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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. hello, i'm marcell neville. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shaun. topping the news this hour, questions about transparency dogging her campaign, hillary clinton telling "face the nation" if morning that she does promise to be more forthcoming. >> people have questions. i want to try to answer them. >> but did she really do that? we'll take a close look at her brand-new response about a question concerning benghazi. the wildfire situation in california getting a lot worse. a new fire today claiming the life of another person and destroying ten more homes. we'll have a live report.
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and pope francis visiting with fidel castro on day two of his historic trip to cuba, the communist dictator who once banned the church. we'll have the latest on their closed door meeting. so we start with politics. a new poll is out following the second republican debate. enit shows carly fiorina's campaign is on the raise after her strong performance in wednesday's debate. fiorina now polling at 15% for second place, donald trump remains the front runner but his support a falling. trump taking an 8% drop from earlier this month and still though the top three performers are all political outsiders. kristen fisher is live in washington with more. >> reporter: well, carly fiorina jumping 12 point in two weeks is a big deal but it's not that surprising given her strong showing at the debate. what's surprising is what's happened to scott walker.
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a few weeks ago he was a top tier candidate wow now he's got less than .5%. ben carson is down five points, slipping to third behind carly fiorina. she's trying to make the most of her momentum with several stops in michigan before heading to south carolina on tuesday. >> we're going to stay out here working hard every single day so that people who maybe or introduced to me for the first time at that debate now get to know a little more about me. >> and one of the other big headlines from the sunday shows was ben carson's response when asked if he would be okay with a muslim as president of the united states. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> congress is a different story but it depends on who that muslim is and what their policies are. just as it depends on what anybody else is.
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>> one of carson'ses, senator lindsey graham is calling for carson to apologize for that statement. >> most muslims throughout the world reject what radical islam is trying to do to the world and their faith. this is an example to me that mr. carson may be a good doctor but he is not ready to lead a great nation. >> well carson also said he does not believe that islam is consistent with the united states constitution. so some very strong and controversial statements from carson today. expect them to be picked apart by his rivals in the days ahead. arthel. >> thanks. men while on the democrat side, candidates keeping busy this sunday, especially mrs. clinton. she made her first sunday public affairs news program appearance in nearly four years. sat down on "face the nation" on cbs this morning. this is the latest polls have her trailing, her rivaling bernie sanders in both iowa and
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new hampshire and speculation if joe biden will jump in. we have more on the race and how it's shaping up from washington. >> the democratic race hads tightened up the a little bit and hillary clinton has been on a media blitz to try to turn things around. in her appearance on cbs's "face the nation" she addressed issues that have been plaguing her campaign. clinton was also asked about the controversy surrounding planned parenthood and if she's actually watched the video. he said she's seen some experts and read about them but then turned the issue around to attack republicans. >> what i am troubled by are the misleading inaccurate allegations about them that we heard from republicans at their debate. to shut shut down the government which some republicans are advocating over funding for planned parenthood which takes care of millions of i'm's health
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needs is the height of irresponsibility. >> she also went after donald trump in his recent controversy. >> he is fueling a level of paranoia and presumption against all kinds of people. and when you light those fires, you better recognize that they can get out of control. and she should start dampening them down and putting them out. >> in the most recent cbs news poll is any indication, clinton's own fires have taken a toll this month. her lead over bernie sanders has been cut by half, though she still maintains a double digit lead in the democratic race. but a lot could happen this next month. on october 22nd clinton is scheduled to testify on capitol hill and the first democratic debate is less than three weeks away. the big question there is whether or not joe biden will announce he's joining the race in time to be there. >> thanks so much. in a few minutes we'll delve
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more into what hillary clinton said about benghazi. the white house confirming e of two american hostages in yemen. officials say the pair were flown to amman. a third american believed to be held cap ty by houthi rebels was not released. the move was apparently negotiated by authorities in amman and it comes as the u.s. is stepping up diplomatic efforts to end the war in yemen that has already left nearly 5,000 people dead. and we have a fox news extreme weather alert to the growing devastation here at home. a new wildfire as erupted in northern california. already it has killed one person and destroyed at least ten homes. there are mandatory evacuation orders now under way as
