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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is this "special report," are fair, balanced and still unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. donald trump fresh off late night debate crisscrossing the country. any moment the billionaire businessman is going to be stepping up to the microphone for a town hall in rochester, new hampshire. "on the record" will take you there live. and, of course, trump taking heat the g.o.p. debate featuring plenty of attacks aimed directly at and coming directly from trump. how did the billionaire businessman and current g.o.p. frontrunner fair as the swing started coming his way? >> i think really there is a sophomoric quality that is entertaining about mr. trump. >> your brother and your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster those last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> you know what? as it relates to my brother, there is one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe.
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>> first of all, rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage, he is number 11. he has got 1% in the polls. how he got up here there is far too many people anyway. >> to subject my wife in the middle of a raucous political conversation was completely inappropriate. i hope you apologize for that, donald. >> i have tell you i hear phenomenal things i hear your wife is a lovely person. >> she is fantastic. she is absolutely the love of my life she is right here and why don't you apologize. >> i will not do that because did i nothing wrong but i hear she a lovely woman. >> his visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, fat, tall, ugly. my goodness, that happened in junior high, are we way not above that. >> i never attacked him on his looks, and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter right there. that i can tell. >> you i think women all over this country heard very clearly i what mr. trump said. [ applause ]
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>> i think she has got a beautiful face and she is a beautiful glom you wanted a casino gambling. >> i did not. i promise i would have gotten it. >> before, during and after. i'm not going to be bought by anybody. >> i promise if i had wanted it, i would have gotten it. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill bob cusack and abc political director rick klein. rick, after that performance last night, donald trump at least on a lot of live polls, online polls rather and he has tweeted as well says he wins. >> this is the first time that i thought you can see the future of a republican primary where he comes back down to earth. so far so far every rule has not applied to him. carly fiorina go toe to toe. you saw a lot of his vulnerabilities laid bare. a lot of policy specifics.
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a bunch of folks bringing arguments against him that could be effective. does it mean he craters, probably not. there is outline for republican primary candidates this is how you beat donald trump. is he beatable. >> we are waiting for him to step up to the microphone. i think he is going to have a lot to say about last night's debate there were a lot of punches towards him and i think he is going to probably punch back. here he comes. >> from donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] look at that entrance. >> i he took a lot of punches, but they were no knockout punches, if that continues in future debates, donald trump is going to be challenged, no doubt about it. >> only one take a red eye. he had his own trump plane and flew in a bed back to the east coast. probably more rest ared than the other ones? >> i think so. he has a lot of adrenaline as he likes to say he is high energy and other candidates are kind of low
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energy. the debate was high energy. it was a bit long and i think they are going to see some changes in future debates, fewer people not as long. >> last night i tell you they really were zinging for him. >> came in like a game plan. wasn't like the first debate thought you might have an opportunity to ignore him. no ignoring donald trump anymore. >> thank you, everybody, what a great welcome. sit down, relax, we will be here for a while. you know, i said today that we just got back -- as you know, we came from mobile, alabama two weeks ago, we had 31,000 people. 31,000. then we just left dallas, where we were in the great mavericks, as you he no the maverick's building, the basketball team, a great team, a wonderful team mark cuban was so nice. we know mark, right?
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good guy. what happened is he said what about using the arena? i said well how much do we have? how long do we have and how many seats? 200,000 seats they filled it up in two days. is that good? [cheers and applause] i then flew from dallas. always speeches. because we have to make our country great again, right? i then flew, and this was sort of flew. we flew to a very nice place, los angeles, right? and we went to the uss iowa and we were honored by a great vets group they endorse me. the vets like me and i love the vets. we have a lot of vets here tonight. [cheers and applause] we have a lot of vets. but the vets on the uss iowa, that is some ship by the way. they don't build them like
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that anymore. but they endorsed me. and then i flew, as you know last night, we had a little thing called the debate at the reagan library. and it was -- it was sort of an amazing thing. we had an incredible time. >> we love you, trump. >> thank you. thank you. that was some evening. now, i will tell you the problem with evening. it did so well that cnn said let's make it an hour longer. can you believe this? that debate was three hours. it felt like more than that. now, why did they do that? for the young children here because we have to teach them to be entrepreneurs. they did it because they wanted more revenue coming from the commercials. isn't that terrible? teacial. i think it's terrible. and the money should have gone to the vets, right? [cheers and applause] >> right? the money should have gone -- they made a lot of money.
