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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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thank you for being with us. we'll be back at 10:00 eastern tomorrow night and debate and interviews and joined by don't trump, jeb bush and chris christie and other candidates. we hope you will be back tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching for us tonight for the factor's analysis of the second republican debate. we have a strong line up for you and asking our guests tonight, to grade the debaters a-f. the cnn moderators made the debate very personal. time after time, trump said this. how do you respond, governor bush? or rand paul? or ben carson? that was a waste of time.
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instead of questions we got got cha. what have we learned? it's all about the show. not about solving problems. here is a sample. >> is this response to attack people on their appearance? my goodness that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his looks and there is plenty of subject matter right there. >> if i were sitting home watching this back and forth, i'd be inclined to turn it off. we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have it now. >> he wanted casino gambling. >> no, i didn't. >> and you would have opposed it before. he said attacks he was going to attack was going to be a pin prick when the united states military was not built to conduct pin prick attacks. only endeavor to win. >> when voting for hillary, you were voted to possess the
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nuclear weapons. >> if we think they're getting close to developing a nuclear weapon, and we get that information, you better believe that i would do everything in my power as commander in chief to stop them. >> let's ask hillary clinton. she believes in the systematic murder of children in the womb to preserve their body parts for sale for profit. >> this is about the character of our nation, if we will not stand up to force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> donald trump said the following about you. quote, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? mr. trump later said he was talking about your persona. >> i think women all over this ount tri heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> to subject my wife into the middle of a political conversation was wrong, donald.
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>> i know your wife and she's a lovely woman. >> she's the love of my life and i want you to apologize to her. >> politician s run up mountains in debt and that is the way you ran your casinos and you were forced to file for bankruptcy four times. >> your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster those last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> one thing for about my brother for sure, he kept us safe. i don't foe -- know if you remember. >> let's start with trump. what are you getting? . >> i thought trump had a c minus performance. i thought he didn't do that well in the first debate either. he was on the receiving end of strong repose, i think. the strongest was the fiorina
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one where he really didn't have much to say other than a sarcastic you're gorgeous or whatever he said. on policy, he like in the first debate wasn't up to speed the way the others were. again, that is what happened in the first debate and yet didn't hurt him. whether it's going to affect him, i don't know. it's harder for him in an arena where other people are well versed in the issues. when alone on the stage, he's a talented performer. he can handle the flow and ebb of the conversation when it's a monologue. >> how about ben carson? >> carson, in the same range. and i think, again, this depicted back to the first debate, rather weak on the issues but had a fantastic response at the end endearing him to everyone. i think just rocketed him up. he didn't have that moment this time.
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he had one kind of winning moment when he turned to trump about the vaccines and said you're an okay doctor, which i thought was soft, you know, and clever. but he didn't shine. again this, is not his kind of forum. >> jeb bush? >> jeb had a b minus. he was -- he had the moment he was on sometimes, did rather well, i thought held his own. and at the energy, i mean it wasn't -- he's not a man who is really quick. he's not a man who is sharp. he's rather thoughtful. he did the better than in the first debate. and on the issues, i think he was rather strong. >> energized thing at the end. okay. scott walker. >> scott walker, again, this is a lot like the first debate. he was a bit stronger but i
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don't think he changed one way or another. >> carly fiorina? >> she gets an a. a minus. you know, these debates hinge on moments. she had two great moments she countered the insult in trump that was short, surprising and electric. then, she had her little rift when she took on, interestingly, iran and planned parenthood at the same time, extremely strong, carried it off very well. that was the best, sort of sound byte that wasn't a joke, of the evening. the minus slightly because she had a severe demeanor. >> yes. i noticed that as well. if she had smiled a couple times. >> she looked off.
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>> john kasich. >> if you heard on the radio she would have had an a. kasich, i thought was, i mean, he's kasich. the leading hot liberal on the stage. i don't know how the message would have carried. slightly weaker on iran than anyone else other than rand paul, sort of noninterventionist position. not sure he helped himself. it wasn't cleveland. i give him a c. >> rand paul? >> rand paul did rather well but he made some points, but they weren't the ones that would rally people to him. like an interpretation of the 14th amendment. >> huckabee? >> huckabee was out there. he didn't get a lot of time. he had to break in. it wasn't his night. i give him a c. >> christie.