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firefighters are trying to battle to contain another wildfire. will carr is life in los angeles with the latest on that effort. hi, will? >> firefighters are trying to get containment on two major fires that have burned 1400 homes, they're now dealing with this latest fire that started today just south of san jose. it's already killed one person, burned ten homes and is threatening even more. also in northern california, the valley and the butte fires have scorched a handful of communities. the valley fire has burned more than 75,000 acre, destroyed hundreds of homes and kill three people, it's 53% contained and on saturday homeowners got the first chance to see some of the devastation. >> people that don't have nothing. >> looking at all of the devastation knowing that people died is real hi hard. >> can't believe it. you think you can, until you go by a place and you see it and
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you say, wow. >> we're survivors. we're not sure if we're going to stay here or not but we're going to start over and get going again. >> also in northern california, the butte fire is 70% contained but it's killed two people and burned more than 70,000 acres and 800 structures. the rough fire has burn more than 140,000 acres, officially listed as the 15th largest wile fire in california's history. it is 68% contained. right now there are ten large wildfires burning all across california fueled by drought conditions and there are more than 10,000 firefighters on the front line. >> it's really been a difficult few months. new details on the arrest of leslie mer rhett jr., the suspect in the phoenix highway shootings. police say investigators matched the bullets from the first four shootings in late august with
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the gun they believe merit sold to a pawnshop, making a court appearance telling the judge, quote, i'm the wrong guy. he's been held on $1 million bail. fox news alert for you on pope francis's visit to cuba. he's speaking to the masses during his first full day visit to the country. tens of thousands of the faithful showed up to hear the holy father doing mass this morning. afterwards he visited the country's farmer president, fidel castro, who ruled the country with an iron fist, banned the catholic church and even kicked out priests at one point. the two met behind closed doors. we're in havana with the latest details. >> reporter: eric, as we speak, a formal meeting is under way right now between pope francis and cuba's current ruler,
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85-year-old raul castro. raul castro has praised the pope heavy, praises on the excesses of capitalism and also very glad to have a pope from latin america here in cuba. also expressed gratitude to this pope for helping to broker a deal with the u.s. that reopens diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. raul castro has gone so far as to joke if this pope keeps writing the way hi's writing, he may go back to church one day. there was a meeting between 89-year-old fidel castro and the pope. apparently the two exchanged books. that was held in fidel castro's home. tens of thousands streaming in for the first open air mass. the pope's message was one of
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humility saying that people should serve other people, not any ideology. there were tens of thousands, not just of the catholic faithful but also the curious as well who wanted the see the pope. he's got a busy itinerary over the next two days. going to have two more open air meetings. one group not on the itinerary, cuban dissidents. eric, back to you. >> thank you very much with the latest. eric, of course we're just days -- sorry. we're just days away from the pope's visit to the u.s. his first one. and entrepreneurs are hoping his historic trip will be a blessing to their bank accounts. from beer to bobble heads, images of the pontiff are popping up everywhere, even on toast. brian ennis, are you making this up? >> i am not, arthel. i am not. pretty awesome.
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sales of pope par fa nail ya are strong in philadelphia. now officially a licensed memorabilia is selling briskly from bobble heads to plush dolls. local entrepreneurs are getting in on the holy craze. for $48.95 customers can purchase a pope toster that will make pope toast and pope tarts. >> this prubl is ka mem ra tico a collector's piece. giving joy to people. >> the owners in south philly are selling $20 pope shaped fresh mozzarella. over 100 one-pound piece of the pope cheese has been sold.
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>> cheese mahe make a lot of pe comfortable and seems open in a lot of worldwide issues. >> the local brewery company is offering a holy brew called papal pleasure. >> we decided to do something that really honored the pope's visit. so, you know, the nod using the ingredients from his homeland, having the water blessed by a catholic priest, kind of making the whole experience more enjoyable and pleasurable. >> the entrepreneurs say this isn't about being distasteful for profit, it's good fun in honor of the pope's visit. i want a bobblehead. >> i was going to ask you, what do you think? what the you want? >> i want the bobblehead. it's mine. >> i hope you get it. that's not a bad one. thanks, brian. don't forget, pope francis is scheduled to arrive in the u.s. on wednesday.
