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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 17, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the polls. thank you for writing, and everyone has a different opinion. that's why i love hearing from you every day. thank you for being part of "the real story" for thursday. here's harris. in for shep. >> breaking news now. we're tracking the troubles with american airlines today. after the carrier reported a technical glitch that caused them to halt domestic flights across the nation. starting to see the planes on the move again as you can see right in the center of your screen, but you better believe a lot of people are going to be delayed. we're also following the republican presidential candidates as they begin to mactheir moves the day after their second big debate. donald trump is doubling down on one of miss more controversial comments, and what carly fiorina, and others, say about their performances last night. also developing, secret cia documents revealed from the days of jfk and show extraordinary was going on behind the scenes during the cold war.
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even more interesting when you consider russian president putin's military moves right now in syria, any lessons to be learned from the past? and we're tracking market reaction to the fed's announcement on interest rates. what it means for money, home mortgages and businesses across america. for shepard smith. republican candidates heading back to the campaign trail after their second showdown, and some still taking shots today here on fox news channel. donald trump is refusing again to apologize for suggesting jeb bush might be weak on immigration because his wife is >> no, i actually said she is a very nice woman and a very wonderful woman, and i said that. i thought that would be helpful to said but i didn't want to apologize because i really did nothing wrong. this had to do with illegal
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immigration. >> dispaging people's family isn't going to get him elected. i'm proud of my wife. she has been a great first ready of the state of florida, focused on drugs prevention, domestic violence and arts and education. she is a great american. >> and this may have been a big moment for some people watching. carly fiorina firing back at donald trump for his comment about her face, which he claim was abouts her persona, not her looks. fiorina said american women heard what trump said, quote unquote, very clearly, and she is glad they got hear from her on the main stage for the first time. >> going into the debate last night, still about half the country had never heard my name, didn't know i was running for president so this was huge opportunity for me to continue to introduce myself to the american people. and what i'm finding is if people hear me, see me, understand who i am and what i would do, they tend to be supportive and so i was really pleased with last night.
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>> we'll have many more highlights and reaction in just a moment with the political debate coach. first to cam pan carl v/[ -- cameron in las vegas. we start with donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump didn't have the kind of dominating ñ debate, nor that he has grown awe customed to daily. his rivals teamed up and one by one didn't exactly tag team him but it was a sequence of some pretty tough bashes. nonetheless, donald trump definitely gave the kind of performance his supporters love. not likely to hurt him in the polls. he stood his ground. he did this morning in the various different phone calls he made, but there was for the first time a day when the morning headlines weren't dominated by donald trump. for the first time in months. so, it's the kind of thing that empowers a lot of the republicans-not just carly fiorina. marco rubio, very strong performance in the debate so
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mr. trump campaigns on and he may have crypto neat and carly fiorina may have found it. >> it's interesting how much people are talking about carly fiorina. that's what happened after the first debate and some argue!m-xt propelled her on to the main stage yesterday. >> reporter: she has consistently surprised at lot of people, and after events littler without fail -- crowds have been small -- they have all said, wow, i'm really surprised and really interested in her and come to reporters and start asking questions about her. she has always piqued interest. just she has not had the opportunity to get on the national stage as she did literally yesterday by being one of the 11. carly fiorina is going to likely get a bounce in the polls. she is already fundraising tonight in california, and donors love to see candidates shine on the national stage. they love to see candidates
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dominating the news. donald trump has been very effective at that. last night carly fiorina found a way to get around it, and she becomes a serious contender. up until last night, she was described as the only woman in the race and one of the most potent clinton critics. last night she showed herself to be only strong on enter indian affair and domestic policies and a critic of donald trump. so a new candidate is more than the flavor of the month. ben carson in second, donald trump in first, and nowz=!oz fia presumably on, the ascent pretty fast. >> campaign carl cameron, great to see you. let's bring in jay townsend. can we start with the first debate? that was actually my favorite. people got to finish their
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sentences. you had just four people on stage. it was the early hour. your first impression. >> of the first debate? >> yes. >> much more sedate. a little less lively, and of contest -- >> did you think that? >> well, the jv cob -- contest which is they're not in the varsity game. but they had a better and more lively exchange, and i thought all of them actually got some time on stage long enough to actually say something of substance which that's kind of lacking. >> jay in social media, a lot of people were discovering, governor george pataki and people discovering a new lindsey graham. bobby jindal seemed to resonate with this. let's watch. >> if we can't win on that issue, there's no point for being cheaper democrats no point for having a second liberal
