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tv   2016 Horserace Who Won the Week  FOX News  September 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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kelly file. see you then. have a great weekend. how are you doing? >> if you're illegal, you've got to go back. >> i didn't want to, yes. >> more energy tonight. i like that. this election is not just a choice between political parties. it is a generational choice about what kind of country we will be in the 21st century. >> donald trump is an entertainer. i am a leader. we need the strong e military on face of the planet and everyone has to know it. >> did a 55-year-old construction worker in the audience tonight who doesn't have a job,
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>> people are supporting me because i have a proven record of conservative leadership where i cut taxes 19 billion over eight years. >> if i am elected president i will rip to shreds the catastrophic nuclear iranian deal. >> i don't think my strategy is going to change at all. it will be to tell the truth and to talk about my vision for america, which i think is something that a lot of people resonated with. >> we need a washington, someone to say it is put up our shut up time. we sent you there, it is time to lead the country going forward. >> the difference between me and the other candidates is i am going to do what i told you i would do. >> we are really killing it. we are killing it. >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity" 2016." who won the week. it was a big week with candidates busy on the campaign
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trail also squaring off in the second gop debate. here are some of the most talked about moments from wednesday's secondary p second republican show down. >> mr. trump said he hears mr. bush clearly. i think women all over the country rather clearly what mr. trump said. >> president obama is violating federal law by not handing over the side deal and we ought to see the united states congress stand up together and say handover this treaty. >> i hear your wife is a lovely woman. i don't know her. >> she is. she is right here and why don't you apologize to her. for the 55-year-old construction worker out in the audience tonight who doesn't have a job who can't fund her child's education, i tell you the truth they don't care about their lives. >> to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness, that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his looks, and believe me there's
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plenty of subject matter right there. >> if i was sitting at home watching this back and forth i would be inclined to turn it off. people at home want to know across this country. they want to know what we are going to do to fix this place. here with analysis of the gop field author of the number one new york times best seller five consecutive weeks, plunder and deceive the government's expectation the young of the future. how are you? >> i am good. >> like you i am undecided. kr wwe debate. this one said that about you this one said that about you, say it to them. it did not move the needle for me this week in terms of choosing an ultimate nominee that is best qualified. how about you? >> i agree with you. the these attempts to instigate the fights are the most more ranic things. i would remind the viewers early
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in our history what they used to say about ooch otheach other th candidate was an adulterer, this had a baby out of wedlock. this one's faith. like i said i don't like this media instigated you sahe said what what do you think about that? he didn't like your face. we are looking into the abyss. there are major issues out there. this is not a format that lends itself to a thoroughly serious discussion on the issues. this is problematic. this is something we need to think about as a republican party and as a people. ted cruz has given minimal amount of time because cnn is running a reality debate and they want food fight as much as possible. you have the others taking up half an hour. scott walker barely had any time. not about who i supported. i am troubleed by this.
