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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 18, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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us, have a great weekend, "happening now" starts now. janet yellen announced interest rates will not rise particularly because of china. >> you think you can, and then you go by the place and you saw wow. >> looking at the devastation. >> wildfires claim more lives after ravaging entire communities and loving devastation and heart break. the latest in the battle to bring nature's fury under control. >> more energy. >> he's trailing the republicans
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in the polls. but should jeb bush be a underdog in the the white house? >> and a man's designated driver lands him in trouble with the law. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with the race for the democratic nomination. it was supposed to be a cake walk for one person in particular. it is now an intense battle. campaign votes and cash and neither candidate is taking anything for granted. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee, hillary clinton is holding events in new hampshire and bernie sanders is in new york city to build up his war chest. we have hillary clinton live in new hampshire and holding a now's conference and ed henrow
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is there. maybe expect him to get a question. you can see the reporters asking question and if hillary clinton has anything important to say we'll go back to that event and show you a question she's asked, jon. on the republican side donald trump coming under fire for failing to correct a supporter who said president obama is a muslim. >> we have a problem in this country called muslimsing. we know our current president is one. >> we need the question. >> but p we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. >> we'll be looking at a lot of things. and a lot of people are saying bad things are happening in to.
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that we'll look into that and plenty of other things. how did he handle it. we'll talk to karl rove. joe trippi is a former howard dean manager. both are fox contributors. what do you think. should donald trump handled that differently? >> two problems with the question. one he attacked muslims in general in the united states. and he accused the president of being a muslim, the guy in the audience. trump should have said we are a great country and muslim americans are as much americans as anyone else. the president is not a muslim and he is a christian. i am concerned about the training camps in jihaddist in the training. we had one in oregon several years ago. it is incumbent on
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a presidential candidate to make it clear that everyone who is an american is a place in our society. >> hillary clinton is speaking about this issue, let's listen in for a moment. >> and following up on what you asked. this is a defining moment in the campaign for republicans and all candidates that go on national television and trump apologize what he said about muslims and the president of the united states. i am wondering whether you think that donald trump has cancelled his appearances today andgo on right. and whether he is trying to appeal to supporter ares who may have prejudice and racist views? >> let's find out. let's see what he does. i think that his taking a time
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out to think hard about what happened last night, what he did not call out or repudiate at the time, gives him the chance to express his regret about that kind of behavior in those sorts of comments in one of his political events. i hope he does. i hope he will take senator graham advice and request and to just that. we can all have differences, that's what elections are about. we can contrast our views and vision and program, that is all fair game, but we have a bigger obligation to the american people to try to have a campaign that is abouts who really going on in the lives of americans and to do everything that we can to
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eliminate from the political discourse, the kind of comments that we heard yesterday. >> his campaign manager said he didn't hear correctly. >> he is address that. >> >> they are sitting next to ed henrow and asking mrs. clinton about the remarks. and get back to the discussion with joe trippi. are they the kinds of things that happen to people who are not conventional candidates and not held public office before. >> absolutely. and under normal circumstances, i would chalk it up to inexperience and john mccain answered a similar situation, the way a presidential candidate should. but the thing that works against
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trump, he led a lot of the demand for barak obama to display his birth certificate and come forward. and he kind of led the effort and part of the birther movement out there challenging barak obama on this. he will not get the benefit of the doubt that most first- time candidates will get on making this mistake. >> he was supposed to hold a campaign event in south carolina today. he said there was a closing that was delayed and he's not campaigning right now and we'll see where it goes from here. >> ka rl, is jeb bush the underdog in this race. donald trump and ben carson are ahead of him in the polling.
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>> sure he is. before i address that, let me make a minor disagreement. i don't think it speaks to the inexperience of donald trump as a candidate. what it speaks to his unwillingness, he didn't consider it important to confront the guy. i again him a benefit of the doubt he doesn't think obama is a muslim. i think it is not important for him to understand that it is incumbent on him to respond. i think it is his view of life and character and what he thinks his role and responsibilities are. >> absolutely. jeb bush has been the underdog since three months ago when he was passed in the polls by others and even before that, we have such a large field, no one
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is a domineering front runner in this contest. even in donald trump 25 or 30. it is a strong position. and it is not a great position. in 2000 george w. was in the 60s and he lost new hampshire and had to fight for his life in south carolina. we are early in the contest and likely to see two or others take the lead before someone settles. in 2000 it was rick perry and we had herman cain. and newt gingrich until mitt romney took the lead and held it. >> we'll see more about the debates. if anyone is catching fire is seems to be carly fiorina. >> i think she did well.
