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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 21, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> average monday workout? >> we'll set something up for sure. usually a chest workout. >> nodoughnutshere. >> see you tomorrow everybody. bye-bye. carly fiorina takin bill: good monday morning. brand-new polling just out taken after the republican debate showing carly fiorina surging, taking a giant leap into second place and donald trump's lead, at least in this poll, shrinking. martha: good morning, i'm martha. take a look at some of these numbers. 24% still want donald trump for the nomination but that's an
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8-point drop for donald trump since a few weeks ago. carly fiorina benefiting from her performance. she is in second place, overtaking dr. ben carson. bill: byron york is with us, good morning to you. these debates have a way of changing things. >> the fox news debate in cleveland reordered the race and there are early signs this debate is together same thing. though i should caution it's early. give it a week or so for voter's opinions to sink in. but a big winner is carly fiorina the early debate got 1/4 of the audience of the 24 million who watched the prime time debate on fox. this time she was in prime time
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and she made the most of that opportunity. she has jumped in the polls. already you are seeing a lot more criticism of her time at ceo of hewlett packard. bill: you can talk about those who are moving and falling. scott walker's campaign at least in this poll is hurting. >> it's a stunning fall. he was 10% in july and this time he registered zero. nobody said they supported scott walker. he did have a pretty poor debate. he didn't get called on or jump into it have much and didn't make good use of his time speaking. this is after not making good use of his time at the fox debate in august. i was speaking to people at the
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reagan library before the debate. he worked hard and trained for it, and it didn't turn out. bill: . ben carson on muslims in the the white house. >> should a president's faith matter? should your faith matter to voters? >> i guess it depends one that faith is. if it's inconsistent with the principles and values of america of course it should matter. if it fits within the realm of america and consistent with the constitution, i have no problem. >> do you believe islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i do not. i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. bill: on that program all day he was asked a similar question.
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this ways said. carson also sold "the hill" the question is irrelevant because there noise candidate who has that faith and he called it a gat cha question in journalism. >> this is an expense of an inexperienced candidate getting into trouble unnecessarily. i think the answer is simple, the constitution specifies there is no religious test for president. it's not a question that needs to be addressed at the length that carson did it. so it's just an inexperienced walking into a trap. bill: we'll debate this in a couple minutes.
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kasich was asked about it. they all have different nuances. we'll see if it was relevant and applicable. martha: one other thing about the polls. after that debate, there is a lot of talk about governor christie and jeb bush having good performances at that debate. it didn't move the needle for them at all. we'll seal where it goes from here. this is going to be a big week and politics may not be front and center. it will be all about pope francis as he's set to hit the united states tomorrow. he met with fidel castro over the weekend. steve harrigan is live in havana with more on his visit. what do we know about the meeting with fidel castro. >> reporter: it took place in
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fidel castro's home. his wife and children and grand children were present for what all say was an animated discussion by fidel. the two discussed the environment and gave each other books. the pope gave fidel a book from one of his high school teachers, a jess with it priest castro forced into exile. one man tried grab on the pope mobile, but he was detained by plainclothessed security. he heads to washington tomorrow
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afternoon. he's going give two huge open-air masses. his message has been one of humility in what may be a veiled criticism of the communist regime. he told the cuban people not to follow any ideology but to serve other people. martha: a massive security operation is underway as a a result of the pope's visit to the united states. jeh johnson touring the location where the pope will be visiting. >> the people want to see the pope and i think we accommodated that. martha: officials are calling the pope's visit the largest security operation in nypd history.
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let's get more on what we can expect in terms of the path here, bill. bill: it will be a huge challenge security-wise. major american cities that start wednesday. wednesday is a significant day in washington, d.c. that's where the pope will wake up and 48 hours from now we'll get the welcoming ceremony at the white house on behalf of the president and the first delayedy. later the canonization ceremony in northeast washington, d.c. that will be wednesday of this week. thursday he starts his day mountain morning in our nation's capital and later comes up to new york city. but the morning's visit will be a significant moment in history. no pope has addressed congress before. this will be his joint session of congress that we'll be
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anticipating. s we move throughout the week we'll show you what's on his schedule. he will be a busy man and likely a tired man by the time this trip is up. martha: we'll be covering it all. you can have a front-row seat for this historic journey. you can keep it all right here for the highlights and thursday morning i will be in washington to cover the pope's historic address to congress. it's the first time we have seen a pope do that. we'll be covering him friday morning over at the u.n. bill: i imagine he will have something to offend just about everybody. push them a little further toward their uncomfortable zone. martha: i though he has
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everybody thinking in a big way. bill: freedom for two americans held by iranian-backed rebels. details on who was holding them and how they got out. >> give us three words that is the real hillary clinton. >> just three. i can't possibly do that. i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. martha: what do you think, hillary clinton a real person like you and me? she also says she is scene out -- -- she says she's an outsider because she is a woman. bill: republican candidates facing endless questions about muslims in america. why is this the topic dominating the campaign this week. >> you can be politically
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correct and say eferg is wonderful. but i haven't seen people from sweden going back and leaving after the bombing of the world trade center.
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martha: two americans held hostage in yemen have been released. they were released in the capital of sana'a. the two americans are 45-year-old scott darde and sam
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ferron. >> no, i do not. i would nod advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> for me the most important thing about being president is you have leadership skills one know what you are doing and you can help fix this country and raise this country. bill: muslims in america, muslims in the white house. a trending topic for at least one show sunday. donald trump was asked if he thinks muslims are problem at home. >> we could say no and you can be politically correct and say everything's wonderful.
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bill: mary anne marsh and katie, why is this a deal? >> i'm not sure considering no one in the gop or democratic race for president is a muslim. but course they are turning the answer into a controversy. the issue of is sharia law. based on being able to do things based on opportunity. that is what ben carson is talking about. they are blowing it into the big issue when it's a non-issue to start with. bill: mary anne, where are you on this?
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i think i know. >> no one mentioned sharia law. winning elections are about getting votes. and these comments will work better than you think in the republican primary and driving people who believe those comments in the general election. with the pope about to land here people like trump and carson and others said the same thing about kennedy because he was a catholic. so it doesn't win elections. but what i will do is drive people and we have a year left to go. bill: carson said the quils irrelevant and was a gotcha question in journalism. did he handle it the right way.
