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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  September 19, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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sensitive to high u.s. interest rates than u.s. companies are. they do well. >> ben? >> sdy, high dividend index. >> we'll leave criticism for the next week. thank you, guys. >> the iranians treat it like it's toilet paper. one of us this stage will absolutely not honor that agreement and will destroy it. >> another deal the media treated like the magna carta, the nuke deal with north korea which ended up, of course, with a nuclear north korea. in fact, north korea's dictator announced he's ready to use their nukes against us now. hi, everybody. welcome to forbes on fox.
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steve, isn't north korea exactly what you get when you reward bad behavior just like we are doing with the iranians. >> it's a terrible example. that's why the iranians stuck it out. if you continuously violate agreements, go ahead with the nuclear program. you periodically shake down the west including the united states for tens of billions of dollars. that's why a regime with a dysfunctional economy, starve 3 million people to death in the 1990s survive. every other country is looking at this saying if i get nukes, i survive. i get power even if my people starve. >> bruce, you believe that rewarding the iranians is going to stop them from building nukes? >>. >> i don't see it that way. i see we are trying to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. that's as simple as i can make it. what we are doing is trying to ensure they don't. there were as he people on the republicanle stage who said they
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wouldn't necessarily rip up the deal if they violate the terms of the deal. then everything goes back the way it was. that's the way i look at it and probably what would happen. >> rich, we heard these assurances about this country, a rogue nation not becoming nuclear. back in the mid 90s with bill clinton when he made the deal with north korea. we lavished money on the north koreans. we were giving them stuff like now we are giving the iranians. this is what bill clinton said in 1994. listen. >> north korea will freeze and 'tis mantle the nuclear program. south korea and our allies will be better protected. the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. >> sounds very similar, doesn't it, rich? >> yeah, it does. i'm reminded of the old saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. this is what's going on with the
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nuclear deal. they have cheated, continue to cheat. this assumption we are playing by civil rules here, that we are going to send in investigators, it just doesn't conformal to reality. >> $99 billion dollars going directly to a conglomerate controlled by the supreme leader. it's going to the worst of the worst of the regime. i don't think north korea feels like we are a threat. we have teams over the last five or six years. to add to that we have had the cartoon image of the leader of kim jong-un. they have the ability to shut it down, the interview.
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we thought that 2007 deal was the end and we can make fun of them when he's a dangerous dictator. >> the north koreans were just as bad in many ways as the iranians have been with timpl. we reworded them and look what we got. >> colin powell said the same thing. it has the same loopholes the iran deal has. monitoring, enforcement. north korea blew through them. you are right. getting big time money from the iran deal. >> i said 99 billion. >> whatever. that was built from seizing assets from religious minorities. they are cheating all around. >> what do you think? >> without defending them is it
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a surprise they are doing what they are doing? in leeb i can't we saw them taken out because they lacked nukes. saddam was taken out. all incentives point to getting them because the u.s. treats you well. [ phone rings [. >> that was the ayatollah. we hung up. go ahead. >> when you reward bad behavior you get more of it. the dangerous thing is countries like argentina, south africa and others had nuclear programs. they were persuaded to shut them down. it's a matter of time before something dread mall happens. >> why are we rewarding them right off the bat? again, they get the money. they go off to do what they want to do. that's what the north koreans did. why are we sure the iranians
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won't do exactly the same? >> i don't think we rewarded them. >> sanctions are going to make a point, lifted in october. the iranians and the ayotollah get billions. >> we were talking about safety and setting aside bush's comment about whether his brother kept us safe and setting aside 9/11. the number of americans dead of terrorism is one third of what was under bush. diplomacy is the way to go. >> obama is doing a lot of drone strikes. you cannot equate terrorism under obama.
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there are different groups and sakss working historically through the years. starting decades before them. >> he created isis. he didn't. isis created themselves. come on. let's get to the issue at hand. the lame deals by supposed diplomats, the answer is no. >> it is a knee jerk reaction no matter who is in power in the united states to give money. whether it was good or bad. if it was clinton it started with the first president bush, too. let's not talk about giving them stuff in order to behave well. actually thought the debate, carly fiorina said you get respect from beyou don't need boots on the ground.
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you can't draw lines in the sand. there is a combination of efforts that need to happen here. signing an agreement in 2007 isn't sufficient. we have done nothing since. >> >> you mentioned many times giving people money. it sounds like a great thing to do. give people money to have them operate the way we want. doesn't work, does it? >> never works. people don't respect those who give them money. it needs to be north korea on the borders. is it any wonder that the middle eastern countries are getting nukes with us over there? there is a need. >> john brings up a great point. you can't buy respect, even if you are the united states, correct? >> you can't buy respect. the reason we have troops in the korean peninsula is because north korea invaded south korea in 1950 and the troops kept the peace there since 1953.
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is defying a court order by removing her name and other information from same-sex marriage licenses possibly making them invalid. a federal judge will determine if she is in contempt of court leading to more jail time. now back to more forbes on fox. >> $18 trillion. it's not just how much the nation is in the red but how much bernie sanders wants to spend on top of what we are already spending. john, can we afford to double down on debt? >> oh, wow. we must be a really rich nation that we can talk about spending there's 18 trillionle this way. the reality is it's not the $18 trillion. it's what that costs down the line. medicare began as a $3 billion program. $18 trillion would multiply into shg worse. that's why it won't happen.
