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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 17, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> it will take a little time for american airlines to come up to speed if there are problems after the ground stop. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. let's go to big board. the fed made addition. no change in interest rates. >> thank you, harris. neil cavuto here, you're watching "your world" and the federal reserve decided not move ahead and hike interest rates. i want to show you something that is remarkable. youer see the down down 64 points. what if told you initially after that decision we were as high as almost up 200 points. we have had that kind of a swing year as people try to digest on wall street the meaning of the move. here's what we can tell you've about the move. bases on the idea that there's so much craziness going on in the world now was not the time intervene, and my colleague had the best spin, saying life
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happens. life got in the way of what was almost a sure bet for the federal reserve to set the stage for a higher interest rates. that life was europe falling out of bed. that life was the refugee problem. the life was china. that life was growing concerns about the global economy itself. slowing, even stopping, and that stopped the federal reserve. the flipside is, if you are in debt, good news. the other side of that, if you're a saver, you're getting squat on your money. this is just the kind of thing that got carly fiorina concerned about the power of the federal reserve, and institutions she said, just a few weeks ago, was propping up the markets. carly fiorina, listen to this. >> the market has been way too high given the fundamentals. our economy is not particularly
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strong. 2% growth is very lackluster. china's economy has been slowing down for some time. europe's economy is in trouble. i think the stock market has hit record highs over and over again because the federal reserve has ensured that the stock market is return. >> the message from the federal reserve today, janet yellen, wrapping up a press conference, easy money is going to creation. reaction from david andtl÷ liz t liz, what a whip-saw reaction. one wall street. tell us. >> reporter: their necks are hurting from the whiplash. we fell. why are stocks down this day? because of what janet yellen did-didn't do, and said. what she didn't do was tighten interest rates and she said it was because there is too much, quote, life happening there
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isn't enough clarity that the market and the world could sustain at least here in the u.s., could sustain a tiny tightening of interestrqb%rates, which actually are a sign of a healthier economy. immediately the market couldn't figure out what happened so they spiked it, then dropped it. the fact it's not a good message we cooperate sustain even a quarter of a best interest rate tightening because life appears? well, a couple of years ago it was ukraine, couple years before that it was kosovo. hezbollah, and there will always be u-s but we're looking at slightly better employment, moment by moment, quarter after quarter after improving first-time jobless claims, fewer people on the unemployment line and that isn't enough for janet yellen, and i believe that china's insecurity, the china churn has been a real problem for janet yellen. she irwowed she'll go down in history as the one who derailed
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a very tentative economy. what happens? we see stocks falling. >> well put. gary, we had a 180-point swing here. obviously wall street still trying to digest this. we usually calculate by the!mhed of the day, but throughout the last two hours, it's been sort of like a jackle and hyde, good or -- jeckle and hyde. what do you think? >> neil, i just think there is so much mass confusion at this point in time. i do believe so many people were set up for a rate hike, and i think what is happening right now is the question has to be asked, if they cannot raise to a quarter percent federal funds rate, while they're telling you economy is better, what are they not telling us? i'm of the big belief they're worried, and janet yellen should have said ware not raising rates
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bass we need markets to stay up. that's the only goal. the higher markets have helped economies nor last few years, and if we lose that they're toast and they know it. >> you know, dave, that does get you wonder, what do they know we don't?-$6/ç what do they fear we don'txñm ? >> the scariest thing is they don't seem to know what they think. they don't seem to know what they feel. on the one hand they say the economy is doing great. on the other hand they have this extraordinary emergency zero interest rate policy, which is great for the traders on -- >> how longing they do that? >> they've been doing it for six years in japan, they've been doing it for 20 years as a result of that, by the way, the economy in japan has been flat for 20 years as a result of our policy, the economy here has been flat for six years. how much longer do we have to live with a flat and the? how much long ore the savers who are doing the right thing by saving money, how much longer do they have to be penalized for the sake of wall street and the
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free spending politicians who love zero interest rates? >> liz, i got to wonder whether the fed put itself in a corner by all but telegraphing a likely move on rates by the end of the year. which means that people are going to worry all over again whether they're inclined to move in october or december, their next two meetings this year. >> well, just get ready to have your nails bitten down to quick. we have an october meeting and then a december meeting. so, this guessing game, this big moment in the markets, every month there is a federal reserve meeting. there's no meeting in november, but if the fed is pretending it's not a slave to the stock market, it's on la la land territory. it is a slave to the market, but having kept rates so low during
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the emergency time, which was so appropriate, right after the financial crisis you got a six-we're bulljí7ñ run. we're not in an emergency area. these traders are running around and they kind of booed when they heard that the markets were going to do what they were going to do in the wake of in interest rate heightening. >> gary, i wonder if they were doing the market's bidding and the markets rebelled on them or whatever. don't want to read to to much io this. you have been telling me allahnf this government intervention, fed intervention, has kept this >> neil, it is my contention they distorted price and yield for many years, and for a very long while, was able to control it very well. just remember when they started the first round of money printing, markets skyrocket it.