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they made a lot of money. but, in the end, it was an incredible time and we had an incredible time. and i got such great remarks. look at this. we just wrote this down. "time" magazine, they did votes as to who won the debate last night. right? so "time" magazine, 114,000 votes as of 6:00 p.m., trump 56. [ applause ] carly fiorina, 19,. [crowd booing] >> rubio 7, ben carson 4. the rest not doing too good. and then drudge, we love drudge. we love drudge. donald trump 66%. we had 6668 votes cast. trump, second fiorina much
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less, like much. and then rubio, then cruz, i'm not going to mention the next name because i don't like him very much. and then news max, way up ahead, news max. you like news max. he you like it, too. i like it, too. donald trump first place by a lot. the street, the street, donald trump 52%. that's a lot whether you have all of these guys. that's a lot. it's not against two people. it's against -- donald trump 52% first place. then you had slate and that's also donald trump. so we had a great time. now, you don't read about that so much on television. coming out, boy, fox treated me shabbily. they treated me shabbily, but that's okay. cnn a little bit better. they treated me a little bit better. but the end result is people know what happened. it was an incredible time.
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and we are going to do something very special. there is a great movement going on. and it's a special movement. it's a movement where people want to see our country be great again. they want to see things happen. they want to see the right things happen. the people of new hampshire, don't you love to work? so, you know, i had a little news yesterday because he is a great person and he is a great winner. i love winners. we love winners, right? [cheers and applause] >> so a g winner. tom brady. tom brady, right? [cheers and applause] tom is this incredible guy, total champion, didn't even want to tell me about it he endorsed me yesterday, right? everybody up here knows that. that's good. when you get tom, when you get tom, you are getting a
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champ and is he a great champ. and we have some others i won't mention them thought but i have some people that are endorsing and some really -- it's very interesting. coach ditka in chicago and people that i don't even know are just coming out in favor of trump because they want to see the right thing happen. when cnn did its poll recently, they had a couple of different categories. one was leadership, in leadership i win like -- forget it not even a contest. so much higher than everybody else like two or three. i don't know, you have got all these cameras going. they can tell you. but leadership way through. the other one is a little thing called the economy and jobs. nobody close. the only thing they didn't love was my personality. can you believe it? it's the only thing. so, here's what happened. iowa. making speeches all over the place.
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debate last night which was exciting and i said do you know what we are going to do tonight? no speech, let's do question and answer. you want? i'm going to say a few words and then we are going to do question and answer. make them vicious, violent, horrible questions. even though you are on live television. how many cameras are lit? yeah, there is a lot of them. every time i speak now it's on live television. you know why? it's is a very simple business. ratings. if i didn't get ratings those cameras would not be on. okay? they would not be on when you ask your question remember you are on television. we are going it talk for a couple minutes. military, so strong, so great, so powerful. i will say we will probably never have to use it. who wants to use it? got to have it because right now what's happening in the world, we need that military. we need that protection and we are going to have it if trump is elected president, that, i can tell you. that i can tell you.
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[cheers and applause] >> i have been up here many times, where is my man, stand up. of a i been up here many times with my guy. we are going to take care of things and so many vets they are not treated right. they are not treated right anywhere. you know, two weeks ago on wednesday, they had the longest wait longest wait in a waiting room anybody can remember. think about it. wait three days, four days, five days. >> we're going to continue to monitor donald trump's q and a with this crowd tonight. and if there is any news we will go back to it up in the control room they are watching it carefully in a whole other matter. i'm here with the panel.