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when you talk about candidate here you look at hillary clinton and she is calling for more syrian refugees coming into this country not mentioning the fact. and this is an issue and that is what ben carson was get together point of. if you want to talk about what other candidates are saying, let's talk about the broader issue of what it means. bill: marco rubio says this is a big waste of time and added he has nothing to do with the -- that it has nothing to do with the future of our country. >> this is about economic populism. are we going to pit people against each other or make the economy more fair and fix it so it works for everybody. what makes this country great is
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when it works for everybody and everybody works together. that's the choice here and that's why you are hearing these comments. bill: why do you think this came up. katie, you are preparing for meet the press sunday. how does this come up in the order of questions. let's ask him if a muslim is good for the white house. had ben carson been asked about it prior? >> he had not been asked about it prior. it came up as a result of donald trump fumbling a question about president obama's faith. it isn't a main issue in the race and it's a gotcha question because nobody running for president is a muslim an and its an irrelevant question to bring into the spectrum because it's not an issue. there are bigger issues like the syrianing are try is we can talk
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about. trump was asked about i don't know if we have to address it, by the's something that could happen. >> trump didn't full built, he doubled down on it. here's the reality. people under estimate how angry people in this country are, and it's going to take on different forms. when comments like trump's and carsons play to a lot of people who believe this and are angry. that's what's fueling this election. when you fuel the election and throw a match on gasoline. what kind of country are we going to look like? is it the one where -- a guy in the audience asked the question. in new hampshire. katie, you are a journalist and it's fair game to ask people when they come up in a forum
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like that. donald trump had the opportunity on "meet the press" to say something different and he didn't. it will appeal to more people than you think, sadly. martha: cars zooming by at 200 miles an hour. what was he thinking. bill: ted cruz on the iran nuclear deal. >> if the deal goes through the obama administration will become quite literally the world leading in the financier of terrorism.
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bill: singapore grand prix interrupted by that man wandering on to the racetrack as the cars approach at 170 miles per hour. the man walked a short distance before he claimed over the barrier. he had a camera, maybe he got a good picture. i would say he probably came from the bar. one of the biggest concerns raised about the iran nuclear deal has been confirmed. an iranian official saying rawnls own expert have taken samples without u.n. inspectors being present. gregg, explain this for us and tell us what the latest is. >> reporter: i guess you have
6:26 am
to say good news and bad news. and the inspection and the deal. the good news is that the head of the iaea visited the pa parcn military facility in iran. but the bad news as expected as has been leaked and confirmed to fox news by the iaea is the samples to be tested take from the facility were taken by iranians themselves. there were no iaea staffers present. though the iaea tells us they are sat fived with this procedure. the suspicion has been at this site devices used to trigger a nuclear weapon were tested. martha, even the visit by amano
6:27 am
to the site may not be worth anything. he admits there was nothing in the one building he was in. there has been extensive reporting that the whole site has been cleaned up of anything that may have happened there in the past. bill: breaking news. pope francis arrived in the town of holguin, cuba. he's officially out of the city of havana. a drive down to the southeast about 2 hours by aircraft. great sounds and a great reception on a beautiful day on that island nation. this a day after he met with fidel castro. during that meeting he exchanged books. one of the books given fidel castro was a book written by a priest who was kicked out of
6:28 am
cuba because of castro's rule. an gave him a few audio tapes that were recorded before he died. martha: the person who wrote it was a jesuit teacher to castro. there will be so much bubble to the surface. no matter what anyone says about this pope, he forced new lines of conversation about catholicism, the meaning of his papacy. he wants his headline to be about mercy, forgiveness and after i and take care of those who are least fortunate around the world. we'll be talking about that a lot. bill: was that a prius? that was not a pope mobile. that's a whole new line of
6:29 am
vehicle coming out of the vatican. martha: he's known for driving his own car around rome. bill: hillary clinton calling herself a political outsider because she is a woman. bill: who is the real political outsider. the beaches of greece. have you seen these pictures? desperate migrants seeking sanctuary in europe trying to come ashore. >> reporter: one after the other they keep coming. we are seeing about 20-30 people, also pleased to have reached the promised land that is europe. machine but it took fr turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean.
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martha: hillary clinton has been in the spotlight for 25 years. clinton went on face the nation yesterday, and she is arguing in a way she, too, is an outsider. >> in politics this year it looks like everybody wants an outsider. that puts you in a fix. tell us why it doesn't put if you a fix. >> i can't imagine anyone being more an outsider than the first woman president. >> give us three words that tell us who is hillary clinton. >> just three, i can't do that. i'm a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with that. i have been in the public eye for so long. it's like the feature you see in magazines. "real people actually go shopping." martha: carly fiorina is making
6:34 am
solid gains among the republican candidates. so is hillary clinton concerned? karl rove, a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us. a lot of laughing and sitting back and chat being herself pass the consummate outsider because she taken outsider. >> it was a lot of weird laughing. it seemed forced. i think the memo yesterday in advance of the interview was go out and show spontaneous humor by laughing and it came across battery and very strange. you know, this outsider issue, first of all if you take a look -- we don't have a lot of evidence of this -- what evidence we do have is democrats are thinking differently about this election than republicans in particular and even somewhat independents. if you ask a democrat, do you
6:35 am
want to have experience or somebody from outside the existing political establishment. it was one of the questions asked by the "washington post." democrats are 56% somebody with experience, 40% somebody outside the existing establishment. why she received the presm is is beyond me. she should describe what she would do. but instead she received the premise and tried to say, i am an outsider. she is running against her principle opponent has been in elective office since 1981, bernie sanders. if you look at joe biden, he was elected to office in 1972. it'it's an odd response to it. i would have gone a different direction in opening the question. but even moral disturbing were
6:36 am
the by zair if fits of laughter which seems incredibly forced and inyou forceforced and inaut. martha: she is moving you have a bit in the polls. let's look at the republican side. this is the first derek that we have post- -- this is the first take we have post-debate. carly fiorina is up to 15%. trump, his numbers have backed off a little bit. i want to get your take on whether we are starting to see a change in dynamic. >> let's compare the cnn poll you talked about to the last cnn poll. this is one poll, and we have to be careful about putting too
6:37 am
much into one poll. but donald trump in the course of a week loses state points. carly fiorina gains 12. ben carson loses 5. one out of every four people supports him. other winner was marco rubio who went from 3 to 11. everybody else staved the same or lost answer were lower. 5 points or lower. these are essentially the 6 people who benefited or held their known the debate. carly fiorina and also marco rubio which says something. everybody thought marco rubio had a good first debate. but everybody thought carly fiorina had a first good debate though she was in the junior debate with only a quarter of the viewers. both of them benefited. this may be a sign that in this
6:38 am
election cumulative impressions matter. what matters is not just one episode. what helped carly fiorina is she had done well in the first debate and she built on it. martha: i want top get one quick thought from you on bush and christy. the talk after the debate was they did a good job and it made no difference. >> i think they did do a good job. >> martha: but they have got to be disappointed when they look at those number ofs. >> they would like to have numbers showing them you have but at least they don't show what the rest of the field is show where they go down. if i were them i would be happy that it wasn't going down. before you can start to go up, you have got to stabilize. once you get up there you will
6:39 am
get hit harder. she got grilled by chris wall as about hiewf let packard on "fox news sunday." bill: waves of refugees arriving in europe. benjamin hall in greece. benjamin? >> reporter: we have witnessed some tragic scenes on this island that has become a symbol of the depravity in theing are crisis in europe. each of the boats that have come aboard are flimsy boats with 30 people on them. about 4.5 thousand people come over on a busy day. this is the closest point to turkey.