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party. time to get rid of the republican party and start over with one that is conservative. give hard are reid and pelosi credit. they fight for what the believe in it's time to have republicans with a backbone in d.c. >> a them i want to do with you today, what plays in somebody's house versus what plays inside that auditorium, in that library? those are two different experiences. quickly in that first debate, what worked? >> what worked. in the first debate last night. >> uh-huh. >> i think lindsey graham worked. >> why? >> because he was funny, he was loose, he was lucid, he knew his stuff, he should. he is a u.s. senator who studied this stuff. he knew foreign policy, which was one of the central topics last night. so, i thought he had most of the shine out of the first debate. his personality, too. it began to show. but i think it was whatiçxq youw
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in the auditorium is what most people also see sitting on the couch in their house. he was a likeable, well informed, articulate senator. >> let's move on to something they talked about in the early hour and dominated the primetime and that was donald trump. what did he need to do and did he do it. >> donald trump? >> huh. >> he needed to survive the buckshot we all knew was going be to aimed at him lanight, and i thought he refuted it except for a couple of things. carly fiorina landed a two--by-four in the middle of his forehead and he did not take it well. he did not recover from that. and she got a good lick in on him last night. >> which time are you talking about. >> remark about the face and when she said, all women in america heard what you said. he didn't handle it well and he never quite recovered from it. the secondn"t]y thing that i tht where he went overboard is when he started making remarks about
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rand paul's face right at the get-go. all i could think of was there we good again with this third-grade childish stuff again. this is not presidential. he needs to get over this problem. i don't know what it is. >> you don't think it's just humor? you say humor worked for lindsey graham. >> trump's humor was not humor. wait belittling, denigrating other candidates. >> i want to show you a little bit of donald trump and carly fiorina and her days also hewlett parkard and what he said. >> the company is a disaster, and continues to-x iñ be a disa. carly -- the one before was a cat exterior. she can't run any of my companies. >> you ran up mountains of debt as well as losses using other people's money and you where are forced to file for bankruptcy, not once -- >> i never filed dnr. >> not$çt(qfour times. a record four times.
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why should we trust you -- >> all very. >> as the leader her to nation any differently than you manage the finances that your -- >> karrie, carly. >> your thoughts. nothing personal, it was business. >> it was both. they don't like each other. but here an undeniable fact. all 11 candidates on the later stage have made mistakes. done or said things they regretted. they tried thingsñq!s that didnt work, including donald trump. i would feel better about both of them if they would just admit, yeah, at one point or two in my life i made some errors, and we tried something and it didn't work. i don't think donald trump will ever admit that, but carly fiorina is capable admit it. >> you wrote a book "the ten worst mistakes candidates can make." not admitting -- >> when you want took mistake off the table you say, made a mistake, sorry. >> you move on. only took hillary clinton several month to do that with
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the e-mail scandaling. >> i don't think she is done apologizing for that. >> last night i want to talk with you about what played at home. some candidates we heard from. donald trump talked for 18 minutes, some candidates only got a couple of minutes, didn't hear much from governor huckabee, governor walker. >> what think manifested in what people saw at home, whether it was 18 million, 24 million or whatever, you are now going to see the field rejump bell a little -- rejumple a little bit. rubio handled himself well. you can anticipate he will good up in numbers, and some numbers he acquires may come at the expense of bush or walker. carly fiorina is going to move up. she's going to have a really good fundraising week because she arrived. not only was she admitted to the varsity team last night. she scored a touchdown. so, i think cruz comported himself well --
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>> didn't get a lot of talking time. >> he didn't but right now he wants to be the king of the tea party faction of the republican party. he is sharing some of that with donald trump. i think cruz comported himself well because he was more articulate, more concise, and better informed than donald trump was last night. >> so, to put it in a word that i might say, because i like those catch phrases, he would be in cruise control to catch if there's anything that. >> he did not hurt himself. he ben fitted him. the other one that benefited was huckabee. he is fighting with carson over the evangelical ping. i didn't think carson showed energy and wasn't near as crisp in his answer as huc >> ben carson for just a second. yp9q1e9ñ do you think he kept that last night? >> no, i don't think he'll keep that after last night. i think huckabee will pick up some of what he had. >> all right. i wrote down wha4/g36ñ you said. the field rejumbled a bit.
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i did not hear you say dwindled. >> walker did not have the night he needed. he is going to run out of money at some point. >> i was going to say, money comes into play. >> comes into play, and he really needed to score touchdown or hit a home run last night, and he didn't do it. so, the other establishment figures performed well enough to come back for another round, but walker mustbqbd win iowa. and i don't think he enhanced his chances of doing that last night. >> we're a month away from the next debate. >> yes, we are. you. >> coming up this hour, look at what the democratic candidates are up to, hillary clinton which we mentioned -- jay had some interesting advice for her. hitting new hampshire where polls have shown her trailing rival bernie sanders still.
