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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 21, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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sieve.5 is a big earthquake. we'll keep you posted. >> frightening stuff. thank you for joining us today. >> "the real story with gretchen" starts now. we kick it off with a major jolt in the race for president. first polls since of the last republican debate shows a big shake-up on the campaign trail. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. happy monday. this is "the real story." controversial comments about muslims exploding now. both dr. ben carson and donald trump pacing fire over the role of muslims in america. and real movement as the candidates watch their poll numbers surge, sag or slide. meantime on the campaign trail jeb bush appearing today in texas and then iowa. marco rubio is in georgia. hillary clinton whipping through louisiana and arkansas after insisting over the weekend she is a political outsider. senior political adviser mark emanuel is wrap it it up for us. what is the state of the gop race and what did dr. carson
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say? >> the latest poll show all political outsiders leading the political race. donald trump is still the leader but has dropped eight points to 24% support. carly fiorina raz has rocketed to second place after the cnn debate with 15%. dr. ben carson has slipped to third with 14%. senator marco rubio after what was widely seen as a solid debate performance is fourth at 11% and jeb bush rounds out the top five at 9%. as for carson on "meet the press," he was asked should a president's faith matter and should it matter to voters? >> if it fits within the realm of america and consistent with the constitution, no problem. >> do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> the other headline out of
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this new poll is scott walker's campaign has essentially collapsed. now with less than 1% support. gretchen? >> wow. okay, the white house reacting to all of this today. what did she say? >> well, here's the sample of some of their reaction, including that new reaction from the white house. >> i think that the bigger concern and i think frankly the most relevant issue here is the frequency with which significant influential players in republican politics continue to countenance these views as they build political support. and that has consequences. >> texas senator ted cruz out on the campaign trail says the constitution provides that there should be no religious test for public office, and he's a constitutionalist. it is too early to say what the impact might be on dr. carson's campaign. gretchen? >> mike emanuel, thank you. time for our 2016 when we look at who's up and who's down in
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the race for the white house. fox news digital politics editor joins me now as he does every monday. chris, let's get right to your new power index. you have jeb bush, ted cruz, and donald trump all holding steady at one, two, and three. explain, sir. >> so the deal is this. the way to think about the race is you've got jeb bush who is the establishment favorite. now, he might lose to marco rubio, let's say. he might lose to john kasich from ohio. there's somebody who might beat him in that round. and that's entirely possible. so the way to think about it is, though, right now you have jeb bush, a front-runner for the establishment, and you've got who is the person most likely to face him when we look ahead to march when this is all really going to shake out. right now you have to like ted cruz's place in the field. he's raised a ton of money, raised a diligent effort. he's been out talking to the folks. he may not be ahead of donald trump in the polls today but you have to like his position.
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you don't. i do like his position. >> it's kind of like three bowling alleys kind of running parallel. they not less are not necessarily going up against one another. >> not yet. >> very important. let's good to your next graphic of the you have carly fiorina moving up to number four, marco to number five, ben carson down one spot to number six. is this all because of debate performances? >> well, the power index, to be fair, has been bullish on carly fiorina's chances for a long time. yes, she had a great performance at the debate. now the question is, can she turn it into a solid vote share? will it be a flavor of the month, or can she turn this into the real thing, build out the organization number one but number two demonstrate the orlandoty with supporters so tess not just, i thought she had a good debate. we'll see what happens now. marco rubio has been p in a longstanding struggle with scott walker to be the viable conservative alternative. scott walker, no bane kngood.
