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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 18, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left this evening. thank you for being with us. we hope you'll stay so you nef -- never miss an episode. we miss you when you're not here. >> we shouldn't be sending $500
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million of tax payer money to fund an ongoing criminal enterprise. leadership has begun this discussion by surrendering to the barack obamas and say we'll give in because obama threatened a veto. obama said i can veto any budget that doesn't fund planned parenthood and republican surrender. we need to stop surrendering. >> thank you. >> and the stakes got higher now that the house voted to defund planned parenthood despite a promise by president obama. joining us now from washington, d.c., sandy rios, a pro-liar radio talk show host and from tampa, florida, adam goodman, a republican strategist. let's start with you, will you
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tell them tho shut down planned parenthood fund something. >> just to bother everybody now, that the pubic outcry over the practices of planned parenthood turned into a potential calamity of a government shut down. leave it to washington to come to that. what is important to all of us in terms of the impact on presidential campaign, to answer your question is that another example is being punished instead of rewarded. >> but would you risk a government -- we know republican guys got hurt badly the last time they went through with it, with the shut down of the government. would you advise republicans to go that far to shut the government down? >> i would not. and the reason is this. this would be turned into an
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argument not over practices of planned parenthood but merits of shutting down government and everything that comes with it. there is a trojan horse, which is the human life that has been commented on. >> okay. so sandy, are you in favor of shutting down the government over this dispute over planned parenthood? >> eric this, is part of the problem. the debate is would the president be willing to not fund a bill that would fund the government if it doesn't pay for what seems like the largest abortion provider in the nation, likely taking live, just born babies and cutting them apart to sell their organs. if the president can't sign a bill, then, he is shutting down
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the government. the issue is framed the wrong way. >> there is no doubt. you can end up pushing it towards the president, and may run into a stumbling block in the senate. if it didn't, president obama would have to veto it. then, you're just basically saving the american people from a shut down. >> well, first of all, i -- adam and i probably agree on the atrocities we've seen in these under cover videos. i advice everyone to -- this is not an issue of abortion. >> if you're handing a victory to president obama. now, you're saying i'm going to veto efforts to shut down the government. you know, you know you have to eat it on whether or not he's pro abortion or not. >> but, eric, the end of the world is not shutting down the
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government. the end of the world is watching this, and doing nothing. some things are worth fighting for. i would argue, if you want to talk political strategy, there has never been a more opportune time to stop this. >> what they showed on those videos they were breaking the law. you cannot sell body parts for profit, one. two, you're not even supposed to be able to use taxpayer money for abortions. but isn't that what planned parenthood is doing? >> that is absolutely what they're doing. this is the reason, eric, why, and the president's campaign ahead, people are all but screaming for next leader of the free world to fix what is broken and stop fighting amongst themselves and start fighting for country. that is why these issues should be learned. it's about time we started to show on an issue of conscience
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like this, not politics but the purpose that goes back to the founding idea country and the best instinct in all of us. >> so, i want to start with you, sandy, on this idea. i'm trying to figure out what this all about. it seems like a fight they both want to fight. planned parenthood splits up into two groups. planned parenthood, the main company, may provide services like cancer screenings, contraception, etc. then, the planned parenthood abortions. the taxpayer money can go to the first group, cannot touch the second group. your thoughts on that? >> planned parenthood has been telling us for years we don't use tax dollars for what we do. i don't think they can separate them into two -- >> you do. you separate them into two groups. then, there is no fight. you're not making a case whether or not abortion is legal or illegal.
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you say the taxpayer money is not going to abortions and the government doesn't shut down. >> i think that is a reasonable point of view. it should be something reasonable people should debate and hopefully, pass. unfortunately, you know, going back to the last comment this isn't the way washington plays it. if you watch these tapes, this isn't a game. this is real life. and seen in a horrific way. we need to come together to advance the common purpose of not just life, but the american experience that this is a very bad example of that on all of us. >> eric, eric, there are some things worth fighting for. if it's not dismemberment of live babies, i don't know what we're doing. >> that is not what we're -- you're not changing abortion
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law. you're talking about certifying. >> we have to stop it, with a conscience, we have to stop it every day. >> next on the run down, accusations that hillary clinton supporters are using mccarthy-like tactics to bring down their enemies. wow. we're going to tell you what that is all about, straight ahead. hat sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. all of our legendary racing heritage.
