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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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joseph. he also said he did it for his own kids because he wanted his own kids how great we have it. >> america. >> nice one, juan. special report is up. this is a fox news alert. welcome to walk. i'm bret baier. republicans tonight are making a last-minute push to keep fighting against the president's iran nuclear deal. as you look at the senate majority leader smi mitch mcconn the floor right now. >> republicans on capitol hill call this iran nuclear deal one of the biggest foreign policy changes in a generation. so the next step in this fight will be an amendment to be announced by the senate majority leader. mitch mcconnell will say he will file an amendment that will prevent the president from lifting sanctions until iran meets two different benchmarks.
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it must formally realize them to exist and american citizens being held in custody. it puts more pressure on senate democrats to join with ben carden, joe manchin and chuck schumer in voting with republicans. on the senate floor, we expect lawmakers are going to vote again to see if they can get to 60 votes on a procedural step to disapprove the iran nuclear deem. last thursday that fell short 58-to-42. most are expecting the same outcome tonight. some are calling on mcconnell to use the squad nuclear option and pass the disapproval measure with a simple majority. later this week the plan is he would call for a vote on this new measure pushing iran to recognize israel and to demand americans being held hostage are released. brett. >> just to be clear the chance that this is going to change the dynamic here and republicans would be able to block it is miniscule, right? this is really to get democrats on the record against these two
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things. >> absolutely correct. you saw the house taking a different approach, taking a three-step process last week. the senate is trying to get everybody on the record on this iran nuclear deal to go out and say to president obama, you see, a number of democrats are also opposed to this iran nuclear measure as many of the american public are and so they're trying to get them on the record and so mcconnell is looking at different ways such as recognizing israel's right to exist and releasing those american prisoners as a way to get to that point, brett. >> okay. mike. thank you. we will head back for breaking details and more on this with the panel. meanwhile, israel's prime minister held an emergency meeting following a third day of violence at jerusalem's most holy site. they clashed with protesters at the people pm mount. police say protesters threw rocks, fireworks and concrete blocks and a fire bomb at officers. the director of the mosque blamed israeli police for the tensions.
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while israel deals with the pem temple mount, it deals with a much bigger threat. a terrorist it believes is being sponsored by iran. we have details from jerusalem. >> reporter: as the syrian civil war continues, israel's northern border is increasingsly coming under fire, with rockets regularly landing in the golan heights and in recent months, lebanese hezbollah fighters have launched a series of small-scale attacks against israeli troops. in the past, israeli officials have described the rockets originateing from syria as errant fire or, more recently blamed the gaza-based group islamic jihad. israeli officials tell fox news they believe the growing violence is iranian sponsor and directed by this man. the iranian commander is ahead of the palestinian branch of iran's iran's quds force. israelis say he regularly meets
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with top leaders and is operating in syria with the approval of president bashar al-assad. israel fears iran and its proxies hezbollah and the assad regime are using the syrian civil war as cover to open up a new front to launch attacks. >> we are on the front lines. we face iran's terror on three borders. >> in response, israeli jets have launched a series of airstrikes in southern syria and increasingly, israel is in communication with anti-assad syrian rebel groups, including the al qaeda affiliate along the golan heights. israel's new allegations that iran is behind these attacks come as prime minister netanyahu continues to mount an aggressive lobbying effort to derail the international nuclear agreement with iran. what prime minister netanyahu's main arguments against the nuclear agreement in recent days is by lifting sanctions against tehran, the international community will free up billions of dollars, allowing iran to
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fund terror groups around the world. in jerusalem, connor pile, fox news. >> more breaking news from oversea seas. north korea says it has restarted its nuclear plants and now has the power to use such weapons against the united states and senior defense officials here in the u.s. says there is evidence to back up the communist country's claims. national correspondent jennifer zbrimpb at the pentagon tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brett, north korea knows how to get attention. today it threatened to use nuclear weapons any time u.s. defense officials confirmed they seen evidence via satellite that north korea has, in fact, restarted its pain nuclear plant where it produces highly enriched uranium and plutonium. north korea voted to improve the quantity and quality of its nuclear weapons. >> we will not accept out of north korea as a nuclear state. and that's why we urge north