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some other things, i want to talk first of all some women, the fact that her name frequently comes up as a possible vice president. she is running for president. and they are not tossing around any other men's names on it. so what do you say? >> i think that it's likely that if the top of the ticket is a man, the second, the vp candidate will be a woman. at the same time, after her big night, yeah, i think it's a good point. who knows how much of a bounce she will get. i think she will get a bounce i don't think she will overtake trump vp chatter and some others have mentioned carson as a vp. it's been out there. without a doubt fiorina was the biggest winner last night it was clear. >> you know, rick, i often thought that governor jeb bush, who has had a little bit of a dry spell. i thought he was a big bounce back last night because he was engaged and charming. he poked his mother a little bit. he said that he wasn't a
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scientist like some of the others saying that they had expeer mentalled with marijuana, he admitted to smoking and inhaling it i thought he was genuine. he came with a plan and he needed a plan. after the first debate. low energy seems to stick. he brought something to donald trump. he brought something to the audience. what i was fascinated by how he lit up talking about his family members. his attack on donald trump over attacking his wife and then defending his brother's record. the campaign of jeb bush pointing out donald trump was silent for 37 minutes after that moment. so it seemed to stun him into silence. i thought jeb had had a really good night. >> he embraced, of course, his brother, president bush 43. he didn't run from him had. >> that's right. i think he is finding the answer over time that he finally needed to do that i would also note this was about as friendly a crowd you are going to get if you are jeb bush. the reagan library. republican establishment. of course his father ran on the ticket with ronald reagan. jeb bush campaign event breaking out his old
4:15 pm
reagan/bush '84 shirt. he knowed to get in the conversation and show to his donors he could take it to trump. >> i sort of thought there were a couple invisible up there few candidates going to take all the objection general in the room. senator ted cruz didn't have a high visibility. governor mike huckabee didn't. probably others i can't remember. >> walker did not have a good night either. i don't think -- i think huckabee struggled as well. the thing about ted cruz is that he knows how to talk to the base. his word choice talks directly to the base. i thought he was looking at the camera every time he responded. i thought that was good. watch out for ted cruz. i think he has got a plan. he could do well in iowa. he has been in the south a lot. i don't think he hit a home run. but he is going to be around for a while. >> i thought governor christie. >> yes. >> he owned the room so to speak. >> i thought he was very strong. it is just a matter of will the base forgive him for working with with president obama on the hurricane relief that hit the east coast?
4:16 pm
it remains to be seen. his performance was very good. >> it's funny, we all think about how important the moment is to debate. these debates they get in the rear view mirror you can hardly remember what happened in the last one. i know that trump won the last one supposedly some said. by the time the election rolls around, it's going to be so far in our rear view mirror. >> we are entering a critical stretch. six weeks away. in between is another filing deadline for campaign finance numbers. it's likely we will not see a field this large. we will start to see some win knowing and pressure by the establishment to hold down the number of candidates. this is going to be a pretty intense time in the race coming out of the second debates for candidates to look themselves in the mirror and say can i actually get this done. >> thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> carly fiorina dominating the post debate buzz. does that mean she won the debate? karl rove is here next.
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last night's debate it was all about donald trump. when the debate shut down it was carly fiorina grabbing all the headlines much the former hewlett packard ceo in her main stage debut. >> first of all rand paul shouldn't even be in this stage is number 11. >> i suggested to president bush he not go to war. okay? i just want that on the record. >> what a a fully formed fetus on the table. heart beating, legs kicking. someone says we have to keep it alive while we harvest its brain. this is about the character of our nation. if would will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> i never attacked him on
4:21 pm
his looks and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter right there. that, i can tell. >> you we ought to recognize that people are not a special interest group. women are the majority of this nation we are have the potential of this nation. and this nation will be be better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses. >> i mean, who else could possibly be be on that money other than my wife and then that way she could spend her own money. >> as relates to my brother there is one thing i know for sure he kept us safe. >> do you feel safe right now? i don't feel so safe. >> mr. trump we don't need an adisin the white house. we have one right now. >> in wisconsin you are losing $2.2 billion right now. i would do so much better than that. >> mr. trump, you are using the talking points of the democrats and as we all know -- >> -- i'm using facts. >> three times in four and a half years when i got elected because it is working. >> 40 years ago i smoked marijuana and i admitted it. i'm sure other people may have done it and not want to say it in front of 25 million people.