6:40 am
it's 6 miles. on the other side, smugglers are willing to take people actor a fee of $1,500. they get given a boat and engine and that's all. they are sent on their way and yet they keep on coming. desperate refugees have come across from turkey. we are seeing here about 20, 30 people also pleased to have reached the promised land that is europe. they have braved these waters. they traveled dangerous waters to get here. many have died during this crossing. two days ago 24 died. before that 36. the numbers go on. this island is a beacon of hope for so many. behind them lies syria and the
6:41 am
barrel bombs and beheading. but ahead of them, there is a europe in chaos that for the most part doesn't want them to o be here. bill: benjamin. thank you. 20 minute before the hour. week two in the nfl action. dallas already with dez bryant. tony romo down and out. broke his collar bone. out 8-10 weeks. says he will be back. a 42-yard touchdown, cowboys win it 20-10 on the road. packers hosting the seahawks. packers running-back goes down early. sprained his angle. he left the game. but aaron rodgers says relax, i have got this.
6:42 am
that's a trike to james jones for a touchdown. later packers down 17-16. rogers hit tight end richard rogers. no relation. packers win the rematch 27-17. mccallum, as you last remember, losing the super bowl in arizona on final play of the game that started this season. 0-2. martha: they will never forget that play. i in the you didn't mention the patriots and the jets play tonight so we are looking forward to that. bill: bangles are 2-0. just saying. martha: they are off to a good start. coming up we have a story as a shooting happens during sunday services. three people hospitalized after a gunman opens fire in a house of warship. new details on this story.
6:43 am
bill: what is he vladimir putin sending troops into syria. why you continue thinks he can do this without a reaction from the youth? here is senator marco rubio with his take on what's happening now. >> i'm confident if given a choice between american leadership and putin leadership they will choose american leadership. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure,
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bill: the russian leader vladimir putin putting boots on the ground in syria. candidate donald trump says our policy is a mess. >> we are fighting isis and isis is fighting assad. assad is probably saying isn't that nice the americans come in and they are taking care of our enemies. we have people who don't know what they are doing.
6:47 am
we are fighting isis and isis is fighting us instead of fighting assad. we are the best thing that ever happened to assad. bill: if your head is spinning, his point about we are the best thing that ever happened to assad. kt macfarland, cut through it. >> he's got a crumbling economy and it won't get better until oil prices go up. he needs a win pat home in time he will be in trouble. and he has an islamic extremist problem on his border. he need to stand up and fight and get them in the middle east because on thered weiss they are coming to russia to threaten. this is his opportunity to win the super bowl, have grand slam all at once. the youth is leaving the middle east. putin is moving in.
6:48 am
it's a big bet that he can take on is were but if he does, if he can defeat the islamic state, who are his allies? iran, iraq, syria, the saudis, the egyptians and the saudis. you have to look at that and say americacouldn't do it. whose side are we on. putin will be in control after region they have tried to get in control of for 300 years. what's in that region? oil. it's where all the the exported oil shipped out. russian oil and middle east oil. bill: he's running a big bet and he can change things geopolitically. >> overnight. >> they see this lack of clear plan and strategy with regard to what to do with al-assad? syria. if i were president we would fill that vacuum.
6:49 am
bill: rubio and trump will weigh in on this. >> the whole point of the president leading from hint lab strategy. the chickens have come home to roost, to quote his favorite minister. nobody is watching waiting for his orders. leading in the from behind means being left behind. bill: i see ascenario where you have the united states fighting from the air in the the same country. now you have russian troops on the ground in the same country. this could potentially get messy. >> have you heard the word deconflicting. that's what the administration is saying. we want to work with the russians because we want to deconflict the russians. we don't want to shoot at the russians. it's such a mess in the middle east. it looks like putin has taken the whiney kid on the playground
6:50 am
and is pushing him around. what's obama's excuse? my credit is made me do it, i didn't think it was going to work. bill: general dempsey called the war a stalemate. if that's the case. vladimir putin has come to asaad's side to make sure he wins this war. that's what's happening. much more to come. martha: on the eve of the pope's historic trip to the united states, there are reports the white house is seeking pope francis' help in freeing american prisoners being held in iran. we'll speak to brit hume about that and much more coming up. a big night in hollywood. the madman finally got his due. we'll have the highlights including the surprise return of one of television's own. >> only recently i started to
6:51 am
feel like myself again which means a whole lot of pregnant are going to get pregnant at the after-party.
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>> ""game of thrones"." martha: big fans of "game of thrones." the hbo fantasy series fighting its way to 12 award in single season, including best drama, beating out west wing. they won 9 awards in 2000.