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korea to refrain from actions and rhetoric that threaten regional peace and security and focus, instead, on fulfilling its international obligations and commitments. >> too late, north korea has already carried out three nuclear tests and possesses enough fiscal material for six bombs. north korea's latest declaration comes one day after it threatened a long range rocket launch. the satellite launch it anounszed monday is a failed ballistic missile test. north kreia has been working to improve the delivery system for a nuclear weapon. >> the department continues to urge north korea to refrain from actions that aggregate u.n. security council resolutions, which we believe this particular launch, for example, would violate a u.n. security council resolution. >> u.s. air force chief general mark welch recently warned here at the pentagon that north korea
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has a missile that can reach the u.s. >> certainly, that i have a missile that can reach hawaii or u.s. facilities in the pacific. so that's really what we're most worried about. >> that's why the pentagon deployed a state of the art thermohigh altitude defense missile system in guam and japan to shoot down any north ballistic missiles threatening the u.s. and its allies. north kreia is seeing the contentions and concessions iran has received in exchange for mothballing part of its nuclear program. today cia director john brennan warned iran might break its nuclear agreement with nuclear powers by outsourcing part of the nuclear program to north korea. now to politics, tomorrow night 11 candidates take the stage in the second prime time republican debate. and all eyes will be on the political outsiders. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in los angeles tonight.
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>> reporter: donald trump drew 20,000 last night in dallas t. latest polls show trump ahead. ben carson surged into the 20s within a virtual tie of the margin of error. jeb bush leads all others with just six. >> here's the headline. carson surging. i said, what about me? where is my name? i'm at 40. where's my name? it's unbelievable. >> trump has hit the low 30s. but after tripping up on foreign policy questions since the last debate, trump rallies tonight on the deck of the uss iowa in los angeles. >> i want to makt it so strong that we never have to use it. >> reporter: but trump has not said how and he's under fire from the fiscally conservative club for growth with a million dollar ad blitz. >> which presidential candidate supports higher thats national health care and the wall street bailout? it's donald trump. >> reporter: this one blasts trump for backing the supreme court position to take private property for public projects. >> trump supports eminent domane abuse because he can make
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millions. >> neurosurgeon dr. earn e benefit carson is getting under his skin. superpacts have raised money for energy and faith. >> look at this face. >> reporter: it was carly fiorina's face that trump focused on recently, he boosted her name recollection in addition by his own words. he has been dubbed as an ego maniac and has no plans. scott wrark walker joined the course aggressively for the long time. >> the more people listen they realize this is not our party. this is not the country. certainly not the country i grew up in. >> reporter: the super pact has launched a $24 million ad war contrasting trump's negativity and pessimism to sunni optimism. >> i am certain we can make the decades ahead the greatest time ever to be alive in this world. >> reporter: tomorrow's debate at the reagan library is about more than just trump. it will also be a contest between the candidates as to who can best channel the gipper for
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maximum impact. brett. >> carl cameron on the road with candidates, thanks. well, donald trump already looking ahead to inauguration day told a dallas audience monday night that restoration on the capitol hill dome would not be complete by january 2017 and it will cost taxpayers millions to have scaffolding removed and put back up for the big event. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel fact check has that story from capitol hill. >> reporter: at his rally in dallas last night, donald trump offered a new attack on government incompetence saying the capital dome rest rakes project won't be done by the january 2017 presidential inauguration. >> so they're going to take all of the scaffolding down, pay millions of dollars to do that, millions. and then after the inauguration, they're going to put it back up again and pay millions of dollars more. do you believe that? >> an aide to trump says a source quote inside the capitol
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told him. trump says he has a plan to save the taxpayers money. >> if i win, i will let the scaffolding stay up. okay? all right. i'll let it stay up. we'll save millions of dollars, so in the pictures, they'll have some scaffolding. they can probably nowadays do something with that anyway. >> reporter: a spokesman for the architect of the capitol says that won't be necessary, quote, the u.s. capitol dome restoration project is scheduled to be complete prior to the presidential inauguration in january, 2017 t. spokesman added there is no plan to put scaffolding back up on the dome after the inauguration. in fact, the architect of the capitol's sometime table is for outside work to be complete by the end of this year and interior rotunda work months ahead of the january 2017 inaugural. the dome project has a price tag of $61 million and the then senate historian told fox in january, 2013, they had a