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mccarthy and where the
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campaign is what we're seeing. later, david brock, i asked what are you saying about bernie sanders? what is your point? >> joining us now from new hampshire is ed henry, so ed, hillary, are they saying anything about the bernie sanders comparison? are they blaming that on brock? >> no. what is going on and aiming at that this leadership is trying to do the hard-hitting attacks on bernie sanders and joe biden as well. the vice president overheard conversation on amtrak cell phone. and nobody is denying that that was dead. so there are signs biden is going to get in. you have hillary clinton's campaign saying well, we're giving you time to grieve. i'm sure it will change the
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race, too. we don't want to attack it. people on the out side, in private rooms are doing the attacking. the super pack meeting for the clinton team is saying if biden gets in, he's not going to win. so they want to do attacks behind closed doors saying bernie is a nice guy. they're trying to look like there is some pause. >> are they going to turn negative? i mean, if so, just bernie sanders or biden as well? >> the -- they can't go longer and allow this momentum. here on the ground in new hampshire, i've been seeing all kinds of things. at a town hall meeting last night she had empty seats in the back of the room. this is the former first lady. here in new hampshire, hillary clinton was making a big deal. so much enthusiasm and an
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overflow crowd. we asked the fire chief, 350 people. it was a small room here. i checked with bernie sanders. he's coming to this campus this weekend. apple to apples comparison, he has 1300 rsvps. 3, 4, 5 times as many people has hillary clinton is getting. why the poll numbers here? >> so clintons never had a problem firing people, letting people go. how long before heads start to roll in the clinton campaign? >> it's interesting. they realize they have a problem but it's status quo. so they're probably going to have to do something more drastic in the days ahead. because people are going to blame advisors.
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>> she's relaunched -- couldn't get -- >> and how about the last one? hey, this time we're going to inject humor, telling her to inject humor. that is ridiculous. >> we have a plan to be spontaneous. that is what they said. and when you plan to be spontaneous, it doesn't come across as authentic. saying something positive about hillary clinton is that in that abc news interview with david muir she took shots on the e-mail deal but pressed for what she's fighting for, she started crying talking about her mom. there are going to be people questioning authenticity. that was her showing heart. showing emotion. frankly, on the campaign trail, we're not seeing a lot of that. she's got to find a way to unpack some things that is keeping preparation here between her and bernie sanders is breaking through on the left.
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and donald trump on the right. hillary clinton is the ultimate insider in the year of the outsider. >> she does have a well thought out plan to be spontaneous. quickly. i got to go. bill clinton, yes or no, getting into this more heavily? >> i think today was, you know, this week was the first week we saw him out, fund raising. i think we're going to see a lot more of bill clinton. straight, hillary clinton couldn't name her top accomplishment at the state department, up ahead. tough symptoms need alka-seltzer plus cold & cough it's four cold symptom fighters put you back in control. stay unstoppable. alka-seltzer plus. gear up with huge savings at bass pro shops. like men's finley river long sleeve shirts for under $18. and clean up with plano sportsman's storage trunks and totes, starting at just $10. bass pro shops.
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dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief. misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. hillary clinton's record, mrs. clinton appeared on cnn asked what her top
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accomplishment was as secretary of state. >> if anyone is interested, you know there is a long list about what i have done. and i'm very proud of it. you can read my book, read about how i negotiated a cease fire between israel and hamas, put together the coalition that led to international sanctions against iran. you can read about what i did when i was first lady to get children health insurance or a senator working on issues like getting better health care for veterans. >> so again, go to the library to find the answer. joining us now with reaction from washington, d.c., diamond rosenberg and from las vegas, rick purnel. there are a lot of issue was hillary clinton. >> she can't list her accomplishments.