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when it stopped the market went down. so they started number two. market wasn't up. when it stopped, market went down. then went to the big enwhich en. my big worry is whatbeu happense day the market stops listening to the fed and we may be in the eighth and ninth inning of that right now where the market says, enough is enough. at the end of the road, when you try to have asset bubbles and you get them, eventually pricing valuation will matter and i can promise you, price around the globe and many areas, private equity, is at ridiculous levels and the comeuppance may be at hand. >> what they're trying to do, what the fed is trying to do -- gary is on to it -- trying avoid reality. the reality of the market. >> exactly. >> the interest rates should be higher. interest rates should always be a little higher than inflation. at sear rove interest rate, if inflation is just a tick high, the savers are getting screwed
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because they're paying more at the grocery score, more for their insurance, paying more for their consumer -- commuter passes, and so they're getting hurt. the average american is getting hurt by this. i'm at a point where i'm thinking do we need the fed reserve board? why do we need -- have to be held hostage to a few select ivy league economists who come out and tell us what our future is. i'm really beginning to wonder if this is a necessary institution or if we're all just being held hostage to it. savers are getting punished on this. i if you go back to the big housing market bubble, people weren't saving. they had a negative savings. what happens? the bubble purse. >> neil, have toed a something they're being forced into assets they shouldn't be in because they make no money. there nor investments anymore so
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they're buying junk bonds and ridiculous prices and will pay a price. it's a slam to watch. >> thank you very much. we were just showing the average rate on checking account, money account, half a percent. if you're trying to do everything right, saving, this ain't right, but this is what we got and we have had for about a decade now when you think about how this slowdown has really sort of kept the market in these record-low levels. lauren is looking at the fallout for average folks. >> the fed punted and every single american is affected. you talked about 2006, the last time we saw rates rising. it was and-1/4 again. this is awful for anything with
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a savings account, preretirees looking to make some money. half percent checking interest, one percent rates on cds, an environment -- i love this quote -- i'm sorry to every saver, and to every young person who doesn't know the benefits of saving but it is good for some people. the feds standing down -- this guess for folks who have loans, who have outstanding credit card balances. they won't spike up. and also, for fixed mortgages. we took that to the street. >> at the point where we're looking to buy a house right now, then you should probably go out and buy a house thaws bare going to rates the rates. >> do something to reduce my college loans for my kids. >> my point in my life i hope the rates go up. >> i would advise my younger family members to pay off those cards and take care of the
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things you need to take care of. >> so you heard it there. folks are a little bit worried. you know, the fed had few more opportunities to raise rates, but will they do so in december, whiff with h -- with the holidays? we don't know. typically when the fed hikes, it's not usually one and done. between 2000 and 2006, we saw 20 different rate hikes. so it could be fast, and that could derail the economy. >> lauren, thank you very much. we tried to give you a look at what really happened and what derailed this almost inevidencible hike in rates. when we would see the stage set for a hike very soon. didn't happen. what if i told you the world is what made it not happen. mark stein, on why the world all but begged us not to even think of raising those rates. (vo) what does the world run on?
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what if i told you that this refugee uprising in europe, all these millions of syrians trying to find a haven in u. because the craziness in their own country, is what affected the fed's decision today? not to raise interest rates? sounds crazy but world development, global issues, were apparently a very big reason why the fed decided to hold off. mark stein is here with that. if you're right, that's a disgrace to central bankers. >> it is something like that. we heave been in an abnormal world for a decade. going back to the last time there was a rate increase, that was the year twitter was invented.