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to and from chicago's o'hare worth for two hours because of that technical issue. american air has not reported how many flights are affected or what causedctlóo the computer problem. american airlines tweeted, we resolved the connect different issues that -- connectivity issues that caused challenges. we're sorry and will have you on your way soon. we'll let you now if there are updates. more than one million people ran from their homes, many having to spend the night outside last night. a strong earthquake in a series of aftershockles recalled chile and then a tsunami advisory, still affects parts of california, and now we're getting video from the moment the earthquake struck. watch. this is cell phone camera roared as the quick shook lights inside
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a home and swayed power lines outside. security cameras captured buildings rocking in the capital of santiago. the 8.3 magnitude quake. centered just off the coast near the port of valpariso. some 140 miles away from santeeing a go. practiced a tsunami warnings, waves bat erred towns. the waterflooded neighborhoods and destroyed some people's houses. >> i lost everything. everything. >> what can i say? i lost it all. >> as the sun shed light on all the damage today, we learned some were lost. government officials reported the disaster killed at least 10 people. trace gallagher is following this from the west coast newsroom. i understand they're still feeling aftershocks. >> they are, and just the past fewer hours, 4 and 5 magnitude
12:19 pm
aftershock. the past 24 hours there have been dozens of aftershocks, some as high as 7 which is a major earthquake. the power of the 8.3 quake last night wasn't the only worry. this quake lasted some three minutes, which is an eternity if you're in the quick zone. the quake was so powerful it could be felt in argentina. that's like us having a quick in southern california and they could feel it in portland. luckily this quake was off the coast and deep, meaning
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so during the 2:00 eastern hour here's the decision we waited for. the federal reserve deciding to keep interest rates unchanged for now. let's take a live look at the big board. and the numbers have been up and done a little brit. they were up by triple digits one point. federal reserve chair janet yellen spoke in the past hour, explaining the decision. >> since the committee met in july, the pace of job gains has
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been solid. the unemployment rate has declined.
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when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. headlines from across america. california, five people report dead from wildfires north of san francisco. crews say they found two more victims in their homes. reports two people are still missing. more than 800 homes destroyed. kentucky. friends and family gathered to remember the state trooper who died after a driver shot him southwest of louisville. according to police, trooper cameron ponders tried to help the driver find a police to stay on sunday because he had a suspended license, but investigators say the driver took off, and when the trooper stopped him again the driver opened fire. police say they killed the gunman hours later. florida. a woman tried to stab a sheriff's deputy who entered her home and found more than 3500 knives, swords and other sharp
12:32 pm
objects. they say she violated probation by keeping the weapons and had to use a stun gun to arrest her. the news continues after this.
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live event we're watching right now. hillary clinton is getting ready to speak in new hampshire, and here is that live look at that substance abuse formum. she had another event later. last night secretary clinton appeared ton ""the tonight show."." jimmy fallon playing donald trump. and the clinton campaign is bracing for mow fallout from the e-mail investigation and set up a war room to prepare for the congressional hearings on benghazi. ed henry is live. what is secretary clinton's message right now? >> reporter: she mentioned this serious drug control event going on behind me, so i'll keep my voice down. as well, hillary clinton was just at a diner here in new hampshire meeting with local
12:35 pm
female business owners, trying to make the point her staff and she believe that last night the republican debate the rhetoric from the candidates war harsh in terms of trying to cut planned parenthood funding and wants to revive the talk about a g.o.p. war on women. but last night, much lighter look when she was on "the tonight show." take a look at this. >> never touched -- i don't know. i think it is real hair. never let dish. >> want to touch mine? >> of course. >> sure go ahead. >> it's real. it's real. >> reporter: making fun of donald trump's hair there. of course, hillary clinton speaking behind me. bottom line, she was not planning to be here in new hampshire but added these stops three days of campaign because chev is behind in the polls here right now. a state that is next door to senator bernie sanders' home. that makes sense.
