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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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analysis you know and you can trust. right now bill o'reilly with a live election special. good night. we would like to welcome to you an election special, a race to the white house. we are living dangerously this evening. we are live and he we will be back at 11:00 eastern time to analyze the big debate as greta said. but, first, there was a secondary verbal shootout in california that just ended and joining us now from washington with an assessment the anchor of the "special report" bret baier. did you get anything out of that first debate, bret? >> hey, bill, a couple of things. one is it's much different environment than we had in cleveland. it's in the reagan library it was a little odd in that it looked like they arranged the candidates by height almost. so it kind of -- it is staged differently. and it's a smaller venue. so othere is not a big crowd. that said lindsey graham had a good night in early
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debate. he had one liners and he had some back and forth and he had substance. i think he is probably the winner out of that early card debate. >> all right. i was watching the debate in my office in new york city. i had two slices of pizza. i was frying not to chew that loud so i could hear them. i didn't really hear anything out of the ordinary, all right. it was the standard here are the problems, here is how going to solve it except for this from bobby jindal. roll the tape. >> my fellow republicans, let's stop treating donald trump like a republican. if he were really a conservative. [ applause ] >> if he were really a conservative and 30 points ahead, i would endorse him. evidence is not a conservative. is not a liberal. he is not a democrat. is he not a republican. he is not an independent. he believes in donald trump. >> now, jindal has gone after trump before. do you think that's a winning strategy? >> well, listen, he has to do something to get on the radar because his poll numbers are really in the
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basement has been trying that he did he have a debate with lindsey graham how washington doesn't get things done. you have to have the white house otherwise is he going to veto what you send him. good exchange. the best exchange was between lindsey graham and rick santorum on immigration. at the end of which graham said about the late south carolina senator strong thurman he had four kids after the age of 67. if you are not willing to do that we need to come up with a new immigration system. he had some one liners built in. >> i don't know how that's relevant because they weren't anchor babies. senator thurman was an american citizen and his children didn't have any controversy surrounding them. you know, i don't want to be cynical here but i have to tell the truth and for 19 years i have been doing that. none of these men have a
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chance to be president of the united states. none of them. and, i don't mind that they are running. but, the facade somehow it might be getting a little tired and it's only mid september. do you disagree? >> well, we have seen huge come backs before but i think you are right. to see these guys, these four guys make that come back zero to 1% would s. too big of a mountain. >> this field is pretty sophisticated. trump or no trump. if there is a lot of guys in there with a lot of experience and a lot of name recognition. and you, know, george pataki was a good governor of new york but that was a long time ago. bobby jindal is a good governor of louisiana but it's a small state. i think lindsey graham is a very good senator and knows a lot about the world he doesn't have a national profile. they are not going to have the money to get that the only way to get attention is
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to do what jindle just did which i don't think helps him. i think most people know that donald trump is a maverick. defy political gravity so far many times. any attacks coming from bobby jindal probably are not going to stick. you are right. on lindsey graham, he keeps coming back to the fight against isis and on a day where we learn that there are only four or five u.s. trained syrian fighters on the ground fighting isis. four or five people. >> i want to play that sound bite. probably on monday because tomorrow is going to be a lot of politics. but i might get i tomorrow. i might want to tell the audience we should have had a poll. there is a general he is testifying. congress earmarked $500 million to train syrians to fight against assad. five of them are ready to go to battle a year later. five. i'm going to submit to you, tonight, baier, that you and
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i, you and me, whatever you want to say, we could have gotten 15 up and ready okay? listen, for $500 million. >> it's 500 million for the program. they have spent 42 million. let's just do the math. >> five guys ready where are those five? it's five against assad's army. you know. they are a little outnourished. and one of them is named davy crockett. i mean, that's good. such a farce. >> it's amazing. >> it is amazing. >> testimony on capitol hill was stunning today. so my point is in that environment, lindsey graham who is hitting again and again the weakness of this fight against isis and the administration and how they are deploying assets and deploying money, you know, makes legitimate points and i think, you know, can make a difference in a race potentially along the edges. >> okay. you are coming back at 11. >> i will.