6:55 am
"madman" start john ham, look how he got on stage. his role as don drairp is one of th --don draper. he went the straight way instead of going up the stairs. he made an emotional speech as did viola davis who made history, becoming the first african-american actress to claim top honors for acting in a series. and it was a big night for tracy morgan. >> i miss you guys so much. last year jimmy kimmel said we'll see you back here next year, tracy morgan. well, jimmy, thanks to my amazing doctors and the support of my family, my beautiful new wife, i'm here.
6:56 am
martha: it's been a long road for tracy morgan. he has experiments the last year recovering from head trauma and a broken leg suffered in a serious car zernt. >> donald trump is running for president to the delight of uncles everywhere. but i have got to say, sure, donald trump seems racist. what else? >> what a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight. oh, wait. no, i'm so sorry. donald trump said that. i'm sorry. bill: you knew of that was coming. great for tracy morgan. he's going to host "snl." a brand-new whom after the
6:57 am
debate showing donald trump losing grounds, carly fiorina on the rise. brit hume on what's next inside the campaign. >> now more people know who i am and we know based on what happened before this debate that as people domino me and understand how many and what i have done and what i will do, they tend t -- support me. daughter gave was beautiful. i just feel bad knowing they struggled to pay for the funeral, especially without life insurance. i wish they would've let us help. about what? well, that i could leave you in the same situation. i don't have life insurance, either. if something were to happen to me tomorrow, how are you pay for my funeral? or my other bills? nothing's gonna happen to you tomorrow.
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dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. martha: back with this fox news alert. pope francis right now touring revolution plaza in holguin, cuba. thousands of people gathering for a mass coming up later this hour. people are waving and cheering as he is along the route in the city outside of havana where he was earlier on this trip. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. this is the last leg on the visit to the communist country. he will head to the united states when he concludes this visit a bit later today. he will be in the u.s. then. >> where he will meet with the president later during this week. he will reportedly seek pope francis's help in freeing
7:01 am
the americans who are being held hostage in tehran. brit hume joins us now. fox news senior political analyst. brit, good morning. good to have you here this morning. >> thank you, martha. martha: we're looking at these pictures. we saw the images over the weekend of the pope with fidel castro. what are your thoughts on the political impact potentially of this pope? >> well this visit to cuba in particular raises an old question which has never been really satisfactorily answered does a visit after world leader like the pope to a tyrannical regime like cuba confer legitimacy on that regime? or does it, to actually serve as disruptive force? obviously communist regime is at least barely tolerant, if tolerant at all of christianity. here you have, you know the world's leader of the world's
7:02 am
largest christian faith, or at least, certainly in that region of the world, visiting with his pastoral message. is that inherently disruptive to a communist regime? we won't know the answer to that for some time if we ever fully grasp it. that is always the tension here. you see this plays out in the things like the state visit from the chinese leader that is coming to washington later this week. china engages in all sorts of what we in this country and much of the world consider illegitimate practices. here he is honored with a state visit. what is the effect of that? that is what we're looking at here, martha. martha: it is fascinating. think back to pope john paul ii and his visit to poland where he kissed the ground when he returned to his open country. the impact he was able to have on the fall of communism in that part of the world. two different popes we're learning so much about pope
7:03 am
francis at this point. but he clearly not one who wants to sit back not have a say, not have involvement in these huge issues of our time. >> of course. it has rendered him controversial among conservatives in this country and elsewhere perhaps because his views on income inequality and the environment have suggested to people that he does not fully grasp the extent of the benefits to the poor and to others that are conferred by the capitalist system of which he seems to carry a suspicion. martha: yeah. >> and that is obviously alarming to americans who believe firmly that capitalism is the way to go. that system has done more for the world's poor than any other system that has ever been tried. martha: george will has a pretty scathing piece about that in this morning's "new york post." >> yeah he does. martha: talks about the benefits of capitalism in world. what about this notion, the story this morning that the white house would like the pope to engage in their efforts to
7:04 am
free the hostages from iran, three of whom we have pictured on the screen, or maybe we have all four of them that we can put up. this is long fight. a lot of people, brit, felt like this should have been part of the deal in the first place. >> certainly a lot of people thought it should have been a prelude to or at least a part of the outcome of the nuclear deal. what iran is doing here is clearly illegitimate. but the question whether these muslim leaders in tehran are interested or influenced to any extent by the pope? look the pope is popular. the pope, he is a very large figure on the world stage. and he carries with him a certain moral authority. there is no question about that. that is true of almost any pope. and i think that, you know, perhaps there would be some influence there but i wouldn't be counting on it if the obama administration thinks that will do the tricky think they they probably wrong. martha: i want to put up a poll and draw your attention to the latest numbers.