4:22 pm
my mom is probably not happy i just did. >> people going to jail for this are poor people. often african-americans and often hispanics. yet the rich kids who use drugs aren't. i got along with everybody. that was my job to get along with people. >> but the thought is. >> excuse me one second. >> no. >> yes. more energy tonight, i like that. believe me, my templement is -- temperament, very calm, we will be respected outside of this country. we are not respected now. >> did carly fiorina win the debate? former senior advisor to president bush is karl rove is with us tonight. carly fiorina quintessential feminist. super pac make wrinkles something to be proud 6. banks her way on to the stage like a woman trying to get into a board room. so now she is trying to get this woman's vote. how big is this woman's vote? >> i think her vote is not just women. people looking for person
4:23 pm
with business experience who is a straight shooter who knows what the issues are are and can talk with knowledge and authenticity about them. her command in the subject matter last night was not simply women's issues. >> no, no. i understand that. but that's not an insignificant group if you are going to start cherry picking groups. >> it's the majority of the pop leation. majority of the republican primary voters. i thought last night we saw, she dominated. she dominated the junior debate the first time around on fox she dominated the senior debate. not only did well on the offense most importantly of all she showed a fluid is i with the issues. when we got into the discussion of international security and international affairs. she kicked off what strength military needed down to the resources down to the number of ships and planes. i thought it was was a very commanding performance. >> some that seemed almost invisible i noted before that when you are the frontrunner ares are in the
4:24 pm
pack that is leading you get all the attention. almost like governor mike huckabee. i don't remember much about him at the debate last night. >> part of it is that there are 11 people. part of it also is that they haven't -- they sometimes don't say things that allow them to get into the home and they don't have those unscripted moments. when they say something that resonates with people and causes people to say ah-h ramplet. they there were and made an impact. >> is this important debate to do well or consume us for like 24 hours where we are sort of calling the balls and the strikes and who did well? overall, how important is this going to be to the candidate? >> it is important to creating and fostering and strength impressions. i mean right now people are shopping. think about this. in 2011 on this date. rick perry led with 29.9% in the real clear politics average by the time that we got to the we went through a
4:25 pm
period that herman cain and rick perry. so there is a process that goes on where people are thinking about potential candidates. making allegiances to them. they are fully you capable of shifting their allegiances, abc "the washington post" poll said this week 64% of republicans said that they did not think it was the time yet to make a commitment. make a decision about who they were voting for. of the 36 who said they thought it was the right time or didn't know, there were a lot of people there who have not yet made a firm decision. there is going to be a lot of shifting around and so each one of these debates is important to helping shape and add to the things. we get to a point where sometimes people have said i have heard enough and gotten enough to make a decision for or against somebody. we saw that i think maybe in people's reaction to carly fiorina's' and donald
4:26 pm
trump's back and forth on his comments about her face. >> well, fox business channel is going to have a debate. and we talk about business economy. matters to so many people. that's the one i'm looking forward to watching. anyway, karl, thank you. donald trump came under fire for comments he made about carlie foreign naps face. last night carly fiorina responded. what did she say? that's straight ahead. plus senator john mccain next. pleasure active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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donald trump had a big target on his back last night. he was even forced to confront carly fiorina about this comment made in rolling
4:30 pm
stone. trump said to rolling stone, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that? the face of our next president? well, carly fiorina got her chance to take a shot of her own. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] [cheers and applause] >> i think she has got a beautiful face and i think she is a beautiful woman. >> the "on the record" millennial program -- panel is back. angela let me go to you last night. you originally on the first day you were here when we did the fox debate you shed you were for bush, then you switched to fiorina. where are you after last night? >> i'm sticking with fiorina. in all the polls prior to last night, greta, we were seeing trump on top and then
4:31 pm
carson kind of scaring him and matching him in some places and i think we saw people especially young people looking for outsider and saying too we want ben carson to go into washington, d.c. with a scalpel or donald trump with a bulldozer. people trying to answer that question and saying either. we are looking at carlie, we are looking at technologist and strategist. that's still something i'm very much. >> you started with carlie fiorna, last time you were donald trump. who do you support tonight? >> i'm still on team trump. you still think he did well last night considering almost every question was geared at have the other candidates attack him. i don't think he lost any ground. carlie is fast on his heals. i still have carlie on my mind and thinking about her. i think she did a fantastic job. she is pointed, she is smart. she comes across as carrying and warm at the same time. i think she did a great job last night.