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four-year window to get the work done. >> take a good look at the dome now. it's going to be covered in scaffolding between now and the next inauguration. >> fox news reached out to both contractors involved in the project to see if they had reaction to thump's comments. both referred us back to the architect of the capital. there has been no response so far from the drump campaign to our new information. a fox news exclusive a. new state department e-mail that raises more questions about the ties between hillary clinton's work as secretary of state and her husband's speaking circuit. first, here's some of what our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 26 in houston, where two high school students died when their school bus rolled off a freeway overpass. two other students and the bus driver were also injured. the cause of that crash still under investigation. fox 40 in sacramento, where a community is coming together and making donations to support eight firefighters who lost
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their homes trying to save others from wildfires burning in northern california. authorities say 585 homes have been destroyed so far and 9,000 homes remain threatened. and this is a live look at seattle. cloudy seattle from fox 13 tonight. the big story there. a possible return to school this week for students after the school district reaches a tentative agreement with teachers over pay and evaluations. the teachers walked out last wednesday and delayed the start of the school year for 53,000 students. that'
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. >> another new clinton e-mail has been uncovered. this time it's not about hillary but rather bill and the timing of it all is of particular interest. deaf white house correspondent ed henry with details. >> reporter: fox has learned and
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aide to former president bill clinton checked with the state department in june 2012 bydeliv group with ties to the iranian government t. summer of 2012 was a sensitive time for then secretary of state hillary clinton. in july of that year, one of her top aides jake sullivan started meeting in secret with iranian diplomats. in an e-mail, an aide bill clinton wrote to sullivan and two other aides would the government have concerns about wjc doing a paid speech for the national iranian council. >> the na ic denied being a iranian group for iran but called for an end of all u.s. sanctions. the e-mail was obtained by citizens united and conservative active 50 david bossy. bill clinton did not deliver those controversial speeches from groups tied to north korea and congo or this one from the na ic. the former president's office
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telling fox tuesday, as we've said before as a matter of course, all requests were run by the state department. and most importantly, ultimately, the president did not different this speech. hillary clinton sat for a soft interview with "extra" to deal with sliding poll numbers and let it slip she has contemplated the idea of her husband being her vice president. >> and i think the argument would be as vice president, it would not be possible for him to ever succeed to the'. at least that's what i have been told. so you know it, it has crossed my mind. >> reporter: while chelsea clinton sat with the "today show." >> i love watching my mom read to charlotte, sing to her. >> reporter: her favorite song is "the wheels on the bus." though the candidate is trying to keep the wheels from coming off her campaign bus. she lost points among female voters in eight weeks. democratic socialist senator bernie sanders held a huge rally of nearly 4,000 people in
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virginia and women responded. >> i was a hillary supporter for so long. but i really like what bernie says. so, yeah. it's, so it's -- i'm struggling right now. i'm struggling. >> new today the number two republican in the senate wrote to loretta lynch to appoint a special prosecutor of clinton's e-mails. two senate panels are offering an immunity offer. >> is any clinton rally close to where we see bernie sanders? >> she will have a few hundred, several hundred at various states around the country. there has been nothing approaching bernie sanders' levels or donald trump's loefls. >> markets closed in the 14 the dow plunged 229 t. s&p was up 25 t. nasdaq finished ahead 65 points. still ahead, a facebook of sorts about you, maybe. made by chinese hackers. first, tensions
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>> hungary is taking a tough stance on migrants trying to enter that country. closing borders and turning people away today as the question of what to do with syrian refugees continues to playing europe. senior foreign affairs correspondent is near hungary's border with the latest on the crisis. >> reporter: hungary is saying no more, declaring a state of emergency after allowing in tens of thousands of refugees and migrants in recent weeks. 60 people were arrested for entering illegally and other infractions. the main border crossing from southern europe shut down. riiot police and troops out in force.