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>> are you taking a nap? could youdo you have a cot? >> i'm going to be watching. >> we are going to have baier and krauthammer and we're going to have hume. we are going to have all your pals down there. ted cruz is going to come, in also. he is going to grade himself on the debate. i'm going to ask the senator to grade himself how he did. we are going to have a really wild and i mean that literally. we are going to have a wild is 1:00 program because i don't care, baier. see, i'm at the end of my career here. i have got nothing to lose. i will say anything, i will do anything. and that's what you can expect at 11:00. >> he we are ready. >> it's a three hour debate and to get through a three hour debate that's like a jerry lewis telethon i will give you the money just put on "star trek." >> i hope they have breaks because they will need the ronald reagan catheter. this is going to be quite something to watch. >> i hear they will have a outhouse behind the thing and zip in there when they are not answering. three hours.
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god bless them. we will hold baier over and add ed henry into the mix. henry is getting the pocket hankie all shaped up and he will be here when we come back. ♪
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? continuing now with the race to the white house and election special. joining us from washington bret baier and here in new york city covering ed henry covering the hillary clinton campaign. >> made some remarks about donald trump. >> hillary did? >> yeah. she was part of a segment. we can't really -- weigh hold it over to midnight. she is trying to show the lighter side. this is a counter programming move. she is trying to say i can goof around and counter the republicans. not a misstalk from the
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strategy standpoint. not an accident that she went on a comedy show. >> they all do that now. >> i know we had an undercover producer in the audience. and i don't want to you give specifics because we want to be be fair show jim. we don't want to ruin the show. don rick kels? nice hair? hockey puck? >> softball questions about the emails. >> no, no, her persona. was she trying to be funny about trump. >> i saw the notes. i didn't see the actual video. i wanted to be honest and fair and didn't get the feel for how she was. not normally as good as her husband on that format when he went on arsenio hall. president obama when he goes on the daily show. they sort of knock it out of the park. they get a lot of softballs in that format. hillary clinton as we have seen and as her supporters have been painfully reminded in recent weeks. she is not as good. not robotic. not as good in a retail setting. >> i have seen her get off good he one lighters.
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>> you know this guy joe biden? do you know him? >> i have heard of him. >> we haven't seen him too much. but he is running for president. did you know that, baier? biden is running for president? do you know how i know? >> that's what i hear. >> do you want to know how i know? >> how do you know? >> here is how i know. roll the tape. >> this will pass. that trump and that stuff you are hearing on the other team and not just -- you know, this isn't about democrat/republican. it's about a sick message. this message has been tried on america many times before we always, always, always, always overcome it. >> talking about immigration stuff. >> donald trump. >> so he now out there trying to establish himself as the rational guy. so i think he is running for president. no doubt. >> if you watch the colbert show, talking about another late night show last week when he was talking as a grieving father. it seemed unlikely he would get. in a couple days later we learned. president obama went behind closed doors with a major
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democratic donor to raise all that this money for president obama. strategizing can i get millions of dollars and get this going you? hear those speeches. he is acting. he is talking. he is he looking like a candidate. seems more likely he is getting. in also because one of his advisors told me hillary clinton's numbers nationally get down to 40%. he is in. and she has been under 50. getting close to 40% nationally. she is under 40% in states like iowa. >> i do think, bill, is he waiting for the party to say come, you know. save us. if the email scandal gets really, really bad. and hillary clinton continues to drop as ed mentions, i think he is positioning himself for a late entry. maybe as late as november. >> you know, i think he has got to get in by october though. because they are having a bunch of debates. he is he going to want to be there. >> there is filing deadlines. november, late october. you are talking about the same thing. there are filing deadlines as you will recall early november in some of the key states. bret is right got to get it going. >> anybody going to vegas?