4:32 pm
i'm still seriously considering her although trump is still my guy right now. >> acash, when you first came here, you were for senator rubio and last time still senator rubio. so how loyal are you to senator rubio? is he still your guy? >> i mean, they haven't offered me a job on the campaign but i'm sticking with him i think he did a fantastic job yesterday. i really do think carlie did an amazing job, too. she showed tremendous maturity and class by staying above the personal fray. trump did a good job on -- >> does it bother you this whole look at the face sort of thing between donald trump and carlie i fiorina? >> it bothers me that he said it because it was clearly a very offensive comment and something that he should not have even thought let alone said. >> but disqualify her? >> for trump? >> i think trump has said such a huge number of things
4:33 pm
that are offensive or have been taken as offensive but, yet, he has been forgiven time and time again because he is promising the one thing that everyone wants, which is economic growth. >> aakash, what about governor george bush did he impress you last night. >> last night is the day we have been waiting to see from jeb bush. they joked how he was high energy and i was happy about to see it i thought it was good that he tried to put donald trump in his place a couple times and he stuck to the issues as well with. i thought it was a good night for him. >> solve, you happen to be in ohio, let me ask you about governor kasich last night. did he impress you as well. >> governor kasich didn't do as well as the first debate. he came off more of an insider last night. things he said sparring with the other candidates. i think governor kasich should be heavily considered still. some things people don't mention is that kasich had a -- over 20 point turn around with the youth vote
4:34 pm
from 2010 to re-election in 2014. he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to youth in ohio. he can bring that to the national stage as a possible vp. >> thank you all. i hope you come back. and, one of the most important influential men in america. supreme court justice steven breyer. he is here next. ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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whoever wins the 2016 presidential election will likely appoint a supreme court justice or maybe two. this is very, very important for the nation and tonight, a supreme court justice is going "on the record." he is author of the brand new book the court and the world justice steven breyer "on the record." >> mr. justice, nice to see you, sir. >> very nice to be here. >> congratulations on the new book. >> thank you. >> in your new book, called "the court and the world" american law and new global realities. you talk about global interdepen dense. has that changed the supreme court in the way do you your job? >> i think so global inper
4:39 pm
depen dense is a words people say. sounds abstract. when i hear it goes buzz. i'm trying to make very concrete what that means to the court in terms of cases and, thus, to the ordinary american. i think there are many, many more cases where we just have to look abroad. >> but that's -- is it looking abroad or having the foreign law define what we do here? >> it's looking abroad. because there are many ways of looking abroad. >> reference and differential and looking at something like a child custody example that we have and another thing like saying well, france says that so we are going to do that. >> that doesn't appear, i mean -- >> -- i think that's what people mistakenly think. >> i do, too. i agree with you, i think that's what this are mistakingly thinking. and the people who are against -- you know, politically a lot of people say no, don't refer to foreign cases i think about that and say don't mean that literally. that's why i have written
4:40 pm
this. why are people saying that? because in my opinion they are afraid that our basic american values, democracy, human rights, commerce on a wide scale, that that will be diluted. that it will somehow be weakened and the basic point i'm trying to make here is, no, i think the opposite. i think in today's world, with today's challenges, the only way to preserve our american values is to understand what's going on beyond our shores and to participate. >> you know, i always hear people who don't like judge's decision. slur is it's activist judge. >> i agree with you on two points. one you are talking about critics and critics usually go and complain about things they don't like. and the other thing that you are talking about is the lane activist is primarily pejorative. it means a decision i don't like that's not always true but basically. >> you talk about executive power authority. is there a limit to executive authority? >> of course.