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i don't think there is denying that. there may be a difference about the commentary saying she won and how big of a bump she gets. they are notes inially going to equate. but given the focus that is on her, has a huge chance to build leverage that performance as she did the first one to continue to build the campaign. >> it is a fascinating race to watch and it is it a pivotal one right now. thank you. >> we'll bring you back to new hampshire when ed henry asks his question of hillary clinton. in the meantime, the illegal immigrant accused of gunning down a california woman a pored before the judge. sanchez a convicted felon was deported five times before making his way to san francisco.
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the case shines a light on sanctuary cities. and now to the criminal case against him. claudia has more? >> reporter: jenna, as expected sanchez entered a plea of not guilty of murder. and this tragic case makes its way through the legal system. cameras were not allowed in court. sanchez looked the same today as he did in july after his arrest for killing kate stienle. prosecutor said the multiple felon don't buy his claims that it misfired. legal analyst said both sides have a lot at stake. >> sanctuary city put san francisco in a negative national spotlight. regardless of the outcome of the
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proceeding, had mr. sanchez been turned over to the federal government miss stienle would still be alive. >> reporter: indeed it is part of the political landscape. trump said it underscores the need for reform. and the stienle family has filed a case. they spoke and blasted the various agency for their role that led to the death of their daughter. the defense and believe defender's office indicated it would not seek a change of venue. jenna, if sanchez is convicted, he could face life in prison. >> claudia, thank you. will this be a difficult case to prosecute. jon? >> the death toll rising in the
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the wildfires in northern california. >> devastation and knowing people died. >> you can't believe it, you think you can until you go by a place and you see it and go wow. >> so are the crews fighting the fires getting any progress? we'll have an update on "happening now". more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. aleve. all day strong. 6 tylenol arthritis to do th .
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fox nows alert. hillary clinton is just wrapping up addressing the media. ed henry was. there he's joining us now live from new hampshire. what did mrs. clinton have to say, ed? >> reporter: it was very interesting. what the new's conference became a series of questions and answers where hillary clinton denounced donald trump. the event was about college affordability. she said hateful rhetoric from
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mr. trump on the other side. and the news conference she elaborated here in new hampshire donald trump was doing a town hall meeting and the questioner said something that that person believes muslims are bad and the president is a muslim and not a citizen. donald trump taking a lot of heat for not saying the president is a citizen. and not pushing back. and hillary clinton tees off on trump. >> all of the republicans want to go back to what didn't work before. cut taxes on super wealthy and back to go old tricken down economics. that is the central fight of my campaign and it will set back the progress we've made and we'll end up in the ditch gae. and we need an economy that works for everybody.
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>> there she was teeing off on republican plans on the economic. what she said about donald trump. he was appalled and should have spoken out and all of this was in the words of hillary clinton way out of bounds and he is have stepped up and repudiated it and the interesting though hillary clinton did not mention if you remember back in the 2008 campaign supporters against senator obama circ outed an anonymous e-mail that raised questions about obama's citizenship. and she didn't address it then. she is teeing off. >> thanks for the trip down memory lane. ed henry, joining us from clinton campaign. five people have died in the wildfires raging across california. authorities found two more
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bodies in burned out homes. crews are making progress in the fire that scorched land and burned out homes as well. and the california fire chief spokesman, one of the things we are learning from the death toll growing, folks in california are not heeding warnings to evacuate. how big of a problem is that>> reporter: in the last week destructive fires and people who are not listening. the butte fire burning east of sacramento, that claimed the lives of two people. they were in their homes after the evacuation orders had been made and chosen to stay behind. it is so important when a fire is in an area that we get resident's cooperation.