5:14 pm
odds anybody is going in. >> i bet you they have them. >> they bet on everything out there. i bet you they have odds that biden is going to get in. like two to one, three to one right now. >> listen, i think that the going bet here in washington, before that colbert appearance as ed mentioned was that he was definitely in. i think people, bill, thought listen, maybe he is dealing with the emotional side of his son's loss as people could expect. and it might be too tough. but i think that the money really is issue. >> two things here. his son, before he died, asked his father to run for president. >> um-huh. >> that was widely publicized, didn't have to be. all right. that was a private moment. he asked his father to run for president. number two, when you go on a show like colbert or fallon tonight, it's good to be funny, but it's better to be a human being. >> right. >> it's better to have people go, you know, what a tough thing it is. >> it was tragic that that reminded american voters
5:15 pm
about joe biden's authenticity but that's something you can't fake. whereas hillary clinton, it dribbles out a week or so ago, we have got this strategy, this plan in the "new york times" to be more spontaneous, to be more authentic. you can't really come up with a plan for that. >> plan spontaneity is not good. >> that's not her fault. that's her dopey advisors. >> she you meant matily has to tell them you are not giving me the right advice. >> did she fire podesta yet. >> no. >> i asked for him to be fired. >> calling for that tonight. >> not tonight last week. >> based on what? >> he is a hatchet man. he is. everybody knows it why do you want to sur is round yourself with that kind of people. david broke? john podesta? these are assassins. >> there was a story in the "the washington post" today that baseballly said they are doubling down on the strategy they have had. >> you are going it hire more assassins? are they all going to dress in black and have swords? i mean, these are bad guys. everybody knows that. >> when you are talking about vegas and we could have made a lot of money betting on bernie sanders. nobody would have had had
5:16 pm
those odds. >> nobody is going to. >> he is winning in iowa and new hampshire. >> he is winning in finland. >> so what he is a socialist. >> he is taking havana. >> >> stop. here is the key thing with bernie sanders. if he breaks in to the african-american vote. if he breaks into the plaque vote. hillary clinton is done. because his numbers on the other side, in new hampshire and iowa, ed is right. >> you guys are are in the land of oz, number one, do i hear he is making an album with jay-z, bernie sanders is. he is going to rap. he is going to rap about taking people's cars and homes. house. watch that mouse or something. is he not going to break through on any ethnic because he is so far out there. watters, did you see watters chasing him around? the guy won't even answer our legitimate questions. >> bernie sanders. >> helped after that one. >> well, bernie sanders
5:17 pm
hillary clinton gets the nomination. if it's biden, biden could beat her. all right. interesting. >> gentlemen, we are now getting some news about the debate in california and in just a few moments monica crowleyly and alan colmes will have some thoughts. back in a moment. at. aleve. all day strong.
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once again, we thank you for watching this election special. here now in new york city alan colmes and monica crowley. the debate is just starting and they are giving their opening statements and they all have zippy one liners, huh? >> some of them do. >> what did trump say on opening? >> right now they are in their introductory. reintroducing themselves to the american people. donald trump when it comes to his term. all he had to say i'm donald trump. i have wrote the art of the deal i made billions and billions of dollars.
5:21 pm
i don't say that in a braggadocious way. >> no. >> but what he did say was i want to bring my skills that have created this huge empire for myself and. >> it was a little bit instead of introducing. >> it was an american dream theme which is what a lot of the candidates are talking about. >> marco rubio didn't get off to a good start it? >> wasn't as bad as some of the people around us. >> tell us. >> he did a water joke. drought in california so i brought my own and brings out a bottle of, you know, there was that video of him sipping the water and the response state of the union. >> i see he is playing off that. >> i thought that was a good move move. started with a joke. >> did you think it was a good move. >> it was. had the potential to be a funny joke but no one laughed so it fell flat. >> they are in california no water. they are drinking ocean water. >> it's a long debate. he can still make it up. >> sure. >> look, we are not here. we are not in business and people ought to understand that. to disparage any of these people, all right, unless this are dishonest or do things they shouldn't do.
5:22 pm
now, colmes, we just got finished talking about bernie sanders. you love this guy, right? >> he is great. he is so authentic, right? makes no bones. that's is what is selling this election. >> is he authentic but he is so bent upon doing things that would hurt all of us that the authenticity kind of frightening. >> you said hurt all of us. when you say want to raise the middle class. helps everybody. not talking about the 1%. >> did you see the analysis of how much money, don't have that kind of money. >> bernie does. >> do you know who is doing his numbers. >> ben and jerry. >> everyone loves ice cream. >> also socialists. >> so we don't really take bernie sanders all that seriously here. it might be a mistake on our part. but we do take joe biden seriously. and i do think he is coming. >> guess who joe biden would not only run but heed the democratic nominee monica crowley
5:23 pm
"washington times" column about five or six weeks ago. >> how did i miss that? >> i predicted that hillary clinton will not be the nominee. >> will she be in prison or just beaten? >> i don't know about any of those things, bill. i will -- what i posited is that barack obama is actually taking her out through this fbi investigation. >> you said that on the factor. >> wait a minute. because he -- what matters to barack obama is that he has a successor he can control and someone who is not. >> biden is the same. >> not going to investigate the last 8 years. if he can get the place holder of joe biden at the want to ticket with elizabeth warren as number two to take care of women who will be very angry about hillary and the bernie sanders vote, she knocks both of those constituencies out with one shot, elizabeth warren. >> what's the difference between biden and obama? >> that's a very good question. >> there is no difference with biden you will see a third obama term. >> he did a good job. >> 32% of the polls that think he has done -- you and the other 3 is 1%. >> he won two elections.