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he's going to try to focus on iowa. marco rubio good debate perform aps and clear in this lane for the guy who can outlast jeb bush and be there at the end of. >> to wrap it up, john kasich you have up two to number seven, number eight scott walker down three. rand paul up one, chris christie down one to number ten. got a lot of math going on here, chris. >> a lot of math. it's been -- we had a couple of weeks off so we got to bring it back, sort some things out. the one i would point to that is interesting is rand paul. you saw him in the debate focus on libertarian issues, the kind of things that made his dad popular. i think we'll see him rushing to his base. it won't be the last time we hear the phrase cannabis oil. see you next week. thanks. >> you bet. other huge story happening this week in america, pope francis continues his groundbreaking visit right now to cuba. thousands turn out as the pope celebrates mass in the home
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province of cuban president raul castro and his brother fidel. the pope will travel for a meeting with local bishops and pay homage to a shrine of the virgin mary. steve is live in havana. >> reporter: this pope has shown he likes to go to other places where other pope vz not been. he's doing that today holding an open air mass where no pope has been before. he continues to draw huge and enthusiastic crowds wherever he goes across cuba. people excited first because this is the first latin american pope one they see as their own whose native language is spanish and also one who is seen here as someone who's helped open the divide between the u.s. and cuba to bring those two nations together. the pope did meet with fidel castro yesterday in havana for about 40 minutes. the two men exchanged gifts and talked about the environment. as far as judging fidel's condition, that's what always happens because the former
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leader only appears on videotape every few months. fidel seemed animated in discussion but spent most of the meeting sitting down. one item not on the agenda, according to the vatican press office, that is any official public meeting between dissidents and this pope. no one who opposes the cuban regime try as they might has gotten close to this pope during this visit. back to you. >> steve, thanks so much. so as pope francis wraps up his trip to cuba, of course he's going to be arriving in the u.s. tomorrow. the pontiff's first stop is our nation's capital. joining us with details on the visit, bill hemmer. >> nice to see you, gretchen. >> you brought your touch pad with you. >> touch screen. bigger than a pad. >> yes, it is. it's our huge touch screen. we have our schedule for the pope. let's kick it off. >> you have starting tomorrow 5 1/2 days here in the u.s. so on wednesday, let's get past tuesday, is a big day. 9:00 a.m. here at the white house, this is where the
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president, the first lady will have the welcoming ceremony on the south lawn. that's really event number one officially on wednesday. that's after the president meets the pope and greets him at the military base outside of washington, the air base outside of washington, d.c. later in the day, this is the canonization ceremony for somewhat of a controversial figure. that will take place in the afternoon. that's pretty much what happens on wind. but on thursday, things really go into overdrive. the man is 78 years old. this is a packed schedule. morning washington, d.c., later in the afternoon in new york city. in the morning in washington, d.c., this is going to be history. no pope has ever addressed congress. no pope has ever addressed a joint session of congress. this is something speaker boehner has wanted to do for years and has talked about it. finally it's about to happen. that will be thursday morning in washington. then he'll make the trip up to new york city. and this is a packed schedule. on thursday in the evening st. patrick's a prayer service there. then when you move to friday,
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this is all over the city. united nations, ground zero, central park, mass at madison square garden at 6:00 in the evening. then after he wraps up that part of the visit, it's saturday and sunday in philadelphia. >> now, you're going to be covering along the way, right? are you going to washington and philly in. >> i will be in new york for the u.n. on friday, i'll be in philly on saturday, and on sunday martha will be in washington. on thursday if i've got it right, shepard is at the white house an wednesday. >> he even knows everyone else's schedule. not just his own. that's cool. thanks. >> you bet. donald trump reacting now to the latest polls as his numbers drop and his rivals are gaining steam. should he start to panic? our political panel will weigh in on that. plus, we'll hear from another candidate live. there he is, senator lindsey graham ahead this hour with his reaction to today's top headlines, including dr. ben
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit welcome back, everyone. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson coming under fire saying he wouldn't support a muslim candidate for president. listen to what he said, exactly what he said, on "meet the press" over the weekend. >> if it's inconsistent with the values and principles of america, then of course it should matter. >> sir, do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> joining me now to debate, marjorie clifton former
11:14 am