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firefighters had to stop fighting and rescue mode and get people out of their homes and trying to get people to evacuate and that has claimed the lives of two of the five people who died in the the fires. >> are there any that are threatening more homes and populated areas? >> we have eight active fours in california. good progress has been made. we have had cooler temperatures and a little rainfall that helped out. unfortunately, it is warming up. i am here in middle town and in the valley fire and temperatures are hot and we'll see them go up by the weekend. and that could cause the fires to flare back up. >> are higher temperatures an issue for the firefighters or propel the fires forward or hurt the firefighters? >> both. not only high temperatures make
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it more difficult to work in and issues with fatigue but gives the possibility of fires to flare up. we are making sure we have a good perimeter, and extinguishing all hot spots and we expect as the temperatures go back up we'll see more flares go up. >> and we do like to see the percentage of containment go up. you will make the progress and all of the hard work by you and your team. and we'll make sure we watch the fires and what happens next, thank you. there are new legal developments in a case. cocktail waitress taking a new jersey casinno to court about how it restricts how much weight they can gain.
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economics the fed decided not to raise interest rates. the dow is down 250 points. they are concerned that the fed didn't hike the rates because they believe that the global economy is not able to handle higher rates. we could have seen the same thing. but today the dow is trading lower 250. several controversies erupting this week about women and weight. julie banderas joins us. >> one thing to penalize you for over weight baggage, but over weight flight attendants. air india is grounding 130 of the flight attendants for weighing over 140 pounds.
10:26 am
the flock of female attends are told that the decision to remove them is safety concerns and critics call it shockingly sexist and another employer is insured that their employees will look the other way. their uniforms are high heels and cors elts and stockings. they are the servers of bor ghatta casinno. and the judge upheld the policy over the firing of two girls who were fired for the weight. however the attorney calling the ruling disappointed and sexual
10:27 am
objectification is institutionized and allowed to stand. >> in the fashion world it is expected to see thin models walking down the runway. victoria beckam's fashion show her models are thin. and people say the models seemed to be ill. beckam told glamor magazine the collection is for all shapes and sizes. if that is the case we need to lose a now pounds. >> are you going to be a size 0? they are beyond 0. they were skin and bones. >> did the borgata story. >> apparently if you gain a pound they notice. and it doesn't sound like a good place to work. >> i don't look good in
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a corset. take it away, jon. i got to get out of this. >> and details over cooking the books over isis. and details going farther back. and carly fiorina, some say she can replace the front runner. is she ready for the general election. howard kurtz is up. >> we have mountains of debt and losses and you were forced to file for bankruptcy. >> i never filed. >> not once but four times. a record four times. you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this... febreze fabric refresher eliminates all the odors you've gone noseblind to break out the febreze and breathe happy.
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>> carly fiorina hoping to capitalize on what analyst called a performance. the media may be going overboard as the candidate ready to run in the general election. howard is on fox news every sunday. you think the media can exaggerate. how dow think it applies to carly fiorina. >> yeah, that is shocking. carly fiorina won the debate and she was initially written off as a hopeless long shot. but the gushing is getting out of control and has her measuring
10:33 am
the drapes for the oval office and she's the best bet for the president. she is the media heroine. but have a reality check. she was four percent. and she herself said half of the country didn't know she was running for president and now she will be facing tougher scrutiny as she did as a long shot. >> joe trippi will look for positive press to turn her up in the polls. governor scott walker, the media had their mind up that carly fiorina would be the heroine. do yougre with that? >> no, i think scott walker is rationalizing a lackluster. walker and kasich and huckabee, throw or four questions if the three hour cnn debate.
10:34 am
and if carly fiorina had come out and stumbled and not held well against trump and spoke passionately about abortion and daughter's death of drug abuse, i don't think they would give her a standing ovation. >> if you are on fiorina's team, would you be wary of the positive press and do you think there is a negative that is coming from overjubulation by the mainstream media. >> i would be thrilled if i was on carly fiorina's team, but now expectations are raised and if she doesn't rise in the polls and doesn't raise a lot more money and has a huge staff like the better follow-uppeded candidates. carly failed to capital otherwise and so with that greater retention comes greater pressure. but the flip side of this, a lot
10:35 am
of pundits are exaggerating the damage to don would trump. he stood up there and was pummelled for three hours and didn't commit a major gaffe. and i don't see if they it would overshadow him. >> the media is making a lot of the comment from someone in the crowd at a town hall, do you think that moment is something, howy that will damage him because of the media focus on it? >> yes, it is a big story on cable news and my jaw dropped and trump let it go and the problem is muslims and president obama was a muslim and why didn't trump say something or address. that i am struck he cancelled his appearance and i think his campaign saying the media, and media are making it about obama.