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nobody ever invent -- ever tweeted a fed rate hike. that is how presocial media the whole concept of rate hikes has begun. >> we have to look at the world residents order here. the world was begging us not to raise interest rates. >> right. >> then the refugee issue happens. greece happened. we know ukraine is bubbling again, and all of this -- and i think everybody all but&7
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so. ate what you want to see some candidates. >> what do you like? >> i like a lot of them but don't want to be told yet again why things can't be done. i tell you, bobby jindal in the kiddy table debate, when he was saying the time is running out to turn this thing around -- >> he was right. >> you can have a nice enjoyable, civilized decline if you have a new super power to ease it for you. you can't -- america won't have that option. it will nation of 300 million off the cliff. >> incredible. here we go again. you can understand, my friend mark stein pointed out. why outsiders are getting a lot of attention. you can understand$y why first d foremost that outsider is now a woman. not hillary.
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city.
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i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. on day one in the to the val office ill will make two phone calls, the first to my friend, benjamin netanyahu, and the second to the supreme leader to tell them unless and until he opens every military and every nuclear facility to real anytime, anywhere inspections by our people, not his, we, in the united states of america, will make it as difficult a possible and move money around the global financial system. don't need anyone's cooperation to do it. every ally and everied a vary in the world will know that the united states of america in back in the leadership business. >> who is that woman? i can't say the number of people who have been asking questions about carly fiorina, first from that first undercard debate on fox, then the main card debate where she wowed a lot of folks,
1:26 pm
and this comfort level she has not only with data and numbers but countries and leaders. a lot of people forget here that she is just not some new phenomenon. i've covered this woman foredeck candidates now. going back to their days running a company called hewlett packard. i want show to you a couple of clips. the first being a chat i had with her in 2002. she was have a fight with the founders of hewlett packard. heirs, who were very concerned about her wanting to merge with a company called compaq. i want show to you this from 2002 to give you a hint of how she was ready and loaded for bear. 2002. >> i can't comment on the motivations of the sons of the founders because frankly i don't understand them, and i wasn't anticipating their actions, so i can't explain or justify it. >> did you feel -- just get in there? >> our customers understand that
1:27 pm
deal. i'd like to focus our share owner's whan they ought to be asking. they ought to ask about are their real risks in -- there relic hazard not doing the merger and the answer is yes. >> the merger would raise eyebrows and workers were fired. we were in the middle of major downdraft that started after 9/11, when all+]zv the markets swooned, particularly technology stocks, and half the top technology name ted nasdaq went out of business. that's when she was really the fight of her life and forced out of the company she was picked to turn around. i it was how she dealt with that that this corporate fire brand was maybe groomed for something else. take a peek.
1:28 pm
>> going to run for office? >> well, that's a funny question to ask when he we just completed such a great fiscal year. >> i'm folk used on running hp. >> senator fiorina or president fiorina. >> i'm busy doing any current job. >> every consider it after you climb the technology mountains. >> never say never but i have my hands full. >> you're a big republican, big supporter of the president, you don't hide that. >> i have a job to do at hewlett packard right now and that's the job i'm doing. >> but if the president were to say, carly, want you to by my commerce secretary -- >> i don't think that's likely to happen but right now i have a job. >> she was being tries to see president bush re-elected and ho was. she did run for senate. the only reason why pursued that and not to let young look back at brave period of time where sweater vests were a fashion
1:29 pm
statement, were to remind you she has been around for a while and is versed in countries and markets and revenue, and it's that ability to explain these issues, whether you like her or not, whether you agree with her stewardsship of this fortune 500 company or not, that is getting the attention she is today. byron york on that and what we're to make of this. what do you think? >> well, if you have been watching carly fiorina on the campaign trail for the last several months, first of all, she can pack more information, more facts, more figures, more stuff, into a short period of time than anybody i've ever seen on the campaign trail. that serves her very well in debates, serve her well in the undercard debate on fox in august and last night on the cnn debate with the bigger audience than the early debate.
1:30 pm
she got in i would say three or four really big moments. the kind of moment that if any other candidate had had one of them thigh would have been happy about it. that sound bite you played earlier about russia and iran, there was a very compelling speech she gave about planned parenthood videos, of course the look at that face encounter with trump where she really flattened trump for the first time for him in this entire campaign, and finally, she had a very effective riff on the idea ofub÷ taking hamilton or jackson off the ten or 20-dollar bill shep was against it. i. >> as people get to understand who this woman is, and even around here, neil, you knew her, tell us about her. so there'síl6
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who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. >> so many people focus on the next president hillary clinton. wouldn't that be a kick if donald trump made it possible could be that woman.