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>> due to the situation caused by mass migration, the hung aaron government declares a state of crisis. a crisis situation. which, obviously, enables these and other authorities on the ground for a special protocol. >> reporter:t this is the standoff today on the hungary-serbia border. hundreds of refugees are camping out inside serbia. they are there. they want to get across the border. they are stopped first by this fence, double barbed wire and more importantly, police, security beefed up. >> get back. back. >> reporter: as prisoner vously push back onlookers, a few hungry migrants try to push down the border get a. they blocked the highway on the other side, chanting open the border in germany, germany, their preferred destination. for refugees who have braved hardships for weeks, this was just one more obstacle including for this man who fled fighting
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in afghanistan. >> it is actually we step from war? >> reporter: you escaped from war, but you can't get through this cross something. >> no, unfortunately. >> reporter: as the border standoff continued, serbia now saddled with tens of thousands of migrants complained that hungary was not allowing in refugees anymore. desperate migrants keep on coming. 22 more were killed today including four children when their boat capsized on the dangerous crossing. 200 were rescued. austria is the latest country to announce tighter border controls. many here in europe are hoping that those thinking of coming will get the message. many of those, however, don't have a choice. brett. >> greg, thank you. now, to a story here in the u.s., planned parenthood under fire again today following the release of another undercover video by the center for medical progress. the video, number 10 comes at a time when republicans debate whether to push up against a possible government shutdown in
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an effort to defund the organization and as hearings on the abortion provider's procedures resume later this week. correspondent peter duesy is here with the latest. >> reporter: plant parenthood says they don't make money selling fetal tissue. apparently, some of their friends do. another undercover video shows it's enough to keep some clinics in business. >> we generate a fair amount of income and the ability to fund raise and things like that. 12k3w4r6r7b89s. >> that executive veb practice vander high made sure to mention she would be uncomfortable having that conversation over e-mail. it's important to keep details about the fetal tissue trade she later described as do nation for remuneration out of the "new york times." another executive dr. carolyn westoff announces the potential
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for a huge p.r. issue still laughs while talking about some of the samples harvested from aborted fetuses. >> everything we provide. >> yeah. >> everything we provide is fresh. >> these videos come as republican lawmakers continue to threaten a government shutdown next month if planned parenthood keeps getting federal funding. planned parenthood didn't call us back today. they did tweet that 71% of americans in a new cnn/orc poll don't want this controversy to result in a shutdown. brett. >> as we have from the beginning. we will stay on the story. thank you. chinese hackers uploading american's information. why they could be creating a profile on you. next.
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>> with china's president set to visit the u.s. next week, the obama administration is working to establish a bit of trust. even amid allegations that the country is behind a string of recent government data hacks. we have team coverage tonight on how the country could be using information stolen in cyberattacks. we begin with correspondent on how they are towing a line on
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the visit. >> reporter: without a doubt the spectre of possible sanctions looms large over the chinese president's visit as you pointed out is now set for next friday. this is something the white house will be watching carefully as they try to make a balancing act in the conversation. >> essentially, these individuals would have their access to the u.s. financial system either severely limited or entirely shut off. >> but for now, the obama administration is choosing not to hit the chinese with major sanctions. that decision to delay comes amid growing concerns about at the ter youriateing u.s.-chinese relations. china over the weekend sent security official to meet with national security adviser susan rice. additionally, a chinese delegation met with fbi director james comey as well as representatives from the justice and treasury departments. china, however, insists, it's a victim, not a perpetrator.