consultant to the clinton campaign and former spokeswoman for george w. bush. mercedes, if dr. ben carson could have that one back, would he want to? or was he saying something different than he actually said, or did he actually mean what he said? >> i think the campaign pretty much doubled down on what he said. they tried to clarify to a certain extent by saying that the islamic values don't match up with the american values. but with that being said, the constitution is very clear. it does not specify in any way that a candidate has to go through a religious test to run for public office. the strange thing is dr. carson came out and said he would support a muslim running for congress but not one for president, which i don't think makes too much sense. i think it's a bit of a double standard. >> marjorie, when i first heard this, i thought maybe he's talking about a radical islamist. something we've been discussing since 9/11 and there's obviously a difference between the two. but then i guess not now because
11:15 am
his campaign is clarifying that really wasn't the case. >> yes. and it's unfortunate because i had hoped for the same, too. maybe he misspoke. maybe he didn't understand. then he doubled down and specified saying, no, i do not think a muslim would be appropriate for the office of president. i agree with the inconsistency in terms of congress versus presidency and how it actually doesn't reflect the constitution. even ted cruz came out and said, you know, this doesn't really measure up. now, ted cruz also offered that we shouldn't have any islam syrian refugees in our country. again, what this is all about is creating otherness or fear around the idea of someone not being frankly of the christian faith. this also was about catholics, blacks, about everything else. >> it really started, though, because of that question to donald trump a couple of days before. >> right. >> now many people mercedes were saying possibly that was a planted question. i'm not sure if that matters or not. but i also want you to pay attention to this, now donald
11:16 am
trump is addressing his recent drop in the polls, at least the one post-debate poll. listen to what he said on fox and friends this morning. >> i don't think panic is is a word that i use, but sure i'd like to stay on top. i have stayed on top. i've been very strong. i get by far the biggest crowds. i'm self-funding my own campaign. i'm not taking money from lobbyists, not taking money from i'm going to do what's right. if i don't make it, that's okay. i'll go back to having a good time and billion a business and being with my family and my kids. >> he said if he doesn't make it, mercedes, he was fine good back to his p business and his family. it's much too early. he's still way ahead. >> i know. >> but is he hedging a bet a little bit? >> i think he's had that feeling even from the beginning. i think for donald trump he's sentding a message to the career politicians that, look, eye not basing my whole life, my whole career on running on office. i can go back to my successful business and back to my family. but it did sound a bit defeated
11:17 am
which is very unlike donald trump. >> but it could be a positive, marjorie, because he doesn't sound like a politician when he says that. he's like, look, i don't need this. >> and i think honestly that is his appeal to those who are still supporters of trump, that otherness and separateness from politicians. honestly, i think his popularity is largely feeding off of that. most of the country feeling completely disillusioned with the current political landscape. frankly, about just how uncivil the entire dialogue is, even this talk about muslims. i think it's anti-american and against what many are christian values to look at people in that way and talk about -- >> mercedes, is part of that the media, too, in the way in which the question was asked in. >> you nailed it, gretchen. >> i'll give you some time. >> yes, absolutely. i think that the media has spent a lot of time trashing donald trump. the emphasis is completely on
11:18 am
donald trump i. mean, you look at the cnn debate, 44% of those questions were donald trump type questions xs yes, i think it can be quite exhausting if you have the media beating up on you in addition to all the other candidates piling on. >> m & m, mercedes and marjorie, you make a good team. thank you. >> thank you. time for my take. after the first gop debate on fox many pundits believed carly fiorina had done well in the earlier debate and donald trump and marco rubio did well in the big show. while fiorina got a slight boost and so did trump, marco rubio remained status quo. but now after the second debate where once again fiorina and rubio by many accounts performed well, the first poll out appears to be playing that out. so look at this. trump is still in the lead but down eight points from earlier in the month from 32 to 24%. fiorina has skyrocketed to second place from 3% in early september to 15% now.
11:19 am
and senator marco rubio now in fourth place up from 3% in a previous poll now standing at 11%. while tv interviews and stump speeches matter, it appears at least after this debate the american public is looking to the debates now for the most important information about the candidates. so mark your calendars. the next gop debate, october 28th. you can always get my take on my facebook page and fox here's an amazing story. bullets flying in a house of god. churchgoers jumping into action and taking on the gunman. their incredible story is coming up. plus, we're going to have this for you. >> i've got to figure out a way to grow three years' worth of food here on a planet where nothing grows. luckily i'm a botanist. mars, welcome to fear my botany powers. >> special screening of the film "the martian" for the reest
11:20 am
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. are you ready? >> ready. >> are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> watch out!