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we're hearing there was a conference call yesterday among some big hillary clinton backers, finance guys, campaign staff. i don't know whether hillary clinton was on the call but the gist was that, they were panicking. a little worried, the e-mail stuff, the slow response to criticism, the surge and joe biden entering the race and bernie sanderses leading. they're getting nervous, anxious. these are the same type of distress calls that rick perry was getting before he dropped out of the race. we're not near that point for hillary clinton but former virginia governor doug wilder knows a little bit about political anxieties and how they build if the polls get rocky. not that you ever experienced that. but i wonder, what do you think is going on when a lot of hillary clinton's biggest backers, money types, are clearly calling for a conference call and relaying their angst?
1:37 pm
>> i think it's relating to a lot of things, and i think you honestly need to look back to 2008, because this didn't just start in terms of the so-called panic. hillary clinton, in campaigning for the presidency, has to develop that campaign style that has not yet been developed, and i said on several occasions that she lost the nomination rather than -- relative to barack obama winning the democratic nomination. she had all of the models. all of the horses. i was one of the few people that was considered not to be in the camp. i was with barack obama. but i think that's what people are concerned about now, and i will say this. i watched the debate last night and i heard some of your comments today. the political system in this country is broken. government is broken.
1:38 pm
at both the national, state, and federal levels, when you consider that the complaints that are coming relative to hillary, people on the stage last night, that whomever the democrats nominate and whomever the republicans nominate, one of them will be president of the united states -- >> who do you think of the runs? >> i would say a lot of what they really thing and thought never could come out because they were not asked the questions. they were asked questions about nonsense. >> i know, i know. i know your feelings. you're very negative -- >> i think john kashich made a strong statement when he said if i were at home i'd probably turn this off. so having said that, the real question is, when are we, public, going to be exposed to the real issues affecting the people of america today so we can test the credibility and the
1:39 pm
accountability and the responsibility of the people who want to be the president of the united states? >> maybe we're doing that now. maybe american people are doing that now, and by seeing how some typical or traditional politicians are faring and the job they're not doing, and then we good at reminder of that when i saw hare reid and pelosi meeting with the president, trying to avoid a government shutdown. no wonder donald trump polls so well no wonder carly fiorina is looking like a great cal concerntive. >> then the ultimate question is, there are any number of people who would be saying if this is what we have, the cream of the crop, then god help the milk. and i can say -- >> you know what? i have another theory. i'm an expert because i read a prompter. i think that the days of the gentlemanly kind of relationship that lindsey graham got into
1:40 pm
with tip o'neill and ronald reagan, that you did as governor of virginia, those days, i hoch they're not begun, but they've been a long time gone, and -- >> they are gone, neil. they're gone. >> you think they'll never come back. >> it's despairing, very very despairing and people ask me about state and local politics and national politics and say, what is going on? there is going to be a resolve of recognizing that we really are wound nation, indivisible, supposedly, and let's part speaking that way to each other. who carolina about what someone thinks about how you look? how aim impressed with how much money you have made here? those kinds of things are absolutely sile silly. i let's talk about the real issues. >> we're so shallow. have you seen my hair today? i just had a haircut. governor, always a pleasure.
1:41 pm
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[chanting] >> these are protests outside the federal reserve. they wanted to keep interest rates very low.
1:45 pm
because it makes life easier if you're in debt. does not make life easier if you're saving and you're on social security and you look for a little bit of a bump, thanks to inflation or anything, a higher rate. on what you need. that didn't happen. so protesters are happy. i guess they have bills to pay. a lot of people do. scott martin and lindsey on what happened. the federal kept rates right where they are so the protesters' ship comes in. but for savers, not so much. right? >> it is very difficult environment, and anyone looking for rate increase today was very disappointed. not only did the fed remain on hold but looking at the statement there wasn't a whiff of a hawkish tilt. so very likely we continue to see very low levels of interest rates for quite some time, well through the end of the year, and into 2016. so for the savers this is going to continue to be an ongoing
1:46 pm
battle to get any sort of return on the savings. >> or got any respect. scott, what she is saying is debtors rule, savers drool. deal with it. >> that's what the government told us not to do in 2008, 2009, it was our fault. mr. and mrs. smith, you overleveraged yourselves and now they're telling you go ahead and do that because we've lowered rates. the tough part is if you're living on a fixed income, have a traditional retirement plan in place, you own bonds and therefore the low rates are killing you and you're being forced to take on additional risk and the fed takes takes thh bowl away and hen hurtsor -- >> remember, scott, it's not just about the balance sheet of the individual consumer but also about the government's balance sheet. one concern is that if the fed does begin to raise rates owl of a sudden interest rates on the
1:47 pm
debt begin to rise as well. already 14% of the budget we see 100 basis point increase, you're talking about 20% of the budget being allocated just to finance the debt. so it's about who is going to finance the debt? that has to be done with increased taxes so a very big barrier for the feds when they're can looking at putting the burden of the consumer base. >> i'll be first to say the federal reserve is priming the wrong bubble but they've been almost forced into that position because the president hasn't come to the table, congress hasn't come to the table. they're the only adults in the room, i said the same thing about ben bernanke prior. without the fed doing what it's been doing, this recovery, tepid, wouldn't be happening at all. the market is built on helium and wouldn't be moving at all.