7:05 am
everybody was waiting to see if there was impact from the last debate. this is ccnn. decline for trump and increase for carly fiorina and nice move for marco rubio. a little bit of a pull back for carson. bush got nothing out of it. he is at the same point at 9%. what is your takeaway, brit? >> remember, martha, i think it's true, trump may have, may be leveling off. fiorina, got as much of a bum from the reviews of the debate than the debate itself. she was forceful and strong and saw a lot more of her than any in the audience ever had seen before. she rose a bit. not clear to me hough trump declined. look at size of margin of error. relatively small sample for national poll, 444 voters. you know, this will be all need to be confirmed by further polling which we will soon have
7:06 am
i'm sure, more than we can probably digest. looks like there is some movement in the race. i would suggest it tells you that trump may be leveling off. fiorina is rising. marco rubio has done himself good. marco rubio looks in the poll in part because is is so acceptable for many people who he he is not the first choice. figure some of these people will be gone in the race now because they won't be able to carry on, that with low poll numbers he may be the person who will inherit the support of those who drop out in the coming future. so, it is good news for him certainly. good news for fiorina. not such good news for ben carson. although he still has a strong following. >> interesting to watch the jeb bush and marco rubio florida story as it continues to emerge here as well. brit, thank you so much. see you next time. >> thanks, martha. bill: breaking news here. two americans held hostage are now free after being released from the country of yemen. the u.s. thanking that
7:07 am
government of oman negotiating their release. a third american still being held. it is not clear who is holding him captive. national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. what is next for the americans who are tasting freedom, jennifer. >> reporter: well, bill they should be heading home soon. they arrived in the capital oman with four other hostages held by iranian-backed hugery rebels. three saudis and british citizen were released. sam feran in plaid shirt and scott darden were working on ground delivering aid when the government fell. his wife who works in dearborn heights, michigan, spoke to local station but did not want her face shown on camera. >> very, very relieved and thrilled it is all over and thank god we are over this ordeal. we can go on with our life. i can't wait for him to come home. >> reporter: feran, a father of four and grandfather was helping
7:08 am
to deliver humanitarian aid when he was captured. he reached out to darden did, a former marine to get help escaping yemen in the chaos after the u.s. embassy pulled out. both were then taken hostage, bill. bill: jennifer, how long were they held in yemen? >> reporter: they have been held, bill, since march. the houthis grabbed them at that time. the u.s. embassy evacuated all of it is personnel, you remember, in february after the houthis took over. it was a chaotic exit. the marines at the embassy had to turn over their weapons before boarding a commercial flight as they fled the capital. over the weekend secretary of state john kerry thanked the oman government. quote, i want to express my appreciation to all involved in producing this outcome, especially the government of oman. bill? bill: jennifer griffin thank you. we'll wait on the fate of the next ones still being held. from the pentagon, martha. martha: what everyone is talking about this morning dr. ben carson taking some heat for his answer whether in hypothetical race he could
7:09 am
support a muslim for president? >> do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. martha: hot topic, on the sunday shows. but were the questions fair? bill: hillary clinton defending herself in the email controversy saying she is being as transparent as anyone. our political panel will debate that in moment. martha: one suspect behind bars in the phoenix freeway shootings but police are still getting reports of vehicles being struck. so are there others out there shooting? >> all i have to say i'm the wrong guy. i tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in a pawn shop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a weapon.
7:10 am
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♪ martha: so a question of faith, a question of who should be president in the white house and whether there's a concern about faith. hypothetical questions, being discussed on sunday shows. dr. ben carson is now under fire this morning for saying he would not support a electing a muslim to be president of the united states. but some say that the question was a little unfair. listen and see what you think. >> should a president's faith matter? should your faith matter to voters? >> i guess it depend on what that faith is. if it is inconsistent with the
7:14 am
values and principles of america, then of course it should matter. but, if it fits within the realm of america and consistent with the constitution, no problem. >> so do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. martha: joining us now, new york congressman peter king, homeland security committee member. congressman, welcome. good to have you here this morning. >> thank you, martha. martha: what you do you think of the question, and what do you think of answer? >> first of all i think the question could have been better. i have great respect for dr. ben carson. but i believe a muslim has every right to be president and become president. someone like saudi jasser, his beliefs, his type of islam would be more than qualified as president of the united states. if they believe in radical form
7:15 am
of islam, no. as far as just because a person is muslim, one of our best allies in the world is king abdullah of jordan. he is 110% muslim. ben carson, if you believe in islamic extremism, if you believe in the type of islam which believes in jihad you should not be president. but there are many, many good muslims in country. i've been critical of the muslim community but i know there are many, many good muslims. martha: lindsey graham one of those who came out in support talking about members of the military who practice the muslim faith who are patriotic in their service for the country. here are couple more of those running for republican nomination. their response. >> that is such a hypothetical question. the answer is, you know, at the end of the day you have to go through the rigors and people will look at everything, but i, for me the most important thing about being president is you have leadership skills. >> i mean it wasn't people from sweden that blew up the world trade center, jake.
7:16 am
if you have extreme isthmus limbs that are in a class by themselves. i mean they are, it is a problem in this country and it's a problem throughout the world. martha: what do you think of answers there. >> to me the they're ducking issue. no one doubts that terrorism is coming from the muslim community. again we have to find and, they're there, solid muslim leaders. here in new york, nypd, some of the most dangerous jobs by the cops are being done by muslims. working in the police department. work undercover, who just do a tremendous job. true also in the fbi and so listen, again i'm probably last person people thought would be saying this because i so critical of the community itself but i also know how many good, strong leaders. i use zuhdi jasser as the person with his beliefs would have qualifications to be president. martha: serve the country. >> on behalf of the military are. martha: his faith which he is ardent about and on behalf of his own patriotism. >> right. martha: in this country. but i think, you know, when
7:17 am
asked if the question is fair, why are we talking about this frankly? there is not a muslim running for president of the united states right now. here we are, sort of in this corner. do, republicans do conservatives need to do better job of expressing who it is that they're truly concerned about? because it appears to me that is the corner that they tried to paint ben carson into here. he probably didn't handle it well. he is new to the politics business. he speaks from the heart. maybe he should have been much more clear about his answer? >> i think ben carson is too much after gentleman. he is not like me. should have thrown the question back at chuck todd. there is no muslim running that is a trick question. the fact anyone who is qualified should run. depends what their beliefs are. if it is radical muslim, no. if a muslim believes in america, yes. martha: what about his point sharia law is not consistent with the constitution? >> not every muslim believes sharia law should be imposed in the u.s. some of the strong muslim lead remembers against that. go to saudi jasser, i meet with
7:18 am
sing abdullah on the committee. no one is more opposed to radical islam than king abdullah. we're isolating muslim community. we should be trying to find elements in the community that would work with us. they are there. they have been silenced like kiar or other radical groups. don't let care tarnish the whole community. we are giving bad guys more tanks than they deserve. martha: you have to make sure about the difference. that has to be clear. >> ben carson has to get used to pushing back on these guys. don't be a nice guy. martha: he says it is okay to be nice. >> heart, that thank you. martha: always good to see you. bill? >> two people's suspected involvement in the "baby doe" death in boston. michael mccarthy is charged with killing the girl. his live in had girlfriend
7:19 am
charged as accessory. the girl was two years old found washed up on a beach. mccarthy is held in $2 million bond. someone in the courtroom yelled you are going to hell. mccarthy led away silent as we watch it here. 19 past the hour, american soldiers accused desertion, misbehavior with the enemy. bowe bergdahl back in court. what do we expect from the military hearing as we move forward. that is next on deck. martha: a search is underway for a woman who went over the edge of niagra falls. the entire tragic incident captured on camera. >> somebody just happened to be taking video of the falls, unfortunately captured it. they turned it over to the police. to take care of my heart. that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar.