5:24 pm
>> right now is where we are. >> that's right now. more than a year before the next election. we will see how the iran deal goes. more jobs coming back. unemployment 5.1%. >> 66% of the country thinks we are going in the wrong direction and you are going to have a guy run who says well i'm going to take you further down the wrong direction. >> four years ago, just before obama got reelected. >> remember, there is only one person who matters on the democratic side and what he wants and that's barack obama. he controls the party. he controls the white house. and controls this nominating process. >> i don't know about that. >> keep that in mind. >> the clinton machine is pretty formidable. >> hillary clinton surrounds herself with terrible people. people who are known to want to injure people, all right, as i have made the point with baier and henry. that reflects on her. >> if you agree that those are the people. >> i think pretty much that is the consensus among republicans and democrats. >> you are defined by who you choose. >> the guy is going after
5:25 pm
"new york times" now. this guy, the whole crew, they are just brutal. so i have always said to both bill and hillary clinton, look, these are the people that you are going to hire to run your campaign, you are alienating people who might give you a chance. i know americans don't know who these people are they don't know podesta and barack. they don't know him but those who follow politics do. and they know that these are. >> ultimately she will be elected if she is the nominee on her policy positions. not on what people are doing in the campaign. >> they will be there. >> 2 a years and it's work. >> do you know what a kneecapper is. >> yes i do. >> tell. >> i watch the sopranos. >> it doesn't come from the organized crime. do you know where the knee cammers come from? the ira. if you were an informer, you got shot through the back of the knee right through your kneecap and you could never walk properly again. >> these are political
5:26 pm
kneecappers who have served them very well. they are bringing back the same team. >> same team that bill clinton had you have a successful presidency. >> that's carville and those guys. >> podesta. those people made a very successful presidency. >> not going to work this time because this election cycle on both sides is completely different. dynamic is totally different. >> i agree with that the dynamic is anything could happen. anything could happen. >> we appreciate you guys again. reuniteed. peaches and. >> dennis miller just back from another lavish vacation to tell us all about his ad ventures. bernie goldberg who ♪ allowed to go nowhere. he will analyze how the moderators at cnn are doing tonight. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. the o'reilly factor will be seen live tonight at 1 is 1:00 right after the big debate. there is some breaking news tonight. we have an earthquake in chile, south america. shepard smith is covering that story for us. take it away, shep. >> serious one, bill. an 8.3 earthquake struck just about an hour ago according to the united states geological survey. you will see some pictures here that have come to us from instagram. associated press reports there have been several strong aftershocks at 6.0 plus. forecasters had issued a
5:31 pm
tsunami alert for the entire coast of chile and a tsunami watch for hawaii. but should anything should happen it's at least 12 hours away from hawaii. tsunami waves more than three yards above the titled level are possible in some areas along the coast of chile. i want to show you live pictures coming to us from local television. this is argentina, santiago and two other locals including a port town. no reports of any injuries or significant damage except there have been reports of at least one, one series of adobe homes inland to have fallen. in other than that, no damage significance at all. live pushings in hawaii now where there are no troubles. updates throughout the night on fox news channel. for now bill, back to you. >> shepard, thank you. back to politics. joining us here in "new york times" new york city andrea tantaros and eboni williams. welcome back. you were in prison i heard. [ laughter ] >> in jail? >> great american bailout. >> you bailed her out, right? >> that was a joke, right?