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i want to hear five minutes from each candidate on iran and on the border. i want to hear five minutes from each candidate on how to create jobs and growth and economic opportunity. they have been broken down very simply. the reason they don't want to do that particularly networks like cnn. they want the three stooges. some are better at navigating through this and muscling through and getting their sound bytes in. i don't think it helps the republic that much. >> i don't think donald trump got the majority at the time. he was the frontrunner and attacked a lot. >> right from the get go. a number of the candidates they are going after trump he's the guy out front. i thought that was the worst 30 or 40 minutes of debate of
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politics i have ever heard and seen. i thought it was outrageous. the republicans show restraint on that, too. at some point you may something something that is odd but i thought he muscled through that pretty good. >> ben carson, when you look at the polls you have two outsiders that are leading in the polls. he is a compelling story. he's a thoughtful guy. the debate format is not his format. it has never been helpful to him. your thoughts? >> i agree. >>ing it it is relatively passive or outspokenness. abraham lincoln had a high squeaky voice. others had problems through out
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american history. i don't think -- i am not saying it's ben carson even though i am a big fan of his i don't think we should be making judgments based on such superficial things. he's an intelligent man a solid conservative man. he's a man of faith and should be taken seriously. >> if you read the pundits i thought carly had a good night. stood out in a lot of ways. i am interested to see if it translated into poll numbers. marco rubio did the best answers about a gangster by the name of vladmir putin who is trying to fill the vacuum of america being off the national international stage. and co-op sere why yyria and eg saudi arabia and others. i thought it was a solid answer. >> they are all solid answers. they are a lot of them have records moderate and a little
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more liberal. some of them used to be for amnesty and against limiting the debt ceiling and so forth. you asked me about carly fiorina. today the establishment likes carly fiorina. the last week it was kasich. the week before that it was bush. in all of the discussion i have heard about carly fiorina so far i have heard nothing about what she said when she ran against the republican prime bhar rein the senate and 2009 when she was the moderate running against the conservative when they were quite different. we have a lot of flip floppers. i am not saying they shouldn't evolve into being more and more conservative. i naught it was interesting. this is important for mitch mcconnell and john boehner. >> the republic didn't use the power of the purse on obamacare.
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they funded legal unconstitutional immigration. i bet when all is said and done when the two-week period when they debate the cr they will fund planned parenthood. where does ted cruz fit in all of this. i would have liked to hear more from walker and rubio and others. where does he fit in this? >> you p weren't going to hear more from them because the moderators wouldn't let them. when you heard the discussion about global warming i heard marco rubio and chris christie and walker and he wanted to the the jobs. in the end cruz says i am a kept tick. you will have your turn later. the shoes weren't flying aged you could see this might be boring.
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the media is problematic. they are pushing for ratings and driving up the commercial rates and so forth and so on. we have seven more debates. l in debate number 6 no one will remember what happened in debate number 2. >> five consecutive weeks in the new york times. >> coming up right here on "hannity." >> you are going to say to your children and say to anybody else that we were part of a movement to take back our country. >> donald trump he held several big events this week. we will have the highlights and reaction from mark stein. some will come out with new attack ads aimed at the frontrunner. plus all about trump, carson, fiorina, cruz, the insurgents. they continue to see big jumps in the polls. we will see why straight ahead. feel like this. look like this. feel like this.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. i am kelly wright. three people are injured after a horrific shooting at a church in alabama. it happened at a service in east selma this morning. jam a man opened fire killing his girlfriend their 1 month old baby and a pastor. it stemmed from a recent breakup. he's facing three counts of attempted murder. two in yemen are free. rebels fighting a civil war captured them. they were flown to neighboring country amman. the white house is confirming the safety of both americans. the administration saying it worked tirelessly to secure
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their release. back to the 2016 horse race, who won the week? >> welcome back to "hannity." donald trump has thhad a huge week. not only took center stage but trump helped several massive rallies where he spoke to thousands and thousands of supporters. watch this. >> the silent majority, believe me, is back. i think we can use it some what differently. i don't think we have to call it a silent majority any more. because they are not silent. >> we are going to have so many victories and they are going to be great victories. we are going to have them all of the time. you are going to say to your children and anybody else that you were part of a movement to take back our country.