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so it's much more than $18 trillion. once established it will grow. >> not necessarily. if we had the money it wouldn't necessarily be bad. tealing with one pair, medicare which is one insurance company as opposed to several makes it easier for doctors and patients to deal with one entity. but with the reforms that the affordable care act has in it if sanders would adopt those things you're going tole quality measure measures it could work. >> how about have one entity for food, cars, et cetera? >> bruce, there was a thing called the soviet union. it didn't work. if you want single payer, how about procurement at the pentagon. do you like that? do you like what the v.a. hospital has done to our you want competition, free
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markets, innovation. bernie will turn this into greece with a sick economy and a sick health system. >> this was the figure put together by reporters at the wall street journal. they went over his plans and came up with his number. he complains the figures are too high. he said after he nationalizes health care a lot of saving wills come in. >> i will go halfway with bernie. i would like to see medicare advantage for all. finish this thought here. you wouldle get your age and health status and then in picking a policy you would make the difficult choices and trade offs. do i want free hip replacement or heroic cancer care at age 89? >> mike it seems so clever. all of the suggestions.
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>> we have tried these plans. they always end up more expensive and saving less money than before. >> that's because you, steve, john and all the free market guys have it wrong. bernie sanders and john boehner and nancy pelosi are smarter than millions of people in the economy. they know how this money should be spent. they have so much experience in the private sector doing nothing. >> all right. a little bit of facetious comments in there. is he right or the sfwhur"wall journal." >> the problem with the plan is people who put energy on the line to start businesses when they know their taxes are going up and the rewards for their hard work.
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i was in canada. the driver said how terrible the health system is. three months to see a specialist and you can't get a second opinion on anything. >> my wife has a relative who is a doctor in canada. he said you never, ever want our system or a single-payer. it's terrible. there was another question. isn't there a limit to how much you can squeeze the neck of the people with the money to pay taxes? >> precisely. the talk is spebding this money. only a growing economy could spend this money. we would never get to 18 trillion. >> the guys and gals who make this. they are smart people. they know how to move money around so the government can't get it. don't they?
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>> that's how you grow. you wonder where the fruit went. these guys don't get it. socialism works as long as you have other people's money. we are not growing as we should. >> what about that, bruce? you know how people know how to avoid taxes. they hire the best accountants, et cetera. assuming the money does that good isn't there a limit on how much to tax the private sector? >> we are headed for that which is why some of the reforms coming in that were started under bush continuing to obama is we are getting away from fee for service. they are now doing it. >> you mentioned the definition of insanity.
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it's time and time again. maybe this time it will get it right. right? >> yeah. >> it goes against human nature. they want to invest for the future. why disinsent tiez human beings that want to do it. that's the problem? >> don't fool with mother nature. the cashing in gang ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. eric? >> hey, david. trump supporters clashing with illegal immigration activists and now the pope will weigh in. we are on it. plus, are you better off under president obama? he's tweeting yes but alarming news headed for your paycheck saying no in a few minutes. >> we'll be watching. thank you very much. up here first, outsider carly fiorina turning up the heat over funding planned parenthood. did insiders find a way to stop
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nation. if we won't force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> the protesters against planned parenthood agree and the house gop passed a bill to freeze funding until the investigation is complete. you say the freeze is the answer. >> whether you are pro life or pro choice these videos uncover something uncomfortable. at best they are involved in unethical behavior. at worst it's criminal. we can have more of a conversation about it. >> is the freeze the answer? >> planned parenthood should have fired those workers. get the forensic accountants in there to see what's happening with the money. >> and the money is enormous. $5238 million last year and more since president obama has been
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in power. >> i understand that, but where is the conscience as a nation. that reminds me of nazi germany and the things they were doing. >> shouldn't we freeze the money they are getting until we get to the bottom of the story. >> that's one of the things. we have not gotten to the bottom of the story. there is a debate over whether the videos are authentic. hundreds of thousands of women and men get services. are you going to pull the rug out? >> if baby parts are being sold isn't it time to stop it until we are sure it's not happening? >> planned parenthood does good, evil. it is possible to separate them and have the government fund cancer screenings and contraception but not abortion. >> if you save money in one place you can use it for another.
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it's impossible to isolate the abortion portion of what they do. >> shut the money off. if people want to finance it, fine. governments aren't supposed to finance abortions. to cut the money off and for other health care services give the money to clinics around the country. >> plenty of people doing that health care work for women. coming up, one in six working millennials living with their parents. how to get them out of the nest into their own place. can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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>> we have karl rove on monday. meanwhile the stocks to get millennials out of their parents' house. real estate. >> they are bringing in the money. digital realty. >> what if tenants run out of money? >> staffing in growth sectors like medicine. >> the firm does well.
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>> what if businesses go out and they don't need employees? i don't like it. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. keep it here. we continue with eric bowling and cashing in. [ chanting ] >> donald trump rallies rocked by immigration activists. they hate his plan to build a wall and send immigrants back. and the pope will be on their side. he wants us to open our doors to immigrants. who's got it right, the donald or the pope? welcome. our crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan cheffield and juan williams. welcome, everybody. who's gotle it right? the proteers and the pope or the donald? >> the donald. we need the secure the border not just for national security issues but for fiscal reasons.


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