to 5,000. it could billihis aids won't te he's going to say.
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this is an opportunity to talk about the issues. specifically the need for a stronger military and he will address the veterans administratiad administrati administration. he got into a bit of a tiff with john mccain saying he didn't fix it but that's not his job as a u.s. senator. trump will unload on some of his rivals. the club for growth, an outside group is running ads against him. jeb bush has been pounding him every day. last night scott walker on megan kellie show really went off s saying trump's tone is just not right for america. >> you touched on the fact there's some new ads out accusing him of not being conservative enough. >> reporter: there's two things going on. one the super pac that's supporting jeb bush announced it
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will spend $23 million on ads. they are putting up a web video that contrast what is they say is donald trump's pessimism. they show trump in dark shaded colors and show the sunrising and you hear jeb bush's voice. the club for growth is running two attack ads. this is the fiscally conservative group. they are going after him for being not conservative in raising taxes and supporting the supreme court decision that allows the government to take more private property for public profit. here is a public sampling. >> club for growth action is responsible for the content of this advertising. the supreme court's decision gave government massive new power to take private property and give it to corporations. conservatives have fought this disaster. what's donald trump say about? >> reporter: it says donald trump supports that because he
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can get rich off of it. he's been in battle with the club for growthing saying they tried to offer him donations in order to support their group. he thinks that's another part of the lobbying corruption and because least a billionaire, he's above it. he said he's not going to raise taxes but most of the other rivals in the race who look at what he's talking about says he's offered all kinds of promises and not shown specifics or any types of ways for paying for it. >> thanks. as the gop presidential candidates gear up to debate tomorrow, domestic issues are porn. 42% called gun control policy an important issue. that's up from 22% in 2011. 39% of voters listed illegal immigration up from 29%. 27% named abortion important, up from 20% four years ago.
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rick santorum served as a republican pennsylvania senator. welcome back to the real story. i was adding a third thing to your resume. >> i'll take it. >> i know you'd like to add president to it. >> exactly. >> the call you had out to your constituency. you're saying there's a big debate and i need your help. i want you to tell me what you want to focus on. >> yeah. one of the things i do. i've been the 99 counties in iowa. i go out and talk to people. i try to get a sense of what's going on in this country and try to reflect that and the solutions that we're putting forward. you have two options in this presidential campaign. you can spend all your time raiding money or spend that time meet and talking to voters. i've chosen to raise enough money to run campaign and go out there and be in touch with voters and iowa and south carolina and i think in the end that will pay off.
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>> the interesting thing this time around it seems the american public, do they want to hear about the issues or are we just focusing not on that because we're focusing on the entertainment value so far, it appears. >> i found your years ago we went through the same thing. many of us who were talking about the issues were down near the bottom. when push comes to shove, when you start to dating and start to look at the american you'll marry you get much more serious about the character of that person, what they believe and what kind of leader and president they'll be. i think in the end we'll do very well. we're the outsider that's got insider experience and track record of shaking up washington, d.c. that's the combination that the people are ultimately going to decide upon. >> meantime democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton says the idea of picking her husband, former president bill clinton as her v.p. has
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crossed her mind, but she's been advised it would be unconstitutional. senator, what do you think about that? >> you can't have somebody president and vice president from the same state. that eliminates everybody from the state of new york for hillary clinton. the idea that she would consider something like that, again, it's tried to grab onto past glory and trying to pump up the campaign. >> he's popular. >> yeah, he is. he's a lot more popular than she is. i get it. i understand why she's trying to hitch her wagon to his popularity. i think the reason that bernie sanders is doing well, there's people who have go out there and identified what people are upset about. they want someone who will be change agent in washington, d.c. someone who can make things happen. i can tell you there's a big difference between building a coalition to get things done in washington and building a building opinion that's the difference that we're going to lay out in the debate tomorrow night. >> senator, thanks for your
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thoughts. time for my take. we just discussed issues important to the american people in that poll this election cycle, immigration and gun control. do we really want to hear more about what the candidates really think about them? this election cycle we've seen every other gop candidate except for trump trying to get back to that conversation. i'm not so sure that's going to happen. governor bobby jindal gave a speech all about attacking trump. as a result he made it on national tv and was a point of discussion for a 24 hour news cycle. not because he gave a speech full of policy ideas but because he took on trump. are we only interested in the next entertaining thing to come from donald trump or do we want them to really talk about the issues? i've come to the conclusion that we may only focus on the issues is when we listen to the debates.