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it's terrible when you look at her advisors when they're with her as former first lady, a senator, secretary of state. the same group of advisors. they're all political advisors. it's no wonder she didn't, you know, she wasn't able to successfully push any issue around the country, around the world, on a foreign policy issue. she has no place in the world where she can say we're better off after i left. i mean, you look at whatever country you can come up with, and i'll show you how it's worse off now that hillary made it just atrocious. >> the putin reset button. how is russia? how is our relationship with russia? how about the middle east? every country seems to be in flames. >> it's unfair to say she didn't
8:22 pm
do anything. she listed two things and negotiated nuclear weapons -- >> hold on. i'll let you list one if you want, or two. i know, she listed hamas and israel. really? that is your accomplishment? you negotiated with terrorists? it doesn't seem like it's game over there yet. >> every secretary of state has negotiated with israel. >> her other accomplishment -- >> boy. >> what is a failure? >> i know we're not going to agree on this one. i know we're not going to find common ground on whether things she did was positive. there are many things she did. russia has fewer nuclear weapons today because of hillary clinton. china came to the table -- >> russia? >> -- committed to reduce their carbon emissions. hamas stopped bombing. these are real accomplishments. they may not be everything you like, or admire, but --
8:23 pm
>> there is a terror organization by no means that i wish. >> she stopped rockets coming into israel. right? she's got -- >> hamas is the military? is that what you're trying to tell me? >> no. >> let's bring up the point she said an accomplish many was iran. now, she's owning this iran deal. the facts will show the first 18 months of her tenure she didn't do anything on sanctions. as a matter of fact, she and president obama put in oil waivers for south korea, japan, china, india. a bunch of countries. they were trying to move sanctions down. she cannot claim she ratcheted up the pressure. for 18 months, she did nothing
8:24 pm
so bring it on. you want to talk about the iran deal has one of the things you did that is successful, i think president obama's iran deal, john kerry, hillary clinton now taking credit will go down in history as the worst possible deal we could have had otate de. >> so what is better? what region is better now than before she arrives? >> i think our relations are far better than they were than when the obama administration came to office. they -- >> i think what happened with cuba is a massive diplomatic -- >> she had nothing to do can cuba. came after her, hillary. >> you have to ask about what the obama administration has done. and how we're better off today? >> how are we better off since hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state? what are the accomplishments?
8:25 pm
>> we're still waiting for some. >> listen. the contrast, i just want to dispute. she's led the coalition putting on the toughest sanctions in iran in the history. and it brought -- i understand. and she didn't do anything for 18 months? >> it brought iran to the table. >> iran was at the table. >> this -- >> iran was at the table. >> it is probably in our lifetime. and she's touting it as an accomplishment? and so are you? >> absolutely. i'm proud of what the president has done in this iran deal. the contrast between what we have done and what carly fiorina did, right? >> we're not talking about carly now. >> this matters. carly is the one that brought this up, right? >> no.
8:26 pm
every candidate brought up this. >> i got to go. >> carly fiorina evaded sanctions -- >> i need to correct that record. that is not true. >> we'll keep it going after you cut us off. >> thank you very much. plenty more ahead as this factor special moves ahead this evening. is the media ganging up on trump? we'll debate that and the fiorina phenomenon. what is driving her popularity? we hope you'll stay tuned for the reports. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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in the unresolved problem segment, is the media lying in wait to get donald trump and manufacture controversy? this week, donald trump was asked this question. >> which problem in this country is called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not an american. >> we need this -- >> but anyway, we have training camps rolling where they want to kill us. that is my question. when do we get rid of them? >> we're going to look at a lot of different things. people are saying bad things are happening out there. we're going to look at that and plenty of other things. >> the trump campaign said he
8:31 pm
didn't hear the part that said obama was a muslim. still, the media is going wild with the story and it's dominating cable news and the web. joining me from nashville is tea party news director so, scotty, does the media have it in for trump? >> no. i think it's the opposite. i mean why would they have it m for trump? he's produced the best ratings yet, better than any other campaign. so why would they have it in for trump? i think it's the politicians that are trying to encourage this and make it more of a story than what it is. >> so, okay. what about that? the media media brought it up. and said they're not stopping that town hall question. there are many things going on in the country.
8:32 pm
if donald trump heard or misheard a question, are we wasting our time? >> welcome to the big leagues, mr. trump. when running for president you need to speak with clarity and rally on how you're going to lead the country. he didn't do either yesterday. if you think about his comment, which is we'll look into that, what is he talking about? is that the biggest issue right now? and if we -- if the question, if his answer to the question was we're going to look into radical islam, that is a major issue facing our country. and one that mr. trump showed he wasn't quite ready to handle. carly fiorina doesn't have a problem with it. so, if you're just going to look into the problem with radical islam that, is not what voters are looking for.
8:33 pm
>> scotty, why isn't donald trump doing what he has done so far? and the thing about trump, he can't win. with anyone. he is quiet. he gets criticized. i think the fact he has enough nerve to have a open town hall with hundreds and thousands of people asking unscreened questions, his answer was diplomatic. that is what you say. you don't mismiss somebody. it didn't work out for mccain when he belittled different groups with his answers. i think it showed grace and respect for the people in the room. >> here is what happens. you know this, you know that the liberal media wants to talk about anything that takes the spotlight off the bad things
8:34 pm
going on in the obama administration. this week, we had poverty rates at 15%. that is 35 million people living in poverty. isis is killing people. refugees are coming here. we're wondering whether donald trump read a birth certificate right or not. >> after the democrats wanted to distract from the obama administration. if hillary would not have issued you have people like chris christie doing everything they can to throw hot dogs at him. >> you can't have it both ways. and it's why people need to, why first time candidates struggle. have you to speak with clarity. the media is not your press secretary. they're going to cover those things that, it has to do have.