12:36 pm
he is doing really well there. what about him? >> yes. i mean, look, he's going to be on the next cover of "time magazine" with his tag line, leading hillary clinton. the latest poll today, wbur, saying he has 35% and hillary clinton has 31%. joe biden, 13%, 14%. not even in the race but traveling in ohio and michigan, looking at battleground states. bernie sanders has been lead neglect last six polls taken here in new hampshire. a sign of the trouble she is facing right now. >> so interesting. i spend too much time on twitter. you said, socialize this and i thought of social media. thens of refugees escaping war and terrorism are taking a detour into another european country and employ say more than 7,000 people have entered
12:37 pm
croatia since wednesday after hungary declared a state of emergency and sealed its borders. >> people trampling each other trying to get on trains to western europe. a "associated press" photographer says he saw one man collapse, other people hurt. [screaming] >> if the was the scene in hungary this week after security forces used tear gas, batons, water cannons, to seep out refugees. officials plan to build more fences along the border with romania and croatia. a complete overhaul is in the works. of the plan to train syrian rebels to fight the isis savages. that's what defense officials are telling fox news. they say the pentagon will drastically scale back the
12:38 pm
program. coming after the top commander in the fight admitted only four or five rebels are still fighting in syria. four or five. out of the 54 who graduated from the program. that's not a much bigger number. defense officials now say they plan to train 500 fighters, a huge drop from the 5400 they initially aimed in the first year. the pentagon reports it plans to deploy the 500 rebels among the groups already taking on isis like kurdish tigers in northern iraq and syria. a southeastern military official tells us the rebels can call in u.s.4] airstrikes. defense officials say the pentagon will ease the vetting rules, opening the door so some fighters who did not qualify initially. u.s. officials expect the obama administration to accept an offer from russia for direct talks of the military buildup inside syria. u.s. officials bleep russian
12:39 pm
cargo planes have been unloading tanks, troops, and helps to help out bashar al-assad. kevin cork is live at the white house. i threw a lot of numbers at people. the bottom line is, $500 million. four or five syrian fighters trained. take it away. >> not a lot there. and even though the administration would push back and say they've only spent $40 million so far, still, we're talking $40 million for four or five people, obviously not getting their bang for the buck. i want to explain this very simply. for some people it may be a little confusing in syria the u.s. and russia are on the same team when it comes to fighting isis. they both want isis out. they're onng b opposn it comes to the assad regime. the americans want assad out. the russians who have a decades long relationship want him to stay in power. so you're talking about putting american and russian forces in a war zone, obviously with
12:40 pm
desspirit interests and i asked josh earnest about that today. >> we're trying to be as clear and correct as we can about our intentions and our priorities, and we have made those intentions known both in public and in private. and there's no misnorth dakotaing them in moscow. >> as we like to say here inside the beltway, that's a nice way of saying watch your step, russia you don't want to escalate things. and in fact the white house has sent the secretary of state, john kerry, out on several occasions now, three conversations over the past several days with his russian counterpart, trying to tamp things down and keep the lines of communication open. it could get an awful lot worse before it gets better. that's why everyone is being incredibly cautious right now. >> wonder what the discussions with the russian officials are really like. do they listen to us?
12:41 pm
you have to report back to us. >> i would love to give you an honest answer but i'll dediplomatic and say, what would you think? >> oh, diploma, thank you. good to see you. the cia is pulling back the curtain on some of the most tense moments in our nation roz history. intelligence officials released thousands of pains of classified documents from the kennedy and johnson administration. they're known as the president's daily briefing, highly guarded intel from around the globe. some pages have the stamp for nor president's eyes only immigrant "now thanks to an executive order we can all look at the inches. chief intelligence correspondent target rein herridge is live in washington. >> this top secret briefing from november 25, 1963, three days after president kennedy's assassination, the cia informed president johnson, quote, press seniors to the effect lee harvey
12:42 pm
oswald visited mexico city are true. oswalt visited the cuban and soviet embays on 28 september. was trying to arrange for visas travel to the uussa via. it was called the president's daily brief or pdd. mr. obama take his brief electronically on his ipad. his pred are sos did a one-on-one with a briefer from the intelligence community and a former briefer told fox news that president bush was famous for sending them back with even more questions, kind of homework, than when they started. >> one point in history that people ask about is the cuban missile cries and what happened -- missile crisis. >> the documents contain illustrations, presumably from sources on the ground or information that was described by them, to agency artists. they're also these maps which confirm sites for s.a.m.s.,
12:43 pm
surface to air missile sites and suspects sites as long as runways with mig aircraft. the reports say 7 of 12 sites have launchers and probably operational. the current cia director said these assessments harken back to a tame when being a spy was so much simpler. >> president kennedy in johnson riz day, the collection against soviets, those communication networks were largely segue degree grated from those of the free world, carried little or no legal ambiguity, but terrorists we face today use the same channels everyone else do is. >> this documentses are a real know when there were allegations that the intelligence was made to look much better or rozier than the facts on the ground. a similar allegation with the
12:44 pm
isis intelligence, harris. >> that's a really good point. not to mention where we have been down this road as jv team glean from those. thank you. very interesting. >> you're welcome. >> word u.s. air marshals are involved in a new prostitution scandal, and wait until you hear how your tax dollars helped pay for it. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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this just in. we're watching the situation unfold in florida. a school bus has ended up somehow in a pond. as you can see it happened in hillsborough. outside tampa. rescue workers have accounted for all the children and the driver. a couple of injuries but we're told nothing serious in terms of their injuries. no word yet on how this bus in the mi.m÷ of the screen, ended up in the meddle -- middle of the pond.