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if that's true, it's a good idea there will be a lot of them. you can always get my take on my facebook page and river rescue going on right now. crews pulling three people from the water. >> took us about two hours to go from severe drought to flooding. it rained very heavy and near huntington beach they had all kinds of water just rushing down. now we've been told it's not just three people. it was five people who were trapped on a high ground under the santa ana river. somehow they were trapped there because we have no idea why they were in middle. were they kayaking? they were not driving. they were on high ground. this is up with of the rescues.
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they one by one pulled all five of the people up on the bridge above the river. we have now been told that all five are now safe. we do not know again how they got stranded at the high or the high and dry part of the river. they have all been taken away. this is the huntington beach police department and fire rescue. we have been told all five have been rescued. very heavy rains in southern california all morning. we're expecting more as the day go on. we could use the rains up in northern california where the fires are burning. right now it appears to be focused in the south land. more as we get it. eight people have died and five are still missing. it's flash flood in utah. all the victim, women and children. the youngest only four years old.
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jonathan hunt following this story. how did this happen? >> reporter: at this point of those five who are still missing, four of them are children. the other a woman. it appears this family had gone out to watch the huge thunderstorms that were sweeping through the hilldale area last night and they simply, in the words of an official, got caught off guard. they were trying to back out according to witnesses in their vehicles but this wall of water came at them and they simply couldn't get away. listen as one woman who was watching another rescue while recording it on her cell phone talks about how people have become stuck. listen here. >> the car is stuck. look at the water flowing. we have to go get the school kids that they have the
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roadblocked up off and it's flowing real hard. now we're just stuck here. >> reporter: more rain and thunderstorms passing through the area right now. that is making rescue conditions and the search very difficult. >> thanks. new allegations over hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. documents showing a five-month gap in the presidential hopeful's e-mails. the state department's response and what it could mean for the ongoing investigation. plus, we have this. >> don't do that. >> what do you mean look forward? >> that's the inside of an airplane. violent outbursts on that flight led to the plane being diverted as well as that arrest. what the heck happened?
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welcome back. another new twist in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. newly obtained documents show a nearly five-month gap in clinton's e-mails beginning in 2009 when she was sworn in as secretary of state. yesterday the state department dismissing the allegations attributing to the fact she had just taken office. the folks at judicial watch are not buying it. >> we're not aware of any gaps except the first few months of her tenure. she used a different account. >> you have state department document saying there's a gap and now we have a spokesman saying there isn't a gap. we're asking the court to make
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sure other records that weren't turned over aren'tdestroyed. >> what are we to make of this? there's two different time periods where there's these gaps? >> first time period is the first two or three months of her tenure. we're talking about february, march and april of 2009. during the time period when her spokesman said she used a different server. we now the young man who installed the server in her and her husband's home did so in early february 2009. we don't know when they turned the server on and when she started using it. whatever she used the first three months she has an obligation to get that raw data into the hands of the state department bauecause it belongsn the hands of the the government. it doesn't belong to her.
