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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 15, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night after the gop debate tune in to fox news for complete debate analysis. we'll have ben carson, much, much more. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. 2016 presidential candidate donald trump just wrapped up an event in los angeles. we'll have analysis about his speech, but in case you weren't able to watch, here's what he said. >> i am with the veterans 100%. they're our greatest people. they're being treated terribly. the -- not only the number of deaths which are obviously that's -- that's what's going on is incredible, but as of two weeks ago on wednesday, the vets had the longest wait in the
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history of the veterans administration. you go in and see a doctor, you wait for days, for days. and it's not going to happen. not going to happen. if i win, believe me, it's not going to happen. and one of the things i thought i'd do and i'd stress so strongly. the veterans hospitals, obviously, they have problems. they're not properly run. when you have to wait long hours and long days and then in some cases have the doctors say, i'm sorry, i'm going on vacation, believe me, it doesn't get much worse than that. so we're going to create a whole new system. we're going to take the system apart and if they're not doing the job, the veterans are going to go to private doctors, private hospitals, public hospitals. and we're going to reimburse those doctors and those hospitals, and you're going to get the greatest service of any veterans in any country because
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you deserve it. and that's going to be -- that's going to be broken down into something that's going to be very special. right now -- and you know it -- we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. that's not going to happen any more. it's not going to happen. so joe, i just really appreciate it. they don't build ships like this any more, folks. we don't do them this way any more. i actually said what about recommissioning -- look at this thing. the largest guns in the world. most powerful guns. i learned a lot about the "iowa." iowa is a great place for a lot of reasons. you know? we have been treated so well in the state of iowa, it's been incredible. number one in the polls. and we love those people. they're great. so this is a great ship. hawkeye, he goes. and that's a great ship and that's a great state.
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i just want to say that we're going to come out with some plans in a very short time. we're going to be building up our military. we're going to make our military so big and so strong and so great, and it will be so powerful that i don't think we're going to have to use it. nobody's going to mess with us. that i can tell you. and we're going to have a president who is respected by putin, who is respected by iran. you know, let's talk about for two seconds let's talk about the iran deal. now, obama, obama and his people call him the supreme leader of iran. obama talks about the supreme leader. well, i'm not calling him a supreme leader. but he said the other day that
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after this rip-off deal is completed, he will never touch, do business with the united states again. we're finished with the united states. they're taking $150 billion. they're getting a deal that's going to need -- it's going to go right into nuclear weapons. much sooner than you think. they're going to self-police. think of that one. they are going to go and self-police. they got the 24. they have 24-day provisions. and by the way, what people don't understand. the 24-day provision doesn't start -- you know this, right -- it doesn't start for a long time before you get to it. the clock is ticking. it could take forever. we may never get in there. it is one of the dumbest deals and one of the weakest contracts i've ever seen of any kind. so we are going to do things in this country right. we're not going to sign deals
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where we have four prisoners over there and they're still there and we don't even ask them. one of them's there because he's a christian. we have a writer. the whole thing is absolutely insane. you know, they asked the president and they asked secretary of state kerry who maybe -- you know, i've been saying hillary clinton is the worst secretary of state in the history of this country, right? all right. i've been saying it. but it's possible -- the world blew up around her. it blew up. just blew up, the whole world looks like a different place. it's possible that because of this deal made by secretary kerry, who has absolutely no clue how to negotiate, it may be that he's going to supersede. and i understand that he may want to run for president. he has no chance like she has no chance. so we're going to see what happens.