12:48 pm
u.s. air marshals and hookers. that's the report. and now at least two federal air marshals have been spined, one has been re-assigned. investigators say whenever they were doing happened while they were on assign government. using government cell phones to record sexual exploits according to the investigation. the web site, the intercept, broke the story. it reports after the marshal filmed the sex racked they ee-mailed the videos using the phones the government paid for, that's you and me. and air marshals tried to have sex with somebody in charge of scheduling so they could get on flights to the places they wanted to visit. today on calol hill the director of the marshals faced the house overfight submitee, -- oversight committee. a spokesman for the administration which overseas the air marshal service would not comment specifically on the
12:49 pm
probe. but that spokesperson says, quote, when criminal behavior or misconduct is substantiated, tsa holds its employees appropriately accountable. john busse is here now. >> we are seeing now it is only three out of roughly 3,000 air marshals. so you're still safe when you get on your flight today. it's not a crumbling of the service. but this was a really set of bad decisions by these men. two have been suspended. one has resigned. according to the "associated press." the process is playing out now. at the end of the day, the concern is security one. if you have air marshals responsible for the safety of airplanes, what happens if somebody has set them up in this prostitution situation, and then uses it to blackmail then? maybe to get a package on a
12:50 pm
flight or get. the on a flight. you don't know. some kind of compromise could happen. so that's the core concern here. >> it's very similar to what we saw with the secret agent scandal -- the secret service agent scandal and the whole bribery. >> and that is even more concerning because it was the president -- >> i think it's all bad. because if you're on a flight and some is tasked with watching you but wanted to be on a different flight, maybe put on a certain flight because they had certain skills but went on another flight but a they were working on other skills. it's all serious. >> the secret service was the president going to colombia, a couple of the agents being involved with prostitutes there, the dea had a similar issue this year where there were parties that involved prostitutes. again, it's matter of security. the dea instance, the parties stretch become more than ten
12:51 pm
years so goes back twice some time. the positive side of this is that to some extent these are coming to light more more now. >> and accountability. thank you, john. we'll be right back.
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the three americans who took down a gunman on a paris-bound train last month met with president obama who told them, thank you. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. one of the americans was getting a purple heart. >> that's right. air force secretary debra james announced her decision to award the purple heart earlier this week, saying airman first class spencer stone, or captain america has he is known, helped prevent an act of terrorism abroad 0 aboard the french train in europe. his friends, army specialists
12:55 pm
alec car latos, and anthony sadler, were also honored in the pentagon's center courtyard, stone received the air force's highest noncombat aired. >> -- award. >> when some took care and ran, o do, these three friends said, let's go. if that sounds familiar, it's because it is. >> the same words uttered by the hero on flight 93 on 9/11. today stone and his friends met with president obama in the oval office. >> they represent the very best of america. american character. and it's these kinds of young people who make me extraordinarily optimistic and hopeful about our future, and i want to thank each and every one of them.úu >> on august 21 they subdued,
12:56 pm
disarmed and subdude an armed gunman. the gunman was armed with an ak-47, luger, and a box cutter, stand stone, almost serving up his thumb -- receiverring his thumb. >> huh unusual to award a purple heart in a noncombat situation. >> the fort hood victims were not award purple hearts, a decision that was overturn evidence in addition to the purpose heart for stone, sad her received the secretary of defense metal for honor, and skarlatos, will be appearing on "dancing with the stars." >> he heard the president mention that. they represented us so well. thank you. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> it will take a little time for american airlines to come up to speed if there are problems after the ground stop. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. let's go to big board. the fed made addition. no change in interest rates. >> thank you, harris. neil cavuto here, you're watching "your world" and the federal reserve decided not move ahead and hike interest rates. i want to show you something that is remarkable. youer see the down down 64 points. what if told you initially after that decision we were as high as almost up 200 points. we have had that kind of a swing year as people try to digest on wall street the meaning of the move. here's what we can tell you've about the move. bases on the idea that there's so much craziness going on in the world now was not the time intervene, and my colleague had


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