4:41 pm
>> where is that line? >> what a good question. what a good question. for years and years, i will give you justice jackson's answer to that request, it's a better one than i would think of. justice jackson years ago in the steel seizure case, when you look at what the founder ares thought about that when you look to our cases and the court on that it's like joseph trying to interpret the dreams of pharaoh. just as hardly a good answer. where we are now, i would say is what sandra o'connor wrote in the caseys involving detainees in guantanamo. four cases, four decisions against the government in favor of the detainees and which she wrote are these words. the constitution does not write the president a blank check. not even in times of national security crisis. >> i understand that but if someone wanted to challenge executive authority in light of the fact, like i say congress wanted to challenge executive authority. there are three branches of
4:42 pm
government. three separate branches of government. how do we get standing to challenge this? >> it wasn't easy but you can he so the answer to your question in the guantanamo cases. the detainee was in prison, guantanamo. he. >> he himself? >> yeah. >> suppose congress is saying that the president is stepping on their authority, their legislative authority. how do they get standing. >> it's hard. they might not be able to. >> that's the unchecked power of the president at that point? >> only if -- only if the basic rule, something very basic. look to see if there is a person adversely affected. if there is an adversely affected person, he probably can raise the issue. if no one is adversely affected, who wants to raise it. >> if the adverse affected party is a legislative branch of government. >> it depends on -- >> allegedly the branch
4:43 pm
almost never has standing as an entity against the power of the president. >> that's a fair statement of the law. a fair statement of the law. but there will be somebody else whom the president's action adversely effects. and that person will be able to challenge it in court. >> and can you hear so much more of our interview with supreme court justice steven breyer and about new book on greta talk. does he think cameras or audio broadcast should be allowed in the supreme court. justice breyer has something to say about the iran deal. don't miss his brand new podcast. download the newest episode to your phone, using itunes, tune in stitcher. book is interesting. the g.o.p. candidate got a chance to lay out their foreign policy plan. how did their plan size up? senator john mccain "on the record" knicks.
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last night's g.o.p. debate giving americans more to hear from candidates and plans between the country. sparks flew between donald trump and carly fiorina. laying out foreign policy plans and how donald trump would deal with vladimir putin. >> i would talk to him. i would get along with him. i believe, and i may be wrong, in which case i would probably have to take a different path, but i would get along with the a lot of the world's leaders that this country is not getting along with we don't get along with china. we get along with the heads of mexico. we don't get along with anybody. yet, at the same time, they rip us left and right. they take advantage of us, economically and every other way. we get along with nobody. i will get along, i think, with putin. and i will get along with others. and we will have a much more stable, stable world. >> would need the strongest military on the face of the planet. and everyone has to know it. and specifically what that means, is we need he about
4:49 pm
50 army brigades, we need about 3 6 marine battalions. we need somewhere between 300 and 350 naval ships. we need to upgrade every leg of the nuclear triad. >> thank you, ms. fiorina. >> department of defense. we need to well. >> thank you, ms. fiorina, we are going to turn. >> just a short time ago arizona senator and former presidential candidate john mccain went "on the record" from capitol hill. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> did you watch the debate last night? >> yes, of course. >> first and second. >> 20 some million other americans. >> how did donald trump do? >> i thought he did well in many respects but i think there was other areas, particularly on foreign policy that there is not a lot of depth. but, i think that people are entertained. you know, he had a good i think he was outshown by particularly carly fiorina. >> now, carly fiorina was
4:50 pm