8:35 pm
if this question comes up. here is the way have you to answer it. they have advisors who have every question possible answered for them. maybe trump or bernie sanders are doing well because they're not listening to those advisors. >> well, mr. trump has to be mr. trump. and you get someone to touch your hair and say whether it's real and then get upset when criticizing you for not addressing a question given to you by someone in the town hall that you set up. >> that is the funny part. you said he's struggling. he's not. he's number one. >> i said struggling with one question. scotty. >> his struggle is real. it's allowing him to bond with the majority of the american
8:36 pm
people. >> you are not saying trump invited these people to come to the town hall? they come, and ask questions. scotty, i have 30 seconds. was that a plant? >> i can't determine that. whether it was or wasn't, i guarantee mr. trump handled it beautifully. better than what we currently have. >> we're going to leave it right there. thank you very much. directly ahead, carly fiorina receiving rave reviews for her g.o.p. debate performance. one rival says that was a fore gone conclusion. that is up next as this o'reilly factor special continues. stay a. this is called non-24. stay a. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare. thanks for joining us. this factor special, in the personal segment story, a carly fiorina phenomenon. and one rival thinks the media is in the tank for her. >> when you walked off the stage, did you have one opinion of what happened, then, you listened to the press and saw the reviews? and everything else? and had another? or did they think it up for you? >> we knew the narrative was
8:41 pm
that they're going to say carly had a big night no matter what. and they said that. >> so does scott walker have a point? joining us from charlottesville, larry sabado and from washington, matt visor. larry, i'll start with you. i'm not sure the media was in the tank for anyone. you have to admit carly had a very good debate. >> eric she had a terrific debate. this wasn't a great surprise. if there is one thing just about everybody hates it's whining from candidates that didn't do well in a debate. >> so maybe it's a little bit of sour grapes? >> yes. it does seem like sour grapes.
8:42 pm
but carly fiorina did have a good night objectively. she's risen rapidly here. and in some respects it was a good debate for her. >> so do you think there was fair treatment of carly? i mean, there are a lot of questions. listen, i think she's fantastic, she's confident but there are questions about her past. we'll start with matt. >> yes.i think that really dama in 2010 senate race she lost to senator barbara boxer in california. that is where this turns next a little bit. resurrecti resurrecting during the debate with carly fiorina going back and forth with donald trump. i think the average voter doesn't know her that well and i think will learn more about her
8:43 pm
as there is more scrutiny. >> you know, larry, it strikes me that carly fiorina, on the left, hillary clinton is using the gender politics, carly fiorina seems to want to push it away. is that a mistake? >> well, let's see what happens as things unfold. were she to become the nominee the fact she was a nominee would help neutralize some of that againedor factor for democrats. let me just interject here, yes. carly fiorina lost that race by ten points in 2010. yes it was a solid republican year, but it is california, a deep blue state. my guess is that carly fiorina is much better prepared to compete because of what happened in 2010. >> 11 people on stage, she did very well to cut in when it was not her turn to talk.