10:36 am
they saw what happened and frankly trying to see what is to do. usually he manages to change the subject and drive the coverage. >> made it through the three hour debate and one moment on live television that some are raising questions about. and further drive the news cycle. howie what and who is on media buzz. >> i have exclusive interview of co-anchor of "happening now". and we will be talking about a hot subject. >> i gave you the exclusive. you're welcome. i didn't give it to jon and he's sitting next to me stunned. >> i am so grateful. and i thought i was invited on media buzz for the first time. >> negative. and we'll so you on media buzz. >> new details and after a bombshell report that obama
10:37 am
manipulated intelligence in iraq and syria. and catherine herige is live with that. >> reporter: thank you, jon. head of the house intelligence said the difference of the rosy assessments and what goes on in washington goes back three years. >> i know it was going on in 2012, i was told by informants that it was going on back then. and so now, it ends up, it was bigger than just the bin laden documents because it involves isis and isil and the growth of iq isis front across all of the centcomarea of responsibility. >> reporter: the disconnect from the documents pulled from bin laden's compound and assessment in washington painted a picture of decimated al-qaeda
10:38 am
and that is not the case. and he was blocked getting an interview and wrongly told the analyst were not there. >> they were there and prepare ped to bloef. somebody has to answer that question as to why they don't let us have access to the analyst. >> reporter: what is key, they are part of the isis complaint and it came to a head in may when the terror group rolled through ramadi. the white house spokesman that mr. obama sought the honest and candid account. >> i can tell you what the president has repeatedly sought from his national security team is the chlorrest and best assessment of what is happening on the ground. >> reporter: this e-mail obt n obtained by fox news. he held twice video conference
10:39 am
calls with two central intelligence officers, but a source close to the analyst who filed complaints that the contact was far more frequent. >> a court hearing underway with the illegal immigrant that shot kate stienle. our legal panel weighs in. and plus, a cowboy in trouble with the law. he used his horse as a designated driver after a few weeks. >> i am riding a horse. and you were intoxicated. >> are you going to do it again? >> no, sir. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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and the criticism of trump employ and hillary clinton's biggest problem may not be bernie sanders. and should waitresses in a casinno be fired over weight. the saga coming up on the role story. >> and "happening now", a louisiana man headed home from the bar and the deputies told him to hold his horses. he travelled down the highway and he was using four hooves instead of four wheels. >> i had too much to drink and why not ride the horse. the horse knows the way home. >> that makes sense. he was not behind the wheel. >> that sounds like a good decision. the deputies could not arrest him for dwi because he was on the horse.
10:44 am
they gave him a ticket drunk in public. the horse had no comment in the story. >> and the horse was not drunk. >> as far was we know he was not drunk. >> we don't know how they picked him and arrested hip. >> maybe the horse was weaving. >> and all right more on a crime that sparked outrage across the nation. the illegal immigrant accused of murdering kate stienle in san francisco. he was arraigned on murder charges. sanchez had been deported five times before the actual shooting. we'll bring in our attorneys. ashley, to you first. second-degree murder. i thought it was a first-degree murder case and is that upgraded? >> and the reason they went with second-degree murder was the
10:45 am
testimony of the ballistic's expert. the judge heard from two and both of those folks said the gun shot that killed kate was a ricochet shot. there is no evidence that he pointed at her. it is it an issue of accidentally fired this or who he meant to shoot this. the state is not going to upgrade them at this point. they will be stuck with a second-degree murder charge and the only difference at this point is whether or not they could get i death penalty. >> so rebecca this guy comes in possession of a stolen loaded police handgun originally belonged to a federal employee. and is pulling the trigger on a san francisco pier. can you call that and chalk it
10:46 am
up to an accidental shooting. >> the defense presented evidence in the prelimary that could have been. and this kind of gun the trigger pull doesn't take pressure and it was a ricochet. the prosecution said he pointed and shot at her and maybe he missed but he took aim at this woman and that is enough and he had a deliberate intent to put her life in danger. >> the gun was stolen from a employee. and the back pack was in plain view. and the family is suing the federal government and saying he is partly responsible for the death of their daughter. what are the chances of succeeding?