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his first stop is washington, d.c. followed by trips to new york and philadelphia. and fox news will have live continuing coverage. keep it right here. >> looking forward to the whole week. and he's be at the u.n. on friday. quite a week for us and the pontiff. meanwhile, hillary clinton going in-depth about benghazi this morning. she's been struggling in some of the early voting states. did her appearance this morning help or hurt her prospect. one man finding himself in major hot water after police didn't buy his claim that anti-police vandals destroyed his truck. >> police say you vandalized your own vehicle. what can you tell us? >> that's absolutely not true. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper.
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hillary clinton defending her record today, appearing on cbs's "face the nation" and she was asked about her famous 3:00 a.m. phone call from the 2008 campaign. remember that? she used that ad to attack senator obama. this morning the moderator of the program asked mrs. clinton if her 3:00 a.m. phone call was the tragedy in benghazi on september 2012.
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>> benghazi was that your 3:00 a.m. phone call and how well did you handle that crisis? >> of course it with as crisis and we lost four brave american, including the person i asked the president to send as ambassador, chris stephens. we live in a dangerous world. even our diplomats are in threat. this goes back to when president reagan was in charge. >> so, how did she do? correspondent for the washington examiner. susan, how well did he explain herself when it came to bengh i benghazi. you heard the direct question yet she started to give a history lesson and general explanation of world programs. >> eric, she's still not talking in specifics about what happened in benghazi and her role of getting the embassy ready for any dangerous attack and what he did to help rescue everybody and
1:20 pm
what she did after the attack. there's so many questions surrounding her role there. and mrs. clinton's top selling point as the democrat candidate for the presidential nomination is her tenure at the state department, her experience. she lost a u.s. ambassador during her watch and a lot of people want to know what role did she play in helping to prevent that in responding to the crisis. that's one of the reasons why we have a hearing going on in the house this month, house of repts concerning benghazi. she'll be there to testify about that. obviously there are still questions out there. today i heard her talk again in really generalities about the dangerous way the world can be. and we lost an ambassador and three other americans. but i don't think that was a really specific response to john dickerson's question, which i think was a great question. she ran in 2008 touting her foreign policy experience over that of barack obama's. but while she was at the helm of
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the state department we lost an ambassador. >> she referred to the video, claimed in the interview there was no political pressure on that video. you talk about protection. let's listen to one of the answers that she gave as part of that interview. >> i think, you know, it was terribly tragic what happened. i immediately asked for an independent review, just like former secretaries of state did. and i made that public. and the only other person that did that was secretary albright. so my view on this is we have to learn things. >> when she says we have to learn things, she's talking about after the attack. she's not describing before the attack. >> that's right. and there are questions about the state department's response to the ambassador's request for additional security and why they didn't provide it. there are big questions. a lot of has sort of fade into the backgrounds over the years, now we have an upcoming hearing where i think you're going to hear more about what happened and what the u.s.'s response was
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to those requests. this could hurt her. i think this is a general election problem for her. he's 20 points ahead in the poll. her next closest competitor is bernie sanders who does not have a lot 0 foreign policy experience. once we're into the general election and she's the nominee, her strength is her foreign policy experience. how is that going to help her if there's still looming questions about what she did during perhaps the biggest crisis of her tenure at the state department. i don't think her interview today answered any of those questions. >> that's an interesting point that this could affect the general much more than the democratic primary. october 22nd, that committee hearing. she said she looks guard to that. also talks about the e-mail, saying she's sorry about having the e-mail yet again. how does this last and continue. we've seen her drop in the polls. but in the national poll she's still way ahead. >> 20 points ahead in the national polls. look at the polling across town.
1:23 pm
people don't trust her. she's lost a lot of points in the trust department. now we're talking about competency. if there are looming questions about her role in benghazi and people start to view her as less competent in her role at the state department, if there's one thing voters care about more than trust, it's competency. and if they see her as not trustworthy, which is clearly showing up in the polls, and now they're starting to doubt her competency, this is going to under mine her strength and it could be a significant problem going forward. >> there's a lot of talk today about joe biden, the report that jill is now favoring h ining hi running. do you think he will and is he waiting for the october 22nd date to do it? >> he sure seems on the fence. if you heard him a week ago, he was questioning if his heart was in it. many of us thinking he is not
1:24 pm
going to take the plunge. right now he's watching hillary clinton, seeing how truly vulnerable she is. he feels like he would be a stronger general election candidate and he's got a lot of people pushing him, he would take the plunge. but he's far behind in the fund-raising aspect. he just lost his son. he's questioning whether he has the energy and strength to do t factors. jill biden not being an obstacle makes you wonder if this is going to happen. i think the hearings in october are going to be prift l for hillary clinton and not only those hearings but how the public responds to those hearings. >> and today she said she respects him and has a lot of respect for him. we'll wait and see. thank you. well, meanwhile, a mandate in the president's health care law hit a hurdle. an appeals court ruling on the contraceptive mandate goes against the constitution. and the stars are out in los
1:25 pm
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an appeals court in st. louis upholding a challenge to a controversial obamacare contraceptive mandate ruling in favor of religious groups. the court deciding the obama administration has not done enough to accommodate the objections of religiously affiliated nonprofit organizations. now this decision is at odds with several other appeals courts that have ruled on the case. the issue could eventually end up in the supreme court for the final word. let's bring in fox news analyst mercedes poland.