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we have many problems in our country. one of them is immigration. now, i took a tremendous hit when i brought up illegal immigration when i announced i was running for president. and for two weeks i said, you know, rush limbaugh, who is a great guy. he said he's suffered more incoming, meaning the press, than anybody i've seen. so what happened is you have now found out what illegal immigration is all about. and i am so happy that i'm the one that brought it to the fore because, believe me, it's a big problem. it is a big problem. so you remember for about two weeks i said, boy, this is tougher than i thought running for president. and then you found out there's tremendous crime. there's tremendous drugs pouring across the border. tremendous. beyond going to chicago, going to new york, going to l.a.,
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going all over our country. so the drugs pour in and the money pours out. not a good deal. we get the drugs, they get the money. the drug cartels are going wild. they cannot believe how stupid our government is. they are making a fortune. the drugs come in, the money goes out daily. and i saw it because i was on the border. i was there. and we saw it. and everybody sees it every day. and we have the kind of people that can do something about it, but we have no leadership, none. none whatsoever. so we're going to build a wall. and mexico's going to pay for the wall. believe me. you know, a lot of politicians have said, oh, they're not going to pay. they don't know anything about.
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they never read "the art of the deal," first of all. here's the story, so here's the story. i said the other day to one of my people, what is the united states trade deficit with mexico, japan and china? let's start with china. almost $400 billion a year. now, if you have a company when you're losing 400 billion, you got do something very fast. we don't. we've been losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year frankly for decades. not going to happen any more. not going to happen any more. with japan where their massive ships float right here and they drop off the cars, right? they drop off thousands and thousands of cars, millions of cars and we sell them beef. we sell them beef. and they don't want it because their farmers don't want our beef. they protest and they send it back. all right? it's not going to happen that
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way any more. now, with mexico -- and i love mexico. i have many, many people, many, many people from mexico that work with me and they work for me and they buy my apartments. same with china. i have so many people they pay me millions and millions. what, am i supposed to hate china because they gave me millions of dollars to buy an apartment? i don't think so. i have the largest bank in the world as a tenant, it's from china. bigger than any banker in this country by many times. they're from china. the problem that we have is that the leaders from mexico, japan, china and every other country we do business with, they're smarter, more cunning, sharper than our leaders. i love free trade. the concept is great, but you need smart people. i have the smartest people in this country lined up. i know the smartest. i have carl icahn. i have the best business leaders. and they all want to do it.
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they're wealthy because they make good deals, like me, i make good deals. you know, it's a talent. it's a talent. you can't be a politician. look, i'm fighting some very nice people, very nice. even though i'm leading in the polls. but they're very nice people. but they're never going to do anything with these countries, they're never going to be able to do that? it's an instinct. it's something that's special. they don't have it. believe me, they don't have it. it's just going to be more of the same. so we're going to make our country so great. we are going to make it strong. we are going to make it powerful. we're going to rebuild the military. we're going to make it so strong. we are going to take care of our veterans. and in the end, in the end, i want you people to look around and look at each other because
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this is going to be a special day. the other week, two weeks ago in mobile, alabama, 31,000 people showed up in a rainy, rough day, 31,000 people came to see us speak and we're talking about making america great again. last night in dallas at the american airlines center, 20,000 people, the basketball arena of the mavericks. to s th 20,000 people showed you. i want to tell you, it was a lovefest. everybody -- there wasn't -- think of it. 20,000 people. there wasn't one heckler in the whole room. i kept saying there's got to be one. there was a word, two words that used to be used a lot called silent majority. they stopped using them. the silent majority, believe me, is back.
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and i think we can use it somewhat differently. i don't think we have to call it a silent majority any more. because they're not silent. people are not silent. they're disgusted with our incompetent politicians. they're disgusted with the people that are giving our country away. they're disgusted when they tell the border patrol agents who are good people and can do the job, they're disgusted when they're allowed to people walk right in front of them and they're standing there helpless and people just pour into the country. they're disgusted when a woman who is nine months pregnant walks across the border, has a baby and you have to take care of that baby for the next 85 years. they're disgusted by what's happening to our country, and you're going to look around, you're going the remember who the people are that are here because we're doing something special. this is a movement. we're going to make our country great again, believe me. we will make our country great
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again. i love you all. thank you very much. and coming up, mark stein will be here with reaction to donald trump's big speech. later tonight governor scott walker has a bold new plan to take on the union. he'll be here to explain. be sure to tune in tomorrow night right here 10:00 eastern right after the republican debate to the fox news channel for the very best post debate analysis. 10 clock eastern tomorrow night. ♪ lease the 2015 rc 350 for $429 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer.