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the more troublesome is the one in december and november of 2012. that's the one that followed by two months the assassination of ambassador stephens in benghazi. >> it was also during the presidential election. there's that gap there. >> there's no explanation for that gap. she was using the clinton server before the gap and she was using it after that gap. we're not talking about a minuscule number. we're talking about a government official who sent or received 15,000 e-mails a year. we're talking about probably 2500 to 3500 unaccounted for e-mails in that two month time period following ambassador stephens death. >> the young man who set up her server, he's taken the fifth but now he's working on a deal for . >> his lawyers have sent a letter to the lawyers for the congressman's committee saying
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if he's called to testify and put under oath against his will he'll assert the fifth amendment. lawyers for the two committees have said would you consider accepting immunity. one does not accept immunity. it's thrust upon one. before they give someone immunity, they want to know what he would say if he's immune. he's in the process of telling them what he would say without spilling all the beans because he may not have immunity. he's negotiating for immunity by telling them what he will tell them if he gets immunity. >> thank goodness you know how to explain all that. thank you. american airlines flight forced to make an emergency detour. it was because of this passenger. what was she doing before being escorted off the plane and what are the charges now against her? the gop presidential candidates are preparing to take the debate stage like senator marco rubio answering questions with a football and it's on a
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india grounded because their bmi levels for air india are considered too high. the airline says it gave the staff warning to slim down. speaking of airlines, american airlines flight from miami to chicago forced to divert to indiana after that passenger on your screen allegedly began acting erratically and yelling at other passengers. what happened here? >> it's weird because most of the people on board didn't realize what was happening and then the captain said he needed large men to help subdue a passenger. a lot of people thought it was major problem. a 36-year-old woman identified as danielle was kicking the seat of passenger in front of her. when the passenger complained witnesses say she punched the man. a flight attendant tried to calm down the woman. the woman then grabbed the flight attendant, kissed her and punched her in the face.
11:25 am
passengered helped drag the woman to the back of the plane where she was subdued. the captain made an unscheduled stop and airport police escorted her off. listen to her scream on the way out. >> what do you mean look forward? >> she was not done being unruly when she was taken off the plane. she's accused of kicking an airport police officer. she's now facing a bunch of local charges including battery and disorderly conduct. she's also facing federal charges of interfering with an aircraft and she is still in jail. last friday this man is accused of standing up on his jet blue flight and peeing all over the seats, luggage and yes, other passenge passengers. witnesses say he slept most of the flight but he had to go. he was charged with offensive littering. while we're talking about planes, we told you many times
11:26 am
how dangerous birds can be for airplane engines. see it get hit there. think about miracle on the hudson, it took the engines out. this plane hits the bird hard. the planes always win. the bird fluttered out. it's unlikely it was able the fly again. to give you an idea how busy bird airports are. >> the one about the urinating one, i still can't get over that one. we have war of words between chris christie and police commissioner over which state has hand over crime now. ray kellie is here. he's going to win on that and much more. new claims that bill clinton asked the state department for permission to give a paid speech to a controversial group with
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welcome back. california in state of emergency. thousands being forced out of their homes because of what's on your screen right there. immense wildfires destroying parts of napa. four firefighters badly burned. north korea has resumed nuclear facility has resumed
11:31 am
operations. the fuel scope of their capabilities remain unclear. two students are killed in a the school bus accident in houston. the bus flipping over as it was exiting the freeway. two other students and the driver seriously injured. new york city police commissioner depending his city's crime stats. in response to an attack by chris christie over the weekend. t they argued that major bill de blasio policies have compromised the city's safety. >> when you use statistics about an argument you'd best make sure you have accurate statistics. otherwise you're blowing a lot of hot air. i would suggest there's a lot of hot air blowing over this way from new jersey. this will be the second best year in modern history relative to those categories in new york city. >> ray kelly is the new author
11:32 am
of vigilance, my life serving america and protecting its empire city, and he did it well. they're in a war of words. you used to be in this position. who's right? >> i'm going to say out of that fight, we know that murders are up in new york. there's a concern that they may continue to rise. i think there's been a drift as far as the quality of life, at least the optics more homeless, that sort of thing. that's what happen people concerned. >> let's take a look at the stats. here are new york crime stats. as of september 5th, shooting incidents are down .9% but murders are up 4.5%. let's look over in new jersey. new jersey 354 homicides for a
11:33 am
population of 8.9 million. th it's about the same number of homicides and population as new york city. who knows? i'm going to take your word for the fact that murders are going up. the gop presidential candidates take the debate stage tomorrow night. how should they ard tddress the issue of domestic terrorism and violence against police officers? >> it's a big issue. we hear this rhetoric that we think has stoked the flames. we know that two police officers were assassinated here. officers lou and ramos in december as a direct result of some of that rhetoric. i'm sure these candidates are going to be pretty strong on that issue and also on terrorism. we need a firm posture. i think it's been pretty constant since september 11. >> if you were still commissioner, how do you handle this feeling in society now that cops are the bad guys?