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experts say that's not the whole story. >> yes, we spy on the chinese government. but there are two things china does beyond the pale. first of all, they spy on u.s. companies to obtain information to help their companies better compete in china and in global markets. >> reporter: he says the chinese also spy on institutions of freedom, like the press, even religious groups. >> we've made very clear to the chinese that there are certain practices that they're engaging in that we know are emanating from china and are not acceptable. >> reporter: not acceptable but also unlikely to end any time soon without a strong response from the white house. >> the only way that we are going to get the chinese to stop unacceptable conduct is to impose costs that are greater than the benefits they receive and until we do that, we are going to be subject to malicious cyber attacks that, as the president said, are a core matter of national security.
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>> reporter: brett, you heard me mention the 25th. it may surprised you the white house is yet to officially announce the visit to the white house. we expect to get the official word sometime tonight around 8:00. a major cyber attack that could potentially be felt for generations to himco. more on what fox news has learned about how chinese hackers could be using the personal information of more than 21 million americans. >> reporter: current and former intelligence security experts tell fox news the chinese are taking the security application stolen from the office of personnel management and marying them up with health care records to build a complete profile of federal employees like a facebook for espionage. >> it can be used to embarrass you publicly and force you to work for the chinese government. >> reporter: the founder of i.t. security firm crowd strike is checking out they are cataloguing the data. >> it's in effect a private version of facebook with much
1:35 am
more detail than facebook has the chinese have access to. >> reporter: the 127 page security clearance application is like a road map to your life where the applicant lived, worked, reference, family, drug abuse and no one is immune as the fbi director recently joked. >> if they had been in a strong encrypted database, maybe someone wouldn't be reading it today. >> reporter: the breach is now a generational problem that no amount of credit monitoring now offered by the government can fix. >> every effort will be made to make sure those people are protected and to, it obviously includes family members as well. this will be a wide ranging effort. >> a particular concern is children of applicants can be blackmailed or targeted sometime in the future based on the stolen data. >> the information checked about them may be used decades later to try to get them to reveal information about their parents' work and use that eventually for
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espionage activities. >> government auditors remain skeptical. not enough changes have been made at opm to prevent another breach, leaving the computer networks there vulnerable and at high risk. brettt. >> thank you. no time for the grapevine tonight on our show. you can find it on my facebook page and it's an addition of waste and fraud and how two lawmakers got duped. senate republicans make a late-day move to try to blowing the iran deem. the iran deem. so does do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief.
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>> that was the first part. they went even further. a lot of democrats i talked to say this might be unpopular and cold, but it's not a voting issue. in other words, it's not going to motivate people to vote against you. trade, on the other hand, is for
1:43 am
democrats. so they feel pretty safe on this. the interesting. is this isn't a traety. if it was, it would have taken 67 votes in the senate. it's not technically a treaty. and i don't know what the democrats will do to counter this. maybe say saudi arabia should recognize israel. but i do know that the white house they say they have submitted everything. the documents from the iaea are not theirs to disclose. >> that's ridiculous. >> that's what they say. >> we sit under the executive committee of the iaea. every country has the right to ban document itself. we have not done that. >> it directly required them to do something. it was express it about this. >> that didn't happen. that's the problem with corporate crime. this is fine. this is a fine effort to get democrats on the record as charles suggests. i think he's right. i'm against the nuclear option as a matter of principle. but democrats -- >> the nuclear option is the 50 below threshold. >> correct. >> because we're mixing our nuclears here.