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>> i think he rose above expectations. he showed himself to be controlled but really strong. he's able to debate and had a bit of humor. i give him a b on the night. >> senator cruz. >> cruz, i give him a c plus. the usual strong debating was somehow left out in a number of ways. did not have a signature moment. i think he positioned himself well to be in a position to inherit the trump constituency if it is relinquished. >> marco rubio? . >> i think he came in second. particularly what you would do with russia and syria. the question began with trump. he had no idea what to say. rubio said the issue is not talking with putin. the issue is showing him strength. and he immediately slam dunked
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that question. he doesn't have the moment but has a consistently high, strong performance across theboard. >> yes. his frame of reference is strong. he comes across with authority. >> absolutely. >> you say fiorina won with rubio second? >> close second. >> and christie coming in third. >> and moderators? . >> i thought throwing meat into the arena like wwe without the entertainment value. >> charles krauthammer, and later, bernie goldberg will tell us if any of the debate moderators really screwed
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>> the fact is that we don't want to hear about your career. back and forth, you're both successful people. congratulations. >> in the impact segment we continue with our post debate analysis. joining us, bret baier and brit hume. were there stand out moments for you? >> the one you just showed was a stand out moment and a weak for o chris christie. for him to bitch about it i thought was unfortunate on a night i thought he did well. >> who do you think won the debate? >> carly fiorina, despite the
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fact she seemed cross at times, but her command of these national and international issues and our military status is quite impressive, especially for someone outside of government. >> how did trump do? >> listen. i thought he had a decent night. probably middle of the road. he's leading by so much. he did not have an implosion moment. there was no attack that killed him, i don't think, tonight. he had the most time, judging by the counters, almost 18 minutes. >> yup. >> he didn't have a great moment but he didn't have a misstep, either. . >> he didn't give a lot of new information. i talked to him this week and said you've got to expand it. the person who got the least amount of time was scott walker, about seven minutes so the difference between trump and walker was ten minutes of time.
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now, the charles and i objected to the moderators doing the tabloid thing in the first hour, any validity to our decent on that? >> i don't mind them throwing out red meat and having them go at it. it show s ability to retain ther poise. what i minded was i hated the idea of being the time cop myself. because i think it annoys the audience and candidates. and it's better to have a bell or a buzzer go off which tells the world the candidate is over his time without involving the moderator. >> you're right. thank you, senator, thank you, governor. >> listen, cnn did him no service by having the time work that way. >> i don't know why they had hue
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there. >> i had a little electricity going. you know? if they went over. >> like a cattle prod? >> yes. like a little thing. you can crank. >> how about for you? >> i agree. thank you governor, thank you senator, gets old. i think the big winner of the night is a buzzer or bell in the debate. i think jake tapper had a tough time. 11 people on the stage. i think the first half of the debate felt like they were saying as you mentioned, would donald trump like this for lunch? why is he wrong? 17 minutes for trump and seven for walker. >> all about trump for the first half of the debate, anyway. let's give some numbers. a to f. >> trump, brit hume.
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>> i think a b, his supporters will like his performance perhaps better than i do. >> trump? >> b minus. >> rubio? >> b plus. >> i say a. >> i thought he's strong, too. >> fiorina? >> a. >> a minus. >> carson? >> c. >> really? >> c minus. >> why? >> i think -- look. the magic of carson is when he made the comment about being an okay doctor -- trump being an okay doctor. that is good humor, calm. the things we like about him. and charming. i think he held his own. i think he was fine. but there was nothing magic about his performance and there wasn't in the first debate either but he made such a boppo closing comment, if you end strong, as you know in this business, it goes a long way.
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did it in this case. >> what about jeb bush? . >> i think jeb bush had a good night. look. he needed to do better than he's been doing. needed to show strength and he dchl he took trump on on the gambling in florida. he took trump on defending his brother effectively. if you notice, the most sustained and honest applause turned on trump and said but he kept us safe. and he stopped there. and the applause -- the mistake in this for these candidates to attack george w and his father to a lesser extent, because these people still have admirers in the republican party and this is a republican debate. >> cruz? how did he do? >> i think he had a b minus. i thought his addressing the camera was a little strange at times. it felt like he was forcing the interaction with the people at
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home. but listen, he has facts and substance. and on the battle of jeb bush over john roberts for a republican electorate, it's a winner. >> real quick. kasich, christy, walker, huckabee. brit? >> i give them all pretty average. >> okay. >> bret baier? what do you think? >> i think walker didn't stand out. he's going to have a long, uphill battle to get into the fight. >> gentlemen, thank you. bernie goldberg up next, then carl rove, juan williams, mary
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trump said about this about you. look at that face, would anyone vote for that. mr. trump later said he was talking about your persona, not your appearance. >> well, we continue now with factor's post debate analysis. so how did the moderators do with questions like that? >> i thought jake tapper did well to keep the trains running on time. i wasn't thrilled with cutting answers off before they were finished but that is not his fault as much the problem of the format. if they only had a minute they should have expanded that in the beginning. as how hugh hewitt and dana bash, i'll be looking for their pictures on milk cartons. i'm not sure what that was about. >> what about -- trump had 17
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minutes and scott walker, barely seven. the questions were about trump said this, trump did that. i think that is not getting us anywhere. do you? >> no. you know, i thought as i was watching it, it occurred to me you can only score points, excuse me for being obvious here, you can only score points when you're on. when you're not on for a long period of time, your letter grade goes down because it's as if you're not important. so, you know, i'm with you on that. >> and it's all about kind of trivial pursuits. >> but i thought questions were good questions. >> it would have been good in a format like this. did you do that, you pinhead. people want to know how are we going to get the economy back on track? what are you going to do with these isis savages? anyway.