11:34 am
in some cases they have been but in the majority of cases they are keeping people safe. >> absolutely. they do great work every day. i think they are underappreciated throughout the country and the media focuses on these aberrations. the vast majority do great work and have driven crime down throughout the country for two decades. record lows in many places including here in new york city. >> in your book, you talk about the 16 plots that were thwarted. we reported on them frequently. are we still worried about that in our society or did you just do a great job that we kind of stopped worrying about it? >> for some reason it burns bright and dies out quickly. you stop most people on the street and say it was 16 plus. they'd be very surprised.
11:35 am
it's not the focus of people's attention. i think partly because a good job has been done by a lot of people. that doesn't mean the threat has rescinded at all. >> are you of the belief even though the plots have been thwarted it's a matter of time before something happens or do you have the belief you can stop everything? >> i think something will happen. i don't think it's going to happen here in new york because of all the investment that's been made in preventing an attack. over 1,000 police officers every day. federal government is pitching in. we have a security initiative, lots of technology brought to bear. i think new york is doing everything it can. unfortunately, the whole country is target. >> would you ever want to be commissioner again? >> no. i've done it twice. two times is enough for me.
11:36 am
thank you. >> all right. check out his new book. he was successful in keeping new york safe and the rest of the country. great to see you. >> thank you. we have exclusive details about bill clinton seeking state department approval now to give a paid speech at a fund raiding gala for the national iranian american council. it happened in 2012. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in washington. what did you uncover? >> good to see you. this is an exclusive e-mail we've obtained talks about a june 2012 request from the former president's office to the state department. it was a very sensitive time. in the summer of 2012 jake sullivan and other top aids were having secret talks with iranian diplomats. that paved the way for the iranian nuclear deal that is being discussed and being
11:37 am
debated. let me quote from the e-mail that came from bill clinton's office.d would the u.s. gov government have any concerns about wjc doing a paid speech for the national iranian american council. we have been approached for president clinton to speak at a fund raising gala there. this is in 2012. we obtained the e-mail as it came in from a lawsuit. he's gotten some e-mails involving the bill clinton speaking request. there were previous ones involving north korea that were quite controversial. in the end bill clinton did not deliver the speeches and he did not deliver this speech. we just got the statement stressing they were not asking permission but as we've said before, as a matter of course all request were run by the state department and most importantly, ultimately the president did not give this speech. very interesting because we're
11:38 am
starti ining as some of these e-mails pure out to get an inside look at the speeches the president was considering. >> okay. very interesting. hillary clinton also struggling right now with female voters. when you break that down, what did you find out? >> it's shocking. she could make history and become the first female president in american history. you would think this would be the engine driving her to a victory. the washington post finds she's dropped among white women 29 points in the last eight weeks. as she promotes a new book, her daughter goes on the today show and talks about sort of the softer side of hillary clinton. listen to this. >> it's the best. i didn't know it would be such a joy of parenting to see my parents as grandparents. it really has been. i love watching my mom read to charlotte, sing to her. >> she went onto say that
11:39 am
hillary clinton likes to sing the songs the wheels on the bus. obviously, she's hoping to keep the wheels on the campaign bus. >> you remember that song with your kids. >> i do. >> all right. we'll do music another time. ♪ all through the town >> we were just singing it over here. it's part of our daily ritual. usually during my take. >> really. you sing during that? >> we feel like it needs a music bit. >> thank you. i'm not sure if that's a compliment or not, but i'll take it. >> it is. what do you have coming up? >> five government whistle blowers say they found a serious problem. one that could cause passenger jets to crash. whistle blowers think they found a problem that makes the plane crash. the feds admit the computer bug is real but they still don't have it fixed. we'll explain what the whistle blowers have uncovered and warn
11:40 am
it could cause two jets to collides with catastrophic results if there's something other than a catastrophic result when two jets collide, but that's just me. plus as we get word of that technical glitch we're learning that some airports are demanding even more technology. we'll tell you where flights are landing without a single person in the air traffic control tower. we'll see you then. thanks. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders drawing big crowds, as you know, on the campaign trail. his plans to solve income inequality and other policies come with a big price tag. how much would his plans cost taxpayers? plus strong words from donald trump on immigration but would other republicans go for his policy if he was elected president? >> we have to build a wall, folks. [ cheers and applause ] >> we have to build a wall. a wall works. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite.