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>> yes, procedurally. you are right. >> they dropped the bomb -- >> i think if you ever are going to do it, this would be the time. you heard from republicans this is potentially a world changing event. a world changing deal. well it's a world changing deal, you ought to take every possible step to prevent it from happening. but i think republicans really missed an opportunity earlier to make their best public case. there was an editorial on the "wall street journal" today urging them once again to do so. you have c, three senior defense intelligence agency officials shouting to congress, saying, we need to see these documents. not the iaea documents, although, it's important to see those. we need to see the documents the administration has kept hidden found in osama bin laden's browned, that describe the relationship between al qaeda and iempblt you have an obama administration that has designated al qaeda operatives operateing iran. they've acknowledged the existence of this. why are we doing a nuclear deem
1:45 am
with the terrorist entity trying to hit us and continues to do so to this day that gets support from the people we are now giving hundreds of billions of dollars? it's a key question. it's an important question. the "wall street journal" i thought had a very important editorial about it today. i'm just shocked that republicans haven't made this an issue. they seem uninterested in making this an issue. i think it's the single best issue rhetorically to make in this whole argument. >> why is it? why has the decoupling happened? >> i don't know, there is a huge difference on many, many things between the republicans in general and iran and many other things. they've decided that's not the place to go. . it's okay to support it even though it's going to be a
1:46 am
catastrophe for the country. because it's not -- >> it's not going to be a catastrophe. >> true believers, how can you read an agreement and come out as a true believer where iran inspects itself, where you have a one-month delay in inspections, where you giving them $100 billion in advance after having said, we're not going to lift the sanctions immediately after the show. we will bring north korea is doing to its deal, which we did, wendy sherman and others wanted to negotiate the iran deal and negotiated the 90s, throwing it out, trashing it, 20 years later, recurring now. no, i'll believe that some of them do who are diluted, but i agrow with you for a majority of them, the calculation is it won't cost me my seat. i go with the president.
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test oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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well, my intentions are to talk about my programs, the things that i would like to try to do in conjunction with my fellow americans to get america back on the right track. i'm not particularly interested in any person, particularly attacking them. i think we have is much better things to do than that. >> so, the debate. i hear they are all going after me. whatever. whatever. >> donald trump at a big rally in dallas. ben carson on cnn as he gets ready for big debate. big moves in this poll that tracked where other polls have had these numbers. these are four of the top and take a look at the
1:51 am
trajectory here for now. donald trump inching up but ben carson from 6% to 23%. jeb bush falling. scott walker falling even more. we're back with the panel. marah? >> it's pretty interesting. look as little bit like the last time when we saw of these different outsiders have their moment in the sun. maybe ben carson is going to surpass donald trump. i think that would be a very big deal if donald trump is no longer the king of the hill, seemingly, undentable by any attacks or any mistakes or outrageous things that he says. >> so, wait a second, you are saying first second place finish in a poll it changes the dynamic? >> if he keeps on going and surpasses trump, it will be a big deal. he surged really fast from that first poll to the second from 6% to 23%. and what's going to happen tomorrow night makes a big difference. do people see carson as the outsider but somebody who is a little more calm, thoughtful than trump or
1:52 am
not? we don't know. but the other things that are happening that are also new are groups and candidates are starting to spend a lot of money attacking him. in the past, hasn't made a difference, but we haven't ever seen millions and millions and millions of dollars directed against him. >> club for growth has an ad that's airing. jeb bush has more attack ads coming. does that make a difference or is this candidate different than we have seen before? >> there is no question this candidate is different than we have seen before. but i do think those ads make a difference. not necessarily a 1-million-dollar ad by a club for growth but because of what it portends. this is the beginning of a campaign. i don't think it's a coordinated campaign. it's not anti-donald trump conspiracy. but you are going to see both outside groups, super pacs and eventually candidates themselves take aim at donald trump particularly in the early states, including people who have been friendly he to donald trump thus far. if donald trump is still at 30% in the polls in iowa, in november and december i'm