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>> i don't know about you, but that looks pretty scary to me. would you want to watch that if you were in outer space? astronauts aboard the international space station got a first look at the upcoming movie called "the martian." matt damon is an astronaut whose mission to mars goes awry. the martian hits theaters here on earth next;l
11:25 am
listen. >> it takes a lot when you have someone with a firearm that's actually firing upon a person in a close quarters area and you do whatever you can with regards to your own life to protect someone else's life. there were several heroes in there. >> police say the suspect and his girlfriend recently broke up and were arguing over visitation rights for the-month-old child. that appears to be the motive for the shooting. junior minter has a criminal history, but police say there was a time when even the worst
11:26 am
criminals would respect a church. not anymore. listen. >> it's just shocking for a lot of people. but again, this is the world we live in now. it's sad that you can't just go and worship in church. you have to stay alert about who's around you now. >> james mentor is facing three counts of attempted murder. he's facing life in prison for each of those counts. gretchen. >> thanks for letting us know. iran collecting samples being tested at a nuclear site on their own. it's not the u.n. inspectors. pen they're giving them to the iaea. so should we trust them? we'll talk to gop presidential candidate lindsey graham about that coming up next. plus, the 2016 campaign heat up in the deep south. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail amid reports she may be getting some competition in the race.
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as european countries remain deadlocked in dispute over the emergency relocation of 120,000 refugees, eastern european nations are firmly opposed to a plan for compulsory quota. stocks trading higher today as investors keep the eye on a possible increase in interest rates friday. the fed's decision to keep interest rates at record lows signaled a weak outlook for global growth. new fallout for tennis star james blake after he was accidentally arrested in new york city. blake meeting today with mayor
11:31 am
bill de blasio and the commissioner bill bratton. city officials have apologized for the mix-up. major developments today surrounding iran. with iran conducting its own inspections and the u.n. saying tehran's sampling at a controversial military site actually met its nuclear agency's strict standards. this is the white house saying it sees indications that iran is cooperating with nuclear inspections. meantime there's word the obama administration is looking for the pope's help now in securing the release of the americans held hostage in iran. joining me mao, senator lindsey graham of south carolina and a republican presidential candidate. great to have you on "the real story." what are you to make of the fact that iran is doing its own testing at these sites and the administration is saying it looks like they're playing by the rules? >> what could possibly go wrong here? this is a joke. iran gets to do the samples. nobody can be with them when they test the samples.
11:32 am
i'm going to stop all funding to the international atomic energy agency. i'm going to try to. until we see the side deal. >> how are you going to do that, senator/. >> i have a vote on the floor of the senate, say we're going to suspend all funding until they give us the side agreement with iran. this whole process is a joke. it's a dangerous joke. it would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous. we're going to let every democrat and republican i hope vote on whether you want to take american taxpayer dollars to give it to an international organization that will not allow the congress to look at a deal that affects our national security. >> so it sounds like you're in line with senator ted cruz who believed the 60 days should not actually start because he doesn't believe that congress actually has had all the information. you would agree with that. >> right, absolutely. i think the side deal is a breach of the agreement absolutely. >> let's talk about the fact that now the white house apparently going to try and talk to the pope about securing the release of those four american hostages in iran. many people believe that should have been part of this whole
11:33 am
deal from the get-go. >> i think my sunday school teacher could have gotten these people out. if you gave my sunday school teacher $100 billion they would have gotten the four hostages out. this is a new low for me. this deal with iran is dangerous to the region. it's a death sentence to israel. you're giving an ayatollah $100 billion with no requirement to change its behavior. and you couldn't get four american hostages out, a pathway to obama missile to deliver it. if i'm president of the united states, we'll set this deal aside and the hostages will come home. but having to rely upon the pope to me is a new low here. >> well, they could have asked him, by the way, before he actually came to america. so it seems interesting. fallout from the mess in syria and the news that the administration spent 5$500 million to put just a few fighters on the ground there. in fact, i think now they say that the u.s. has trained nine. >> well, again, it goes back to president obama not understanding the role of
11:34 am
leading from the front. three years ago, we all begged him to help the free syrian army when they were intact aimpose a no tfly zone. obama said no. gretchen, there's nobody left in syria to train. he left that window closed. it's going to be a lot harder now. but you're going to need a regional army to go in and destroy isil and push assad out. if assad doesn't leave, the war never ends. so this is a complete mess, and syria is the worst is yet to come. these guys are coming here, and lebanonre going to collapse if we don't deal with the problem in syria. president obama screwed this up. >> not to mention the refugee crisis. >> yes. donald trump reacting today on fox and friends to the controversy na erupted after he didn't correct a man who attended one of his town halls, that man called president obama a muslim. listen to this, senator. >> i have no obligation, moral or otherwise, to defend the president. i mean, i'll not supposed to