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you grouped the candidates from a to c, i think. give me a's first. >> right. can i give you c's first? and work up to b? then a? >> sure. whatever you want. >> i thought walker, huckabee and cruz got c's. not because they weren't good, but because i don't think they helped themselves. rand paul, whatever you think of him, whatever you think of his views is a very thoughtful guy. i give him a c plus. i gave carson a b. he is, he delivered what he normally is. i don't think he exceeded expectations. i give kasich a b, also. and i thought bush, again, whatever you think, if you think he's too moderate, fine. i understand. but he's a thoughtful guy and i gave him a b plus.
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i gave chrisie a b plus. two a's. marco rubio and carly fiorina. i think she can often per persona a little bit. that won't hurt. trump, i give a detention. a detention to trump. i can't give him a grade until he leaves the principal's office. he says things that make sense. >> you think you and rove and krauthammer and you guys are making an enormous mistake on trump. okay? and if i had to grade trump tonight i would have give him trump a b. because he was under so much pressure, cnn wanted to make it all about him. all right? the questions were all about what he did. and that he had to be a reactor
11:27 pm
rather than proactive. as you know in a debate if you're pro active you're more authoritative. so what he does is that he has now set the agenda. he set the political agenda in this country. and i that is an extraordinary achievement. that is mocked by people who don't like his politics. that is what i think you were seeing. >> do you know what, bill? if someone else were in first place on the republican side and that person had the personality, and this is not a put down of someone like scott walker. just a regular, mid western nice easy personality, he won't get a tenth of the time that trump is getting on television. that is one of the reasons he's setting the agenda. because he is -- >> he's also bold and fresh,
11:28 pm
bernie, look. this guy has cajones. i hate speaking spanish because he doesn't like speaking spanish. he's got it. people are tired of wimpy, dishonest, phony politicians. >> there is no question, we understand the fascination with donald trump. but after he takes an incredibly cheap shot at carly fiorina, mr. brash, tough, i'm not a politician, stands in front of millions of people and says oh, carly, you're beautiful. i just want everybody to know i think you're beautiful. he isn't even an, excuse the politically correct term, he isn't even man enough to say yeah, i said it. and if you don't like it, you can stick it. he then backed down. you know? >> look. did you see what carly fiorina -- did you see the expression on her face?
11:29 pm
you would have backed down, too. all right? she was a woman on a mission tonight. >> she was great. let me say one thing quickly. >> real quick. >> not only was she great. if she had as much time, if all of you people with control of the media, you moguls give carly fiorina as much time as you have given donald trump, she'd be in first place. >> bernie goldberg, everybody. plenty more head. senator ted cruz ran into the factor in just a few moments we hope. after that, karl rove, juan at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform.
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because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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this deal will send money to the radical islamic terrorism. this deal abandoned four american hostages in iran. you better believe it. if i am elected president, on the very first day in office, i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. >> let's bring in senator ted cruz. coming to us from simi valley, california. i had timing here. and you came in 8th out of 11.