5:32 pm
now, on the website, whoa i will get it. >> you will get it. >> you were watching a little bit of the debate. >> i was. i didn't even want to come in here and talk to you. >> you get paid to do it. >> i had to come in. any impressions? anything happen? it's exactly how we expected it would be. all the candidates are trying to get their gloves all over donald trump. it's not working. you cannot rattle him at all. when i left they were debating about the economy. and is he classic trump. and you know what, bill? it speaks to something bigger. people feel the country slipping away and the reason that donald trump wins is it's a very simple message about america becoming great again which he kept repeating over and over. they don't believe is he beholden to special interest. they don't like anyone reading from a teleprompter. and that's what he does. >> what i understand, ebony, rand paul has gone after trump, jeb bush has gone after him and walker and trump are going back and forth about the economy of wisconsin. all right.
5:33 pm
assess that for us? >> well, it's a clear narrative that donald trump is painting himself as a winner. and all of those guys you just named have been losers. and trump is being brilliant in his framing of that issue. >> still tonight he is? >> from the opening gate. what i was disappointed with tonight, bill, carlie fiorina. first of all she fought to get at this. that happened. she promised that she was going to come out swinging tonight and the first question where she had an open opportunity to really stick one to trump she punts and says well that's up to the voters. >> what was the first question? >> they asked if she would trust him with his finger on the button. >> the cnn pinheads right away tried to bear bait, that's like. >> that's one way to look at it. >> than they tried to get her what they asked for. >> 11 people on the stage and your question is do you trust this guy? come on. it's obviously baiting. >> they copied fox news in a way by asking about his tone and his temperament. >> that's a legitimate question but to single him
5:34 pm
out as a commander and chief. >> she got a little dig in entertainer. he responded going. rather than answer a question he took a shot at rand paul's looks. >> who did. >> trump. >> what did he say about rand paul's looks. >> he said i could go after your looks he said but because there is a lot of substance there but basically i won't. >> so petty. >> rand paul is a decent looking guy. >> classic trump. >> funny had people giggling in the audience. made rand look silly for going after him. >> do you know why i disagree with you just a little bit because carlie is differentiating herself by not doing what all the boys are doing and that's ganging up on trump. i'm not going to take the bait. >> remember, it's three hours here. >> she said she would that's the only reason why i expected it jeb bush, he needs to be very relevant tonight. another opportunity to say how you feel to this man's face. inches away and punted as well. >> i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it if i were jeb bush or carly fiorina or anybody else. if the cnn guys -- and
5:35 pm
believe me, i do. this i have been doing it for 19 years. i know how to bait these people and i will do it if i think there is some reason to do it. but if somebody is what do you think that trump that -- i'm not going to do that all right. now, if they have a legitimate beef with trump, if trump has said something unfair or unkind and they take exception -- >> -- wait a minute, o'reilly. you call people pinheads all the time. >> pinhead is a catchphrase. youi call myself a pinhead sometimes. all right? i don't make fun of people's looks, do i? we only can have good looking people on the factor. with my exception. you know what i'm talking about. if one of the candidates has a belief that goes to leadership they should absolutely go after trump. if it's in response to these three cnn guys who have been told give him a little of this. i don't do that. >> that's carlie's point though. she said before the debate
5:36 pm
she can't wait to get the opportunity to tell trump how she feels about him to his face, right? >> yeah. >> two hours and 40 minutes left. >> don't know where they are going to go with him. rand said he was going to attack hum for not being a conservative. if you look at the republican party they nominated mccain, they nominated romney. not exactly conservatives. people care about the country slipping away. that's why this whole thing about trump not being a conservative is beside the point. no one cares. no one cares about that. >> i don't think ideology is going to play this year. people want someone to identify the problem. >> yeah. >> trump brilliant at that he identifies the problem. and then come up with a solution. so far he has not done that. but he says he will. after i let you go, are you going to go back and watch it it? >> do you have snacks here for us? >> we have snacks. >> only staying if there is food. >> in fact, your father's diner catered and we have grape leaves.
5:37 pm
>> there is 12 of them but we can definitely. >> you have 12 diners? >> there is quite a few. >> no wonder you have all that bling. >> all that bling? [ laughter ] >> not so much bling. >> you ladies want to get out of here and i'm going to let them go. when we come right back, dennis miller, he is on a lavish summer vacation for months is going to tell us all about it miller is next.