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>> joining us now to talk about the big week we have the bramar is with us. i think a sort of mental mal lass has set in america. we haven't talked a lot about it. median income is down 5,000. doubling the national debt. he will come out with more debt than any other president. lowest participation rate lowest since the 70's. more americans on poverty and sfood stamps and we are rushed on the world stage. the iranian deal i am going to make america great again. if he doesn't say anything else. >> he says the american dream is dead and i am going to bring him back. he is right in the sense that if you are in the bottom 20 percent of the country, if you are born into that you are likely to stay there, you are stuck there compared to other developed nations. then the political establishment tells you you are stuck in the bottom of 20 percent. you have a choice between voting for the wife of the previous
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president and the son and brother of the previous president. he is saying no. we can bust through this. >> three or four polls come out. trump has 50 percent drudge, news bags, time magazines. interesting per rom ter. the public commentators have a different view of what they have on the poles. why is that a disparity. they think trump is a noisy reality show distraction is. after the fox debate it would settle down and become a normal republican primary process. between now and iowa and new hampshire it's not going to be a normal primary process. we don't know what it's going to
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be. an hour before the debate the two frontrunners were trump and carson two political outsiders. the person who did well in the debate is another outsider carly. we have an extraordinary moment where two ceo's are arguing back and forth about who has the lousiest record as all of the senators and governors are standing around saying wait a minute we now know that this idea that he was a six-feet flash in the pan it's not going to be a normal campaign. >> they may be writing books about this campaign in the history books. >> in a way that goes back to what obama did last time. he is a pretour in the culture in a way people like biden and bill clinton conventional
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democrat. >> i think every future president will be a immediate president meaning they have to project themselves well on tv and show energy before a crowd. if you are not connecting on television you are not connecting with a crowd. look at the trouble. we don't talk a lot about the democrats. they are up 22 percent you have 10 points in iowa. hillary clinton said she is going to show warmth and humor. here's an example of it. >> donald trump is entertaining. i find it entertaining. i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality like, oh, listen, i need to tell you when i get there peace will be breaking out every where, prosperity will be raining down upon you. we will have the new age. >> that might be their goal but unprompted the number one words that show up, liar, dishonest,
6:19 pm
untrustworthy, can she change people's perceptions? >> i think if there were no e-mail scandal her attempt to stand up comedy would be p enough to kill her in iowa and new hampshire. i am in favor of a constitutional ap mendment -- i think laws in this country are against bills that change it. i would be in favor of constitutional amendment fore bidding hillary from stand-up ec comedy. >> the cable guy, amy schumer, she is not any of them. she is not warm and she is not funny which then goes to the question, can somebody in this country when the 60 percent of the american people view you as this honest and trust worthy can you win the presidency? i don't think you can. >> if bernie wins iowa and new hampshire i don't have any great insights into iowa but in new hampshire i think he will win.
6:20 pm
i was in the most liberal town in new hampshire. haven't been there in a while. home of dartmouth college. i am not big there but they love bernie. these are wealthy liberals. in other words, they are not hard-core broken down welfare socialists. wealthy liberals at dartmouth college love bernie sanders and they have no warmth and enthuse yam for hillary clinton. >> we have to prepare for a new entrance into the democratic primary. brown may get in. joe biden is flirting with it. i have to think john kerry's mind he might get in. elizabeth warren or al gore. >> i think his bette warren is a constituency. i think it's biden or bust. there's no love lost between obama and the clintons. obama would love a third term and joe biden is a third term. >> you think biden sabotages
6:21 pm
clinton. >> even though bill came to the rescue in 2012? >> he didn't come to the rescue. he was telling ted kennedy, can you believe this guy he should be bringing us our drinks. that's what he said about obama. >> clinton was saying they played the race card against me. he came to the rescue in 2012. >> obama despises clinton in the third way new democrat meeting the age of big government is over. obama very bad. obama has said no we have big government. i have spent 10, trillion dollars. nobody in human history has ever done that ever, ever. i did it. we don't need the bill clinton micro liberalism. i think he would rather have biden. >> i am going to get you new ties, though. where did you get that tie? that is horrible.