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welcome back the donald trump coming down hard on immigration issues. >> when a man has a problem and he's got his wife or his girlfriend and they move her over to the border for one day, has the baby on the other side of the border, our side, now that baby is a citizen of our country for however long the baby lives. it's wrong. it's wrong. >> outside his big speech there were large protests with people not happy about his stance on immigration. joining me now simon rosenberg and a former bill clinton add v visor. >> gentlemen, how do we explain this. on the inside of that stadium or hall or whatever you want to call it last night, 20,000
11:45 am
people who love donald trump. on the outside protesters saying we don't like this immigration stuff. >> yeah. i'm wonder were those d.c. republicans down there protesting or the u.s. chamber of commerce. donald trump is ticking off all the right people. i know there's a lot of washington, d.c. style republicans who are nervous about his message but they shouldn't be. look at what the voters are saying. republicans have been lied to for several decades by establishment republicans who say they will prioritize immigration laws and do something about the problems of illegal immigration and they have done nothing once they get elected. donald trump is resonating. >> the interesting thing is if i had to guess, politicians don't do anything. marco rubio came out with a plan. he got panned for it and he comes off his ideas. nobody dares to do anything which is the whole essence of being a politician. you don't say what you think because you don't want to offend
11:46 am
certain constituency, right? >> the way the democrats are looking at this is in the last two presidential elections we got 53 and 51% of the vote. it's the best showing our party had since 1940 and 1944. a lot of that energy and success was through this new electorate. younger people of color and young millenials who don't like this rhetoric. it's our view this is making it much more likely that if this is the rhetoric that republicans are using next year it will make it much more likely that democrats win the election in 2016. >> come on. >> let's listen to more. >> it's disgusting what's happening to our country. we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. we are a dumping ground. >> is he right or wrong, larry? >> well, listen, i don't want to talk about intolerance without pointing out the tolerance on the left. they are tolerant of people who are breaking the laws of this country and showing no
11:47 am
compassion to the people who legally immigrant. they are showing no compassion to the american workers who have lost their jobs and they're showing no compassion to the victims of crime because of illegal immigrants. if simon and the democrats want to have the single issue in this upcoming campaign about enforcing our existing laws and keeping our borders secure versus we're tolerant of these things, bring it. i think we win. >> salespeoppeaking of democrat candidate could be bernie sanders. he's calling for $18 trillion in new trfederal spending to fight income inequality. >> my republican colleagues, what can i say? my republican colleagues talk a whole lot about family values. you hear them talking about
11:48 am
family values? they love families. they stay up nights worrying about families. they have a peculiar way of showing their love. >> $18 trillion. how would we pay for that? >> listen, i think that donald trump and ben carson and bernie sanders are about to get an awful lot of attention in what they've been saying on their record and proposals. this is the beginning of a new stage in this campaign. there's a lot of things that bernie sanders, he's not my kind of democrat. >> he might be. >> he could be. i don't necessarily support everything he says but i think we'll learn a lot more about the particularlies and we'll be talking about that a lot. >> if fairness he said it wouldn't be 18 trillion. it might just be 16. >> it doesn't matter. >> socialists never care about that. they find other people's money to pay for these things. >> i got to go.