1:30 pm
good to see you. >> great to see you. >> did the eighth circuit get it right? >> they did. it all stems from hobby lobby. and the supreme court said the justices said, look, if you have a religious organization, either religious organization or your owner hobby lobby is privately owned. it's a closely held organization. they're religious founders. it has obviously very strong beliefs. the supreme court said you can have that exception. you don't have to provide contraception. so based on that the eighth circuit sets that. the eighth sish cute said yes you had that exemption but you said that the employers still have to provide this type of coverage except now they can use a third party administrator. they're still going back to the same proceeds flowing from the corporation. it's still flowing from the same insurance company, the same insurance proceeds. the same policy. so that's where the struggle was
1:31 pm
for the eighth circuit. you told us you had this exemption did you didn't tell them thou do it on practical terms. that's why they ruled in favor saying you to do more. you haven't done enough. >> as we said, other appellate courts agreed with the administration, however, we started off the story saying this could possibly make it once again to the supreme court. and considering the focus of the stories in the news like same-sex marriages, funding for planned parenthood, how might that impact the supreme court's interpretation? >> that's a great question. it looks like the supreme court is broadening it. rather than saying you have these exemptions, they're going to say we did provide funding. the justices are grappling with the issue because they did say obamacare was legitimate.
1:32 pm
they're going to have to really make these very slivers in terms of their analysis, they're going to have to say well is it a closely held corporation? if it's closely held, if you have these religious beliefs, thaw's how they're going to do it. when they get to sko tus if it cousin, they're going to look at the issue. these are not for profit organizations. who runs them? how religious are they? what are they beliefs? what have they done with their employers? they're going to be making fact specific conclusions. they're not going to do a broad brush, everyone has these exemptions. >> so how does it play out? i mean, you don't have a crystal ball but how might it play out. of course people have the right to their religious freedoms and you have women who have the right to do what they need to do with and to their bodies.
1:33 pm
how does this live together? >> it's a great question and a struggle. oush founders came to this country because of religious freedom. the constitution is founded on it. they're grappling with this. this is such an -- if there's a balance, the religious freedom is in our constitution. if they uphold that, freedom for women might dip down this way and religious freedom will win overall. >> always great to see you. the red carpet rolled out for the 67th annual primetime emmy awards tonight. television stars from the biggest of shows piling into the theet right now. who will take home the prize?
1:34 pm
we're live on the red carpet. mike? >> reporter: hey, guys. that's right, television's biggest night. a couple of hours away. it's one of the toughest show to predict. but we have a sneak peek of what you can expect tonight. countdown is on for the emmy awards sunday night on fox and we caught up with host andy samberg for some scoop on what's in store. >> we're going to talk about the major stories in tv this year and there will be some pretape elements and we got good presenters. that's what ie say. >> when i comes to who will make it into his act, samberg says if you're on tv you're a possible punch line. >> for me it's whatever the best joke ends up being. if the joke isn't good, it doesn't matter. >> who may go home with a new trophy? each year the competition expands. >> netflix is a big player and
1:35 pm
this year in particular the field has brought in so much. now we're seeing for the first time that amazon is a major player with "transparent" having some of these major shows. in at least one category it's a lock. >> on which category is "transparent" a lock? >> jeffrey tambour for lead comedy actor. it would be shock fg he doesn't win. he already won the golden globe. such good will for his performance. >> the front runner is a list of lead comedy actress. >> julia louis dry fuss has won three years in a row. so that tells you that the emmy voters really like her in particular. >> a couple of our favorites because of their good-bye status. >> john hamm monday is one of the greatest actors on tv right now. yet somehow he's never won for "man men" and with this being
1:36 pm
the final chance. >> i want what's nine. >> another category that is fun to watch. >> lead drama actress is great. viola davis is presumed the front runner. she did win the golden globe. a lot of good will there. but i'm hoping that taraji henson can pull this out. >> tune in to see who gets the gold or fox. >> love cookie lyons. but the big question, will john hamm finally take home the gold. will he finally get it or be forever known as the susan lucci of the primetime emmys. see you tonight at 8:00 only on fox. >> i cannot believe that performance in "mad man" just astounding but he hasn't won.