11:35 am
speak up. last night they took some pretty vicious shots at me during the emmy awards. i don't think i'm going to see president obama come to my defense. >> how would you have responded to a question like that? >> number one, i think you tell your children, it's not what johnny or susie does. it's what you should do. what i would have done is corrected them and said the followti following, i don't doubt president obama's faith. i've been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. radical islam is a threat to humanity and the biggest victims of radical islam are other muslims and that if i'm president we're going to rally people within the faith that the overwhelming majority and together we're going to destroy radical islam. that's what i've learned from my visits to the region, that most moms and dads in the region in the muslim world don't want to turn their daughters over to isil. that's what i would have said. >> i know you've also been responded to dr. ben carson and his comments about a muslim in the white house. you have been tweeting out that he needs to apologize to
11:36 am
american muslims. he's a good doctor, but clearly not prepared to lead a great nation. >> you know what i would say. there's 3500 american muslims in uniform. i have served with them in iraq an gave began stan. i went to a polling place at one of the electrics in afghanistan with a young man who grew up in kabul, came to america, joined the american military. we went to his high school where they were having an election and he was so proud. i want to let every american muslim serving in uniform know i honor your service. i want to be your commander in chief. dr. carson is a good man, but he's created a religious tifft that our constitution prohibits. to the american muslim community, this is your country, too. we're all in this together. to those american muslims who have joined the american military to fight radical islam, god bless you. >> senator lindsey graham who got high applause for his performance in the earlier debate the other night, senator, thanks for being on "the real story". hillary clinton in louisiana and she's in arkansas today
11:37 am
after spending time in washington where she made her first sunday show appearance in several years. she ed henry still following her around. ed, sounds like the vice president is edging closer now to getting into the race. what do you know? >> yes, gretchen. the "wall street journal" over the weekend made it clear that he really does seem more and more like a candidate that squares with what i'm hearing from some very senior democratic fund-raisers. the money people who are trying to start to put this together. and they seem to think the vice president is leaning towards getting in. one reason why, look at this latest cnn/orc poll, shows even before he announced anything, joe biden 22% right behind bernie sanders. good news for hillary clinton there. we've talked about a lot of polls showing her coming down. there she still has a pretty wide lead compared to other polls that have shown her coming down. however, biden ahead of pope francis' visit to the united states sat down with the catholic news service and sounded very noncommittal about getting in. listen. >> it's not quite there yet, and
11:38 am
it may not get there in time to make it feasible to be able to run and succeed because there's certain windows that will close. but if that's it, that's it. it's not like i can rush it. it's not like -- it either happens or it doesn't happen. >> you can see there obviously still very emotional after the death of his son beau. however, the political realities obviously are going to start setting in pretty soon and he's going to have to make some tough decisions. the time lines you're talking about, you have filing deadlines in key states. >> one of the things against biden, people don't usually say he's not authentic or genuine, but mrs. clinton seems to still be struggling with that and she did on the sunday talk show, right? >> cbs's "face the nation," interesting because her campaign had signaled she's ready, they have a plan to make her more authentic, to make her more spontaneo spontaneous. when she gets a question about what three words would describe
11:39 am
the real hilalary clinton, listn to this answer. >> give us three words that is the real hillary clinton. just three. >> just three. i can't polydo thassibly do tha. i'm a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. i've been in the public eye for so long that i think -- it's like the feature you see in some magazines sometimes, real people actually go shopping. you know? >> in terms of shopping, there has been some shopping for different candidates perhaps we spoke on friday about bernie sanders, would be in new hampshire over the weekend. hillary clinton on friday had 350 people at the university of new hampshire. bernie sanders last night 3,000 people. you could see some of photos there. 3,000 people, same campus hillary clinton had been at two days earlier. >> ed, thanks for being part of "the real story." time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> death by poisoned peanut butter. the case is a first of its kind as a former ceo finds out
11:40 am
whether he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. a jury convicted a man in a tainted food case that killed nine people. made hundreds of others sick. of course we hear about salmonella outbreaks but rarely do company officials face time in prison. we'll explain why prosecutors say this case is very different and why they say this guy should never walk free. it could all come down to a three-word e-mail which the ceo sent and prosecutors say proves he deserves to go away for his ever. you'll also hear why the defense says the punishment is way too harsh. shepard smith reporting at the top of the hour. dramatic moments many the courtroom as the suspect accused of killing the 2-year-old girl known as baby doe makes an appearance. look at that face. a loved one having an emotional outburst as well. >> you rot in hell! you [ bleep ] rot in hell! plus, why one teen says the
11:41 am
apple watch saved his life after he noticed some alarming symptoms. >> i was so dehydrated my muscles actually started to break down and release a protein that was toxic into my blood stream which caused my heart, my liver and my kid aneys all to st down.