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♪ >> this is the hottest thing out there. this hat, you can't get them. >> that was donald trump earlier tonight throwing his make america great again hats to his audience after his speech in los angeles. here now with analysis on the gop front-runner's speech and a preview of tomorrow's big debate the author of "a disgrace to the profession," our friend mark steyn is with us. he's talking about not being politically correct. all of these things are resonates. i don't think some of the pundits, so-called experts don't understand negotiating better deals with iran and putin. >> he's got something real.
7:17 pm
the immigration issue is real. the fact that the foreigners are kicking our butts all over the trade issues the real. the iran and the putin stuff the real. and just when you see him, what he's doing there, leaning on that podium. he hasn't -- there's two kinds of political speeches in a presidential campaign. you've got a guy like obama doing his teleprompter speech doing those robot head swivels like somebody watching the world's slowest rally at wimbledon. then you have the guys that give these fake speeches that they've been up in front of the mirror all night practicing like mitt romney's speech. i believe in an america where every american has the right to be as american as americanly possible or whatever. and that's totally fake, too. and whatever you feel about trump, just standing there riffing off several themes, he's real. and this is something that the republican establishment and the other republican candidates down
7:18 pm
in the basement with the single digits, if they want to get rid of him, they've got to figure out a way to make it happen. >> it's interesting you say all that. between him at what, 30, 32% and ben carson at 22%, of a field of 16, we're now looking at two guys that own well over half of the republican voters right now. >> yeah. >> in surging candidates. not experienced politicians. >> right. >> so i'm expecting tomorrow night that a lot of these candidates, they're going after trump hard. >> yeah. >> because of the backfire. >> i think they have to. i mean, in a sense, when you explain it like that, sean, i feel a bit sorry for the guys at the so-called kiddies table, the bobby jindals and lindsey grahams because in the scheme of things there isn't really a lot of difference between, you know, george pataki's 0.8% and lindsey graham's 1.2% and chris christie's 2% and marco rubio's
7:19 pm
3%. the real difference is between all those 1 and 2 and 3% guys and trump and carson. and all those people who said back in june that trump was going to implode, instead we've seen the implosion of jeb bush. we've seen the implosion of scott walker. we've seen the implosion of marco rubio. so cloearly this isn't a flash - this is a guy, to put it in his terms, to put it in carly fiorina face terms, he's been living this persona for 30 years now since he first became a celebrity in the '80s. he's not just a bumbling, stumbling blowhard. he knows what he's doing here, he knows how to pitch it and so far it's working for him. >> if you watch the club for growth, they asked donald trump for a million dollars. he declined it. now the club for growth is spending a million dollars attacking him. i would be viewed they'd be
7:20 pm
viewed as establishment. bill kristol now threatening to support a third party candidate if trump wins the election. what, some establishment guys are going to pick up their toys and go home if they don't get their candidate to win this after donald trump was pressured by everybody to sign an allegiance pledge. what's your reaction to that? >> i think that was the genius thing. i think he gamed them on the pledge. they're stuck with him now. but the fact is -- the fact is if he's the candidate, that poses a lot more of a problem for half those candidates. you hear this stuff, and these guys sound like they're living in cuckoo land. you hear the donor class because they're disenchanted with jeb now is thinking maybe if trump becomes the nominee they're going to dust off mitt romney and run him as the third party candidate. they're to blame for this situation. >> i have said this. you know what, mark, he's a
7:21 pm
creation of the broken promises of republicans that they made in 2010 repealing and replacing and stopping the illegal unconstitutional amnesty. i want to get your advice because we're running out of time. real quick, if i'm trump i would hit the tone and cadence of the exchange with jorge ramos assuming they go after him tomorrow. and if i'm one of the other candidates, i think i wo want to stand out by articulating my vision to solve america's problems. not to be attacking someone else. what's your thoughts? >> you can't beat trump and you can't attack trump, but you've got to match him in size. you got to say i know i'm a senator and i know i'm a governor, but i can match this guy in size and nimbleness and flexibility. i'm not just the creature of consultants and minders, i'm not a performing seal who has been trained by my minders to give poll-tested responses.