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martha: it is day three in the
7:23 am
search for a woman who fell over the edge into niagra falls. new york and canadian police saying someone recording video captured the moment of that incident. that footage and witness interviews led investigators to believe the fall was, quote, intentional. the woman was last seen on saturday evening. it is a 180-foot drop into the falls. water temperatures this time of year are in the upper 60s. bill: that military hearing for army sergeant bowe bergdahl resuming today. last week, you might remember, men who served alongside him described bergdahl as disillusioned and self-deluded. they feel he was captured because he left his post to make a point to commanding officers. bergdahl released in controversial prisoner swap for five high-ranking taliban detainees last year. meanwhile the lead army investigator in the case, says prison may not be the right place for bergdahl. judge andrew napolitano, our
7:24 am
fox news senior judicial analyst back with us today. good morning to you, judge. >> hey, bill. bill: you said the testimony was painful and gut-wrenching? >> yes, because the testimony revealed the physical abuse to him, at the hands of his captors. the testimony also revealed, bill, a very, very, how can i say this gently, twisted mind of a troubled young man. i'm not excusing or justifying his behavior but i am saying that the jury will have to take into account his mental status. he honestly believed, i will tell you where this is coming from. that by leaving for a day or two, he never expected to be away for four years, he could reach his commanders and tell them how poorly the war was being fought. now any private, who thinks by running to the enemy, a general will talk to you and listen to your advice on fighting the war obviously is delusional. who told this to the court? the general who interrogated him
7:25 am
for two days, recounted to the judge in this preliminary hearing, what sergeant bergdahl told this general and the general believes that sergeant bergdahl honestly believed this. bill: really? >> yes. bill: he had outsized impressions apparently of his own capabilities. >> yes, yes. bill: he did not testify. >> correct, some people thought he would. did you? >> i thought he would testify but his lawyer, very, very shrewdly did something i have never seen. my experience with military prosecutions is limited. it is not as to the extent of my experience with the civilian criminal prosecutions. you have two people debelieve him. you had a pentagon civilian debrief him half of a day. then you had a prosecuting general debrief him for two days. both of these people, the civilian pentagon official and the prosecuting general testified for the defense, not for the prosecution in this hearing. both of them got bergdahl's
7:26 am
version out, without bergdahl being on the witness stand. that is very astute of his lawyer to do that because if he puts, puts bergdahl on witness stand then the prosecutors get to cross-examine him. instead he put people to whom bergdahl spoke, high-ranking pentagon civilian and general dahl, who were investigating. bill: you could prove easily he deserted, right? >> yes. bill: he left post. >> yes. the question was it a one-day desertion he planned or was it aiding the enemy as it turned out to be. the government has to show intent. how do you show intent with a person delusional. bill: how do you think about the jail time, no jail time. >> unusual for the pentagon official and general say whatever you do don't put him in jail. he is too fragile about. i never heard this come out of the mouth after commanding general. bill: even today they're saying that? >> yes. bill: thank you, judge. andrew napolitano. >> you're welcome.
7:27 am
bill: martha. martha: presidential candidate carly fiorina surging in the polls following the second republican debate. fox news went behind the scenes with her campaign as she works to introduce herself to voters. up close with carly fiorina, next. bill: meanwhile her rise being greeted with more one-of-a-kind criticism from the republican frontrunner. donald trump is still in first place. >> she has got a good pitter-patter. if you listen to her more than five minutes straight you get a headache. so i am not concerned with carlye. -- carly.
7:28 am
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when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! bill: in a moment pope francis about to hold mass. hoe -- hogue gin, rich solution plaza. that is where he arrives today. great sound from the background here. thousands in historic event. met with former cuban president
7:31 am
fidel cast very and current president and brother raul in havana yesterday. later tonight he heads to santiago before flying to the united states tomorrow as we trace the pontiff's trail on this monday morning. martha: back to politics now for a moment as republican presidential candidate carly fiorina rides new momentum follower her big debate performance at the last round. john roberts spent time with her on the campaign trail in michigan and south carolina. he joins us live from charleston. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning to you, martha. carly fiorina will come here to south carolina for a couple of days with new polls showing her with a huge post-debate bounce from 3% to 15%, behind donald trump. she was basking in the spotlight of this newfound popularity. >> carly. carly. >> reporter: in what amounts to the political blink of an eye, carly fiorina has become the new
7:32 am
darling of the republican party. >> thank you. i will. >> reporter: what is different since the first debate or before the first debate? in terms of number of people who are coming out? >> well the difference in number of people is huge. imless after curiosity, oh, that is the woman who is running for president. >> reporter: in the town center of mackinaw island, michigan, fee reason was mobbed. fans who watched her debate performance at reagan library angling for a chance to say they saw her, they spoke to her, they touched her. when you walked off the debate stage at the reagan library, what was going through your mind? >> well at very practical level what was going through my mind i want to get off the stage now and want to get out of these shoes and i don't want to answer a single question until tomorrow morning. >> reporter: her rise among the 2016 candidates would appear meteoric but the road to get
7:33 am
here was long and difficult. in 2010 she badly lost a bid for u.s. senate in california, spending much of the campaign battling breast cancer. on the way to big heritage action event in greenville, south carolina, friday, she told me that fight gave her to courage to shoot for the highest office in the land. >> when you face, a life-threatening, or a tragic situation, you lose a lot of fear. and so, the things that might have caused you to be afraid about something, i'm not afraid. i'm really not afraid. >> reporter: does anything scare you? >> not really. [applause] >> reporter: how do you feel when you come in here about to give a speech? palpitations? >> not palpitations. i feel focused. i feel excited. >> reporter: before the event i had dinner with fiorina and traveling staff including campaign manager frank sadler,
7:34 am
who fiorina describes as winnie the pooh character. he also seems worried about something. >> he is eeyore. eeyore is always worried. >> reporter: misinterpreted as stern or cold in public, fiorina smiles plenty, even laughs. with now polls showing her leading the pack, eeyore and rest of the team may have whole new series of worries to contend with. a lot of people will say unkind things. >> won't be the first time. i led hewlett-packard during a very difficult time and many people said unkind things. i've battled cancer. i bury ad child. when you go through things like that. you really have perspective. >> reporter: it was the death of fiorina's stepdaughter that provide one of the more poignant moments of last week's debate. lori fiorina died in 2009 after years of drug and colorado addiction. and as he told me about poem laurie wrote to here, fiorina
7:35 am
showed a sign of the public hasn't likely seen before. >> it says basically, i don't tell you enough i love you. and, that is the thing, you know uh, when you lose someone, you realize you never say it enough. >> reporter: it is perspective that keeps fiorina grounded through the inevitable highs and lows of the campaign. compliments and criticism. the adulation and insults. >> life is not measured in time. it is not measured in success or going through all these things we think it is measured in. it is measured in love and moments of grace and positive