1:37 pm
thanks so much. we'll be watching. a fox news alert. a new picture coming in to fox news, take a look, from cuba, showing pope francis meeting with former cuban leader fidel castro, visiting the one-time dictator early at his home today. the vatican saying they exchanged books as gifts. each book dealing with religious matters. a picture right there for the books indeed. pope francis and fidel castro. >> that little steph of karl marx. see that? the european leaders are calling for an emergency meeting to deal with this crisis. this is hundreds of thousands of desperate people driven out by the terrorists in their homelands, remain stranded at the border. coming up, we'll discuss what the world can do.
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european governments have been scrambling trying to cope with the refugees piling into its country. hungary hopiopening up the bord again. hungary is keeping away migrants at the southern border with a razor wire fence, others are calling for more action. refugees continue to arrive on croat croatia's western border and they're being met with buses and trains to escort them to austria. that county seeing the arrival of 11,000 only yesterday. and as it continues we ask, what can it be done? rick, it's so heartbreaking, so overwhelming, and shocking to see this happen today. is there any way that you think
1:43 pm
this can be solved? >> sure. look. no one should be surprised that millions of refugees are so frustrated where they've been in syria, lebanon, jordan, turkey, trying to escape assad and all of the violence. no one should be surprised that over the last three years it's getting worse. i'm frustrated when we see our washington, d.c. leaders talk about how many refugees we should take in. that's not the solution. we can never take in enough for the problems around the world. what i want to see is this administration lead the united nations. we pay billions of dollars, eric, and the american people and the american government are the most generous sources for international bilateral organizations, including the u.n. and so we have a refugee organization at the u.n. that's supposed to be handling this, we have world food program, we have
1:44 pm
unicef. where is the leadership at the u.n. the americans can step up and give money, but if you're talking about giving refugees a home here, you are never going to be able to solve this massive crisis around the world. people are escaping the violence. we should be able to put humanitarian shelters and spaces even inside syria so that these individuals can escape the violence. they can be fed and be in a safe place. and we should solve the assad problem and put them back in their home country where they speak the language, where they can get a job, where they have a future. bringing them here and all of these politicians talking about the number of refugees here seeking asylum, that is the wrong attitude. all of our politicians doing that should be called out. >> some would say it's supported and funded and the financial support is from the member states. why hasn't that been done? did it catch the world by
1:45 pm
surprise? where are they stepping up? >> well, it certainly has caught the obama administration by surprise. it's remarkable that our u.s. am bass sore, samantha power, supposed to be the person who created her entire career being sensitive to people who are about to experience a genocide, she's the one who has been screaming about humanitarian crisis her entire career. she's built her whole political base because she said that governments should solve these problems. now we find her tweeting about the humanitarian crisis. you are left to wonder, gee, i just wish samantha power had barack obama's phone number because she seems like somebody who cares. she's sitting in a position of power and doing nothing. she can call an emergency meeting, she can call an emergency donor meeting, she can start naming and shaming the country's that aren't giving money, she can ask the state department to ante up to the state association at the u.n.,
1:46 pm
unicef, world food program, we have plenty of bureaucrats that we're paying for, put them into action. >> they're all going to be here in a week and a half. do you think they'll finally address that during the general assembly that starts in eight days from now? >> no. you know what they're going to address? claimant change. look. the fact is that the u.n. is not going to ever function right without u.s. leadership. we cannot have a u.s. policy that samantha powers tweeting and susan rise tweeting her way into talking about these issues. this is the most political foreign policy team i've ever seen and their political priorities are somewhere else. they don't want to get involved because they told us the rest of world should be on their own. i think it's atrocious watching this humanitarian crisis. i'm not saying bring these people here. i'm saying we're general warehouse, we have the programs set up. let's start using them.