11:42 am
-... ... ... ... testing, testing
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11:44 am
17-year-old football player was suffering back and chest pains. apple watch showed his heart rate had doubled so he was rushed to the hospital and treated for heart failure. indiana police say a woman traveling with her 9-year-old son leaped from their moving car after she spotted a spider on her shoulder. officials say the car then hit a bus. the child was still inside. he had minor injuries only. no one else was hurt. 27-year-old fan walking onto the track during the singapore grand prix as cars raced around
11:45 am
the corner going 175 miles per hour. that man not hurt but arrested. tough story to talk about now. the mother of baby doe arraigned in court after the child was identified as 2-year-old bella bond. richelle bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy in court today. mccarthy the alleged killer here saying bella was a demon and richelle apparently feeling her own share of guilt for her daughter's death. >> so when he said to ms. bond that it was good news that she was getting -- because she would get bella back, ms. bond broke down crying and said, i'll never see my daughter again. and he asked her, what do you mean by that? she responded, michael mccarthy killed her and i'm an accessory after the fact because i helped her get rid of her body. >> helped him get rid of her body. join\ing me looes will. they're in court. this baby has been found. we don't know how long she's
11:46 am
been dead. >> no. >> but the boyfriend charged with murder. >> yes. >> what is happening with the mom? >> the mom has been charged with accessory after the fact. i think the prosecutors just kind of put that on her because it was a charge to keep her in jail right now. they're going to up the charges. child endangerment, assault. gretchen rpgs she was part of allegedly putting bella in a closet to 30 minutes to an hour time after time. that's when the violence escalated apparently when the boyfriend punched her and little bella suffocated from the punching in the stomach. that's what the autopsy shows. so this mother i think unless she comes to the prosecutor right now in what i could call a sort of come to jesus moment, saying, i will tell you exactly what happened, testify against him, then they might lessen the charges because she was not the person who actually punched the baby. >> she knew about it. >> she knew the child was dead, her own child. >> she covered it up right. >> she had two other children taken away. >> that's the other thing that drives me crazy about this case. why does this woman even have little bella when she had two
11:47 am
children take an way from her before? even if she does have her, why wasn't the state really watching what was going on in this family? >> i think we all know the answer to that. because bureaucracy, there's no way they -- we all say we're going to do something about it and we never do. what about the fact that she has this friend we heard at the start of the segment. she apparently told the friend, i know my daughter is dead because i saw him punch her. >> exactly. >> i was an accessory. what is the legal liability of that friend to come forward? >> none. there is a moral liability, moral, ethical standard. but in massachusetts a good samaritan law says is, if i help you out, gretchen, then you can't later sue me for something if you die or something like your family can't sue me. if i don't make it better. that's all it says. it says you can do it but it doesn't say you must do it. i think the laws need to be toughened, enforced. when a woman knows this, where
11:48 am
that little girl was, we didn't know where she was for a long time. we could have found her faster. >> and also people didn't really question where this little girl was according to the family. >> i think they just assumed the state had taken her away. >> a tragic story. once again it seems like we mrised the ball on this. thank you. >> you got it. go back to talk about the pope. pop francis will make history when he addresses i joint session of congress. how will our lawmakers handle them sfdz in front of the holy father? turns out there will be special ground rules the we'll tell you about those coming up. plus, a guy orders pizza and wings but gets a really big surprise. what was inside the box? hint, it wasn't extra bleu cheese. >> i ordered some pizza. i thought i had the day offnd i was going to sit home and enjoy my relaxation.