11:34 pm
and trump was a leader, and then, down the line. so first, i want you to grade yourself in the debate. what grade would you give yourself? >> look. i thought the debate was terrific. ways happy with where it went. fox did the same thing. did he didn't ask me a lot of questions. the reason i'm encouraged if you look at the first debate, our momentum exploded coming out of that debate we had over $1.1 million as people went to and contributed online. >> but you didn't answer my question. what grade would you give yourself, for the way you answered the questions and conducted yourself this evening? what grade? >> well, listen. grading is going to be done by
11:35 pm
the american people. i was happy with my performance. i think voters are not interested in the back and forth school yard insults that a lot of the debate focused on. they're interested in substance. on this stage there were an awful lot of what i call campaign conservatives. someone who had been the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. people were able to see a stark difference whether on amnesty, they supported it. or whether the second amendment and liberty. >> do you think because you're a hard right guy, that you are being ignored by this the debate
11:36 pm
people? i mean, you mentioned fox didn't give you that much time. cnn didn't give you that much time. and look. a classic example is that there is a question to global warming. the moderator asked folks who ran away from the issue and were afraid to take it on. i tried to jump and say hey, you want a skeptic, i'll be one and the moderator didn't want me to answer that. we ought to follow the evidence and data. the evidence and data don't support global warming. >> we can't get to the bottom of that. >> but this is important. last 18 years, the satellite data demonstrates no significant warming whatsoever. that is an inconvenient fact for the advocate of big government policy that drive up your and my
11:37 pm
electric bills. >> what i'm trying to get at is that there is a political correctness that surrounds the national media. cnn is part of that. this program isn't. i can't speak for anyone else, but cnn, nbc and abc are part that have political correctness. tonight you're telling me that political correctness doesn't want to hear from you. >> well, i will note you said i got the 8th most time. nationally, polling fourth now. third in iowa. our support on the ground is enormo enormous. we've raised more hard money than anyone in the field. if you look at the data, on twitter in the first debate, our campaign, i was the most-googled candidate and got the least air time. so the media interviewers don't like focusing on substance. they like the back and forth
11:38 pm
bickering. >> there is no question about that. >> there are people hurting across the country that aren't interested in a bunch of school children but real solutions and a proven record. i think that is why many are going to >> now you know i gave you three plugs for your website. you understand that? >> i do. and i have -- >> the exact amount of times you spent plugging. so you owe me now. next time you call you -- he gave me three plugs. all right, senator cruz, everybody. everybody. karl rove,
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>> you got hillary clinton to go to your wedding. maybe because you gave her money. >> i was a businessman. i get along with everybody. that is my job to get along with people. i didn't want to. >> the fact is that. >> excuse me. >> no. >> you cannot say -- >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> thank you for staying with us. we continue now with our factor post debate program. joining us from washington, karl rove. okay, do you think ted cruz gets jobs because he's a
11:43 pm
indoctrinated conservative? >> it is mistifying because he does deserve more air time. and he didn't get a lot at all. it wasn't as big of a factor as he wanted to be. >> and you've divided your analysis and grading into three groups. do you want to start with winners or losers? >> i don't want to call them losers. let's just say people who didn't help themselves tonight. >> you want to be politically correct? . >> i am a tough grader. we'll start whenever you want to start. >> let's start with winners. who won? >> i think carly fiorina had a great night tonight. and she demonstrated a fluency with the issues and handled the trump issue of his comment about her face. i thought terrifically.
11:44 pm
a lot of this not only what you say and how you project yourself when talking but it's how you look and those moments when you're not looking. >> she looked teed off. >> instead, trump said i think you're beautiful which is not credible. he said look at that face and belittled her. now, he's saying i think you're beautiful? not true. i thought that was the right response to say i'm not buying that. >> who else did well? . >> i think marco rubio did well, again. he did well in the first debate. showed great fluency on the issues and injected very personal notes. the question for senator rubio is going to be, is he going to have a better impact on his numbers this time than the first time? i'm mistified why he didn't do better in the first debate.
11:45 pm
>> trump vacuumed all of the attention he has the highest positives and lowest negatives. >> if trump weren't in the race, i think rubio would be one of the front runners. have you two more people in the winner category? >> most improved was chris christie. i thought his first performance was sort of so-so. tonight i thought he was very good. i think jeb bush showed he was guy. and i thought he came off very well. those where the four people. >> so fiorina, rubio, bush, and christie. >> people that held their own, walker. slightly better. kasich had a good blue collar moments but made a mistake i thought by saying when some
11:46 pm
competitors were wounding each other, his thing if we'd turn the television off? no. no. i thought it was a weird comment. then, cruz, he did himself good on the iran, that piece on iran was good. but he got himself in trouble when he took a cheap shot saying george hw bush wanted sooner and bush 43 appointed roberts. he wrote a piece called "the right stuff" he said the following about john roberts and george w. bush. john roberts is undoubtedly a principled conservative as is the president who appointed him. >> governor bush pointed that out. in the bottom, you have ben carson. you don't think he did well tonight? >> he comes across well, but there wasn't anything that was memorable except maybe the
11:47 pm
exchange with trump about the autism and vaccines. in which he got a good line in, called trump, said he was an okay doctor. the first debate he had one good moment then a fantastic moment at the end. i kept waiting. >> i liked the line about his mother. >> very warm. >> and you don't think huckabee and rand paul did very much? >> i think huckabee wasn't much of a presence. rand paul looked too desperate to get attention. then, the deal about medical marijuana was sort of a weird thing. >> nobody cares about that issue. i'm not going to let you comment on trump because there is too much bad blood between you and trump. you don't like each other. >> so you're going to let me
11:48 pm
insult me in public and you can't respond. i don't think he did well tonight. >> you guys aren't fans of each other but that is america. we have a lot of points. >> diversity. >> there you go. >> we're a diverse people. >> mr. rove, thank you. in just a moment, i have a special gift for you. also, juan and mary catherine after these messages.