7:36 am
contributions. >> reporter: we'll get to see more of the different sides of carly fiorina in the next couple of days. today she will be appearing on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. tomorrow she will be here in charleston to truck foreign policy and national security at a deep level with cadets at the citadel. martha: john, thank you very much. very interesting. bill: trump responding over the weekend in classic trump style. david good friend, former staff secretary to president clinton and deneen borelli, correspondent for the political review. good morning to you. trump says she has bad business record. trump says she is bad on the stomach. this is what he said on abc. >> i mean she has been terrible. you know she has a good pitter-patter but if you listen to her more than five minutes straight you get a headache. so i am not concerned with carly. bill: hmmm. deneen, start. should he be concerned about the movement of miss fiorina? >> i think trump should be
7:37 am
concerned about all of the candidates. listen, this is a marathon, bill. former high school track star, i know what it is like to hear the footsteps of your competitor closing in on you. but what happened with the debate, this is just my analysis and not endorsement i think carly did a great job. she is a great communicator. what she was able to do, bill, separate herself from the pack because of such a big field. so now she is standing out. because she is standing out, there will be more criticism against her. bill: indeed. david, should he be worried? >> yes. but there is more to it than just the rise of carly fiorina. i mean if anything, these latest polls show just how fluid the race really is and that even hep hasn't necessarily consolidated a solid base of support. when you see poll movements that drastic. it says to me we're still very early in the game. that there is not a high degree of commitment among people that expressed support for one candidate and another.
7:38 am
really only date that that will matter are what happens at the polls essentially, when people have to make a decision in a polling booth, is that going to determine that donald trump is still the frontrunner. time will tell. bill: nobody has cast a vote yet. let's move to hillary clinton. did you see the interview with her on cbs? this is one-on-one. it was a live interview sunday morning, first one i think she has done in four years, i do believe, david. >> right. bill: here is the question about the emails. the emails now. watch. >> i should have used two separate email accounts, one personal, one work-related. what i did was allowed. it was fully aboveboard. people in the government certainly knew i was using personal email but i tried to be transparent. >> failure in judgment on your part? >> look, it was permitted, it was allowed. i did it. i think that you know, people can make their own judgments about that but i have tried to be as transparent as i can. bill: it was about the email, all right? not the server, deneen. and the follow-up should have
7:39 am
been about the server. and she has yet to get that question. >> this is reminder to me of what is is. you have hillary clinton now redefining what the word transparent sy means. i don't think she even knows, bill. she had classified information on unsecured devices in an unsecured server. she wasn't an office secretary. she was secretary of the united states and this to me is really big problem. bill: david, why not ask about the, well it is going to come up, right? there is debate in 2 1/2 weeks. >> right. there will be a hearing where she testifies in person and we're going to hear again and again, yes, i'm sorry, i shouldn't have done this but here are the facts. you can look through as much as you want including server itself which is being examined. here is my prediction. i will skip to the end of the line here. bill: go. >> you will hear a lot about it, certain point i experienced with the clintons, over and over again. american people say okay, you
7:40 am
smacked them around, now what? >> not this time. >> you can wish it all the time. >> not my wish, what i am hearing from americans of this dynasty. tired of lies. >> here is the reason -- >> let me finish please. the reason why the republicans like to talk about, so they don't have to talk about education, wages all the things where she beats them in polls. >> you guys don't want to talk about. >> you're talking about it. >> you're talking about it. the fact the of the matter is -- >> is it my turn? bill: one at a time. >> so i applaud your commitment to this but here are the facts okay? when the polls are taken over and over again, despite movement that you see and there has been plenty, when hillary clinton is in a match up against any one of the republicans in nationwide polls she still wins. so, i can talk about this all i want but i would love to talk to you about wage stagnation. education policy all the things you don't want to talk about. bill: obviously trustworthiness, knows numbers are, they're on
7:41 am
the floor for now. let's see how we progress here, when she does more interviews. certainly when the debate rolls around in mid-october, server, david. thank you. deneen thank you. more to come. have breaking news. martha: sure do. emergency crews are responding to a home explosion in wax is a hatch chee, texas, just south of dallas. this home is blown to smithereens. there is tragic scene. three patients in total. two went by air, to parkland for medical attention. 10 homes were damaged that are nearby the one that exploded, but what happened here is a huge question this morning. more on this as we get it. the call came in about 8:15 this morning, central time. that home is destroyed. after a big explosion earlier today. bill: like tornado ripped through. martha: incredible. bill: in a moment disturbing
7:42 am
reports by abuse of our ally at military bases in afghanistan. american soldiers told not to intervene. why would that be. what happened? we'll look into that. martha: awful. a new twist in the investigation of a string of shootings along a major freeway. officials maersk an arrest but are they right about this man? is there another shooter potentially still out there? >> whoever said i am the i-10 shooter is [bleep]ing moron. have a good night.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ martha: learning more about this now as shocking new reports come in on marines serving in afghanistan being told to look the other way while afghan commanders sexually abuse boys who are brought to their bases. former special forces captain telling "the new york times," quote, the reason we are here is because we heard the terrible things that the taliban was doing to people. how they were taking away human
7:46 am
rights. but we were putting people into power who would do things that were worse than the taliban did. huge, emotional conflict in an awful situation for him. and i'm joinedy pete hegseth, ceo of concerned veterans for america and fox news contributor. pete, good morning. this is a very, tough, tough story and which reported it earlier on dan quinn, who believes that part of the reasons that he was removed from the special forces was because he had information that one of the trained afghan commanders had been abusing a boy who was chained to a bed. and that when he confronted this individual, he hit him, because of his anger about what he knew was going on. he believes that is part of the reason that he has been, that he had been disciplined himself. i mean, it is a awful, awful story. your thoughts what is going on here? >> absolutely. there is another first sergeant
7:47 am
who is currently likely being pushed out for the same reasons. they confronted an afghan commander who was mow lessing little boys. this is very common practice unfortunately in afghanistan. cut ral castism between america and there couldn't be wider. there was commander in our base who had boys with him, mult of them. we never had direct evidence of him sexually assaulting them. there was aura of uncertainty, squeeze syness, what are they doing there? why are young effeminate looking boys. it didn't feel right. because of our mission there to work with the afghans and partner with them, it wasn't necessarily our job to dive in to investigate every aspect of that relationship. had we had direct evidence, visual, we wobbly would have attempted to step in. it is clear military justice system is not all that interest in troops stepping. impossible scenario for these guys at the front lines who are trying to partner but seeing egregious things being done to young boys and can't step in.