8:44 pm
i think maybe some other candidates might learn from her. >> she, more effectively than anyone else went after trump and said so much in so few words. her remark about her looks went over very well. and she puts trump on the defensive in a way other candidates have struggled to deal with to do. >> let me go back to larry. chris christie. that back and forth between trump and carly was heated and elevating. chris christie stopped them in their tracks and said this is what we don't want. maybe he's wrong. maybe it is what we want. maybe we want to hear what people's pasts are and we don't need a political speech candidates do. >> welsh we'll have plenty of time to get into that. that was chris christie's best moment so don't take it away
8:45 pm
from him, eric. >> you think that was his best moment? >> we're going to have a long discussion about business practices and corporate culture. there are pluses and minuses to point out. and there is mrenlty of debates left to do that. >> we're learning about the past of two major contenders. and if chris christie says stop, maybe he doesn't want to go back into things in his past. >> it felt like a debate in a corporate board room in business back grounds and experience. given the resume of carly fiorina and donald trump is an important debate for of two of them to have. i was disappointed when chris christie cut it off but you understood he needed to have a big moment. may have been the best moment of
8:46 pm
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first debate, then, the factor. after battling it on the debate stage, they entered the no spin
8:50 pm
zone to face o'reilly. here are the highlights. >> cnn put three moderators in there. only one talked. i think the other two hewitt and dash are just as frustrated as you. they wanted to get trump and get everybody yelling at everybody. so there are two ways to look at it. they wanted good tv. or they wanted to dang the republican infrastructure. what do you think it was? >> i think maybe, and look, maybe i'm a conspiracy theorist but for six and a half years i was on the fox network beating their rear ends in ratings. i'm just saying it could be who knows? >> if you had to do it over again, would you have interrupted more? set yourself on fire? so the camera would have had to
8:51 pm
go to you? would you have done a stunt to tr tray -- try to get attention? >> two questions i got, i got because i interrupted. i think if i hadn't done that, boy have had one question. people forget this is not a tv show. it's supposed to be a forum in which republicans, not the country, republicans get a chance to decide who their nominee will be for president. we don't need to have the playground argument of he hit me, let me hit him back. the forum should have been addressed in that manner. >> you're a policy wonk. you turned ohio around. i don't care if people think i'm favoring you, i'm not. i'm telling the truth. you did a magnificent job in
8:52 pm
ohio, they fade out. >> here is the thing you've got to realize. i'm running second in new hampshire. my campaign started july 21st. i'm now running 17. >> but there are only 17 people in the state. >> but they're a launching pad. >> in the country you've got to get well known. >> look. you will be. you will do well in iowa or win new hampshire, do well there, you'll be known. come on. >> bill, i'm building out my national campaign. i'm hiring staff in south carolina, in michigan, iowa. we're raising money around the country. just be patient. i've only been in since july 21st. i love people in nebraska but it doesn't matter what they think
8:53 pm
about me today. it matters the impression i make early on. >> what grade would you give yourself? >> the grading will be by the american people. voters are not interested in back and forth, school yard insults that a lot of the debate focused on. they're interested in substance. there is a difference in the records that on this stage, there were an awful lot of what i call campaign conservatives. people who talk a good game but haven't walked the walk. people are looking for a consistent conservative. someone the same yesterday, today, tomorrow. i think in this debate, people were able to see a stark difference between my record and the record of the other candidates. whether on amnesty, they supported it. i've opposed it. whether on obamacare, i led the fight to stop it. others have not. or whether the second amendment, i think republican primary voters are looking for a consistent conservative.
8:54 pm
>> let's talk about terrorism. when the united states vaded afghanistan, you opposed that. correct? >> well, i oppose iraq and afghanistan. afghanistan does not have a central government. the only successes we have were through our association with the northern alliance. that helped for a while. what have we accomplished? every nation that goes into afghanistan fell. so that doesn't mean we couldn't take osama bin laden out. i don't see how to expect we're going to do what no one else as been able to do. >> if the government is
8:55 pm
declaring war on the united states, have you to attack the government. do you not? >> i'm not sure we attack every government that declares war on us. >> i can't recall any government declaring war on the united states attacking the homeland. all right, that we did not remove that government. i mean, every time, we did. doctor, you're accessible to us. you've conducted yourself in an exemplary way. thanks doc. >> up next, ted cruz he zantac i! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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. >> before we go, ted cruz is out with a ad called scorpion,
8:58 pm
modelled on ronald reagan's bear commercial. steven colbert had fun with cruz on his show. watch. >> there is a scorpion in the desert. for most of us, it's a clear, deadly threat. others refuse to speak it's name. since a scorpion seeks out destruction, isn't it time we recognize the scorpion for what it is? before it strikes again? >> i'm ted cruz and i approve this message. >> wait. wait. what? what does the scorpion represent? terrorism? iran? mexicans? scorpions? a bear? a scorpion costume? what? as good as this ad is, i think it asks more questions than it answers. but it has inspired me to make an ad that tackles an issue i care about in a much more
8:59 pm
specific way. >> there is a spider in the desert. there is also a spider on a stick. this one in utah. look there is one on a nickel. and check this out. it's a spider doing push ups on a mirror. the point is that there are spiders everywhere. some won't name the spider. but i will. he is named allen and they think he's harmless. for some of us, it's obvious he's going to crawl into your ear and lay eggs in there. it happened to a cousin of a guy i went to camp with. spiders, they're hatching in your brain right now. what is that? get it off of me. >> that is it for us tonight. be sure to watch my show "cash it in" right here on fnc. thank you for bringing us into your home. others might spin you, we won't.
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thanks for watching. see you again soon. bill o'reilly will be back on monday. welcome to our kelly nile. i'm megan kelly. we have live pick dhurs from south carolina where most showed up to thee action forum. most of the field, that is, except donald trump. he cancel led earlie


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