1:48 pm
that might not be such a good thing, scott, but the fed is really the only action in today. >> it is probably for now and we may be all talking in high voices they were using helium, but here's the thing. to lindsey's point, the fed is an extension of d.c. janet yellen is under the thumb of the administration, so they -- >> scott, i love you dearly but not fair. >> i love you, too. they don't want to do anything risky before they election next year. that's for sure. >> they have moved in election area years. thank you. we have breaking news. i appreciate your taking the time. you probably heard about carly fiorina and the face response, and i thought you -- wouldn't this be a agreement moment to talk to megan mccain, the recipient of
1:49 pm
zingers from donald trump. her dad chose to just quietly stand by her side. he could have gotten on mr. trump's level, if that's what you want to call it. chose not to. so up next we'll ask megan about that.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? duimagine that. the fails of our next president. mr. trump later said he was talking about your persona, not your appearance. respond to what you think about his persona. >> it's interesting to me, mr. trump said that he heard m-bush very clearly, and what mr. bush said. i think women all over the country heard very clearly what
1:53 pm
measure -- mr. trump said. >> i'm told that's the most replayed sound bite. megan, i'm not surprised. >> thank you for having me.
1:54 pm
any father would. the question is, is how do you respond to something like that. i talked to her about it and my daughter megan, of whom i am incredibly proud, we decided that the best thing for her to do is move on. >> what do you think of that? >> i mean, it's very sweet. i watched it live yesterday. i did call my dad the first time when i woke up in the morning and seen that donald trump had attacked me. honestly -- >> we should explain he call you'd angry and obnoxious. that's how you appeared on tv. >> he said i was angry and obnoxts and fox news can do better. everybody's entitled to their opinion and my appearances. i'm a big girl. his followers can be brutal. honestly i'm in the same category of women of carly fiorina and megan kelly, that's an awesome place to be. >> i think trump sis in your
1:55 pm
face. i'm not defending remarks like that. he's not an awful human being. obviously, he's a successful businessman. he's in your face, sort of speaks his mind. maybe some of the politics thing -- maybe that's the reason why -- i don't know how polls will be post this debate. the reeason he's popular and surged in support prior to this debate with republican women. does that surprise you? >> it does surprise me. but also i think we need to look beyond just republican women. the purpose of my life is to get more independent and young women looking towards the republican party. and i don't know what the comments he's made are necessarily going to get a young, independent woman to take a second look at the republican party. i don't know mr. trump. i've never actually met him. i don't know him personally. i know i'm looking for a statesman. a president, i'm looking for someone that's not going to be name calling. he did a lot of that last night. i think he lost last night. he and ben carson were highly disappoint. >> why do you say carson was?
1:56 pm
>> he's surging in a lot of polls. i like him. he's a little too quiet for me. i actually wasn't thinking that before. i wish he had come out swinging a little harder. again, he's having the opposite problem donald trump has. you're completely right about how well donald trump is doing in the polls. i'm not going to say it's not happening. we are 417 days away from the general election. i'm looking for a president, not an entertainer. >> megan you are way smarter than your dad. i mean, he is like -- thank you very much. it is so much a pleasure having you megan. >> thank you mr. cavuto. >> you're welcome ms. mccain. we'll have more after this including a recap. what do you think the fed really did? i'll tell you after this. quicker
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which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. all right. a lot of you want to know more about carly fiorina. and we've got a lot more from
2:00 pm
her corporate days. what i found out then, what we now know. what's coming to light on the corporate person who eventually voters are taking quite an interest in tomorrow here and only here. >> i'm eric bolling, it's 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. the reviews are in from last night's presidential debate. and the biggest loser, cnn, the network is getting demolished by the press. we're not talking about conservative media. this is from "the new york times," quote, the network through the candidates into the ring. the only thing missing waubs a ring girl carirying a car above her head. politico call ed it a debate frm hell. check out the headlines, clown


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