7:22 pm
because people loathe all that. >> it's going to be interesting to watch the whole thing. do you think -- i don't think any of these guys with low poll numbers run a risk. because what have they got to lose if they attack him? it will really be how donald responds to them that will be the news of the day tomorrow. >> yeah, because you can't have whatever it is now, 13 or 14 candidates at 2% or 3%. they'll all be going the rick perry route. it's just a question of the order they drop out. one of them has got to try and actually bust out of that. interesting, if you go back to the last debate here, sean, people said, oh, marco rubio won the debate. no, it didn't do any good for him. john kasich gave a brilliant answer about god balanced with compassion for gay marriage. he didn't get anywhere from that. you have to match trump on the realness front. >> that's superb advice. by the way, congratulations on the success of the new book. always appreciate you being with us. mark steyn. >> thanks a lot, sean. >> when we come back, governor
7:23 pm
scott walker. he fought the unions and won in wisconsin. he's now promising to do the same thing at the federal level if he wins the white house. he's here to explain. then later tonight, you won't believe what group bill clinton wanted to give a paid speech to while his wife was actually serving as secretary of state. we'll check in with ed henry who has the shocking details. it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase. nobody's hurt, but there will you totalstill be car. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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welcome back to "hannity." governor scott walker held a rally in vegas yesterday and announced a bold new plan to take on the federal government unions. coming to us with more details, 2016 presidential candidate governor scott walker. one of the things i always admired about you, whether people agree with you or not, you were willing to let your entire political career go down because you thought the issue with unions in your state was that pivotal. is this pretty much the same plan except nationally?
7:26 pm
>> yeah, really, we're taking that plan and we're saying this is power to the people, not the big government union bosses. we pushed back on the national labor relations board. remember when they tried to stop boeing from bringing the planes into south carolina. we make sure that all workers have the freedom to choose whether they be in a labor union or not. and we stop federal labor unions. we don't need the big government union bosses. in 2012, the last year we have information, there were more than 3.3 million hours. that's $156 million of taxpayer money spent on official time, time ta federal employees spent on union and lobbying. that's really not what the federal government should be paying for. the federal government should be run by the people and not by the unions. >> you've had this back and forth with hillary. she referred to you as a bully. you had a pretty good line back on twitter. you said you're protecting
7:27 pm
american workers who are being forced to support candidates like you and your a proven deceiver in chief. looks like you're taking your fire to hillary. and some other candidates, rand, carly, jeb and maybe ben carson a little bit, they seem to be focused on trump. is that by design? >> oh, we got to go after hillary clinton. she would be worse than barack obama. amazing as that sounds out there. we're going to talk about this on wednesday at the debate. our plan is about jobs. i don't think any economic plan is complete until you talk about moving the labor laws into the 21th century. i pushed back on her when she came after me on her higher education plan. i noted in one of her tweets we froze tuition for four years in a row at our university of wisconsin campuses, she was out charging $225,000 a speech on college campuses. i'd love to have the debate with
7:28 pm