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to the white house and election special. go right now to santa barbara, california where the legendary joins us now. you got out of the country almost the whole summer on these lavish trips. you didn't have to see all the political back and forth which you despise. i want to no about your trips. you went to iceland. do he this like americans in iceland? >> well, billy, i went to the scanned navin countries and the last two weeks i went to england. i went to italy. you know what my favorite country was? >> what? >> iran. because it's tressel season ortho they opened all the doors. it it's beautiful. tehran, iran. no, i didn't go there i did go to italy the last couple
5:42 pm
books. you have been out all summer, billy. i like it audition, i mean visit other countries. i was out looking around seeing what's out there in the world in case bernie san drs takes over. >> that's a good thing you scout now. lit's run them down. iceland is nice. i was there a couple years ago. i thought everybody was fine. right? >> iceland was beautiful and you know ice alan dick air has a nice thing where you can stop there for a week. i get no extra fees and you stop across the atlantic. you can do a little rest up in iceland for a few days before you go on to denmark. sweden quite nice. and did i say denmark? >> yes. >> but then the last two weeks i have been in italy and you know something, billy? i think america is kind of reminding me of a european country. granted we have prefabricated ruins. they have the real thing over there i do notice a
5:43 pm
little concern over in europe. i think they are a little concerned that we have decided to step off the metal stand as far as kicking bad guys' rear ends. they won't say that but i think everybody dug america that guys. i do think when you go overseas, there is a now that we are, you know, strange bed fellows with iran. that kind of dove tails with with a growing antisemitism in europe. i think they dig that about us. since we don't enforce our border anymore, that makes us one of the guys. so i think they like that about us. and i think we are becoming more of a culture that we used to live to work and then we work to live and now we live to work 29 hour weeks. this dig that about us. when they see he kids spending 26,000 a month in san francisco for a bunk bed that reminds us they look at us and go they are becoming more european. maybe they will turn into that shinings who hostel on
5:44 pm
the hill. one thing where i do sense a difference. i don't sense is a white hot hatred like i do in certain factions of the american left of. over here you have people flat out hate america. they still have fond memories. by and large quasisocialistic nations like to welcome what was once a nonsocialistic nation into the quasisocialistic brotherhood of nations because there is less chance for embarrassment of them if everybody kind of gives up a little. i do they think like that. >> this is a serious question. when you were in italy were they coming the migrants they are all over the place. in fact, if your beard getting any longer and you go back the hungarians might hit you on the head. were they all talking about the migration or covering the migration? what about it? >> no. >> no? >> i will be honest with you, bill, like i said, i don't think protecting your
5:45 pm
border is a big thing anymore. i do find it ironic that a lot of people split countries that they don't like and go to other countries and then try to set up a monday any version of their country where they celebrate the ways of their country and the new country that they split the old country to go to. that seems a little tedious to me. i think i'm way in the minority, billy. i think most people by and large, i think it's an open border world and whatever people want to do is fine. i'm like old school, but i'm a dinosaur, except that they will never mine my fossil for fuel in the future. i don't think people care about borders anymore. >> this is the biggest human migration since world war ii. it's going to get worse. the friends are going to for instance are going to for africans, in the western
5:46 pm
european places it's not hard. >> my ways are the old ways. i feel like in many ways i feel like i live as an expatriot in a country that used to be my own country in a way. >> traditional values. >> i just go along for the ride. whatever anybody wants is not that big of deal to me. >> i react a little bit more emotionally than you do about it and i fight a little bit harder. especially among things that i know are going to be harmful to everybody. >> billy, how you can meld that what you just said to me i would do it too. you guess you understand it too, right? >> i understand the human suffering aspect of it, but i also understand that it didn't to happen. it happened because of the incompetence of the obama administration and the coward disof the european union, the combination has created mass chaos. and if you had strong leaders, as we once had in this country and in europe, that never would have happened. we would have wiped out assad. he would have been done. the mullahs would have been on the run and isis would have been rubble.
5:47 pm
patton could have wiped out isis one week. one week ice is through. we don't have leaders anymore. >> after seeing all these other countries i will say america is still the best country in the world. increasingly that's like being valedictorian in summer school. >> all right. dennis miller, everybody. if you would like to seat d man and me in person in phoenix and south florida and chicago. bill o' has all the information on the don't be a pinhead shows. bernie goldberg will wrap this special up in just a few moments.