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11:51 pm
mrs. clinton is going to have to defend her track record about lying about benghazi, about lying about her e-mails and her servers. she does not have a track record of accomplishment. i, too, have travels hundreds of
11:52 pm
thousands of miles around the globe but i know flying is an activity. not an accomplishment. >> back in the book segment tonight let's wrap up our debate coverage. so mary catherine who won the debate? >> i would say carly fiorina makes answering that question easy. she did very well. i didn't have issues you had with her tone. i thought she was commanding and authoritative. >> i just thought she looked teed off. >> they're all well advised to throw in a joke every now and then. >> you smile every once in a while. >> who won? >> i think fiorina. >> you're all pack animals. >> no. >> that is not true.
11:53 pm
i think she had a moment on the planned parenthood. so if you're a conservative and watching tonight, yes. fiorina won. if you're not a republican or a conservative, i don't think it was a very good debate for the republican party. the same response on planned parenthood that made fiorina a winner with republicans -- >> the response to people who remember it? what is the response you're talking about? >> she said about, you know, i feel passionate about this. you remember the fetus on the table from the video. >> yes. because that is in the video. >> and that is -- there is no such video there is a woman talking about that. >> the first one, they blacked it out and inserted that in. did you feel her planned parenthood galvanized her performance tonight? >> she was speaking to the camera, being passionate. and i think that she probably
11:54 pm
enlightened a lot of people about the content of the videos because people, including the president and hillary don't want you to watch them. she made a point about what is in them. >> i thought she was strong about her step daughter a 35-year-old woman died because she was addicted. i'm going to have to say i think marco rubio won on points. i didn't think there were disasters. i thought they all did okay. trump was outnumbed -- outnumbered. he's this, he's that, he didn't pay his american express bill and wearing mismatched socks. >> that is why trump did very well in the debate. he got the most time. twitter response is out of the world. >> what are they saying on
11:55 pm
twitter? >> he did this thing about paul coming off the top. jeb bush is trying to interrupt him. he says oh, oh, more energy tonight. but then, he goes on. >> did twitter go crazy? i'd like to be the, what is that, the energizer bunny? >> he tried to get trump to apologize to his mexico wife. he didn't apologize. >> of course he's not going to apologize. you look like a tattle tale guy. i do think -- let's be accurate. >> look. he said if i had a mexican wife i'd probably feel softer about the issue. that is what he said. let's keep it -- i sound like a trump defender. i am not. i give the guy a hard time.
11:56 pm
>> you know you shouldn't bring that into it. >> he lives off this kind of questioning. >> all right. >> i'm going to run down the amount of times each candidate got. trump, 18:30. rubio, 11:43. fiorina, 13:29. bush 15:36, kasich 9:38, walker 8:ten, a disaster. man. huckabee 9:26, cruz, 10:37. that is the way cnn wanted to handle it. they wanted trump to be the star. >> he was the star. people may say he was on the defensive, remember, hugh hewitt was there. >> hugh was there? did you see hugh? but there is no trip up.
11:57 pm
trump never stumbled. >> other ones have to make themselves heard. >> yes. >> you've got to knock out the champ. >> you can jump in there. >> i've got to go and give everybody a special gift. you want to find out what it is you have to wait and come test test
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no mail or tips today but i have a gift for those of you interested in ronald reagan. as you may know my new book is "killing reagan" it comes out on tuesday. so on we posted an excerpt from the book. we've got carson, huckabee,
12:00 am
kasich. anything can happen. thanks for watching us this evening. miss megyn is next. and remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, round two is in the books as the republican presidential hopeful faceoff. welcome to a special live midnight edition of the kelly file, everyone. tonight, all attempted to make a name for themselves in this crowded field. several tried to land a punch on donald trump and he gave it back in a debate that often seemed aimed at starting a fight. >> rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. >> his response to attack people on their appearance.


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