her, everywhere in the world that hillary clinton touched is worse today than before she and the president took office. >> you have 11 people on stage tomorrow. scheduled to be a two-hour debate, who knows, maybe it goes over a little bit. that's not a lot of time. you went through the first deba debate. what's going to be different this time for you? >> we have to show passion, you don't want to be rude. show the same kind of passion that you don't back down. more than 100,000 protesters. we didn't back down. we had death threats against me and my family. we had a recall election against our senators and we didn't back down. and a real election against me and again last year a lot of these same washington-based liberal groups tried to make me one of their top targets in america. we didn't back downyv then. we're not going to back down from doing the right thing of putting americans in charge of their government. people want to see that passion. they want to see that you have a real plan and real solution. and that provides the contrast
7:29 pm
of everybody else. >> when i spoke with you last you're laying out a repeal obamacare plan. republicans in congress they failed to get the job done. a lot of people, if you look at the polls, 72%, abc/"washington post" poll, they think washington is full of a bunch of l liars. do you believe that, are you going to explain that to people, are you going to encourage republicans in washington to do things? and what is the plan to repeal and replace? is it savings accounts, health care savings accounts? >> we were told last year that if they elected a republican senate to go with the house, they'd have a vote to repeal obamacare. it's after lab dor day. they don't have that. that's why americans are put off, they're frustrated with the republican leadership even in congress. i'll take on anything. i won't back down from unions, from libberals and democrats in
7:30 pm
my party if that's what it takes to do the right thing. a day one patient freedom plan. i hope people go look at it at it's the only plan that anybody has out there, of anybody on the stage wednesday night. i send it up to repeal obamacare entirely and put patients and families back in charge of their health decisions. i signed the executive order to make congress, their staff to live under the same rules. give people the mandate, give them the money. allow them to use the tax credits to go buy their own health care if that's what they want. give them money for health savings accounts. give them freedom to control not just their health care decisions but their dollars. >> good luck tomorrow night. we'll be talking to you in the days to come. thank you very much. >> thank you, sean. fox news has o disturbing new e-mails for the clinton foundation. ed henry standing by with the
7:31 pm
latest. plus that's not the only bad news for the clinton campaign. texas senator john cornyn is calling on the justice department to appoint a special counsel to investigate hillary's e-mail server scandal. >> i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality like, oh, listen, i don't need to tell you anything. when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. prosperity will be raining down upon you. >> oh, this must be the warmer, funnier hillary. she's taking on donald trump and mocking him. let's see if donald responds. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class.
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and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. ♪ up on cripple creek >> the clintons have some explaining to do. this after fox news has obtained new e-mails related to the clinton foundation. bill clinton's office reportedly asked a state department while his wife was secretary of state if he could give a paid speech
7:37 pm
to a group that has ties to iran. standing by with details is our own ed henry. >> this was in june of 2012. the summer of 2012 sensitive time for secretary of state hillary clinton. july 2012 one of her top aides started meeting in secret with iranian diplomats in talks that paved the way for the nuclear deal. in this e-mail obtained exclusively by fox an aide to bill clinton wrote to three aides in the state department saying, quote, would the u.s. state department have any concerns about wjc or bill clinton doing a paid speech for the national iranian american council. they wanted bill clinton to be in the center of it. the niac has denied being a lobbying group for iran but has denied all sanctions against iran. david bossy who recently shared other e-mails about the vetting process for these speeches. bill clinton did not deliver those other speeches for groups tied to north korea, congo or this one with the niac.