1:47 pm
we're paying for them anyway. let's push these people into action. >> hopefully we'll get some answers in a week. the administration said they're going to increase to 65,000 -- >> that's the wrong attitude. >> at least it's something. but at the same time -- >> feed the people there. we don't need to bring them here. they don't speak the language. >> it's a huge problem that is just astounding and continuing. always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, eric. bombshell testimony this past week from a top military commander. and the state of the training program aimed at fighting the terror army. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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>> an embarrassing admission in the battle against isis and the mission to train syrian rebels, the united states military leader saying that only four or five firefighters from the united states training program are on the battlefield today. it is at a cost of $40 million. aat the pace we will not be able to reach the goal that we have initially established for ourselves. >> we will bring in retired four-star general chairman of the institute for the study of war and military analyst. good to see you, general.
1:52 pm
we heard general austin explaining to the senate committee on what is not working so i ask you, why is this training not working, general, and how should the united states change its strategy in fighting the isis and who can the united states count on? >> that was very difficult testimony and one of the most challenge i have seen with leaders trying to defend a strategy that really is failing and the senators are very much aware of that reality. really, it is something to much a. it is failing because the concept is so flawed. we made a decision not to train the free syrian army in 2011 when clinton and dempsey and petraeus recommended it and we made the decision to train them a number of months ago and we put restrictions on ourselves saying well only train those moderate rebels who are wanting to fight isis. that takes about 95 percent of
1:53 pm
all of the moderate rebels who are willing to fight isis out of the pool because they are fighting for their neighborhoods. and fighting for their families. assad is what is producing what you did in your previous discussion with rick: all of those migrants. that is because of assad. that is who they are focused on fighting. therefore, we had a small pool to start with, they estimated we would get 5,400 this year as a ultimate of the training, though, we only produce 54 and when they went to the first base near the syrian and turkish border they were attack upon arrival which i suspect someone released that information to antiochback organization to be able to attack them that quickly. that is number one, the fundamental problem. therefore, the concept is wrong. and even though we will pump more information into this we will not get the outcome and need to relook the whole strategy.
1:54 pm
people have been saying this for months that it is not just this part of it but the fact we ignore syria but for the small training program. it is from syria that the head wars and they are recruiting and conducting all of their operations in iraq and in syria from the pace of support in syria and from sear they have expanded and developed a worldwide following. the longer we leave that alone the greater the problem and the fact we do nothing about assad means the radicals are taking advantage of the day office. >> i was going to say and then there is russia, general keane. what is russia doing in syria? >> two major things going on. number one, the ability to fight our base, a tactical fight are base and they are doing that to prop up the assad regime because
1:55 pm
they know that the rebels over a period of this last year have been incrementally gaining on the regime. they know that assad is losing some support among the strong political base. not enough to throw him over but erosion so they are in there to protect him and they will create a false narrative i am sure when vladimir putin goes to the u.n. and he has not been there in 10 years, he will say the initiative is to defeat isis. >> general kean. i am up against a computer heartbreak, i apologize for hanging up. general, thank you. >> coming up, the great pumpkin? giant pumpkin bringing a town of fun to an annual festival long with some national recognition. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone.
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>> check it out it could make a lot of pumpkin spice lattes, that is a pumpkin in wisconsin breaking a north american record at wine and harvest festival. it weighs 2,000 pounds and is roughly a ton. this is the second year if a row the farmer has beaten his own record. last year it weighed 1,600 pounds. that is a lot of pies. >> for sure. how did he get threat? >> used a fork lift.
2:00 pm
>> thank you, that does it for us and media buzz is up next. h >> on the buzz beater, donald trump flames the media for slamming his decision not to correct a questioner who called president obama a muslim and not american and is back making the case on the sunday show. is that an important story? this after the media pronounced carly fiorina the undisputed winner of the debate. acting as a megaphone who had to fight her way on to the cn in the stage. >> the big name last night was carly fiorina. >> fiorina was phenomenal. >> i loved fiorina. she had a hugely powerful moment that everyone loved. >> fiorina was in another league last night. >> fiorina owned the debate from the going until the end. >>


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