11:49 am
thanks. here she is. >> miss georgia. >> some real talk with the newly crowned miss america. we'll ask her about her controversial deflate gate answer. we have the interview with the sole survivor of two tv journalists on tv. you'll hear from her first, right here. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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test test. test test.
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welcome back to the real story. her first name really means royalty or queen. i'm not kidding you. her dream is to perform on broadway. georgia's own betty cantrell, the new miss america. joining us now is betty cantrell, miss nerk 2016. great to have you on the real story.
11:53 am
what about your name. it's not really betty. >> it's pronounced -- it does mean queen or royalty. ominous a little bit. >> totally. a good predictor. what is the ethnicity of that? >> my mom's side is full-blooded greek. my mother mother's name was -- her nickname was betty. it has nothing to do with the name. it was nickname. that's me. >> you're the first betty to become miss america as well. >> yes. >> i want to show the viewers your amazing talent. that's a big part of this. >> great. >> ♪ opera. this is from madam butterfly. >> that's correct. >> i got to tell you, you were fantastic. >> thank you. >> how long have you been singing? >> since i was three. classically training since i was 14. my dream is to be on broadway. after i finish my college degree
11:54 am
thankfully through my scholarship winnings, $50,000 worth of it. get me through college with the musical degree, so hopefully i can come back and perform on broadway. >> the tough question at the end. ironically, miss america was up against a football game and you get a football question about tom brady and cheating. do you actually like football? >> no. i'm not a football person. i'm a theater person. as you know, we don't get to choose our questions. that was definitely a question i wasn't expecting. >> did you know about deflategate at all? >> i really didn't. i knew something about it so i was able to form a some opinion but it wasn't a firm opinion. we don't get to choose our questions. i'm a theater person. i want to leave that issue up to the sports fans. >> let's talk about where you grew up. you group up in the country. no cable tv.
11:55 am
your dad, i love this part. he was an army ranger. >> he is. it is really cool. i felt protected as a child. especially living away from the city in the country. it was a simple life. it was a great life. we grew up in a double wide trailer. it was humble beginnings. but i've grown so much and thankfully from that simple living, i've been able to appreciate things given to me. like this title. i worked really hard. i'm proud and honored to represent such an incredible organization. >> i know about the hard work. your platform is healthy eating for kids. i hope you can come to my house and help. betty cantrell, miss america 2016. have a fantastic year. all the best >> thank you so much. it was a horrific shooting caught on live tv a few weeks ago. greta van susteren has an interview with that woman on the right. she survived. she was critically wounded. hear her next.
11:56 am
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deadly shooting on live television speaking out for the first time. vicki gardner was being interviewed when the gunman opened fire killing a young reporter and her photographer. gardner on the right, critically injured. here she is speaking about that attack. >> i knew the next shot he was going to shoot me in the head because that was what he was doing. it didn't fire or whatever. he shot me in the back. i was waiting for him to shoot me in the head. when he shot me in the back, i said i'm going to be paralyzed. darn. and then i waited. and then i said -- it goes real quick. your world goes in front of your -- in front of you. it did real fast. i said i'm ready. i'm ready. >> wow. you can watch her entire exclusive interview on the record with greta van susteren
12:00 pm
that's tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox. well, thanks so much for being part of the real story on a very busy tuesday. we're going to head over to the studio behind me here. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep right on time. >> ben carson closing in on donald trump a day before the republican's second showdown on stage. donald trump doesn't seem fazed. >> we'll make it work in a minute. the democratic candidate bernie sanders says he wants to fix health care, expand social security and make college more affordable. will the "wall street journal" pounced on that and calculated a cost of that spending. how much? i'll tell you. now senator sanders is firing back and dozens of frat brothers facing charges after a pledge died during a reported hazing ritual. wait until you hear what investigators say the guys did right after the stew depth


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