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>> what? >> it is awful. >> here. >> i have this whole trunk collection. >> this isn't the donald trump tie. >> mine is. it's much nicer than that. >> this is like turbo nassau in german street london. best tie in the world list. >> you loser. >> best football game you have ever been to? >> undefeated bears against the dolphins. i was there with my dad. never forget that night. >> favorite miami dolphins cheerleader? >> that's easy. janet rubio. >> we will check in with doug shawn and ari fleischer. they dominate in the gop field. new polls release this week. prove it. that and more tonight as "hannity" continues. the cold truth is,
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week. carly fiorina ad hits back on donald trump's ads he made about her. >> look at this face. look at all of your faces. the face of leadership. this is the face of a 6 is-year-old woman i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> marco rubio he got into the spirit of football season in his new ad. take a look at this. >> true man. i don't think we give him credit for what he did in the end of the second world war. >> undefeated bears against the dolphins. i was there with my dad. never forget the night. >> favor ry miami dolphins cheerleader. >> janet rubio. that's easy. >> harder to recover hillary
6:26 pm
clinton's e-mails or tom brady's text messages. >> harder to get hillary clinton's e-mails. >> whose message is working the best for you? fox news contributor doug shown and ari fleischer is with us. i like fun adds. it always works and it is under u utiliz utilized. >> the carly fiorina ad made a point about her differences with donald trump. thought it was a good ad. i don't think it will have as much impact as the commentators did. i thought the ad was cute but it won't be a game changer. >> i thought marco had one of the best lines on foreign policy the other night. ari when he said, vladmir putin the gangster is filling a void obama has left over. egypt sawed diabetes r-- saudi going to say americans abandoned
6:27 pm
you come with me. >> i think he is right on that. >> senator rubio is flew went he is accurate and ronald reagan strength tile. it is interesting to contrast the which withay he thinks. it flows out of him likely motion. in domestic policy it is almost like he is so articulate he is reading off of a teleprompter it sounds like. foreign policy motivates him but he is a great freedom story. one of the things, he's a second choice of almost every republican. how does he jump from being people's second choice to their first choice? >> you know, because issues matter, sean. if he did 30 second ards azar ry suggested what we should do to take on vladmir putin what we should do to reform welfare. the reason donald trump is doing
6:28 pm
as well he is, he is an outsider but he is most out spoken on immigration and hit a cord. they want to hear what you are going to do to change the country. >> you are not a big fan of donald trump, why? >> i question whether he has the right skills to be president of the united states. i d like the pejorative style of campaigning. his looks. why do they do that? they build ridgbridges and coalition. there fore it's style. >> you don't like the energy. he brings us a bluntness there's something to be admired. of course he is the outsider. at the end of the day can i build a coalition? that's where he is going to fall short. >> time is going to tell. so far it has not worked against him. maybe other diminishing returns probably at some point but he
6:29 pm
does the five political. >> we have the multi candidate field when there are 16. the person with the 2025 flur rality is in first. when it gets down to trump against one, trump against two that's when it really becomes a problem. >> there's a large ermis sandaling here. ari let me finish. what is going on is donald is saying, i tell the truth, whether you like it or not, whether you find it pleasant or not, you are right statistically. the republican electorate is so angry with outsiders. we are all angry. donald is saying, i will change america and tell you what we think whether you like it or not. >> i am one of those conservatives that feels disappointed by the republican party of dc. they make promises and don't keep them. 2014 was all about stopping executive amnesty which is
6:30 pm
unconstitutional. they caved. they gave in. they won't use the power of the purse on obamacare. all of these examples i will predict they came on funding planned parenthood. people will have it. 50 some add voters are looking because these guys are so weak. >> you can't govern the nation just with congress. your beef is with james madison. more than anybody else. >> ari, wait a minute. >> they don't sign what would get to his death. >> we have a constitution. we have enumerated checks and balances separations of power. one power the congress has is the power of the purse. they won't use it for fear there will be a political backlash and they won't get blamed for a shut down. they won't confront the president and they acquiesce time and time again. how is that james madison's fault? >> they are just dumb. they stake out right wing
6:31 pm