7:48 am
martha: horrible. this is from gregory buckley, sr., father after marine killed while he was working out. he was wearing shorts and tank top at time, working out and a young person walked in and shot him, point-blank. and his father says, that he told him, at night we can hear them screaming but we're not allowed to do anything about it. and father goes on to say, my son said his officers told him to look the other way because it is their culture. i mean, you know, what do you think of this? war is an ugly situation, and obviously in this case we're dealing with people who are just medieval in their behavior. >> it is. martha: just appalling. >> it is biblical times many cases with ak-47s and cell phones. reality in this particular case someone alerted these marines to the terrible things this commander had done who kept the boys. nothing was done about it. this marine was killed. they're in the middle of a lawsuit. you want to believe, we're there
7:49 am
for the right reasons. you want to believe those we're partnering with have best of intentions. sometimes they exploit their new elevated status to have the at population including young girls and mostly young boys, chai boys. a practice no one condones on american side but in trying to forge partnerships and allegiance, often times we step back to say, well it is just their culture. what can we do about it? we would be spending all the time investigating in these relationships if we were not fighting taliban at the same time. it is really, really hard. martha: this is quote from the american spokesman in afghanistan. generally allegations of child abuse by afghan or police military personnel would be afghan civilian law. there is no express requirement that u.s. military personnel in afghanistan report it. but, it becomes, even more complicated in the case of martland, he feels he was kicked out of his own u.s. military, special forces position because
7:50 am
he stepped in and reprimand ad person who was doing this. that is a tough one to figure out. >> that is, it shouldn't be that way. that is absolutely wrong. the american soldiers who step in should be, should be lauded for it. should be given award for it. rather than kicked out. as far as the afghan judicial system is concerned, problem it really doesn't exist within a lot of these military units. reporting to afghan civilian justice system means commanders will act with impunity. i know soldiers and marines step in. they have evidence of times when they have done it in the past and they lecture about human rights, about dignity. but there is a sick culture there within the afghan society where these things are just sort of understood. it is a sexual repression that leads men and young boys, much like in the prisons. it is horrible. it shouldn't prevent us from fighting taliban. that is the problem. martha: stark reminder how very, very different things are in some of these places.
7:51 am
>> backwards. martha: pete, thank you very much. we've got to go. >> thank you, martha. bill: in a moment here, the contract that the beatles signed in 1961 just sold to the highest bidder. how much would you pay for a piece of music history? the
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7:54 am
bill: new developments out of arizona. phoenix highway shootings. more bullets hitting cars. police have suspect but investigation is far from over. william la jeunesse in the west coast newsroom. what happened over the weekend, william? >> reporter: police arrest ad suspect on friday but motorists continue to report possible shootings and shattered windows. those could be rocks kicked up from the roadway, not bullets. nevertheless $50,000 reward still stands. here is what is most interesting. how the police caught suspects,
7:55 am
leslie allan mayer rid. she retrieved slugs. went to pawn shops, confiscated any weapons that matched make and caliber. shot the guns and matched bullet. >> we know he is related to the first four shootings due the weapon he owned being involved in those shootings. he is is forensically linked to the weapons involved in those first four shoots. >> reporter: merit rid faces with million dollars bond. they don't have any witnesses or videos. bill: is that what merritt and his family argued that he couldn't have possibly done that because of that? >> reporter: he claims he pawned gun before the shootings and couldn't commit the crime so he didn't have the weapon. >> all i say i'm the wrong guy. i tried telling detectives that. my gun has been in the pawn shop last go months. i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> reporter: merritt's father, fiance and friends adamantly support him, saying cops rushed to judgment to appease the
7:56 am
public. >> leslie is not like that. leslie has a big heart. he would not do this. especially working hard to support his two kids. >> whoever the said he is i-10 shooter is [bleep]ing moron. have a food night. >> reporter: landscaper. bottom line, the investigation continues. bill: william la jeunesse of live in california in the west coast newsroom. martha? martha: a bit of a shake-up in the republican presidential race. carly fiorina closing in on frontrunner donald trump. brand new polls out this morning.ou bret baier weighs in on that and what it means for the candidates. with online games by the top minds in brain science. find more real possibilities at
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for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. martha: terrible news for the fox family over the weekend, and we want to extend our deepest condolences to our dear friend and fox news contributor mary katherine hamm, her husband was killed in a tragic bike accident over the weekend. he was only 34 years old. they have a 2-year-old daughter, georgia, and another baby on the
8:00 am
way. and we send every prayer and thought to mary katherine and her family. they have a go fund page that has been set up by friends and supporters to support the education of their children, and we just -- our heart's breaking for you, mary katherine, and we wish you well. bill: unimaginable. and the fox family will be here for her forever. it's monday. enjoy the rest of your afternoon. martha: thanks for being here, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ jenna: and we start off this monday with some brand new polling in the race for the white house with interesting changes for both parties' front runners. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. as donald trump takes a hit in the latest poll, hillary clinton's lead grows now 18 points ahead of her closest competitor, senator bernie sanders, among democratic primary voters.


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