5:48 pm
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let's wrap this special up. joining us joining us from north carolina, so you're watching for the last 45 minutes or so.
5:51 pm
anything catch your eye? >> yeah, the first thing that caught my eye, the four candidates all had gravitas and authenticity. and authenticity being a trait soarly lacking in the leader on the democratic side. the second thing that caught my eye was i thought senator graham was very good. but i did get the impression he was running for secretary of defense. the main thing that caught my my eye was a mile yo come of a splilts in the larger republican party between the revels and the more moderate wing. there's a question about kim davis. if county clerk of kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. santorum and jindle will please
5:52 pm
the christian right. the president of the united states has the right and by presentation, the obligation, to disobey a supreme court order if he thinks it's a bad decision. he's dead wrong about that, but he will win points for that with the christian right. i thought that they were courageous in that they not only disagreed with kim davis and said if you have a job with the government, your religion comes second to that job. but fitoki actually said he would fire her. so i think it's politically courageous when you say something as a politician that you know may hurt you with a significant portion of the party. >> in the prime time debate, the first half an hour was everybody attack donald. you think that's an effective strategy.
5:53 pm
>> you know, i think when you're desperate, you do desperate things. but trump -- i mean, trump started attacking from the jump. i mean,somebody asked him a question about whether he had the capacity or the character to deal with nuclear weapons. and he attacks the looks of senator paul. what does that have to do with anything? he gave me the impression that he was up there -- why am i up here with all of these losers. it may be the only strategy he had. i'll tell you this, though, i don't think donald trump can do anything that hurts him. i don't think he can do anything. >> but he's got to widen that
5:54 pm
base. >> that's exactly right. so where donald trump has scored is that he's correctly identified the frustrations that millions of americans have and says i'm going to fix him and people like that. but now he has to expand. he has to expand his base and frame of reference and say this is how i'm going to fix him. well, so far, tonight, he hasn't done that. >> i find the people who support donald trump more interesting than donald trump. these are services that revered the military. his poll numbers go up. he can say anything. he can say anything --
5:55 pm
>> that's because -- >> and it doesn't matter with his base. >> that's because it's like your kid. when your kid does something wrong, many parents will never admit it. you know kids like that growing up. right? little lenny. lenny sets the cat on fire. oh, little lenny would never do that. little lenny is a cub scout and the nicest boy in the world. deny it. the emotion the parents have with lenny overcomes john mccain. this is the brilliance of donald trump. he built the emotion on true problems. he didn't make them up. the border. all right. the violence and drugs that unfettered illegal immigration brings. the impotence of america overseas. these are all real. and trump identified -- building up an emotional kwoesht inside
5:56 pm
his supporters. that override john mccain and carly fiorina. >> that's exactly right. but i don't want lenny in the oval office. i understand the frustration. >> and he changed his name to joe biden. that was a joke. >> i understand your frustration. i understand that donald trump supporters, and many other supporters, bernie sanders reporters are sick and tired of politics, as usual. but, at some point, if you're a conservative, you don't accept attacks on john mccain who stayed in prisz when he could have walked out. >> in the face of unbelievable, garbage going on and the immigration situation, those things are significant to trump's base. last word?
5:57 pm
>> you're right -- as a question, as you rightly put it earlier, is will that expand? if it does, he may be the nominee. if he does, he may be the next president. if it doesn't expand, then it's over. >> we will wrap things up with some pernl comments by me after these announcements. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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once again, a reminder, the o'riley factor will be coming up in about two hours. and we'll have the post-debate analysis after the three-hour extravaganza is over. now, hugh, behr, golgd burg again, senator cruz is going to come on in. mary catherine. we hope to see you all. that's southern expression at 11:00, 8:00 on the west coast.
6:00 pm
you know, i really appreciate you guys watching this tonight, up against that debate. thank you very much. i'm bill o'riley. we'll see you a bit later on. >> developing tonight, new details in a case that rocked the country. as a young women finds a new life with a face-to-face killer on a rampage. welcome, everybody. i'm megan kelly. this friday, a new motion picture taking us through one of the most dramatic man hunts of the last decade. the suspect? brian nichols. he was on trial for rape when he overpowered and brutally beat a sheriff's deputy,


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