positions they take the negative hit for doing it and then they cave. bottom line it only helps hillary the democrat. >> how can you feel what so many are feeling? >> i am right. shawn i lived government shut downs either of which work and neither which hurt republicans and the republican opened. is its give ento something you believe is unconstitutional. shawn, shawn. >> what is the alternative? >> the government shut it down two years ago. >> you want to be shut down for three years? >> what i would do, on this continuing resolution of planned parenthood, i would not only fund the government completely, i would also pass a bill that took the $500 million a year to give to planned parenthood and give it to other women's groups
6:32 pm
put it on the president's desk and let the president decide if he is going to shut down the government over his radical support of a radical group. >> that's what he did? >> they never did that. >> the defense got to know why they would be competitive. the divisiveness the argument the fighting the lack of policy is the reason hillary was in better shape than what you wanted to acknowledge. >> they never shut down obamacare. >> yes, they did. >> the two houses and white house did. the republicans took the heat for it. >> they funded the government with everything but obamacare. >> that's why you insiders are doing so badly, shawn. democrat is right today? >> i hate agreeing with you over
6:33 pm
him. you and i agree more over him and doug. >> we have to break. coming up next tonight on "hannity." >> this country, america is the greatest country the world has ever known. it is such an exceptional nation. before america came on the scene for thousands of years people did things the same way. once we were on the scene within 200 years men were walking on the moon. when people say we are not exceptional they are not thinking. we are the most exceptional nation. our job is to make sure we remain exceptional country. >> we will breakdown why trump and fiorina are rising in the polls that and more as we continue. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed
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so far this election cycle has been about the outsiders. donald trump dr. ben carson stood at the top of the polls and carly fiorina rising fast. part of the reason they are connected so far they don't use talking points they are not afraid to take on their own party. here is doctor carson doing the same thing. >> there's foe question the gop had a very excellent opportunity by paying attention to some of the communities they have neglected. formi informing they will about the history of the gop in fact a party that was formed as an abolitionist party a party that worked hard to get gun rights for freedman a party that pushed civil rights and voting rights. >> here now with cox news c -- news con train but >> i think republicans have
6:40 pm
failed they make these very conservative promises, people's expectations go up. okay they have to do it this time. they wimp out and they back down. >> this is an incredible opportunity. doctor carson is right. there's a real chance here. many republicans in the past felt like it was a waste of their time. democrats made it very easily. they are not compelling the fate of black america is in crisis black unemployment is as high as it has ever been. >> isn't it amazing you look at the democratic breakouts they have fared far worse under his policies than anybody else. many still support them. >> we can argue the mayor says it is obama's fault or not. i think it would be smart of the gop to take the opportunity to put specifics on the bones and police outta agenda. >> mercedes that came out in 2014 with the conservative
6:41 pm
solution caucus i think republicans ought to run on. i got a chance to spend sometime with you in c pack. are you as disappointed they make these promises and do not fulfill them? >> incredibly disappointed. we have 3 percent of the african americans vote and 20 percent of the hispanic vote. the mere fact that the candidates need to go for these communities and deliver these messages. starting with senator rand paul. >> rand paul has been the best at it. >> governor jeb bush has been about helping the most vulnerable in our society. they are able to go in there and say, look, it hasn't worked. poverty levels for african americans are sky rocketing to 27 percent. as ebony said high unemployment. which need to bring a message of
6:42 pm
hope. guess what, sean, they are all run by a bunch of democrats, democrat mayors, councilmen. there needs to be changes. >> you have to ask people for your vote. you have to tell them what your plan is. >>ic taking what both of you are saying. i think you are both right. >> they are talking about matt's incarceration. important to many in the black community are jobs and education. >> the median income comes 5,000 per family. we have millions and millions more americans in poverty, millions more in food stamps and lowe lowest participation rate. they will still defend him and say it's working it's working. it's bush's fault. seven years they are saying it's
6:43 pm
bush's fault. >> many people have to support president obama until the end of the road. i do not see that same excitement around the hillary clinton candidacy. >> you like trump? >> i would consider him. >> look at jeb bush. he has an excellent education to run off there are struggling more in that area than any one. at least make the argument. >> look at the gop poll. similar to what we have been seeing. carson 17, kasich is up in this poll. a new hampshire poll. cruz, fiorina and bush coming in with 7 percent. do you see any movement in the polls, mercedes? we have anticipate it, we expect it. it hasn't happened yet. >> this debate obviously blents an opportunity where we see another shift in numbers.