10:47 am
>> they have a case there. if he was reckless and negligent in how he secured that fire arm and that is what shown and it seems like that fire arm is what rendered the deadly shooting of kate stienle. he could be liable. and this gun, they will have a hard time showing it was accidental. this gun required five pull pounds of pressure. it is it a lot more than an accidental will pull. they will have a hard time getting what they want which is involuntary manslaughter charge that carries up to four years. the state is looking for a life and defense wants a minimum of four years and they will have to show he accidentally pulled the trigger which is impossible. >> mr. is come in to play?
10:48 am
does he have to prove he shot with malice. >> they have to prove he acted with malice. the deputies doesn't have to prove it was an accident. the state has to prove it was intentionally. and that doesn't mean that he intended to kill her. if he shot the gun, i don't know if i want to kill someone but shoot in the crowd, that intentional ignoring of risk to human life is enough to show malice. >> we'll see where this case goes from here. ashley and rebecca, thank you both. >> thank you for having us. >> former president jimmy carter facing the fight of his life against cancer. but we'll show you a happy moment with his wife. kansas chiefs and bronchos tied
10:49 am
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some stunning moments during the nfl game. >> this will be a training reel all teams. you say let's punt it in case or whatever. the chances of something happening to contact. >> the broncos scoring two touchdowns in the final 36 seconds. joining us by phone is sports caster jim gray. i'm a big football fan. i'm going to have to turn this over to john scott, a native from colorado and die hard bronco fan. he's the one that needs to talk about this. >> jim and i used to work at the same station in denver back in the day.
10:53 am
jim, i could not believe it. it was a struggle for the broncos to tie the score. kansas city fans, i'm sorry, you have to indulge me here. it was a struggle to tie the game and then they win it on a fumble recovery return for a touchdown. >> john, it was like being back in the channel 9 news room. it was just unbelievable. we are now one calendar week in to football season. we have now seen two of the best coaches in the national football league, two of the most reliable people and we have seen debacles of epic proportions. why are you running for play when you're playing for overtime. try to score. you don't run charles into the
10:54 am
line. charles fumbles the ball. shame on him. what are these people thinking? this is a training reel. this is football 101. you don't have to know a single thing about the game. fall on the ball. peyton manning last night really didn't get it going until that last drive when he finally found it. he hasn't had play all season over 20 yards. last night was not a great game for peyton. his first game was 175 yards against the ravens. he did go over 70,000 yards to be only the second man in history. now just 1800 yards behind brett favre. did the chiefs take him off the hook. >> to win a game in kansas city
10:55 am
on national television pretty remarkable for the broncos. it makes the rest of the western conference season a whole lot easier. >> they won 13 straight road games. the chargers will try to stop it. an nfl game is never over. it's a cliche but we've seen it twice in one week. >> pretty incredible.
10:56 am
>> amazing win. we love it. we love football season. we also love this. famous couple gracing the kiss cam at an atlanta braves game. former president jimmy carter planting a big kiss on his wife. good kiss too. the carters have been married nearly 70 years. they seem like newlyweds in this picture. jimmy carter is undergoing treatment for cancer. have you ever been on the kiss cam? >> i never have. >> i haven't either. >> i'm wondering where was the secret service for that particular shot. >> the cam did get a couple. way to handle the pressure. a couple of happy parents welcoming three new bundles of joy. find out how remarkable the triplets are. take a look at these bbq trophies:
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take a look at these three triplets. the doctors say the odds about 1 in 50 million. >> have a great weekend. the real starts now. why is dronld trump not going to south carolina as planned? i'm gretchen carlson. starting an hour from now the candidates will address supporters at the take back america forum. the big headline is that donald trump now saying he's not showing up. what happened? >> his campaign is saying he had a business deal that prevented him


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