7:38 pm
saying fox newsday, as we said before all requests were run by the state department. most importantly ultimately the president did not give this speech. but, of course, critics in those other speech requests that have come up before, why did the former president's office even entertain it at all? all of this coming at a time when hillary clinton has been dealing with a real slide in polls because of this issue of trust that's popped up again and again. >> what do you know about, it crossed my mind, those are the words that hillary clinton said about bill clinton as her vp. somewhat surprising. >> she opened the door by saying it's crossed her mind. in the next moment kind of shut the door by saying constitutionally, it wouldn't make sense. it's sort of curious that she left the door even slightly ajar because of the idea of a couple being the presidential ticket at a time when she's struggling seems like it wouldn't be a good idea politically, especially
7:39 pm
because she's kept bill clinton far from the campaign trail. this week he's doing a fund-raiser for her in chicago. that's the first one he's done. the only appearance he made was at roosevelt island a couple of months back when she relaunched the campaign. all very curious. remember the context. it came in this very soft interview with "extra" where again these doing these kinds of interviews to deal with what's been a real slide in the polls. >> hillary's message to survivors of sexual assault not gone over well with kathleen willy and some other people. >> that certainly may be the case. the broader view, of course, is, she's reaching out to female voters. she talked about that issue of sexual assault, about planned parenthood, abortion, hot button issues and more broadly women's health in a stop in iowa. why was she doing that? look at the context here. the poll shows she's dropped 29 points in the last two months
7:40 pm
among female voters. women were supposed to be the bedrock. in all else was struggling for her, you would think that this potentially historic candidacy first female presidency female voters would be propping her up. instead there's been erosion. >> i don't think old photos or being nicer and funnier is working right now. that is not the only troubling news for the clinton campaign tonight. john cornyn sent a letter to the attorney general loretta lynch asking for the justice department to appoint a special counsel to investigate the clinton server scandal. here to explain is the man himself, senator john cornyn. thanks for being back. >> thank you, sean. >> i agree with you, it's time for a special counsel, but i don't suspect that loretta lynch is going to do what is a fairly well known practice when we're dealing with high-ranking officials in an administration. >> well, this is a test for her. there's no question about it.
7:41 pm
as you know, she succeeded perhaps the most political attorney general in the history of the united states who was really, frankly, an embarrassment, eric holder. and this is a test for her whether she as a professor prosecutor that she is, she believes that politics ought to be subjugated to the rule of law. and this is her chance. clearly if there's a conflict of interest, the appearance of a conflict of interest, the fbi's looking into her e-mail server and what is not a matter of inadvertence or negligence, it was by design. a private e-mail server subject to being hacked by our enemies, china, russia, other intelligence threats and just violating laws with regard to open records and you name it. >> as you look at the law, senator, we had rudy giuliani on last night. he thinks as many as 13 statutes might be applicable to this case. laws that were broken, criminal statutes. what is your reaction and what is your reading of the law based
7:42 pm
on what you believe as knowledge and evidence now that the former secretary of state broke the law? >> well, i think certainly that she violated what are the standard rules of the guard to freedom of information requests. in other words, this is the public's information not private information. those are civil issues primarily. as far as the criminal issues, you'd have to look at the class five material. she's now amended her statement saying she sent no documents designated as classified. that really doesn't answer the question. it evades it. i would defer to rudy on the number but clearly there's some serious concerns about violating both civil and criminal laws. >> we learned that the server may not have been wiped clean which raises the question. with the fbi investigation ongoing any chance that the justice department can politicize this case even if the evidence suggests that laws were broken and stop an indictment? >> well, my impression of director comey, the fbi
7:43 pm
director, he's a pretty stand-up guy. i don't think he'll be bullied by this white house or play politics with this. that's certainly my hope and any expectation. so it remains to be seen. i would tell you that the fbi is pretty good at getting things that people think they've erased off of their hard drives and recovering those. even though secretary clinton thinks she might have wiped this clean, there's material that could be recovered from the forensics experts at the fbi. >> if the mom and pop shop didn't wipe clean the server that was in the bathroom in new jersey or colorado somewhere, i've got to believe that somebody else did and we need to know who. senator, good to see you. we'll watch this closely. thank you. >> thanks, sean. coming up tonight on "hannity" -- >> i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality, oh, i don't need to tell you anything.
7:44 pm
when i get there, peace will be breaking out, prosperity raining down upon you. >> that's not funny. i know she's trying. lashing out at donald trump after a new poll shows the ka candidates are neck and neck. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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the face of terrible poll numbers, hillary clinton is lashing out at donald trump and even mocking him on the campaign trail. this is part of her warm, fuzzy, funny, chris rock, larry the cable guy hillary clinton. >> donald rump is entertaining. i have to tell you i do find it entertaining. i wish had that same sort of mentality like oh, i don't need to tell you anything. when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. prosperity will be raining down upon you. >> that is not all. hillary clinton isn't the only one taking shots at trump. take a look at this. >> we lose everywhere. >> murder, crime. >> very, very stupid people. >> the american dream is dead.