6:44 pm
i don't think he is going to grow much. i think his supporters are among them. the numbers may shift between ben carson and carly fiorina. shawn obviously strong performance by carly. those supporters especially for the women, the women i think will get power by her message yesterday. she'sable to stand up to the big boys. >> he has never been a great deba debater. that's not happening. >> will people figure that out, you know what? you got to listen to him. he was a little more quiet soft spoken. >> this is simply american politics it is fast passed and fast moving his tempo hurt.
6:45 pm
>> i think especially in the flood fest ben carson is loud. he spoke the fastest they got their points across. >> do a little wwe and training like i am doing. >> welcome aboard. mercedes always good to see you. a crowded gop field. who do you think is the best this week to separate themselves from the rest of the pact? we will debate that and more straight ahead. seems like we've hit a road block.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." the gop presidential field is one of the largest in recent memory. you have 16 candidates vying to become the republican nominee. donald trump and ben carson separate themselves. how do republican contenders stand out in a crowded field? fox news contributor what would you like to see them do? if i am at 7 percent or 5 percent or 3 percent. what do you have to do to catch up with these guys? >> i had like the policies to help the state and urban
6:51 pm
communities. >> flat tax or that. communities are on fire saying we have seen over the recent months with what's going on with high unemployment. that would have been a good issue to talk about. i would have liked to hear more of it. >> do you see now that we had time to absorb the debate a little bit do you see anybody that seems to you that is a politician that is going to challenge trump, carson, fiorina. ted cruise is a pol significance. >> the ones that have gone after him directly have met with a pretty terrible demise. i am talking about jeb bush and rand paul. they beat down that trump did on rand paul last night was absolutely devastating. he looked terrible. the same with all of the exchanges he had with jeb bush. these debates their food fights
6:52 pm
there's a lot of nonsense going on. they definitely reveal something very p important. that is the presidency is about more than -- presidential candidate is about more than just a checklist of positions on certain issues. it is about the ability to communicate and to break through all of the noise and reach people. that is why donald trump has well. it's why carly fiorina did very, very well. he often does very well. he is a marvelous communicator. if you are able to break through that nonsense and noise you can break through anything. that is not a bad way to figure out who the best person is to send out against hillary clinton or socialists. >> we still have four and a half months of these. it is amazing. >> it is a marathon. think of it that way. it's the whole theme of your show, too. we have a ways to go.
6:53 pm
it is important for the candidates to separate themselves. it is in terms of what you would do with the military building up the shipping fleet. >> i thought she had a great moment. >> you are a big supporter of donald trump. what did you feel about the debate? >> he said earlier in the day he might be open to toning it down a little bit. he kind of did tone it down a little bit. also it was a 3 and a half or 7 hour debate. i lost track a little bit. it was a long debate having the gatlin gunfire over that period of time i thought it was interesting he was a little toned down. it will be interesting to see whether it reflects the polls. >> i don't divulge.
6:54 pm
>> that's not what the show is about. it is about divulging. >> i will say this. i am for the constitution. p constitutionalists who will listen to americans. i was just in florida. who are your top three? >> the top three i thought were impressive based on their views the other night were carly fiorina, ted cruz and marco rubio. they had a great passion and message. they are all good communicators. they were really charged up and excited about the election and they want leadership. they want representation. politicians listening to we the people and not just be a politician just because. >> when we come back we will continue after this quick break. ♪ lease the 2015 rc 350 for $429 a month for 36 months.
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left this evening. as always thank you for being with us. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. it hurts our feelings if you are not here. thanks for being with us. have a great night. >> i am greg gutfeld. please hold your applause until the end. here's what's coming up. >> the three-hour cnn debate held candidates exhausted and sweaty. just like me after my new spin class. the winners the lootssers and t private pictures i have i have kate. does not smack down the supporter who says the president wasn't an american. in a bad el between needians and kids he sides with the kids, traitor. don't's guest kimberly guilfoyle, robert kelly and joanne. america you smell great like a kitten soakd in lilac a


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