11:49 am
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11:51 am
misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
11:52 am
pope fan fridays will dress a joint session of congress later in the week. lawmakers setting ground rules for when the pope enters the house chamber, letting house and senate members know they can't work the aisles like at the state over the union address. shannon is live in washington and, where the pole will celebrate mass. are lawmaker going to abide like there is? the like to reach out their hands when the president walks down. >> you're right. we see this every year, warnings days in advance of the state of the union address, you can't save seats and the members do it anyway. they break the rules. so we'll see, will they do it when the pope visits this this is the scene. so you get a sense. the president was entering this year. i they want to get a selfie,
11:53 am
getting a word, comment, anything. feeling that would not be especially dignified for the pope's visit, congressional leaders laying down the law in a her signed by the two senate leaders and the house meter, quote, out respect for the pope's schedule and the expectation of to timely address we respectfully request you assists by refraining from handshakes and conversations look the center aisle. however, knowing that members do not follow the rules leadership is not stopping there. there are reports they have called on responsible, disciplined members to get their early, create a blockade. they'll take a seat close toast the aisle on either side to prevent the more aggressive members from reaching out to touch the pontiff. there's a very specific dress code that members are expected to adhere to while the pope is visiting, and the toughest thing for all of them is they're expected to be completely silent. ow now how raucous some speech can get but they don't want to appear to be political at all,
11:54 am
so members are asked to not say anything, not clap or any. so we'll see. >> wow. i am going to put a wager on this. i'll call you up later. >> sounds good. >> thanks. so here's a good story. man orders pizza and wings gets a delivery but the instead of wings he finds $1,300 cash, money that belonged to the delivery driver who was going to the bank. the man debated whether or not to keep the cash or give it back. the guy is not going away empty-handed. he is getting free pizza for a whole year because he did the right thing. last night the 67th annual emmy worrieds, viola davis making history with her win. who else took home some of the top prizes? we'll fill you in coming up next.
11:55 am
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11:58 am
the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> viola davis at last night's emmy awards after a win. the first woman of color to win best actress in a drama series for her role as la lawyer and professor in how how to get away win with murder ""game of thrones" taking home 12 awards, including bess drama, and" veep "top comedy spot with jewel la louis-dreyfus, best actress. astronauts on the iss, international space station, wanting the news fox film "the martian" but would you want to see a movie about getting stuck in space while you're in space? clayton says, why not sniff he was able to withstand the grueling conditioning, the fantasy wouldn't shake him.
11:59 am
rob says let's send them a movie that addresses them their biggest fear and watch in a place they can't walk out. william said she and his wife watched titanic while on a cruise: thank you for writing tsunami. everyone here at fox news today extending sincere condolences to our friend and colleague, fox news contributor, mary katherine hamm and her family. her husband, white house staffer jake brewer, killed in a tragic accident of the weekend while biking to raise money to fight cancer. the white house paying tribute to brewer at the start of the news briefing. jake was only 34 years old. mary katherine has a two-year-old daughter and a second baby on the way. a gofundme page has been set up to raise money for their education for those kids. the link is on my facebook page right now. karlson. and all of our thoughts and prey
12:00 pm
prayer goes out to mary katherine and her family from her fox family today. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. now over to shep. >> controversy after the republican candidate ben carson says no muslim should be president of the united states. even though there's a constitution and it says it doesn't matter what religion you are. we have this separation thing that's novel. and new polls on where the candidates now stand. plus we'll take you live to cuba, where pope francis spoke to thousands of people today. his message and more on what to expect when he heads to the united states. a former peanut executive stands before a judge to learn whether he'll go to prison for the rest of this life. his crime? shipping con ton didn't contaminated foot food that got hundreds people s


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