one of your advisors in 2008, economic advisor. surprised by the way she is surging upwards? >> you know, i'm not because i was incredibly impressed with her when she was a part of our campaign. she is brilliant. she has a gasp of the issues. particularly the economy that is quite evident in her performance. i, year all, like most other commentators and those who judged it it, i think she did extremely well. >> and in the earlier debate, senator lindsey graham was very close to you. he had a good night. >> he he had a wonderful night. when lindsey is lindsey, there is nobody who can inform in a more articulate fashion and also amuse at the same time. i have never known anybody that's as good as lindsey graham and a lot of it has to do national security like
4:51 pm
it should be. >> now that we have done the play by play. let me ask you about your committee armed services and general austin testified this week and he said that 4 to $500 million has been authorized by congress and how many fighters have we trained? >> four or five they have said. they have spent $43 million training these syrians. and they have now four or five that are in syria actively working. that's $9 million a recruit. $9 million. >> how does this happen? how does anyone in good conscious? how does the general or president allow this or anybody allow this? >> among other reasons is they are telling them they can only fight against isis and not against bashar assad. bashar assad is the one that has killed 230,000 of their
4:52 pm
country men and driven millions of them into exile. it's this whole thing about some kind of relationship with iran it's crazy. now we have news that russians are are moving in to syria big time with planes and tanks and ammunition. and they are trying to have some kind of relationship with the united states. the country that's dismembered ukraine and the country that has helped bashar assad stay in power with 230,000 dead? i mean, this is the most bizarre period i have seen in my lifetime. >> spending all that money. i have to tell you people in my hometown in appleton, wisconsin they are listening. they want to get isis money go so somewhere else. >> all a result of the president's failed foreign policy get america out of everything. refugees is a direct result of barack obama failing to
4:53 pm
stop bashar assad when we could have arm the free syrian army. do you remember what the president said? it's not a matter of whether he will go, it's a matter of when isis is the jv? isis is jv? i mean, where this money? how you can spend that much money on four or five? how. >> they brought in a bunch of recruits. a bunch of them they wouldn't take. a bunch of them said, look. it's bashar assad that's killed my family. i want to fight against him. they say no, no, you can only fight against isis and then there is others who just go enter in the training and say, hey, i don't want to do this, and it's really an embarrassment. total embarrassment. >> it feels crooked. >> it's embarrassment. >> taking from the american people. >> it's a failed policy. it's failed strategy no policy no, strategy.
4:54 pm
can anybody tell you what barack obama's strategying is to defeat isis? of course not. there is none. >> if you want to see my entire interview with john mccain, you know where to go all posted there. coming up, i'm eating my words. i will explain off-the-record of course. and don't forget to watch hannity tonight. sean is joined by donald trump. governor jeb bush. governor chris christie and senator ted cruz. all tonight 10:00 p.m. on mid-atlantic. -- on hannity. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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4:59 pm
the ink hardly dried on new memo announcing the new policy when she sold you out. just hours ago, the doj cut a deal with general motors for failing to disclose a known ignition switch in cars that killed 124 people. what's the deal? g.m. has to pay $900 million. but, get. this not one of the corporate executives who did this. leading to 124 deaths has been indicted. no handcuffs. in perp and the u.s. attorney handling the case in what i think was just some fluff news conference says he won't rule out bringing charges against g.m. employees in the future. phooey. i don't buy that for a second. if the doj was serious. indictments would have happened like today. it gets more disgusting. guess who is paying $900 million? not the corporate executives who did this crime. but g.m. shareholders.
5:00 pm
that may be you. madam attorney general you sold us out fast. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. follow me on twitter. good night. "on the >> fetus on the table heart beating, legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. >> perhaps the strongest statement in the debate last night came from carly fiorina who challenged america to stop the barbarity coming out of planned parenthood. tonight, we will have the inside story on that. >> she has got a beautiful face and i think she is a beautiful woman. >> donald trump backing down from miss fiorina's withers implied criticisms. we will take a hard look at that situation. >> i didn't suggest that nothing be done. what suggested


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