1:53 am
fairly certain tez ted cruz donald trump. he is going to reminding people what he used to say and believe. these ads are important in that they will remind voters about donald trump and his old views and one final note. the club for growth is not an establishment group. the club for growth was founded to take on the republican establishment. you are seeing this come from people who are also unhappy about the status quo in washington. who want it changed and changed in a dramatic way but are not on the trump bandwagon. >> well, especially not on taxes and that's the difference. here is the push back for donald trump. of course on twitter. he says little respected, club for growth, asked me for $1 million. i said no now they are spending lobbyists and special interest money on ads. charles, when you look at that arena in dallas, and you see that performance, it is quite something to watch. >> i think the real key is
1:54 am
carson. and i understand there is a lot of ads being run against him, but he seems immune to ideological attacks, at least up to now that he isn't a true conservative. people really don't care that much. he sounds like a leader. he sounds tough. he rallies the troops. he refers to himself all the time and he is extremely entertaining. i think the weakness here is if carson surpasses him, trump won't like that. trump divides the world into winners and losers. he is the winner. up until now he is winning everything, every poll. if he begins to fall behind to carson and can you see how irritated he is because he is attacking the coverage of carson's rise, and he says -- said last night in houston. >> what about me? >> what about me? everybody is covering the surge of carson, how about the surge of trump? how come -- where is my name? [ laughter ] >> i think trump coverage
1:55 am
thus far. >> cable network live. >> i'm quoting the guy. i'm not justifying him. i think if carson pulls ahead, even if it's a point or two. that's going to be hard on trump, that's where i think he goes after a guy who is so likeable that going after him, calling him a so-so doctor. this is a guy who performed the first successful separation of siamese twins conjoined at the head in history, so, you know, maybe an okay doctor? i think that could be something that could hurt him. >> but, isn't this debate tomorrow night really a big thing for ben carson? i'm not sure anybody has explained to me where all of the support for ben carson is coming from? on what front? obviously he is very impressive and he has improved on the trail. tomorrow night is a big deal. >> you know, the support that he has been getting has not been coming from donald trump, which is interesting. it's not like people said we want an outsider who is less bellicose. no, it's been coming from the other candidates. yes, is he very soft-spoken, on the stump and in debates. the spotlight is going to be on him tomorrow.
1:56 am
and they are going to push him to attack trump. and that's going to be one of the most interesting things. >> that is it for the panel. but stay tuned to see how a president known for his way with words sometimes is at a total loss
1:57 am
finally tonight as the election heats up the incumbent president starts to wind down. one late night show says when it comes to speeches, president obama may be starting to phone it in. >> hard working folks who
1:58 am
demand not simply a bigger paycheck for themselves but more -- [cough] security for the folks working. massachusetts cio president steve thomas, toman. look up in the sky and prosperity will come raining down on us from the top of the -- whatever high rise is in new york city. i'm so glad i'm not on the ballot. [ laughter ] from the top of the whatever, that's not in the speech. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> it is wednesday september 16th. a fox news alert. we are back, america. the chilling new video from isis just released vowing to kill americans on our own soil.
1:59 am
it is almost show time. gop candidates go to go head to head in the second debate, and the gloves are already coming off. >> i am not leading in the polls but they are very nice people. they are never going to do anything. >> will the attacks payoff? we have live coverage as the sun comes up. >> a privately owned zoo now forced to allow guns. is that fair? we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> thank you for starting your day with us. still trumping the competition. hours before starting the second public debate donald trump vows to help our veterans and to make america great again aboard the uss battleship.
2:00 am
>> we are going to make our country so great, we are going to make it strong. we are going to make it powerful. >> and trump leading in a brand new poll as rivals go on the attack. >> john roberts is live for us with more. good morning, john. >> ainsley, heather, good morning. this will be big moments again. all of the candidates want a breakout moment to move up the ladder over donald trump. 850 aboard the uss iowa trump hit all of his campaign. owe oo they get the drugs and they get the money. people just pour into the country. they are disgusted when a woman who is 9 months pregnant and walks across the bor


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