7:50 pm
>> so many challenges to deal with. if we get a few big things right, we can make life better for millions of people in this nation where every life matters and everyone has right to rise. >> joining us now from reaction, scotty hughes is is with us. it's obvious, scotty, they're going after trump because trump is killing them in the polls at this moment. so trump says, ask for a million dollars and didn't get it. i wonder if he gave the million would that ad have come out? it probably won't have. >> it probably won't have. that is how washington, d.c. works, sean. that is why i think trump is resonating. he's not only saying the words but he's backing it up with documentation. but eagles don't hunt flies. everybody who tried to attack
7:51 pm
trump, it has not worked out well for them. i imagine the same thing is going to go for hillary clinton. >> you have to admit they want to call him a liberal, but they're begging him for a million dollars. >> trump is on the record in the past, on the record right now. >> i don't believe that. i do not believe if they gave him millions they'd attack him. >> i don't know. it is their job to be ideological enforcers in the republican party. >> why don't they look at his record when asking for the millions? >> if anyone ever predicted the front runner would be someone speaking favorably of socialized medicine right now, talking about improving taxes right now? >> come on now. >> in scotland, it worked. in canada. >> i interviewed him a lot. i asked him every question i can
7:52 pm
think of including his past position, support of hillary, once saying he's a democrat. the canadian system. i asked him. i said what is your alternative to obamacare. his answer was health care savings accounts. he gave specificity and solid answers. >> that is fine, but socialized medicine does not work. >> i agree. >> he stood up just 4, 5 weeks ago and said it did. >> scotty? >> i love how you're sitting there going on with the talking points of the establishment, defending the cost of growth. i don't know. the same thing the establishment has said. >> who sent me these talking snoints. >> i would love to know. you're saying the same thing coming out of jeb bush's campaign. >> do you agree it works in scotland and canada? >> stop saying that is what he
7:53 pm
said. >> yes. he did. it's hilarious to see conservatives twisting them selves into pretzels to make examp examples. >> every one has to decide for themselves. i'm not committed to a candidate. four and a half months to go. hillary says she's going to be warmer and fuzzier and is releasing old pictures of herself. >> i have good advice for her, do not try to be funny. and the problem is that she's inauthentic. you can't fake sincerity. >> you can't fake conservatism which is what jeb bush and others are learning now. >> i would argue jeb bush governed solidlies a conservative when he was governor. i think his big issues are
7:54 pm
immigration and common core. >> those are too few issues that deal with governing. >> socialized medicine doesn't work. >> that is not what he said. >> we'll replay it. we got it. thank you both. coming up next, our important question of the day about hillary and a special prosecutor, straight ahead. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® stool softner makes it easier to go comfortably. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief.
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into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. welcome back to "hannity". time for tonight's question of the day. should a special prosecutor be hired to investigate hillary clinton's private server? yeah. i think it's about time. let us know what you think. quick programming note, right after tomorrow night's g.o.p. debate, tune in, 10:00 eastern for fox news channel's best post
8:00 pm
debate analysis and reaction. we kick it off at 10:00. record it, set your dvr. we take attendance and it hurts our feelings when you're not here, have a great night. see you tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> it's disgusting what's happening to our country. we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. we are. >> more tough talk from donald trump in front of 20,000 fans in dallas last night. will mr. trump continue his aggressive posture during tomorrow's debate? we will ask him. >> we have very bad signals. we have a very huge wave of migrants and it's a disaster. >> who is really at fault as europe is being overrun by muslims? tonight we will point the finger. >> kind hearted young man. tough as nails.


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